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Georgia leads US in executions this year, set for ninth

During last period of global warming, Antarctica warmed 2 to 3 times more than planet average

Luckovich Toon - Twit Elect

Tea Party Republicans are already planning major resistance to Donald Trumps Obamacare replacemen

Remarks by the President on the Administration's Approach to Counterterrorism

Sanders offered an amendment to implement Trumps campaign promises. Senate Republicans Blocked It

WTF Are News Stations Covering Trump's Rallies? He Hasn't Held A Press Conference

Note to Breitbart: Earth Is Not Cooling, Climate Change Is Real and Please Stop Using Our Video...

'Their Purpose Has Been Served': Standing Rock Leader Asks Protesters To Leave

Going to a house party with Elizabeth Warren this weekend

Trump cuts ties with Flynn Jr.

"My" email "from" President Obama. Sorry if this is a duplicate :)

Republican rhetoric on jobs at odds with data, reality (i.e. more msgs from RW Alternate Universe)

Michael Savage is finally being sued! For defamation!

McConnell wants "Democratic cooperation" on repealing Obamacare

Local Were going to put a bullet in your head: #PizzaGate threats terrorize D.C. shop owners

Democrats Need To Pick a Leader. Now.

#grabyourwallet Updated list of Trump Products for boycotting....

Mr. Trump: Heres Why You Really Want to Spend $4 Billion on Air Force One - Wired

No country with a McDonalds can remain a democracy -Nice read

Unwilling to focus on substance, Trump sidelines policy team

Director of Polish Culture Institute in Berlin Fired for Too Much Jewish Content

NOW they are starting to get it - owning and buying guns isn't all about the NRA,

Funniest responses on DU in a long, long time. LOL!

McConnell: Obamacare repeal measure coming within weeks

Now they begin to respond to the problem, the NY Post let's us in

Trumps one consistent policy: Chaos

whatever became of graphic equalizers for stereo component systems?

Officer won't be charged in shooting that paralyzed Iowa man

The fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline, explained

Florida man arrested after being accused of looking up women's skirts at Walmart

I think the "it ISN'T about economics" argument is, ultimately, a deeply right wing position.

McConnell: We'll start Obamacare repeal on day one

Filth, chaos, weird religious symbols, feral animals and orgies - inside Oakland warehouse

Tiddly and Wink are Jumping for Joy! (dog rescue)

Pence dodges questions about security clearance for michael flynn's son

Green delight as Trump's Irish wall plans withdrawn

Ikea expands parental leave to all U.S. workers

Malta becomes first country in Europe to ban 'gay cure' therapy

It's 8 pm Eastern

Holy Shite

I'm almost afraid to say I think the Con is heading in the right direction with his pressures

Drumpf thanking the peepholes who voted for his sorry ass. He is bigly bat shit craaaaaazy!

Syrian troops enter Aleppo's Old City, poised for war's biggest victory

Michigan appeals court rejects Jill Stein's recount as unlawful

Get ready, Alec Baldwin, you're gonna have a good time with the latest "thank you" tour B.S.

"I'm glad he is getting tough with China"

Woman voted for Trump because, Barack Obama had failed to end racism and poverty.

He got up there and lied his a off': Carrier union leader on Trumps big deal

Despite dueling court rulings, Michigan recount keeps going

He got up there and lied his a off': Carrier union leader on Trumps big deal

This United Technologies/Carrier deal begs the question I haven't heard asked.....

When was the last time the US "won" a war?

Boeing responds to Trump's 747-Air Force One attack: 'We'll deliver best planes for best value'

Assuming Trump is inaugurated, he's going to have to give a speech

Palmer Report: Michigan recount: officials admit 87 vote counting machines broke in Detroit on Elec

Russian politicians accuse FIFA 17′ of violating gay propaganda law

Trump on James Mattis :'If he doesn't get that waiver there will be a lot of angry people' -

The Hill - Obama puts Dakota pipeline on Trumps desk

Amazon on Monday unveiled the latest plan to automate American workers out of existence

Texas A&M students, faculty protest speech by white nationalist leader

Why is Boeing charging $4 billion anyway?

Open Letter to the GOP

1000's of Veterans March on 1806 Bridge To Support #NoDAPL (Dec. 5, 2016)

In late January, barring a miracle, they will play "Hail to the Chief" when

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Powerless! Live, Uncensored & a new kittehs gif

Trump Fires Advisor's Son (Flynn Jr)

I'm starting to see why drumph is putting so many idiots into Cabinet

Van Jones Special "The Messy Truth" on CNN right now

DAPL is Drilling! Dec. 5, 2016

He got up there and lied his a off': Carrier union leader on Trumps big deal

Jennifer Francis On Melting Arctic, Jet Stream Impacts & The Fate Of Ice

California KKK leader arrested in stabbing in North Carolina just before Trump victory parade

ExxonMobil Cuts Funding To American Geophysical Union - But Not At AGU's Request

The Daily Show - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - President-Elect Trump's Victory/Thank You Tour

LePage hints at major state budget cuts to cover lower income tax rate

Many names have been used over time for our new President elect: Here's my favorite

Here's what we know about Trump's $50 billion deal with a Japanese billionaire

Vermonts $200 million mountain of trouble

Jordan from TYT says, he does not think they are drilling, is trying to verify

Gov. Baker to cut $98 million from state budget

8 Questions On Gore's Meeting W. President-Elect Man-Baby And His So-Concerned Daughter

Could Massachusetts impose tax on sodas?

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Floats Tenant Protection Petition

Most Americans Who See Fake News Believe It, New Survey Says

Suspended Boston attorney held on $1M bail for allegedly stealing from clients, co-workers

So the last vestige of cell phone privacy is about to be taken over by Verizon, government spies.

Tired of Lola pictures? Just don't look.

Iran's Rouhani: I Won't Allow Trump to 'Tear Up' Nuclear Deal

Boston students stage anti-Trump walkout

Outrage as 'lock her up' chant hits Canada

Pension board director gets compensation boosted to nearly $540G

Fed judge rules AG Healey must appear in Texas for Exxon deposition

Kieth Olberman rips Donald Trump a new one. Calls him a shitty businessman

Trial postponed for retired Springfield Police Det. Kevin Burnham, accused of stealing over $385K

What Christmas trees looked like 100 years

S&P rating agency warns of credit impact of Massachusetts charter school expansion

Kieth Olberman rips Donald Trump a new one. Calls him a shitty businessman

No bail for 15-year-old Massachusetts boy charged with decapitating classmate

Eric Rignot, UC: "We Have Opened A Number Of Flood Gates, 1 In Antarctica And Several In Greenland"

HP Enterprise countersues Rhode Island over DMV computer project

Train Derailed In New Britain; No Injuries Reported

Nearly One Million Connecticut Residents Can't Pay Utility Bill, Author Of New Report Finds

Blumenthal, Murphy Call For American-Made Iron And Steel In Federal Projects

Failed Senate Candidate Says Staffer's Lawsuit Cost Him Wall Street Job

Connecticut parents air concerns over states plans to privatize group homes

State will buy 201 acres in Groton for open space despite town opposition

There is nothing normal, decent, fair or likely even true about this impending "presidency"

Mississippi extremist group blows up Comptrollers phone

Trump wishes to make America grate again.

Right back at you Turtle you worthless POS!

CTV news: Boeing CEO critisizes Trump on trade policy and china. Next thing


Governor Kasich: Ohio 'on the verge of a recession'

The Latest at Texas A&M: Spencer speech finished; Aggies United event continues

IMO, I think I know what Trump is up to First, all his cabinet are a

City workers take down honorary Trump street signs

If you want to know why our military budget is so huge...

Trumpsters nuts roasting on an open fire...

Saw Hacksaw Ridge today

Still more from the Dump about flag burning.

Seattleites Form Neighborhood Groups to Resist Trump

Palmer Report: Chaos: Michigan court rules recount must end, as Federal court rules it must continue

Seattleites Form Neighborhood Groups to Resist Trump

DU is adult

Watching President Obama, so thoughtful steady and intelligent.....

Hospitals warn Trump, Congress of massive losses with Affordable Care Act repeal

Will history repeat itself in January??

What are your favorite songs of Friendship? I'll start with Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne..

Chicago Removes Donald Trump's Honorary Street Signs

November 2016 Now Officially Hottest Global November On Record

Ex-CIA official on Trump, Flynn: 'I'm watching a clown show'

Dems: GOP already undermining Trump's 'Buy America' promise

Anybody have any dope on Brunell Donald-Kyei?

Trump's Victory Tour Barely Fills First Arena

Lawrence O'D live now.

Leave Pepe Alone: Fantagraphics Wants Its Frog Back from the White Nationalist Movement

Kurt Eichenwald says Boeing shareholders could sue Trump for fraud

Former Hampshire College official: No flag at Trump Tower, yet outrage over college's decisions

Chicago: Last remaining Trump street signs removed

When will the voting public get it? ...

Trump Watch: (pic)

When Trump Supporters Tell Muslims To Go Back

How I feel - Gael Garcia Bernal

Should we take advantage of tRumps market games?

The Young Turks

Chase Ironeyes

Chris Hayes to hold Town Hall with Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin

Here is to you President Obama! We love you. I love you. Bravo Sir.

Rare clouded leopard makes debut at Syracuse zoo

Stroker Ass

Self-Driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-Driven Truck

Does anyone else feel they are stuck in a job where they have to put on a mask..

GOP adds measure to aid Mattis' confirmation to stopgap bill

what would you need? If a foundation asked what services you needed with your illness

Morning Joe hosts report exclusives on Trump while reportedly advising him

Mexicos ancient beverage of pulque makes a comeback

Lack of access to medicine in Latin America taken to rights body

Lack of access to medicine in Latin America taken to rights body

Anyone else watch Rachel (TRMS)

Ohio Senate Passes Extreme Anti-Choice Heartbeat Bill, Citing Trump Victory

Five Charged In White Plains In $33M Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy

Environmental groups seek to defend federal methane rule

About those coastal/urban elites..

Man: Cop beat me, stopped me from seeing dying mom

Buss: A step backward for marijuana reform

Man pleads guilty in anti-Muslim assault

DiNapoli rejects Cuomo's request for helicopter

Ground control to major Dick: Justin Bieber beats Bowie for Grammy Album of the Year Nomination

Trump again hires foreign workers for Mar-a-Lago little change in pay

Palmer Update PA: Before recount, Hillary Clinton has already caught up by 26,317 votes in PA

Citing embarrassingly outdated election laws, AG proposes sweeping reforms

State adopts rule allowing Medicaid coverage for transgender minors

Michigan officials admit majority of Detroit vote counting machines broke on Election Day

Tales of Actual Legislation: Senator plans Trump tax release bill

Supporters urge Cuomo to sign indigent legal services bill

Michigan recount has exposed thoroughly inept and suspicious original counting process

Iran's president says he won't allow Trump to "tear up" nuclear deal Obama's Deal!

Emboldened by Trump win, Ohio passes "heartbeat" law banning abortion at 6 WEEKS.

SNOOP hooks up width Walk Off The Earth - And players of instrument, too

Boeing CEO waits for Trump's trade play

Straight up scumbag: Internet eviscerates Rick Santorum for telling Dreamer to leave his country

Hofstra fraternity accused of sickening hazing rituals - GRAPHIC WARNING

I'm beginning to think the real reason Trump wants to build a wall...

Can electors be reminded of predator Trump please?

Santa Ana declares itself a sanctuary city in defiance of Trump

Black cat helps catch wanted man hiding from police

I was wrong.

The genius who is cleaning our oceans...

Go here (Pretty please with a cherry on top)

Feds recommend 17-21 years in prison for Fattah

How's this for a schmaltzy Christmas story?


You know how the new Star Wars-movie will influence US-politics. You already know.

Christian doctors in Midwest US cut off 3yo's clitoris bc they thought she was masturbating

California teens say cigarettes aren't cool

trump speech tues night: his admin "would defeat every last American"

Florida woman pleads guilty to nearly $180K midstate theft spree

So the Tiwanese call was planned! What surprised me was who orchestrated it.

Pennsylvania state trooper arrested for DUI

The GOP is threatening to shut down the government. By this Friday. Guess why.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND. what is with this Bernie is good/Hillary is bad all the sudden?

DISRUPTJ20 Protest the inauguration of Trump.

Daily Holidays - December 7

Butte mine officials: Snow geese deaths number into the thousands

Special: Chris Hayes hosts a town hall with Bernie Sanders in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Monday

"The FBI Is Investigating Me Because I Tweeted A Joke About Fake News"

Peter Vaughan: Thrones and Porridge star dies at 93

Support Good Jobs Nation in sharing this message - Operation Thunderclap

Anyone seen the season finale of Westworld? Spoilers

Peter Vaughan: Thrones and Porridge star dies at 93 (xpost)

Federal Court Ruling Protects Jill Steins Michigan Recount, Despite State Decision

Donald Trump: Magician-In-Chief How Trump's propaganda team works

The Real Art Behind Trump-SoftBank $50 Billion Deal

Thousands of snow geese die in Montana after landing on contaminated water

Bill Moyers envisions Hillary announcing a Shadow Government

Distraught woman whose house burned down gets uplifting surprise

HSBC, JP Morgan and Crdit Agricole fined 485m by EU

Asian man has his photo rejected by passport software because his 'eyes were closed'

How a network led by the billionaire Koch brothers is riding the Trump wave

Van Jones: Only a 'Love Army' Will Conquer Trump (Rolling Stone)

Stanford accused in lawsuit of ignoring complaints about serial sexual 'predator'

Mammoth US health bill aims to approve drugs faster, but concerns linger

Mammoth US health bill aims to approve drugs faster, but concerns linger

Wednesday TOON roundup 1: You Know Who

'FGM happened to me in white, midwest America'

Hoyer, National Security Ranking Members Send Letter to President Obama Urging Briefings on Russian

Wednesday TOON Roundup 2: The Rest

Humanists call on Scottish government to abolish blasphemy laws

Trump's religious dealmaking pays dividends

'Would you go and tear up St. Peter's in Rome?'

"Extraordinary, Gutless Capitulation" In Less Than 24 Hours By Oz Gov On Carbon Trading Plan

Lydia Polgreen Named Editor-In-Chief Of The Huffington Post

Lamar Smith's Chief Of Staff "Leading" NASA Transition - Like His Boss, A Denier Sack Of Shit

75 years ago

Time's Person of the Year:

Told you so: Sean Hannity Urges Trump Administration To Get Rid Of The White House Press Office

Syria army takes all of Aleppo Old City: monitor

My grandfather survived Pearl Harbor. He fought fascists in the European Theater.

Red Menace

Trump named Time Person of the Year

I'd love it if the JPR returnees...

President of Carrier employees union about Trump: He 'lied his ass off'

Pakistan plane crash: flight PK661 comes down in mountainous north

Yes. They are Deplorable.

We Have Elected a Shitty Businessman - The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

Pfizer fined record 84.2m pounds over NHS overcharging

The Weather Channel gives Breitbart a much-needed lesson in climate science.

The deer were here this am and I was trying to get an inside out shot for the contest

Michael Flynn Jr sacked over Pizzagate claims that led to shots being fired at Comet Ping Pong

Democrats Need to Embrace Progressivism or Else Move Out of the Way

The Red Menace

NYTimes: Bob Dole Worked Behind the Scenes on Trump-Taiwan Call

In fine tradition.

Alternative Action Proposed for Electors on December 19

Keith Ellison isnt an anti-Semite. Hes the victim of a vicious smear.

Trump's Transition Team Is Dirty, and It's Dark

NPR: How Trump Waged an Under the Radar Ground Game

NBC: Gov. Terry Branstad to be named Ambassador to China

Elizabeth Warren to Democrats: Make it clear we're for working families

Hagel criticizes Pentagon for burying study that revealed $125 billion in wasteful spending

Obama Warns the Country About How Much Power He's About to Hand Trump

With Biden in the chair on Jan. 3, the Senate can confirm a renominated Merrick Garland. Here's how.

Ranking Members Letter to President Obama Urging Briefings on Russian Interference in U.S. Elections

Warren: Americans didnt give Democrats majority support so we could play dead

The Holocaust Never Happened...

Nice guys (sic) "Does Michael Flynn Have an Anti-Semitism Problem on Twitter?"

Adolf Hitler: Man of the Year, 1938...Donald Trump: Person of the Year, 2016

I'm currently reading all the X-men comics from the very beginning...

Has DU changed?

New Louisiana Senate poll (Tulane): Kennedy (R): 59.8% - Campbell (D): 40.2%

Fiona Apple Sing Her New Christmas Song "Trump's Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire"

Sounds like Branny heads to China and we get a new Gov for the 19th century

India unexpectedly keeps rates unchanged even as cash crunch roils economy

The Slave Patrol Gets Away With Another Shooting...

The Rocky Road to Universal Healthcare in Indonesia

Please remember - 2nd Amendment rights are not for everyone.

It's Happening: Trump Elector Goes Public, Won't Vote Trump

Did Trump Appoint Ben Carson Secy of "Urban" Dev Because He's Black?

On CNN On New Year's Eve - Will Kathy Griffin Go After Trump With A Vengance?......

Matt Lauer's adoring, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven hero worship interview of Trump

A President-elect who was the real deal.

🐦 LIVE Stream link: 11AM #HandsOffMedicare Rally - Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi

LIVE Stream link: 11AM #HandsOffMedicare Rally - Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi

Joe Biden on Colbert talking about the "Cancer Moonshot"

Democrats Drop A Bombshell Report That Exposes Trumps Planned Devious War On Seniors

I Don't understand quitting in protest

In light of trumps attacks on the first ammendment we need to do as the NRA with the 2nd

Ezra Klein: Democrats don't need to convert Trump supporters

Panel calls on Ottawa to provide universal pharmacare plan for Canadians

The Facebook comments on Fox's Trump Time Magazine POTY post are...well, read for yourself.

Rex Tillerson, a Candidate for Secretary of State, Has Ties to Vladimir Putin

Duty calls...

The Democratic Party Decides To Be Relevant Or Not

Photos: Hundreds of workers are streaming into Freedom Plaza for #goodjobsdefense rally 10am today

the Palmer Report?

This doesn't happen in NASCAR

Photos of Workers Arriving for Good Jobs Rally today

The rest of the planet doesn't care about your primary-related grudges.

Kurt Eichenwald: Trump lied about selling off his stocks in 1987

What are the similarities between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler?

What the fuck - have you heard Groper Don the Con's comments about

LIVE Stream Link: Good Jobs Rally (Live Now)

Venezuela's PDVSA seeks compensation in 'staggering' U.S. bribe case

Democrats must own their values, Tea Party-style, not shift even more toward the mushy middle

Chernobyl sarcophagus, nearing completion, recalls tragic and dangerous aftermath

Seven Monthly Record Lows For Arctic Sea Ice So Far In 2016

Why conservatives might be more likely to fall for fake news

The Person of the Year write up from Time definitely reads as damning by faint praise.

Liberal Activism in the Age of Trump

Donald Trump will lead to a US decline under American Fascism (It is game over)

How do I cancel my reoccurring subscription?

Bravo Time Magazine - 1938 edition

I am seeing kind of a heartless argument from so call Social Democrats online.

BofA will increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour starting early next year

Trump on the Couch w/Dr. Justin Frank, MD

Comet Ping Pong Conspiracy Theorist Plans Pro-***** Rally in Arlington County

First matchup for 2018...

Moving Forward Together or Splintering and Going Nowhere

Syria Rebels Call for Aleppo Cease-Fire

Comet Ping Pong Conspiracy Theorist Plans Pro-***** Rally in Arlington County

FYI - This FB message from Jill Stein just came in regarding Michigan.

This is what will happen when Aleppo falls

Sandy Hook denier arrested after death threats made to parent of victim

Ukrainian aircraft maker tweets Air Force One offer to Trump

Controversial firearms-only hunt in New Jersey bags record 607 bears so far

More hotels are checking out of the Bible business

So the children have won

Pic Of The Moment: Hey Time, I Fixed It For You

Donald Trump picks Gen. John Kelly for Department of Homeland Security secretary

In Final Address To U.S. Troops, Obama Sends Warning Shot To Trump (Plus Warns Average Citizens)

Papantonio: Prosecution Should Retry Manslaughter Case Against Michael Slager

Shout out to the neoliberal corporatist third-way identity politics DLC neo-con wing of the party!

German companies pull advertising from US website Breitbart

Stop the hate machine.

President elect Trump is said to be considering

House GOP Eyes Food Stamp Overhaul, Possible New Eligibility Requirements

"we shall not be moved"-pete seeger

GOP's Newest Logo ...

"we shall overcome"--pete seeger

Where is the support forum for the LA runoff?

Anti-vaxxers try to explain away the successes of vaccination...

I gave a nice little spanking to two Trump chumps on Facebook. If you want to read it...

Scientific breakthrough reveals unprecedented alternative to battery power storage

the army corp of engineers has actually recommended the dakota pipeline

Racist troll guilty of harassing Labour MP with antisemitic posts

Theresa May to tell Gulf leaders Iran nuclear deal is 'vitally important'

KO: Trump May Have Just Thrown the U.S. Economy into the Toilet (shitty business man)

We lost control of the narrative.

Keith Ellison pledges to leave congressional seat if he wins DNC race

KO: Trump May Have Just Thrown the U.S. Economy into the Toilet (shitty business man)

Ohios Insane Guns Everywhere Bill Covers Airports, Childcare Centers, and Even Police Stations

Look closely at the name of the magazine on the cover of Time....


Mr. Fish Toon: Get to Know Trump's New Cabinet

Kasich to Electoral College: "Don't cast your vote for me."

A conservative pundit on the Electoral Collage

off my chest

What Centering The White Working Class Would Mean For Democrats

Schumer: If Republicans destroy our health system, we wont throw them a lifeline

House GOP eyes food stamp overhaul, possible requirements

Toon: Red Menace

Is there anyway DU can take the image of tRump off from the home page please.......

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-4: The Election From Hell: The Art Of The No Deal Edition

Rahm Emanual Met With Trump Today - Gore The Other Day - Help Me Here - I Don't Remember.....

DCCC wants you to fill out the survey by midnight 12/7/2016

DCCC wants you to fill out the survey by midnight 12/7/2016

Ohio's 'heartbeat' abortion bill awaits Gov. Kasich's signature

Ohio's 'heartbeat' abortion bill awaits Gov. Kasich's signature

Ohio's 'heartbeat' abortion bill awaits Gov. Kasich's signature

GOP Obamacare Strategy Could Unravel Markets Quickly, Report Warns

Rick Santorum tells Dreamer, she can go to any country

Earth's spin is slowing at a rate of 1.8 milliseconds per century

Bomb Squad Shuts Down Upper Marlboro Near County Courthouse

Recount News - Jill Stein; A place to catch up on all the latest news on the recount

The Man Behind Ohio's 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban Was Accused Of Domestic Violence In 2011

The Electoral College has become the opposite of what Founders envisioned


What Can You Do With A General ?

As Far As Russia Goes

President of Carrier employees union says Trump lied his ass off:

Don't kid yourself- We are an oligarchy, item from Daily Kos-

Gloom!! Doom!! It's all going to hell in handbasket!! We're all gonna die!!! Everything sucks!!!!!

Extended deadline for Scenes of Autumn.

My kid's next animation on College Humor!

Carrier's parent company says Indiana jobs will be lost to automation: Politics Extra

"Huck Finn" "...Mockingbird" permanently reinstated in Va. school - unanimous vote

Ohio Moves To Ban Abortion 6 Weeks After Conception

Photography Group needs some entries!!

A quote about making money...and often the results of money making..

It's starting to feel like Randall Flagg is going to be POTUS

Ohio House panel adds bestiality ban, antenna rules to pet store bill

A post-mortem of the Dems is largely pointless, because after Trump, we as a people will be so

Michigan Election Officials Refuse to Recount Thousands of Ballots in State's Communities of Color

An evidence based strategy

yeah, I went there....

Bernie spanks man-baby Dumpf LOL!

Haberman: One person close to Trump transition said "It's beginning to look like Seven Days in May"

The Terrifying Cost of "Free" Websites

Van Jones Knows What We Have to Do Next

Potential Export-Import Bank deals pose grave environmental threat, experts say

Mr. Trump, denounce Alex Jones: Sandy Hook principal's daughter

Twitter Warrior-In-Chief

All new cabinet members should be grilled on the 25th amendment section 4 to insure

Ohio Republicans Want To Ban Cities From Raising Minimum Wage

Exxon Executive for Secretary of State. What Could Go Wrong?

Bernie gives man-baby a spanking!

Chile can seek extradition of agents wanted in 1976 US attack, court rules

Chile can seek extradition of agents wanted in 1976 US attack, court rules

Tell me they don't hate women....

President Obama's Final National Security Speech

Meet the new head of the EPA

Interesting Post Election Assessment

Guy Philippe, former coup leader wanted by US, wins Haiti senate seat

Guy Philippe, former coup leader wanted by US, wins Haiti senate seat

Chris Kennedy moving closer to bid for governor

I am still not quite sure how we lost the election

"It's beginning to look like Seven Days in May."-

Why is Trump sucking up to Obama?

Rebel rockets scar west Aleppo residents

Trump inauguration protest groups demand access to Washington sites

Dems introduce Buy America amendment to water bill (stripped out by the republicans)

Fishers Reintroduced at Mount Rainier National Park Washington State

Charleston shooting trial: 12 jurors chosen to decide death penalty case

Watch Trump supporters inadvertently make the case for President Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Why the MI Electors Should Not Be Counted On Dec 18th

Buzzfeed : 58% of CLINTON voters BELIEVED fake news stories

Trump TV announces new 24-hour network will get access to White House press briefings

Dem vet lawmaker: Senate 'would be wise' to confirm Mattis

Here's an Electoral College ballot from the State of Florida (2012). Notice anything?

Democrats should take every nomination right up to the edge.


Colombia plane crash: airline chief arrested over Chapecoense disaster

Trump appoints Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as head of Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. judge hears arguments on Michigan presidential recount

Heres how the US empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse according to science

Boeing and Carrier - blue state vs red state?

China and Russia aren't ready to go it alone on tech, but their threats are worryingly plausible

...whats next for energy in North Carolina?

Pope Francis compares fake news consumption to eating faeces

Russia says U.S. bill will restrict its diplomats, pledges retaliation

It seems Canada is the only western liberal democracy left that is rejecting right wing populism

Cashiers Symphony 'Jingle Bells' by EDEKA

OMG - I HATE insurance companies!

Russia's bid for mobile self-sufficiency may be the saviour of Sailfish

Why do both people love conspiracies, while denying oppression that is in plain sight?

Terry Branstad 'old friend of China to be US ambassador'

We need to stop calling it conflict of interest and call it what it is: corruption and bribes

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Pennsylvania now just 0.22% away from statewide recount

Simple question: Are certain CULTURES simply incompatable ?

Downtown Des Moines - Christmas 1931

French lawmakers ban websites that spread 'false information' on abortion

Today's petitions

Sweat lodge guru's attempted comeback angers victims

Sanders: GOP blocked 'Trump proposal' to lower drug prices

Trump Picks Scott Pruitt Ally of Fossil Fuel Industry to Lead E.P.A. (No more dems to Trump Tower!)

Pope Francis compares fake news consumption to eating feces.

Trump On The Couch... (w/Guest: Dr. Justin Frank)

Do You Agree With Trump's 35% Tariff? (w/Guest: Steve Beaman)

Trump received the most votes of any ....

Just got in from shoveling.

Pops (Joe Biden) has a family meeting with Stephen Colbert.

China Pushes Back on Michael Flynns Radical Islamist Remarks

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un receives prestigious "Man of the Year" award from Time Magazine.

I'm going to have to re-watch Catch 22

How 'Supergirl' and one comic shop employee helped save a girl'

The Perfect Tide: Sea Level and the Future of South Florida

Transphobia Could Destroy The Texas Economy

United Airlines will begin charging to use overhead bins in 2017

White supremacist to hold rally in Des Moines Thursday

Are you ready for the Xian Theocracy? Because that's what's coming.

We still Need Better Communication on GMOs (and science)

Trump Could Make Helicopter Entrance

General Flynn as Grima Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings

Cow hides calf from owners to keep it safe, because all of her previous calves

Donald Trump: Ive Done Nothing to Divide the Country


Any fans of "Lucifer" (TV show, not the actual Devil) here?

Why is the market 300 up?

Any thoughts why the market is up so much?

Heres whats happening with recount efforts in four states

Sandy Hook denier arrested after alleged death threats

Democrats Intensify Push for Probe of Russian Meddling in 2016 Campaign

It's okay, guys. Ivanka told Al Gore she's concerned about climate change. We're going to be fine.

Two juveniles charged with arson in East Tennessee wildfires that left 14 people dead

I understand Gen. Flynn and his son run a Child Sex Ring in Washington DC.

A Monopoly Donald Trump Can Pop

Russia signs exploration deal Exxon Feb/13/2013 Why Trump Loves Rex Tillerson

Does Russia have a free press?

Trump promises to heal divisions

Study: Ban on GMO Crops Would Cause Hike in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

EPA pick proves maggot played Gore

You could soon pay more money for worse food. Thanks, Donald Trump.

Dear Senior Republicans, Republican Seniors, and Everyone Else Who's "been assured"...

Trump flunks his first foreign policy test

1 officer killed, 1 in critical condition; Manhunt underway

Trump is teaming with "Apprentice" producer Burnette for "helicopter grand entrance" at Inauguration

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 7, 2016

They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals

Boxer drops (no so) subtle hint to its human

On blackboard outside of Maine bookstore

Last Year, I Started a Satire Website

Scientists Warn Trump: Take Climate Change Seriously Or Were Doomed

Is a Hitler/Trump comparison valid? Or do you lose the argument when invoking Hitler?

Exclusive: Trump chooses pro wrestling magnate Linda McMahon to head SBA

Gun Groups on Trump Victory

Dredging the primary is the most important thing Dems can do right now.

This is a great time to sell stocks and lock in profits. Stay in Cash.

There is a pants-less Mike Pence look-alike in Times Square

Things I heard on the radio today,

No You Cant : Why Im Still Crying Over Hillary Clintons Loss.

Trump Orders Sun to Come up Yesterday, Sun came up in AM, Trump takes Credit, Its a Miracle!

How did the Democratic Party lose so bad?

Private Prison Industry Ready To Cash In On Trump Presidency

Louisiana Sheriff's press conference was an abomination...

Flim-flam Fascists (R)

Sanders Statement on Trump's EPA Nominee

Linda McMahon and Her Husband Donated $11 Millions to Donald Trump

Where's the post about Virginia restoring Mockingbird and Huck Finn to schools/libraries?

Photo: Bernie Sanders - "Hands Off Medicare" Event

Trump will really have some inauguration!

12/8/16: Expect Air Temperatures 35-55F Above Normal Over Most Of Arctic Basin

So what position will Hacksaw Jim Duggan get?

12/8/16: Expect Air Temperatures 35-55F Above Normal Over Most Of Arctic Basin

Trust your gut.

Here is list of Trumps cabinet picks, showing who has to be confirmed,and positions not filled yet

Whatever happened with Pence's emails?

Sweet Jesus...Interesting but frightening..

Black Atheists Matter: How Women Freethinkers Take on Religion

Sen. Chuck Schumer wont work with Republicans if they want kill Obamacare: They broke it, they own

Let the Election of 2016 be the burial of Post Partisan politics practiced solely by the Democrats

Newt Gingrich with one of the most vile tweets ever.

Democrats Drop A Truth Bomb By Calling Out Overwhelming Evidence Of Russia Election Meddling

Silent Inauguration

Were Neanderthals Religious?

Former senator, astronaut John Glenn hospitalized

My uncle enlisted in the Navy, right after the attack on Pearl Harbor. I found this picture of him

A Japanese Billionaire Just Showed How Corporations Are Going to Manipulate Trump

U.S. Senate joins House to pass sweeping new health bill

U.S. Senate joins House to pass sweeping new health bill

Poll: Republicans Are Now More AntiFree Market Than Democrats

Koch Industries takes aim at U.S. House Republican tax reform plan

Palmer report update: Wisconsin recount: officials admit to double counted votes, wrong color pens,

The Trump Effect: The Impact of The 2016 Presidential Election on Our Nation's Schools

Donald Trump and the Bill of Wrongs

Is the longest serving ReTHUG Speaker of the House Denny Hastert heading to

James Comey got screwed. He should have been Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

The details of the Carrier deal have finally been released. Trump exaggerated big league.

14 Stereotypes About Florida That Need To Be Put To Rest Right Now

Trump And The Comedy Of Sexual Assault

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 8 December 2016

Green Mountain Boys take off for Operation Inherent Resolve

The zombie apocalypse begins 1/20/17.

I still want to see the maggt's taxes

Trump Electoral Panic Grows, Clinton Camp Briefed on Elector Revolt

An NJ Transit train derailed in Hoboken with 60 people on board

Trump staffer leading N.J. Christmas parade? Humbug, some say

Christie reveals more about what he plans to do after leaving office

Olbermann - Trump is Steering Us Toward International Disaster

"Rural, Christian, white America ..., don't trust people outside their tribe"

If you think HRC focused on social justice more than economic justice

Republicans Say They Won't Be 'Gutting' Food Stamps Anytime Soon

I'm SO glad Dumbo is speaking near the Baton Rouge airport on Friday!

School boards across N.J. to coordinate legal action against FieldTurf

School boards across N.J. to coordinate legal action against FieldTurf

Groping Women In A Trump Administration

Easy Weeknight Soups

This Twitter thread is a must read:

Energized by Trump win, N.J. lawmakers push abortion ban after 20 weeks

Election 2016 - A lesson for progressives from North Carolina

Family Meeting With Vice President Joe Biden

Yet again, Christie tries to defy the Supreme Court

Activist who sued Christie plans run for governor

New Jersey Muslim cleric fights deportation

Federal government suing Parsippany man over Medicare fraud

Drew University student charged with threatening to shoot others

Delaware Supreme Court weighs fate of 13 on death row

Police confirm shooting at Reno high school

Insurer fined $487,000 for selling bogus ACA health insurance

Search completed at Oakland warehouse in fire that killed 36

Most of Greenland Ice Melted to Bedrock in Recent Geologic Past, Study Says

Here is what I'm going to do on January 20, 23rd and on and on.