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State sues Navy over expanded naval station flights

How NASA Will Prolong the Lives of the Voyager Probes, 11 Billion Miles From Earth

I'm not a hoarder: I might need that!

Border arrests drop for first time this year as Mexico migration crackdown appears to cut crossings

Here is a story about Joe Biden's son Hunter. An addict who has been through hell

I didn't catch this working the holidays! Go Colin!

'Let's Bomb Everything': Philippines President Duterte Urges U.S. To Declare War on China

Attorney General Says Trump Can Break The Law

Democrats Question Time Spent On Abortion Bills Instead Of Budget

Attend UT for free? After Tuesday vote, 21% of undergrads could

Legal Experts Have 'Zero Confidence' in William Barr After Report He Won't Recuse Himself From Jeffr

Sater not cooperative.

It's the End of the World as They Know It

MEANWHILE, in Kansas City...

This dog was trapped on top floor of an abandoned building just looking for someone to rescue her

Well, well, well. Imagine this: Not one MLB player was singing the national anthem.

The father who called police on a black man says he did not want to target the man based on race

Sanders, AOC Push for 'Climate Emergency' Declaration in Congress

Trump praises Alex Acosta amid fury over Epstein ties

Give It a Fucking Rest, GOP

A massive international email scam netted $3 million worth of top-secret US military equipment

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,............Trump creates a distraction from the Epstein case and the media chases

I read the other day something interesting - that the county of Los Angeles has a larger population

Sweetest guys ever??? 😻

Worn out cliche countdown subject line in 3... 2...

Lately I feel like we are teetering on the abyss.

"PornoPresident" - starting this Friday

Recovered GoPro video shows final moments of Himalayas climbers

Rachel has Megan Rapinoe on tonight!

Mt. Rushmore of sex offenders

PBS NewsHour, and other networks remember Ross Perot

'Americanized' anti-abortion protests are on the rise in the UK. But a fight back has begun

Kasie Hunt quietly owns a Trump supporter on Twitter

I hope Jeffrey Epstein sings like a bird. And if some Democrats go down, so be it

Facebook is ripe for exploitation - again - in 2020

Facebook is ripe for exploitation - again - in 2020

Today I introduced legislation with @AOC and @repblumenauer to declare climate change ....

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! One If Land, Two If By Idiot!

Just in case you ever wondered:

Device could bring both solar power and clean water to millions

Mind blown - The bearded guy in the "Nodding Man" meme

Strip club to host golf tournament at Trump resort in South Florida

United Mine Workers of America, the union representing mineworkers, has for the first time

Here's Abigail DISNEY - a Lib, or rather, a *human*

A Cute Picture From My 'Women You Should Know' Feed

I need some Aretha tonight

Migrant kids in overcrowded Arizona border station allege sex assault, retaliation from U.S. agents

Are you folks watching Rachel on the conditions for these migrant children in Arizona

Trump and Jeffrey Epstein were the only two guests at a party with 28 women flown in for the 'entert

Incoming Democratic US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

George Soros and right-wing billionaire Charles Koch have teamed up to stop 'endless wars'

Rosie O'Donald is on CNN right now.......

AOC, Bernie Sanders to Introduce Resolution Calling 'Existential Threat' of the Climate Crisis

Julie K. Brown on Cuomo now.

You must remember this... a kiss is still a kiss...

US Women's Soccer Team Captain Accepts Capitol Invitation

UNC researcher has good news for Democrats

I was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein -- here's how he became dead to me

Wimbledon- Kyrgios aces Nadal with *underhand serve*

Illinois cancels band from fair lineup over Confederate flag

Michigan health system to acquire Akron-based Summa Health

Mayflower replica to sail for 400th anniversary of voyage

Local permit denied for Woodstock 50 at upstate NY track

MS-GOV: Robert Foster, GOP governor candidate, denies woman reporter access because of her gender

Fox News is the 21st Century's "Baghdad Bob."

I'm Sure He'll Get Right On That; 24 Governors Call On Shitstain To Not Weaken Car Efficiency Rules

Donald Trump has done less to destroy democratic norms than Mitch McConnell

Mozilla blocks UAE bid to become an internet security guardian after DarkMatter hacking reports

Mozilla blocks UAE bid to become an internet security guardian after DarkMatter hacking reports

US women's soccer team captain accepts Capitol invitation

The migrant children atrocities is some ghoulish level of evil ...

Seth Abramson: Why would Sater be uncooperative...?

Rapinoe to Trump: You need to do better for everyone

Did drumpf make Barr change his recusal?

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Some monsters are real

Have fun.

The face of America expresses sorrow for the protector and enabler of a child rapist.

Heads roll in top of Colombia's army after corruption revelations

Colombia's combat kills increase 87%: study

Columbus man pleads guilty in $9 million car scam

Make Mitch Democrats' ....

Judge in Rep. Duncan Hunter criminal case finds campaign-funded trip to Italy was family vacation

I'm on episode 8 of Stranger Things Season 3

Stay Angry

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

Justice Dept. Tells Mueller Deputies Not to Testify, Scrambling an Agreement

Is it possible for a superstar to be underrated? See the full Instagram

Deutsche Bank provided Epstein significant financial loans to launch his investment firm

Fairfield County village mayor accused of pointing gun at teens

Legislative leaders on MIA state budget: 'We're working on it'

Rip Torn, 'Men in Black,' 'Larry Sanders Show' Star, Dies at 88

Katie J's Testimony v. Donald J. Trump: Alleging he tied, beat, raped and threatened her with murder

TV Marti Reporter Under Investigation for Faking Televised Mortar Attack

$4 million in Northern Kentucky tax money illegally sent to China, elsewhere, police records say

Fox News just tried to blame Obama for Jeffrey Epstein's sweetheart deal

Washington Republicans call little-known Greater Cincinnati Democrat a 'socialist loser.' Why that

Senate confirms Trump's appointment to Ninth Circuit appeals court

2020 CO US Senate Election- Can Romanoff-D defeat Gardner-R?

Joe Manchin: No Federal Money For 2026 World Cup 'til Women's Team Gets Equal Pay

Just saw Handmaid's tale episode with the Washington DC Mall scene.

Andrew Yang Creeps Behind Beto O'Rourke And Pete Buttigieg In New Poll

Canada's Trudeau regains momentum in election race after scandal: poll

USS Reagan Strike Group to participate in Talisman Sabre in the Coral Sea

2020 US Senate Election- seats that Democrats will win to regain control in 2020.

The Daily Show: The Beast of Special

Swarm of small earthquakes shakes slopes of Mount Hood

Bryan Adams - Brand New Day

Presidential hopeful Julian Castro wants to solve homelessness by 2028

Cory Booker would make NY Giants the New Jersey Giants if elected president

Bryan Adams - Heaven - Acoustic Live

Remember when JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and Obama were linked to child prostitution, and sex ....

Doesn't seem to mind accused criminals and miscreants

pop quiz

Trump pushing conspiracy theory that Mueller was a 'hitman' in a plot to 'frame' the president

This? is music?

Jeffrey Epstein suspiciously shipped 'carpet and tile extractor' to his NYC mansion as feds were clo

Hamilton County officials are about to spend a lot of your money. They don't want to talk about it.

Rocketman (Elton John) or Yesterday (Beatles) - which should I take the SO to see?

ABC Nightline covers the documentary "Sea of Shadows" and the fight to save the vaquita

Could 2020 be the year of women.

How Likely is it Alex Acosta is a Sexual Predator, Also?

Paul Krugman on GOP excuses

Orthodox Christianity: Why We Pray For the Reposed

Eastern Orthodox Prayers For Souls That Are Departed

Orthodox Christianity: 'The Antichrist' & 'Who Is Satan'

Immigration Officials Use Secretive Gang Databases to Deny Migrant Asylum Claims

Betting time: Chances that Acosta will resign or be fired with in 30 days:

Gov. Whitmer to Benton Harbor High: Raise scores, balance books or close

Orthodox Christian Pets

Albeit I profess Orthodox Christianity, I experienced a rather

I told you these people are batshit insane.....

portishead - it's a fire (studio-1994) from the coolest freaking album ever made

Toto - Stranger In Town

Ocasio-Cortez sued over Twitter blocks


Two Weeks Notice..Enjoying this movie with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock until Trump shows up on the

Qanon and the Alt Right stuck in crazy town

UK MPs back same-sex marriage and abortion laws for Northern Ireland

Fungus Behind Deadly Bat Disease Found in Northern California

After 10 years of steady growth, Michigan's economy faces headwinds

CNN Picks 3 Moderators For Detroit Democratic Debates; Conservative Criticizes One Choice

Sen. Amy Klobuchar calls for labor secretary to quit for role in financier's sex plea

WaPo: Where the Democratic primary race stands after the first debate

Rashida Tlaib Vs. Nancy Pelosi: 'People Like Us -- People Of Color -- Have Been Missing' In The U.S.

Space Age Love Song

Something For Your M.I.N.D Legion S03 E01 HD Clip

Former Ford Pioneer Allan Gilmour Speaks About Life As A Gay Executive

Trump takes to Twitter to support Home Depot: 'Fight for Bernie Marcus and Home Depot!'

Wall built to separate whites, blacks in Detroit 'an important story to tell'

If a healthcare plan promises "you can keep your doctor", it's pointless

Democrat Scholten joins race for Amash seat in U.S. House

Who has read Filthy Rich by James Patterson etc.?

Black teenager killed because rap music made white killer feel "unsafe"

Whitmer pans 'trash can' pension bond road funding plan

Mr. Mister - Broken Wings - 12/14/1985 - Live

Nothing like having someone seriously

Thanedar plots future political run in Detroit

Who will be left out of the CNN July debates.

HORRIFIC: Migrant Children Describe Sex Assault, Retaliation By Border Agents - Rachel Maddow

Michigan Democrats come out against lawsuit squashing Obamacare

1 in custody, police searching for 2 others after shots fired at St. Louis Premium Outlet Mall

Shane Bieber the 3rd to win All-Star MVP in home park

Michigan State Police adds gender identity hate crime category

Birds of Prey Might Get a Gay Villain--But Is That a Good Thing?

Could This Be the First Out Gay Man Elected to the U.S. Senate?

Hillsdale College sues over $5 million gift to University of Missouri

Do Voters Prefer Lesbian Candidates to Gay Male Politicians?

Republican Likens His Anti-LGBTQ Work to Oskar Schindler Saving Jews

(Jewish Group) Republican Likens His Anti-LGBTQ Work to Oskar Schindler Saving Jews

Ayanna Pressley to Kellyanne Conway: Keep my name out of your lying mouth

Christian school teacher who scolded girls to be modest was molesting male students

(Jewish Group) Jews Came to Israel 'To Be Nazis,' Dutch Member of Mainstream Party Says

Democrat Andrew Yang wants to end robocalls as president

(Jewish Group) At 18 He Helped Make History at Stonewall and He's Still Making News Today

At 18 He Helped Make History at Stonewall and He's Still Making News Today

(Jewish Group) As A Jew, I Cringed Over Jeffrey Epstein - And Played Into The Anti-Semites' Hands.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer invites U.S. women's soccer team to Michigan

Former Executive Director Convicted of Stealing Nearly One Million Dollars from Long Island Charity

Platinum Partners' Founder and CIO Mark Nordlicht and Co-CIO David Levy Convicted of Defrauding Bond

Ohio Man Sentenced to Prison for 30 Months for Hate Crime

Justice Department Tells Mueller Deputies Not to Testify

How to watch the U.S. women's soccer team parade

Florida Attorney Sentenced To 60 Months In Prison For Multi-Million Dollar Pornography Film

Metal drinking straw fatally impales woman through her eye after fall

An ebaum random to lighten your day

Substance Abuse Treatment Center Owner Pleads Guilty To $57 Million Money Laundering Conspiracy In

You know things are weird when "non-religious" people follow Christ and Evangelicals do not.

77 Years Ago Today; US captures "Akutan Zero", nearly intact A6M Zero fighter - runs flight tests

Breakfast Wednesday 10 July 2019

The green flag waves on the 2020 governor race

Susan Collins: I 'hope' my votes to destroy health care don't actually destroy health care

Stephen King, if you are out there, please read this.

State's top educator takes heat for joining a Democrat's listening tour

Kim Darroch Quits as U.K. Ambassador to U.S. Amid Trump's Fury

'He pulled the wool over our eyes': workers blame Trump for moving jobs overseas Donald Trump Trum

State could run up more legal fees after losing abortion case

Special prosecutor says he will 'explore every possible lead' in fatal South Bend police shooting

Wednesday TOONs - Fear the Creepers

Group asks for officer in fatal South Bend police shooting to be put on unpaid leave

US Butterfly Numbers Down By 1/3 Over Past Two Decades, Mirroring European Decline

Ilhan Omar Responds to Tucker Carlson Calling Her a 'Dangerous' Immigrant: 'A Racist Fool'

We hired the author of 'Black Hawk Down' and an illustrator from 'Archer' to adapt the Mueller...

Donnie Shit for Brains won Kentucky by 30 percentage points

Appalachia West: Vulture Capitalists Descend On WY Mines, Squeezing Out Last Dollars, Workers

Fmr Sen. McCaskill Offers Mea Culpa for Voting to Confirm Labor Sec. Acosta: 'Do I Regret...

Don't let the Epstein/Acosta scandal die

ICE Just Quietly Opened Three New Detention Centers, Flouting Congress' Limit

In 2002, Vicky Ward Wrote a Profile About Jeffery Epstein in Vanity Fair...

Trump Defends Home Depot Co-Founder: Being Targeted by 'Vicious and Totally Crazed' People...

AOC sticks it to Pelosi again (border bill dispute)

Kim Darroch quits as UK ambassador to US 'after Johnson remarks'

Decades After The End Of The Age Of Dams, Threat Grows From Extreme Weather, Deficient Structures

Breaking: Amy McGrath raises a record $2.5 million on first day of Senate campaign

Pootey Poot expresses concern for his fellow worms. (not the Onion)

Trump Tweets Defense of 'Our Great Kentucky Senator' McConnell, Rips His New Democratic Challenger

McGrath raises a record $2.5 million on first day of Senate campaign

Pacifica, CA - A Test Case On How Americans Will Not Do Well In Dealing With Sea Level Rise

This is wrong on so many levels....BUT...

British ambassador to U.S. resigns

'Mother Is Not Going to Like This': The 48 Hours That Almost Brought Down Trump

An absolutely stunning racist attack on @IlhanMN from Tucker. I'm shocked She is "living proof that

California gov signs health care bill extending coverage to some undocumented residents

MIT Study - Ocean Absorption Of Carbon Today 10 Times Faster Than In Runup To Permian Extinction

Ilhan Omar responds to Tucker Carlson's xenophobic tirade: 'Kinda fun watching a racist fool weeping

Booker: McConnell has no understanding of racial issues after slaveholder comment

John Major will seek judicial review if Boris tries to bypass Parliament & push through no deal

Alan Dershowitz Breaks Silence on Epstein Indictment: Claims Against Me are Politically Motivated

Comedy Gold! Russia Claims It's Preparing To Join Paris Accord, Because Jobs

And therein lies the difference.

"Two meme creators... had a 20-minute Oval Office meeting with the president on July 3."

Support for Legal Abortion Matches 24-Year High

Trump confidant: Acosta will be gone in weeks

***Jed Shugerman, law prof: Mueller team misread the law and missed the crime.***

Tories round on Boris Johnson amid furious backlash after ambassador's resignation over leaked Trump

CNN Nixes 'Show of Hands' Questions for Debate

Audio Reveals How Russia Tried to Bankroll Italian Race

I was reading Daily Reflections every morning.

Fed chair looks for backup from Congress amid Trump onslaught

Lee Morgan was born on this date-

Dem Rep To Kellyanne Conway: Take A Seat And Keep My Name Out Of Your Lying Mouth, Distraction Becky

The Rundown: July 9, 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #43: Clone Farming for the 21st Century (7/9/19 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: Wolverine & Captain America, Black Hammer/Justice League, and More

Toilet brushes are highly overrated

The trashing of Mueller is going to get bad.

Biden on Obamacare and Medicare for All: 'Starting over would be a sin'

The Upper Peninsula: Dear @MountainDew, I 👏 AM 👏 NOT 👏 WISCONSIN 👏

McGrath raises a record $2.5 million on first day of Senate campaign

New York Times Wednesday Briefing: "TRUMP VIOLATED CONSTITUTION" on Twitter

New Jeffrey Epstein accuser: He raped me when I was 15

George Clooney or Ron Howard or somebody needs to make a movie called "Retiree Without a Cause." Nt

A better way to spend $100 million, instead of on a Presidential campaign, Mr. Steyer

You MUST click on this link...

Acosta proposing 80% funding cuts for the government agency that combats child sex trafficking.

Mueller is preparing for his testimony - one week from today.

incredible rain in new orleans this morning

The 'centering' of right wing ideologies

Time is running out, Democrats

trump never mentions the victims, but he 'feels very badly' for mr. acosta.

Working class heroes

CNN is already covering the parade.

Live stream for the U.S. women's soccer World Cup victory parade (9:30AM Battery Park step-off time)

YES, COLLUSION Mueller Missed the Crime: Trump's Campaign Coordinated With Russia

READ: House Democrats sue IRS to obtain Trump's tax returns

Split screen moment: meanwhile, in NYC

Ross Perot was a MAGAt

Paris declares 'climate emergency'

Jeffrey Epstein Is the Ultimate Symbol of Plutocratic Rot

A question for Warren supporters.

ICYMI:US Customs just seized a ship owned by JPMorgan after authorities found $1 billion worth of dr

When you look like the Trivago guy


The 25 Dems running for president, debate lineups, and everything else you should know about 2020

Hmmmmmmmm...Pizzagate and this is where we are? (Thank you AHNC!)

The impeachment list grows

Fugelsang with some truth...

Schiff: Gates, Flynn negotiating with committee about testifying, won't meet subpoena deadline

Trump Throws Out Protester & Makes Fun of His Long Hair

Trump Child Rape is BACK & Bigger Than Ever

Just a fun observation on the US Women's Soccer Team's Parade.

How do they get away with it??

Which candidate is most in need of rediscovering his or her mojo?

Epstein and Trump. One similar thought, "I can get away with anything I do"

"There's no question in your mind you didn't want it to happen?"

Nixon never had FOX and RW talk radio reaching millions

Acosta, Who Cut Deal With Epstein, Tried to Slash Anti-Trafficking Program by 80 Percent

Anyone who thinks you can separate sports from politics

"I know if I'm not on the stage, there's a certain voice that will not be present on that stage."

Are Trump Supporters Delighted By Refugee Camp Conditions?

A fractious Supreme Court?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests dissolving Department Homeland Security

Katie Johnson video re: grooming by Epstein and rape by Trump

Climate emergency declarations in 740 jurisdictions and local governments cover 136 million citizens

Money, Power, and Fame - You Can Do Anything - Grab 'Em By The .....

Shame.....Pony Bradshaw

Harris & AOC team up on bill to help those with criminal records get housing

WFP will endorse one of these six candidates for president

Sir David Attenborough on climate change: "We cannot be radical enough."

"Marijuana" is a name founded in racism

Italian rw party complicit in plotting to funnel Russian oil money.

Epstein could never do what he did for as long as he did without enablers

As Trump Pushed Him Away, Epstein Bragged He Introduced POTUS And Melania

The all Brazilian drumming team is kicking ass at the FIFA parade !!!

Bumble Bees

Pic Of The Moment: Making America Great Again! (For Child Sex Traffickers)

Make way for the trees - 25 pixs of respecting trees

Women who broke the proverbial ceiling in their countries

Appeals court dismisses emoluments case against trump. 4th circuit.

Of the two dogs - Everyone felt sad for Ralph

Appeals court dismisses emolument case against trump....Dictatorship goes forward.

Angela Merkel says she is in good health after third shaking bout

Think Dumpy Trumpy is gonna be grumpy when he sees a REAL parade for REAL winners with

"They let you do it. You can do anything."

Warren: Working families deserve living wages

Appeals court dismisses 'emoluments' lawsuit involving President Trump's D.C. hotel

What's the funniest commerical on now?

Why Don't Epstein's Associates Blow the Whistle on Him?

Ross Perot bequeathed $100 million to the re-election campaign of President Donald Trump. *FALSE*

Hundreds of cyclists hold 'die-in' in New York City to protest deaths

White House is likely to send USMCA trade deal to Congress after Sept. 1, sources say

Storm may push Mississippi River to tops of levees that protect New Orleans

Democrats cast McConnell as the villain he is

Sorry Bernie

Trump threatens Iran with increased sanctions after country exceeds uranium enrichment cap

35 Employees Committed Suicide. Will Their Bosses Go to Jail?

**Joe hanging on in new B rated You Gov poll** JB 22% EW 17% KH 14% BS 11%

Jeff nails it again

Trump's July Fourth event and weekend protests bankrupted D.C. security fund, mayor says

New Economist/YouGov poll has Biden at +5 lead.

Progressives face steep odds in ousting incumbent Democrats

Acosta holding a 2:30 press conference today, reportedly NOT to resign, but to..."explain."

This is T. rex-cellent

Bishop will take to the skies to exorcise entire Colombian city

Bishop will take to the skies to exorcise entire Colombian city

Why Isn't THe World Speaking Out About The Crisis At The Border

Democratic presidential candidates invited to Latino forum

Armored truck's cash rains on Atlanta interstate

UK health service to use Amazon Alexa to give medical advice

Chicago police investigators confirm alligator in lagoon

So is it RAP-i-noe or Ra-PI-noe?

How Epstein made his money: four theories

Nero's Rome burning or HITLER's bunker: GHOULiani, Wilber ROSS dancing & SHITLERites partying

This is Switch. Not DeBarge. And for damn sure not El Debarge - Switch

New Jeffrey Epstein accuser: He raped me when I was 15

I'm dedicating this song to all the less popular brothers everywhere.

Maine couple buys home that inspired horror movie 'The Conjuring'

Doesn't this strike you as plain old prejudice?

Maine couple buys home that inspired horror movie 'The Conjuring'

Boy that Megan Rapinoe is a boss. She's at the podium on CNN now...

American Airlines apologizes for humiliating doctor who was told to cover up

Rapinoe just said mother-fing on CNN.

Trump defends Home Depot co-founder after shoppers threaten boycott

About that dismissed emolument suit (Trump Hotels): Not to worry, Laurence Tribe sets it straight

I just remembered that Katie Johnson claimed she was raped as a 13 year old

Trump's July Fourth celebration cost military at least $1.2 million: Pentagon

Is this still "Economic anxieties" or not? I can't tell anymore...

Tropical depression or storm expected to form along Gulf Coast, could become 'dangerous' hurricane

U.K. Unable to Find Replacement Ambassador Who Does Not Think Trump Is an Idiot

'We all will rise or fall together.' Watch Kamala Harris answer '20 questions for 2020'

SO SAD and UNFAIR that Trump & Epstein's cocaine-fueled underage party for two is in the news again

Penalizing candidates who interrupt, and other changes coming to the Democratic debates

Florida Man Hunting Iguanas Misses and Shoots Nearby Pool Guy Instead

Hawaii decriminalizes small amounts of marijuana for January 2020

Feds give $100 million grant for Federal Way Link light rail extension

ICE Got King County Citizen Info Counter To Sanctuary Law

Miami-area strip club hosting charity golf tournament at Trump course

Jeffrey Epstein Joins 'El Chapo' in Notorious Jail as Inmate 76318-054

It's the End of the World as They Know It: The distinct burden of being a climate scientist

Thousands of Endangered Animals Seized in Customs Operation

Rep. Ayanna Pressley to Kellyanne Conway, 'Keep my name out of your lying mouth'

If Trump is brought down by pedophilia and sex trafficking instead of collusion with Russia,

Ilhan Omar calls Tucker Carlson a 'racist fool' in response to on-air attack

Acosta to take questions on his handling of Epstein case

US women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe just danced out on stage to "All I Do Is Win," joining the rest

Megan Rapinoe's speech

New Economist/YouGov poll, ONLY Democratic voters considered: Biden 26%, Warren 17%, Harris 16%,

New from The Atlantic: Tucker Carlson Has Failed to Assimilate

Trump acted like a 'total beast' at cocaine-fueled parties with girls as young as 15 years old: repo

Mick Jagger: If only the Brits had kept those airports during the Revolutionary War, the "whole thin

The Other Epstein Issue: Where did his large sums of money come from?

After Launching "Roosevelt Conservation Caucus" In March, GOP Relaunches Same Caucus In July

I recently had my 2nd thread locked

Republicans Try to Buff Up Green Image With Environmental Caucus

Guys Riding Motorcycle Realize Someone Really Wild Is Following Them

Mark Pocan Called His Moderate Colleagues Members Of The 'Child Abuse Caucus"

4th Of July Weekend, Utah Discovered Quagga Mussels On 157 Of 210 Boats Pulled From Powell

Rip Torn, Veteran Actor and 'Larry Sanders Show' Star, Dead at 88

Anyone know whether California is more likely to have a closed or a modified-closed primary

After Epstein deal, Acosta still ignoring victims

Don't ...

Trump: "The kidney, very special, the kidney has a very special place in the heart."

Amazon, Microsoft wage war over the Pentagon's 'war cloud'

Woman Gives Up Her Job To Save Stray Animals

US approves $2.2bn Taiwan arms sale despite Chinese ire

22 Amazing Landscapes By Canadian Artist That Look Like They Are Out Of A Photograph

House Oversight Committee just sent a letter to Acosta asking him to appear before them on July 23

A 100% renewable grid isn't just feasible, it's in the works in Europe

saw this on facebook

Cartoons 7/10/19

Megan Rapinoe Celebrates Diversity of USWNT at NYC City Hall speech

Ursula von der Leyen signals she will not reopen Brexit talks

The Days of Blow and Groupies

Roger Federer just won his 100th match at Wimbledon '

I was a naive kid. My first girlfriend said we should do missionary, so I

Another broken promise: Job creation under Trump trails Obama by 800,000

The strange thing about Epstein - perhaps posted here - no one knows the source of his

Third Democratic Presidential Primary Debate to be Held in Houston, Texas on September 12-13, 2019

Trump's July Fourth event and weekend protests bankrupted D.C. security fund, mayor says

Undocumented, vulnerable, scared: the women who pick your food for $3 an hour

MLB's Rob Manfred denies Justin Verlander's allegation that league intentionally juiced balls

Question about the costs of housing the undocumented children:

Mega-church leader Joaquin Garcia charged with human trafficking and child rape charges

Corrections Officer Charged With Using Burrito To Smuggle Narcotics Into Colorado Prison

A Living Wage

Trump's July 4 party bankrupted fund meant to protect capitol from terrorist threats...

Perfect Toon!

Donald Trump, without a teleprompter...

This Land Is Your Land


"Welp." What it this "welp?" I've seen it on the internet,

New Orleans under water and hurricane coming....!!💨🌊

Koch and Monsanto team up to further poison your food & keep you from knowing about it

Bernie Sanders - Anti-Endorsements

New York governor signs equal pay legislation during the parade

One paragraph from this article about Epstein has me baffled...

Top Labour figures 'interfered' in anti-Semitism disputes

(UK) Top Labour figures 'interfered' in anti-Semitism disputes

They've brought out the flags for Acosta

Dumbass of the Day Award goes to:

🐦 July 10 at 9PM ET - Senator Sanders - The Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC

Last month we lost one of our doxies.

FCC votes 3-2 to auction key 2.5 GHz spectrum band for 5G

Unregistered charity pulls out of stripper golf party at mar-a-lago

FCC votes 3-2 to auction key 2.5 GHz spectrum band for 5G

'Do not tweet': Pelosi scolds progressives in closed-door meeting

German far-right party shaken by rising sway of hardliner Hoecke

In victory speech, Megan Rapinoe calls on Americans to 'love more, hate less'

Medellin's latest propaganda hoax cost local taxpayers $370K

Watching a liar lying.

Acosta trying to twist it

Last Week Tonight - And Now This: Some Clips That Have, To Put It Mildly, Not Aged Well

READ THIS: Mueller Report for Non Lawyers

Thank you, @BernieSanders, for the donuts on the strike line.

U.K. Unable to Find Replacement Ambassador Who Does Not Think Trump Is an Idiot

Bernie Sanders releases list of anti-endorsements

Senior State Dept. Analyst Resigns After WH Blocks Testimony On Climate Collapse As Security Risk

Revealed: The Explosive Secret Recording That Shows How Russia Tried To Funnel Millions To Salvini

Trump is getting away with it again, blaming Democrats for the

Poll: Disappointed if they become the Nominee

I am starting to feel like

Jeffrey Epstein's Sick Story Played Out for Years in Plain Sight

Acosta is full of bullshit

visit for science based latest storm information

Bill Wells Claims Liberals Are Trying To 'Normalize Homelessness'

You raised $31.00 on July 9, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

the genesis of alleged Trump-Epstein rift? Did Trump screw Epstein in 2004?

Miami-Dade students' letters of hope for children at the Homestead...rejected by workers

Lights for Liberty events Friday July 12 in Iowa

New Jeffrey Epstein accuser: He raped me when I was 15

Nonprofit bails on strip club's golf tournament

He was upset about Epstein not being in jail?

The US President is hosting a "Golf with a Stripper"-tournament. That's normal now.

Acosta offers a heartfelt, bilingual non-apology to Epstein's victims

Live thread on Acosta presser

Question: Why are all the members of the US Women's Soccer team wearing sunglasses?

Acosta giving fuel to Epstein defense???

Sick Street Puppy Recovers with Help from Chimpanzees

'Regrets is not what I do': Pelosi defends her comment about four House women

Betsy DeVos Tells Us What A Spiteful Dick She Is, In Her Own Words!

Acosta defends Epstein deal, says 'facts are certainly being overlooked'

Loud fart reveals wanted Missouri man's hiding spot, leads to arrest


Inslee Opposes Great Lakes Pipeline Plan

BREAKING: New York Times - Acosta Defends Role in Brokering Epstein Plea Deal

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 10, 2019

Oregon's Rep. Blumenauer introduced his Climate Emergency Resolution on the floor of the House

"We wanted to put him jail"

So in 2008 was child rape more acceptable?

Florida Woman Accused Of Peeing In Business Rival's Ice Cream Machine.

A man was swept over the largest waterfall at Niagara Falls, police say. He survived.

France to introduce a "green tax" on aviation

Victim shaming doesn't occur today?? (According to sec Acosta)

The British ambassador was right about Trump - By the WaPo Editorial Board

Labour bosses accused of undermining fight against antisemitism

Justice Department really doesn't want Mueller's deputies talking to Congress

Trump's golf club is now hosting events for strip clubs instead of pro golf tournaments

Single mom locks child in car with the AC on and a cellphone; police arrest her at job fair

Intelligence aide, blocked from submitting written testimony on climate change, resigns from State D

New Economist/YouGov poll, Very favorable ratings of candidates

FUCK Acosta

Watch Trump give anatomy lesson: 'The kidney has a very special place in the heart'

First time home buyers in the Atlanta Area are invited to attend free planning seminar-no obligation

How the 'Access Hollywood' incident gave us the Trump we recognize today

Americans slashed their charitable deductions by $54 billion after Trump's tax overhaul

Springsteen releases pre E Street Band version of 'Spirit in the Night' on his Youtube channel

Was Shakespeare a Woman?

Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath is expected to shatter fundraising records by bringing $10M

TPM Josh Marshall - "A Few Thoughts on the Acosta Presser" (worth a read)

Current Whitehouse Gangsters...

A Ha! I found it in NYC!

Blast from the past: Pelosi Tweet from last fall

We don't even have daily scandals anymore; they're now hourly:

5 Things You Know If You Have A Golden Retriever

(Jewish Group) The Long Legacy of the Shoah in Scandinavia

(Jewish Group) Being a Jew at a notoriously anti-Israel college is exhausting

Alex Acosta Just Delivered A Dumpster Fire Of A Press Conference

(Jewish Group) Q&A: A black, Oklahoma-raised Jew inspired by her mother's values


What happened when Brooklyn's oldest nursery school decided to become less old-fashioned?

(Jewish Group) An Orthodox Jew Takes His Life Because His Sexuality

Trigger warning - rape

(Jewish Group) Is This How 1933 Felt Like?

Families Of Deported Immigrants Storm Biden Headquarters To Demand Apology

Carlin vs Phelps WARNING Strong Hilarious Fucking Language

Bernie live with @PeopleChica facebook

Columbo vs Rip Torn

Photo: Something patriotic about @BernieSanders and the Statue of Liberty

'It Could Have Been Any of Us': Disdain for Trump Runs Among Ambassadors

How China can win a 'trade war' between Japan and South Korea

☎️ Scam Alert 🚨

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-5: The Battle For LaGuardia Terminal C Food Court Edition

Florence SC mayor, Stephen Wukela, endorses Sanders

RIP Rip Torn and Geraldine Page.

'presenting a gif that sums up our entire movement'

Is Epstein an intelligence asset? If so, for which country?

What a vicious attack by a wild animal

"George Washington: Selections from His Writings" (a short book I just scanned, PDF format)

Australia promises vote on recognition of Indigenous people

Fed judge in MD joins judge in NY in rejecting Justice Dept's attempt to swap lawyers in census case

Greek police suspect foul play in death of US scientist who taught in Germany

US women's team celebrates World Cup victory in New York

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Jeffrey Epstein, Sex Trafficking and Trump

The Event that Saved 1968

Female journalist told she needs male chaperone to cover politician's campaign

Impeach Trump Now

Amy McGrath can beat the turtle....DONATE

Religion in school can be complicated. So teachers went to class.

drumpf in Asia - A Bad Lip Reading

LIGHTS FOR LIBERTY: Fri. July 12th Rallies/vigile in 650+ cities

Let's face it. We're living in a society that devalues women.

Unmatched wickedness': Reports allege child separation, organ harvesting against China's Muslims

Is Italian flavored panko an abomination?

Birds of a feather bank together.....

You gotta wonder

Trump's Florida Resort Is Hosting A Golf Tournament With Stripper Caddies

Local Cincinnati Sinclair station continues to drain long term talent over forced messaging.

FBI did NOT sign off on Epstein plea deal. They were looking at it as an intl sex traffic ring

We Welcome Their Hatred': Sanders Unveils Anti-Endorsement List...

Over 600 vigils planned for Fri July 12th...STOP THE ABUSE OF MIGRANTS

Can You Forgive Your Republican Friends?

Another Feb 2019 interview - at Free Library of Philadelphia

Bernie Sanders: The straightest path to racial equality is through the one percent

Stonewall activist Miss Major is recovering from a stroke


Fucking traitor....Go to Jail, Go directly to Jail...

BREAKING / NBC News: Former Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer says in a statement that Alex

Lesbian penguin couple become first-time mums

ok...what is 710 Day? There are sales at all the pot shops...

Former State Attorney: "Mr. Acosta's recollection of this matter is completely wrong."

I'm in shock

The word shame in the republican party is named Mitch...

Perfect timing: Deutsche Bank bosses fitted for $1250 suits as thousands of employees are laid off

We need to remember before thinking shit is going to change re child rape allegations & Trump....

The power of language.

Analyst Resigns After White House Blocked Testimony


Do you feel valued today?

"Is there a picture yet?"

"He's a bad man. He needed to be in jail."*

Choice is clear...Anarchy or law.


Ilhan Omar Floats Ad Boycott of Tucker Carlson: Fox News Gives Platform to White Supremacists

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sued by Dov Hikind for blocking him on Twitter

Russia's Putin says wind power harmful to birds and worms

Seaweed Could Be Worse Than Ever This Year Thanks to Growing 5,500-Mile Patch of Sargassum

Facebook Video: Bernie Goes to Wall Street

"Trump is quite easy to buy off": how Trump is putting American foreign policy up for sale

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 11 July 2019

Acosta does himself no good

The World Is Spending the Least on Clean Energy in Six Years


Opinion: Trump May Be Planning To Replace Human Rights With A Hierarchy of Privileges

Outraged Trump Declares He Would've Gotten Jeffrey Epstein Way More Lenient Plea Deal

Fourth of July fireworks in Seattle cause injuries, amputations, hospital says

Assad hits a wall in Syrian war as front lines harden

Assad hits a wall in Syrian war as front lines harden

Carolyn Long is back for a rematch with GOP Rep. Herrera Beutler

Miami Herald on who is involved in Epstein coverup...

Sticky situation: Disoriented driver arrested after cactus crash

Radiation Levels of Sunken Russian Nuclear Submarine 100,000 Times Higher Than Normal

Bernie Sanders: The straightest path to racial equality is through the one percent

Jerome Powell: I won't leave if Trump asks me to quit

Jeffrey Epstein had 14 phone numbers connected to Trump in his contacts

Jeffrey Epstein had 14 phone numbers connected to Trump in his contacts

"inept", "insecure", and "incompetent"

There will be no real change in this country unless we have the courage to take on Wall Street.

2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats likely to win.

'World should know what is happening' to children in ICE detention: Mother testifies

Some prosecutors will not give up till they get the top crook.

As Trump closes US doors to migrants, Latin Americans look to Europe

Kansas attorney general gives Gov. Laura Kelly until Friday to drop welfare plan..

Top Dems, rejecting Acosta's explanation for Epstein plea deal, renew calls for resignation

Where Are Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Accomplices Now? (4 uncharged in Florida case)

Republican lawmakers expressed shock & disappointment at heavy defeat suffered by woman candidate

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta defends handling of Jeffrey Epstein case

Let's talk about helping homeless vets....

15-year-old migrant girl claims Border Patrol officer assaulted her, sparking probe

'World should know,' migrant tells U.S. Congress of toddler's death

'World should know,' migrant tells U.S. Congress of toddler's death

Fox News: Working Until You Die Is A "Blessing"

Our candidates cannot promise everyone .. everything..

DUers have now raised OVER $13,000 to elect the next President of the USA

I think it was Boris Johnson who leaked theKim Darroch cables.

You know its summer in the Bay Area when....

Observer: Whose Spy Was Epstein?

Veterinarians treat 'exotic' bird, realize it's just a seagull covered in curry

Female journalist told she needs male chaperone to cover politician's campaign

Hottest June In Bahrain In More Than 100 Years - Avg. 97.3F, Monthly High 113F

National Institute Of Food & Agriculture (USDA) - 71% Of Employees Indicate They Will Refuse Move

McConnell must be removed