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Jeopardy Regulars - Spoiler

There's an amazing new rap sheet on Trump

Ten Black people were murdered for merely being. Silly me, I thought they were the real victims

Chuck Todd: GOP using First Amendment to 'appease the white supremacist movement'

Media said Barnette was "surging"?

NY corrections officer suspended without pay for mocking Buffalo victims on Facebook

Fox News host gives Republican Governor bad news live on air

Madison Cawthorn in second place for nomination in North Carolina. Fetterman

Judge suspends Michigan's dormant 1931 abortion ban

Co-Founder of Airbnb Donates $100 Million to the Obama Foundation to Fund Scholarships

Pennsylvania Democrats elect Josh Shapiro as their nominee for governor.

I made a video on a flashdrive that I want to mail to a friend.


The Funniest Pet Tweets That Only Pet Owners Might Truly Understand

What is the buzz about Durham testimony?

Sunset, southern MD

With 49% of the vote in Madison Cawthorne trails Chuck Edwards

That crazy Barnette is going down in flames.

Kendrick Lamarr. Purple Heart.

Criminal Investigation? DOJ Wants Jan. 6 Panel Transcripts - The Beat - MSNBC

Ok, I will admit that this is a teenage joke

This should be receiving way more coverage- an important speech

Planned Parenthood president RIPS Republicans in perfect takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Fox News host gives Republican Governor bad news live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

'I feel angry and incredibly motivated': US abortion providers consider options for fighting back

Looking at early results, I can make the following observation:

Former HS football player in Proctor, Minn., pleads guilty to felony sexual assault of teammate

Wasserman: Fetterman Defeats Lamb in Pennsylvania

It's looking like Cawthorne might get axed..

Congress holds a hearing today on UFOs.

Michigan judge grants injunction against 1931 abortion ban if Roe is overturned

Last Week in the Republican Party

*Fetterman projected winner by NBC News.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Cawthorn Is Narrowing Gap With Same Day Votes Coming In

Fetterman wins Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary

Let's talk about SCOTUS making it easier to buy a Senator....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about SCOTUS making it easier to buy a Senator....

I rarely diss the MSM, they are serving bubble gum to the masses.

Polls Closed: Steve Kornacki Breaks Down Pennsylvania Primary Election - MSNBC

Fetterman and Shapiro sound GOOD to me for Pennsylvania!

Retired colonel speaks out on Russian TV

Tucker Carlson LOSES IT after rightfully being blamed for influencing Buffalo Attack - MeidasTouch

I think Steve Kornacki is annoying nt

No Rachel on MSNBC

Chris Cornell w/ Chester Bennington - Hunger Strike live in The Woodlands (2008)

To stop kids from becoming racist

John Fetterman Wins Democratic Senate Primary In Pennsylvania, NBC News Projects - MSNBC

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

President Biden already campaigning for Fetterman:

PA-GOV: Cook Political will be moving this race from Toss Up to Lean Democrat upon Mastriano's win

'Hypersonic Weird': Carville Hammers MAGA Takeover Of GOP And 'Walking Massive Fraud' - The Beat MSNBC

The Supreme Court green-lights political corruption -- again

The Committee and subpoenas thing...

Dave Wasserman says Madison Cawthorn has lost.

It's over, Madison POS Cawthorn lost

Twitter Says It Will Enforce $44 Billion Deal as Musk Appears to Edge Away

DOJ requested transcripts from the Committee

any minute now cawthorn is going to tweet his election was stolen.

Doug Mastriano, a far-right 2020 election denier, is Pennsylvania Republicans' choice for governor.

LOL... Joy Reid: If Madison loses tonight he is welcome to appear on @thereidout tomorrow night to

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Chris Hayes made a very good point regarding the ability of the GOP

'A Poison': Tucker Carlson Under Pressure Amid Debunked Conspiracy Theory As Biden Slams 'Lies'

Biden's Full Speech Condemns White Supremacy & Calls On The Nation to Reject Replacement Theory

Thank you DU. Had no clue ...

I hope I am wrong?

Ok, just say how many of tRumps favs won......🤮 🤬 🤮 🤬 🤮

Huge Honolulu mural of Duke Kahanamoku and Carissa Moore - -lovely to be sure....

We all need to stop referring to a "fetal heartbeat" at 6 weeks. There is no heart then.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul On Buffalo Shooter Targeting The Black Community - The ReidOut - MSNBC

January 6 Committee report to be published in September!

I will be dammed !

Cawthorn has lost

Chinese plane crash that killed 132 caused by intentional act: US officials

Chinese plane crash that killed 132 caused by intentional act: US officials

Rupert Murdoch has been around for a while....

Site Of Buffalo Shooting A Community Hub With Deep Roots - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

One more CRAZY TRUMP GOBer goon gone!(Cawthorn)

msnbc needs to upgrade their magic board computer.

Cheri Beasley won in NC!!

Madison Cawthorn loses his re-election bid after a deluge of scandals.

'Teacup size' hail pelted Maryland on Monday. Here's how.

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

ST: Deep Space Nine. Odo's never been in a situation like THIS before.

'Teacup size' hail pelted Maryland on Monday. Here's how.

Beth Hart - Leave The Light On (live on Muziekcafe, Radio NPO 2, Netherlands, 2016)

Democrats need to get with the times

I think Barnette hurt Trump more than Dr. Oz?

Far-right Arizona lawmaker under investigation after controversial remarks regarding Buffalo shooti

Lobbying shop says DOJ probe into its work for Burisma has been closed

Lobbying shop says DOJ probe into its work for Burisma has been closed

Progressive Summer Lee ahead of moderate Steven Irwin

Tweet of the Night:

With 80+% in, OZ down by around 2000 votes...

NYT: "Republican voters nostalgia for trump intensifies."

Alphaville - Forever Young

Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is

Seth Meyers and Amber Ruffin Address the Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York

Tweet of the Late Night:

Holy shit is this amazing

Mastriano seems to be promising Pennsylvania electoral votes will go to Republicans

Select Committee Will Not Turn Over Documents To DOJ

Take My Breath Away - Berlin

Assclown Alert: Gov. Greg Abbott's deafening whistle is impossible to ignore

Clapton has Covid, Cawthorn lost and Fetterman won! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Seals & Crofts - Summer Breeze

It's getting real tight!

Joe Satriani - Always With Me, Always With You

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Concedes In North Carolina GOP Primary - MSNBC

Austin Davis wins Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor: AP

Supertramp - Don't Leave Me Now

Wednesday Morning Warm Jazz & Bossa Nova Live/Sunny Afternoon Cafe Jazz for Relaxing

Grandparents Face Murder Charges After Their Rottweiler Kills 7-Year-Old Granddaughter

Yep. Definitely an Ultra MAGA sweep. No doubt 😆😎😁

Ron Johnson says he's never heard of Great Replacement Theory. Let's roll the tape...

Mike Collier's Excellent Political Adventure

Kurt Schrader, Problem Solver, Blue Dog, & Pelosi-basher, is defeated in OR-05

Summer Lee is the Projected Winner in the #PA12 Democratic Primary. She will defeat Steve Irwin.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Concedes In North Carolina GOP Primary - MSNBC

Hoffmeister's 'Flute Concerto No. 17'

As many have said before, the DOJ does not have to wait on the Committee....

How is the OZ race going?

For the most part, Republicans chose bad over worse tonight.

McCormick: We're going to win this campaign... We have tens of thousands of mail-in ballots that have

You Are Not Where You Think You Are

Jordan Peterson with more hate

5.18 Memorial Poem- Mudeung Mountain

Any fellow residents of KY-06 here? Fucking Geoff Young is the Democratic nominee.

Oregon Progressive McLeod-Skinner ahead of Blue Dog Kurt Schrader

So, My wife chose a great female team of docs to deliver our 2 children.

Buffalo Mayor: Shooting Will Not Affect The 'Heart Of This Community' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Prosecutors: NYC investment adviser blamed in $5B fraud

Pakistan and IMF to meet over release of funds as economy falters

Charles Booker becomes first Black Kentuckian to win a Democratic primary for US Senate

CA-SEN: Republican's SUV burglarized in San Francisco

(Jewish Group) Bronx man who lost his wallet and $1,400 grateful to Hasidic family who returned it

(Jewish Group) Dr. Morton Mower, Jewish co-inventor of a revolutionary defibrillator, dies at 89

Looks like Oz just took the lead over McCormick. I think that would be better for us in the general

(Jewish Group) More than 1,000 Jews rally outside the US Capitol in support of abortion rights

How obvious can Disney get?

A waiter returns to the table to ask the customer

(Jewish Group) GOP-backed candidate for MN SoS says Jewish incumbent is controlled by Soros

Projection: Tina Kotek is the Projected Winner in the Oregon Governor Democratic Primary.

tiedrich: "congratulations to Madison Cawthorn for being someone no one...

Biden & Schumer Condemn Fox For Racist Propaganda - The Last Word - MSNBC

Tory MP arrested on suspicion of rape and banned from Commons

Opeator Starsky talks Kalashnikovs

Why Isn't the Buffalo Shooting Suspect Considered a "Domestic Terrorist"? - Amanpour and Company

Oz thanks Sean Hannity for advising him.... on late night conversations

yuk! Wordle in 5

'Critical to make this seat a blue seat': John Fetterman's wife on Pennsylvania race - ABC News

David Gray - Nos Da Cariad (good night love)

Genesis "Keep It Dark" (The Mama Tour 1984)

A Crypto Billionaire Shattered the Primary Spending Record to Back a Candidate Who Is Getting Clobbe

The Boleyn Girls.... chattel of the forced-birth Republicans

U2 - Running to Stand Still (Paris, 1987)

Fearing 'Extinction-Level Event,' N.Y. Democrats Turn Against Each Other

Prejudices That Led to Witch- Hunts Still Affect Women Today, Says Historian

Tucker Carlson told his audience to take action about the great replacement theory-mediamatters4america

1968 psychedelic overload from Greek progressive rock band Aphrodite's Child...

Anton Karas - Der Dritte Mann (The Third Man) Harry Lime Theme

Wings with Bonham - Beware My Love

New profile picture for Malcom Nance

"We Need to Indict These People for their Democracy Killing Crimes!" - Glenn Kirschner

NY correction officer suspended for 'vile' post on Buffalo mass shooting

Exquisite Mood Relaxing Jazz Music for an Elegant Dinner

The Romantics - Rock You Up

Apple Store employees in the United States must now wear masks, but not customers

Relaxing Smooth Morning Positive Mood Bossa Nova & Jazz Cafe Music for Work, Studying

Oz up 2000 votes with 95 percent counted per Politico.

Thank you God! Brad Little wins Idaho R governor primary!

CoolCola: Russia Launches Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite Alternatives After Soda Exodus

Trump endorsed Janice McGeachin loses by over 20% to Gov Brad Little in Idaho

Stephen Colbert - (Primary night!) Monologue and Opening - 5/17/22

middle schoolers use art project letters to spell out slur

Breakfast Wednesday 18, May 2022

Now that John Fetterman has won the primary as the democratic candidate for Senate in PA,

The Daily Patron

Remember this jackass?

The White House Covid Briefings Return at 10:45 AM est

Spectacular sky, this morning

Mechanics Are Sharing Photos Of Unfortunate Stuff They've Seen At Work

What do you call a cougar with a hearing aid

Wednesday TOONs - Whining Strategy


Is there any chance Madison Cawthorn will disappear from the public view?

Loyalty beyond measure in Ukraine.

German prosecutors seek five-year jail term for Nazi guard aged 101

North Korea boasts recovery as WHO worries over missing data

'We're fed up with scary dreams': thieves return temple treasures in India

Republicans do not care about January 6th...

Letters from an American: Biden Speaks in Buffalo, NY...

two sand digging deaths this week. Utah and NJ

U.S. women's and men's national soccer teams close pay gap with 'game-changing' deal

I think I can declare the kittens to be 'socialized'

Biniam Girmay: 1st black African to win Grand Tour stage abandons Giro d'Italia after cork incident

It is really thrilling that John Fetterman won so decisively.

The Rundown: May 18, 2022

Comics Should Be Cheap (5/18/22)

The Webcomics Weekly #186: It's Gotta Be May

Always take polls with a grain of salt

Can someone post pics of all the indicted or soon to be indicted Trumpers?

FoxNews Advertisers: Let them know we're not buying.

Mt. St. Helens erupted on this date in 1980

Mullin legislation would expunge Trump's Jan. 6 impeachment

U Exeter - In Subtropical Atlantic, Most Heat From Warming Is Reaching Deep Ocean - Below 700 Meters

Does anyone have an accurate count? How many nazis won GOP primaries yesterday? nt

Big Joe Turner was born on this date.

George Strait has a birthday today.

More people leaving New Zealand than entering as young flee high cost of living

Flawless logic

Good thread on how the Ukraine military thinks the war will play out:

Pass The Peas

Mark Mothersbaugh has a birthday today.

Australia Is Beta Test For Developed World Collapse; Hardly A Word On Climate As Election Wraps Up

On this date

Two headlines together I find extremely ironic

First Russian war criminal to be tried pleads guilty

You raised $25.00 on May 17, 2022 OFFICIAL DU for Ukraine

Has anyone been watching GASLIT on Starz?

Russian soldier pleads guilty to killing an unarmed civilian, the first war-crimes conviction

UK/EU News Cliche - Pairing Record Heatwave/Climate Collapse Reporting W. "Wheeee!" Beach Images

You raised $10.00 on May 17, 2022 Abby Finkenauer for US Senate IA

Lt Gov. John Fetterman WINS Pennsylvania Primary For Dem. Senator (Wife Speaks)

Congress is almost ancillary this fall, in my opinion.

Across The Board And Across The Globe, Climate Collapse Indicators Set New Records In 2021

This is my opinion. It seems to be true from 70+ years of paying attention.

174 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Deadlines and Primaries

Did this pastel painting over the last few days. Trying to learn how to do pet portraits.

Pa. republican nominee for governor was seen at U.S. Capitol Jan. 6th crossing police lines

US, banks, unveil plan to ease food crisis from Russia's war

Unless we can get a handle on gas prices, we are going to have an uphill battle in the midterms

'Pretty savvy' DOJ just sidestepped legal battles that have slowed Jan. 6 committee's probe:

Here are all the current links on the DU for donations (Ukraine + political)

fire weather watch for sonora ca

Charts of Daily Water Levels (5-year) - Lake Powell and Lake Mead

Russia claims 959 Azov defenders have surrendered - DW News

Suspect's life was collapsing before Laguna Woods church shooting

Ooh!! Will GQP's Conservative Climate Caucus Continue To Talk About Doing Something About Climate?

'This May Be Savvy Way To Investigate Jan. 6': Legal Expert On Surprising DOJ Move - The Reid Out

Congrats to the Women who won their primaries last night

India Bans Wheat Exports, W. Exceptions For Already-Existing Contracts

Queer camp counselor was told not to come back. So they opened their own camp.

Ukraine halts key Russian gas transit to Europe - DW News

Details people details 😆

Terrified Foster Pittie Becomes a 90-lb Lap Dog

An old refrigerator becomes a vital gathering spot after mass shooting in Buffalo

Ever wonder if sh!t happens to you because you didn't

India's "man-eating" tigers entangled in a blame game

Dust Devil Rips Through Finish Line of Race

Court hearing for Oath Keepers in seditious conspiracy case - CBS News

House 1/6 panel rejects Justice Dept.'s transcript request

Cawthorn's loss highlights Trump's waning influence but election deniers win big in GOP primaries

Google's Russian subsidiary to file for bankruptcy after bank account seized

Ringling Circus Is Returning. Lions, Tigers and Dumbo Are Not.

Russian soldier pleads guilty at Ukraine war crimes trial

Steve Schmidt calls for 'venomous and dangerous' Rupert Murdoch to be stripped of US citizenship

Ex-Trump Official Quits GOP, Says Republican Party Is Now A Threat To America

When it comes to Garland, many people, including the news media, ignored these facts.

"I'm an abortion doula in the Deep South. This is what I want you to know."

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about conservatives admitting systemic racism exists....

Ex-cop pleads guilty to manslaughter in George Floyd's death

A Sea Lion wanders into a Barrio...

Pascrell Calls on New Postal Board Members to Finally Fire DeJoy

Now we know where Republicans draw the line when it comes to shitposting "Own the Libs" candidates

Georgia students sue over blocked protest against rebel flag

The Circle of Life:

Dolly Parton Presents Dan Rather with the Peabody Career Achievement Award

Trump Russia adviser Fiona Hill recalls dinner with 'bizarre'-smelling Putin

A Summer Song - Chad and Jeremy

Cawthorn's next job? any guesses?

Michigan saw record small business growth in 2021

Fmr Minneapolis Cop Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter Charge in George Floyd Case

Most Texans support legalizing pot, but Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says no

Cawthorn: Fade to black...

Kathy Barnette supporters say PA Republican Senate Primary election "rigged."

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Were Fine With Madison Cawthorn's White Supremacy...

Across the Desk - S5:E18 (SQ 820 - The End of Prohibition in Oklahoma?)

Spirit - Animal Zoo

Meanwhile, in a sane country (Spain).......

1958 - 6 1/2 hrs. on the American Clipper

In PA, we know whoever loses the GOP Senate primary will call foul...

Fans of Heavy Metal!

Am I wrong about this..but even Trumps winning pics were only 1/3 or Rep. voters

Christian Right - this is your testimony to the world - Reflections

Trump Illegally Retaliated Against Yevgeny Vindman, DoD Watchdog Says

A majority of young Americans without student debt support Biden canceling it for everyone else

I know I'm insanely optimistic but I feel pretty damned...

In Today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune: "Subscribe to NewsMax - Get Free Radio!"

(Trump) RNC finance chair..U.S. accuses Steve Wynn of acting as Chinese agent

Wilma Mankiller ever heard of her?

Woman adopts a senior fox to make him happy in final years

Anyone here remember all the lying and hoopla from Trump about Obama being a Muslim???

A John Durham Sussman trial thread for today:

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 18, 2022)

US Soccer reaches landmark deals with USWNT, USMNT to pay them equally

US Soccer reaches landmark deals with USWNT, USMNT to pay them equally

I was really optimistic when I heard the "Breaking News" yesterday that the DOJ was seeking...

France to challenge Grenoble's move to allow burkinis in public pools

Gina Raimondo is Joe Biden's designated survivor -- and big business' favorite cabinet member

Russia closing CBC's Moscow bureau in retaliation for Canada banning Russian state TV

ABC blows coverage of Orange County church shooter. Roommates with MAGAt Nazi

Trump tells Oz to just declare himself the winner

The GOP's angry midterm rhetoric

Norfolk police make arrest in [...] shooting that killed 3, including Virginian-Pilot reporter

Homeland Security 'paused' newly created Disinformation Governance Board.

World's Richest Family Loses $19 Billion in Walmart Wipeout

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak given one-year ban for displaying letter 'Z'

Kansas Supreme Court upholds controversial GOP-drawn congressional redistricting map

my segundo sent me this last night. got his heart broke. again.

Black Box Data Reportedly Suggest China Eastern Jet Crash Was Intentional

U.S. Embassy said Russia denied 3 visits to Brittney Griner this month

US military probe finds no wrongdoing in deadly Syria air strike

This Is What Hate Does. It Kills.

This was unplanned. I just got my Pfizer booster shot.

Secret Service protecting 33 in Biden administration and family, down from record 42 under Trump

Mom complains on Fox News that biracial son won't do chores because of CRT, sues his school

Threat closes South Puget Sound Community College campuses Wednesday

Unless you're a Native American, you don't have shit to say about a so-called Great Replacement.

Edmonds City Council passes ordinance making camping on public property illegal

Immigrants need a voice, citizen advisors tell Bellingham Council. Here's what they want

BREAKING: Kansas Supreme Court reinstates the state's GOP-drawn congressional map.

Finland's and Sweden's NATO Bids in Limbo as Turkey Objects

When Right-Wing Attacks on School Textbooks Fell Short

A person with soul would take stock in himself

The Defenders of Mariupol

TCM tonight:

Official Trailer - She-Hulk: Attorney at Law - Disney+

A Russian soldier accused of killing a civilian pleads guilty in a Kyiv court.

The Desperate Attempts To Distract You From Roe Being Overturned

Say it clearly: Republicans just nominated a pro-Trump insurrectionist

India's First Openly Gay Prince Is Working to Make Conversion Therapy Illegal

Judge mulls prospect of collision between Jan. 6 committee report and Oath Keepers trial

Ringling Bros. circus to return in 2023 without animals

Poverty and Hope in India's City of Widows

Trump pushing PA Big Lie

Poverty and Hope in India's City of Widows

Poverty and Hope in India's City of Widows

Cartoons 5/18/2022

Ukrainian Innovation. Delfast electric bikes with NLAW strikes

The Goddess in Art TV Series: Interview with Starhawk

Amid baby formula shortage, local moms scrambling to feed babies

The Goddess in Art TV Series: Interview with Starhawk

Ilse DeLange - Building Bridges (live on Belgian TV, 2019)

The Goddess In Art TV series: The Triple Goddess

Charles Booker becomes first Black Kentuckian to win a Democratic primary for US Senate

The Goddess In Art TV series: Interview with Vicki Noble (Part 1)

Passions flare over Marysville School Board parental consent policy

The Goddess In Art TV series: Interview with Vicki Noble (Part 2)

Meadows was the call center switchboard for the entire coup.

The Goddess In Art TV series: Interview with Mayumi Oda

Starbucks, joining Amazon, offers to cover travel costs for abortions

The Goddess In Art TV series: Interview with Savina Teubal

Imagine a World Where Men Had to Breastfeed Their Babies

Here is how my wife and I voted in the Georgia Primary. Some may disagree.

Money woes undermine successful Seattle shelter program, council member says

Billy Gibbons, Orianthi, ZZ Ward & guests - Sharp Dressed Man/La Grange (Skyville Live, 2016)

It is happening here: Massachusetts has a growing neo-Nazi movement

People Rescue A Cardboard Box Full Of Puppies In The Middle Of The Night

Under the radar: GOP QAnon, J6 Insurrectionist Jo Rae Perkins in lead to take on Ron Wyden in Oregon

With Roe in doubt, is tech surveillance of pregnancy next?

With Roe in doubt, is tech surveillance of pregnancy next?

With Roe in doubt, is tech surveillance of pregnancy next?

With Roe in doubt, is tech surveillance of pregnancy next?

Mama Octopus Waits Patiently For Her Eggs To Hatch

Public education is supposed to prepare an informed citizenry - elementary teachers have just two ho

DeSantis doles out millions to mostly rural areasbut fails to mention it mostly comes from Uncle Sam

Police contact correlates with preterm birth disparities, University of Minnesota study finds

Woman Finds 10 Stray Kittens Who Follow Her All The Way Home

Here is one reason we have high gas prices.

New Yorkers who helped catch subway shooter in danger of being deported

Great Al Franken produced podcast: Dahlia Lithwick and Joyce Vance on Roe v. Wade reversal by

As Biden urges rejection of racist replacement theory, Hawley says he doesn't know what it is

Votes still being tallied in Lancaster County after mail-in ballot printing error

I normally take hurricane season with a grain of salt

Keith Urban - Stupid Boy (Hammersmith Apollo, London, May 7, 2022)

Kitten playing PacMan:

Baby copies grandmother's walk:

Don't look at your 401K... DOW down 1100+ AGAIN.

Cross-Post: GOP QAnon, J6 Insurrectionist Jo Rae Perkins in lead to take on Ron Wyden in Oregon

Geoffrey Young wins Democratic nomination for U.S. House in Kentucky's 6th Congressional District

Stevie Nicks - Soldier's Angel (studio version & live at Red Rocks, speaking of Ukraine, 5/11/2022)

Liquid cat flows down the stairs:

Megyn Kelly Defends Buffalo Shooter's Hero

What foods are energy boosters, as opposed to sluggish/draggers -

Gorilla gently pets a groundhog:

Mama gorilla cuddles and pats her baby:

White Masculinity and the Buffalo Massacre

White Masculinity and the Buffalo Massacre

White Masculinity and the Buffalo Massacre

Curious silverback gorilla and his son, calmly srudying a caterpillar.

Don't touch the baby!

"It will just send it back to the states" - And this is what those states will do

Suddenly Pennsylvania Republicans Are OK With Counting Mail-In Ballots

These 2 babies are best friends:

Afghan Women Reject Taliban Decree That Women Must Wear Head-to-Toe Coverings

Voter turnout above 33% now

Afghan Women Reject Taliban Decree That Women Must Wear Head-to-Toe Coverings

Afghan Women Reject Taliban Decree That Women Must Wear Head-to-Toe Covering

Big Majority Want Limits for Supreme Court Justices

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli freed from prison (I hope Lauren Duca is safe)

Our Favorite Signs From the Nationwide 'Bans Off' Marches

Madison Cawthorn has not been replaced.

Our Favorite Signs From the Nationwide 'Bans Off' Marches

Our Favorite Signs From the Nationwide 'Bans Off' Marches

Is the world ready for a Covid Comedy? Check out "Stop and Go".

The Hate That Hate Creates: The Buffalo Shooter Is A Product Of The Republican Party


How the Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts

The U.S. Is Facing a Maternal Health Crisis. Is Climate Change Making It Worse?

Republicans: BP's profits are TRIPLE what they were at this time one year ago---up to 9.3

The U.S. Is Facing a Maternal Health Crisis. Is Climate Change Making It Worse?

The U.S. Is Facing a Maternal Health Crisis. Is Climate Change Making It Worse?

Jfc- Elon Musk just tweeted this

In a Post-Roe America, Expect More Births in a Country Where Maternal Mortality Continues to Rise

In a Post-Roe America, Expect More Births in a Country Where Maternal Mortality Continues to Rise

In a Post-Roe America, Expect More Births in a Country Where Maternal Mortality Continues to Rise

Barnette blames Sean Hannity for loss in Pennsylvania

The feminine world of Native Americans

The feminine world of Native Americans

No cooking for 3 weeks

My Pc is saying "doesn't currently meet the minimum system requirements"

'Pretty savvy' DOJ just sidestepped legal battles that have slowed Jan. 6 committee's probe

Tops worker says 911 dispatcher hung up on her during shooting. The dispatcher is now on leave

HuffPo: Dr. Oz Race Down To Mail-In Ballots -- GOP Suddenly OK With Them!

Mark Cuban supports Biden's proposal to forgive $10,000 in student debt per borrower as long as 'rid

This Is Not the Culmination of the Right-Wing Legal Movement--It's the Dawn of It.

This Is Not the Culmination of the Right-Wing Legal Movement--It's the Dawn of It.

This Is Not the Culmination of the Right-Wing Legal Movement--It's the Dawn of It.

Who declared May 18 Scam Day?

$18 beers in Tulsa (PGA Championship)

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 18, 2022

Universally insipid coverage of the primaries yesterday....

'Walking' down the lane

What Is the End-Point for Republican Terrorism?

Alex Jones Says Buffalo Attack Was Staged: 'They Let Him Do It'

Court clears path for long-blocked Tennessee school voucher

Washington Post Opinion: After the Pennsylvania primary, the threat to U.S. democracy rises

NY agency files discrimination complaint against Amazon

NY agency files discrimination complaint against Amazon

Caught her!

She Wrote 'How to Murder Your Husband.' Did She Do It?

WH Rose Garden looks like it's recovering!

from Robert Reich:

Could Putin's regime collapse from losses in Ukraine? General Petraeus

LOCAL, FRESH, Calvert County

Tesla has been removed from S&P 500 ESG Index and Elon Musk is mad

These fuckers are monsters and morons (nice response however)

President Biden-trump

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a foreign policy report card for Biden on Ukraine....

Serious question: Was former DUer Catherina some sort of Russian disinfo op?

Eying new House district, Dem campaign chair faces backlash

Seventh Circuit hears racketeering case against Illinois energy giant

The Lincoln Project-#AbbottFailedTexasAgain

The Lincoln Project-#AbbottFailedTexasAgain

The Lincoln Project-#AbbottFailedTexasAgain

Republicans' disgusting abortion scheme gets EXPOSED - Brian Tyler Cohen

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, May 18, 2022

I can smell the wretched, overbearing stench of irony from here....

Judge rejects Trump allies' bid to dismiss defamation case brought by ex-Dominion executive

Carvana's dealer license suspended in Illinois, for now

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds (look like breaking waves)

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds (look like breaking waves)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 19 May 2022

The "Great Replacement Theory" Was Never "Fringe"

Tweet of the Afternoon:

In my apparently new-drawn district (NY-10) a new candidate has cropped up...

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he will vote Republican during the next election cycle.

Frequency of select words/phrases in GOP congressional communications

'A Significant Win For The Russians': Ukraine Ends Fighting At Mariupol Steel Plant - Morning Joe

U.S. Flag Is Raised At The American Embassy In Kyiv - MSNBC

I don't know who this Lyft driver is but he deserves an award and a seat in Congress.


PM Update: Showers roll by through tonight, with some thunder possible

Is the Kremlin losing control of the war narrative? Conflict Zone

Daily Distraction

Daily Distraction 18/05/2022 Posted in Photography

Scoop: Chris Wallace to anchor new show on CNN

Rand Paul's Delaying Aid to Ukraine Acknowledged on Russian TV

New York AG opens investigation on social media companies after Buffalo shooting

Nicole is promoting her Liz

It is Trump's fault that market plunged today!

Stocks fall sharply as Target's woes renew inflation fears

Russia uses new generation of laser weapons in Ukraine

Mystery issue experienced on NASA's Voyager 1 probe from 1977

Boy Terrified After School Bus Driver Left Him at Wrong Stop

SEC in-house judges violate right to jury trial, appeals court rules

Tesla cut from S&P 500 ESG Index, and Elon Musk tweets his fury

Former pharmaceutical exec Martin Shkreli released from prison

another pedestrian death accident handled in a shady way. Identity driver kept secret for 2 months

Russia State TV Stands by Nuclear Threat: Ireland as 'Collateral Damage'

Here's something that investors who own Tesla stock or are considering buying some might

Sharice Davids's seat now in danger as Kansas SCOTUS upholds Rethug redistricting map

Monkeypox is trending on twitter because a man in Massachusetts tested positive.

Elon Musk full on truth denier...

My first run in with animal activists

search for motorcyclist in Indiana. Pummeled 68 yr old driver until he passed out and crashed.

Interesting thread on our ignoring past and present pandemics

Biden invokes Defense Production Act for formula shortage

BREAKING: Croatia to oppose NATO application of Finland, Sweden

Students Walk Out After Diversity Day Canceled--Again!

Reol - THE SIXTH SENSE Music Video

A Monster Hurricane Season Is Coming--and Here's the Culprit

temps at 1500 hours for sonora ca .

COVID-Sniffing Dogs Lead the Pack in Pandemic Fight

Biden invokes Defense Production Act to address infant formula shortage, among other actions

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Paris Dusk 2022.4.24 Live Version

Florida man 'cooked alive' after deputy's stun gun ignites gasoline at Wawa station, lawyers say

Trump-era 'Anonymous' whistleblower leaving Republican Party.

We spent 4 years with a President trying to kill NATO

5th Circuit just stripped the SEC of its regulatory power

Toten Hosen - Tage Wie Diese

The Calvert County Board of County Commissioners celebrated the groundbreakings

Tweet:Woman told husb that women couldn't even get a credit card w/o a male signature until 1974

talibangelical checklist:

One news story that should make everyone feel good

On National Day Against AAPI Hate & Bullying

The Who - The Punk And The Godfather (a little Quad break)

DOJ wants the 1000+ transcripts of witness testimony from the Jan. 6 House committee. Here's why

America's most racist man

Roar @HillaryClinton , roar.

I see Finstad is running an ad

baby sloth reunites with its mom

Three years ago, Joe Biden kicked off his campaign for president in Philadelphia

Rosmarie Trapp of the 'Sound of Music' Family Dies at 93

2022 Primaries Show Ascending Power Of Post-Trump GOP Against Democracy - Deadline - MSNBC

NATO talks with Finland, Sweden falter but will continue

I have never watched Karine Jeane-Pierre handle a White House presser, but I know

GOPs have a new agenda item. Pass a law to say President Trump was never impeached

Prairie View A&M's new historical marker honors alumna Sandra Bland's life and legacy

Prairie View A&M's new historical marker honors alumna Sandra Bland's life and legacy

Town of Niagara family's fence vandalized with violent, racist graffiti

Ted Cruz hit with 15-page ethics complaint seeking to have him disbarred

Ted Cruz hit with 15-page ethics complaint seeking to have him disbarred

Damn........hate when cars coming from a side street onto the Main Street don't look like they are

Greater Idaho measures fall short in 2 of 3 Oregon counties; effort to adjust border continues in No

Male and female reaction to this clip

Apple Is Union-Busting In NYC, Labor Group Alleges

Food shortages have world leaders scrambling

So ManBoy Cawthorn could not do a public concession speech, but he put it out on Twitter?

Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater

Monkeypox cases under investigation in Canada as outbreak spreads in Europe, U.S.

House Member Katie Porter Aims To Curb Price Gouging At The Pump - Morning Joe - MSNBC