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Cheezoholic's Journal
Cheezoholic's Journal
August 31, 2022

I'm glad DeSatan didn't issue me my drivers license

or my license plate, or a building permit, or God forbid, my gasoline rewards card. Fuck, trying to claim my .25 off a gallon of gas results in a DeSWAT team blocking off the gas station depriving hundreds of MAGAT Sea Monkeys 500 grams of sugar and hot rolled whatever meat is in those Tornado things for 2 hours because of a previous felonious possession of 1 5mg Valium tablet that was out side your fathers prescription bottle WHILE HE WAS IN THE CAR in the cup holder of an old rusted Dodge after being pulled over in Pinellas county because a run of the plates returned a Hispanic name, in an old rusted Dodge, must be a drug dealer. Yes that really happened and 6k 1980's dollars later I had to plea no contest to avoid jail time, my shitty attorney even offered that I would check into drug rehab, denied by prosecution so I still had a Florida felony on my record. (Ever been on felony probation? It's as bad as it sounds). True honest fucked up 2 years of my life story.

But back to the gas card, I would never be able to show my face in public again. Forever labeled as an evil socialist gas card cheater!!

DeSatan is just in charge of a state that has been primed for this bullshit for decades.

August 12, 2022

You guys are better than Dallas

the TV show. Thats what a good friend and former coworker from Switzerland told me on the phone a few hours ago. He said, and has said for a few years, we're the best show on TV.

August 9, 2022

Fatsen your seatbelts

Raise your guard. The diner here this morning is electrically quiet with murmurs and whispers. My usual seat at the far left of the counter was covered in a garbage bag and my usual order was served to me in a to go box. On top of their fearless leader being raided We tragically had a 24 year old officer shot and killed by a black gang member he pulled over on the highway on the outskirts of town last weekend at 3am. The first officer to die in 90 years

I live around these fuckers. Im just tellin ya get ready.

August 4, 2022

Velshi displayed the corporate collar he's forced to work under

on Prime last night. Dont get me wrong, I really like him. But as with any TV "news" today the corporate boardroom always has its thumb on the scale. In his interview with Sen. Amy Klobuchar about trying to clarify the Electoral Count Act Veshi, smartly I might add, quickly moved the question to Kansas and the women's rights vote. From this point on, and really if you watch the interview closely, Sen. Klobuchar was caught a bit off guard, I think not expecting that question. She's straight up always prepared and seldom stumbles over her words. You could see her rapidly shifting gears to that question, the usual grin on her face slowly growing bigger. Then Velshi masterfully offers her up the primo 60 seconds. He asked her about Sinema and the reconciliation bill. Sen. Klobuchar was on the train now, spent about 15 seconds on Sinema then lit up like a Xmas tree, took the free solo, about all of the things the bill would do, listing 10-12 other good things in the bill that many people may not be aware of, with the exorbitant passionate charm that makes her so good. During that last part Velshi was quietly trying to interrupt her roll with his best Willy Wonka "please, no, stop" as he felt the corporate collar tighten. He finally told her she had given at least 10 things that need to be talked about and "we all" need to keep talking about them with a falsely irritated tone. He could at least cover his ass in the morning meeting with that evidence

It was like Coltrane and Miles fucking with Monk on Straight no Chaser what I saw, maybe my weed is better than I thought.


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