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I am sick and tired of the talking heads saying only California and New York vote for Democratic or

Protests planned across US on Presidents Day in response to Trump's national emergency for border wa

Hey ya Disco lovers

Pence name-checks Individual 1 in Munich, waits for applause, waits...waits...waits...waits...

So I'm a bit late with promises kept - was poking around in my archives

NBA commissioner announces Barack Obama to be involved with Basketball Africa League

Patrick Caddell, Self-Taught Pollster Who Helped Carter to White House, Dies at 68

Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack

R.E.M. Trashes 'President A**hole' Donald Trump Over 'Everybody Hurts' Meme

Gilead Becomes Even More Frighteningly Real As THE HANDMAID'S TALE Films in Washington, D.C.

This golden retriever is a criminal mastermind -- but he keeps his mom laughing...

Heather Nauert withdrawn from consideration for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

"Since Parkland": Nearly 1,200 Children Lost in 12 Months, New Project Tells Their Story

Life is so much better when it revolves around a dog 💙

The best

'The Trump-Russia Story': Cue the Stage Lights (NY Times)

The Atlantic On The Pull Out Of Amazon

Venezuela opposition slams raid of NGO that supports humanitarian aid

New York Times Opinion: Time to Panic (climate change)

"Flipper's not here, man."

Is this Trump pic real?

Self- Driving Cars Attacked In Arizona

Drift Away -- Dobie Gray (1973)

So....It Appears Jussie Smollett --- Likely Lied....

Who's That Lady - The Isley Brothers

Fox's Heather Nauert withdraws U.N. Ambassador spend more time with her family. #WompWomp

Ivanka only one in Munich audience not applauding Merkel saying German cars no security threat to US

Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On: Jerry Lee Lewis, Rome, Italy

National Emergency: Day 2

Tribe: Pelosi should take Trump to court. House has standing to sue Trump in US district court in DC

SNL guest host: Don Cheadle Musical guest: Gary Clark Jr. N/T

Heather Nauert withdraws name from UN ambassador consideration

Summer Breeze - The Isley Brothers

Bennie and the Jets

Why Donald Trump Jr.'s 'loser teachers' comment was 'a chilling moment' for educators

Reminder: RBG documentary coming up on CNN

I'm sheltering in place. How bout you?

The doggie makes the jump

Nuclear Fears Haunt Leaders With U.S.-Russian Arms Pact's Demise

Texas town fears border wall could displace homes

Hey! Is that Donnie Jr Trump behind that beard?

Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack

Former Carter pollster, Bannon ally Patrick Caddell dies at 68

A very useful broadcast from Canada can be found here-

Orrin Hatch Foundation seeking $2 million in taxpayer money to fund new center in his honor

Best Tweet Ever!

The Rest of Us Always Knew Churchill Was a Villain

Bob Dylan & John Lennon: Bob Dylan v. The Press

Eric Swalwell zings trump's "omelet bar":

Remember Back When Obama Was President and Rachel Had Time To Make Cocktails?

Trump policy under attack from all sides at European conference

Angela Merkel and Nancy Pelosi in Munich.

2020 US Senate Election- Republican held US Senate seats that Democrats should target in 2020.

Asia - Only Time Will Tell

Responses to NY Times article on Trump's immigration policy..

Police believe 'Empire' actor hired men to stage attack

Anyone else excited about the new Dune movie?

Money and manpower could decide Chicago's tight mayor's race

Wrong 'headline'

Who wore it better?

Curious about this indictment from 2016 regarding 'Guccifer'. Would appreciate DUers input.

True emergency is attempt to dodge Constitution (StL P-D)

We finally dove in...Better Call Saul, streaming on Netflix - we are addicted and binging it!

Alec Baldwin on SNL cold open now. n/t

Why is it that Jesse Smollett's possible lie....

In light of what we know today, this report from Sept, 2017 has new significance.

Trump and "The Picture"..

The crime is conspiracy. Trump is very afraid.

CNN, MSNBC To Air New Version Of Anti-Nazi Ad Fox News Rejected

Russia May Absorb Belarus: 'We're Ready to Unite,' President Says

Pretty impressive turnout for Kamala Harris on the south east coast so early in the race.

With fitness trackers in the workplace, bosses can monitor your every step - and possibly more

February Photo Contest Thread 1

February Photo Contest Thread 2

February Photo Contest Thread 3

Feb Photo Contest Voting threads are up!

Why did the polling feature not appear?

New York City Center offering apprentice programs.

New York City Center offering apprentice programs.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Photo Hosts- HELP!!!! :)

If you have Acorn tv

SNL: Trump Press Conference Cold Open

Syrian military linked to more than 300 chemical attacks, report says

Growth in data centers overpowers Virginia's renewable energy gains

SNL: Weekend Update

Roanoke Times Publishes Op-Ed From Self-Proclaimed "White Supremacist" Who Argues that Anyone Mentio

Is it time to get out the duct tape and plastic sheeting yet? Or is that for a

Southwest Airlines declares 'operational emergency,' orders mechanics to report for work or risk

Since he is awake, this one is dedicated to Glamrock!

How is the Du community holding up doing national emergency

Ruby Soho

(Jewish Group) Ilhan Omar and her Israel tweets, as seen by a Jewish constituent

Daly City Train

(Jewish Group) The Return of "Judeo-Bolshevism"

House budget could take millions from rural schools

Tunisian man who reported rape and robbery is imprisoned for gay sex

Northam announces winner of $3.3 billion contract to expand Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel by 2025

GOP consultant in interview: "Yes. The President lies. All. The. Time. ... So what?"

Hundreds of protests Presidents' Day (#FakeNationalEmergency)

Wayne County reserve cop did jail time, has sex offenderhistory

Very cool video of a "Spike Wave" in super slo-mo

He is something else!

Sen. Angela Paxton files bill that would allow her husband, AG Ken Paxton, to issue exemptions from

Assange/Wikileaks are promoting Tulsi Gabbard now.

Britain's richest man quits the UK: Billionaire Brexiteer Sir James Ratcliffe 'relocates to Monaco..

Five Sundays to Brexit

Nauert Quits as UN Pick After Nanny Issue Said to Surface

For all of those who love cosmic catastrophes, here's a simulator for solar systems.

How a stray puppy rescued from a trash pit became a movie star

An Energy Facility Near Brownsville Could Block The Path For Texas Ocelots

Devils River State Natural Area Named Texas' First Dark Sky Sanctuary

Trump's Grand Coalition Against Iran Is Completely Falling Apart

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Partly Cloudy Edition

Texas blues riffs and Thirty three years of marriage June 7 is a golden retriever puppy

The death of American optimism

Thankful for small mercies...

45 Years Ago Today; The White House Helicopter Incident

Pesky Socialists..

60 Years Ago Today; Vanguard 2 launched - First Weather Satellite

Texts Between Portland Police and Far-Right Extremists Prove Collusion... Cue Shock and Awe

Day 3 National emergency this is some omega man soylent green shit

Protests are being planned for Monday, to call out the #FakeTrumpEmergency. More info here


Why is the media showering Howard Schultz with free airtime?

Trump says his life was better before he became President....

It. Is. You.

Andrea Levy is dead - she wrote for thousands of immigrants

Lawsuit Filed Against National Emergency Declaration Alleges Trump Violated U.S. Constitution

White House Memo: The War That Wasn't: Trump Claims Obama Was Ready to Strike North Korea

Whitmer nixes private immigrant detention center proposed in Ionia

thank you for my heart

The stupefying gullibility & ignorance of Trumps cultists

Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart

Kamala Harris is off to the fastest start among Democrats

Why are we here?

Maine paid for 40 rooms at Trump hotel for LePage, staff

How can I install Borderwall software on my PC?

He's scream tweeting this morning:

Trump: EU must take back 800 Isis fighters captured in Syria

Trump 2020

Trumpanzees get a big tax surprise. Time to pay their stupidity fine.

Ancient Warrior Angel

Jussie Smollett attorneys issue statement denying knowledge of the attack

Trump rips 'Saturday Night Live' over 'total Republican hit jobs': 'This is the real Collusion!'

Democrats don't bite on Booker vegan flap

Acting Sec of Defense Shanahan told reporters he hasn't determined if there is a military necessity

Green New Deal: Republicans talk up climate change plan - but not because they like it

Jussie Smollett's Attorneys: 'He Has Now Been Further Victimized By Claims' He Is Behind Alleged...

To be clear....

Elizabeth Warren Heckled at Campaign Stop About Her Native American Claims: 'Why Did You Lie?"

Sen. Klobuchar Calls for More 'Sensible' Gun Control After Mass Shooting in Aurora, IL

'Finish that wall': Trump seeks to turn his failure to build the wall into campaign rallying cry

4 dead after Mississippi hostage standoff, shooting

Graham: Trump made 'persuasive case' that border is broken

Trump: McConnell should keep Senate in session until nominees are approved

Couple finds message in a bottle that NOAA scientists sent in the early '60s

'If she was pro-life I'd vote for her': Kirsten Gillibrand hits New Hampshire

Fans of Michelle and Barack Obama, please watch this movie

Don't Get High On Your Own Supply...

Trump ally Graham will subpoena McCabe and Rosenstein over 'coup'

Trump bets on North Korea to break his losing streak

The Enemy Within

The best description of Donald Trump I have ever heard. "Why do some British People not like Trump?"

'Definitely and imminently' filing lawsuit against Trump administration over national emergency...

Indonesia Preparing Dozens Of New Coal Plants - Already More Than 50% Of Generation Comes From Coal

Japan PM nominated Trump for Nobel after US request: report

My fierce guard dog on duty this morning

What if Clump declares a national emergency and takes SNL off air?

Just reporting in from Little Egypt: no immigrants from the caravans have been spotted here.

Japan's PM nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize at the request of US government

Netanyahu gives up role as Israel's foreign minister

CA Appeals Court Rips SLAPP Filed By Oil & Gas Industry Against LA Youth Groups Over Well Placement

At the ready

Heather Nauert nomination sunk by nanny issues

On Hearing of a New Escalation - Richard Hugo 1972

In declaring a national emergency, Trump reminds Republicans: It's all about him

David Wallace-Wells - Time To Panic

Iowa Senate District 30

Will they ever learn to integrate?!?!?! Hehe

Fox News' Chris Wallace Repeatedly Nails Stephen Miller on National Emergency: 'Answer My Question!'

How hoax news reaches your social media feed: Exhibit A

Joe Lockhart: Trump's call for retribution latest example of how he views himself as a mob boss

U.S. Appeal for NATO Personnel in Syria Brushed Off by Spain

Our local grocery out of food due to national emergency. Anyone else?

From Staying Alive. Far from over.

After his tweet about "important meetings" today, Trump went golfing

20 Years Since Removal Of Edwards Dam On The Kennebec River (ME) - And How Much Has Changed Since

Lieu to Trump: 1 thing that makes America great is that people can laugh at you without retribution

Putin biographer links Trump's Russian mafia ties to Manafort silence

Mueller subpoenas Cambridge Analytica staffer.

China, Russia Join for Push to Split U.S. From Allies

Are some Trumpanzees waking from their slumber?

AK Temperatures 5-15 F Above Avg. This Winter; Bering Sea Ice Breaking Up, Open Water Near Barrow

Tricked by the Devil

Sunday a.m. Don Winslow "Cloud Cuckoolan"

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.): 25th Amendment talks don't reflect 'some deep state conspiracy'

Mueller questions Cambridge Analytica director Brittany Kaiser

National emergency: DAY 2

Thank you for the hearts, dear DU friends.

Lawrence O'Donnell tweets that #Trump tried to get him fired from NBC....

Southwest declares 'operational emergency' with high number of planes out of service

Pompeo and Pence send a poor message with their bumbling tour of Europe - WaPo Edit Board

What did the football coach say to the vending machine?

Bill Weld defends decision to run against Trump, says Republicans 'want to have no election'

She sounds mad....


A Tale of Two Vice Presidents in Munich...

Fugelsang takes on Don Jr.."And Obama never promised Mexico would pay for Obamacare"

Trump's NYC eateries written up for 'live mice,' other 'critical' health code violations in recent

Is there no other lying Repuke that can be on Sunday morning talk shows??

Black History: day 17 - Eatonville, Fla, the first town in the US to be incorporated by A/A.

Trump threatens to release ISIS fighters if EU doesn't take them

Stephen Miller signals Trump ready to veto resolution against emergency declaration

Saw Pence getting zero applause from speech in

'Evidence in plain sight' of Trump collusion with Russia, Schiff says

NYC Mayor de Blasio on 'Meet the Press'

"My wife is away all week so I'm following pop culture law....."

A threat to our fundamental freedoms

Russia's Gazprombank freezes accounts of Venezuela's PDVSA: source

Russia's Gazprombank freezes accounts of Venezuela's PDVSA: source

Mein Drumpf

Polish PM cancels trip to Israel in wake of comments on Poles in Holocaust

Emergency will haunt Republicans come election season

Discussion of Now Dems can do Emergency for our issues is driving me nuts...

Trump *asked* Japanese PM Abe to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

New Seth Abramson thread: Trump's multinational pre-election collusion

Head's up: Malwarebytes is doing something funky with billing. IMPORTANT UPDATE

This one word clearly defines Mr.Trump.."selfishness"

Transgender bathroom ban may end, but transcript irks teen

'He doesn't even look human': Racist rant caught on camera in California

Fox bobblehead Nauert withdrew from UN ambassador appointment because of "nanny issues."

GUARDIAN: Democratic party elites silence Ilhan Omar at their peril

Virgin's Branson plans humanitarian aid concert on Venezuela border

Virgin's Branson plans humanitarian aid concert on Venezuela border

Guerrillas in the Midst

Russian Flag Flies on Cathedral in English Town Where Ex-Spy Was Poisoned (NYT)

4 dead after Mississippi hostage standoff, shooting

Brexit 'preppers' stockpiling supplies in case of a doomsday 'no-deal'

Screw up an emergency declaration in ten easy steps

Senator Graham, I have a couple of questions for you

Tradition of nonpartisan selection of judges may end in Iowa

Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize at request of U.S., report says

The Catholic church is still making excuses for paedophilia

Trump spends day two of national emergency golfing, snagging an omelette

Need a good chuckle? National Emergency , Day 2

'The beginning of great change' Greta Thunberg hails school climate strike

Chernobyl: The end of a three-decade experiment

Trump: SNL's Republican hit jobs without retribution are the real collusion, and they are the enemy.

***FEBRUARY Photo Contest--Preliminary Thread 3***

***FEBRUARY Photo Contest--Preliminary Thread 2***

***FEBRUARY Photo Contest--Preliminary Thread 1***

Florida's farmers plot new course after Hurricane Michael's deadly tear

Buffalo Mayor orders police to stop enforcing low-level marijuana possession offenses

Seth Abramson: Mueller is focused on how internal Trump campaign data got into the Kremlin's hands.

'I think we do' have enough votes to put emergency termination on Trump's desk: Sen. Tammy Duckworth

'What difference does it make to McCarrick?' Critics question the value of defrocking.

The older I get the earlier it gets

FEBRUARY Preliminary Threads Have Been Reposted WITH Polling

Natasha Bertrand: McCabe explained that FBI had evidence Trump was compromised by Putin.

"44 million Americans w/o health care. How's THAT for a national emergency?"

What Fiction are you reading this week, February 17, 2019?

Due to the national emergency, my Bowling Green Massacre-acquired stress disorder is


Do you think trump voters and audiences will ever realize how much

At least 40 newspapers cancel 'Non Sequitur' comic strip over profane message

Didn't really have to...

Gene Littler, San Diego golf great, dies at 88

New Rule: You Can't Always Get What You Want Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Guardian: Mueller questions Cambride Analytica director Brittany Kaiser.

'Abuse of corporate power': Bill de Blasio slams Amazon for cancelling HQ2 deal

Second attack on Karl Marx tomb in London's Highgate cemetery

Facebook, Google, CDC under pressure to stop anti-vax garbage from spreading

I am usually a very forgiving person. I will never be able to forgive Trump voters.

Seven rare right whale calves spotted off Florida coast but 'still isn't enough'

When is hearing voices a delusion and when is it religion?

Why am I stumbling upon so many videos of people...

A Mother Learns the Identity of Her Child's Grandmother. A Sperm Bank Threatens to Sue.

Here's Why It's Impossible to Compete with Amazon

Brexit: May risks fresh confrontation with ERG over backstop


A Reactor Designed to Burn Through It's Core: Design of a "CANDLE" Nuclear Reactor.

Ivanka "represents" the U.S. in a security

Remainers plan mass march and key vote in last days before Brexit

'It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.' Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out

Facebook, Google, CDC under pressure to stop anti-vax garbage from spreading

'It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.' Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out

H&R Block agents took 'empathy training' to handle people upset by smaller tax refunds

UK concludes it can mitigate risk from Huawei equipment use in 5G: FT

His "big beautiful wall" is the great lie, a metaphor for hatred and separation

Mueller has subpoenaed former Cambridge Analytica employee.

Weiner's out of the slammer.

Stop the Stephen Miller clips already!

WHO let the Senate go home during a "nat'l emergency"?

McCarthy, Cohen, Nixon, Stone, Reagan, Bush, Trump, they are all connected together.

"The biggest stairs, the most beautiful stairs, and MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THEM!

My conservative co-worker is PISSED about his taxes!!! I mean pissed!

Vice travels down to the border to witness the "crisis"

They didn't steal slaves....

Graham: KY Kids Would Be Better Off If School Funds Are Diverted To Border Wall

Trump reduced to playing 'survival politics' to get to 2020 election after Pelosi humiliated him

Experts rank Trump the worst U.S. president of all time

"Tiny" Toese (Proud Boy & Patriot Prayer) who has committed violent acts across multiple states

Don Cheadle wore a Soviet Union hockey jersey with "Trump" and "45" on the back at the end of SNL

As Measles Outbreak Flares, Vaccination Rates Soar and Some Come Off the Fence

Here's a link

US-Born Marine Veteran Detained By ICE Was Carrying His US Passport When He Was Arrested

Graham vows to hold hearing on McCabe's "stunning" 25th Amendment comments

Gotta love Aunt Crabby.

Pence seeking applause for Trump:

McCabe: Possible "inappropriate relationship" between Trump, Russia prompted probe

Greta Thunberg....

Defense Department to start examining projects in hunt for border wall funds

Trump rages against 'SNL' after latest Alec Baldwin skit

Rep. Jim Jordan: Same Republicans Who Didn't Fight For The Wall Are Criticizing The President Now

'Couple hundred miles' of border wall done by 2020; adviser Miller says

George Harrison/Hare Krishna (music)

Lindsey Graham: 'It's Better For School Kids In Kentucky' To Have A Border Wall Than New schools

journalist adopts dog .. :-)

Canada Seeks Pelosi's Support in Push to Lift U.S. Metal Tariffs

First priority of the 'national emergency' - order steel from his Russian steel pals.

This says it all.

El Chapo's lawyer fires back at Cruz: 'Ludicrous' to suggest drug lord will pay for wall

One of my favorite Disney movies is The Lion King. Not .... the Lying king

Lindsey Graham goes all-in on Trump talking points: 'It's better' for kids to have a border wall th

In Trump's World, He Never Loses

DNC calls for new elections for Alabama party leadership

Just watching "The World Wars" on the History Channel. I never knew...

200,000 protest in Barcelona against Catalan separatists' trial

A Lock Him Up meme featuring Hillary Clinton - love it!

Listening to Donald Trump likely cost the NFL tens of millions of dollars.

Police: Aurora attacker used gun he shouldn't have owned

Maricopa County Democrats President's Day announcement

trumpty dumpty is attacking Saturday Night Live again

Biden: 'The America I see does not wish to turn our back on the world'

Our small business, the main source of our income, is going under.

Chris Wallace calls out Limbaugh for being 'outraged' when Obama took executive action

Anthony Weiner released from federal prison

Tomorrow 240 protests #FAKE NATIONAL EMERGENCY

Sherrod Brown pushes for Medicare buy-in proposal in place of 'Medicare for all'

Kitten Abandoned at Playground Rescued by Sweetest Guy

What is stopping the House?

11-year-old arrested after refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance

Twitter rapid response?

Cat Who Wouldn't Move in Shelter Loves to Hug Her Moms Now - GRACIE

Varmint alert - Trump Tower

While I'm talking about Amazon, here's another story.

Fox "News" still hasn't tweeted since November 8, 2018

Graham cracker crust for no-bake cheese cake

Union decline and rising inequality

Japan's leader nominated Trump for Nobel Prize at Washington's urging: Report

Yikes. Daddy's little angel is not pleased.

Goat And His Dad Have A Very Important Conversation

Statement by Trump, IMMIGRATION, February 15, 2019

Story of the Angel moms and appearing in Rose Garden....

Text of Friday's Rose Garden Word Salad Debacle

11-year-old Florida boy arrested for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

Nunes is gone, so they're going to try to delegitimize the committee instead.

Looks like the only one buying it is the Don-In-Law

States Flout Abortion Coverage Requirements, Federal Investigators Say

Is this how to shop?

Hurd (R-TX) says 1,000 Texas farmers could have land seized to build Trump's border wall

Georgia bill would replace state's outdated voting machines

Tedeschi Trucks Band's Kofi Burbridge

Autotune of Trump's singsong speech , it's pretty funny

Dog Who Was Chained Up His Whole Life Looks Completely Different Now

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with at least 48 seats.

Mueller Subpoenas Cambridge Analytica Director

"We're hunkered under the bed here in Los Angeles..."

U.S. Senator Rubio, other officials visit site of Venezuelan aid

8 Billion dollars is a lot of money trump saved Mexico by caving on his promise.

Haiti vows to trim expenses and investigate PetroCaribe amid protests

Actually met a real MAGA Red Hat the other day...

What bothers me the most about Trump supporters

Israel trims funds to Palestinians over militant stipends

Schiff "Impressed" With Harris

China surveillance firm tracking millions in Xinjiang: researcher

Rev Al just started and he has the brilliant Mark Thompson and Eric Erickson..WTF???

Why the focus on how wonderful Amazon is?

Saudi crown prince begins Asia tour with $20 billion Pakistan investment pledge

Aurora shooter's permit was revoked but gun wasn't seized

'Arrogant Jew!' Fox News viewers launch assault on Chris Wallace for grilling Rush Limbaugh and Step

Holland-Dozier-Holland- New breed kinda woman

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 17, 2019

US woman 'deeply regrets' joining Isis and wants to return home

No emergency. No crisis.

An Asteroid Will Block Our Brightest Star on Monday, And Astronomers Need Your Help

outstanding cartoon re: Trump's attack "Enemy Of The People"

Trump's NYC eateries written up for 'live mice,' other 'critical' health code violations

I've been watching this new show....

Anybody wanna take a stab at it?

Bottom line..If what Schiff says is true, then it is a matter of time, Mueller will get Trump

Hey Joe: Jimi Hendrix Experience

Should I be grateful or resentful?

yeah, do it till you're satisfied

George McCrae - I get lifted

US request Abe nominate drumpf for Nobel Peace Prize

Cambridge Analytica director Brittany Kaiser cooperating fully with the Mueller inquiry

Now he's quoting Limbaugh, who wants Mueller jailed.

How is 'Jesus Son of God' different from sons of Greek gods? Ever hear sermon on this?

Donald responding to fake emergency v Donald responding to actual emergency - spoiler - PRICK

Miss Liberty is settled down on her nest watching the Pa sunset.

Maricopa County (AZ)Democratic Party has

Here's why I won't necessarily vote for the most progressive candidate

In Britain the name of "Trump" carries a special meaning.

How fitting for the time of our country!

McCabe on 60 Minutes tonight. nt

Hypocrisy never ages well

Medicare For All Executive Summary Excerpt - Age Groups Transition


I felt like this needed a separate post, in honor of Recursion's buffalo soldier reminder

The 97-Year-Old Park Ranger Who Doesn't Have Time for Foolishness

HELP! I'm a 100% telecommuting W2 employee & lost my home office deduction!

A punk, a rudeboy and a skinhead

Rescued from captivity, two brothers reunited

The filibuster is now a one sided weapon

Just a cat taking a shower in the sink 😻💦

Can I ask a favor? Would you please nominate me for the Nobel Peace Prize?

I saw Cleopatra for the first time yesterday I was 11 when it came out and we were way too Catholic