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"It's Like He Drowned Someone, Put On A Whistle And Called Himself A Lifeguard"

Won't Vote Trump! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Adorable snow leopard cub:

Biden campaign plans to run ad during every NFL game until Election Day

plane spotting at Narita - TOkyo. super hi def. ah the good old days

West Virginia governor's race warms up with new attacks

EXCLUSIVE: White House Mideast Peace Signing Ceremony on Tuesday having huge problems as Israeli...

Metro officials propose Silver Line delay in Loudoun County amid drop in ridership revenue

In these trying times, dentists are seeing more people with teeth-grinding and jaw-clenching ...

West Virginia hospital settles whistleblower suit for $50M

Peepaw tRump Blows A Gasket After Mike Bloomberg Spends $100 Million To Help Biden In Florida

CNN kicks Trump adviser off air after he refuses to address Woodward revelations

Biden Will Run Ad During Every Football Game

Intriguing Natasha Bertrand tweet

Officials: Iran weighs plot to kill U.S. ambassador to South Africa

Turkey says U.S. needs to return to neutral stance on Cyprus

Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton will be joined by Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph tomorrow

Marshall University in West Virginia to cut employee pay

*Al Franken on MSNBC/KC-DC. NOW.

#95 Terry Poe - Dallas Cowboys- took a knee.

VP Biden: "Weapons of war have no place in our communities. We need to ban assault weapons..."

Washington Gov. Inslee says state looks 'apocalyptic' from fires

It doesn't look like much of a crowd at the Nevada rally nt

*8:00 PM CARMEN JONES ( 1954)

On Western swing, Trump aims to court pivotal Latino voters

Pompeo to resume 'Madison Dinners' despite controversy

Deal being worked out to allow Oracle to acquire Tiktok (NBC)

There's nothing stopping the RNC from using voter intimidation tactics in November now that a decade

Joe Biden polls: Why the former vice president's national lead matters

Former Maine governor LePage is now a busy bartender as he ponders his political future

Wow! What a diverse crowd! Trump supporters file in for first entirely indoor rally in nearly 3 mos

'Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes To Claim Mental Condition Affecting 'Issue of Guilt'

The scene awaiting the president, who is en route now from his Las Vegas hotel.

How the Trump Campaign's Mobile App Is Collecting Massive Amounts of Voter Data

The Economist went to a construction site in Ohio, a key swing state - and this is what they found

As Trump played down virus, health experts' alarm grew

NBC News has obtained a photo from one of Pompeo's "Madison Dinners."

New study: Adults With COVID-19 Twice As Likely To Have Eaten At Restaurants

Princess Bride Reunion: Fezzik: Why do you wear a mask?

Old Time Religion (Arlo Guthrie/Pete Seeger - Precioius Friend)

Trump to hold first entirely indoor rally in nearly three months

Sen. Harris doing the job she has

'Grandson of Warren G. Harding and Lover Wants U.S. President's Body Exhumed'

Holy shit dude! Wilson Picket Covers Paul Rogers/Free!

A late Summer bloom

Lord, don't you wish it was true?

Pompeo bringing back 'Madison Dinners' mid-pandemic

Franklin County Court Rules All Ohioans Should Be Able To Request Absentee Ballots Online

You only get what you give

Black church leaders demand apology for Trump ad

Black church leaders demand apology for Trump ad

Another drumpf Craig's List ad for actors

"I'm going to interrupt you": Fox News' Chris Wallace destroys Trump adviser's talking points

Mormons rejected Trump as blasphemous. Now he likely can't win without them.

'From A Stable Job To A Tent: A Waiter's Homeless Struggle'

Giuliani Pleads Ignorance On Bombshell Report That His Ukraine Contact Is A Russian Spy

"Plaid Shirt Guy" puts one over on Trump. This is amazing. Watch it.

Colombia's defense minister leaves evidence of orchestrating terrorism online

'From A Stable Job To A Tent: A Waiter's Homeless Struggle'

OMG. I'm in tears. Rob Reiner said that he and Carl were reciting "The Princess Bride" &

Federal judge blocks U.S. Postal Service from sending "patently false" mailers to voters

Oracle Is Said to Win Deal for TikTok's U.S. Operations

Ohio House Holds Hearings On HB6 Repeal Proposal

Officer caught on own camera saying 'let's get these motherf******' at George Floyd protests

Total COVID-19 deaths for Polk County: 488....Orange County: 408

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says only liberals believe climate change and systemic racism are real

Read these quotes from drumpf supporters without smashing your computer

Emails show Pompeos knew their requests of State Dept. staff were personal tasks

Japan's Suga poised to win party race, headed for premiership

How I fell in love w the Twin Towers as buildings (before 9-11 fades for this year)

New York announces $50 fine for anyone who rides the subway, bus, or train without a mask

Watching "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix

A pod of 'crazy' killer whales is launching coordinated attacks on boats, terrifying the sailors and

The Washington Football Team amassed more points than their opponents today.

Before Trump bragged about his fake 'Bay of Pigs' award -- he was desperately trying to build a hotel

Before Trump bragged about his fake 'Bay of Pigs' award -- he was desperately trying to build a hotel

COVID-19: Mexico Plans To Vaccinate 25 Million People

Pier 58 on Seattle waterfront collapses

This is the best/funniest tweet from the opening of the football season

Wild Bear Sits Next to Guy by the River

It is this simple, anyone not voting for Biden/Harris is voting to overturn roe v wade

CIA operative detained after foiled oil refinery attack, Venezuela's Maduro says

If only...😂

"The Nazis Love Trump"

Good news-- PG&E has decided it won't be having so many power shut-offs as in previous years

Venezuelan media name alleged U.S. spy arrested near refinery complex

Idiots at the Trump rally are using signs to fan themselves

40 Ton Humpback Whale Leaps Entirely Out of the Water!

IA-SEN: As Election Nears, Iowa Senator Under Pressure For COVID-19 Remarks

A real live Jettson!

'Inconceivable!'More than 100,000 tune into 'Virtual Princess Bride Reunion' fundraiser for Wisc Dem

CO-SEN: Hickenlooper and Gardner run low-visibility campaigns in high-stakes Senate race

Speaker Pelosi responds to trump prescription drug price sham

White House Mideast Peace Signing Ceremony on Tuesday having huge problems as Israeli delegation/sec

I can't root for Dallas after seeing the ownwer

Bolivia's MAS Launches Campaign in El Alto, Loza Replaces Evo

I'm gonna be in a Seahawks/ Russell Wilson

Consumer advocate wants to know where utility got $60M from in alleged bribery scandal

Oracle wins bid to purchase TikTok- Owner is a major trump fundraiser

RNC Chair Ridiculed For Criticizing Joe Biden's Coronavirus Response

NAACP starts new campaign for black voters in battleground states

Happy to make this about his "results." Let's start with this result: 194,000 dead.

Kamala Harris is for us Joe Biden For President 2020

Jay Leno - Headlines

Rally "Actors" wanted for next Superspreader - "no experience necessary!"

Trump campaign pulls TV ads in Ohio and other states

This is really BAD news for IMPOTUS!

Local Nevadan live tweeting (and fact checking) drumpf rally

Tammy Duckworth: Did you hear that? No?

Start Of Pa. Election On Hold Due To Ballot Delay

From the Woodward interview on 60 minutes, I am convinced if Woodward came out in February

Sunday Meet the Press 9/13/20

BANE OUTTAKES (wear a mask edition)

Notice the big empty space on the right? That's where Donald Trump "works" the ropeline.

when mail in votes are counted.

Sean Spicer stumping for trump on YouTube ad

South Dakota AG Involved In Fatal Crash

P.A. System at Trump Rally Accidentally Blasts Woodward Tapes

Experts expect disasters to get even worse after 2020 due to climate change

Trump: They just don't know how violent the American people are.

McClatchy: More bad polling news coming...

'Top Trump Ally Urges Trump To Impose Martial Law, 'Seize' Election Day Votes'

Hurricane Center: Sally forecast shifts east, further away from metro New Orleans

Why did President Trump speak to Bob Woodward? - 60 Minutes - CBS

Woman Blinded by Chilean Police in 2019 Protests is Hospitalized

After the Princess Bride Table Read Carol Kane Had a Comment on Trump:

New Kamala Harris ad released just 4 minutes ago!

New Nevada polling out tomorrow...

Joe Biden (Spanish) campaign ad: "Dicen Mucho"

"This is Not a Country, This is a Mass Grave With a National Anthem": Anti-Police Protests Rock Colo

Religious Right, Social Conservative Groups Sign Up Volunteers To Police Elections For Voter Fraud

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Kevin McCarthy talking about Trump getting paid by the Russians

Its 50 days to the election..............and I dedicate this song for the LIAR

HEY GUYS - I think I just had a phishing encounter.

L.A. Neighborhood Is in Turmoil After Residents Place Boulders in an Underpass to Deter the Unhoused

State Supreme Court candidates

Kamala Harris Responds to Trump Downplaying COVID-19

Who doesn't like goats?

Trump mistakenly says Biden won a Nobel prize. Also...

Federal Judge Orders USPS To Stop Sending 'Patently False' Mailers To Voters, 'Will Sow Confusion'

Funeral during a pandemic - your advice wanted.

"Trump mimics how he thinks Latinos talk"

So Kellyanne Conway and former SoS/former Senator Hillary Clinton have a short conversation ...

Neal Katyal: 'Donald Trump's Day Is Coming And The Courts Got His Number' The Last Word MSNBC

Any other Jarre fans here?

The GOP is staging chaos on the way to a coup

'Biden Slams Trump's Failure To Address The Intensifying Climate Crisis Engulfing The West Coast'

Vet Gets 'Viciously Attacked' By Adorable Pomsky Puppies

China's 'purification' of classrooms: A new law erases history, silences teachers and rewrites books

California wildfires evening update: September 9, 2020

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 9/7/2020

'Our Real Home' - Venerable Ajahn Chah - Thai Forest Theravada Buddhism

Please send good vibes.

Sen. Merkley On West Coast Wildfires: It 'Puts On Exclamation Point' On Climate Catastrophe MSNBC

Hozier - Take Me to Church

Statement by Vice President Joe Biden on Supporting Police Officers in the Line of Duty

Minnesota veterans disturbed by reports of Trump denigrating military -- if they believe them

Wanna see what a Nobel Prize looks like?

Foxy Shazam - A Dangerous Man

CNN Live Exclusive a few minutes ago. Not the link to this, but similar.

Watching Little Big Man

Foxy Shazam - Dreamer

Ohio State cancels spring break due to COVID-19

The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary

Nevada Gov. Condemns Trump's 'Reckless And Selfish' Indoor Campaign Rally

Jake Tapper SHUTS DOWN interview after Trump adviser refuses to answer basic question

Taylor nukes the president and the GOP for being so 'desperate' they're blaming Biden for COVID

Trump makes up claims about new auto plants in Ohio, elsewhere

Cage The Elephant - In One Ear

WTF is a Supreme Court Justice doing hanging around a political dinner paid for by taxpayers?

Cage The Elephant - Back Stabbin' Betty

Today's Ttump rally violated host's gathering policy.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Cage The Elephant - Shake Me Down

Coronavirus: WHO Reports Record Daily Rise In New Infections

The Social Dilemma: Netflix

DO NOT MISS THIS STORY!!! Major NEW Trump Bank & Tax Fraud Uncovered in ProPublica Reporting!

They voted for him and now regret it. Why White women are turning away from Trump.

Trump makes it clear: He revels in the killing of his political opponents

Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke and Sassafrass

Steppenwolf - The Pusher

Tropical Storm Sally to reach Gulf Coast as a hurricane

Michigan GOP faces 'problematic' dilemma on absentee ballots

The Bluebird of Freakin' Happiness

Recounts Underway After Record-breaking N.H. State Primary

Democrats cling to small hope of winning majority as Pennsylvania lawmakers go before voters

"Everyone has been affected by the pandemic but Vegas has been destroyed." an ashen ghost town

"this [earth] is just not a planet that has much promise for the future"

PA-01: Is there a line Fitzpatrick won't let Trump cross?

CDC: People Who've Had COVID-19 Twice as Likely to Have Eaten at a Restaurant Before Developing

the crowd chants lock him (Obama) up

Restaurants and bars host the Browns season opener, some not following COVID-19 guidelines

Fox newsman Geraldo Rivera, wife showcase conflicting political signs on lawn of Shaker Heights home

It's day four of living under the orange cloud

Jack Bruce, Robin Trower "The Last Door" Live '09

Kentucky Group Helps People with Past Felonies Register to Vote

Trump is hiring "real actors" $12.00 hr no experience to cheer at his rallies?

California Is the Most Diverse State, Report Says

Michigan Is Working to Offer Cheaper Weed to Ohio's Medical Marijuana Patients

Rough conditions for students in 'bare bones' U of M quarantine housing

I won't vote trump!

Whitmer, Nessel, Dems urge residents to vote during virtual rally

150000 birds (purple Martins) stop in Nashville - symphony was prevented from chasing them off

Trump says feds may sue Edenville Dam owner, Michigan reporter booted from rally

will 2020 be the year without live performances of the Nutcracker Ballet?

Fox News poll shows Trump losing to Biden on "mental soundness"

United Airlines CEO: business travel is "almost nonexistent", need vaccine for aviation to recover

UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Arrested After Accusations of Sexual Assault, Indecent Exposure

A Michigan county tells its residents to ignore coronavirus restrictions and 'return to normal life'

One more reason why Woodward's book, Rage, infuriates Trump:

Latino groups warn that Biden's sluggish outreach to their voters could hurt in November

One more reason why Woodward's book, Rage, infuriates Trump:

Award winning KPCC/NPR journalist, Josie Huang assaulted and arrested by Sheriff's Sunday

'This is f--ing crazy': Florida Latinos swamped by wild conspiracy theories

Special Report: Millions of abandoned oil wells are leaking methane, a climate menace

Breakfast Monday 14 September 2020

Good Morning DUers - the good news - update and the bad

Monday TOONs - Vaccination Plan

This is going to get a lot of blow back, but it needs to be said!

So, Trump is going to visit California to see the fires?

Dear White Clemson Fan

Is something going on? Just this a.m. two very low posting DUers raise the alarm...

Now is the perfect time to come out for legal recreational pot..

South Dakota attorney general involved in fatal car crash

Lock Him Up? For the Republic to survive Trump's presidency, he must be tried for his crimes

Barr's Plan to Release Interim Durham Report Violates Protocols James Comey Was Supposedly ...

Hamilton Police Chief arrested by Texas Rangers

The ways Democrats could retake the Senate majority, explained

'Reckless and selfish': Nevada Gov. Sisolak slams Trump for holding big indoor rally

A message from Herman Cain

'This is f--ing crazy': Florida Latinos swamped by wild conspiracy theories

Progressive Donor Susan Sandler to Give $200 Million to Racial Justice Groups

DU Lawyers a question

Michigan lieutenant governor blasts Trump coronavirus response: He 'is a liar who has killed people'

My Biden campaign report card

Robert Samuelson: Goodbye, readers, and good luck -- you'll need it

Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist: "Donald Trump is a liar who has killed people, straight up."

10C Worst-Case Warming Within Our Reach, And Within Just A Few Hundred Years

*Battleground Arizona Poll* Biden 52% Klansman 42%

Storms Off OR Coast Could Clear Air, But Will Strengthen Winds Throughout This Week

FOX Polled-Mental Soundness

Biden going big on tax hikes on the rich

This 2017 Cartoon Is More Valid Than Ever

"Adrift". A powerful and inspiring true story.

This video Bloomberg just tweeted and then deleted 😂

Democrats try to streamline mail balloting for their voters


UK tests if COVID-19 vaccines might work better inhaled

Awww!! Sad Vlad!! Northern Sea Route Won't Move Enough Oil And Coal To Meet His Targets

Soulful rendition of 'My Heart Will Go On'

Biden Creates Legal War Room, Preparing for a Big Fight Over Voting

Keep politics out of sports

Brexit: David Cameron joins former PMs warning against Boris Johnson's bill

Trump is not destroying the Republican Party. He is embracing it.

Great article on Latino-Hispanic voter outreach strategies

Save those beautiful pearls for the inauguration..

Advanced Methods To Target and Eliminate Unlawful Robocalls

Spinning us all to an early grave

538 - What If Trump Loses And Won't Leave? Worth a read....

President Herbert Hoover, 1932.

The People v. Donald J. Trump The criminal case against him is already in the works

Quiz question for today

Oh My Word

Face Of NE Greenland Ice Stream, Which Drains 15% Of The Island, Has Collapsed Into Icebergs

FYI: Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph join tonight's Kamala/Hillary Fundraiser

-- The Tweets of Roland B. Hedley Jr. (Doonesbury's fictitious clueless Fox reporter)

After 10 Years, UK Fails On 17 Out Of 20 Biodiversity Targets It Agreed To With UN

I hate when the MSM interviews voters in swing states

You raised $22,852.56 for Biden-Harris & $713.00 for Amy McGrath on 9-13-20

The Rundown: September 14, 2020

2020 Ignatz Awards Winners Announced

And just because...

Trump Tempers Fears About Wildfires By Drinking Cup Of Flames

This little gem says it all

Biden Team Puts Together 'Major' Special Litigation Unit To Protect The Election

So my best friends husband died 20 years ago and he left behind a big box of comic books.

Humpback whales make 'wrong turn' into crocodile-infested river in Australia's Kakadu national park

Delta Flight Returns to Gate, Removes Passenger Refusing to Wear Mask

Long kept secret, Canada's ghostly spirit bears are even rarer than thought

Bidens Vote in Person

In his first interview, Alex Vindman calls Trump a "free chicken" for the Russians

The nation's worst COVID governor? Trump superfan Kristi Noem is a rising GOP star --

Does anyone in NY on unemployment have their $300 payments pending?

I just voted online for directors of a nationally affiliated org I belong to

CNN's Brian Stelter: Fox News "is bigger than Trump" -- if he fights the network, he'll lose

Chick-fil-A still not coming to airport despite Paxton's claims following FAA investigation, ...

Hundreds gather in Belen, NM, to protest governor's restrictions on churches

Something happening here...

Retirements, layoffs, labor force flight may leave scars on U.S economy

Rocks Off

Who knew we would get to see a huge suicide cult in action in front of our very eyes.

In Visiting a Charred California, Trump Confronts a Scientific Reality He Denies

First of all who and the hell are the Problem Solvers............

Can this be right? Am I reading this wrong?

Trump Campaign Slashes Ad Spending in Key States in Cash Crunch

What real leadership in our country looks like

CNN: All new rump audio from Rage at Noon ET

Some of the reasons why Trump is a bad president

The Intercept Promised to Reveal Everything. Then Its Own Scandal Hit.

Connie Schultz and Adam Van Ho

My son will vote for the first time!

Trump boasts about getting 'Bay of Pigs award' - which doesn't exist

Some nice news: today the new season of Jeopardy starts!

Republicans are PRO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!!Mitch NOT bringing reauth

Trump 'not at all concerned' about the safety of anyone but himself at his packed rallies

Belarus leader visits Russia to secure support amid protests

Dry, gusty conditions could spread the flames even more.

We've got 10 slots left in the Summer Photo Contest.

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who considered 2020 presidential bid, endorses Joe Biden

Lock Him Up?

Bob Woodward to release more Trump recordings

Biden campaign adds more staff in Texas

Biden campaign adds more staff in Texas

Here's a song that Pendejo45's campaign should play at every super spreader Coronafest event ...

I cannot believe that people are even entertaining a discussion on

Trump's Rigged Election Cries Are Right Out Of Kremlin Playbook, Warns Ex-Intel Official

Adi Shankara - Nirvana (Atma) Shatakam - A Meditation - Advaita

The world may never consume more oil than in 2019, BP says

Hezekiah "Stuff" Smith was born on this date.

The evil is indescribable.

Ricardo Munoz shooting: protests erupt after Pennsylvania police kill Black man

Not enough Covid vaccine for all until 2024, says biggest producer

Woodward: Restricting travel from China wasn't Trump's idea

Are You Stuck in a Narcissist's Drama Triangle?

Fred "Sonic" Smith was born on this date.

Quite Ugly, Unbelievable, Stupid, Different, Warning: could make U puke..(maybe funny)

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Cuts Ads As Campaign Runs Low On Cash

Pa. benefits screening tool may be telling potential applicants they don't qualify

Michael Cohen is coming up next, on 'The View'

NEW: There are now over 60,000 new COVID cases on college campuses since August.

"Lukashenko holds a meeting with Putin today. He is greeted with tea."

$300 Fed UI Benefit - anyone seen that $ yet?

213 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 0 deaths

Got the thank-you for ordering BIDEN-HARRIS bumperstickers:

Mauritians Protest 'Failed' Government Response to Wakashio Oil Spill

Jaw-dropping full report on Utah anti-mask protest

trump has a new nickname for Joe......OBiden.

Nagging wife- buy an Orgone Accumulator

"QAnon encouraging vigilante justice against antifa. Incredibly dangerous stuff."

SD: Family speaks out after man killed in crash involving Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg (R)

"Trump tweets a video of himself saying that Joe Biden won the Nobel prize."

Tillis (R-NC) No Longer Actively Denies Science Of Global Warming, Now Says That "Climate Changes"

Trump supporters from California hold an anti-mask rally in the name of "freedom"

North Dakota, South Dakota Lead U.S. In COVID-19 Growth, As Republican Governors Reject Mask Require

Pic Of The Moment: Mindblowing Quote By Trump Shows His Lack Of Concern For His Supporters' Health

The Dow broke 28,000 again! USA! USA!

"this investigation is designed solely to dig up dirt on Joe Biden to help Trump's re-election bid."


Keep off the grass! A curious mouse in Canada was caught chomping on cannabis leaves

Potential sign of alien life detected on inhospitable Venus

Free Chicken

Max Rose (D-11th congressional district, NY) blasts NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Even More Questions About the Durham Investigation

Shit Super Spreaders: QAnon spread fake claims about real fires in Oregon

09/14 Daily Dose of Joe

We could have reacted like New Zealand if drumpf was sane.

One of our fellow voters: posted without comment

"This is a real quote from a real news story that aired this weekend in the Twin Cities"

Is there life floating in the clouds of Venus? (BBC)

Donald Trump waves to all his supporters in California (Bwahahaha)

Do the historians here know

My thoughts on hearing updates on vaccine research.

"Morning Joe" reported that Bloomberg is contributing 100m just...

Got the second and final shingles vaccine this morning.

New Jersey --- thinkin' of switching from AT & T to T-Mobile

Are some T supporters just... brainwashed?

Democratic lawmakers to investigate Trump officials' meddling with CDC reports

Democrats Launch Investigation into Trump Administration's Pressure on CDC's Coronavirus Reports

Burger King & Ronald McDonald kiss in ad celebrating "everyone's right to be just the way they are"

Burger King & Ronald McDonald kiss in ad celebrating "everyone's right to be just the way they are"

Israel is going into a second severe nationwide lockdown to control surge in C19

Naomi Osaka

At 3 different points in my life, I was in Kamala Harris' orbit /social circle.

Coronavirus pandemic fuelling plant poaching in Philippines

In Florida, Democrats could win local and statewide races that they would not have normally won

Don the Con got conned.

Nothing more American than demanding to carry an AR-15 to "protect yourself"

"One out of every 1,125 Black Americans have died." (Andy Slavitt)

Matt Gaetz inadvertently admits trump obstructed justice. What a dumbass.

Woodward: Trump raged when told Israel-UAE deal wouldn't make book

Oy, crazy Oregon lady up in Loredo yesterday

Stockholm Syndrome and mindset of a cult member

Mask Up and Vote Early In Person

The South Dakota Attorney General reported hitting a deer Saturday night but had actually killed man

CNN: Trump boasts about the stock market after Bob Woodward brings up virus deaths

British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I've Read

Another little watercolor building.

Don the Con

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'I Was Enjoying Dinner Alone on My Favorite Boulder in St. Nicholas Park'

California, 19 other states, sue Trump administration for weakening methane rules

Alexei Navalny: Poisoned Russian opposition figure 'able to leave bed'

Astronomers Spot Possible Signs Of Extraterrestrial Life In Venus's Clouds

Mongolian Throat Singing With My Daughter

Ex-Omaha weatherman accused of targeting health director


A close-up of the boots @DrBiden wore this morning after early voting in Delaware...

Perfectly preserved Ice Age cave bear found in Arctic Russia

FBI raids home of conservative conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman (UPDATE... fake)

Should anyone be surprised?

New Equis Research Poll Has Biden Winning Nevada Latinos 62-26

Sally is now a hurricane. Strengthening rapidly. Moving slowly.

'Nothing more could have been done': Trump's final phone call to Woodward

Covid-Kim step down and Branstad governor again? It's still 2020 you know.

L.A. deputies tackled and arrested a reporter. Her videos contradict their claims about the incident

Boy dead in own filth in locked room; dad, fiancee charged

In 2019, 65% of the nationwide acreage burned by wildfires was on federal lands (3.1 million acres)

"Trump tweets while America Burns"

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/14/20

Drumpf is a mass killer worse than Osama bin Laden

OA DUers, do you write out your planned meals/snacks

Alexander Vindman: Trump Is Putin's 'Useful Idiot'

Ted Cruz Begs DOJ to Investigate Netflix's 'Cuties' as Child Porn

OMG. Trump health official freaks out over 'resistance' movement at the CDC --

I need some hope. Seriously. Will things get better under Biden?

Biden on climate change - just started on M$NBComcast n/t

Thousands of veterans suing over 3M earplugs are closer to resolution

Terry Branstad, Trump's Ambassador to China, is Stepping Down

Suspect Starts Six More Brush Fires, Faces Additional Charges (Photo)

Ideally, Biden would have more votes than Trump on Election night...

Georgia deputy fired after video showed him repeatedly punching a Black man in traffic stop

In person voting and masks

Pringles is testing a new can design ... recycling group dubbed it the 'number one recycling villain

Reading is fundamental, Donald.

I don't understand why this whistleblower story hasn't the coverage it should.

Parks and Recreation Cast to Reunite for Virtual Town Hall in Support of Wisconsin Democrats

Millennials and seniors are spurning Trump. Here's why middle-aged voters are sticking with him

'Hundreds of thousands, if not millions': New Mexico sees massive migratory bird deaths

Un-friended an actual, real-life friend today. A classmate from Physician Assistant School.

Trump 'Red Mirage' Election Night Victory Is Unlikely, Political Scientists Say

DeJoy boosted his donations to GOP campaigns when postmaster general job opened up: report

Trump's indoor rally last night was his way of "downplaying the pandemic".

Trump says indoor rallies are OK as long as he's safe: 'I'm not at all concerned'

Sinclair program suggests vigilantes are "needed" in a segment promoted with warnings of a "race war

I'm in California

Head of GOP says coronavirus failures are somehow Biden's fault

Trump escalates the signals to his followers: Use lethal violence to help me hold power

Dog photos

West Coast Wildfires Visible From Almost 1 Million Miles Away As Smoke Spreads Over 4,000 Miles

If I May Ask - Why Are They Doing This?

Eating Nano: Nanotechnology is thriving along entire food chain

A woman living here has registered to vote.

Trump Health Aide (Michael Caputo) Alleges Broad Conspiracies and Warns of Armed Revolt

Postal Service audit found taxpayers paid $53 million more than usual in no-bid contracts-DeJoy

Just saw On the local news the devil has landed in Sacramento California

Jebus Effin'Krist I detest this fool

'The voice of the turtle is heard in the land'. From OT book Song of Solomon

The Dynamic Dunces are back! Wohl/Burkman pull fake FBI raid on Burkman

Biden flips Trump's warnings to the suburbs: "If we have four more years of Trump's climate denial,

Cartoon: MAGAt love By Clay Jones -September 14, 2020 9:05 AM


rare albino seal spotted in Russia

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to rake it...

Whistleblower: There Were Mass Hysterectomies at ICE Facility

Biden Maintains Narrow Edge on Law and Order

U.S. court allows Trump to phase out immigrant humanitarian protections

Trump Health Aide Alleges Broad Conspiracies and Warns of Armed Revolt

Three deaths linked to St. Michael's COVID-19 outbreak, Kitsap Public Health reports

Well its not 5 PM yet on the east coast so to combat is digbat ralley in Nevada ...............

Whistleblower: The Trump Administration has been performing medical experiments on ICE detainees

My wife thinks they all look the same

Sen. Ron Johnson to release interim report on Biden probe 'in about a week'

Today I begin a week-long break first since the pandemic began

Trump says he's interested in debate hosted by Joe Rogan

Report: Caputo Accuses Scientists Of 'Sedition,' Warns Of Leftist Revolt

Wobbly Baby Goats Learn To Run And Can't Stop Jumping Around

50 Days Out, Biden Doing Better in Polls Than Clinton, Obama, or Kerry

Federal judge rules that Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf's pandemic restrictions are unconstitutional.

Huge ice block breaks off Arctic's largest remaining ice shelf

We have to stop the politicization of public health

"And now HHS spokesman Michael Caputo has deleted his personal Twitter account altogether."

San Francisco in Blade Runner 2020

4/13/20 Trump to Woodward: coronavirus is "so easily transmissible, you wouldn't even believe it"

Atlantic hasn't been this busy with tropical cyclones in 49 years!

My wife played a clip to me that somebody put together; Biden's missteps in the 80s.

House Aims to Pass Stopgap Government-Funding Bill Next Week

South Dakota AG Reported Hitting Deer, Actually Killed Man, Investigators Say

Heard any good but corny jokes lately?

On CNN now

Florida man cleared of rape and murder convictions after 37 years in prison

Gov. Newsom and Trump meeting LIVE on YOUTUBE:

"Dishonesty...Is Always an Indicator of Weakness": Tucker Carlson on How He Brought His Coronavirus

Scientists find gas on Venus linked to life on Earth

Joe Biden Speaks On Deadly Wildfires And Climate Change - watch (live 2:45)

New Woodward audio reveals Trump focused on the stock market instead of COVID-19

Pelosi defends not speaking to Trump for almost a year

Jacob Wohl Staged Fake FBI Raid on Business Partner, Actor Hired for Production Says

Biden has to denounce the LA police ambush

Former elections chief: Dejoy scheme to elect Republicans 'clearly illegal'

Bill Barr's 'Investigate The Investigators' Obamagate Drug Deal Just Lost Its Lead Investigator

Nevada Governor Rips 'Reckless' Trump for In-Person Rally That Put 'Countless Lives in Danger'

Free to speak his mind, Vindman sees Trump as Putin's 'useful idiot'

Meet Oliver Sipple, The Vietnam Veteran Who Saved President Ford's Life -- And Was Punished For It

GOP governor who ran on being 'pro-choice' keeps attacking abortion

Hey, the orange traitor spoke a truth! He said "I knew it was a pandemic long before anyone else."

Trump on California wildfires: 'Tree go BOOM'

Washington dairies challenge EPA groundwater pollution study

(Jewish Group)London Lib Dems suspend mayoral race hopeful over past 'Don't vote for a Jew' campaign

Monday motivation.

Trump sought to withhold California fire aid because of politics, former official says

When will there be relief? Rain, wind system too weak to move wildfire smoke out of Seattle

Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Mass Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Center

Emails Show the Meatpacking Industry Drafted an Executive Order to Keep Plants Open -- ProPublica

Scientists find signs of possible life on Venus!

Why Trump's racist insults threaten a fragile Haiti eight years after the earthquake

Ivana Trump (the mother) spews bigoted nonsense

Trump shares tweet saying he is 'fanboying for dictators' after praising Putin and Kim as more menta

Guess what? Caputo has ties to Russia.

'Nothing more could have been done': Trump's final phone call to Woodward

AHA News: Black Adults Aren't Getting Right Meds for Tough-to-Treat High Blood Pressure

Rachel Maddow: "This government is positively insane. Genuinely nuts."

Polk County Iowa Steak Fry 2020 (drive-in style) another success!

You like swing..? Hawaiian style

DeSantis in violation of Florida Supreme Court Order

Is Las Vegas taking bets?

Northern hemisphere breaks record for hottest ever summer

Has anyone read the recent book by John Dean...

Colin Kaepernick's absence should haunt Roger Goodell and the NFL

Ballots going out in the mail. Union County Info

They weren't running towards trump.... It was Godzilla!

The Trump Boat Parade in Polk County Iowa - Fail!

Looking for a VPN(not free)

Check out Trump's body language as Gavin Newsom informs him...

Video catches Los Angeles sheriffs in lie about events outside hospital where ambushed cops were...

Rare sight: Whale shark, largest shark in the world, surprises local spearfisherman off Southern Cal

These startling new statistics show just how bad Trump's policies are for most of America

Trump on climate change: "It'll start getting cooler... I don't think science knows, actually

A hand washing tutorial with the cutest hard rocker on the planet...

Biden campaign adds more staff in Texas

MSNBC not covering drumpf in California

Not Always Easy To PROVE Where One Contracted The Virus

"It will get cooler"! Sound familiar?

Adm Charles Richard tells reporters he had enough info on COVID in late Dec. 2019

Trump says "it'll get cooler"

Mike Pompeo's wife asked senior State Department aides to help send personal holiday cards: emails

Two major Antarctic glaciers are tearing loose from their restraints, scientists say

Heads UP! 90-mph Sally may get stronger and hit the Mobile/Pensacola area!

Russian excess deaths over summer outstrip COVID toll by more than 3 to 1

'We were shocked': RAND study uncovers massive income shift to the top 1%

'We were shocked': RAND study uncovers massive income shift to the top 1%

'We were shocked': RAND study uncovers massive income shift to the top 1%

Uncle Nonsense explains how forest fires occur.

Book Idea

Why Do They Have To Go To THe Greek Alphabet To Name Storms?

Serious issue, please read.

We Need More Coronavirus Testing, Not Less

If any foreign head of state had so willfully lied to his people, had so abysmally failed to

"Well, I Don't Think Science Knows, Actually" - Shitstain Gets The Last Word, Because Of Course

Trump Said He's "Entitled" to a Third Term During Nevada Campaign Push

Powerful George Takei Thread: So fight with me. Stand up. Vote.

Cartoons 9/14/2020

When you're not in the mood to share. 😂

NHC - "We are issuing advisories on five tropical cyclones over the Atlantic basin."

jfc. Mandatory quarantine issued for 30 large properties in East Lansing

'The wind in your hair': ATVs can stay on Snohomish streets

Biden says 'hellish' wildfires will become more frequent if Trump wins second term

After a Pandemic Pause, ICE Resumes Deportation Arrests

Fire in Pantanal Threatens Region with Largest Concentration of Jaguars in World

What's for dinner 9/14/2020?

Trump pulls into must-win Arizona trailing in polls

Brent Terhune: Let Joe Rogun moderate the debates NOW

When Biden talked about the diversity among Latinos verses African Americans on various political

Ilhan Omar: Now is the time to #AbolishICE.

Here's a Destin FL beachcam to view the stormy surf.

Hurricane Sally threatens Gulf Coast with a slow drenching

I Used to Take Comfort That This President* Was Too Lazy to Go Full Erdogan (C. Pierce)

Photography group needs ONE MORE ENTRY for Summer Photo Contest!

Covid Thoughts

They asked little man to hit the pinata. (Twitter)

One for you and the rest for me (Twitter)

I saw the strangest lawn sign on a walk through my neighborhood today

If Facebook puts you in a timeout, do they give you notice?

Breaking: IG investigating Stone sentence

Guy pulled up to a stop-light, stopped directly on a crosswalk. Check out the pedestrian (Twitter)

Like Hitler, Trump absconded with works of art during visit to France.

Justice Department internal watchdog is investigating Roger Stone's sentencing, say sources

Smoke is in our skies Monday. (from Capital Weather Gang.)

Drumpf to Rikers Island jail in 2023?

Fire in Pantanal Threatens Region with Largest Concentration of Jaguars in World

Blaire Erskine: I am Tom Cotton's wife and I have some things to say!!

Win or lose, what's stopping the House from opening new impeachment hearings on 11/4...

After Discharge from Hospital, Coronavirus Patients Face Complications for Months

I'm so sorry I ate your chewy!

Sunday 9/13 - 100,000 Continue to Protest for Belarus

Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Mass Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Center

'The grid is broke':Gen. Honor warns it will take months for electricity & water restoration in LA

"I'm President T Rump, and I own these guys like a used Buick"

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 14, 2020

Bill Russell: Racism is not a historical footnote

Who Knew? While revolution raged, the metric system was born

If you are demanding more debates, then you are losing

Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf's COVID-19 Shutdown Order Unconstitutional

Winds a worry as death toll reaches 35 from West Coast fires

WHO reports highest one-day increase in global coronavirus cases since pandemic began

Hurricane Sally: Another shift east takes much of southeast Louisiana out of the cone

University of Pittsburgh scientists make antibody discovery for COVID-19

Don't Tell Black People...


I wondered why our sky in Michigan had such a weird look today.

In an area better known for Amish, police shots stoke unrest

Trump campaign changes strategy in mail-in ballot lawsuit against New Jersey

Bob Woodward's "Today Show" Interview About His Book "Rage"

LA County Sheriffs Launch Investigation into KPCC Reporter Josie Huang's Arrest

Putin pledged financial and military backing for the embattled president of neighboring Belarus

I Have A Samsung Galaxy 7 Phone And I Have Little + Signs - Like A Grid On One Of The App Screens...


Joe: Science knows.

I asked a wise man......

People warned to snip straps off disposable masks after charity frees hundreds of animals

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 15 September 2020

Trump's Ex-Wife Blames Immigrants for Raping Women

Wanted: Biden Harris window poster template

Come on, everyone knows trump is a very

Court-tapped judge-advocate tears into Barr's 'corrupt and politically motivated' move to drop Flynn

Huge chunk of Greenland's ice cap breaks off, to climate scientists' dismay

Trump Shares Tweet About 'Radicalized' Somalis In Minnesota

Laughing my butt off

The Biden campaign needs to do commercials on FOX News portraying Trump as a liar and conman!

Retired general: Look for this in your next president (opinion, CNN)

Woodward: Restricting travel from China wasn't Trump's idea

Do not underrate the goal of Trump and Caputo. What they're doing is not political theater.

BTW when traitor says he will "negotiate" a 3rd term, what he means is

Kissimmee Kid

Two major Antarctic glaciers are tearing loose from their restraints, scientists say

The dispute between the Israel delegation and White House staff over wearing face masks & maintaini

"Who stole the cookie?"

Does anyone else ever refrain from posting something they genuinely believe to be true

The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90%

U.S. voting officials scramble in wake of 'misleading' USPS mailer

U.S. voting officials scramble in wake of 'misleading' USPS mailer

IN: Mackey Arena named vote center for General Election

BREAKING- GOP And Green Party Shenanigans Fail. Greens Off Wisconsin Ballot

Want some relaxing music?

OMGAWD........we were watching the TV show "Decades"

Today's Kamala/Hillary event raises $6 million

I don't think he could find which end of an axe to hold - Washington Governor Inslee

New audio excerpts released from Trump's conversation with Bob Woodward

My new trump yard sign:

@RepBarbaraLee: 19 years of endless war and trillions of dollars later, we are not any safer.

Remarkable book, "When Time Stopped", by Ariana Neumann. Tells

Lapdog Lindsey upset opponent hasn't turned over tax returns. NOT The Onion.

The last time there were five active storms in the Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico was

Supreme Court REJECTS GOP's final desperate effort to get Green Party on MONTANA ballot.

The boots Dr Jill Biden wore this morning to early voting in Delaware

Vaccine Makers Keep Safety Details Quiet, Alarming Scientists

What are your feelings on the green party?

"Defund The Police" Illustrated (& not one bit scary)

Watch live: Joe Biden delivers remarks on wildfires and the climate crisis in Delaware

25 years ago when Microsoft released Windows 95 (Warning: Dancing Geeks)

Rumor - is Ken Jennings being groomed to replace Trebek?

Guy goes on crime spree, kills two, wounds three more...

"I Have Blood On My Hands": A Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation

Trump appears to be the only person seated in a socially distanced manner at this Arizona event.

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will at least have a net gain of 3 seats.

Lindsey Graham is kidding - Right?

In retrospect, it may have been a mistake for Hillary to be the Secretary of State in 2009

Whistleblower: There Were Mass Hysterectomies at ICE Facility

"Our team served Brock Pierce for securities fraud at his rally in NYC."

"Red & Blue: Countdown to the Vote"

Trump Attacks Nevada Governor After Controversial Indoor Rally, Says He Is Not Afraid Of Getting COV

Americans are raiding retirement savings during coronavirus pandemic

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules to keep Green Party off the ballot

Viral photo..kindergartner after day 3.of remote instruction

I'm done. Ignorant, entitled woman equates George Floyd with wearing a mask.

Software Foils Poachers With Rare Rhinos' Footprints

Tucker Carlson's five-bedroom, seven-bath DC home sold for nearly $4 million last month.

Biden condemns Trump as 'climate arsonist' as wildfires burn - live

Navalny, Awake and Alert, Plans to Return to Russia, German Official Says

Trump Says Magazine Owner Should Be 'Ashamed' of Biden Campaign Donations

Great ad for mail-in voting. "Just go to a rich neighborhood and use a mailbox there...

Girl Plans To Grow Old With Her Cow

Best Colleges In Virginia, DC: U.S. News Rankings For 2021

It will get colder, it will go away in the spring, science doesn't know, but trump knows

She does happy zoomies all around her forever home now ❤️

My Brother sent the following . . . But if you vote blue you'll have no policeman to control crime!

U.S. News & World Report Announces the 2021 Best Colleges Rankings

This is the foot I'm...

A little poem of a kitty and a cat

Rescue Pittie Takes Care Of His Foster Kittens

How pro-GOP will the audience be during Tuesday's Q&A with 45?

Just a head's up: Biden Institute Election Security Event Registration

'Western' smoke is here in southern MD (Calvert County.)

Thousands of immigrants in Texas could be forced to leave the country following court decision on

'Like somebody turned off a switch': Small businesses say USPS delays are hitting them hard..

Line to get inside 'Latino's for Trump' roundtable is growing in Arizona.

The worst part about this Trump video on climate change

If Biden-Harris Don't Have an Official Campaign Theme Song, Consider

Biden having trouble with Latinos in NV? I don't think so

The giveaway will be when Burkman schedules a press conference so that the FBI agents can reveal ...

Trump's Businesses Raked In $1.9 Billion Of Revenue During His First Three Years In Office

Pennsylvania mail-in ballots can go out today, but aren't

Wow! The South Dakota AG told authorities that he hit a deer!

Jill Biden Participates in Virginia Women for Biden Early Vote Rally