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Yes or No 1 So I love you full movie (Eng Sub)

Is solar a net energy loser above 46 degrees north?

Tony the Mooch was out of town with Trump during the birth of his child.

Moveon Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre: Trump Will Try To 'Dismantle It, Defund It, Bleed Obamacare'

Mooch text when wife gave birth

Why are women the unsung heros?

Australian police disrupt a terrorist plot to blow up a plane. They've caught

Questions about Medicaid as a path toward universal coverage.

Trump Directs Threats Toward Poor People's Healthcare So He Can 'Win'

Let's make a list of tRump's accomplishments according to the Mooch.

My Little Bride (2004) korean full movie with English subs

Does Trump actually have the power to withhold ACA payments?

LBJ Official Trailer (2017)

ALERT: The fight continues as Trump still intent on cutting Medicaid without Trumpcare

Breaking News: Scottish Authorities Just Made Scotland Great Again

Murkowski greeted with hugs in Alaska

Coast Guard spends more to protect Trump at Mar-a-Lago than the military spends on trans healthcare

A Poet in New York

West Wing got me through the W years. What do we have now? Watching the State Dinner ep

15 Mindful Foxes By Roeselien Raimond That Teach Us How To Master Life

This crazy ex judge on fox

The Observer view on Donald Trumps unfitness for office - Observer editorial

Be advised: They can still repeal/replace Obamacare

Florida health care admin charged in $1B Medicare fraud case

Metallica -- Rose Bowl.

Scaramucci has quite the history!

This Ohio factory owner says she has jobs but few sober applicants

Please help me understand: I clearly remember PA called for Hillary

Note to *EXONERATED* Kathy GRIFFIN: Now go on a tour *ripping* DRUMPF (without visuals).

Man burned after mystery package explodes on his doorstep

Who's next burn in the Drumpster fire?

FEARLESS CATS 29 Cats Who Are Totally Badass

House Dem jests: It's nice that not all male colleagues interrupt her

Gary Kasperov interview discussing odds, artificial intelligence, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin...

Injured man held hostage by cartel after ICE 'dumped him' at Texas border, lawyer says

Song I put on repeat when Drumpt got installed.

This wolf needs an orange wig...

Then & Now:

Godson of 'El Chapo' turns himself in to DEA at Calexico border

Susan Collins withstood tremendous pressure.

Iraq: A Deadly Deception


If Graham had this wonderful idea for a healthcare bill before, why didn't he share it

Atomic Blonde. Charlize Theron. Holy Shit! -- No Spoilers

Gary Kasparov is considering coming out of retirement!

China first ever Army Day Parade

Seriously, they (Republicans who else !) are still fighting about light bulbs?

Thoughts from one Alaskan woman on Sen. Murkowski health care vote:

Scarmucchi overcharged Skybridge buyers by promising special access to Trump

Mexican Reporter's Asylum Bid Rejected Despite Death Threats

Maxine Waters knows her audience.

Who's the cat who won't cop out, when Senate Republicans are all about?

Just saw Dunkirk. Wow! What an incredible film!

How many republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

Iowa evangelical leader suggests Trump fire Scaramucci

CNN: MS-13 Members Say Trump Is Actually Helping the Gang

On that whole Trump escort thing being bandied about...

House Republicans want a new, sweeping probe of Clinton

This is a new one...what's Trump angry about NOW?

Triple-layer catalyst does double duty

The total pleasure

Another right-winger who has the "I got mine, so (bleep) you!"

Jason Kander on Susan Collins

Hey, Elway Supremo,,,

A Joyfully Defiant U.S. Mens National Team Takes the Gold Cup

The Scaramucci Divorce Trial will be a Tsunami of revelations all on its own.

When Mike Pence was Gov of Indiana, he had no political future without Trump.

U.S. flies bombers over Korean peninsula after North Korea missile test

From a C-SPAN program this evening...

WH Chief of staff best practice to choose 4 things

Pence raises $1 million for PAC at fundraiser: report

A Quick, Satisfying Fix for Weeknight Chicken

These Hackers Reveal How Easy It Is To Hack US Voting Machines

Brazil Deploys 8,500 Armed Forces in Rio de Janeiro

Voting Machine Hacking Village DEF CON 25

5th person dies trying to cross Rio Grande into Texas

Some advice for the FBI from John Aravosis

Eat, prey, love: bald eagles adopt baby hawk into their nest in Canada

We Are Getting On More Dangerous Ground As Trump Seems More Unhinged.

First Nations leader urges Canada to prosecute 'out of hand' hate speech

As insurers shun South Florida, Universal Property & Casualty gobbles market share

Three men convicted of running $25 million sweepstakes fraud

How to summarize ACA exchange failures re: Little Marco's 2014 poison pill risk corridor amendment

FR is under a multi-day DOS attack.

Grocery stores are adapting to male shoppers and treating them like knuckleheads

Leader Of Voter Fraud Probe Really Doesn't Want To Release Trump Meeting Documents

GOP's Miller hopes to unseat Democrat Murphy

Getting ready to go fishing

Obamacare Is Alive Because It Has Made Life Better For Millions

F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'Last Tycoon' reborn on TV

State regulators to weigh FPL's nuclear plans for Turkey Point

Skeptics in oil industry question whether Keystone XL pipeline is still needed

Is the Queer Community Eating Its Own (Again)?

Florida Man Learns Hard Way Not to Joke About Bar Tab Being Payment to ISIS

Scooping out oil spills made easy by IISER (Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research)

John Kelso, RIP: Veteran Austin American-Statesman columnist died, aged 73

Former Republican Railroad Commissioner: Bathroom Bill Harms Teens And Republicans

Harris County Shuts Down Three More After-Hours Clubs

Vile antisemitism in The Sunday Times article by Kevin Myers. UK's largest national newspaper

How Do Texas Doctors Handle Pot Smoking Patients? Carefully.

The NHL's Arizona Coyotes Need an Arena. Houston Might Have One.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Action Packed Edition

Texas House Pursues Crackdown On Mail-In Ballot Fraud

It's my birthday and I'm feeling blue

Game of Thrones 7.3 "The Queen's Justice" (spoiler alert)

"The Death of Expertise" : how narcissism, stupidity and the internet got us an accidental president

Not Paying - If Trumpcare causes your bills to go up, be sure to send these people your bills

Sunday's Doonesbury - Find Me Some Miners!

The Observer on Trump: unfit for office

Shell shock

Amtrak's $630m Trump budget cut could derail service in 220 US cities

GOP staffer 4 Amendment passed in Judiciary to probe Comey & Clinton was crowdsourced on Reddit

Scaramucci was w/ Trump when his wife gave birth.He texted:"Congratulations, Ill pray for our child

Forget Breitbart: the White House has a new favorite rightwing media outlet

Teaching kids guitar hey all need good thoughts

Why is Google spending record sums on lobbying Washington?

Al Gore: 'The rich have subverted all reason' - MUST READ

Al Franken Tries Not To Laugh When Asked If He Believes Jared Kushners Russia Lies

Sunday Toon Roundup

Why do the DEMS on tv keep calling health insurance an entitlement?

Activists marking 100th anniversary of NAACP's silent parade see scary parallels

Scam alert: Trump's $1tn 'infrastructure plan' is a giveaway to the rich

Washington's biggest problem isn't gridlock or wasted dollars, it's men

The thing about Trump's infrastructure plan is: it doesn't really exist

Good question from @Milbank: What do we do if Trump really is bonkers?

Al Gore: 'Big money has so much influence now. Our democracy has been hacked'

State of the Union today: @MichaelRCaputo @tedlieu @murphymike @RepBarbaraLee

The boog has struck again with mother in law

Mirror, mirror...

-------Bill Browder------ story of the week/year

German nightclub shooting: Two dead in Konstanz

The worst case scenario for the Russia investigation

What #Texas Tells Us About the Latest Threats to Womens Health Care

Twitter Links: CNN-SOTU

So Perfect.

Can Donald pardon himself for past-present-future rapes and murders?

China parades military strength as Xi moves to consolidate power

US tests defense system after North Korea missile launch

ObamaCare opponent: Im still on my parents' insurance

Reince is now apparently being threatened by a friend of Scaramucci.

Trump's infrastructure rebuilding plan, all done!

The Making of a Dictator.

No one picks better than me.

The dangerous myth of a singular, unified, white American South

Mike Huckabee my daughter will be able to handle the press

"The West Wing Weekly" swiftly shuts down clueless weasel Piers Morgan...

Sanders: Trump wants to sabotage health care - CNN

Trump from A to Z

Q: Will Trump's threat to cut congressional health care change your "no" vote? COLLINS: "No."

Amtrak's $630m Trump budget cut could derail service in 220 US cities

"I saw the Constitution once. It was just words on paper." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

That's 3 ...

Trumps luxury vacation costs spiral out of control, strain taxpayers and national security

Conservative Case for Universal Healthcare -In 5 yrs-American right will embrace socialized medicine

WOW! Chuck Toad brings noted truth-teller COREY LEWANDOWSKI to MTP! Must-see TV! WOW! REAL NEWS!

Atomic Blonde - Cinco dedos, arriba, Arriba!

Can the Pope excommunicate Scaramucci?

Conway: Trump to decide 'this week' whether to let Obamacare implode

'The president is a pyromaniac': the week Trump set fire to the White House

For some Saudi women facing strict male authority and even abuse, there's only one answer: Run

Is Trump golfing today? YES, indeed. So far, weve spent $54MM on his favorite pastime.

Important reminder:

Let's test which way the CAPTION winds blow

Joe Biden still wants to be president

Making a Gradual Conversion to LED Light

National Review: "Death of a F***ing Salesman: Donald Trump can't close the deal. "

This administration is such a disaster ...

Nataliya Veselnitskaya: "I met with Trump Jr. to Warn Him About Crooked Bill Browder"

Venezuela's leader casts unusual vote, decries 'terrorism'

Did Trump promise the Boy Scouts that he would fire Tom Price if the vote to repeal failed?

ObamaCare opponent: Im still on my parents' insurance

Lewiston dog thrown out with trash gets makeover, new home

Well worth a read -"So, listen up, Team Trump: Put that coffee down. Coffee is for closers only.

"The only thing ...more frightening than a disorganized, chaotic Trump...

Sanders: I'm 'absolutely' introducing single-payer healthcare bill

A must read 7/23/17 Wisconsin State Journal .... Evidence of republicans rigging the state

It took DEF CON hackers minutes to own US voting machines

Pet Psychiatrist Waiting Room

Scummucci is really the vice president now.

Here's another question that was never asked during the HC "debate"...

Theoretically in 2018, could every dem in the swing states request an absentee ballot before Nov?

Richard W. Painter‏ Sez:

Claude Taylor: Schneiderman source says Epstein offering tapes of significant investigation figures

Beltre is at 2,999 hits

August theme - Heat

McCain Gets Thanked

Trump more 'Presidential' than George Washington

Twin Leaf Jeffersonia diphylla an underused plant.

Jake Tapper (CNN) had an unusually good morn on twitter, you MUST see this

@SenatorCollins ...says that receiving spontaneous applause at Maine airport was "extraordinary"

Susan Collins troubled by Trumps threat to eliminate health insurance subsidies

In watching this segement of am JOY

hello from belgium

Rick Perry: "I Totally Support" Trump's Ban On Transgender Troops

California has too much pot, and growers won't be able to export the surplus

The Mooch's "congratulations" text to his wife reminds me of this memo Biden sent his staff on famil

58 th day at trump property 43rd day of golfing

White House Handles Another Crisis

Full Interview: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders - CNN

Full Interview: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders - CNN - July 30, 2017

Early H.S. Video of Scaramucci on Football Team

Mick Mulvaney - Director OMB - Is Lying Human Feces


Kaspersky Labs is about to take down everything here, is my bet.

Maybe Fox Noise has had enough of the BS, I am not holding my breath..............

Lawsuits could force feds to pay Obamacare insurers

They Just WANT TO WATCH The Poor Die When They Get Sick So Bad

Sinclair Television Stations LIst

Great visual! Sessions loves to see human beings put in cages.

"He. Shames. Us." Stolen from FB

Trump Wants The Repugs To Focus On The Healthcare Bill Because It.....

Republicans Want You To Die If You Get Sick And You Aren't Rich

I want to replace my kitchen recessed light bulbs

The Irish coin new Gaelic words for modern needs

Conservative on Trump: He is so bad he is in the running for the worst president of all time (VIDEO)

Fox host thinks it's good news that Granny Starver plans a BIG tax cut from cutting Welfare

Looking for laborer for house rehab RVA.

The President Show: Trump's surprise birthday party. "Is there a mop?"

"Eclipse 101" -- safety and viewing info from NASA

What Is Putins Little Puppet Tweeting Today To Distract Us

F.B.I. to Special-Order a Pair of Tiny Handcuffs

It Would Really Be Funny That After Kelly Had Dinner With Trump & Listened To MSM Analysis.....

I assumed people here knew, do you use KASPERSKY LABS on your PC? URGENT!! URGENT!!

The fish is rotting from the head for the second time in Russian history, Eidman says

William Browder Testifies - Russia Election Meddling

Imagine if Obamacare wasn't sabotaged?

N. Korean missile launch sends demand for U.S.-made bomb shelters surging

Let's build a wall to keep North Korea missiles out

How about changing elections in all states to at-roam legislatures (no geo boundaries), limits on $?

If the powers that be valued democracy

Donald Trump's Greatest Ideas: The Ultimate Guide (book)

Ice-cold watermelon, ice-cold beer and ice-cold deviled eggs

has anyone ever had yellow watermelon?

What are you reading this week of July 30, 2017?

Stand up comedy

Guess who is on MSNBC "protesting" the missile defense system.

Kellyanne responds to Sessions question: "Watergate, water polo, watermelon"

"We haven't had a general in the US Army win a war...since 1945"

Israeli court upholds jail term for ex-soldier in Hebron shooting

Cluster Of HIV Cases Involves Hispanic Men In San Antonio

Police officers injured in Venezuela after explosion at protest: witness

Police officers injured in Venezuela after explosion at protest: witness

In today's LA Times: Before transgender was a word, women served as men

Down Right Scary...

BREAKING - 755 US diplomats must leave Russia, President Putin announces

Anybody Else Wondering ....

The Future of Plastics

This morning's bullying tweet to China? Really? Does this IGNORANT FUCKING SHITGIBBON think . . . .

'Reclaiming My Time' - #1 Hit Summer 2017 - by Auntie Maxine

The Texas Legislature's Chainsaw Massacre

Health Chief Says No Decision on Continuing Obamacare Subsidies

GOP to begin vigorous sales-job on tax reform

----- Bill Browder coming up, CNN, 2:30 ET -----

If another major shoe drops about Russia during the August recess...will

Mulvaney: It's White House policy Senate keeps focus on healthcare

Perino Trump will move Sessions to DHL

Oh, look: "Fully transparent" WikiLeaks is lying by omission. Again.

Sergei Magnitsky's Prison Diaries:

Texas Police Oppose Anti-Union Bill Championed by Abbott, Patrick

Does Cannabis Cure the Common Cold?

Murray accuser files $3 million claim with the City of Seattle

has trump signed the russian sanctions bill yet?

Scaramucci Friend Threatens To Leak Dirt On Unemployed Reince Priebus

Trump's Base Sticks, Except in the South

Fallout Shelters - A Story from 1962

Jeff Koterba's July 30 cartoon: Skinny repeal takes a tumble

Which cartoon character is Trump?

Trump has not yet signed the sanctions bill from Congress.

tRump's golf analogy

Florida DUers keep one eye on this - Slim chance of GOM storm formation

178 migrants found abandoned in trailer in Mexico

Rohrbacher's wife was convicted and pled guilty to two huge electioneering crimes in the late 90s

Shell braces for lower forever oil amid electric vehicle boom

Will General Kelly be granted full COS power?

Sen. Jeff Flake says Republican Party has "lost its way"

Nashville mayor's son dies of apparent overdose

Border Patrol Sadistically Kills Teen By Making him Drink Meth - Waits half hour to call Medics.

Saudi Arabia says calls for internationalization of holy sites 'a declaration of war'

PENCE on RUSSIA! Like a broken clock, except a broken clock is right AT LEAST once a day.

Putin confirms US diplomatic missions in Russia will be cut by 755 people

Reservoir Derps

Rick Perry was tricked by Russian pranksters. This isn't his first 'oops' moment.

"I'm running a gladiator camp in the White House staff cafeteria."

Politicon in Pasadena CA: Any DU Attendees?

Eddie Munster speaks "DYNAMIC SCORING"

What's the story on the emoticons on this site? Haven't changed since Chimp was in office!

"The pResident does not support the troops"

The repubs are hanging all their hopes on Kelly to fix the WH...

DCCC Organizers Launch New Partnership With Swing Left

interesting point about how universal health care saves on auto insurance

In your opinion, best comedy of all time?

Had to share this - cute baby giraffe

From #BrowderDay - KAConway:

McCartney to write a song about trump on new album.

The Activist Mommy Has a Lot of Advice on How to Beat Your Children Properly

Ha ha: Anti-Trump group blasts Mitch McConnell on 'YOU MAKE US SICK' billboards in his hometown.

Wikileaks smears Mueller by misleadingly cropping quote from document:

Is a HAM radio license (and knowledge) useful during an emergency?

Has anybody here tried one of these as a car replacement?

Kasich: "When I get to the pearly gates-Im going to have an answer for what Ive done for the poor"

Bernie Sanders Pens Letter Of Appreciation To Twiddle

Senator Al Franken speaking truth to power about trump spreading misinformation directly from Putin'

My moment to eat crow

Inspired by the threat against Priebus. Maybe we should start sending out something like this-

Sanders: I'm 'absolutely' introducing single-payer healthcare bill

Bernies Vote On Sanctions Was About Protecting The Iran Deal From Trump

Confused: did the Rs take their one shot at reconciliation for the year, or no?

I keep seeing stories by this media

The Senate's sickening health care fiasco

Lawfare: Trump Is Both Menacing and Impotent

Cyclone 'Licks' Portugal Coast in Gorgeous Space Image

Our so-called president is getting ready to grab us by the.....wallet

It's not Obamacare anymore. It's our national health-care system.

So Trump, "the guy who knows how to fix the problem of the world, cause it is easy", how.....

Trump and the Christian Fascists

Can I buy a P, Pat?

Some #BrowderDay tweets:

I'm a Trans Veteran Who Served Six Tours in the Mideast. What Does Trump Have Against Me?

Canon expert: Vatican protected bishops for centuries

If Sessions is moved to DHS - as some speculate


IMO, does anyone know what Russia is going to do to handle automation???

This waste of taxpayer money for shit head's weekends has to stop. Now!

Are you noticing more "Help Wanted ' or "Now Hiring' signs where you live?

NYT: Republicans Worry That White House Disarray Is Undermining Trump

New Google algorithm restricts access to left-wing, progressive web sites

Argentina Delivers Thousands Of Documents To U.S. Holocaust Museum

Argentina Delivers Thousands Of Documents To U.S. Holocaust Museum

Reince looks scared to death when he proclaims his love for and dedication to

Outside adviser to Trump (Corey Lewandowski) calls for firing of CFPB head Cordray

Taibi slices up The Mooch. It's even worse than I thought.

Montana congressman to work at wheelchair nonprofit after attack on reporter

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Haskell Invitational Stakes

Chris Christie getting all up in someone's face at the Cubs/Brewers game (video tweet)

Nikki Haley proves her incompetence as an ambassador...

With Crises Looming We Have Administration Not Up To Even Amateur Hour.

While Anthony Scaramuccis wife delivers child, Anthony was with trump at jamboree......

Iraqi Shi'ite leader Sadr makes rare visit to Saudi Arabia

Russian propaganda has flooded U.S. airwaves. How about some reciprocity?

Defying international calls, Venezuela holds contentious election

The remaining Trump's base? IMO..

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 31 July 2017

Venezuelans stay away from polls to protest government vote

Venezuelans stay away from polls to protest government vote

If Sessions leaves, who can replace him? Three scenarios (Vladeck,

Trump insults and threatens GOP senators in long (twitter) rant after health bill failure

Does redundancy constitute bad grammar?

Republicans quaking in fear of "Rogue Trump" even MORE DELICIOUS than a well-done steak with ketchup

Nice tweet from McCain

"Thank You Lisa"

Philippines mayor accused by Duterte of drugs trade links shot dead

Maryam al-Otaibi: Saudi anti-guardianship campaigner freed from detention

you know-as long as blotus is feuding with GOP he isn't hurting us

Coming soon...

Freedom Tantrums: Fuck Trans Americans

South Korea president adopts meat farm rescue dog

I can't stop watching this!

XKCD Toon - Trumpian Logic

Two scoops is for closers

Clinton lost, but Republicans still want to investigate her

House heads into August recess with uncertain path on budget

Ex-Jet Marvin Washington Sues Jeff Sessions In Hopes of Legalizing Marijuana

Interior head to stop in Nevada hometown of standoff family

Northwestern US heat wave to jeopardize all-time record highs at midweek

Conscience of a Conservative