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Archives: October 8, 2017

The Good Doctor...I had such high hopes...

EPA to propose repealing Obama-era rule on greenhouse gas emissions

Here he stood: Lutheran pilgrims travel to Germany on Reformation anniversary

Las Vegas shooter's note contained calculations for targeting crowd, source says

Wow, New Yorker Cover:

Good news: North Carolina imam urges Congress to celebrate difference

Gators fans sing along to Tom Petty

Have heard nothing-zip-nada about any forensic investigation of the Las Vegas shooter.


My DVR guide says Tom Petty is the musical guest on SNL tonight

Disqus just disclosed 2012 security breach, exposing Information of 17.5 Million Users

"Fake media": well looky here!

Even Ken Starr!! Look out:

Robert Reich and the 25th Amendment

Theresa May under pressure over 'secret advice' on halting Brexit

Draconid Meteor Shower 2017: Unpredictable 'Shooting Star' Display Peaks This Weekend

Having cities named after Columbus, along with a holiday honoring him, is a national disgrace.

Price of First-Class Stamp to Hit 50 Cents

Rev. Barber steps down from NC NAACP post to revive Poor Peoples' Campaign

**Retracted** L Tribe: Trump planning to resign if Manafort testifies

Assessing Trump: Is the president fit for office?

White nationalists return to Charlottesville

2018/2020 US Senate Rating

No Comment Needed: 45, George W Bush, Bill Clinton

The Moron's Approval Numbers are in the Tank, but What About the Electoral College?

FBI: Asheville Airport explosive device person of interest 'detained' by police

Rebuilding Their Lives After Harvey

"You've had a tough week."

Spiritual Bypassing - AVOIDANCE IN HOLY DRAG (I found this a good read)

Hurricane Nate makes US landfall

Damn. First weekend in October, and Livingston County Michigan has a tornado warning?!?

How Wisconsin GOP uses computers to maintain control "in all but the most extreme circumstances"-NYT

The movie Wind River - hard but important

Here is an ocean of butterflies, 70 miles wide, captured on radar over Colorado

Hope those in the line of the 5th hurricane in less two months.....

Rape and slavery was lure for UK Isis recruits with history of sexual violence

RIP SSG Fronius 7th Special Forces 1987 E-Salv

Somebody in the White House needs to flush the toilet

Gal Gadot hosting SNL tonight. Musical guest is Sam Smith. N/T

Puerto Rico - one survivors first hand account

Civil rights groups criticize Trump's religious freedom guidance

Trump's friend Roger Stone just called James Clapper a "cocksucker"

Caution: Men at work

The Militia Acts of 1792 and 1795 clarified what the 2nd Amendment means.

All of these peoples right to life.

?????????? WTF?...LOL...

I have a "Religious Freedom" question for President Shit-For-Brains.

Other View: Jimmy Carter: What I've learned from North Korea's leaders

SNL Weekend Update just came up with how to solve the gun problem in the US!

OK I'm losing it-this is fucking insane! Why is Weinstein in trouble when Trump got away scott free?

Chris from Florida is streaming the waning moon, and he is singing his original song compositions.

So Now We Know Who We Are

Former Iowa GOP chairman who plead guilty to incest arrested a second time for stalking his daughter

Angry GOP donors close their wallets

Simon Sinek: The Video That Will Change Your Life

'We will keep coming back:' Richard Spencer leads another torchlight march in Charlottesville

Facebooks latest solution to its fake news problem.........sign on a right-wing fact-checker

Candidates 2017: Rick Kriseman for Saint Petersburg Mayor

GOP Stacking Courts To Make Unconstitutional Law Constitutional & Establish Religion In Government.

4 Motorcyclists Came Flying Between Cars On Packed Highway Highway N.Of San Diego.

Jimmy Kimmel SHUTS DOWN Donny Trump Jr.

New developments in the conservative move to reshape UNC

State constitutional provision appears to conflict with legislation targeting AG

On SNL Weekend, after showing Whiny Donny tossing paper towels

Op-ed: Why Design a Plane When You Can Sue?

"Troll" (Original by Kawehi)

I hope michael che of snl does not get

Durham fires back at state over school takeover plan

Outrageous Halloween Fails That Trick The Treaters

Trump Bans White Men From Traveling, Notes Some Are Good People

For what it's worth!!

Yes, Roy Moore is a racist

How did Americans forget about the pawpaw?

Racial slur, 'Trump' painted on campaign sign of Muslim Raleigh candidate

Antibiotic apocalypse: doctors sound alarm over drug resistance

Puerto Rico Governor Updates Pence on Recovery Efforts

Cory Booker tells NAACP don't be discouraged

Dem Sen.: Trump 'trying to get attention' with calm before the storm quip

Please tell me this is fake

Supporters, protesters greet Trump in Greensboro

Sean Spicer Joins in the Blame Hillary for Weinstein Sexual Abuse

I would like to hear your ideas on Bigfoot

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Be Ready Edition

Europe 2017

45 is trying to undo everything Barack did but he can't undo the goodness that Barack left behind.

So many people here defending Columbus...

This is indeed a Tender Situation.

Today's Sermon

Frank Sinatra told Donald Trump to go f*** himself

It's not just tax cuts they want

Sturgill Simpson. WOW.

In a switch, GOP deserts its budget-cutting mantra

Kim Wall murder: police find head of Swedish journalist

Yes, Steve Bannon Should Terrify You - Frank Bruni

Hey Mad, I'm rooting for Dallas over Green Bay today

Hoping to Have Trump Cleared, Legal Team Eases Resistance to Inquiry

"You'll have to wait and see." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

Trump Is Filling Court Seats With Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Abortion Judges

North Korean Leader Hails Nuclear Arsenal as 'Powerful Deterrent'

64 hours in October: How one weekend blew up the rules of American politics

Faux ran a very inaccurate story on James Woods. They called him an actor

San Juan Mayor is getting desperate

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - New Slogan

Coincidence? I think not.

Beautiful and Soft Paper Towels

Gorsuch sounds like a complete A-hole

trump is retweeting his own tweets, doesn't think he's on teevee enough

The Talent That Was Assembled Was Amazing

"Wisdom of the Crowd" -- yay or nay?

2 gay Iraqi soldiers found love amid war. Then the death threats started

Justice League - final trailer - All In

Trump praises Las Vegas gunman as 'probably smart' - but bashes San Juan mayor as 'not very capable'

Erik Prince, Blackwater Founder, Weighs Primary Challenge to Wyoming Republican

We turn elderly seemingly overnight.

Feinstein mum on re-election bid: 'You are going to find out about that very shortly'

2 Scoops responds to tragedies and other topics

Tom Waddell: What does the national anthem really reflect?

Scalise: 'The problem is not that there are too many guns'

Family Planning Practices (BC) Should Be Illegal By Federal Law Is A GOP Goal.

I apologize if you've already answered this, but curious about the many posters "flagged for review"

a little factoid. the crosses in lv

The Resistance, Raising Big Money, Upends Liberal Politics

So there was a gathering of religious leaders in Las Vegas last night

MSNBC now having a discussion about the inappropriateness of criticizing Malania for her shoes.

California lowers penalty for knowingly exposing partners to HIV

Latino Dropout Rate Plummets as College Enrollment Hits Record

And you thought Bill Kristol‏ was showing signs of intelligence

FEMA chief on San Juan mayor: We 'filter' out political noise

Donald Trump just took credit for inventing the word "fake."

A New Look at How Latinos Are Powering the U.S. Economy: Report

Sad But Ironic But Seems That Vegas Victims Would Be Part Of Pro Gun Pro Trump/GOP Base.

Sinatra told moron to go fuck himself

Here's What You Need To Know About BuzzFeed's Breitbart Bombshell

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Anime Movie English Dubbed

Are the public revelations of Weinstein's troubles setting the stage for Trump dirt?

Trump: I want to focus on North Korea not 'fixing somebody's back'

Fifi Rong: Only If I Knew

"Playing Through"

Chump's fish mouth. Anyone else see a resemblance?

Furniture is too big? No problem!

Stopping TikiNazis by waving a common household product in their direction...

So, Are We Moving Toward Four-Party Politics?

trump tweets now going after corker ....

Meet Kevin Warsh, the man Trump may tap to wreck the American economy

It's Official: God Has Spoken

Trump is tweet storming against Bob Corker for some reason

powerful.... fuck off gun nutters

Jason Aldean Cold Open - SNL

If he were Muslim with exactly the same profile he would be seen as a jihadi mastermind.

Noam Chomsky on the Trump presidency

Report: Majority Of Money Donated At Church Doesn't Make It To God

Moscow warns it may restrict U.S. media in Russia

Guess What? Both Parties are NOT the same.

Trump Is Filling Court Seats With Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Abortion Judges

GOP senator: ObamaCare repeal 'alive and well'

Facebook pushed to publicly release Russian-connected ads

Delusional Donny

Congressman fuels anti-semitic conspiracy that nazis in charlottesville were funded by George Soros

'Nightmare to the citizens of Philadelphia': Officer put back on force after 3 shootings in 3 years

Donald Trump's Daily Waking Thoughts:

Cheeto throwing paper towels to people brought back a very old memory for me. ...

Trump is stocking the courts w/ judicial nominees who support a "Christian" version of Sharia Law

Trump Divorce Cold Open - SNL

Sunday Meme n Toon roundup

Rick Santorum on Gun Control Debate: Why Aren't We Going After Violent Video Games and Films?

Iran: US bases at risk if sanctions pass

Mueller's next move, the Steele dossier, and an NSA hack the latest in a wild week of Trump-Russia

Gag worthy Republican Sunday talk show meme

Trump: 'One of the greatest terms I've come up with is 'fake''

Some words from Sun Tzu to Trump re war threats

Why People Like Tillerson and Kelly Are Staying

In todays America, mass shootings are simply advertisements.

Someone call the Fire Department!

Thoughts, prayers, and now songs

BOOM! Corker answers Trump's a.m. tweets:

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Thats actually not true: Chris Wallace tears NRA executive director a new one for lying about gun

University of Wisconsin policy to expel or suspend students that participate in protests


The Maiden and The Mice - SNL

Republican tax plan would help the rich while ballooning the deficit

Why does America prefer guns and war over life?

The tweet twit is at is again!

Objection to gun violence/accidents is not new. Note the date of the paper.

Trump trashes outgoing Republican Sen. Bob Corker

News channel refers to Charlotteville NAZIS as "white activists"

T.S./Hurricane Nate hit Nicaragua and Costa Rice pretty hard

Hoping to Have Trump Cleared, Legal Team Eases Resistance to Inquiry

"Sharia Law" Christian style, in action in the U.S.: Michigan rapist gets joint custody

Trump: Paddock was "sick, but probably smart." Mayor Carmen Yuln Cruz "not a capable person."

How Trump is planning to gut Obamacare by executive order

Hurricane Nate in New Orleans: much ado about nothing

Wow, look at what showed up at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Does Alex on MSNBC think she is at the beach?

Trump is Done with Puerto Rico

LOL- Chump is taking a dump on Bob Corker

Trump: I want to focus on North Korea not 'fixing somebody's back'

Trump voters will become infamous.

FAUX can't tell the difference between Chuck and Bob

With Respect To The Dossier - Is There Anywhere The Dossier Is Analyzed Point By Point....

Here's How the Far Left Will Neutralize Itself

White nationalists stage torch-lit rally at Charlottesville's Lee statue Saturday night

Nothing will change until,,,,,,,,,,

Jason Aldean Covers Tom Petty As 'SNL' Responds To Las Vegas

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 10: Classic Horror

please never mention morons name ever again only call him

Kitty accidentally pressed the turbo button

How to celebrate Columbus Day

The Republican party is gone. It is now the Tea Party.

What is your opinion of President Trump?

Corker is still a POS though

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 11: George Pal

trump lies in corker tweet......imagine that?

Randy Bryce...

A short and sweet little article to give you hope for the future

We rescue them, but in all truth...

Blackwater Founder Mulls Senate Run In Wyoming

Our Hmong Neighbors Call Us The "Crow People," I Discovered..

UAB players wear names of patients at children's hospital

What are you reading this week of October 8, 2017?

Dem Party boss distributes aid in Puerto Rico ahead of Trump visit

Clinton: It's My Fault Trump is President

It's "Trickle on" not "Trickle Down"

Melania Is Exploiting Puerto Rico For Money Just Like Donald Exploited The NFL Controversy

Twitter Goes Nuts Over GOP Sen. Corker's Twitter Burn of Trump: 'Antifa Bob Corker'

Trump vents to wealthy donors about failure to repeal Obamacare

Mulvaney: 'There was never that much drama' in Trump White House

Is Trump a Moron?

Pence got his feelers hurt because NFL players took a knee in front of his eyeholes. UPDATE!

PCGamer - Bethesda embraces anti-Nazi stance: That's 'what Wolfenstein represents'

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker says people must demand change to reduce gun violence

Kaepernick says he'll stand during anthem if he can play football again

Democrats unveil tax plan that, unlike GOPs, would actually help working families

White House an adult day care center

Pence makes phony appearance at Colts game just so he can leave.

If you insist upon leaving your garbage out, don't complain about the flies and maggots it attracts.

Golf clubs in Scotland lost $24 million in 2016

"One of the greatest terms I've come up with is 'fake'"


Former porn star does more for Hurricane Harvey victims than the wealthy President

Just to be clear, Bob Corker is an awful Senator who has policy views just as bad as Trump.

Columbus Day

When were apostrophes dropped from the title box??

Would you ever think of changing your registration to vote against Trump in a primary?

Final Justice League trailer hits the web (VIDEO)

Snowflake with snow-white hair and little squinty, beady rodent eyes leaves Colts game in a huff.

Trump's claim that Corker 'begged' for endorsement is false, sources say

Bob Corker says White House is 'adult day care center' after Trump Twitter hit

VP Sounds Like Penis Walked Out Of Colts-49ers Game Because They Hurt His Fee-fees

Russia is Our Friend

US suspends all non-immigrant visa services in Turkey

Aleister Crowley & William Butler Yeats Get into an Occult Battle, Pitting White Magic Against Black

Repealing the Ban on Government Research on Gun Violence is Long Overdue

Found this on Facebook re: "kneeling"

What Happened the Last Time the U. S. Had an Assault Weapons Ban?

Anybody interested in keeping up with trump Russian investigation

Homer buys a gun (2:22) - the waiting is the hardest part

The Devil doesn't want you to know: Kneeling is a sign of reverence -- the OPPOSITE of disrespect.


Trump Voters Are Like

Trump tweet confirms Pence NFL walkout stunt was premeditated

"Respecting our country"??

The replicant hypocrite snowflake melts away like a drama queen...

Trump says he directed Pence to walk out of game if 49ers protested during national anthem

Pence has hissy fit over Colts players kneeling for national anthem

Free Parking If you want to live like a Republican, Vote Democratic Harry S. Truman

I prefer Presidents and Vice-Presidents who respect the Constitution.

Mr. Fish Toon - Rain of Terror

The big question is still, "Why?"

C'est navrant

Blumenthal: 'We are on the verge of failing Puerto Rico'

My brilliant daughter taught me how to keep squirrels and

DeVos champions online charter schools, but the results are poor

Watch Mexican Soccer Team Honor Frida the Rescue Dog in Emotional Ceremony

Erik Prince (Blackwater) is considering Wyoming Senate bid

This Is How Donald Trump Thinks the U.S. Government Works

White America? Trump Praises 'Arrival of Europeans" In Columbus Day Message, Doesn't Mention...

Donald Trump is Playing Zero-Demensional Chess: CNN


Puerto Rico is still in dire straits and we just had a terrible mass shooting.

slate - LOL headline "Mike Pence Escapes Kneeling Men, Patriotically Beats Traffic"

If Joe Biden runs he should use this as an ad:

Don't. Let. Them. Frame. The. Narrative.

Joe Soucheray's Savory Tomato Pie

U.S. halts non-immigrant visas from Turkey as ties with Erdogan government deteriorate

"The Second Coming" - William Butler Yeats

How the GOP will destroy the ACA.

Yet another expensive stunt

Australian cities could soon see unprecedented temperatures of 50C, scientists say

The truth about Chavismo (A 50 minute primer worth watching)

How to Create Origami Lamp

Just Would Have Wished Hillary

Trump zeroes in on 2020 battlegrounds

Jimmy Kimmel responds to RW billboard/bus stop ads

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 8, 2017

BUSTED: Pence made press wait in van so he could leave game early for taxpayer-funded stunt, NBC ...

Why Trump is failing and will have to resign.

Brazilians in the south asked to vote on secession

Trump and Pence are resurrecting melodrama.

And this should really be the final word on which side the Intercept works for:

a quick, frightening glimpse into trump's narcissism

Take a break: Cute five year old knows all the Presidents

Wow, the Gnats can't even beat t he Clippers

White Supremacists chant 'Russia is our friend' in Charlottesville.

Pence & Mommy made press wait in van so they could leave game early for taxpayer-funded stunt

"Fuck, man. I'm lost !" C. Columbo, 1492.


Rachel Maddow: Trump's TV Nemesis

Cooper, fired up Dems set sights on busting GOP super-majority

If bans never work,

Can I get a big DU Sports Group FUCK YOU to election stealer Mike Penis

Great tribute to Tom Petty:

Trump's tweetstorm against Corker may cost him a key policy ally

Hey Pence,that was a HELL of a game--Indy in OT!

No law could have prevented Vegas shooting, Feinstein says

Democrats are winning some impressive statehouse elections. What does that mean for 2018?

Conjugated Polymeric Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Cancer Therapy.

More Pence BS...check this out

White House believes Kelly's personal phone possibly compromised at transition office

Headline at the Indianapolis Star webpage: Pence Uses Colts for Political Purposes

New Adult Day Care Center in Washington, DC :

Can't let it go. Moron just tweeted AGAIN about Corker:

Dem Sen. Murphy: Tillerson Resigning Wouldn't Solve 'The Problem'

There is no law on the books that would have prevented the latest massacre.

Nothing to see here, just Nomiki Konst going on Faux News to bash Hillary

Faure- Sicilienne, performed by Gautier Capucon & Michel Dalberto

Anyone watching Ozark on Netflix?.....

And guess which patriotic guy Pence left the Colts game to go raise money for?

Hoping to Have Trump Cleared, Legal Team Eases Resistance to Inquiry

Im Guessing Faux News Called Mike Pence the greatest VP ever?

Bannon, Conway, Manafort get the credit but see who is really behind Trump's win:

This Man Is Building An Army Of Environmental Super Voters To Rival The NRA In Turnout

Even Bill Kristol

Trump a failure as a 'rescue dog'...cartoon possibilities??

How to make rice like an Iranian

I just redid my bathroom! What do you think?!?!?!

The real reason Pence left early

Puerto Rico Governor Responds To Elon Musks Offer To Have Tesla Rebuild The Islands Power Grid

The Grobe

Aren't you sick of seeing Trump's face everywhere?

Pence traveling to the game only to leave it.

"I mean, he's an erratic narcissist, a serial liar," CHARLIE SYKES

49ers safety Eric Reid re: Pence/Trump Publicity Stunt:"This is what systemic oppression looks like"

The Republican Party Is A Deficit Fraud

How to Win Justice Kennedys Vote

Posted Without Comment

Donald Trump takes credit for inventing the word 'fake'

Batman is SO gonna get a visit from Agent Mike!

American plutocrats are running for political office across the country. Will democracy survive?

Thank you VPOTUS Pence

Yeah, Where?

A Reporter from the Toronto Star tweeted the following re: Pence---

THIS all day every day

Under Trump, the US Govt is now an engine of systematic white supremacy

Bill Kristol taking aim at Pence/Trump is deliciious

How disrespectful! Someone placed a Colts hat on top of a cow pie.

Steve Schmidt says it so well

Harvey Weinstein has been fired.

Mike Pence, you lost your dignity when you went on the Republican ticket with a fucking moron.

In spite of Jeff Sessions, criminal justice reform still moving forward

Film producer Harvey Weinstein ousted from Weinstein Company

Bye, Harvey

Movment for the Reasonable Regulation of Firearms,,,,,,

Restaurant owners apologize and threaten to close after backlash over angry, pro-Trump Facebook post

Trump administration releases hard-line immigration principles, threatening deal on 'dreamers'

Sky World - By Bear Fox performed by Teio Swathe

Democrats rule out Trump's request for border wall funding in help for 'Dreamers'

Democrats unveil tax plan that, unlike GOPs, would actually help working families