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Brazilian Farmers Believe They Have the Right to Burn the Amazon

What are your binge watch wins?

Office Vandalized Inside Education Department

Chris Hayes doing standup

The Trump era could wind up like the 1930s

Elizabeth Warren's Sunday event in Seattle has outgrown its facility.

Brazil's President Aims To Destroy Amazon Rainforest, According To Leaked Documents

Trump Says It'll Be Fun To Gut Safety Net Programs In His Second Term

Biden: "Imagine if Obama had been assassinated"

Walmart and other retailers face a new front on gun sales: Lawsuits

Beto O'Rourke Only Candidate to Endorse March For Our Lives' Gun Control Plan

Beto O'Rourke Only Candidate to Endorse March For Our Lives' Gun Control Plan

Trump 'hereby' orders U.S. business out of China. Can he do that?

Kentucky clerk who refused same-sex marriage licenses can be sued

White House Has No Explanation For Why Trump Thinks He Can "Hereby Order" US Companies To Do Anythin

Is California a problem for Joe Biden?

World Leaders' G7 Expectations: A Nice Chat, Some Good Wine, No Unity With Trump

Apparently, there are two ways to react to finding that your house is on fire.


Why oh why is Senator Murphy trying to work with the WH? I'm sure the WH will be straigtforward.

While The Amazon Burns, Trump Is Tweeting About Dancing With The Stars

God reacts to Trump saying he's the chosen one

Every Member Of The Squad Is More Popular In Swing Districts Than Trump And Mitch McConnell

Templates for new Rump 2020 posters?

Betty Bowers Reviews "When Christians Break Bad" by Bonnie Weinstein

The final polling thread for the August contest will be posted at midnight tonight.

Colbert doesn't want Trump back on his show 'for safety's sake'

Is something missing at the tRUMP rallies?

How do we know that the money we get from the tariffs goes directly to the farmers affected by

Denmark Boosts Defense Ties With Greenland Amid Trump Row

Trump Promised To Bring Back The Factories, But Manufacturing Shrunk For The First Time In 10 Years

The Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Live-Action TV Show Is a Go at Disney+

s Donald Trump Trying to Deport Melania? The Daily Show

After Life of Incalculable Harm, Billionaire Climate Denialist David Koch..... dead.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! The Chosen One!

Indonesia's capital city Jakarta is sinking

Amazon fires: France and Ireland threaten to block Brazil trade

Former hospital CEO Rick Scott's healthcare bills steer clear of hospitals

Bears Ears: A Story of Native American Homelands

Ron Perlman gives his condolences to the Kochs

Too big a crowd: Sen. Elizabeth Warren's town hall is moving to the Seattle Center

Measles Exposure Confirmed At Disneyland, Universal Studios, Other Tourist Destinations ...

What did DUrs think of the live audience on Chris Hayes All-In Show, tonight?

US officials confirm Israeli strike in Iraq

California rare earths miner races to refine amid U.S.-China trade row

Former P&G CEO: "I'll never vote Republican again"

National Farmers Union Says Trump Is 'Burning Bridges' With His Trade Wars

The Prodigy - Firestarter

Slate "You'll Never Guess What Word Voters Most Often Associate With Trump and Women

Trump Allies Hoped Freeing A$AP Rocky Would Help Him Win Over Black Voters

for Peter FONDA fans/rip - the FONDAs reunion with CAVETT

Friday Talking Points -- Something Misbegotten In The State Of Denmark

Trump Clarification Syndrome

Jair Bolsonaro claims 'profound love' for Amazon rainforest as criticism intensifies

Amazon fires: why ecocide must be recognised as an international crime

Four-In-One Pill Prevents Third Of Heart Problems

Amazon fires: why ecocide must be recognised as an international crime

This 26-Year-Old Running For Congress Wants to be the AOC of Texas

Philadelphia Inquirer article on Beto

On Real Time, Smerconish just said the Amazon rainforest is 1 breath out of 5.

Do we all fully comprehend that children are being separated from their parents and kept in cages

Failed attempt to return a product to WalMart...

State Tax Breaks Rewarded Companies Connected to One Powerful Man. The Governor Just Killed Them

Lawmakers Call for Ethics Reform to Deal With Billionaire Resort-Owning Governor

Kendo: The Principles of the Sword

Paris prosecutor opens child rape inquiry linked to Epstein case

I'm confused. When are the new Chinese tariffs coming: September or after Christmas?

Another one bites the dust....

Watching Hogan's Hero's.......

Opinion: David Koch reshaped America for the worse. His life's work was the destruction of others

Protesters besiege Brazilian embassies worldwide over Amazon fires

Too bad we didnt do TPP when Obama was BEGGING us to do it, turns out he

The Biggest Little Farm - Trailer - A must see!

Rolling Stone: The Very Real Possibility of President Elizabeth Warren

The case not to impeach

EXCLUSIVE: Kamala Harris Is Backing a Bill Giving Uber, Lyft, Postmates Workers New Rights

I just saw Steyer's commercial and don't get it

Biden aides respond to media overreaction:

Political journalist Peter Hamby on the media overreaction to Biden's remarks today:

Barack Obama faces 30 death threats a day, stretching US Secret Service

Biden Accuses Trump of Poaching Donors

Workers at GM, Ford, and Chrysler ready to strike in contract fight

Which would be best to define Trump? Disastrous calamity or calamitous disaster?

Bountiful Beauty! A must see film!

Jacob AssWohl up to his old tricks.

Federal Agencies Sending Employees Articles From White Nationalist & Conspiracy Websites For Months

Frightened Shelter Dog Completely Transforms When She Meets Her New Human Brother

The Grizzlies was a great flic about a team of Inuit lacross players and how it transforms

Amazon fires visualized...

Peru aims to eliminate palm oil deforestation by 2021

Peru aims to eliminate palm oil deforestation by 2021

Just now on MSNBC...Trump now saying he was robbed of "10 to 15 million votes" in 2016


Florida man found guilty of manslaughter in parking lot shooting that led to Stand Your Ground trial

Unknown facts about Amazon Rainforest

Florida man convicted in 'stand your ground' shooting.

Chilean priest who is uncle of president probed in alleged child sex abuse

Bill Maher Real Time...

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. How is everyone tonight?

In Argentina, Children of 'Death Flights' Perpetrators Aim to Testify Against Parents

On Mars, microbes could hitch a ride on wind-borne dust

Second giant planet found orbiting Beta Pictoris

Sparks - Pretending to be Drunk

NO POLITICS IN THIS FORUM! But, let's post music and video describing someone. LOL!

Christopher Kimball and America's Test Kitchen Settle Lawsuit.

Politico is defending Bernie Sanders on M4A and Unions.

What the hell is Trump talking about??

Joe Jackson - T.V. Age

Let's dream......What would be your cabinet picks in Dem administration after 2020?

TimesTalks: Stephen Colbert

Beto O'Rourke with Gabby Giffords

Ballad of Dorothy Parker

Bulldozers to Tear Through Heart of Sonoran Desert for Trump's Border Wall

kacey musgraves - burn one with john prine (live-2016) maybe this one'll show ya why i love kacey

Bell touts experience in race to face Cornyn

Conan O'Brien is in Greenland. He is hilarious he is tweeting...

I see there is a nice longish thread about Bernie's economic plan being "Print more money"...

Venice Is Holding Calatrava Responsible for His Poor Design. Will Dallas?

Act Naturally: Buck Owens, Ringo, and now........Trump (walrus berders, anyone?)

Act Naturally: Buck Owens, Ringo, and now........Trump (Greenland walrus berders, anyone?)

Border Wall Threatens Natural Treasures in Starr County

Importation of Mexican fresh tomatoes to remain duty-free

Congressman Gonzalez: White supremacy has no place in this country

Devastating ad against Mitch McConnell by the Amy McGrath campaign ....

Trump's Grandiose Delusions

Fuck Kevin Williamson on Bill Maher!

Why so many US 'mass shooting' arrests suddenly?

Tweet of the Day

Candidate: Michigan city should be as white 'as possible'

Document reveals how Facebook downplayed early Cambridge Analytica concerns

Kamala Harris Hilariously Compares Trump To 'A Puffy Fish'


DU's August Photo Contest Finals Are Posted In GD

2 DUIs, fired once for plagiarism and once for fudging expense reports

Kamala compares Trump to a puffy fish

Bill Maher: I'm 'Glad' David Koch Is Dead, 'And I Hope the End Was Painful'

Arizona State University Joins 15 Other Universities in Closing Confucius Institute

van morrison - caravan (studio-1970) side 1 of moondance is one of the greatest sides EVER, period

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/23/19

Mesa College English Professor Showed QAnon Video in Class, Students Say

Cookie Monster feat. Rammstein

Facing $1.2 Million Fine, ADC Blames Corizon-Centurion Handoff for Its Failures

Cops Promoted After Paralyzing Man, Hurting Baby, and Losing $10M Court Case

Hard choice ahead for low-polling Democrats

van morrison - cleaning windows (studio-1982) w/mark knopfler throwing down wicked licks ...

Bernie Sanders - DNC Summer Meeting - San Francisco, CA - Aug 23, 2019

Follow-up: Mineral Wells mayor recall petition effort continues

Florida Man Found Guilty Of Manslaughter Despite 'Stand Your Ground' Defense.

Navajo Nation settles lawsuit against Wells Fargo for $6.5M

New Grand Staircase plans greenlight mining on lands Trump stripped from Utah monument

Trump Administration Urges US Supreme Court to Declare Firing a Worker for Being Gay Is Legal

Iranian tanker switches destination, heads to Turkey


Wash U Research On Kids With Asthma Could Save Families Medicine And Money

Wash U Research On Kids With Asthma Could Save Families Medicine And Money

Why the US drinking age is 21

Carrollwood Man Sentenced For $8 Million Investment Fraud

Can Marijuana Legalization Spark Beto O'Rourke's Bid?

Can Marijuana Legalization Spark Beto O'Rourke's Bid?

Breakfast Saturday 24 August, 2019

Olive Branch Man Sentenced to Prison and Ordered to Pay More than $2 Million in Restitution for

In Defense of Sea Gulls: They're Smart, and They Co-Parent, 50/50 All the Way

Invisible People Report-Being Homeless and working Full-time

And ApricotHellbeast is in France for the G7.

Will all the MAGAs have to boycott their hats?

"Beautiful Music"

Bamm-Bamm Rubble

After Life of Incalculable Harm, Billionaire Climate Denialist and Right-Wing Villain David Koch Dea

Weekend TOONs - It Never Stops

Jimmy Carter Plans Return to Habitat for Humanity

Well, maybe if you ask nicely (❁◡❁)

As he arrived at the Group of 7, Trump Asserts He Can Force U.S. Companies to Leave China

What is the best way to dispose of used batteries that won't impact the Environment?

Bolsonaro to send army to fight huge fires in the Amazon

Broccoli Is Dying. Corn Is Toxic. Long Live Microbiomes!

Bill Maher to Donald Trump: "I will vote for you"

Joked about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland

Republican Who Compares Gay People to Rapists and Warns They May 'Harm' Kids Running to Unseat Democ

A group of vets are raising money to pay for a medal the Iraqi government awarded them, but never de

International Emergency Economic Powers Act

How long before he floats the idea of defaulting on U.S. debt?

NBC thrown a punch at ABC!


The Loneliness Epidemic

stand your ground guy, michael drejka, found guilty of manslaughter

August 24 - Happy Birthday Senator Joe Manchin (D) WV


From Madness to Sadness

$4.5 million a day, or $755 per person per day.

British Transport Police are looking for this guy

China increases its U.S. lobster tariff, and dealers 'can't believe this is happening again'

New Republican Socialist Movement

The Urgency of Impeachment

27 Years Ago Today; Hurricane Andrew makes landfall at Homestead, FL as a Cat 5

Colombia's new ICT law violates constitution: press freedom advocates

Portland & Seattle soccer fans stage silent protest - not allowed anti-fascist signage

How Media Paved the Way For Trump: 'Conservative' Media Sells Out and the MSM Goes Along

This sheriff's deputy refused to work alone with a woman. Now the case is going to court.

205 Years Ago Today; The British Army burns Washington DC

Insulin Prices Killed Josh Wilkerson. Now His Mother Is Taking On Big Pharma.

"I hereby order the tide to recede." Please come CAPTION PresiDented Donald Trump!!!

Ancient tropical plants produce cones in UK for first time on record

Is Trump telling Brazil to rake the floor if the

Look No Further Than Brazil's Amazon Fire for the Dangers of Deregulation

Look No Further Than Brazil's Amazon Fire for the Dangers of Deregulation

Trump plans to open US consulate in Greenland after row over offer to buy

Bullock and CoreCivic (ACLU)

Amazon rainforest fire: Brazil's indigenous tribe commits to fight until last drop of blood

The Green New Deal, explained.

The following list is of NINE things a woman couldn't do in 1971 - yes the date is correct, 1971.

Kamala Harris' Office Invites Middle School and High School Girls to a Day of Civics

CNN: Six polls and more than 6,000 interviews show Trump's approval dropping

Orion's Belt is a waist

Panama: Finding Solutions to Curb Fishing of Pregnant Sharks

Panama: Finding Solutions to Curb Fishing of Pregnant Sharks

Which is the most iconic Aretha song?

Let's 'gut check' all of Trump's vulgar, unpresidential statements

G7: "under no condition" will the EU agree to Trump's suggestion to invite Russia back into G7...

Former AJ Reporter Warns France's Macron Over Political Islam.

I had to pull on the waders about VP Biden saying imagine if Pres Obama had been assassinated

Aren't Trump's MAGA hats made in China?

Looking for help finding TrueType fonts

I get abused here for advocating against bashing Democrats and petty bickering

Bernie Sanders's Green New Deal Is a Climate Plan for the Many, Not the Few

NOAA Update-Tropical Storm Dorian forms in the Atlantic - another hurricane could be heading for PR

Solid take

North Korea fires two suspected missiles after branding Pompeo a 'toxin'

Why Julian Castro Could Be 2020's Dark Horse Candidate

Biden's singular advantage, as a candidate,

My party's song list, continued...

Bolsonaro to send army to fight huge fires in the Amazon

U.S. Thinks Macron Twisting G-7 to Hurt Trump, Win Favor at Home

74-Year-Old Veteran Going Back To School So He Can Find a Job To Pay For His Wife's Cancer Treatment

Fittingly, Trump tagged a parody account:

DOJ: Immigration facility shouldn't have to pay minimum wage

The Very Real Possibility of President Elizabeth Warren

I hereby declare that Trump has gone far beyond any hopes...

Happy Birthday to our own beloved In-The-Wind!

The Amazon Fires Are More Dangerous Than WMDs

Climate change: Should you fly, drive or take the train? -- BBC

Giant kitty up for adoption:

The deep, dark recesses of the Republican mind

If Trump Were an Airline Pilot

What Is It About Trump That He Always Seems To Listen To Or Get Advice From.....

Trump: "If Republicans take back the House, and keep the Senate and Presidency..."

Would you support US military action to save the Amazon?

when you don't know what you're doing but you're happy to be involved

A Louisiana Parish Jailed a U.S. Citizen for Being Latinx

Trump Asserts He Can Force U.S. Companies to Leave China

Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro sends in the military to battle huge blazes...

Given that Trump is looking forward to a "fun project" of gutting Medicare and SS in "term two"...

Trump's America brings out the racist, gun toting assholes

Ronan Farrow has a new book coming out:

boy howdy, I loved me some Creem magazine. and National Lampoon

"Trump thinks farmers are dumb"

National Grid electricity blackout report points to failure at wind farm

Sanders MPR interview will be shown live on the MPR News Facebook page

A scam I almost fell for.

The Fight Before Today's Amazon Fire -- "We Are Not Animals"

Boris Johnson calls for removal of US-China trade tariffs

The Amazon Cannot Be Recovered Once It's Gone

Republicans are allowing the planet to be killed for cash.

Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was taken off suicide watch on psychologist's recommendatio

Hong Kong police use tear gas to counter protest petrol bombs

Speaking of China

Brian Owens and his fatherThomas Owens. In front of a stunned crowd. This is power.

Iran says it has test fired 'new missile'

Tropical Depression 5 is forecast to become hurricane by Thursday AM

Singer Eddie Money says he has stage 4 esophageal cancer

Amazon Rainforest Fire May Affect Your Health

"We have a lunatic, a full-blown lunatic in the white house" according to Scaramucci.

Danish politician goes viral with video offering Trump 'great deal' on windmills

Once again President J. Wellington Wimpy will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today

Last chance for The Democrat 2020

Alaska salmon deaths blamed on record warm temperatures

Japanese artist Hiroshi Matsumoto

The most Memphis thing ever made

Trump's company could save millions if interest rates fall as he demands

Harvey Weinstein prosecutors challenge his bid to move trial out of NYC

More cartoons from Europe - Just another day in Trump's world...

Happy Birthday Mason Williams.

Trump's Greenland gambit finds allies inside government

what the hell is she wearing?

Mount Vesuvius Explodes Preceeding the Extinguishment of Life in Pompeii -- August 24, 79 A.D.

Stolen from syringis's thread - this is brilliant

Peggy asked to see photos - here are some

🔥 Bernie speaks at Minnesota Public Radio's 'Meet the Candidates' forum at the Minnesota State Fair

Tainted Water, Ignored Warnings and a Boss With a Criminal Past

About "gaffes"

Can we please stop repeating and repeating the word GAFFE ..

Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Prevention Net Finally Going Up! Makes one guy, a jump survivor,

Fed Appeals Court Rules Kim Davis Can Be Sued Over Gay Marriage License Refusals

Yum, croissants

Cognitive Prossessing Therapy, has anyone had this treatment

USDA: You Shouldn't Wash Raw Poultry

In Trump's world, even French President is "Fake"!!!😂😂😂😂

Taking Guns Off Shelves May Not Be So Bad for Business After All

Twilight marchers in Alexandria evoke the pain of enslaved thousands

Ken Hensley's birthday is today as well.

Eddie Money Reveals Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer Diagnosis



David Koch Built a Toxic Empire -- with Human Consequences

Mitch McConnell's Nightmare Continues As Kentucky Coal Miners Expose Him As A Fraud

And this

A Gyrating Economy, and Trump's Volatile Approach to It, Raise Alarms

Printer who nixed gay pride shirt goes to Ky. Supreme Court

Grocery stores "back in the day"

Moody's gives Washington its first-ever triple-A credit rating

Chris Wallace finally loses it on Trump as market plunges

tweet of the morning

Type in "wizard of oz" in a google search.

Response from many Texas Leaders :"Let us be clear: Texans want Beto O'Rourke in the White House

Haley-Pence rivalry heats up as GOP weighs post-Trump future

The White House Reconstruction 1948-1952 - Interior and Exterior Photos from Ghosts of DC

Stop Taking Asian-American Voters for Granted! This article deserves your attention. I never see

His majesty's remarks

When your cat finds you dead

'Senseless disputes': E.U.'s Tusk says Trump's trade wars are damaging global economy

Amazon fires: Fines for environmental crimes drop under Bolsonaro

Susan Collins and Maine voters

Can we stop calling him "pResident" and start calling him "FUCKING LUNATIC"

We have entered the Twilight Zone. . .

The fastest way to remove Trump from the Presidency.

Why is Steyer new ad saying

August 23, 2011: the 2011 Virginia earthquake

Harris' support plummets after Democratic debates

Gloucestershire man walks tortoise to the pub every day

"Wet Hot American Summer" made my top 10 list

I added Aerosmith ft. Run DMC to this video of the shadow of a millipede walking...

Boycott Jimmy John's

45 criticizes "Fake News outlets" for covering his "I am the chosen one" remark.

"Professor Warren"

Alvvays - Dreams Tonite

U.S. men's basketball team loses to Australia, snaps 78-game win streak

Canvassing for Kamala Harris in Greenville, SC

Iron Jawed Angels

i think this is my favorite headline ever

You raised $291.75 on August 23, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

You know what Trump's China edict means?

The top 10 House races of 2020

Seth Abramson: You 'test' Byrne's credibility with testimony from Rick Dearborn and Don, Jr. whom

Very Serious Pundits: No, of course the Washington Post really doesn't have a.... grudge

What does a traffic jam in Atlanta have to do with segregation? Quite a lot.

KS-02: Kansas Republican refuses to resign as rumors swirl about unrevealed scandal

Not very risky... As a matter of fact, it is a risk-free bid! 🤡

This Colorado town might be the new home of a federal agency

UK PM Johnson to tell Trump to de-escalate trade tensions

August 24, 1975: Queen starts recording "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Brazilian protesters rail against Bolsonaro as Amazon fires rage on

Photo: Bernie's staff have to fend off huge crowd of supporters who want to have fun w/him

EU's Tusk sees even more reasons to keep Russia out of G7

The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, 2019:

Two NYC women plead guilty to plan to build bomb for attack on U.S.

Photo: The @kare11 Barn at the @mnstatefair is packed to hear @BernieSanders speak

Last Chance for Old Man 76

➡️ EXCLUSIVE: @BernieSanders joins #CNNSOTU this Sunday!

10 Hour Bus Ride: Amy McGrath ad against Mitch McConnell

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 24, 2019

"He's a child going to a playdate": Trump's inability to talk to world leaders

Cee Eff Zed Emm -- CFZM

WATCH LIVE: Mary McGuire interviews presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the WCCO booth

Barack and Michelle's summer playlist.

Rolling Stone: Kamala Harris' Moment

An early video from Amy McGrath:

Trump bashed for babbling about the weather during G7 appearance with France's Macron

Trump says he was "kidding" when he called himself the "chosen one"

Donald Trump is on track to kill the World Trade Organization's highest court

Trump claims he has 'absolute right' to order US companies out of China under 1977 law

Trump's new favorite poll inflates his approval rating by about 10 points

Guys and Gals -- we may as well quit now. We're over. Done. This is what we're up against.

Former Apprentice contestant ranks Trump next to Mother Teresa on women's issues

Devin NUNES, his cow, his mom - judge to rule in 2 weeks if his $250M suit can proceed

Post a true but little known fact about yourself (part 1)

NOT the same

PM Trudeau & ApricotHellbeast at G7 meetings

"you are a disgrace to the world" says little girl to (fake) Trump's face

Can you believe it.. Golf Tournament in Atlanta..

Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM) talks Democratic & Progressive values (VIDEO)

Mexican student part of NASA's International Air and Space Program

A Jewish movement against ICE takes off by deploying its most famous mantra

Buttigieg making faith-based appeal to voters in 2020 bid

Jimmy Kimmel - Yeah, Made in China - 03/14/2018

David Koch dies and the media whitewashing has begun

Speaking of the Koch family, and their "contributions" to this country....

He's a LIAR...

A(n) Herb will disappear from the world tomorrow forever ... Which can it NOT BE?

Biden: "What's not to love about Vermont... ?"


Marco, the ungrateful coward

Were you aware that Trump

Let's be clear: Trickle-down economics is nothing but a fraudulent theory

European leader PUBLICLY shuts down Trump on first day of G7 summit.

Epstein taken off suicide watch on psychologist's advice

Ahead of his Louisville rally tomorrow, Bernie Sanders will join striking AT&T workers on the picket

I'm binge watching the British series "The Great Pottery Throwdown" on YouTube

2 lightening strike injures 6 people at PGA in Atlantic. Suspended play.

When I think of trump this song comes to mind.

MPR News: Sen. Bernie Sanders brings campaign to Minnesota State Fair

Then.....when I think of him at the G7 this comes to mind

Sisolak: Looming teachers strike not state's problem to fix

So I have some good news and bad news

The most cringeworthy thing you will see all week

Connecticut seeks bids for 2,000 megawatts of off-shore wind

Letterman once confronted Donald Trump over making his ties in China.--video...........

Coconut Creek shooting leaves 2 dead, 2 injured -- including police officer

Washington Post Op Ed:

🐦 AUG 26 at 11AM - United Electrical, Radio, Machine Workers of America Convention - Pittsburgh

When words fail

Some Pennsylvania Democrats regret not voting in 2016. They say they'll be sure to cast a ballot in

🌎This is a climate emergency. We need a Green New Deal.

White supremacism and 'changed face' of terrorism challenge Nevada authorities

Sanders And Warren Just Released the Most Decarceral Criminal Justice Platforms Ever

Virtual Caucus at Risk After DNC Experts Hacked Conference Call

What are your favorite novels by state...?

Trump Aides Slam French for Focus on 'Niche Issues'

Tropical Storm Dorian forms in Atlantic, likely to grow

This is how a American President should be tweeting..

Pete will be on Meet the Press Sunday, Aug 25

Moments ago Bernie Sanders rebuked supporters for cheering death of Koch brother.

'Orange Is The New Black' featured an immigrant detention hotline. ICE shut it down, groups say.

Apartment industry blames rising rents on lawmakers for saying 'rent control' out loud

Why don't gators make appearances on the golf course

Mazel Tov, Trump. You've Revived the Jewish Left.

Who are the real invaders?

Who needs a smile?

Biden Campaign, get ready to hate David Axelrod again...

Virtual Caucus at Risk After DNC Experts Hacked Conference Call

O'Rourke to attend CofC's Bully Pulpit Series

WATCH: Climate activists chant 'failure of leadership' at Tom Perez after DNC votes against climate

Only 2 Iraqi translators who worked with U.S. troops got U.S. visas last year

"Organic" farmers busted, one kills himself.

Boris Johnson seeks legal advice on five-week parliament closure ahead of Brexit

Boris Johnson seeks legal advice on five-week parliament closure ahead of Brexit

UK Far-right activist posted to serve on Trident submarine

Israel hits Iranian force in Syria to stop 'killer drones': military

Trump's wild week of tax ideas continues with new promise if GOP sweeps in 2020

Britain's Prince Andrew issues new statement to 'clarify' his ties to Epstein

During the 2016 election campaign, I believed that Trump

NKorea's Kim oversaw test of 'multiple rocket launcher': KCNA