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MannyGoldstein's Journal
MannyGoldstein's Journal
August 30, 2014

Would it be so crazy?

Would it be so crazy if we had a 24-hour DU cease-fire? A temporary truce?

No whining about the Third Way, misogyny, and the other stuff?

Just good thoughts. Just to see what it would be like.

August 28, 2014

Cheap Trick!

Live at Buddokan Lansdowne.

August 25, 2014

Let me be crystal clear here with with regard to "Liberals"

If you agree with Rand Paul on any issue, we know you are truly a Paul-bot.

If you disagree with Hillary on any issue, we know you are truly a Paul-bot.

We know these things. They can no longer be denied. "Liberals" are trapped like the rats we know they are. And Clapper knows who they are and where their kids go to school.

The veil is lifted; Wachet auf!


Third-Way Manny

August 25, 2014

I'll be crystal clear here with DU's "Liberals"

If you agree with Rand Paul on any issue, we know you are a disruptor.

If you disagree with Hillary on any issue, we know you are a disruptor.

We know these things. You are trapped like the rats we know you are. And Clapper knows who you are and where your kids go to school.

Now that the 2016 Presidential nominees are decided, I hope the Admins will enforce the Nothing Harmful to Democratic Candidates During Election Season rule.


Third-Way Manny

August 24, 2014

If President Obama could save the bankers and their bonuses

Could he have been the 99%'s savior, too?

Or is that, um, different?

August 15, 2014

Amazing! At least 100 Americans are more powerful than President Obama.

I grew up thinking that the President of the United States is the most powerful person on Earth. Turns out I was very wrong.

Several times each day I read learned posts on this site which state that Elizabeth Warren* can do more good in the Senate than as President. I hate that I was wrong before, but am glad I'm wiser now and that Warren's already reached the pinnacle of power.

Although it does leave me with a few nagging questions. Like why did Senator Obama (who said he wasn't running) run for the Presidency against Senator McCain. Were they OK with less power because they got the cool plane? And the helicopters?

And why does the President get paid a lot more than Senators? Do Senators get to make their own secret kill lists?

Or perhaps Presidents are actually more powerful than Senators, but some people need an excuse for why certain Presidents haven't gotten the job done, the fundamental job of turning around the economic plight of the 99%?

Anyway, I just want to thank the good people of DU for setting me straight. This is really complicated stuff, and I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

*yes, who's really, really not running and you desperately need us to understand that, got it.

August 14, 2014

Warren/Carter (Jimmy) 2016

As long as Carter is healthy enough to be involved, he could coach Warren on how to be an effective government executive, which is the only important skill that I'd like to see Warren have more of. Or she could run with someone else who's been the governor of a large state - Jerry Brown, for instance. *That* would be a ticket I could get behind.

Let 1000 Occupies bloom!

August 12, 2014

The biggest damned flame

In Judaism, the candle's flame is a metaphor for the soul.

Flames, like souls, come in large and small. Some burn steady and boring, some dance about with a special light. They light our world for a time, then go out.

When I heard that Robin Williams had left us today, my immediate thought was that the biggest damned flame I'd ever seen had gone out.

I first knew of Robin from his stand-up comedy, back in the 1970s. His particular flame was an ammo depot caught fire, a cacophony of great explosions and whooshes turning night into day.

Mork and Mindy next, execrable save for Robin's brilliance, although it had been toned down to a roman candle for general public consumption.

Then Garp, a movie loved by exactly one Earthling (me) followed by a string of movies of varying brilliance. Through masterpiece and dreck, Williams' light always shined bright. His eyes twinkled. He was alive, dammit! Alive!

Comedy and depression, I think, come from the same place, both from an acute meta-awareness of the human condition. Life is funny as hell. Life is wrenching. We don't get the Yin without an equal portion of Yang, it all needs to balance. Williams was as tuned in as anyone to the comedy in this world, he must have been equally tuned in to the tragedy. As do most people blessed and cursed with this ability, he groped around to dull the sharpness, turning to drugs and drink. Today he turned to the off switch. @#$%.

I saw a photo of Robin in the past few weeks, on the Web somewhere, someone saw him on the street and snapped a shot. Before then, I'd never seen a photo of Robin where the flame wasn't burning bright in his eyes, but this time the lights looked pretty dim. I hoped it was just an episode of crappy candid Internet photographs, but apparently it wasn't.

I don't know where this all goes, and I've rambled enough through this quasi-cathartic mess of a post. I will miss Robin, I think many will. It's so sad that he's left, so sad that he felt had to leave this way.

Besides exploding ammo depots, here's the other thing I thought of when I heard of Robin's departure, a beautiful song. It's not really appropriate, but it sorta is. In any case, this is the Internet so I can post any thing I want.


August 11, 2014

Sen Warren: "We must not get bogged down in another war.."

There have been some posts on DU claiming that Sen. Warren agrees with Pres. Obama's new efforts in Iraq, but I haven't seen any actual statements of support from her. Hearing such a thing from her would make me feel a whole lot better about the thing, because I believe that Warren's smart, well-informed, and tells the truth.

In any case, here's what Warren did say:

"I remain concerned about possible unintended consequences of intervention. We must not get bogged down in another war in the Middle East... like the president, I believe that any solution in Iraq is going to be a negotiated solution, not a military solution. We do not want to be pulled into another war in Iraq."

Anyone know what the President Elect is saying about Obama's new efforts, other than that we should have been tougher, earlier?

1. Any opinions stated in referenced material are not necessarily mine.
2. Anything presented as "fact" in any referenced material may be utter bull%^. Please assume that it is.
3. Any author of any referenced material might, or might not, be notorious horrible person - I haven't done any research.
4. Any web site I link to may well be involved in all sorts of disturbing activities. I have no knowledge that they are, but who knows?
5. Elizabeth Warren is not running for president, as several people really, really, really need you to know. Out of respect for her wishes, please don't use her name and the word "president" in the same paragraph.
6. I have been outed on DU as a Purity Democrat, a paid Republican rat#$%@er, an acolyte of Ron and Rand Paul, the owner of conservativecave.com, a Firebagger and worse. Indeed, I am likely all of these. Do yourself a favor and don't read this post, it's a menace to society. Please proceed to your safe room, and await further instructions.

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