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Family Outraged After Cop Pulls Over Entire Funeral Procession for Driving Too Slow

TRNN's Paul Jay's Long & Interesting Interview With Sy Hersh on "Controversial" bin Laden Article

Why Radicals Like Bernie Sanders Should Run As Democrats, Not Independents ...

The Romeo planter my husband got me for Mother's Day

Vladimir Putin Pays Hockey With Ex-NHL Stars – And Scores Eight Goals

What Caused Capitalism? Assessing the Roles of the West and the Rest

Time to cut back the jungle ;/

A Change Is Gonna Come (Live) - Playing For Change Band

Video Reveals Baltimore Corrections Officers Were Looting During Freddie Gray Protests

A Letter to the Couple at Mass

So who's our boss now? Who has our politicians firmly in hand?

FBI: Hacker took control of 15-20 flights. Evidence of "damage and tampering" in an in-flight entertainment box

Clinton Foundation donors include dozens of media organizations, individuals.

After Israel trip, Scott Walker says region not ready for Palestinian state

Shout out to the BOG!

Simulated Worlds Will Soon Be Indistinguishable From Reality

Speaking of Third Way influence...a few things to remember.

What is allowed in Creative Speculation?

This painting just sold for $46.5 million

The ghost of liberal Democrats past

Can we just call TLC the Fundie channel? New Show The Submissive Wives' Guide To Marriage

Garo Yepremian dies at 70; kicker part of undefeated Dolphins team

Just a thought on organized baseball for kids

Preaching to the Choir - ISIS’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, sounds like a Republican candidate for

Whomever is ahead in current polls, this just shows how meaningless it is

TCM, 8 PM ET, "THE RED SHOES" 1948 Classic Great British movie with Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook,

So, when are the serfs of the Corporate World gonna have their Popeye Moment:

When my Jagger was just a little bit...

Women and their height

Australian Lyrebird a vocal witness to the destruction of its own habitat.

I usually don't post about real life stuff here, but I need to vent

Tornadoes on the ground in Oklahoma as storms hit region

US Christians ‘bankrolling’ no campaign in Ireland’s gay marriage referendum

Marijuana Prohibition Is Unscientific, Unconstitutional And Unjust

Is Heaven Real? People With Near Death Experiences Explain


Germany's Catholic Church Just Took An Amazing Step For LGBT And Remarried Catholics

An interesting comment... (edit)

Church of Scotland votes to accept ministers in same-sex civil partnerships

Depressed....teabaggers in my town taking over

Congressman wants to stop abortions, UNLESS it's his mistress or wife...

New family update

Mountaintop Prayer Box Helps Hikers In Need Of Miracles

This is the fight for the future (Kayaks surround Shell's rigs in Seattle)

After May 30th,

Fossil fuels as a financial bubble has oil companies wondering if they'll flame out

What causes cooties?

Listening to a good tribute to The King

The Deterioration of the Christian Right Is Imminent

A song about Bernie Sanders

SNL Last Show this season

Selma's Ava DuVernay tipped to direct Marvel's Black Panther

Myanmar says it's not to blame for migrant crisis

External harddrives not interchangeable between Windows & Mac?

Two photos in the rain 2 different settings U pick your preference

Two photos in the rain 2 different settings U pick your preference

OBAMA: "No one worked harder than B.B.-No one did more to spread the gospel of the blues"

"angels of death"

First time in 8 years as Judge of Elections/not one absentee ballot

The death penalty is dying. The federal government will not execute Tsarnaev.

"To serve & protect"

Walker gets ready for his religious-right audition

I think we're going to see a Triple Crown winner.

Ambassador Joe Wilson: Jeb Bush Gave the "HONEST" Answer - To the Iraq War - the First Time

Republicans criticize Clinton for not talking to press

Founder of settlement movement dies aged 80

On Food Labels, Calorie Miscounts


Vaccination protesters at (Calif.) Democratic convention compare California to Nazi Germany

Canadian First Nations Groups Against Northern Gateway Pipeline

British Columbia to create coastal oil sands to avoid Northern Gateway Pipeline

Update: Justice for Tiger Peaceful Demonstration - May 27 (cat shot by veterinarian with arrow)

Shredding documents can't paper over environmental problems in the tar sands

Harper gov't alters climate targets but protects tar sands

Whistleblowing Alberta oil sands doctor fired abruptly

Port Of Seattle Votes To Delay Arrival Of Shell Oil Rigs, But The Fight’s Not Over Yet

The Legal Power of ‘Standing’ / Zivotofsky v. Kerry

Message to My Freshman Students

The Combined Effect of Not Expanding Medicaid and Losing Marketplace Assistance

Business booming for Cherokee Nation: Report shows $1.55 billion impact

CSIS warns of ‘extremist’ opposition to oil and gas sector | Toronto Star

One year of no analog ciggs. Tomorrow is the actul anniversary date.

Pentagon sends drone patrol to challenge China

Tornado sirens in Kansas City: It's not raining in mid-town!

Norm Macdonald fights back tears in sendoff to Letterman

Has anybody seen "Earth to Echo"?

Faulty Florida Radar Guns Could Mean Ticket Refunds For 1000's

another state, another hike


Physicians group: give LGBT equal rights - it makes them healthier

Physicians group: give LGBT equal rights - it makes them healthier

Congress is even more sexist than you think: Why some men refuse to be alone with female staffers

Looking for Adam

Marco Rubio Caught Red-Handed Stealing Thousands From Republican Party Finances

Incredible insight by Vietnam on standardized testing echoes experienced educators in the US

IMPORTANT VIDEO -- Warning about new scam while pumping gas

Voter fraud is mathematically irrelevant

Protesters escorted out with little disruption as Abbott speaks at University of North Texas

North Carolina To Teachers: No Free Speech For You! | Crooks and Liars

North Carolina To Teachers: No Free Speech For You! | Crooks and Liars

Found a preliminary Sanders appearances itinerary:

Edward Snowden on whistleblowers

In 2013, Governor Jerry Brown revised/corrected a BAD law on flame retardants he signed in 1975.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C

Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez appears to disparage American Indians

Daily Holidays - May 17

Barack Obama issues statement on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

World's First Floating City - Full Documentary

what do you make of this freeper's post about FOX?

May 17th, International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

The Lengths Japan’s Bicycle Moms go to for a Sale

U.S. 'Deeply Concerned' Over Mursi Death Sentence Bid By Egyptian Court

John Oliver - Japan Mascots

Pot Legalization Bill Clears House Panel (Texas)

Wait a minute Mr. Postman!

No words

It's fucking raining afuckinggain

leverage Federal highway funding to change state behavior

This morning, one of the great treasures of the world is on the brink of annihilation

"Welcome to Florida, Joey."

Assange supporters hack electronic billboard near Atlanta and post porn!

New York Magazine (also) does Bernie's hair.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) A Cat Above Edition

Fiction: Liberal Democratic voters support the TPP.

Bernie Sanders has had consistent message for four decades.

Well, it is Sunday, after all...

Back-handed compliments to Bernie from unexpected sources

Does anyone here use Merry Maids to help with housecleaning?

Republican groups try to trick liberals into slamming Hillary on social media

On free speech - In essence, I think it must be "consequence free" speech to be meaningful.

Toni Morrison totally nails it. We are citizens, not merely taxpayers.

"In the Hills & Hollows" Documentary to show how fracking has affected WV residents

Non Sequitur Toon: The Cycle Continues

Sunday's Doonesbury- Acceptance Rate

World's Columbian Exposition

joy and reflection

A sneak attack on Medicare-- I didn't think it was possible -- but the Trans-Pacific Partnership ju

Duh!! Elderly People Who Exercise Regularly Live Longer, Study Finds

Losing their religion: the hidden crisis of faith among Britain’s young Muslims

Ministries of Presence: A Report from Nepal

Preakness 2015

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist prophet?

Does "Dear Abby" read this group?

Putin plays with NHL veterans, scoring 8 goals

Restored 'The Third Man' emerges again from the shadows

Thousands rally against US military base on Japan's Okinawa

George Harrison guitar from 1963 brings $490,000 at auction

Astroturf Warning: TPP Critics Call Out Fake 'Progressive' Group Pushing Corporate Trade Agenda

Let's Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin (2008)

(Omaha area) Letter carriers' 'Stamp Out Hunger' food drive more than doubles last year's tally

Game of Thrones 5.6 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" (spoiler alert)

Widening Corruption Scandals Swirl Around New York Governor

A Progressive Legislative Lament, by John Bickel

War with Isis: The grim reality of life under the Islamist group in Iraq

Jeb Bush, the new Dan Quayle?

You can hack an airliner via the entertainment box under each seat???? wtf?

Philadelphia Charter Change Question - School Reform Commission

What the hell is an "avowed Democratic Socialist," anyway?

Iraqi army rushes reinforcements into Ramadi to prevent massive Isis defeat

For the Highest-Paid C.E.O.s, the Party Goes On

Former UK Defense Chief Calls F-35 One Of The Biggest Duds In History

Catholic League president Bill Donohue defends child molester and molester's boss...

Erdogan asks why 'West remains silent' on Morsi verdict

(Enemy of Net Neutrality)Verizon Swallows Net-Neutrality Champion Huffington Post

UAlbany graduate gets a surprise visitor

Small Pups and Baby Ducks

It really SHOULD be the stuff of revolutions.

Hillary Clinton will do a good job on foreign policy: Poll

Starbucks Sucks?

Farmers Union 'confident' in corporate farming vote

The Obscure Trade Provision Everyone Is Talking About

STOP SAYING OBAMA PULLED OUT OF IRAQ TOO SOON!!! Steve K just let another a-h say that and didn't


Black man vs a White man carrying an AR-15

I'm anxious to see what happened to Friday's bee swarm

Yoo Hoo, I need and I'd welcome your input on this thread in the Bernie Sanders Group.

Horse Reunion

GOP PACs are inhabiting liberal roles on social media-duping lefties into sharing anti-Hillary memes

Awkward white man Louis C.K. forced to talk like a black woman for 5 years in hilarious SNL skit

The Most Distinctive Causes of Death by State, 2001-2010

7 big lies conservatives want you to believe about Martin Luther King Jr.

Everyone paying attention after 9/11 - Knew

Selling my father's house

Legendary Miami Dolphins Kicker Garo Yepremian Dies.

Before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, The Last Man Boston Sentenced to Death

Wearable wireless devices: Low cost radio frequency antenna printed with graphene ink

NSA Whistleblower William Binney: Seeking Blackmail Power, U.S. Officials Enabled 9/11

Maybe dark matter is not made up of heavy particles after all

Are socio-economic issues "Social" or "Economic"!? D'oh!

Throwing Medicare Under the Bus as Standard Operating Proceedure :

First fully warm-blooded fish: The opah or moonfish

A Blast from the not-so-distant past: Who supports the TPP?

Bernie Sanders’ Koch Killing Movement Grows To $4 Million Raised and 100,000 Contributors

"I'm a much Latino as Charleston Heston was!" . . . Please come CAPTION Jeb Bush!!!

Storm system pushes east after drenching Plains

Do flies have fear (or something like it)?

Samples from Comet Wild 2: A window into the birth of the solar system?

Left-handed cosmic magnetic field could explain missing antimatter

Mostly, I remember "that smirk" as he mocked us for being on the side of caution or even, peace.

DUers Vote in Primary Elections

80 percent of Burmese long-tailed macaques use stone-tools to hammer food

Airplane noises affect one's tastebuds

Does productivity (technology) threaten more jobs than TPP????

There's a Bernie Bear!

WTF--What The Friedman

Elisabeth Bing, founder of Lamaze classes, dies at 100

The Anti-Environmental Archives - Launched Earth Day 2015

Men: Wearing red can make you appear angry, dominant

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Intelligent Design

Spare computing power: Secure, anonymous, easy way to pay for online content

Fugelsang on Jesus as the GOP candidate for President

it is time to press your government for Resident based taxation and join the rest of the very world

Irrational thoughts

Religion In The Comics - 026

About midnight last night

If Jesus ran for POTUS what would his platform be?

Pick your year of music


Robert Scheer and Chris Hedges: They Know Everything About You (pts III and IV)

Eve + the Palindromes = Kitten Cam!

why is Obama pushing the TPP? (a theory)

Nature is Speaking

Pointless post, really, but

Home of the Brave (cartoon)

Can an employer lock an employee in the building & force them to stay & work overtime?

Eric Petersen,represented failing BCI,successfully lobbied for 500,000.

Desalination is not the answer

Irony knows no holiday. . . . Please come CAPTION Judith Miller's response to James O'Keefe!!

Love iheartradio........

If we raise the minimum wage nobody will even be able to buy a hamburger at McDonalds.

Turkey detains soldiers in 'Syria arms interception' case

an eaglet update......yikes they're getting so big.....

Anti-Vaxxers Protest Bill Barring Them from Being Lethally Stupid

A primer on socialism for Bernie Sanders supporters

Loretta Sanchez under fire over 'shocking' Native American joke

Please check GenDisc post on locked-in forced OT

For many women, road to prison is paved with trauma

A primer on socialism for Bernie Sanders supporters (xpost from Bernie Sanders list)

Protesters Against Bill Requiring Vaccinations Compare California to Nazi Germany

What was the best decade?

Musical farts - Magnus Analus

Samsung 88" Curved 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV, only a paltry $22,997.99

Not since LBJ

It's Called: Paying It Forward - What A Little Giving Can Do

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 17, 2015

The Cruel and Unusual Execution of Clayton Lockett

An evening at the Jersey shore

State lawmaker defends bike tax, says bicycling is not good for the environment

Personal story: Eddie De La Cruz has earned his degree!

Feminism isn't a label Republicans can slap on when it's convenient

When did standing for something

Snapshots of celebrities hanging out together (27 Photos), DIALUP WARNING PIC HEAVY

Why Barack Obama’s popularity matters to Hillary Clinton

Legal battle over brain-damaged baby prompts Maine bill

Tsarnaev's execution - will extremist groups care?

I am glad Bernie Sanders is running

Can anyone else ever remember another candidate clearly running for POTUS

Breaking the communication barrier between dolphins and humans

Toon: The Trade Deal Is Quite Simple...

For those of us who were on a fast track to a rough week trying to follow the Senate

"U.S. Wakes Up to New (Silk) World Order" ...The Latest from Pepe Escobar re the Sochi Meeting

I think someone just stuck his foot in his mouth at the GW graduation- was it Tim Cook?

Hillary Clinton will do a good job on foreign policy: Poll-HRC room

Bernie Sanders: I like Hillary Clinton and I don't want to attack her. I'd rather debate the issues.

Teacher from Queens became key part of Omaha Tribe during his 47-year career

(photos) Ann Romney at Mitt's boxing match...

Teacher from Queens became key part of Omaha Tribe during his 47-year career

Can we trust "60 Minutes" anymore?

omg, Ann

Mitch McConnell On Why He Supports Obama On The TPP: It's 'about next president, not this one'

Fuck That! I'm Fighting.

Found this gem on Facebook

A left hook: Bernie Sanders criticizes Hillary Clinton on trade deal

Walmart's 'Worst Nightmare' Competition Has Cashiers And Produce Clerks With $1 Million Pensions

Last Letterman Show - Any hunches on last guest?

I stopped drinking on July 3, 2012

D.C. police seek person of interest in quadruple slaying (update)

Senate to Begin Debate on Trade Bill This Week

About Walker's Israel trip--Does anybody get what just happened?

Mom reacts to son coming out of closet

The scene I think of every time I see "defeatism" used as an attack

i would +1 this post, but i cannot. Bluenorthwest gave me permission to post this as an OP.

Police Try to Arrest Young Girl and The Community Did Not Allow It.

Can't we create good paying jobs without TPP?

Helpful Sunday Hint:

Sanders: Will Media Force Me to Attack Hillary Before Listening to My Ideas?

Politics vs Policy

BRILLIANT Fan-made Opening Credits For A Black Widow Solo Movie

Duke University professor really makes an ass of himself...

Republicans still plan on running on foreign policy expertise...

The awful truth about climate change no one wants to admit

Hey Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma.....NASA: 10,000-year-old Antarctic ice shelf will disappear by 2020

Scott Walker Doubles Down on Ronald Reagan Firing Air Traffic Controllers

The Modern United States and the Agents of Our Decline

a few thoughts, if I may

The FSA’s Defense Against Blair’s Attack on it Shows Why the FSA Failed

Bernie Sanders to Introduce Bill to Make College Tuition-Free

U.S. Republicans claim enough votes to pass fast-track trade bill

This Upcoming Democratic Campaign

The War Zone of Donetsk, Ukraine

Iraqi forces withdraw from Ramadi in battle with ISIL

Scott Walker Talks Foreign Policy On Face The Nation

Military pushes for emergency robots as skeptics worry about lethal uses


How Bernie Sanders won the talk radio primary

Scott Walker Dissolves Into Gibberish When Asked About His Foreign Policy Credentials

WTF ...203

Canada: gay couple asks for refund after spotting anti-marriage equality sign

Guess What Awesome (And FREE) Event You Might Be Missing Out On! (several rescue videos)

Why are some people so distrustful of corporations?

Want to know where Hillary stands on the TPP?

Hillary Clinton Room-Which red states can Hillary win?

Bernie Sanders’ Koch Killing Movement Grows To $4 Million Raised and 100,000 Contributors

Don't Worry, Be Happy :)

From The New York Times: The Right Baits the Left to Turn Against Hillary Clinton

They'll Miss Me When I'm Gone

Raid on ISIS Leader 'Picture Perfect,' Sen. Dianne Feinstein Says

Politics vs. Policy - Why They Have Little to Do with Each Other

Patriot Act on life support

Which Bush says the dumbest things?

The Phony ‘Bad Intel’ Defense on Iraq

Report: German spy agency gave US information on Osama bin Laden whereabouts

Nurse Confessions: Don’t Get Sick in July


Pope Francis Canonizes Two Palestinian Nuns

The Center for Media and Democracy has posted a Scott Walker John Doe Documents page for US

BOGgers for Bernie

Former Norfolk chicken hatchery now will serve other critters as animal shelter

Youths at 'play' accused in torture, murder of 6-year-old in Mexico

Path to Victory

CNN video. Bernie Sanders wonders if media will ignore him until he attacks Hillary Clinton.

Another Political Candidate Killed Ahead of Elections in Mexico

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 18 May 2015

A crumb to find a rant later.


Chinese premier heads to Latin America with brief to invest in infrastructure

The Right Baits the Left to Turn Against Hillary Clinton

Video of Bernie Sanders on CNN today. Good interview.

New Urban Algae Invention Produces As Much Oxygen As A Small Forest

Biker Gang Shootings Turn Waco Restaurant Into Combat Zone

U.S., China Clash Over South China Sea Disputes

Remember, he's the "smart one".

Waco: several shot in biker gang fracas in restaurant

Peru declares emergency after huge cracks in earth threaten village

Let the kids learn through play.

Our man in Havana (back in ’59)

Today's Special? Cranium Fecal Stew! . . . Please come CAPTION Scott Walker!!!

Mélenchon: Greece was transformed into a financial lab

The embarrassing flight of the three hawks

'SNL': Hillary Clinton Sings and Smashes Kids' Sandcastles in Cold Open

If somone donates part of a liver for transplant, do they

The embarrassing flight of the three hawks

I suppose everyone saw this headline from the NYT in GD.

Jeb Bush in 2015 : Rusty and still rude (and helped his brother steal an election)

Immigration reform and the Cuban Adjustment Act

Immigration reform and the Cuban Adjustment Act

A Diplomatic Victory, and Affirmation, for Putin

See our county comm'r say "Drop Dead" to constituent

Professor: comments on African Americans were misunderstood

Senate Democrats Have a Plan

Jacksonville mayoral race draws national political interest

Turkey says shot down helicopter, while Syrian TV says it was drone

Louis C.K.'s 'SNL' Monologue About Child Molestation Leads to Uproar

Hillary Clinton Room-I didn't know people in my "group" see being challenged as treason.

When boyfriends do their girlfriend's makeup...

MIT: Megascale Desalination-World’s largest & cheapest reverse-osmosis desalination plant

Hycopter: World's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Quadracopter

The Slippery Math of Right-To-Work Advocates

Jeb consults with Dubya on response to Iraq question

Jeb Bush Says Christian Business Owners Can Refuse To Serve Gay Weddings

this is an off the wall question - can you make old vinyl siding look newer with car wax????

"On schools days when children are present" - what does that mean to you?

wish I'd had time to set up the video camera

Paul: Benghazi should ‘forever preclude’ Hillary from presidency

" Maybe I shouldn’t say this: I like Hillary Clinton. I respect Hillary Clinton. "

2015 Billboards Awards.......

Sikh puts religious rule aside to help boy

Why the L.A. Clippers lost

Citing voter concerns over mail-in ballots, Nebraska lawmaker calls for 'secrecy sleeve'

5-17-15 The Second Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women in 2:00 (You Can Burn a Building But…)

Compassion Killed By Greed: Marijuana and the Green Rush

5-17-15 The Second Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women in 2:00 (You Can Burn a Building But…)

5-17-15 The Second Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women in 2:00 (You Can Burn a Building But…)

Billboard music awards.....

Red nose day...just another scam

Teacher assails practice of giving passing grades to failing students

9 dead in motorcyle gang gunfight at Texas restaurant

Cloudiest Places on Earth Revealed in Stunning New Image

A Canadian Teen Wrote The Best Rebuttal After Getting Detention For Wearing A Halter Dress

Obama right to shake things up in Middle East

Benjamin Netanyahu says not too late to stop Iran nuclear deal

Arab coalition resumes Yemen air strikes as truce ends

US officials: 'Saudis set to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan'

I like what I read in this plan for Social Security, it would be good.

MAD MEN Finale Predictions? Let's hear them....

Caught on camera: Cows’ close encounter with Oklahoma tornado

Tree and sun

The training of children suicide bombers piece on 60 Minutes

Walker discusses hypocrisy on WISC TV (30 sec. video)

Reflections on the skeptic and atheist movements

The Few Bad Apples Report

Ukraine crisis: 'Russian special forces' captured

Why India’s government is targeting Greenpeace

An Uncompromising Message, Against Corruption & Austerity...Spain's Podemos

Marco Rubio: Iraq invasion 'was not a mistake'

A police officer and a preacher. What could possibly go wrong?