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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
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Fitting Punishments for the Rump Gang

So I've been contemplating what would constitute fitting punishments for the Rump and his conspiratorial imps. So far, I have come up with a few:

Rump = rot in a Siberian gulag. Hey, at least he will be in his beloved Russia, right?

Ivanka = spend the rest of her life working in a Chinese sweat shop making knock offs of designer brands.

Don Jr. = game warden in Kenya. The penalty for allowing any animal to be poached on his watch TBD (it ain't gonna be good, though).

Please feel free to add your own "fitting punishment" for whomever you would like.

A Lot of High Ranking Nazis Escaped After WWII and Fled to Argentina

Lines of escape were called "Ratlines":

Ratlines were a system of escape routes for Nazis and other fascists fleeing Europe at the end of World War II. These escape routes mainly led toward havens in Latin America, particularly Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia,[1] Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador and Bolivia, as well as in Switzerland. Other destinations included Australia, Canada, and the Middle East. There were two primary routes: the first went from Germany to Spain, then Argentina; the second from Germany to Rome to Genoa, then South America. The two routes developed independently but eventually came together to collaborate.

I know of one YUGE rat who is in Argentina already. Could it be possible that we won't be seeing him again?

Jewish professor finds swastikas spray-painted on her office walls at Columbia's Teachers College

New York (CNN)The NYPD has launched an investigation into a possible hate crime after a Columbia University professor's office was vandalized with two spray-painted swastikas and a derogatory word aimed at Jewish people.

Professor Elizabeth Midlarsky, who is Jewish and has published various articles related to the Holocaust, told CNN, "I opened the outer door and almost passed out," when she saw the two swastikas spray-painted in red.

Midlarsky, who has worked at the university's Teachers College for 28 years, reported the incident to security and received support from staff before being brought home by a van.

Midlarsky told CNN that she had begun to receive hate mail both by letter and email in 2007, which she believed was connected to her lifetime of work as a Jewish activist. She then received a call from Teachers College not to come in as her office had been vandalized.

At the time, then Teachers College President Susan Fuhrman joined Midlarsky at a student-organized protest, saying, "We stand with our students, who have said 'enough' to hate crimes, and in this particular case, to a vicious swastika."

Viewers Noticed Some Very Disturbing Details In 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer'

Sorry if this has already been posted. Some of the comments are pretty funny.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” aired Tuesday night on CBS, and Twitter users gathered around the digital fireplace to share the moment.

And what a moment it was.

Some people joked that they noticed a few things in the Christmas classic that they didn’t always spot ― or simply ignored ― when they saw it years ago.

Here are some of those humorous observations:

Here is one example from the article:

One GM Plant Closing in the US Means Very Little to the Company

Here is a list of other GM plants that are currently open and running around the world:

6th of October City, Egypt
Batilly, France
Bogotá, Colombia
CAMI Automotive, Canada
Changwon, Gyeongsang, S. Korea
Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, S. Korea
Fujisawa, Japan
Gravatai Automotive Industrial Complex, Brazil
Talegaon, India
Iwata, Japan
Kosai Assembly, Japan
Kawasaki, Japan
Magyar Suzuki Corporation, Hungary
GM-OBB, Ecuador
Oshawa Car Assembly, Canada
Oshawa Metal, Canada
Ramos Arizpe Assembly, Mexico
Rayong, Thailand
Rosario, Argentina
San Luis Potosí Assembly, Mexico
São Caetano do Sul, Brazil
São José dos Campos, Brazil
Silao Assembly, Mexico
Silao Engine, Mexico
Silao Transmission, Mexico
St. Catharines Powertrain, Canada
GM Strasbourg, France
GM-AvtoVAZ, Russia

Double that list to see just how many GM plants have been closed worldwide since the company's inception. Can we please stop pretending that GM operates solely in America? As much as Rump would love for GM to be a nationalist corporation, that is simply a lie.

Edit: No, I am not saying that workers losing their jobs is of no concern. What I am saying is that the GM brand is so diversified and global they are not in "trouble". This does not spell disaster for an "American" company.

When It Gets To Be Too Much, Watch These Kids. You'll Feel Better

Yeah, it's nearly half an hour of clips. I dare you to stop watching!

Delicious Trump Stuffing Recipe! (For All Your Conservative Friends)

6 stale buns leftover from Nothing Burgers (cut into 1" cubes)
20 Tablespoons Heinz Ketchup
12 Shredded Sealed Indictments
4 Cups Republican Tears (gathered after mid term elections)
1 Cup Russian Hooker pee (substitute Worcestershire sauce if no pee is available or is too expensive)
1 Small Grape Diced (see here if you forgot the reason: https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/russian-hooker-who-had-sex-with-donald-trump-mocks-his-tiny-penis/ )
One Small Mushroom

Combine ingredients in 5 quart mixing bowl
Place in 6 quart casserole dish
Cook in Mueller oven set to "broil" for 2 hours
Let cool for at least an hour before serving

Serves: 10 (at least)

Recommend dessert of beautiful chocolate cake and champagne popsicles.

I'm not opposed to having a new speaker, but this smacks of misogyny or ageism or...

I know this has been the topic of the last two weeks, but I was just listening to it on NPR and thinking

The Five White Guys don't have a viable alternate. No one wants to take the gavel. No one wants to challenge Pelosi. They are all chickenshits, too afraid to do it themselves but ready to start a fight with anyone who thinks Pelosi should be speaker again.

The excuse I heard was that a lot of these people won the mid term by running on a "replace Pelosi" ticket. For the life of me I cannot understand why so many people would only vote Dem if their candidate promised not to vote for Pelosi (without any good alternative in sight). Is this the cost of appealing to the independents or middle of the road Dems?

73-year-old woman was worried about the meth she was smoking, so she took it to her doctor

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — An elderly woman is accused of taking her methamphetamine to the doctor for testing after she became concerned about the drug’s effect on her.

Barbara Lee Ray, 73, of Polk County, Florida, asked her doctor to test the meth because she was worried it was doing harm, the Miami Herald reported.

Ray had been using the drug for about a month, but it remains uncertain where she got it or why she was smoking it, according to the paper.

Deputies said she went to Complete Care Family Medicine Associates on Nov. 5 to test the product, which came back positive for meth.

Ray was booked into the Polk County jail on two counts of possession of methamphetamine and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

She was released two days after visiting the doctor.

Stacey Abrams 2020!!!!

She is who we need.

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