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As corruption probe grows in Argentina, Macri allies feel the heat.

As corruption probe grows in Argentina, Macri allies feel the heat.

Warren should attack Trump with this:

Report: FDA, Smithsonian, other fed groups gathering war arsenals

Former Ann Arbor resident reflects on saving man from beating

If You have moved states and make Amazon purchases, you had better check your invoices.

Iceland stage epic Euro shocker to eliminate disgraceful England

Not keeping the faith: Donald Trump and the conning of evangelical voters

Jim Zeigler says reversal of Virginia governor’s graft conviction could free Don Siegelman.

Trump emails: Can you spare $10 to help elect a billionaire?

Trump to ban all immigrants from certain countries, no longer 'muslims'. Apparently

Prediction- Wendy Davis will be Governor of Texas one of these days

Egyptian authorities ban feminist Mozn Hassan from travelling to Beirut

Drumpf blasts Will -- suffers major burn in response

Ludracis to perform at Guantá​​namo Bay for US naval base's Fourth of July festival

So Trump voluntarily called in to NBC and called Warren a "racist" and a "fraud." Someone's gotten u

Oregon police chief steps down amid allegations he lied about shooting friend

Ex-Muskingum University student gets life without parole for killing newborn

More Clinton emails released, including some she deleted

Poll: Hillary 10 points closer in Arkansas than Obama in 2012

Anti-Trump Cancer Survivor

Ratings agencies rip into UK's credit score after Brexit vote

A Young Cancer Survivor Scolds Donald Trump

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Supremes! & Uncensored & Live & a

Simple Question: How do you?

Volkswagen to Pay $14.7 Billion to Settle Diesel Claims in U.S.

Volkswagen to Pay $14.7 Billion to Settle Diesel Claims in U.S.

Fourthturning dot com-- discussion boards gone?

Trump fan busted for posing as black woman on Twitter to win over minority voters (GD16 GP)

Palin got served by a 10 yr. old!

Texas ex-tycoon Wyly ordered to pay $1.1 billion for tax fraud

Remember this? Texas Senate Removes Tampons Of Mass Destruction

Climate of drought, climate of fear.

Mississippi clerks cannot claim religious exception to gay marriage: judge

Someone on the Hillary Team should start a website called Benghazi Roulette where

Rachel building strong case for a Clinton/Warren

If Corbyn is dumped, why should anyone who cares about workers and the poor bother voting Labour?

American Red Cross apologizes for poster some call racist

I'm with HER and HER!

Harvard Health: Single payer healthcare: Pluses, minuses, and what it means for you

City of Sunderland, hammered by London & EU-led deindustrialisation, happy to vote for Brexit

Clinton Campaign needs to hire Christine Quinn

Appeals court opens way for Mississippi to resume executions

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton DOWN TEN POINTS!!!!!

Child porn sentencing halted when man spit blood at victim

Police say DUI suspect drove a mile with body lodged in car

Anyone with experience with a adenamotous pre-cancerous polyp?

German government agrees to ban fracking after years of dispute (The Guardian)

Louisiana judge to stop jailing defendants over fees

Was Scott Brown implying today that HE is more Native American that Elizabeth Warren?

Doc Pomus was born on this date.

UN report: Tackle inequality to prevent children from dying

Yemen IS: Bombs kill dozens in port city of Mukalla

1972 Democratic Party Platform is so progressive as to be off the scale today

An old man music rant here. Show me a current song that can match this.

The tragedy involving Christy Sheats did not have to happen.

Comedians in Cars getting coffee (with President Obama)

New Atheists and Atheist Tribalism

Israel and Turkey Officially Announce Rapprochement Deal, Ending Diplomatic Crisis

Yes, Elizabeth Warren is of Native American ancestry. No, she never used it to get a job.

Say what you will, Elizabeth Warren understands and plays the role of a Veep nominee brilliantly.

Religious Groups Unite in New York to Assemble 7,500 Hygiene Kits for Syrian Refugees

So one channel is advertising

Toasted coconut, help?

Can I say how proud I am to be a woman!

Abroad in Japan: Japanese Sake Vending Machines

Kentucky News - 6/27/2016

Why Gay People Have Hillary's Back

Anti-Corbyn MPs have basically forfeited any right to complain about the prospect of deselection.

One of the Best Trump Videos Around

Game of Thrones 6/19 and 6/26 episodes...

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders: Here’s What We Want

Mike Malloy - Sanders Was The Last Best Hope

The times they are changing.

52% of Republicans Don't Want Trump As the Nominee, Only 45% Like Him

In the June Light of Northern Italy, the Bliss of Bergamo

I have a big interview tomorrow.

cnn still loves the don: 'Is Donald Trump softening his tone?'

opinions on cat/kittens cage/playpen please

Watching Mrs. Clinton and Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail was beautiful, the supreme

I sent a alert on this post as a test

41 Years Since Jumping Bull (But 500 Years of Trauma)

It is very difficult to serve on the jury when you do not have space permitted for comments.

Nation: "The Democratic Party’s Draft Platform Doesn’t Oppose TPP—That’s Bad Policy and Bad Politics

is it the heat or am I just getting blase about venomous animals in my house?

Dianne Feinstein: Americans must "prove their innocence"

Paris Suburb Votes to Boycott All Goods From Israeli Settlements

More pics of my babies

Mexico: Sexual violence routinely used as torture to secure “confessions” from women

Mexico: Sexual violence routinely used as torture to secure “confessions” from women

Can you believe she is FIFTY? Fitness fanatic amazes internet with her super toned body

Brazilian jaguar's killing prompts calls for curbs on use of wild animals

The Supreme Court quietly handed gun control advocates a small victory

The gif that best describes the wrongness of the pro-Brexit "left" (dialup warning; huge gif)

Oakland council bans coal

Clinton campaign airing more TV spots in Ohio

HONG JIN -YOUNG The Moon Represents My Heart

Is it acceptable to discuss who is/was the most liberal president in US history?

TPP 'worst trade deal ever,' says Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz

How Crowdsourced Archaeology Could Help Solve the Mysteries of Peru

How Crowdsourced Archaeology Could Help Solve the Mysteries of Peru

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera review – romance, heartbreak and a must-see exhibition

U.S. Turns to Germany as Crucial Ally Within EU as U.K. Departs

‘Dance Moms’ star pleads guilty

More trouble for Brexit / Lesser Briton

Ohio News - 6/28/2016

White extremists involved in rally bloodshed ‘will attend Republican convention to defend Trump supp

Dianne Feinstein: Americans must "prove their innocence"

In Photos: Argentine villagers blame pesticide spraying for serious health problems

In Photos: Argentine villagers blame pesticide spraying for serious health problems

Istanbul Pride parade dispersed by tear gas and rubber bullets

Family rifts over Brexit: ‘I can barely look at my parents’

Cameron Heads to Last Supper in Brussels Amid Impasse in London

Brazil's Temer 'Buying' Support For Rousseff Impeachment

Brazil's Temer 'Buying' Support For Rousseff Impeachment

Men to join Detroit effort to pay for rape kit testing

Xenophobic acts on the rise in post-Brexit Britain

Cannabis Church debuts in Lansing

Cannabis Church debuts in Lansing

DemPlatform Hearing Phoenix Day 2 - Rev. Dr. William Barber II

Philip Pullman on the 1,000 causes of Brexit

Michigan News - 6/28/2016

Debunking the myth Trump is a great businessman

For Netanyahu, EVERY peace initiative is an anti-Zionist plot

Daily Holidays - June 28

Iranian State Television Faked My Rape [the story behind My Stealthy Freedom]

"My Stealthy Freedom" Facebook page lets Iranian woman show themselves without hijab

The Cruel History of Eugenics in America: An Interview with Adam Cohen

Dilma Rousseff interview: Brazil's first female leader on trying to clear her name

Washington state must fix salmon-blocking pipes: appeals court

A new-age Muslim movement in Indonesia sparks a government crackdown

Brexit casts doubt over new EU and NATO defense strategy


Court decision shifts abortion battle to state bans

I was just following Holy Orders

Elaborate Suicide Attack Hits Christian Village in Lebanon

The shadow cabinet ministers resigning to topple Corbyn have one embarrassing thing in common

My morning program

To U.S. in ’70s, a Dissenting Diplomat. To Bangladesh, ‘a True Friend.’

Indiana News - 6/28/2016

"Virginia Lady" indicts the GOP for all their wrongdoings in this Daily Kos article

"Donald Trump predicts breakup of EU". Let's just say he is not unhappy about it.

Hillary Clinton in Chicago: I've got to earn voters' trust

Hillary Clinton in Chicago: I've got to earn voters' trust

Awesome Texas Abortion Testimony Poetry: ‘If My Vagina Was a Gun’

Another dog in need of help - If you can help Webster, please do.

James Bond might be gay, Her Majesty's man in Chicago hints

Save Bear Butte: Mecca of the Lakota

Trump "commended Britain for rejecting what he called the “global elite” in the US and around the

'Racist' Red Cross poster prompts apology

Helium discovery a 'game-changer'

Rescuers attempt to untangle blue whale trapped in crab nets off California

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Exit, Stage Right

Tennessee women's basketball icon Pat Summitt dies at 64

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Trump campaign denies reports he is rolling back proposed Muslim ban

Nearly 6 in 10 white Republicans think America pays too much attention to race

John Kasich has 'zero expectations' of speaking at Republican convention

PSA: New Yorkers today is Primary

England takes another one in the teeth --- rough week for England

Republican lead committee on science

Illinois News - 6/28/2016

Future of America - Hijacking of Orlando Vigil

Pat Summit has passed.....

The road to recovery in Harney County (OR)

Assembly debates nixing Confederate names (CA)

Boris Johnson may physically resemble The Donald.

How to become an atheist

British fishermen warned brexit will not mean greater catches

Clinton to offer debt forgiveness to young entrepeneurs in the form of deferred

Hillary Clinton Wants Every American To Have Broadband Cable By 2020: Report

Another push for religious freedom legislation

What a freaking way to start a day - Clinton Widens Lead Over Donald Trump in NBC Poll *

Palin to Trump: choose running mate who "wouldn’t need a food taste-tester around him, you know?"

Iowa News - 6/28/2016

Revisiting the The Catholic Enlightenment

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – Atheist Activist

CNN's Corey Lewandowski Uses CNN To Campaign For Trump For 5 Minutes

White nationalist group says it will be at Republican convention

One thing that I really like about Windows 10

Trump promised millions to charity. We found less than $10,000 over 7 years.

Another day in the Lounge.

Hillary Clinton: Blasts Trump At Rainbow PUSH International Women’s Luncheon Chicago

ISIS is loving Brexit, guaranteed.

"Elizabeth Warren is the Sarah Palin of the left."

26 Countries Gather In Hawaii For Massive War Game

Missouri News - 6/28/2016

Obama On Trump Cheering Brexit: He’s Hardly ‘Legitimate’ Spox For Populism

Bernie Sanders - A Thousand Cuts

Buddy Ryan passes

Thank heavens ...

you KNEW it was coming: the republican benghazi report....cnn plays right along

Bernie Sanders - A Thousand Cuts

Legendary defensive mastermind Buddy Ryan dies at 82

In court filing, Trump leans on legal protections he’s vowed to undo

Trump promised millions to charity. We found less than $10,000 over 7 years.

CNN is slowly releasing the findings of the Republican investigation of Benghazi....


Congressman Ellison's Statement on DNC Platform Drafting Committee Meeting

Troy Gawdy is on Morning Joke right now-msnbc

What Donald Trump’s New Communications Director Really Thinks Of Donald Trump, In 11 Deleted Tweets

Innocent, non-partisan questions that would destroy Trump in an interview:

New PPP Polls of Battleground states--good news for HRC

JUST IN: House Report Exonerates Hillary Clinton For Benghazi, Exposes Republican Witch-Hunt

High-profile New Schools’ board, officers unprotected after insurance policy goes unpaid

Civil rights activist and Klan leader attacked problem from opposite sides

Hillary Clinton speaks at Rainbow PUSH convention

More N.C. school boards become officially partisan

Volkswagen Set For Near $15 Billion Emissions Settlement

4,500 yr old dad joke

Lawmakers poised to expand investigative grand juries

House Republicans' report faults Obama on Benghazi attacks

Trump is retweeting praises posted by his own Trump-campaign Twitter-bots

Hillary Clinton to Unveil Platform on Technology

Seal and busker duet Stand By Me (Montreal.2016)

NASA Rover Findings Point to a More Earth-like Martian Past

Forget the Alamo

Sheryl Sandberg and 55 execs back Clinton for president

Another one bites the dust: House Benghazi inquiry finds no evidence of Clinton wrongdoing (NYT).

White Nationalists Involved In Bloody Calif. Rally Will Be At GOP Convention

Clinton Increases Lead Over Trump In Tracking Poll

Man charged with two rapes gets one day in jail

Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick pulls ahead of John McCain in Arizona senate race

A two-year House inquiry into the 2012 attacks on a U.S. compound in Libya found no new evidence...

Buddy Ryan RIP

There's going to be a bloodbath in Cleveland

Supreme Court Turns Down Contraceptive Case

Supreme Court rejects two new abortion cases

CBS News: What Went Wrong and Right for Bernie Sanders

Supreme Court rejects pharmacists' religious rights appeal

Running Out Of Food, Medicine And Patience In Venezuela

Buddy Ryan loved his brand of chaos

Has it been confirmed that the real reason for the ubquitous Trump hats....

Rise in Starving Children Puts Strain on Venezuela’s Hospitals

The Reaction to Brexit is the Reason Brexit Happened

I just saw someone give a homeless guy a lit cigarette.

Imagine, if you will.....

Stores Accepting Food Stamps Face Stricter Rules

The Bowtie Rebellion

Every Sperm is Sacred - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

PPP poll: Swing State Voters Don’t Trust Trump on Supreme Court, Overwhelmingly Favor Heari

Road Rage (Update)

My theory about why the tiny fingered ferret wearing cockwomble won't release his tax returns.

Trump Campaign Reaches Out to Pastors After Abortion Ruling

Inside Charles Koch's Plot to Hijack Universities Across America and Spread His Radical 'Free-Market

Corporate Media Fail: “McAuliffe’s Bribery Convictions Tossed” Edition

Polls show tight Clinton-Trump race in 2016 battlegrounds

Happy 90th to Mel BROOKS!1

Bob Murray is holding a fundraiser for Trump tomorrow. He's the only businessman in America who migh

House Benghazi Report Finds No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton

Miss. clerks barred from using religion to avoid issuing same-sex marriage licenses

I just muted msnbc. Press Conf from Repug Benghazi Comm. They can't

Favorite all-time Supreme Court Justice

Gary Byrne: "What I saw would blind the Pope." . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

Is see a lot of asshole repugs bloviating about BENGAZI!!!!! but no Democrats

Pat Summitt, legendary college basketball coach, dies at 64

"Young people – if you're so upset by the outcome of the EU referendum, then why didn't you vote"

Stop a Douchebag - Aggressive People

Polls: Teachout, Faso widen leads in NY-19 primary races

Lovely Response From Member Of Parliament To Donald Trump Junior

Meet the Guy who Gets Paid to Smoke Weed

U.S. GDP Growth in First Quarter Revised Up to 1.1% Rate

YES - She should have heeded all the actionable intelligence !!

How Religion Might Influence Rape Culture

There is no point even listening to these Benghazi goons.

Too bad the rethugs weren't as pissed about 9/11 as they are about...

NBC Poll: Clintons Lead Over Trump Continues to Grow

Was Trey Gowdy the first Zika victim in the United States?

On right, some Benghazi panel members wanted to get tougher with Clinton



Jesus defriends Trump -

CA Update: San Fran, Silicon Valley, Oakland and Berkeley are 100% counted

One of the most moving guitar pieces I have ever heard...

Florida Man Steals Van so He Can Drive to Waffle House

Fox News Wants Clinton-Trump Debate in Benghazi

RUN TO YOU(leontuyu): LEE HI(ihai) _ BREATHE(hansum) & HOLD MY HAND(son jab-ajwoyo)

For the Love of Sausages -

Founder of Breaking the Silence: Israeli settlers poisoning Palestinian water

Skin allergy in my cat

Are you three not letting us see you sweat, or has the transition really, really gone well?

Trump's Lawyer Tweets Clinton 'Murdered An Ambassador' In Benghazi

otsuka ai- daisuki da yo

One of the most moving guitar pieces I have ever heard

Republicans Confess: We Played Politics on the Graves of Benghazi Heroes (HRC GP)

The First US-Branded Hotel In Cuba Is Now Open

"Planetarium" by Ai Otsuka

History of Abortion in the U.S.

History of Abortion in the U.S.

History of Abortion in the U.S.

History of Abortion in the U.S.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

American Medical Association behind original woman-hating anti-choice legislation

American Medical Association behind original woman-hating anti-choice legislation

Die Trying" by Lee Child"

American Medical Association behind original woman-hating anti-choice legislation

American Medical Association behind original woman-hating anti-choice legislation

Pic Of The Moment: House Benghazi Report Finds New Evidence

Play By Play: The Spectacular Implosion of the Benghazi Committee (HRC GP)

Labour crisis Live: Jeremy Corbyn no-confidence vote passes as MPs openly revolt against leader

Defendants in "Confederate flag" shooting to be tried separately (AL)

Hillary Clinton's Initiative on Technology and Innovation

Senate Democrats block Zika deal ahead of recess

Just how is the Democratic Party not "open"?

Bernie is on Andrea Mitchell now n/t

In the last 20 years, the Republicans spent close to 50 million trying to get the Clintons.

Happy birthday, Grateful Dead rainbow

so my Portuguese friend was accosted in a coffee shop this morning

Andrea Mitchell-married-to-Alan-Greenspan to interview Gowdy very soon.

Astronomers release spectacular survey of the distant Universe

Family rifts over Brexit: the young vs the old

The world’s losers are revolting, and Brexit is only the beginning

Telling American History 140 characters at a time - Michael Beschloss

I found more jury glitches

Social media mocks GOP’s endless failed probe: ‘The 2020 Benghazi report will be even more stinging’

Damn right I messed with Texas!

Why Elizabeth Warren should not be the VP pick.

TPM - "How Does It Feel To Be Losing So Badly?"

Posner's trolling the Court again:

Oh Shit, Brexit | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

"... a begging bowl for your father's repugnant campaign..."

Terry Fox died 35 years ago today...

You Brexit - You Fixit.....

the newest program from the nra

Argentine Government delays information requests on Macri's offshore companies.

The President Bush Kept Us Safe Museum...

Conservatives Have Groomed the Perfect Suckers for Trump’s Epic Scam

Argentine Government delays information requests on Macri's offshore companies

Benghazi witch hunt proven

Sarah Palin Sick And Tired Of Lamestream Gotcha Questions … From Little Kids.

WHAT??? Blame it on the terrorists????

Simon Ramo, TRW co-founder who shaped California aerospace, dies at 103

Waste of $17,000,000.00

Asian American Life

Has Bernie ever appeared to work toward or articulated his desire to be VP?

Asian American Life

So Trump.. No one allowed to come from France or Belgium?

Clinton and Warren Campaign in Cincinnati, Ohio (June 27th)

Wait, does this headline writer know something we don't know?

83-year-old man killed in Spotsylvania motorcycle crash Saturday

What Will Brexit Mean for Women?

Zika funding stalls in the Senate amid partisan rift

ATTN DU today is the 102 anniversary of Arch Duke Ferdinand and his wife being shot ....

What Will Brexit Mean for Women?

What Will Brexit Mean for Women?

The Country Where Selling Your Organs Is Legit

The Blue Ether of Another World

What Will Brexit Mean for Women?

Texas Soldiers Fight for Right to Bare Arms

Brian Eno - Evangelical Atheist.

House Republicans Spent Millions Of Dollars On Benghazi Committee To Exonerate Clinton

Sarah Palin Offers Some Incoherent Advice To Donald Trump On Choosing A Running Mate

Moose rescued from skate park

What does 9/11 and Bengahzi have in common??

Today’s Supreme Court Victory Also Spotlights the Importance of the Upcoming Election for Abortion R

MEPs boo as Nigel Farage hurls insults in the European parliament

Today’s Supreme Court Victory Also Spotlights the Importance of the Upcoming Election for Abortion R

Today’s Supreme Court Victory Also Spotlights the Importance of the Upcoming Election for Abortion R

American conservatives find new British darling in Ukip leader Nigel Farage

The Clinton Campaign Is Obstructing Change to the Democratic Platform

History Lesson: Trump's Rise Might Signal the Collapse of the Republican Party, with Sean Wilentz

Russian State Duma Passes Total Ban on GMO Crops and Animals

Supreme Court agrees to review ATM fee antitrust lawsuit

How “Central Intelligence” Plays Into Our Toxic Masculinity Problem

How “Central Intelligence” Plays Into Our Toxic Masculinity Problem

Supreme Court agrees to hear overseas citizenship dispute

How “Central Intelligence” Plays Into Our Toxic Masculinity Problem

but ah my friends and oh my foes, it shed a lovely light.

It's finally official: limiting abortion in the guise of helping women is a sham

More Than 5,000 U.S. Water Systems Violated Lead-Testing Rules Last Year

It's finally official: limiting abortion in the guise of helping women is a sham

Supreme Court declines to rehear union fees dispute

Supreme Court declines to rehear union fees dispute

‘Water windfall’ hidden beneath California’s Central Valley

It's finally official: limiting abortion in the guise of helping women is a sham

The ReTHUG Benghazi Report

Russia says U.S. warship in near-miss with Russian vessel in Mediterranean

How Incredibly Coincidental..........

Massive Turnout in Mexico March to Protest Oaxaca Massacre

Iglesias made the same mistake as Tsipras

Divided Supreme Court rejects family pharmacy's religious claim

Consumer Confidence Increased in June to an Eight-Month High

How Florida Republicans Became Losers

Bankruptcy Deals Decried by Workers Get High Court Review

13 Democratic senators voted to fast-track tpp:

Republicans' Health-Care Plan: Not Much Care, Not Much Plan

Bernie Sanders Andrea Mitchell FULL Interview on msnbc 6/28/16

Gowdy, your order is ready.

WTF #60964377836

Thirty-one top scientific societies speak with one voice on global climate change

[CLC - Mr.Chu (Apink)] Special Stage | M COUNTDOWN 160623 EP.480

Democrat Russ Feingold opens up huge lead in bid to retake his old Senate seat in Wisconsin

Listening to Trump. His hypocrisy is off the charts!

Amanda Todd cyber-bully case: Dutchman to be extradited to Canada

Amanda Todd cyber-bully case: Dutchman to be extradited to Canada

I can hear his voice but I can't see him?!

Egypt deports Liliane Daoud, British-Lebanese talkshow host


Chinese anger over 'sex degrades girls' textbook comment

The new teleprompter-reading Donald is a stiff. Speech going on now. *yawn*

Supreme Court will not hear case about pharmacists invoking "conscience clause."

Republican Ryan wants trade talks with Britain

Bwahahahaha tRump Jr. begging for money gets told HELL no. This is awesome

Anybody who believes Trump will bring back our steel and aluminum industries...

Top U.S. labor leader blasts Trump on trade in dueling speech

Robert Reich is on live now. (Ended.)

Kentucky: Advocates Criticize Bevin's Plan to Overhaul Medicaid

A globalist speaking to anti globalization.

We have us some speed readers.

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 28, 2016

Clinton Leads Trump on Orlando Massacre Response, Trust to Handle Terrorism (POLL)


Venezuela govt may seek to dissolve congress: spokesman

Judge: Lighthouse Migrants Must Return to Cuba

NOAA Reminding People Not to Touch or Pick up Seal Pups

Jury duty on an iPad

Top U.S. labor leader blasts Trump on trade in dueling speech

Drinking Ban Lifted for US Sailors in Japan After Less Than a Month

Outraged Huckabee Fined $25k For Using Unlicensed Music At His Hate Rallies

Brexit–the Insularity & Failure of Western Establishment Institutions


Corey Lewandowski is making $500,000 at CNN??

Israel's Security Figures Take Aim at Hard-Line Netanyahu

Just to re-cap Trey Goudy: Let's just have a nice cup of tea.

Israel Bans Access for Non-Muslims to Jerusalem Holy Site

Nation:  What the Democrats Must Learn From Brexit About Free-Trade Deals

Hey Trey Gowdy, Here Is Your New Nightmare.

Oh Shit, Brexit | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Interesting read on Wales and Brexit

Top Sanders supporter: He must endorse Clinton before the Dem convention

Turkish PM: 36 Killed in Istanbul Airport Attack, Many Wounded

Trey Gowdy defends two-year Benghazi probe, which was riddled with partisan conflict

How confident are you can, quickly, learn enough about a topic ...

The GOP is in a very tough fight to keep the Senate. These ad reservations prove it.

The Moment When You Realize Violence Is Not The Answer

GOP Tries To Use Zika Bill To Undo Cemetery Confederate Flag Ban

Harney County recall election linked to Malheur takeover

UN chief urges Israeli leader to take courageous steps toward peace

Senator seeks to stop DOJ from investigating private schools for violations of ADA

Gov. Scott Walker tweet about Benghazi Report....

Presbyterians Will Repent ‘Racial Sins’

Trump is giving a speech in front of a massive garbage pile and the internet can’t stop laughing

Polls are telling Donald Trump the truth, but he's not listening

The Facts Win Out on Abortion by Linda Greenhouse

Seven Benghazi probes so far...this is #8

Airbnb Sues San Francisco Over Enforcing a Law It Helped Pass

New Yorker takes on SCOTUS

Spanish and Turkish restaurant windows smashed in Lewisham

Jan Brewer Loses Her Sh*t During CNN Interview, Says She’s Not A ‘Bigot’ For Supporting Trump

BREAKING NEWS Two explosions shook Istanbul‘s main airport, killing at least 10 people and wounding.

Donald Trump is now selling garbage........

Wear a safety pin to show solidarity with UK's foreign-born population

The most revealing paragraph in the House Benghazi report

Russia Charges Activist Under ‘Foreign Agents’ Law

U.S. OKs Russian Overflights Despite Worries About Intrusive Surveillance

Germany to further curb activities of spy agency in wake of NSA scandal

When did Serena's coach become so important and talking

Longtime NFL Coach Buddy Ryan Dead At 82

Mel Brook's is 90 years young today

Supremes to Mississconsin and Wiscissippi: Uht uht uhhh. Not so fast, Bunkie.

There's a wizard school in the Berkshires, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling says

Neo Nazis Pledge To Protect Trump Supporters At RNC

After being evicted from trailer park, Florida man dumps human waste in pool

I am given to understand that ...

Lady Mornont is My favorite 'Game of Thrones' character.

Do As Infinity--Shinjitsu no Uta

Russia Calls Former U.S. Ambassador 'Incompetent,' Complains Of FBI, CIA Harassment

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn loses no-confidence vote as political turmoil deepens

Reid Fires At Rubio: Florida Taxpayers Should Sue Him For Not Doing His Job

Tulsi Gabbard dodges debating opponent :after arguing for more debates b/w HRC & BS (HRC GP)

Didn't the FBI admit that Hillary is not the target of their investigation?

CA update: only 520K votes all parties uncounted; Hillary ahead by more than 400K.

SO now M$Greedia will show you the moment of the explosion

Trump escalates economic tirade against free trade, China and globalism

Free Don Siegelman

Stocks, Pound Rally for First Time Since Brexit as Dollar Slips

Senate Zika Bill Falls Apart Largely Over Planned Parenthood Objections

Former Colts running back Zurlon Tipton dies in accidental shooting at Michigan car dealership

Man Sentenced for Failed Firebomb at Rep. Cleaver's Office


Labour MPs prepare for leadership contest after Corbyn loses confidence vote

How much authority will Bill Clinton be given if Hillary is elected POTUS?

Life's simple pleasures...

New Electoral College Projection Has Hillary Clinton Demolishing Donald Trump

.@BernieSanders pens an Op-Ed in the NYTimes again tying #Brexit to his economic message.

I need a host to email me

U.S. Supreme Court denies Wisconsin's appeal on abortion clinic restrictions

"Free Trade" is a SCAM. It always has been.

Police respond to "active crime scene" after shots fired in downtown Denver

Trump promised millions to charity, but did he deliver?

A simple question posed to Right Wing Republicans. They can't answer it.

Obama’s Ambitious Clean-Energy Goal Will Depend on Nuclear—and the Next President

Green Party's Jill Stein completely flip-flops on Brexit--first supported, now opposes

Rue Britannia

WARNING! (Riffing off of a FB Redneck Meme a Repub friend sent me);

Bernie's asking for money for his delegates.

Donald Dumped Wine on an "Unattractive Reporter"

Oil Is Still Heading to $10 a Barrel

Newly-Hired Trump Aide Deletes Tweets About "Sleazy Donald"

Ex-Headmaster Returning to Boston Latin School Amid Turmoil

Bernie campaign asking for donations to get delegates to the convention

Benghazi Committee Head Trey Gowdy Won’t Say ‘Hillary Lied’

Benghazi... There Ain't No "There" There! (w/Guest: Ari Rabin-Havt)

Neoliberalism Is An Economic & Political Cancer!

California Hits the Brakes on High-Speed Rail Fiasco

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 29 June 2016

White House Blasts Benghazi Report As 'In-Kind Contribution' To RNC

Homeschool SAT Scores for 2014 Higher Than National Average

The EU Never Made Hearts Beat Fast in Europe


Democratic Party Reverses Historic Course, Will Release Platform Document

Excellent article from WaPo re mass shootings in America

I'm on the threshold of a 5 post ban.

The 1st team to win 50? The Cubs? The Giants? No, it's the...

Colombia state council Could return political rights to prominent leftist politician

Oh, MSNBC, you're trolling.

Avaaz petition to reject racism and condemn media hatemongers

Just came across a "His, Hers" yard sign scenario while driving today.

Panama judge asks Interpol to help catch ex-president

Panama judge asks Interpol to help catch ex-president

The GOP’s House Majority Is Safe...Right? -- Cook Political Report

Jason Day, Shane Lowry bow out of Olympic consideration over Zika

NY-24 Congressional Primary

Elizabeth Warren. Why She Ran~

How Zika virus lets golfers off hook for wanting to skip Rio Olympics

NASA completes final test of SLS boosters before first launch

Toxic Water in Florida

Jack Daniels finally reveals that it was a slave who created the famous whiskey

Nigel Farage has spent hours trying to put his penis in his own asshole.

Hamilton Irish Dance- Guns and Ships

Trump Campaign setting up in Frederick.

Witness At Ted Cruz Hearing Accuses Congress’ Two Muslim Members Of Muslim Brotherhood Ties

In honor of Mel Brooks turning 90 today, I present this early (1960's) sketch he did with Carl Reine

Can someone please point me to the OP on the Istanbul attacks today? I can't find one.nt

Amid chaos, Sturgeon finds time to troll Gove

Dove | Beauty on your own terms #MyBeautyMySay

Letter from Leonard Peltier 6/26/2016

What kind of person does this?

Trump supporters more likely to view blacks negatively - Reuters/Ipsos poll

At this point in time in 2008.. Had HRC endorsed the President??

Grilling some 'yuuuuge' shrimp tonight.

Question About Trump's Comments About TPP.....

Florida State Spent $62K on 265 'State Championship' Rings

BREAKING: Save Endangered Blue Whale Currently Trapped in Fishing Net (Petition)

Elizabeth Warren Is Gathering A Democratic Army To Defeat Donald Trump

Bernie Blew It

Atlantic City, N.J., hires lawyers to restructure debt

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