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Best Halloween News Bloopers #3

How many more "extraordinary" days can we have in Washington.

Hunter S. Thompson Television Series in Development.

Poll: Fewer than a third of Americans support Trumps tax plan

2018 US Senate Election-due to the recent announcement of Flake (R-AZ) not seeking re-election,

MUST READ: Jeff Flake's brilliant, patriotic speech is the GOP's death knell

ICE Arrested a Man in Oregon Without a Warrant. Senators Want to Know Why.

Record-Melting Fall Heat Wave Bakes Southern California


A's Catcher Bruce Maxwell Says He Was Denied Service at Restaurant for Kneeling During Anthem

What the f*** happened today?

Remember when we thought Karl Rove was the most evil man in America?

Rachel Maddow Is Blowing Out Sean Hannity Among Younger Viewers Age 18-49

How Kaspersky Lab got on the US government's bad side

MLB player who took a knee says Trump-supporting waiter refused to serve him

Analysis In Trumps White House, there is no right or wrong. There is only winning or losing.

Manafort faces new money laundering probe: report

Nunes latest distraction: House Intelligence Committee begins new investigation of Clinton, Obama

2018 Democratic Presidential Ticket-Amy Klobuchar/Bob Casey.

Warning about Malwarebytes

Anna Faris Shares Story About Male Director Sexually Harassing Her On Set

Why all the attacks on GOP pols now criticizing Trump?

Word got out among GOPer pols about Chris Hayes

Trump Decides Not to Deport Dissident After Learning Hes a Mar-a-Lago Member

Turkeys western allies silent as 11 human rights activists are dragged to court

GOP senator tells CNN's Blitzer: It's 'your job' to speak up on Trump

Does anyone have a clip of Ben Carson

Hey, Bill Oreilly

Game for tonight: Find a "Good News" US political story. Just one.

Majority Report Producer Discusses Horrible Encounters with Disgraced Photographer Terry Richardson

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Fresh Malloy Show Tonight! Live Uncensored & a new

Highly Recommended Loving Vincent

well i met a sister today.

Where do we get Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter?

Happy Birthday Nancy Cartwright!


GOP Jellyphant (Luckovich 'toon)

Your favorite places to visit?

Alaska senators tell Trump not to change back name of mountain

Saudi Crown Prince: Saudis want "lives where our religion, our traditions translate into tolerance"

Chicken Noodle Cornbread Omelette ...

50 years from now, the GOP still may not have accomplished a single item on Trump's 1st 100 Day list

Sarah Sanders defends Trump after GOP senators lambaste him

No one says to Steve Bannon, You look like a bag of trash. Do you want me to throw you out?

To Steve Bannon's allies, Jeff Flake's departure is a win

How long do you think it should take to get a wedding thank you

Has anyone noticed...

Rutgers Professor Calls Judaism Most Racist Religion, Blames Jews for Armenian Genocide,

Can't put the phone down syndrome

$70 to visit Mount Rainier, Olympic parks? Agency says fee hike would ease work backlog

McConnell, McCain praise Flake after blistering anti-Trump retirement speech

If you believe in a creator god or gods, how did they create?

Tillerson in Afghanistan: Photo of meeting apparently doctored

There was someone running against McCain in last year primaries

Democrat outperforms Hillary, Obama to win NH House special election

Lawmakers seek probe of power contract to Zinke neighbor

So... what was so funny that Obama and Bush cracked out laughing?

GOP & Leadership Are Not Afraid Of Trump. They Are In Full Collusion W/Him.

In the clash of American cultures, John Kelly picks his side

Gallup polling 31% of Americans identified as Democrat, 24% Republican, 42% Independent "VOTE"

Sleep, Snack, Sleep

Judge: Kentucky Taxpayers Will Pay for Bill In Kim Davis Case

The forgotten Russian sanctions

10 Minutes. 12 Gunfire Bursts. 30 Videos. Mapping the Las Vegas Massacre.

Consumer Bureau Loses Fight to Allow More Class-Action Suits.

After Day of Feuding, Jeff Flake and Bob Corker Join Trump to Upend a Major Consumer Protection

Seth Meyers: The Check In: Robert and Rebekah Mercer disturbing stuff

Expert looking for cabinet post. Should not be difficult. There are spaces yet unfilled.

National Park Service considers fee hike of up to 180% for most popular parks, including Yosemite

A Suspected Network Of 13,000 Twitter Bots Pumped Out Pro-Brexit Messages In The Run-Up To The EU Vo

Bannon To Create 3rd Party Called "No Bathers Party" To Defeat Trump & Liberals...

Seth Meyers: Bill O'Reilly's Harassment Settlements Melania Trump's Anti-Bullying Campaign Monologue

New GOP name! GOP aka "Grand Old Psychos!" n/t

Broiled Asparagus with Soy-Ginger Vinaigrette

Trumps Golden Rule of Governing


Who here thinks of Kim Jong Un when they read this?

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 27, 2017 -- Star of the Month: Anthony Perkins

What do sea monsters eat?


If there really is a Hell, a special place is reserved there for Mike Pence

So Paulie Manafort's NY laundering business is under yet more scrutiny:

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 28, 2017 -- The Essentials - Howard da Silva

How do you fend off agressive people trying to push their multi-level marketing schemes &

I am from the states, and I just got back from a tour throughout Spain, and a good number of my

The Daily Show: Mr. "Personal Responsibility" Bill O'Reilly Plays the Blame Game

The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind Trump Presidency 1:05:00 audio read - by Jane Mayer

PM me with your order

Grassley calling for "Special Council" in Uranium One affair... (Twitter)

Bike ride turns to fearful encounter with police

Two-person energy firm's $300 million Puerto Rico contract raises eyebrows

Bill O'Reilly: "I'm mad at God."

Federal Prosecutors Issue Subpoenas in Manafort Laundering Probe

NAACP issued travel advisory warning people of flying with American Airlines

Entire Island of Maui Loses Power as Severe Storms Pound Hawaii

Flake, Corker, and McCain

Canada child benefit: How your family is affected by the latest changes

Federal officers raid Nederland health clinic

ICE Arrested a Man in Oregon Without a Warrant. Senators Want to Know Why.

Dangerous, utterly untruthful: Two retiring GOP senators sound alarm on Trump

GOP businessman announces campaign to oust US Sen. Warren

Senate votes to kill new rule allowing class-action lawsuits against banks

Maggie Haberman on Twitter:

Thought for the day

Trump Jr. pushes father's nationalist message during speech at Univ. of North Texas event

Lawsuit: Louisiana sheriff rejected applicant because of HIV

You own it: New Zealand party told to pay for Eminem rip-off

AZ-SEN: Joe Arpaio still considering Arizona Senate run, says he met Steve Bannon twice

Wyoming to implement state-led accreditation process

Unless Trump Strokes Out Or Something He Is Not Going Anywhere. And GOP Will Do Nothing Anyway.

Judge faces questions after letting murder suspect take off GPS device; suspect vanishes

The RNC sent out the Post's Fusion GPS story with this very critical line removed

Lakeway mayor fined by Texas Ethics Commission for fake online ID

He was mad at his neighbors for spraying water on his car, so he shot them

Federal study contradicts Trump on climate change, warns the Southeast will be hardest hit

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/24/17

Stephen Colbert: Guest Jake Tapper Destroyed Bill O'Reilly On Twitter

There are 13 Republicans on House Intel Committee, just 3 regularly attended Russia hearings

Polio Could Be Eradicated Worldwide By Years End, Says Gates Foundation

Vaping vs. Smoking Pot: Which is Better For You?

Appeals Court Says Montana's Campaign Limits are Legal

Typhoid vaccine set to have 'huge impact'

Trump tax plan no middle-class miracle for Montana

1901, Annie Edson Taylor, school teacher, becomes first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel

Montana student with disabilities was moved to basement, denied education, lawsuit claims

36 Fitz sailors receive Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal

Commander of first flight of space shuttle Challenger dies

Woman pleads guilty to embezzling $100,000 from Rocky Boy clinic

This court decision demonstrates that the Forest Service can and should protect the last vestiges o

Woman admits making fake $100 bills by bleaching $1 bills, using them in Montana

Democrat--and a Republican-- Urges Probe of Power Contract to Zinke Neighbor

Silver mine opponents ask Montana to suspend permits

Maybe Don't Dress Your Kid Up As Moana This Halloween?

Finding Your Roots: Larry David and Bernie Sanders

VIDEO: Oct 24 - Sen Sanders addresses sustainable business leaders at #SustyBiz 17

Congress at work: Republican committees investigate Clinton and Obama

National Park Service proposes raising Yellowstone entrance fee to $70

1. I can drink

Bulldog Tries To Protect Leonardo DiCaprio From Bear Attack!

Trump ERA: Queer Catholics In Wisconsin May Be Denied Religious Funerals To Avoid Public Scandal

Bozeman Democrat announces U.S. House candidacy

Dark Money Group Received Massive Donation In Fight Against Obamas Supreme Court Nominee

Senate kills rule that made it easier to sue banks

Fall Canceled After 3 Billion Seasons

Homecoming queen kicks dramatic game-winning field goal over rival

State Department releases photo of meeting in Afghanistan. It was doctored. Fake news.

#AlertTheDayCareStaff The big boy is pissed!

Court grants Ruffatto more time in his bid to avoid prison

Heather Lind accuses ex-Prez George H.W. Bush of sexual assault

Conduct complaints filed against US U.S. Ambassador Scott Brown...

Casper city manager says he can nearly balance city budget without layoffs; details yet to come

My wife had an "a...haaa...." moment

Under Trump, Made in America Is Losing Out to Russian Steel

Great Speech, Jeff Flake: Now Do Something About Trump

Lack of opportunities, housing prompt youth to look elsewhere

The New Yorkers newest President Trump cover is the most brutal one yet

2 killed including a student in campus shooting at Grambling State University, authorities say

Republicans on Houses Trump-Russia Probe Not That Interested in Trump or Russia

Picture of George Washington Flipping Off Trump Goes Viral

I am encouraged by President Bush and Senators McCain, Corker, and Flake

Breakthrough in magnesium processing could revolutionize the auto industry

Former Clinton Spox Brian Fallon: If Dossier Helps Mueller, It Was 'Money Well Spent'

The Divider In Chief seems rather restrained in rebutting Senators Corker And Flake

The Four Red States Where Trump 2020 Is Already in Trouble

Majorities in new poll see Trump as reckless, not honest

Trump: Meeting with GOP senators a 'love fest,' except for Corker, Flake

Impending Environmental Crisis In Iowa (farm chemicals)

Flake won't rule out 2020 presidential bid

Bill O'Reilly Turns Eric Bolling Jr. Boulder Overdose Death Into Sex Claim Attack

Fewer than a third of Americans back Trump tax plan: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Kelly: When A (Retired) General Goes Off Half-Cocked -- Gene Lyons

Rob Bishop (Asshole - UT) Bill Would Ban Creation Of N Monuments Over 1 Sq Mile In Size

Trump purges enemies and reshapes party in his image

Tammy Baldwin and Bernie Sanders fight economic inequality and fiscal irresponsibility

Schumer takes hard line with Trump on taxes

That's your job, not mine. Stunning.

If Flake should decide to run against Trump for President in 2020....

Corker and Flake Still Unpatriotic

GRL - Arctic Satellite Data May Be Overstating Sea Ice Thickness By Up To 25%

Flake: 'I didn't vote for this president last November'

The Reason the GOP are Investigating Urianium Deal: Discrediting Mueller UPDATE: Video

Split the country in two and be done with it

GOP Senator lunch w Trump: "He just went on & on, talking about his accomplishments... It was inane"

National Journal: A Virginia Democrat Defies the Progressive Base

Norfolk VA & Naval Station Norfolk Are Slowly Sinking, And There Is No Plan

RNC Sends WaPo Dossier Story Out, Curiously Removes Line on Republican Funding

Someone Just Edited The Paintings In Trumps Oval Office, And Theyre Hilarious

'Like Going Back in Time': Puerto Ricans Put Survival Skills to Use

TPM: Marc Elias helped save his country by making the decision to fund this critical research

Republicans! Just because you won tickets for a free shit sandwich doesn't mean you have to eat it..

What does Flake mean by "stand up"??

'He died fighting for his brothers,' Niger ambush survivor says of fallen US soldier

"Who the hell does God think he is?" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

BUSTED: Rachel Maddow reports that State Dept lied and faked photo of Tillerson in Afghanistan

Sorry to spoil your morning mr. trump:

THE Empty Barrel:

Enough - By Jeff Flake

Residents Of Delhi "Dying One Breath At A Time"; Non-Smokers' Lung Cancer Cases Increasing

Let's do some math

Cate Blanchett Slams Steve Bannon To Make An Excellent Point About Feminism

The Bush daughters were just on Morning Joe

There Were No Chairs In The Room.....

Mickey Edwards lectures Congress:

George H.W. Bush apologizes after actress accuses him of groping her

Dirty old man

Bacon or Sausage?

Kraft mayo or Hellmans?

Cory Gardner's Star Fades As NRSC Fundraising Nosedives

Are Trump's Generals in Over Their Heads?

Sen. Flake: GOP Must Stand Against Trump's Behavior 'Or Lose That Chance'

Former Attorney General Sally Yates Tweets a warning

15 years after Iron Range plane crash, Wellstone's legacy still felt

Jeff Flake's diagnosis is right. But it's not enough. - WaPo Editorial Board

Coke or Pepsi?

Amazon Key takes deliveries to new level: Inside your home

Melissa or Ellyn?

Flake's "courage"

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Lyin' and Cryin'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Trumpers

Attack the strengths of your opponent.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - Abuse

Jeff Flake is a pathetic weasel, not withstanding his attempted grandstanding.

Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump

Trump Implodes During Easiest Interview in History

Gold Star Widow Confirms Horrible Trump Phone Call "100%"

Koch/Mercer-Funded Libertarians Have Taken Over the GOP

Tom Steyer's impeachment commercial playing now on M$M.....brilliant

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Obama discriminated against coal, nuclear: U.S. energy secretary

Hipster cat:

So the 2018 GOP campaign meme will be about Clinton

THE 10 COMMANDMENTS from T-shirt company I use #2GIVE A FUCK They want you to stay numb. Don't.

YouTube Trumpkin and Former Milo Intern Kills His Own Dad for Calling Him a Nazi

Republicans take first step to bursting stock market bubble and sending us into economic crash...

Trump Cancels Entire Schedule to Focus on Choosing Insulting Nickname for Bob Corker

Today Sen Sanders, Peter Welch, Elijah Cummings‏ introducing legislation on Medicare drug prices...

Buildings Across U.S. Are Wrapped in Same Panels That Fueled Deadly London Fire

Rick Perrys Anti-Market Plan to Help Coal

Combustible Panels Pose a Global Danger

On Corker, Flake and McCain

Sphincter Jr got paid $100,000 to say this:

Has NASA Facebook page been taken over by Russian bots too???

May I present Rev William Barber.. extraordinaire

Flake News!!

I know it has been a long year for most?

Fact Checker - Trump's claim that he's done more 'by far' than Obama in the fight against ISIS

If Trump had inherited Bush's economy?

As GOP Senators Bail, Republicans Are Learning What A Trump Party Looks Like

Fats Domino has died at the age of 89

House GOP tax leader threatens to break Trump's promise not to change 401(k) rules

There are lots of concrete things a Republican senator...could do as next steps

Why is the Divider In Chief so meek in the face of Corker's and Flake's attacks ?

The path Trump voters have taken has a name.


Trump poses a threat to our national ideals (Houston Chronicle)

YouTube Trumpkin and Former Milo Intern Kills His Own Dad for Calling Him a Nazi

Tell me I'm not the only one who thought this

Carson: Critics of Trump's call to Army widow are 'just looking for something to complain about'

Jeff Flake deserves credit?

"OtherLife." Excellent sci-fi movie. One of the best I've seen in a while.

Hey republicans! Let's make a deal!

San Juan mayor calls for canceling 'alarming' contract for Puerto Rican power repairs

Fats Domino has died.

Fats Donino just passed away.

Report: Far-right extremists are using leaked military and intelligence documents to sway elections

US suspects Niger villager betrayed Army troops

"The victim here is the President"

Memories - Thanks, Fats (1928-2017)

Frontline: Putin's Revenge, Part 1

!!This shows Hillary was determined to defeat Trump from the beginning!!

'Fats' Domino, boogie-woogie pianist who helped launch rock-and-roll, dies at 89

Trump Data Guru: I Tried to Team Up With Julian Assange

Without taking any substantive actions

We've already had 9 heinous acts of white nationalist terror in 2017

So if Trump declares martial law, what do we do?

Senate GOP Gives Huge Gift To Big Banks, Stripping Consumers Of Right To Sue As Group

Sarah Huckabee Sanders reminds me of . . .

Brothers charged after video shows them making anti-Semitic comments

House GOP tax leader threatens to break Trumps promise not to change 401(k) rules

Is Joe Scarborough setting himself up for a run for President?

DNC paid for dossier!?!? So what . . . They picked up where a Republican left off and continued

Poll: 64 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana

Andrea Mitchel

Trumps policies screwing his own voters while helping more Clintons voters

Undocumented teen gets abortion before Trump can appeal

Science Pixs

Stephanie Rhule just interviewed a congressman from Utah!

Does anyone on DU work at Berkley

Murkowski, Collins, McCain, Flake, Corker all voted to give immunity to banks. You know who didn't?

IMO, We cannot count on a PR bump from those that move to the states for two reasons.

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr, a new civil rights leader takes center stage

RNC is at it again

This Morning's Republican Meme

If Trump told his supporters to line up on 5th Avenue while he held a gun, they would.

108F in SLO on 10/24 is the hottest temperature ever measured in the U.S. so late in the year.

How can one take a stripper seriously, Donny Jr. asks

Hey Donald, I hear you like standing ovations. Tell you what.

@Climatologist49: Here is my official Winter 2017-2018 seasonal outlook.

What Donald and the RNC meant to say

Wave of addiction linked to fentanyl worsens as drugs, distribution, evolve

Democrats introduce public option health care bill

I am doing something I have never done before...Brand New Experience..!!!!

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Cries "Fake News" While Faking Some News

"He is horrible person, but gonna get our laws passed anyway"!

Summer and Fall and Road Construction Season Is about Over in MN

Paul Ryan just defecated in the Sacred Red Hat. "US lawmakers will not tackle healthcare this year"

Why Was Bill Browder Blocked From Flying To The US?

Texas House Speaker who blocked bathroom bill will not seek reelection

Moose: 1 Prius: 0

Take a guess how corrupt the $300 million Whitefish-contract for Puerto Rico actually is...

Wrong place

The republican mantra makes about as much sense as giving a bicycle to a fish.

#breaking @speakerstraus will not run for reelection #txlege

Interesting article from the Daily Beast

The lure of the steady physician: Is Northam's resume enough in the age of Trump?

A Common-Sense Case for a New Polytheism

UH OH, George H.W. Bush Apologizes After Sex Assault Claim

Here is a glaring example of Christianity used to murder people

BLS report: Employment is projected to grow by 11.5 million from 2016 to 2026, led by health care

Move over, Penn & Teller

Do Flake, Corker and McCain really want to show courage? Here's how

Why didn't they hire Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rican businesses to redo the electrical system?


Those who expect or demand Corker, Flake and McCain to now become Democrats are missing the point.

Puerto Rico's electric grid

Are you an angry drunk?

Marilyn Manson Splits With Bassist Twiggy Ramirez After Rape Allegations

Brother of Las Vegas Shooter Arrested on Suspicion of Child Pornography

Trumps Small Business Chief Gave Speech at His Hotel, but Aides Tried to Keep Location Quiet

Colbert's take on the CNN apple/banana commercial

Did ICE (USCIS) under Trump Sessions threaten JIM JEFFERIES the comedian?

Flake wasn't talking about Donnie Short Fingers

Tulsi Gabbard attacks democrats for funding Trump Oppo Research

The dossier questions could be a game breaker?

This, and not economic anxiety, is what elected Trump.

Amazon Key system will allow delivery drivers to unlock customers' doors

Trump just said, "the press makes me more uncivil than I am."

Kitten gets what's coming to her

Trump is such an ignoramus.

He spewing his crap again!

Perhaps the reason we have troops in Africa

EPA chemical review would exclude millions of tons of toxins

Trump campaign's data firm contacted WikiLeaks to ask for access to hacked Hillary emails

Advice for Adam Schiff

Words fail. Central Florida horror night.

Turn Around 📺📸

tRump gets pass on collusion with Russia, but media throws Hillary under the bus for dossier?

Which Repuke primary candidate started the STEELE Dossier?!

Vegas Gunman Stephen Paddocks Brother Arrested in Child Porn Probe

Alabama elections chief wants to send citizens to prison for 5 years for voting

BREAKING news, Steele Dossier contents leaked down Jeff Sessions leg

My favorite Halloween song

More Money Laundering: Trump associate Cohen sold four NY buildings for cash to mysterious buyers

Flake and Corker feel liberated to speak their minds. That should terrify Trump.

Army Vet: Why Trump Disrespects the Military

Cop commits a crime, gets reported to police, gets a 30-day-rehab, THEN gets arrested.

BTRTN: General Kelly? More Like General Kellyanne Conway

BTRTN: General Kelly? More Like General Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump 'kept book of Adolf Hitler's speeches in his bedside cabinet'

CBO: Bipartisan health-care bill would reduce deficit by $4B over 10 years

A Defiant Surrender to Trump

Fact check: Trump cites 70,000 jobs affected by Boeing order

"We talked condolence. It's all about condolence."--The Madman on Myeshia Johnson.

Breakdown in North Korea Talks Sounds Alarms on Capitol Hill

Updated: Watch: Republican Almost Hits Democratic Senator With Car, What She Says Is Hilarious

Virtually All Republicans Are Trump Republicans

For Some Youths, Minor Offenses Lead to Major Sentences in Adult Prison

Tax Cuts Are Only Thing Holding GOP Together

Senior military officials sanctioned for more than 500 cases of serious misconduct

Kellie Ward on MSNBC,,,,,,,,,,

Trump won't say if he will apologize to Gold Star widow -- but boasts his memory is better than hers

The Silent Minority

AZ's Kelli Ward is on with Katy Tur -- Ward is horrible.


San Juan mayor calls to void contract awarded to tiny Montana company

TPM - Marshall "President Again Actively Assisting On-Going Russian Attacks"

Washington Tops $1.1 Billion in Cannabis Sales at 9-Month Mark

From an earlier post: The big lie- tell it until its accepted as fact

Cambridge Analytica Data Guru: "I Tried to Team Up With Julian Assange"

🐦 Oct 30 7PM- Bernie Sanders to rally with Mayor de Blasio at Terminal 5 reelection campaign event

PJM Board Authorizes $1 Billion In Transmission Upgrades

Trump administration to allow quick and dramatic expansion of drone use

**BREAKING: Xi Jinping Exits Congress With Near-Absolute Authority

George H.W. Bush apologized for what he did. How weird is it...

Another GOP WTF!

Yes, I would tape my britches up too:

Twitter Video about the Iraq War featuring @BernieSanders

Woody Harrelson: 'I wish there were a way to get rid of that son of a bitch.'

Majority think Trump reckless

A good drone but not expensive?

Under water in Indiana

"Send In the Clowns" Barbra Streisand Trump Parody

Fewer than a third back tax plan

Being intelligent is like being cool.

Yeah, about that "Ivy League school" thing...

Loses Ground on Puerto Rico Response

An unknown Photoshop GENIUS touched up the paintings of the founding fathers in the Oval Office

Rethugs Are Pretending They Didn't Fund The Trump Golden Shower Dossier Before Hillary Clinton

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr, a new civil rights leader takes center stage- Rev.Dr. Barber

Oct 30 - Bernie Sanders to rally with Mayor de Blasio at Terminal 5 reelection campaign event


Ryan: "Tax cuts must speed though choppy waters." Because, you know, millionaires.

Gary Cohn is reportedly set to leave the White House as soon as tax reform is done

Dem. Candidate for Georgia's 6th State Senate District Unmasked as Anti-LGBT & Anti-Woman

The Big WaPo Story & Why Everyone Needs to Thank Marc Elias

With business booming under Trump, private prison giant gathers at presidents resort

What would your reaction be??

The amount of trash in the ocean off Honduras is gut-wrenching

Happy 76th 🎂 Helen

In a restaurant, if a meal I order comes with more food on the plate

Angry librarian goes on brutal Twitter rant after journalist suggests closing all libraries

Las Vegas shooter's laptop missing its hard drive

Quiz: 🎃 What Will Be Written On Your Tombstone? ⚰️

Pierce: Here's What Happened Among Republicans a Few Hours After Jeff Flake's Speech

The three finalists for the book keeping job included a CPA, a mathematician, and a former GOP

YouTube Trumpkin and Former Milo Intern Kills His Own Dad for Calling Him a Nazi.

Nikki Haley Evacuated From South Sudan Camp After Protesters Descend

Are religious people more moral?

EPA's Pruitt Denies He's an Ally of Polluters, Vows to Get Tough

Send Adult Diapers to the President

With business booming under Trump, private prison giant gathers at president's resort

If someone should be able to unseat Trump as a GOP candidate for president?

This Woman Spent 14 Years Photographing The Worlds Oldest Trees.

If the Democrat wins in the upcoming election in NJ and VA....

As a Penn alum this is so embarrassing. Worse than having Harvard & Princeton students chant at you

Making Ma Po Tofu with Green Beans over rice. I tweak & adjusted these recipes.

Met my first Trump voter the other night.

Wild One 📻

If you are a Deplorable you like today's polls as much as you like the truth

GGUU (Original by Kawehi)

Thanks GOP (for nothing)

What's your favorite Fats Domino song?

Private Prison Giant Parties At Trump Resort After Landing $110M ICE Detention Center Contract

National park fees could double

Judge dismisses charges against one friar in Altoona Diocese abuse case

Honolulu pedestrians to face texting and walking fine

Have you checked out Steyers' TV ads

The People Running President Donald Trump's EPA Used To Work Against It All In MSNBC

China Unveils New Leadership With no Clear Successor for Xi

NASA to take millions of 'people' to Mars for free... ?

From Silicon Valley to Staten Island, Russian troll sites kept online by American companies

Trump says he did not "specifically" authorize Niger mission

The Republican Party of 2018 should induce panic now

New study finds "alarming" 75 percent decline in insect populations Atlanta Journal-Constitution At

Whitefish Energy Attacks San Juan Mayor on Twitter

Man Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Repairing Hurricane Harvey-Damaged Homes TIME

DU Grammar Fans are gonna LOVE this Trump statement.

How Republicans Are Jumping on New Steele Scoop to Distract From Trump-Russia Scandal - David Corn

NAACP warns black passengers about Un-American Airlines

AHHHHH- BOP or The Fake Tail Twitch

Charisma Media Promoting Book Claiming Trump's Election Was A Miracle From God

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct., 25, 2017

Senate repeals big bank arbitration clause, makes them harder to sue

Colin Kaepernick Invited By NFL Players To Next Meeting With Owners SI Wire Sports Illustrated

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-19: The New Adventures Of Robin Trump & Liddle Bob Edition

Judge won't force Trump to keep making ObamaCare payments


Breifart Editor on MSNBC asked abouit Flake........

Replacing the basement smoke detector batteries...

Sen Sanders: Thank you to the @AFLCIO for your resolution in support of Medicare for All.

Would Trump have sent congratulations to Stalin when he had a pickax put in Trotsky's head

Gallup poll - 64% of Americans say it's time to

CheckMate! Manafort Boxed in by NY Local and State Investigations

I just LOVE Hillary Clinton.

But don't call them Nazis..... Or they'll fucking kill you:

Trump Diehard and Former Milo Yiannopoulos Intern Stabs Father to Death for Calling Him a Nazi: Repo

The Jones Act And The Debt Crisis

Call out the vote in VA

New Documentary Remembers Standing Rock in Beauty and Catastrophe

Wow! Watching CNN Situation Room and just saw an ad for impeachment

Trump, as godawful as he is, is only a distraction. That's the real nightmare.

What most impressive museum exhibits have you seen? Please add yours

We need to step up our Alabama GOTV effort - Senatorial bid looms

How to be a WINNER! and still be a victim

Twitter Video: Drug companies have bullied Congress into inaction while millions suffer ...

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt explains how Corker and Flake can make a pact with Dems and shut Trump

For the first time, somewhere in space, aliens tune their antennas to Earth


Thanks To Trump Your Health Insurance Premiums Are Going Up By 34% Next Year

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Hatred of North Korea for the U.S. is Understandable..

Men photographed in crocodile trap dubbed 'idiots of the century'

McCain: 'Further actions' to be taken if Trump doesn't enact Russia sanctions

Scientists engineer proteins that caused obese animals to lose weight and lower cholesterol

'Science fiction': Cuban officials dismiss claims of sonic attack on US diplomats

'Science fiction': Cuban officials dismiss claims of sonic attack on US diplomats

Prince Charles: Companies chased away from Amazonian rainforests now destroying plains

Prince Charles: Companies chased away from Amazonian rainforests now destroying plains

Bruce Paddock, the brother of Steve Paddock the Las Vegas shooter....

Giant sequoia doing well 4 months after Idaho uprooting


Is atheism the reason for Ta-Nehisi Coates' pessimism on race relations?

Prosecutor indicted in 2012 police brutality cover-up


Russian Interference Had No Impact On Election, Reports Website Created 8 Minutes Ago

What is the Raw Street Journal? Who owns It? The are claiming La David Johnson

Mother Jones: Senate Judiciary Committees Russia Probe Just Blew Up

Now that the fucking TRAITOR Grassley and his buddies have openly admitted they dont

Taking down crime: Customer tackles bank robber

Scott Brown: still an a-hole.

Cambridge Analytica boss says he asked Assange for Clinton's emails

Trump blames Generals for Niger ambush

Retired Mississippi sheriff faces evidence tampering charge

Republican official who 'would have shot' Guardian reporter resigns

Can empathy be learned? Science offers some clues

'toon: Where are you sleeping tonight?

3 Dartmouth profs accused of serious misconduct are on leave

Republican official who 'would have shot' Guardian reporter resigns

450-pound seal removed from northern Alaska airport's runway

As Tensions Simmer, Poll Shows Majority of Democrats Want Bold Leftward Shift

ShitStain Alert: US Ambassador Scott Brown under investigation for comments in Samoa

Drive Trump Crazy - Keep Him In A State Of Continual Counterpunching......

Tweety sure is on a roll tonight. damn.

Legalized Islamophobia in Quebec

The Latest: Brazilian lawmakers block trial for president

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The Latest: Brazilian lawmakers block trial for president

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