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Archives: December 17, 2018

Axios Felix Salmon speaks out about Romney/Wall Street lacking accountability

Mueller Exposes Putin's Hold Over Trump

White clergy make video supporting protesters, recite 'Black Lives Matter'

Iowa Poll: First poll of likely caucusgoers finds Biden, Sanders, O'Rourke atop the field

Farm bill boosts Alabama rural health care, but real showdown awaits in Montgomery

5 Ways People Are Dumb With Money

'Tis the season. . . .

Foster Claims 'Third Party' Offered $1 Million to Exit Governor's Race

Grieving parents say priest condemned their son at funeral because he committed suicide

Have an image my husband sent to my phone and I'd like to post it on DU. How can I accomplish that?

The 2020 Democratic Nominee for the US Senate from CO should be a female because CO has not had one.

Misogyny is prevalent throughout the GOP - Kellyanne attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Auditor demands more than $200,000 from Lincoln County chancery clerk

I wonder if Trump also has some spray on hair action going?:

I was told there would be winning

Weezer - SNL

Swalwell not messing around

Last Night I watched David Fincher's "Fight Club" (1999)

49ers end 10 game losing streak to the Seahawks in OT

Man gets 3 years for identity theft of veteran and benefits

Hillary Clinton: Google vs. DuckDuck search. This is intense.

We're not really alone, after all. Not on DU.

Stelter: With all the news, Fox home page is about Trump wanting court test for NBC, SNL

Companies Asked a Mississippi Senator to Refund Donations. They Are Still Waiting.

Why no Trump concert halls, hospital wings. University halls

Teacher pay raises uncertain in legislative budget plan

This list of reasons for admission to a "lunatic asylum" in the 1800s

Teen tells climate negotiators they aren't mature enough

lovely version of bring him home by Joe McElderry

Hillary Clinton writes letter to 8-year-old girl who lost class president to male classmate

Trudeau says Ottawa looking for a way out of multibillion-dollar Saudi arms deal

After fraud probe, new primary may replace GOP candidate

Trump Impeachment Odds Surge Amid Legal Peril

Darrell Issa predicts Flynn guilty plea will be thrown out, citing FBI 'misconduct'

Coming to a theater near you: The Touchables

Number of women in the GOP has reached a "crisis level."

Robert Mueller is the most unknowable man in Washington

A Shutdown Looms. Can the G.O.P. Get Lawmakers to Show Up to Vote?

New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation's scale and sweep

It was over before the election.

Avenatti trolls Don Jr's "Trump Store 20% Off Sale Ends Today" tweet

With No Abortion Clinic Operating In Nashville, Advocates Raise Travel Money

Georgia litigation seeking 100,000 missing votes lost in the electronic voting machines

Cherie Knight.

I have an extra copy of Becoming by Michelle Obama.

A State Lawmaker's Comments About Vaccines Provokes An Official Backlash

Most parents - and many non-parents - don't expect to have kids in the future

Gun deaths hit 40-year high

It's Intraparty-Squabbling Season for Tennessee Democrats

TCM Remembers 2018

Six potential legal problems for him

State Liquor Laws On Trial at U.S. Supreme Court

Isolated in shutdown fight

How deep is my love for Lounge: What Daddy never taught me I pass YouTube to you: toilet rim jets

Christmas movie recommendations?

Trump: Sessions 'should be ashamed of himself' for allowing Russia probe

Entire campaign likely a criminal conspiracy

Mulvaney's plan for Trump: "Let's take this show on the road!"

Tennessee Democrats, health care activists decry ACA ruling, criticize state Atty. General Slatery

Schiff wants Deutsche Bank records

Remember when Barack and Michelle Obama ...

15 UK Activist face LIFE for blocking migrant plane take-off

51-point buck bagged in Illinois may beat out Tennessee hunter's national title

From a compassionate and brilliant man to a hate filled idiot.

Nashville CEO forged signatures for fake therapy, U.S. Attorney says

Saw "The Wife. Excellent, a movie that leaves one to think about it

Could use some positive thoughts prayer and info

AG Andy Beshear says he will fight to keep Affordable Care Act

Organic food worse for the climate?

Army's only all-female, African American WW2 unit honored with monument

Aviation enthusiasts: Interesting (if not a bit campy) film on the early days of passenger flight

A question for mature women here

About the Eating Disorders Support Group.

Kentucky GOP sifting through teachers' emails for political misuse

Family says Trump travel ban preventing mother from seeing dying son

Stop me if you've heard this one


Detroit Archdiocese reprimands priest after homily during teen's funeral sparks anger

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 19: Orphans

Nashville's Star Rises as Midsize Cities Break Into Winners and Losers.

What's up with that missing lady in Colorado?

HQ Trivia and Vine co-founder Colin Kroll dead at 34

A Lovemonger's Christmas

Matt Smith is 'Mapplethorpe' in Full Trailer for the Upcoming Biopic

NYU Law Professor on Giuliani: 'We are in a death spiral of stupid'

Who's going to paint the wall?

552-carat diamond found in Canada is largest ever in North America

China Built a Global Economy in 40 Years. Now It Has a New Plan

Israeli PM's son gets temporary ban on Facebook

No matter what happens in any of the courts, why won't the Democrats keep reminding voters

Croatia denies police violently push migrants into Bosnia

FBI meets with Parkland families, 'apologetic' and 'appalled' over bungled tips

The 'ultimate nightmare scenario' for this historic Miami church: A $7 million tax bill

John Ford ou "l'ecriture de l'histoire au miroir du cinema"

Gwen Graham appointed to city of Tallahassee Independent Ethics Board

The Political Expansion Of Evangelical Churches In Latin America - Analysis

The Political Expansion Of Evangelical Churches In Latin America - Analysis

Adjunct professors at 7 public colleges in Florida are trying to unionize

SNL missed how 'wonderful' Trump has made America

The Searchers: Mexican women who look for the dead

Orthodox Christian Prayers for Healing of Illness and for Surgery from St. Luke's Orthodox Church

Houston pastor on $200K Lamborghini gift: 'It wasn't a pastor that bought the car. It was a husband'

Mexico launches $7.4bn Tren Maya railway project

Chronic fatigue syndrome 'could be triggered by overactive immune system'

Tweet of the night:

Climate change: The massive CO2 emitter you may not know about

Malaysia Files Criminal Charges Against Goldman Sachs

I led the National Park Service. Ryan Zinke leaves lasting damage

Guatemalan girl likely died of sepsis shock after crossing border, hospital officials said

Guatemalan girl likely died of sepsis shock after crossing border, hospital officials said

'Miracle' six-day-old baby survives Ebola

Did anyone else listen to Preet Bharara's interview with the author of The Fifth Risk?

Nuqanchik: Peruvian news and the politics of language

Prior service personnel pulled Christmas off again

115 years ago today; Wright Brothers achieve controlled, powered flight in heavier-than-air craft

(Jewish Group) Why Louis Farrakhan Can No Longer Be Excused

(Jewish Group) Local Women's Marches Worry National Leaders' Troubles Will Sink Their Events

Stephen Miller frothing at mouth over immigration, says Trump will "absolutely" shut down the govt

Chelsea fans took flag with Nazi symbol to Budapest for Vidi game

Grant orders Jews to leave war zone, Dec. 17, 1862

At half-term point, 45's healthcare plan is: Bankrupt hospitals, go to the gutter and die.

Which frump will wake up to reality first: Daddy, wife, daughter, or sons or son-in-law?

The EPA Is Planning to Jeopardize the Water Quality for 117 Million Americans

I am sure Mueller does his best.


"Let us prey."

Trump's History of Campaign Finance Wrongdoing Destroys His New Defense

Anyone seen Netflix's "trump, an American Dream" ?

Giuliani: "Collusion is not a crime AND it was over with by the time of the election."

Saudis balk at U.S. Senate's "disrespect" over Khashoggi killing

Hey, Republicans in Congress, find your spine,

Ancient bird fossils have 'the weirdest feathers I have ever seen'

Monday TOONs - Baby, It's Cold Inside Edition

"Mulvaney saw Trump's victory as an opportunity to rise in Republican ranks"

"These Three Democrats Will Finally have the Power to Investigate the White House....

So the Superbowl halftime Show is in deep trouble

Poland offering military combat class in High School...

Mitch McConnell Blasted For Covering Up Trump Crimes

Chuck Schumer: Trump Needs to Understand 'He is Not Going to Get the Wall in Any Form'

US Opened Doors After Vietnam War and Can Do So Again

Santorum has hired a firm to scrub the internet of this picture of him

Former Nixon Lawyer John Dean Unleashes on 'Wuss' Trump: 'He's a Fake Leader'

Amid swirling Trump scandals, Cummings backs rules change to allow indictment of a sitting president

'He was willing to be tough': Beto supporters brace for 2020 brawl

A Guide to All 17 (Known) Trump Investigations

House Dems eye quick action on guns in new Congress

Google to invest $1B in newly unveiled New York City campus

Pennsylvania meltdown triggers Republican alarms

Durbin to lawmakers: 'Park yourselves on the sidelines' until Mueller probe ends

Judge to examine Whitaker appointment in U.S. asylum policy case

North Korea condemns U.S. sanctions, warns denuclearization is at risk

Democrats take cautious view of subpoena powers as they ready investigations

The Note: Republicans face year-end messes of their own making

Iraq Lays Cornerstone To Restore Al-Nuri Mosque, As Mosul Rebuilds

Mass shootings, economy ranked as most significant news events of 2018

'Crisis level': Republican women sound warning after election losses

US conducts 6 airstrikes against Somalia extremists, 62 dead

Last night I saw 'Children of Paradise' --Les Infants du Paradis--for the first time.

Small assault-style rifle firms thriving under activists' radar

New Yorker Cover: Mueller v. Moroniarty

Russian Effort to Influence 2016 Election Targeted African-Americans

Heads up - tribute to Aretha on ABC tonight at 10.00pm n/t

Senate report finds millions of social media posts by Russians aimed at helping Trump, GOP

WTF is wrong with Republicans in this state?

Conspiracy theories - by Tom Tomorrow

Jared Goff..a passing phenom?

Americans' message to Washington on the looming shutdown: Don't

Mueller Exposes Putin's Hold Over Trump

Sen. Claire McCaskill: "We have too many embarrassing uncles in the United States Senate."

Where has Jeff Sessions gone? Did Mueller ask him some questions?

FORBES: Mueller Exposes Putin's Hold Over Trump

Surprise, Surprise: McConnell Nowhere In Sight As Black Lung Funding Nears Expiration

FSogol's 2018 Advent Calendar Day 17: Merry Christmas vs Happy Christmas?

Ex-ICE Official Paid to Defend $1-a-Day Wages for Immigrants

Shareholder Resolution Blahblah ExxonMobil Targeted Reductions Blah Voluntary Someday Blahblahblah

'You are a foul, disgusting liar': Weekly Standard editors blast Steve King for celebrating magazine

New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation's scale and sweep

COP 24 - "Rulebook" Ostensibly Set, But Sense Of Urgency Nowhere To Be Found In Official Outcomes

Trump Boasts That the Dollar is Strong While 'World is Blowing Up Around Us'

Frightening poll results about Iowa Republicans

CNN hosts crack up over 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' parody mocking Trump and Giuliani

The Rundown: December 14, 2018

2018 in Review: Best Webcomic

2018 in Review: Best Digital First Series

2018 in Review: Best Publisher

Wildest thing everyone seems to be missing in Trump's 'Twitter tsunami' explained by Morning Joe

How House Democrats can save democracy and the rule of law: Impeach Donald Trump ASAP

When Marlboro Man met Mary Jane-A tobacco giant hashes out a deal with a cannabis company

Susan Collins on 2020 GOP primary: 'I see nothing wrong with challengers'

Jason Coffman, whose son was murdered by the killer at Thousand Oaks last month,

Amid swirling Trump scandals, Cummings backs rules change to allow indictment of a sitting presiden

Fox News Contributor Advises Trump: 'Stop' With The 'Mobster Lingo'

Trump Claims 'Boarder Security' Without Wall Would Cost Billions

'Twas the week before Christmas,....

You no like my smocky eye? Be best.

Once upon a time, a President was arrested - for speeding horsing

Wait for it . . .

Chickens freezing to death and boiled alive: failings in US slaughterhouses exposed

The moment Craig realised that he'd turned up at the wrong Christmas party.

Remembering Rosanell - a tough foe of Jim Crow

Another down day for the markets.

The Electoral Map is changing

Cat logic

Congrats #maga - in 1 year you went from "Blue Lives Matter" to "Fuck tha Police."

I personally do not believe that this video of Stephen Miller on Face The Nation has been altered.

Important Lessons I Learned in Church

I haven't read anything about Andrew Whitaker or William Barr in Months

DOW taking another beating.

Feeling the ho-ho-ho ?

Does everyone remember this story??


"It was all Hillary's fault" . . . Please come CAPTION Stephen Miller!!!

Wow Rudy!

BREAKING: Michael Flynn business partner charged with acting as unregistered agent

Michael Flynn's business partner charged with illegally lobbying for Turkey

MSNBC: Mulvaney will succeed as CoS by "flattering Trump in public and in private."

It's tuff getting good employees

If Michael Flynn was just some well-meaning man duped by clever FBI agents...

How Donald Trump Got Caught in a Legal Vise

A Recession is Imminent According to 67% of CEOs Interviewed Yale CEO Summit

In Minnesota there are lots and lots of Lutherans of Norwegian Heritage.

California Upends 2020 Democratic Primary Calendar

Michael Flynn, the FBI and the far right's latest nutbar conspiracy theory

Texas school speech pathologist refused to sign pro-Israel contract and lost her job

The gutting of the IRS

Giuliani Sounds Less Confident of Trump's Denials

Lincoln's Making 80 Special Edition Continentals With Suicide Doors

How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction

Why don't we hear more Democrats talking about the 1.2Billion that Trump has not spent on the wall?

Darrel Issa believes Mueller's case against Michael Flynn will be THROWN OUT of court

Amazon faces boycott ahead of holidays as public discontent grows

Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around

A look at the history of the motels - and its decline

About 8-10 years ago, the Republican Party pretty much lost it's liberal/some left positions wings

Putin knows how to handle a dog -

I didn't vote for a woman in 2016

Boffins don't give a sh!t, slap Trump's face on a turd in science journal

I was a heavy drinker. Now I'm an ice cream junkie!

I voted for Trump. Now his wall may destroy my butterfly paradise.

Is there an investment forum on DU?

More about the Nazi Stephen Miller and his spray-on hair . . .

It's not quite clean coal, but it's getting close

So, I wonder what the GOP will say after Trump is gone?

How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction

All this talk about a male vs female candidate, but I kinda want to see how an 'other' would do

If Rudy were your lawyer in your death penalty case . . . . .

Conservative WSJ edt. board warns Obamacare ruling could backfire spectacularly on Trump and GOP

This is a very good discussion of some of Trump's most recent lies and mis-statements.

Report: Russian troll farm included pro-Jill Stein messaging on social media

Fox legal analyst on Mueller probe: Mike Flynn interview was 'not entrapment'

BOOM: Pence, Flynn, Elijah Cummings..... wrap it all up Seth Abramson.

Pappadopoulos' wife says Mueller was investigating him for being an Israeli spy.

I just had a Carolina Wren at my suet feeder


I guess people really don't respect the office of the President anymore

Paul Krugman: The G.O.P. Goes Full Authoritarian

Retiring Republican Lawmakers may not show up to vote to avert shutdown, so they can..........

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend

What did you learn to drive in? 66 Plymouth Valiant wagon for me

New York Times Article Explores Apple's Failed Attempt to Build the Macintosh in California

Trump supporters "logic"


UK austerity has inflicted 'great misery' on citizens, UN says

Pete Buttigieg dipping a toe into the water?

US credit markets dry up as volatility rattles investors

Aide from Trump's transition team charged today

What is scariest thought about the ruling on Obama Care from the Tx judge?

Forward thinking

Richard Land: Donald Trump Is 'A Genetic Marvel'

"And when you die, all anyone will say is, 'Better that he had never lived at all.'"

Video shows white suspect punching Hispanic man in the throat after he orders food in Spanish

Trump plans to create unified US Space Command

Blogs are a good way of promoting your writing.

Anybody on this site?

Pelosi tries to buy Mueller time

Transgender and sports. Mentally debating myself

Gallup drops Trump to 38% approval in weekly poll

Sen. Lamar Alexander will not run for reelection

Whoa, Nelly: Gallup Trump Approval 38% Disapproval 57%

We started a GoFundMe for Audry's vet bills

cross-posted from Pets Group

Yes, there was 'collusion.' Now what should we do about it?

Right-ringers react negatively to inter-faith Christian-Muslim Christmas play by Chicago theater com

Theresa May sets January date for MPs' Brexit vote

My fear is that if they dump Trump and nominate someone else in 2020

Not just for the ladies - Funny Pence meeting meme

Oregon agencies may find more watchdogs keeping an eye on them

Sajjan Kumar: Milestone conviction over 1984 Sikh killings

Sajjan Kumar: Milestone conviction over 1984 Sikh killings

Oregon Senate president tags Boquist with cease and desist for hostile conduct

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Calls For Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana In New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Calls For Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana In New York

Russian efforts to manipulate African Americans show sophistication of disinformation campaign

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Calls For Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana In New York

Jesuits name priests credibly accused of sexually abusing children, including in D.C. area

Gov. Brown's proposed budget irks community colleges

Trump routinely says things that aren't true. Few Americans believe him.

100 days people- ONE HUNDRED DAYS!

Happy National Maple Syrup Day!

Luciano Guerra: I voted for Trump. Now his wall may destroy my butterfly paradise.

The police officer who arrested a president (for all those arguing it absolutely CAN'T happen)

Thoughts on Buttigieg 2020?

So I accidentally clicked on a Faux (Fox) News story on Flynn

Sources: House Speaker Kotek favors statewide rent control

It's a Christmas miracle!

How is Alan Dershowitz an attorney?

Trump admin trying to take advantage of the U.S. Supreme Court's new conservative majority

This is not new, but no one seems to be able to answer this question about Giuliani

Breaking news! Sen. Lamar Alexlander, R-TN, has announced he will not seek a fourth term!

Jerk Videotaped Attacking And Shouting Racist Slurs At Subway Passenger Is Obviously A Lawyer

If you lost everything

Who'da thunk it??

Venezuela creditors demand payment on $1.5 billion defaulted bond - lawyer

Wrong Forum Again, Dammit!

Has Your Internal System Slowed Down? Is It Running Short of Capacity? Do a Reset!

Erdogan says Trump positive on Turkish military plan to push east in Syria

Favorite meme of the day

David Seaman Prays God Will Destroy Google With an Earthquake

Happy 2,515th Saturnalia!

Starting to really believe Trump has zero intention of running in 2020

After Propaganda, Conservative News Was the Most Popular Content Pushed by Russian Trolls

Memory foam pillows

Wall St. sinks; Gundlach says U.S. stock are in bear market

UK's Labour calls May no confidence vote over Brexit vote timing

Jury finds man facing jail after playing 'F the Police' not guilty

Ireland's Brexit Trouble - Brexit Frontline - Brexit lays bare old animosities in NI

Michigan State Rep.'s microphone cut off after criticizing Betsy DeVos

The science behind the record-breaking winter rainstorm that deluged Washington this weekend

The Democratic party nominated a woman for president in 2016

A Christmas Miracle!

Outgoing House Republicans really don't care if there's a shutdown

MarketWatch - The last key death cross is poised to engulf the stock market

U.S. backs NATO membership for Bosnia, dismisses Serb opposition

Former Michael Flynn Business Associates Indicted in Turkey Lobbying Case

A crew member of the apprentice and beauty pagents

DPRK- Effectiveness of Refined Petroleum Sanctions

It's round two: Comey vs. House Republicans

Afghan Taliban meet U.S. officials as peace efforts intensify

Dow down 416 points at this moment

This Video Of A Package Thief Is Physical Comedy At Its Finest

GOP leader faces Trump test in latest shutdown crisis

US sportswear traced to factory in China's internment camps

Is there any pushback for the Gary Sinise for TIME MOTY thing?

After an arduous journey during which many of them perished from exposure to the elements

This might be the most important article of WTF wrong

Doug Schoen and Mark Penn regularly go on Fox to defend Trump

Cambodia Nabs More Than 3 Tons Of Illegal Ivory

Utah set to drop blood-alcohol limit to .05, strictest in country

I have noticed that media (and I will admit to limited choices)

Ghouliani admits possibility that he is a zombie

Limbaugh and Hannity were not on the air today at last minute.

Pterosaurs: Fur flies over feathery fossils

Many People Believe that Jesus Is on Trump's Side

A Chef's Singular Take on Chiles Rellenos

James O'Brien at the Conference for Social Justice 2018 : MUST See !!!

At this moment

US returns looted bells to Philippines after 117 years

The Texas Obamacare ruling's biggest impact could be on insurance costs

North Korea- Trump Has All the Time in the World- Does He?

Schumer says he's for the "best and the cheapest" healthcare for Americans.

'SNL' Destroys President Trump, Causing Him to Call for Courts to Intervene

First we drop EPA regulations so people get sick...

In These New Essays, John McPhee Finds Poetry in the Material at Hand.

If the Bible is primarily metaphorical or allegorical, it's a work of fiction.

Remember when the Obama admin had prepared transition teams and trump fired all his transition staff

17 known Trump World probes...and it's not even January yet.

Not a chance in hell...

Comey on CNN now smacking down GOP Flakes!

Trump may emerge as a brazen grifter who, by aspiring to WH like a wizened, soiled version of Icarus

Border Patrol Tells Congressional Delegation It Can't Meet With Agents Who Detained 7-Year-Old

Scientific Paper Has Trump's Image In Baboon Feces

Today's birthday boy, the "King of Western Swing," Spade Cooley

My succinct response to an old college friend trumpster on FB

One more big anniversary: manned, powered flight

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 17, 2018

I hate posting goodbye threads, but this man was an unknown GIANT

James Comey Unloads After Interview With Republicans: 'Stand Up' to Your Fear of Fox News

What no 'Reefer Madness'

Comey Confronts Fox News Reporter: People Watching Your Network Believe Trump's 'Lies' About FBI

When the number of crimes starts adding up to epic levels can Mueller cite the number of crimes

Hey every body guess what just happened?

Furious James Comey slams Fox News reporter to her face for spreading Trump's 'nonsense'

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 18 December 2018

SNL...pretty lame...except for COLD OPEN and Miley...did you guys know that was Sean Lennon?

Did Trump create a major vulnerability

Mexican border: Children are being numbered with magic markers

Trump Previously Lined the Pockets of His Democrat Defender Mark Penn

The creepy realization that you might have hired the worst lawyer ever...

Dow dives 500 points as stocks close near 2018 lows

Question: Pence kills Trump to become President. Would he be immune?

These Trumpian pundit lawyers are getting seriously ridiculous..

Fox legal analyst says Trump is facing a Mueller 'doomsday' - could already be indicted in secret

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg moves toward Democratic presidential primary run

'Justice' named Merriam-Webster's 2018 Word of the Year

More winning

Tulsi Gabbard Is Moving Toward An Unconventional Presidential Campaign. Her Fans See "Bernie 2.0."

Woman who climbed Statue of Liberty in immigration protest found guilty

Goldman Sachs Faces Charges In Malaysia Over Massive Corruption Scandal

NC GOP slams state elections board: 'The people of the 9th are tired of waiting'

Justin Trudeau says Canada is looking to pull out of Saudi arms deal

My mother always told me I could be anyone I wanted to be,.....turns out that's

Poll: Klobuchar rising in Iowa

Dow closes more than 500 points lower as stock-market rout persists

U.S. isolated at U.N. over its concerns about abortion, refugees

8 trillion is finally having an effect on fossil fuel...

I'm forming an atheists club. It'll be a

'Farout,' the most-distant solar system object discovered

Justice Department asks appeals court to end Trump emoluments case

Melania Trump's 2018 Congressional Ball Gown Came Straight From the Runway

Trump did not tell Erdogan he would extradite Gulen: White House official

Post your credit card number, except for one digit.

Poland Reverses Supreme Court Purge, Retreating From Conflict With E.U.

Comey's outrage today was way cool, sure...but maybe if he hadn't sent that letter, he'd be happier.

Missouri poacher ordered to repeatedly watch 'Bambi' as part of sentence

Trump approves second round of trade aid payments for U.S. farmers

My moment of Scrooge: Holiday Photo Cards

Qatar To Invest Up To $20 Billion In U.S. LNG

Robin Williams on Ronny Ray-Gun, 1986

Tweet of the early afternoon

Trump-backed criminal justice bill heads for votes in Senate

The Aussies may be on to something.

Many threads about 2020. This tweet sums it up for me

Alito cut the legs out of the latest attack on Obamacare -- and didn't even know he did it

Should the Eagles re-sign Foles and trade Wentz?

The Affordable Care Act

James Booker was born on this date.

Paul Butterfield was born on this date.

Kemp Misled Voters About Security Breakdown

Cuomo Moves to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in New York Within Months

Mick Mulvaney in October 2016: Trump would be disqualified from office in an 'ordinary universe'

O'Rourke Concedes He's Not Sure He's Ready

Yes, this is a REAL thing you can buy.....

Hungary's prime minister stole the country's democracy. Now Hungarians are rising up.

Gov. Abbott says Texas will prioritize Obamacare replacement as health care lawsuit continues

If Cohen is a rat, Donnie, that makes you a Ratfucker.

Christmas Inflatables Duke It Out Along Oregon Highway

This SmartNews app thing is on my list of bullshit that can go away too.

I just reread Lolita.

Bribing his base....

Do you have a favorite film directed by Harold Ramis?

Furious James Comey slams Fox News reporter to her face for spreading Trump's 'nonsense'

Justin Trudeau says Canada is looking to pull out of Saudi arms deal

Witches to Trump: Stop Calling the Mueller Investigation a 'Witch Hunt'

He is simply the head of a criminal enterprise

Minority voters vote for white presidential candidates ALL the time

I'm not a 'Christmas' kind of person, but still, all I'd like for Christmas is.....

'Stay well back ... or risk certain death': Giant waves slam California coast

Should ICE face a Hague Tribunal for Human Rights Abuses on the Southern Border?

Stock Market worst start to December in 38 years

Ex-officers charged after video shows them hurling a student around a school office

Senate Democrats get a harsh lesson on why they should never play nice with Republicans

Merriam-Webster; 'Justice' is our 2018 #WordOfTheYear.

Whoa... Kelly Slater (surfer) nails it!