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The Lie Matters: What Did Sen Coburn Know about the Edited Benghazi Email and How Did He Know It

"...we'll all prosper, together."

The motives of the Boston Bombers! The results of American war crimes in Iraq.

Shots fired at Adult store...

Terry Francona ... manager of the hottest team in baseball

Bush sr. and Monsanto

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 20 May 2013

LOL! Trending on Twitter: #ConservativeBandNames

Venezuelan Government Takes Justice to Communities

The Cooch (R-Makes Virginia Look Far Worse Than It Really Is) has an even nuttier running mate.

Corbett receives cool reception at Millersville graduation.

Bishop E.W. Jackson: "The idea that Barack Obama is a Christian is Laughable"

Is cat litter an IRS deduction?

Why is this blood porn allowed to be posted on DU?

Morehouse~ Update

Is there nothing Crayola can't do?

GOPologist complains about lack of GOP commencement speakers

Oklahomans? Midwesterners? You okay?

Jewish group demands Sen. Chuck Grassley apologize for Hitler comment

Vanden Heuvel: Republicans using ‘weapons of mass distraction’ against Obama

Adobe Flash Player Pop-Up asks me whether to continue or shut down videos.

Satellite Shoots Beautiful 6,000-Mile-Long Panoramic Photo from Orbit

Let America be America Again

And now...for the children...

It's Always the 1960's

Republican Obstructionism Is The Real Scandal That’s Plaguing Washington

18-year-old’s breakthrough invention can recharge phones in seconds

Lisa Rowe

Finger monkeys

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has the Highest Approval Ratings in Latin America

Rove says his super PAC is same as NAACP because it’s for ‘social welfare’

G-Cans, The World's Largest Drain

Hope everyone is staying safe today -- looks like quite a storm system

My mom was so cute tonight. A health care aide came in to change her and put her to bed.

Breaking: Tornadoes Tear Through Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa (Okla. Funnel 'Half-Mile Wide')

The World According To Monsanto

My prayers to the people of the mid-west tonight.

Illinois Man Finds $4.85 Million Lottery Ticket in Cookie Jar

Good movie on in a half-hour...

Russia Expels Former American Embassy Official

Pioneer in DNA testing resigns from N.Y. medical examiner's office

Powerball... Spent $4 WON $4 how did you do?

OK, who knows from rhubarb...

Where is the outrage about the police beating death of David Silva?

Say the magic word

(Stephen) Harper under pressure as Duffy scandal claims his chief of staff

My Posts...

The best thing your parents ever said

i put grated parm and cream cheese in my mashers tonight

AP Leak ended informant's rare opportunity, why DOJ went after AP records

The World is NOT 6000 yrs old. It's actually 18 yrs old....

"GOP focus on phony issues misses needed reforms"

"Senate Republicans to oppose some nominees for hobbled labor board"

Why There’s Nothing Better Than Taking Your Bra Off At The End Of The Day

Henrique Capriles: The Prefabricated Leader

trump is not a very nice person

"President Obama delivered a powerful speech at the Commencement today at Morehouse College."

The Ed Show - Republicans closer to dismantling labor protections

"IRS problem started with vague tax exemption rules"

Has good-ol'-boy corruption seized the Kern County Sheriff's Office?

West blast reveals emergency planning weaknesses

Lets follow this story up and see how Harvard Administration (JFK School)handles this mess!

Star Trek film has political message (Spoiler)

New Bill to Colleges and Universities: Prove Your Worth, Or Else

The Ed Show - The new GOP plan to derail Obamacare

Joseph Farman - UK Researcher Who Confirmed Existence Of Ozone Hole - Dead At 82


Was Nikki Minaj just pretending to to..... ummmm....

Why would any "celebrity" ever agree to be on Trump's reality show?

Despite growing revenue, Calif. governor shrinks budget proposal

Four key Hillary Clinton staffers from 2008 unlikely to sign on for 2016 bid

Looking for words to help explain an oppressive situation.

Virginia’s GOP Lt. Gov. Nominee: Obama Has ‘Muslim Perspective’ Toward The World

Brittney Griner: Kim Mulkey said to keep sexuality quiet to not hurt Baylor’s recruiting

Project Rose - helping victims of sex trafficking in Phoenix

Michael Moore: The Real IRS Scandal Is That 'They Let General Electric Not Pay Any Taxes'

Charlie Rose to Host a Show in Prime Time on PBS

Tech Industry Pushes to Amend Immigration Bill


tax cuts means the people will have cuts not politicians or corporations - since Reagan and they


Is it Halloween Already?

Heatwave deaths in New York city could rise by up to 22%, study shows


Sens won double overtime! Take that Crosby & the Penguins!

Older job-seekers fall behind as SF Peninsula tech market heats up

US adviser on board of firm that sold anthrax drug

Seeking Familial advice ...

How the IRS seeded the clouds in 2010 for a political deluge three years later

Assange reveals GCHQ messages discussing Swedish extradition

I found out a few days ago that I'm quickly going Blind....

The Political Party That Cried Scandal

The Political Party That Cried Scandal


I adopted a kitty today.

cancer care in illinois?

New study: Suburban poverty rose dramatically over past decade

You're angry Obama had a marine hold an umbrella?

Steve Perry’s Dissertation: Heavy on Lit Review, Slight on Scholarship

Olddots you ok?

Beijing Solves The Mystery Of The Naked Scooter Man Carrying A Cross

Anyone here ever live on the street?

Tom Morello is a national treasure

GOP Appalled By $80 Billion Cost In Food Stamps. To Them Too Many People Don't Want To Work

Climate slowdown means extreme rates of {short term} warming 'not as likely' (BBC)

quart of H2O2, 1/4 C baking soda, tsp. dish det, quart warm water - it really works!

this is totally cool

Pope Francis Insists Church Must Help Poor, Not 'Speak Of Theology'

The IQ data may actually be correct...

I.R.S. Inquiry Status Told to White House in April

Larger Union That Enforces Immigration Opposes Bill

Will the scandals hurt Obama and the Democrats?

Release of Two Books on the Same Day Recall the Aerial Massacre in Laos Fifty Years Ago

Omnibus "I'm makin' up for lost time due to tornado related awayness" pic, etc. post

Stormy Monday, 5/20/13

Pope Francis Insists Church Must Help Poor, Not 'Speak Of Theology'

For theoretical geeks out there: Grand Unification Theory Venn Diagram

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Global corporate monopoly! The capitalist Network that runs the world, Scientifically proven at last

Hashimoto’s unacceptable words

SOMEONE in Zephyrhills, FL won a half billion dollars

Lost and Found by MLR Press/Featherweight Press

Pornography risks should be taught to children as young as five, say parents

Moussaka & Avgolemono soup. (VERY pic heavy)

U.S. Department of Justice Statistics Report: Firearm Violence 1993-2011

Is it just me, or does the IRS scandal

Navy dolphins discover rare old torpedo off Coronado

A different kind of capitalism

We need to stay in the European Union - or risk losing up to £92bn a year

Gay marriage: Downing Street pleads with Labour to save bill

North Koreans seize Chinese fishing boat

Nope, no banana there.

Fox News has published a video allegedly showing Israeli special forces on a mission inside Syria.

Thank You, Virginia Republicans!

So I hear some goings on with the cats...

Let's see if Joe Scum remembers his own Op Ed suggesting that the IRS target

No honor among Reagan cultists and Swift Boaters

TEPCO seeks reactor restart / Resuming Niigata plant seen key to stable power supply

Ted Rall Toon- A Difference between the parties

Who pelted Toots Hibbert with that vodka bottle in Virginia over the weekend?

Non Sequitur Toon: Deregulation Diner

US 'spy' Ryan Fogle expelled after CIA refused to stop recruiting, say Russians

In the military, sex assault victims labeled as mentally ill and forced out

Chris Hedges: Rise Up or Die

The 4 Big Ways That Insatiable Corporate Hunger for Profits Has Devastated American Life --

MadFloridian's husband has passed away. You can leave a note of

Uncle Sam’s Wars and Anesthesia

Canada: Stephen Harper government buying ads to promote job grant program that doesn’t exist

Matt Gurney: America’s bored nuclear triggermen

Obamacare now requires hospitals to charge uninsured patients same rate as those with insurance

Soda Industry Cashes In on Govt. Food Assistance Programs to Tune of $4 Bilion a Year

The Other IRS Scandal: Outright War Against Marijuana Dispensaries

Under New Approval, More Natural Gas Will Be Sent Abroad From Texas

Juan Cole: The Lotto Symbolizes the False Promises of Barracuda Capitalism

Okay, we get it. The Tea Party needs to be relevant again for 2014.

Drones Over the Homeland: From Border Security to National Security

Despite sequester, high-level federal executives slated to get bonuses

Anonymous joins fight for FL teen arrested for underage homosexual relationship

Welcome to the Darrell Issa Hall of Shame

Tax havens will be under scrutiny at the G8 summit in June

Paul Kagame: I asked America to kill Congo rebel leader with drone

Dennis Kucinich is earning his pay

Two suspected militants killed in Yemen drone strike

A Reversion to a Dickensian Variety of Capitalism

China offers India a "handshake across the Himalayas"

The Flaw in Many Humanitarian Arguments for War

Why can't people use food stamps to buy hot/cook foods?

It's "No single event" season again....

McConnell Predicts Obamacare Will Dominate 2014 Midterms

Former Obama Aide: Maureen Dowd Has Written The Same Column For Last Eight Years

Calif. law takes effect on microstamping guns

Peggy Noonan hears a dog whistle

Car bombs target Iraq Shi'ites, killing 43

Maryland Stood Up to Gun Violence

Needed: A Mass Movement for College Debt Relief

Sheila Bair: Dodd-Frank really did end taxpayer bailouts

Health Insurance in America: Legalized Extortion

Fears of Civil War Grip Iraq as Bombings and Death Skyrocket

What Comes After Hope Too Soon to Tell: The Case for Hope, Continued

Suicide bomber kills senior official, 14 others in Afghan north

Lions LB Tulloch: Young knows he's ill

Ghana stampede kills four at at TB Joshua's church

Beyond war: women transforming militarism, building a nonviolent world

Why is Chuck Todd criticizing the Obama Administration and...

All It Costs Is Chalk.

Leading climate scientist: Canada’s tar sands makes climate change ‘unsolvable’

6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism

Hospitals Say “No” to Meat Raised with Antibiotics

The Lie Matters: What Did Sen Coburn Know about the Edited Benghazi Email and How Did He Know It

Climate slowdown means extreme rates of warming 'not as likely'

Iraq attacks kill at least 70 in Shia, Sunni areas

What's for Dinner ~ Monday May 20th

How Obama Handles Crisis

Monday Toon Roundup 1-Worst. Congress. Ever.

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

Investigative report investigating U.S. involvement with Al qaeda pre 9-11 not aired due to pressure

There is a memo floating around that says "Republicans fabricate controversies"...... Next?

Reboots that need the boot, part 2—SimCity

Transit authority rejects same gun-safety ads it ran last year.

Va. GOP nominee compares Planned Parenthood to KKK

UPDATED WaPo: DOJ Spied On Fox News Reporter

NPR ran several stories this morning about the scandals of the Obama Whitehouse

Lyin Ryan on Benghazi 'Cover-up' (Photo)

A Mixed Bag of Reasons Why People Oppose Alternative Energy Projects

MSM ignores that GOP altered Benghazi emails. Hound Jonathan Karl and Ron Fournier AT their jobs.

Woodward disappoints Republicans: Benghazi ‘is not Watergate’

Please come CAPTION Bobby Jindal as he takes "the high road" on the IRS incident.

Big Government “Conservatives” Are Still Snooping in Our Bedrooms

18th century engravings of birth defects

The Mainstream Media Suffers from Conservative-Induced Stockholm Syndrome

Beaten, Bullied, Badgered: EU Study Finds Widespread Homophobia in Europe

"The private sector alone cannot handle the costs"

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 20, 1961

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 20, 1961

Maduro to meet with Camero and Cisneros Monday: Televen and Venevision must change

NPR: Bans of Same Sex Marriage Can Take a Psychological Toll

ha! "Gov. LePage Silenced in Visit to Panel" (today's Portland Press Herald)

Misconduct discharges increase sharply in Army

Military sex offenders rarely punished, while victims are discharged

A Grizzly eating a camera

Stop Calling Obama Aloof! - by Paul Begala

So My Favirite Wingnut sends another weather story--

in AP scandal, mainstream media gets a taste of government medicine

Meet the Republican who is demanding that the government let poor people starve

U.S. suburbs have more poor than the cities do, study finds.

Venezuela says taking steps to restore U.S. diplomatic ties

Monday morns a morning without a CAPTION. Please come do Bill-O!!!!

CAGLE on IRS - Brutality vs. Generosity

Why We’ve Opened Our Doors For Polygamy USA

Remember that woman in rural LA county who was killed by a pack of dogs last week?


Joe Miller must pay Alaska Dispatch $85k in legal fees, judge rules

today in women's herstory-20 may

Maduro admits to knowing “the IDs and all” of the 900.000 Chavistas who did not vote for him

Until this country is ready to acknowledge the damage being on a permanent war footing does

Rare crane egg given 24-hour guard

Presidenting While Black

Queens Dems To Back Quinn For Mayor

Supreme Court will rule on prayer at government meetings

50th anniversary of Medgar Evers' broadcasting milestone

Shadows of dishonor cast on the U.S. military

Has this IRS "scandal" hurt the Democrats chances in the next election?

A rare peek into a Justice Department leak probe

Former "Hero" Cop Accused of Raping Women at Gun Point

Support for 15-M protest movement grows, says new opinon poll

Most Complicated Board Game Ever

CNN: Obama's surprising poll numbers

Kissinger- the mascot for carpet bombing in Southeast Asia, regime change and last but not least

Venezuela says taking steps to restore U.S. diplomatic ties

Facial recognition technology moving toward identifying almost anyone

Iraq car bomb attacks leave over a dozen dead

Study: Human Disaster Looms if Global Temps Rise 4ºC

Bomb shelters make a comeback- in luxury form

Worship and Admiration

Egypt sends tanks to Sinai Peninsula after security force abduction

Harper chief of staff resigns amid Senate expense scandal

Militaries’ growing use of ground robots raises ethics concerns

Ted Cruz for President?

Transmission engineers are shifting to higher gears

The Folly of Impeachment - by David Frum

Elliot Morales, New York Anti-Gay Hate Crime Suspect, Charged With Murder

Cantor Tweets - White House Tweets Back

a biography of the day-doris fleeson (trailblazing political journalist)

Evidence of the existence of 'multiverse' revealed for the first time by cosmic map

KRUGMAN: demolishes austerity economics

What really riles me is conservatives who are against "socialism" but are themselves beneficiaries

VA researcher quits over burn pit studies

Rather's Head Was Served To US On An MSM Platter. - Why Aren't We Demanding The Same For Karl?

Drones Over the Homeland: From Border Security to National Security

Check out my new blog...

Military sex abuse victims seek VA help

Pic Of The Moment: President's Approval Rating: The Polls Are In After Obama's "Worst Week Ever"

1200 Days of Bullshit

Guantanamo inmates cost U.S. $900,000 each per year

Bill Nye Boo'd In Texas For Saying The Moon Reflects The Sun

If you could see inside other people’s hearts (poignant video, watch it)

Employers Eye Bare-Bones Health Plans (a way around Obamacare)

Poll Shows Bachmann Trailing In Re-Election Bid

Richard Wolff: Economic Update: Measuring Capitalism's Results

Iowa Senate GOP Aide: I Was Fired After Protesting Sexual Harassment

The Small Southwestern Town That Went Rogue


"Just another asshole with a resume"

More goodness from tumblr.

Large producers not harvesting at full capacity

Supreme Court To Weigh In On Legislative Prayers

UPDATED: Virginia GOP Nominee For AG Would Force Women To Report Their Miscarriages To Police

U.K.: Where reading can send you to jail

GOP actually bullies an anti-bullying bill

Anyone familiar with Mortgage Fees/cost?

SHOCK POLL: Jim Graves (D) leading Michele Bachmann (R) in MN-6 PPP poll

Supreme Court declines to hear Alaska climate change case

Oh, so *NOW* they tell me...

Ken Cuccinelli's Running Mate Compared Planned Parenthood to KKK, Said LGBT Minds Are Perverted


Papantonio: Malpractice Lies Fuel Tort Reform Mania

Supreme Court agrees to hear Fidelity whistleblower case

The fraud who worked with Einstein

Nucla, Colo. Passes Ordinance Making Gun Ownership Mandatory

Rancid Paul bloviating about secret memo, wait maybe, no memo

Agreement between Govt of Colombia and FARC... Redistribute land (11.5M sq miles) to peasants

High court agrees to hear town meeting prayer case

Maloney ready for a rematch

Obama DOJ formally accuses journalist in leak case of committing crimes

New Jersey legislature plans to send four gun control bills to Christie’s desk

CNN had Bush at 46% approval in May 2005.

Corbett's Pension "Fix" Will Increase PA's Pension Debt by $25 Billion, Says PA. Treasurer

Journalist Surveillance Goes Far Beyond the AP

Rand Paul Believes Nefarious Make-Believe IRS Memo Must Be Revealed

Colombian generals investigated for role in mass killings of civilians: Report

This commercial lost me when Charlie Sheen popped up

WaPo: DOJ Spied On Fox News Reporter (a perfect example of media complicity - updated)

Rally planned after West Village hate crime murder

Kitten Sam Update - She's Doing Very Well Now I need some DU Love for her Brother, I Found Saturday

Moving to America Will Kill You

Elementary Season Finale *SPOILER ALERT*

Public television’s attempts to placate David Koch

VA GOP’s Attorney General Nominee Wanted Women To Report Miscarriages To Police Or Face Jail Time

"We would never get a tip from Mr. Koch. We would never get a smile from Mr. Koch."

Why did Doug Shulman permit so many Tea Party groups the tax exemption status ??

Sampson earmark missing-$39,560

How It Would Look If Men Posed The Way Female American Apparel Models Do

To the folks decrying the lottery and those who buy tickets

Wind Fracking Technology to Replace Wind Turbines

How a toilet paper shortage may temper Chavismo in Venezuela

California Senate approves measures aimed at reducing gun violence (LA Times)

Michele Bachmann Presidential Campaign Investigation Joined By FBI

Climate Desk Goes Up Close and Personal with their #1 Foxbot Denier Troll

One again, the "Daily Caller" and reality don't mix...

It's YouTube Comedy Week

How a privatized GED could hurt New Mexico’s neediest students (Pearson has licensing rights)

My life on the Republican right—and how I saw it all go wrong (Bruce Bartlett)

Why a privatized GED will fail students

Baucus, Hatch Demand Internal IRS Documents In Targeting Probe

What do you think of the word "unladylike"?

Georgia Tech, Udacity Shock Higher Education With $7,000 Masters Degree

First crane egg in 400 years laid n southern Britain

The Conviction of Rios Montt

Gomez (R-MA) criticizes Markey 37 year tenure, campaigns with 31 year congressman McCain

Now these are sandwiches! (Picture heavy)

Bachmann's Hubris May Land Her in Jail

Brooklyn Holds "World's Smallest Penis" Competition

Yet another reason to love Eleanor Roosevelt

Reagan and Argentina’s Dirty War

Turkish Airlines Screw Up Sends Couple 7,000 Miles In Wrong Direction

Grizzlies Softball to Invade DC

ABC News And CBS News Officially Normalize Fabricated Reporting

Krueger: Moral Relativism and Commencement Politics: Cardinal O'Malley's Boycott of a Prime Minister

Teen featured in viral video dies

NC Democrats seek footing on unfamiliar terrain

Another Right Wing Radio Host Says Some Nasty Things About Hillary Clinton

Angry mob pelts man thought to be sex attacker

Minneapolis Church Celebrates Marriage Equality with Rainbow Communion Bread

A Handy Reference Guide on Who is Donating to Corporate-Style Education Reform

Rise up or die

My new soda flavor.

The goal was to make wind politically "toxic,"...

Didja see this one?

William M. Fine, Who Helped Shape Drug Laws, Dies at 86

We Must Reclaim Our Farmland From the Rural Oligarchy

California microstamping law goes into effect

American Colleges Are Becoming a Force for Inequality

A Day in Court at the Bureau of Erotic Dancing Disputes

New plan for future of LI's power utility

Media Matters: Where Are ABC News' Corrections For Their False Benghazi Email Claims?

ACTION ALERT: Boy Scouts of America Help end the ban on gay scouts.


The Suburbanization of Poverty


More Wind Power Industry Stuff & Nonsense from East County Magazine

"Likely" an RCMP investigation into the Duffy Affair already (CBC News Network)

Sex, Morality, and Modernity: Can Immanuel Kant Unite Us?

Justices endorse FCC authority in cellphone tower case

Corbett STILL trying to sell the PA. Lottery, despite the current lottery making record profits

Iran electoral watchdog hints at Rafsanjani rejection

Support equality in scouting.

Is anyone using the Yahoo fiance page

Why did this creative speculation post not get locked in GD???

MSNBC Speculates: Bush Appointee In IRS Targeted Tea Party Because They Reflected Badly On GOP

‘Alpha House’ picked up for season

Enthusiasm Gap For Terry? GET OVER IT.

Public Perception of Washington.

Opinions please......

Is it just me, or is this another North Korean photoshop job?

PROFESSOR: Affirmative Action Isn't Helping The Right People

The Dumbest Man We've Ever Elected To The Senate Thinks He Has Proof Of An IRS Memo (but can't find)

Brian Schweitzer Named Chairman Of Mining Company

Bachelet keeps Chileans guessing on turn to the left

What are the odds of the President being impeached...?

So much for the myth that fracking = cheap energy.

"A little starvation will do us good." Please come CAPTION this rethug:

Google Glass through the eyes of a toddler

Want a free trip to Costa Rica? Are you a Certified Scrum Master....

Report Details How Counter Terrorism Apparatus Was Used to Monitor Occupy Movement Nationwide

HP Puts Out Memo To Help Its' Employees Avoid Geese Attacks While Visiting Idaho Office

Fitch, Please

Please clarify the standards on personal attacks.

Dear American Consumers: Please Don’t Start Eating Healthfully. Sincerely, the Food Industry

Girls Poop too!

Stay safe Michiganders. (Sev. T-storms)

Teen featured in viral video dies ('Clouds')

Photo of the Day (Week 1) - Warning: Graphic images

Virginia Republicans Say: Have a Miscarriage, Go To Prison

Have you heard of

Write On, RFK, Jr. !

Credibility; case in point

Economically, Could Obama Be America's Best President?

9 Questions That Atheists Might Find Insulting (And the Answers)

"If Jonathan Karl doesn't like being called a hack, then he should stop being a hack" EPIC takedown

Speaking of metal...

Well, my old Nikon D50 has taken its last picture.......

Meghan Wilson's impossible dream to be doctor comes true

Just received from NARAL: Trent Franks introduces nationwide abortion ban

Justices Take Case on Prayer at Town Board Meetings

U.S. Takes First Steps to Fix Security Flaws at Embassies

True Facts About Baby Echidnas

House set to vote Wednesday on whether to snatch Keystone XL approval from president's hands

Assembly Democrat calling for Silver to step down as speaker

Michelle Nunn Senate Announcement Coming Soon

Two-thirds of New Yorkers say state government growing more dysfunctional

Well well well, Fox News was a co-conspirator in leaking classified docs...

A very good deed:

Secret Service Looking Into Radio Host’s Graphic Violent Comments About Obama, Hillary Clinton

Karl Rove: White House Surveilling Fox Reporter Is ‘Chilling,’ ‘Beyond The Pale’

Wagner's 'The Siegfried Idyll' is the 'end credits' of the Ring Cycle.

The Jury has reached a verdict: Obama is Guilty!!


Syrian rebel leader: U.S. will Act When War Widens

Jason Richwine is representative of right wing repuke intellectual racism.

if there's one thing we learned in 2008, it's that america was finally ready for a black president

Very bad tornado in South Oklahoma City Today (Monday) Hitting Right Now.

"Clouds" by Zach Sobiech (He passed away today, aged 18, from cancer)

"Good Light" | Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors |

The Tornado on TV right now is a monster. My prayers to the people of the mid-west.

Corporations Steal Billions in Tax Breaks, While Confused, Screwed Citizenry Turn On Each Other

CNN Poll: Likability helps Obama survive brutal weEK

Asheboro, NC - 2 Year Old Shoots Self With Gun - Expected To Survive

BREAKING: Huge Tornado Tears Through S. OK City ("2 Miles-Wide," "MASSIVE CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE")

Thom Hartmann's Opinion piece "On the News" . . .

NWS Issues Tornado Emergency For Oklahoma City

Backyard visitor today

"I want everyone to know you don't have to find out you're dying to start living." ~ Zach Sobiech

Philly police bust activist Kokesh during ‘smoke down’ pot rally (the Pro-Gun D.C. rally guy)

It's amazing what a difference 20 years (and $300 000 000 from Charles Koch) can make, isn't it?

The Similarities Between the Charter School Movement and the War on Drugs

Justice IG criticizes former U.S. attorney for leak to Fox in ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal

FBI Data: One arrest every 42 seconds for possession of the Evil Weed

Scandal-gate in a nutshell

CNN Quits Breaking News, Becomes “CNN Classic”

The Long, Sordid History of the American Right and Racism

President to President

Good lawd! Tweet from a weather helicopter trying to move further away:

Community College Student Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Avoid Telling Parents About Grades

CNN Showing Live Footage Close-Up of Tornado Damage - Whole Neighborhoods Missing; Major Destuction

Zach Galifinakis Once Saved A Woman From Homelessness, Will Take To Hangover III Premiere

AFL-CIO picks fight with Facebook, Google over immigration bill

Another tornado touches down near Okla. City; at least 2 killed, 21 injured

Brittney Griner says Baylor coaches wanted her sexuality kept quiet

The two big things I think religion provides that secularism does not.

Romney the Racketeer Chronicles - Part 3: Pathological Retroactivity

Why some of us have writer's block

OK tornado hit elementary school:

BREAKING: Breyerwood Elementary has taken a direct hit. Reports of kids trapped.

Can't stop crying, 2 schools hit, 1 leveled by tornadoes

If the US wants Julian Assange, why not extradite him directly from the UK?

LA Times wins the Headline of the Day award

A Memo To Anyone Elevating Obama's "Scandals" To The Level Of Being Part Of The "Second Term Curse"

So is this just the extreme edge of "normal" tornado activity, or part of climate change's

Tar sands exploitation would mean game over for climate, warns leading scientist

Is it just me, or does destruction make Wolf Blitzer giddy?

Amazing and heartbreaking pictures from the tornado (+ link to LIVE video):

Brazil: Supreme Court overturns conviction of landowner for murder of Sr. Dorothy Stang. >>Retrial

Desparately need help with Firefox Versions.

Thank you helpers, police, fire, all the volunteers (watching tornado)

Texas Judge Says Lesbian Mom Can't Live With Partner and Have Custody of Kids

Moore, Oklahoma looks like

It's Cher's Birthday This Week

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

Marine holding umbrella for Obama is from Apopka

Apple Avoided Billions in Taxes, Congressional Panel Says

How the World's Most Noted Atheist Changed His Mind

Ray Manzarek (1939—2013)

Apple Avoided Billions in Taxes, Congressional Panel Says

U.S. Policy and Programs in Support of International Religious Freedom

Tornado heading to Meeker, OK, same storm that hit earlier.

Plaza de Joe Strummer inaugurated in Granada

"this used to be a daycare in west moore, all kids accounted for"

(video) Catholic School Tells Trans Teen 'Wear Girl's Gown or Don't Walk at Graduation'

Just how large and who are the GOP players involved in the Railroading of President Obama

Publicist: Founding member of The Doors dies at 74 (Manzarek)

The real scandals are how right-wing scandal-mongering is disrupting, even obstructing, the

Criticism of Common Core Becoming, Well, More Common

Another mile wide tornado headed for same area. Link to pic of damage:

Nearly 600,000 Wounded Vets Claims for Disability Suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan Wars "backlogged"

I know people like this.

The literary profession and civic culture; aka, What's So Great about the Great Books?

100 horses killed in tornado:

Indonesia Minorities Slam President’s Interfaith Award

They're pulling kids from one school:

Deal with it!

An old clean one..."The Radar Trap"..

An observation.

How long until somebody blames Teh Gays for the Oklahoma tornados?

KFOR livestream reporter breaks down on air, confirms Plaza Tower Elementary school...

AFP-Texas: Ending CSCOPE a tremendous victory for parents and students

Obama Admin. Approves ALEC Model Bill for Fracking Chemical Fluid Disclosure on Public Lands

75 kids and staff

"Certified Scrum Master" is the Lounge phrase of the day. Go!

Video: Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Rips EW Jackson, Tea Party "Takeover" of VA GOP

Flickr changes

Time lapse clip of tornado. Amazing and horrifying:

Chicago Man Sets World Record For Longest Ferris Wheel Ride

This is why we have government...

There is something soothing and calm about Martin's voice..

Breaking:All trapped kids accounted for at one school:

Ray Manzarek has passed on.

"... didn't have the strength to open the shelter door to let their neighbors in ..."


Wolves are deeply disappointed that he was not raised by wolves.

Time to go party

How To Start Your Own Religion

I am as areligious as they come

Alex Jones is jealous of that Santilli guy...

Senators require fingerprinting at 30 airports

aussie v8 supercars at circuit of the americas

Oklahoma Republicans say NO to disaster relief and ask for a smaller government.

National Guard has been activated in response to Oklahoma's tornadoes

The media has been sanitizing that Pete Santilli guy.

Amazon River exhales virtually all carbon taken up by rain forest

Pelham leaders reject federal grant for tornado shelters

Wickedly funny comment by a wily Frenchman

For Oklahoma

Something stinks to high heaven about Malcolm X grandsons death

Not just blowing in the wind: Compressing air for renewable energy storage

Bigotry against Jews and Muslims on the rise, says US

So how do we think-

Man gets payout for not shaking woman's hand

Once again, we are humbled, saddened, terrified by what our earth's weather is capable of.

Just saw a rescue dog on top of the pile at Plaza school

Anthrax drug brings $334 million to Pentagon advisor's biotech firm

Ya think?

Ray Manzarek's publicist Robinson-Fitzgerald said manager, Vitorino, confirmed he died aprox 3:30pm

UK Conservatives rebel over gay marriage (like conservatives everywhere)

Thanks Again Aaron Swartz!

Can we stop "Is Climate Change Real", roll up our sleeves, and start solving this thing yet?

Benghazi Whistleblowers (cartoon) - 'a frequency only right-wingers can hear'

Senior Tories to warn No 10 of declining confidence in David Cameron

Ex-Hasidic Mother Loses Custody of Children (might jeopardize the children's religious upbringing)

Chris Christie shows his ass

The first 'thug that demands something be cut..

This Crane Egg Probably Has More Security Than Your House

Hezbollah in big Syria battle, Obama 'concerned'

U.S. pesticide makers seek answers as bee losses sting agriculture

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lack Of Investment By Connecticut (former Gov Rowland) Makes It Harder To Recover From Derailment

Notice something with natural disasters lately?

12 Banks Sued by Sheet-Metal Union Over Credit-Swap ‘Fix’ (1)

Robert Fisk: 'Syrian war could go on for two, three years'

Toon- The ALEC-oholic NC Legislature

California County Details How Transit Cuts Harm Health

Apple Avoided Billions in Taxes, Congressional Panel Says

Closing Arguments In Stop-And-Frisk Trial

Two of the cutest cat videos I've seen in a long time.

CA: Troubles continue to dog the new SF Bay Bridge span

Defector from anti-gay church struggles with her past

A radar picture of these storms as they proceed easward..

Defector from anti-gay church struggles with her past

Vitamins That Cost Pennies a Day Seen Delaying Dementia

Chicago: 'So far, so good' on first weekday of Red Line shutdown

KFOR Livestream: 2 dozen children buried in rubble

KFOR reporter says that no one is left alive in Plaza Twr Elem School

Two dozen kids killed in the OK school.

How Michelle Rhee Misled Education Reform

Sending good vibes out to Madokie and others in OK

This tornado shit is breaking my heart. All those kids killed.........

Vermont passes law allowing doctor-assisted suicide

Is this a good time to talk about mandatory building codes for tornado prone areas? nt

Wingnut Dishwashers Union

Republican Rep. Tom Cole on Hardball, talking about how great

Why can't they build a hill and then put a shelter below it?

Should Wealthier Students Get to Jump the Line For College Classes?

In the UK: right-wing populism could present a greater threat to the left than the right

"WIN A LUBE JOB" is today's Auxillary Lounge Phrase. It's Monday after all . . .

‘Bidder 70’: Wily Tree Hugger Does Time for Disrupting Eco Crime

‘Bidder 70’: Wily Tree Hugger Does Time for Disrupting Eco Crime

Learning From the Rise and Fall of Michelle Rhee

Church of Scotland votes to allow gay ministers

Robert Parry: Does Woodward Know Watergate?

Caitlin Moran: We’re all dying