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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,443

Journal Archives

Q1 GDP slides negative... will a Q2 rally keep the US out of recession for the election season?


WASHINGTON -- The U.S. economy shrank last quarter for the first time since the pandemic recession struck two years ago, contracting at a 1.4% annual rate, but consumers and businesses kept spending in a sign of economic durability.

The economy's overall decline in the January-March quarter does not mean a recession is likely in the coming months. Most economists expect a rebound this quarter as solid hiring and wage gains sustain growth.

Instead, the steady spending by households and companies suggests that the economy will likely keep expanding this year even though the Federal Reserve plans to raise rates aggressively to fight the inflation surge. The first quarter was hampered mainly by a slower restocking of goods in stores and warehouses and by a sharp drop in exports.

Musk buying Twitter... is pretty much like many of us buying a new Toyota Camry...

He purchased something valued at about 15% of his total net worth.

He went through Morgan Stanley to get the loan.

Let that sink in. I'm 100% in support of people "being all they can be" but let's have a serious talk about a wealth tax, ok?

I have NO PROBLEM with Billionaires, just pay up.

Twitter is what YOU make it.

If you follow a bunch of photographers and wildlife accounts, you're going to see a lot of content about birds, coyotes, rabbits and deer.

If you follow a bunch of anti-vaxxers, flat earthers or Trumpists, that's what you're going to get.

Twitter is NOT force feeding content to ANYONE.

The algorithm checks out WHO you're following and what posts your reading and tailors your intake appropriately.

Twitter is a microcosm of society... you get what you put in. Your community, your friends and the things you choose to be important in your life will fill your life.

I'm not leaving Twitter, why would I?

British Historian/Ph.D breaks down WHO and WHAT the Azov Battalion is.

Really the comprehensive study.

A recent DU-thread was full of lots of misinformation.

Russia test fires NEW ICBM. Will make enemies 'think twice', says Putin


Russia successfully tested the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with President Vladimir Putin boasting the nuclear-capable projectile will make Moscow’s enemies “think twice”.

Putin was shown on television being told by the military the missile had been launched from Plesetsk in Russia’s northwest and hit targets in the Kamchatka peninsula in the far east on Wednesday.

The Sarmat is a new heavy ICBM that Russia is expected to deploy with 10 or more warheads on each missile, according to the United States Congressional Research Service.

Short of a nuclear weapon, what can Putin do to us??? He's got nuthin' right?

Some people seem to think it's a black and white situation. We fly CAP over Ukraine and launch cruise missiles targeting Russian supply routes.

"What's Putin going to do, nuke us?"

The moment the US starts killing Russian soldiers... the floodgates open.

Remember the Moskva? And those Neptune missiles that struck it going around 650mph?

Well the Russians have Anti-ship missiles that travel Mach 10. They're barely detectable and certainly unstoppable.

Some Russian subs are equipped with them right now. As in... RIGHT NOW.

It doesn't take a military genius to acknowledge that RIGHT NOW there are Russian subs shadowing US carrier groups around the world.

That's a given. There are Zircon hypersonic ASM's in firing range (1000km) of the USS Harry S. Truman in the Mediterranean RIGHT NOW.

So when the US launches attacks... 5000 US sailors die.

Think long and hard when your heart and emotions get out in front of your head.

Brookings (not Breitbart) "The Russian invasion of Ukraine shows racism has no boundaries"


There are many reports of Black people being refused at border crossings in favor of white Ukrainians, leaving them stuck at borders for days in brutal conditions. Ukraine stated they would first allow women and children on trains and transport out of the country to flee the Russian invasion. However, it seems they meant Ukrainian and European women and children. Videos show Black people being pushed off trains and Black drivers being reprimanded and stalled by Ukrainians as they try to flee. There are even reports of animals being allowed on trains before Africans.

And that's not even talking about the MSM bias


Sinking of the Moskva is a game changer. My updated thoughts on the war.

This is all opinion.

All hopes for an early end to the Ukraine War are finished.

Ironically... the very success of the Ukrainians will prolong the destruction and killing.

The Russians will NEVER and let me repeat... NEVER walk away from this as the loser.

As the young people say, Ukraine has been "clowning" Russia.

Humiliation, embarrassment, ridicule.. all well deserved. But the Russians take it personally and will turn the Moskva into a rallying cry.

The Russians will send 500k... maybe 1m to the meat grinder but they won't stop.

And for those who think the Ukrainians are indestructible, they're not. Read an interview with a Ukrainian fighter jet pilot who said "We're losing planes daily, they don't talk about it publicly but we are". 1000 Ukrainian Marines surrendered in Mariupol this week including a UK citizen.

The atrocities will be amped up. The bombing of residential areas will be intensified under the pretense that since the gov't handed out weapons to civilians, "there are no non-combatants in the cities".

I think this thing will go WW2 style and they'll just turn cities to rubble. There won't BE a Ukraine when it's all over.

Anyone who asks "Then what do we do?"

I don't have an answer. If pushed I guess I'll say, keep supplying the Ukrainians and if the price in human capital gets too high... maybe there will be a Russian coup??

So call it a Terrorist Attack... Feds charge Subway shooter with terrorism charges.


The man arrested in connection with Tuesday’s subway shooting in Brooklyn is facing a federal terrorism charge.

Frank James will be arraigned in Brooklyn federal court on charges that he intended “to cause death and serious bodily injury to one or more persons” on the New York City subway, Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Breon Peace said at a news conference on Wednesday.

James, 62, was arrested on Wednesday in Manhattan’s East Village after a day-long manhunt.

Heavy.com delivers details about the subway shooter

Reads like a very mentally ill person...

This guy was even interviewed by the FBI multiple times.


Frank R James

Heavy has confirmed that Frank James had a Facebook page in the name Frank Whitaker. The page contains images of guns and describes Black nationalism as “black unity,” in addition to criticizing former President Donald Trump and posting about racism.

In October 2021, he wrote on Facebook, “I FEEL LIKE SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.” The Facebook page, which is in another name, but contains photos and YouTube video frames linked to him by NYPD, also contains a photo of a body bag. He shared that body bag photo several other times with different captions, including, “Better late than never – payback” and “hurt people kill people – please don’t hurt me” and “it’s never to late to say I love you – only death could stop me.”

In 2014, he wrote, Just cuckoo…no cocoa puffs.” He shared posts about gas prices and the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. One of his posts was anti-gay. He wrote, “love thy neighbor. He’s gay, nevermind.”

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