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"My family are the rule-breaking, lockdown-flouting entitled Americans you've heard about during...

Convicted ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich officially disbarred

Q: Will the Murdochs turn against Trump if he costs them too much, or are they die-hards?

We haven't been ripping on Ayn Rand enough lately

Trump's Secret New Watchlist Lets His Administration Track Americans Without Needing a Warrant

Will any of the voters that were even slightly bothered by Hillary's emails

It's a good thing I can't really go out much anymore

House tells Supreme Court that Mueller grand jury material is needed now

Inslee announces restart of all medical services in Washington

Here's a letter from Trump's doctor!

Barbra Streisand - Don't Lie to Me (Official Lyric Video)

The second wave is coming...

Roy Orbison. In Dreams.

GOP senator slammed for mocking psychologists: 'We are in a mental health crisis'

Check your lottery tickets: You could be rich (or less poor)

GOP congressman claims working from home is somehow the end of government

Hobbs withdraws from crowded race for lieutenant governor

The President of the US just admitted to abusing drugs.

Tesla reopening: Electric carmaker gets official OK from local government

The Rude Pundit:"If the cupboard's bare, that shit's his fault. Fill the fuckin' cupboard...."

Makes me feel like a slab of butter on a big ol pile of flapjacks!

Ken Osmond, 'Leave It to Beaver' Star Who Played Eddie Haskell, Dies at 76

New Jersey gym reopens in defiance of coronavirus measures

Trump: So what if Pompeo made State Department officials walk his dog?

Fox News Host Warns Viewers After Trump Says He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine: 'This. Will. Kill. You.

India reports the largest coronavirus outbreak in Asia

Trump Claiming He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine Is The Equivalent of Him Dropping His Pants, Shoving a

Judge tosses out Oregon's coronavirus restrictions

Think about this?

Did Politico manipulate this pic of the Impeached?

Disney Issues Blunt Disclaimer Days Before Small Portion of Orlando Resort Reopens

And now a word from a hypocrite that voted to keep a lunatic in should resign.....

Trump's doctor(s) don't actually say he's taking it:

Part of my daily tv routine is to watch the two reruns of Mash that they show on MeTV, CH3

Graham announces vote on subpoenas for Comey, Obama-era intel officials

House Democrats tell Supreme Court they need Mueller grand jury materials

Trump's purge just got much more corrupt. Here's what's coming next.

Pelosi just called Trump "morbidly obese" on AC360, speaking of dangers of hydroxychloroquine- VIDEO

Hydrocloriquone and the BLACK MARKET- or corner drug dealer.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Pelosi to Anderson Cooper: "in his age group and in his, shall we say, weight group--morbidly obese"

Am I crazy?

Stop the purge of inspectors general

Woman who designed Florida's COVID-19 dashboard has been removed from her position

I ate one of those frozen cauliflower crust pizzas

Someone needs to tell [Redacted] that Fentanyl will keep him from getting Covid-19. n/t

What a wonderful world we live in?

Uruguayans cross locked-down world to shear Spain's sheep

Former judge to argue against DOJ in Flynn case next month

I think Trumps doctor is giving him a placebo.

WH doctor: 'Potential benefit' of Trump taking hydroxychloroquine 'outweighed' risks

Woman who designed Florida's COVID-19 dashboard has been removed from her position

Authorities announce forfeiture of Gilgamesh tablet from Hobby Lobby's Museum of the Bible

Really disappointed to see Laurie Garrett on Chris Hayes push false info about Sweden

***PLEASE*** Look at the first 10 mins of TRMS. She shows EMPIRICALLY why first wave never left

After reading the memo from Trump's doctor, I have a question. Since I believe that the

Biden campaign said he would rescind Keystone Pipeline permit if elected

"Yes, I am taking it" says Trump, 5/18/20, CNBC:

Pompeo refused to cooperate with watchdog probe into $8B arms sale to Saudi Arabia, source says

how come when hillary coughed it brought the entire media world to a STOP

"Morbidly Obese" is trending on Twitter, after Pelosi's comments on Trump's health

In history books the Trump era should be

2020 US Senate Elections that the Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

. . . Bolivian president turns to pseudoscience; Islamophobic Covid-19 disinfo spreads

Coronavirus 'currently eliminated' in New Zealand.

Obama Lives in Trump's Head

Study shows fewer COVID-19 cases in high-altitude regions

Pastor John Pavlovitz details the 5 reasons white evangelicals worship Trump

Study shows fewer COVID-19 cases in high-altitude regions

By order of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp: The day after Thursday is now Sunday

As penance for making a slandeorus post elsewhere that accused the Koch organization of

Trump's latest firing is a blatant attempt to shield Pompeo from accountability

Trump's purge just got much more corrupt. Here's what's coming next.

Furious Fox host LOSES IT on Trump after he announces he's taking hydroxychloroquine

Treasury has disbursed only a fraction of $500 billion coronavirus relief fund, commission reports

McConnell taps Rubio as acting Intelligence Committee chair after Burr stepped aside amid FBI probe

Pompeo's moves against inspector general leave a trail of questions and a department divided

Bonus surprise in the first-aid kit

U.S.-China Feud Over Coronavirus Erupts at World Health Assembly

*Amy K coming up on Lawrence show.

Speaker Pelosi: Trump is too "morbidly obese" to take hydrochloroquine. (VIDEO)

Lawrence is laying it all out concerning Trump suddenly admitting to taking that drug

Independence Day Rewrite

25th anniversary of destructive tank rampage

J.C. Penney says it plans to close nearly 29% of stores - or 242 locations - as part of its bankrupt

Dotard is a good teacher

So DU'ers do you believe that trump

Trump Despises His Supporters, Disgusted by Them

Trump tweets he's "looking for a new outlet" because Fox News has too many anti-Trump people

Did you hear Nancy Pelosi say "I'm worried about our President taking a drug that hasn't been

Bolivia: Anez Backs Down, Annuls Decree Against Speech Freedom

Dog Flips Out In Middle Of The Night After Finding A 'Monster' In Her Bed

Kroger asking workers to return some of the extra pay they received

Yakima County ag workers need assistance

Director John Sayles On 'Matewan' & Blair Mt. History, Present State of Labor Unions

A placebo is what he is taking, no chloroquine for him. No doctor in his right mind would actually

A Plastic Bag: Democrat vs. Republican -- see postscript at bottom

Trump made the mistake of retweeting The Hoarse Whisperer. The Hoarse Whisperer responded.

I've just been informed Susan Rice should be Biden's VP pick:

I get wanting hues in different tubes, say clear Quin Gold vs grainy Yellow Ochre. Well I got

So if trump is really taking that drug

The Cancer in the Camera Lens

Sorry missed Val Demings on Ari show.

I have a question for Donald Trump

I didn't make it through the day today. Used late mother's birthday and the vulnerability of

My brother made me an apple crumble. I've heard it called betty, crisp, cobbler, grunt, etc.

He's fucking nuts.

Remember when Rachel Maddow did her "What's wrong with Trump" segment?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 19 May 2020

His body language and choice of words give it away

KS-SEN: Candidate encourages every single citizen to be like Trump and take hydroxychloroquine

Visual of lives lost. And the total number even exceeds this

The Daily Social Distancing Show: President Obama Speaks to the Class of 2020

Depending on where we live, we're all guinea pigs.

For the fucking record, Pussy-Grabber is NOT

ANY fans of Star War's Ahsoka Tano? You might enjoy this...

Abbott gives green light to day care, bars, bowling, youth sports and summer camp

Whistleblower Rick Bright: The 60 Minutes interview

Appian Way - Jeff Simmons

I love Dr. Gupta. The other Dr. Gupta on MSNBC. Vin Gupta

Miracle drug is useless

Guns N' Roses Mock Trump with "Live N' Let Die With COVID 45" T-Shirt The charitable apparel pokes

Stephanie Ruhl reveals what it's really like to work from home. 🤣

If I were a gambler I'd bet the deed to the penthouse that tRump is NOT taking Hydroxychloroquine.

This is how you deal with Orange Blob, piss him off and laugh at him

Nancy Pelosi Throws SHADE at Donald Trump by Calling him Morbidly Obese

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton challenges Keystone pipeline ruling

Trump on Pompeo: I'd rather have him working than doing dishes 'because maybe his wife isn't there'

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Which One of These Is Obamagate?

Slow down and feel the music.

Here are some facts about hydrochloroquine, chloroquine and cholorquine phosphate that

Seth Meyers - Obama Speaks Out About Trump's Coronavirus Failures: A Closer Look

J.C. Penney to close 29% of its stores

Wow, are people really freaking out about contact tracing that much? WTF

Vladimir Putin Is in Deep Trouble A PERFECT STORM

Tooning Out The News: Trump calls Obama incompetent & falls down a manhole

2020 US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020.

Wow, no wonder Trump and Tom Brady are pals.

A bit of Tempering is due on the Moderna Vaccine

Oregon Supreme Court halts order nixing virus restrictions

Bernie Sanders says Trump is trying to deflect from these two things

El Paso Walmart mass shooter cases inch closer to trial despite COVID-19 pandemic

Nirvana - In Bloom / Drum Cover by Yoyoka, 9 year old

Why Trump says he's taking hydroxychloroquine despite the data

6 die in shooting attack at family home in Juarez, across from El Paso's Sunset Heights

I think its time. Lets call it. #DarwinGate

Estimating the Latin Wave of Coronavirus

Rosanne Cash, 'Tennessee Flat Top Box'

See iconic Las Vegas casino's unprecedented situation

Georgia makes it look like its COVID-19 cases are dropping, but no such luck

Is Donnie taking hydroxychloroquine orally, rectally, or

Funny Middle Age Riot tweet:

Whistleblower: Wall Street is bundling toxic loans again, and it could be about to collapse

Franchise owner of MANY of Wendy's, Taco Bells, and Pizza Huts...

Sister of Ahmaud Arbery's alleged killer posted picture of his body to Snapchat

Sarah COOPER-How to Hydroxychloroquine

Oregon Supreme Court puts hold on Baker County judge's ruling declaring governor's coronavirus order

Judge Deals Setback to Trump Family: Ugly Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit Likely to Unfold in Public.

Dear President Trump:

All this talk of hydrochlorowhat'sit'sname can be a distraction

2nd Circuit Helps White House Hide Visitor Logs

10 Warning Signs Of Gaslighting To Never Ignore

'So how do we tell if it's affecting him?'

*Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words TODAY, 2:00 AM ON WETAH 26, 2 HRS 2020 PG-13

If Trump had to take any medication White House staff would have to crush it up and hide it in his

me, when i see dogs

Oregon secretary of state candidate Shemia Fagan has raised more than her opponents combined

Inside Trump's coronavirus meltdown.What went wrong in the president's first real crisis -- and what

How to Hydroxychloroquine - Sarah Cooper's latest & best, on YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel Pays Tribute to Fred Willard

Colorado lawmakers grapple with doing the people's work when the people can't be there

Vanhal, Vranicky

The birth of Girtherism

Magic Johnson Offers $100 Million in Loans to Minority Businesses Left Behind by the Government

India and Bangladesh brace for the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal

☦️ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha, Greek Orthodox Chant

Colorado's unemployment fund could run out of money next month. Here's what that means for

O ye Woman of little faith! Why are you downcast, O my Soul?

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats in 2020 that the Democrats will win.

Trump's hydroxychloroquine claim is no different from what he has always done.

Breakfast Tuesday 19 May 2020

German company allegedly cons Warren Buffett out of 643m euros

Democrat Biden says he would kill Keystone XL pipeline

Republicans devote $20m and 50,000 people to efforts to restrict voting

So now Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore are pushing the obamagate crap

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/18/20

Pelosi says 'morbidly obese' Trump taking hydroxychloroquine 'not a good idea'

Yes, Trump IS Taking Hydroxychloroquine

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2020.

This has spoilers if you haven't seen the movie: The Rise of Skywalker: Behind the Scenes

White House portrait ceremony may be the latest casualty of the political divide

Rep Katie Porter calling for "remote" hearings to investigate PPP abuses

Mr. Barr's Gambit

And the Shade of the Year Award goes to...

The Cast of Community Reunites for Table Read

Trump's Remarks in a Roundtable with Restaurant Executives and Industry Leaders; May18, 2020

"So the person with sole authority to launch the most destructive arsenal of nukes in the world..."

NC hiring statewide team of contact tracers

Cargill beef plant in Schuyler reopens after two-week closure; more workers tested

Tuesday TOONs - Flyover Country

"Double dog dare"--Is that a regional expression?

Automakers help restart US industry as globe reopens further

Low guilt snack for these sedentary, stressful times.

Republicans are hoping that Americans are not paying attention.

They want us to be afraid.

Trump's risky new re-election strategy: Waging war with Obama

Extra Heat In The Atmosphere

"What did Obama ever do to stop this?"

I wonder who else in the WH is taking Chloroquine also?

Tara Reade lawyer sends 'cease and desist' letter to critic

Cuomo Blocks Williams Company NESE Pipeline Through NY By Denying Water Permits

Lesotho Prime Minister Implicated in Ex-Wife's Murder Resigns

Colorado Concern sues Polis over order easing signature-gathering requirements for ballot measures

Why doesn't the Dotard blame God for covid-19?

Been watching Season 4 of The Last Kingdom on Netflix

Shocked, Shocked: DeSantis' "Environmentalist" Act Turned Out To Be More Green GOP Bullshit

Bill Barr, Trump's Pet Attorney General, Kicks Off the 'Obamagate' Show Trials

White House portrait ceremony may be the latest casualty of the political divide

After Taking $3.75 Billion World Bank Loan, Eskom (SA) Now Whinging Out Of Pollution Commitments

Boy! Joe Scarborough is kissing up to Senator Braun!

FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States

At request of another DUer, and to further induce an apoplectic fit....

Judge Deals Setback to Trump Family: Ugly Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit Likely to Unfold in Public

Pelosi says Trump should not take malaria drug as he is 'morbidly obese'

FOIA - Shitstain's Economists At OMB (!) Warned EPA Its MPG Rollback Would Never Stand Up In Court

Been seeing news stories about dogs "sniffing out" coronavirus...

Sarah Cooper : How to hydroxychloroquine

Missouri officers accused of assaulting black woman, son

Energy Sec. - Banks Refusing To Lend On Arctic Oil Just Like Refusing To Lend To Black Americans

"Front line workers are taking it"?

Nazi Germany's Last Jet Fighter - Argentina 1950

Trump Won't Host Obama for Portrait Ceremony

Maine Lobster Fishery Knows End Is Near - Gulf Of Maine Warming Faster Than Almost Anywhere Else

Which would you trust?

After A Roasty-Toasty Summer, Oz Energy Minister Refuses To Commit To Net Zero Policy By 2050

Of course expect a Second Wave of Illness...

Oz Environmental Follies Part The 2nd: Energy Minister Confirms Shift Away From Wind, Solar

Trump is moving into the Late Elvis stage of presidency.


I am going to work, off to Phoenix!

Little kids work with heavy machine operator:

Reckless, Careless, Selfish

Amphan Weakens To Category 4, But Indian/Bangladeshi Authorities Expecting 13-16-Foot Storm Surge

BTRTN: The Importance of Preaching to the Choir

NY resident- received Absentee Ballot application

BTRTN: The Importance of Preaching to the Choir

Cardiologist comments on trumps lack of health

Not a Joke: Trump Announces "Super Duper Missile"

Eric Trump Proves He's the Dumb(est) One

Passing of DU member MadAsHellNewYorker

My theory why Trump is antagonizing WHO and threatening to permanently pull out of the organization:

Biden hires former Harris aide to help with Latino outreach

A still life I just did with a limited palette.

This is one talented CAT-Goalie!! Fun!

This is one talented CAT-Goalie!! Fun!

How to wear a face mask.

Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., had requested -- Trump's phony declaration of an emergency so he could send wea

The first time Trump does anything resembling leading by example he takes an unproven drug

If you are a republican you are a de facto racist.

Is there anyone here in Riverside, California? Are court proceedings there available online?

Maping Coruption: Each building filled with corruption.

How Shitstain Is Turning "Public Health Official" Into "Climate Scientist" In Public Opinion

Our guys and gals need to be good as these guys and gals !

Don't think Trump and sons and all their minions saw this coming??

Georgia Republicans cancel election for state Supreme Court, meaning governor can appoint a Republic

NPR's Tamara Keith says HRC sent so many snarky tweets about Trump that it hurt her.

Clustertrump re-inventing the wheel with this COVID-19 Rx award

I love our pharmacist he is old hippie

WH mum on whether Pence is also popping the hydroxychloroquine like tic tacs...

Trump to pull National Guard off COVID-19 duties one day before their benefits would kick in: report

I must remind everyone, the other economic Time Bomb has not gone off, Yet!

Acting IGs will keep day jobs as Agency Management reporting to Pompeo Insane!

Prayers, good thoughts for JohnnyRingo today


Canadian private/public collaboration panel provides an excellent report to dispel 5G myths

Woman fired for refusing to "manually change data to drum up support for the plan to reopen."

I wonder if Cuomo would accept the AG position if Biden offered it to him.

Can Trump's being a whiny, hollow prick lead to his defeat?

Recipe for Post-Extraction of a Tooth

'FBI finds Al Qaeda infiltrated Saudi military's exchange program with the US'

DISTRACTION! - by Randy Rainbow

At least 238 writers and intellectuals were detained for their work last year, advocacy group says

Russia is spreading disinformation about #COVID19 to "emphasize alleged European divisions...

Chincoteague VA Volunteer Fire Dept. - Pony swim cancelled.

Cartoon: (P)oodles Of Corruption By Clay Jones -May 19, 2020 9:00 AM

Trump heading to Capitol Hill today to infect Senate Republicans

Presidential Polling - Biden Way Ahead In Virginia & Ahead in Arizona

CEO has donated more than $440,000 to Trump's reelection campaign

I'm not buying it

The need to go is a big barrier to going out. Why public bathrooms are a stumbling block (WP)

New Canadian Study Says Marijuana May Prevent The Coronavirus

This Week. From the Lincoln Project

Gov. Cuomo HUMILIATES Trump after Trump targets him on Twitter

Texas, North Carolina, Arizona see rising cases as they reopen

DU'ers on hydroxychloroquine check in here.

Secretary of Education Amends Regulations Implementing Title IX

YAY! Our Secretary of State is mailing absentee ballots to every registered voter in Michigan.

Annie Glenn, widow of American icon John Glenn, dies at 100

Question about Yahoo News Forums (I don't know where else to ask this)

A person who was Covid-19 positive attended a church service and exposed 180 people, officials say

As Trump threatens to pull funding from World Health Organization, China pledges billions

Florida throws open its doors -- and holds its breath

Folks, there's only three possible realities here. And none of them are particularly good.

I'm seeing a lot of people rant recently about Trump "stealing the election"....lighten up

Pence Lives! Speaking at NASA

Sen Brown: "The first word out of Sec. Mnuchin's mouth at today's Banking Hearing?"

People forget

Trump threatens to halt WHO funding, review U.S. membership

Is the CDC already cooking the numbers for Cheetolinini?

Malcolm X was born on this date-

The biologist whose advice went viral tells us what to do next

Vaccine Updates & Trump Fires Another Inspector General The Daily Social Distancing Show

FFS: Texas Salon Owner Travels To Michigan To Back Defiant Barber

How to release a baby into the wild.

40% of the voters in this country support a man who is obviously morally bankrupt.

Arizona Senate GE: Kelly (D) 51% (+13) McSally 38%

MLB owners, players feud over plan to start 2020 season

Snakes - strange and deadly

Lindsey Graham plans wave of subpoenas to pursue GOP 'deep state' theory

We'll be at 100,000 dead by the end of May

California Sees More Counties Moving to Phase 2 of Reopening

Trump 'surprised' by Barr's Obama comments

Thomas Ricks: "Health care professionals to drive at high speeds..."

Cats - Lovable, annoying assholes

Outbreak on edge of Navajo Nation overwhelms rural hospital

Judge: Salvage firm can recover Titanic's telegraph machine

U.S. rejects WHO coronavirus resolution's language on abortion, IP

Trump and Any Potentially Useful Vaccine.

Russia says many coronavirus patients died of other causes. Some disagree

N.J. paramedic paints women on the front lines of COVID-19

Southwest Detroit's Honey Bee Market will close for six days to give employees paid vacation

Doctor Calls Trump's Remarks On Unproven Drug 'Irresponsible' Morning Joe MSNBC

US-Canada border closures extended until June 21st.

They overheard and did nothing to stop it

Steve Mnuchin

O'Reilly wins the Dumbest Spin of the Week. And it's only Tuesday. Please, no more entries.

Whitmer says she had 'opening conversation' about Biden VP pick

You raised $1,190.02 on May 18, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Using a picture of a celebrity, post your current hair situation.

Appellate court orders New York to hold presidential primary, state will drop appeal

Power Plant strain 39 days in flower

Questions grow after firing of State Department watchdog

Suzi Quatro - The Wild One

N.J. gym reopens despite state order to keep fitness centers closed during COVID-19 crisis

Promising early results from coronavirus vaccine trial

MMM -- TerribleTuesday

Not all heroes wear capes

Polls mean nothing

The Horror: A NY Times Video of Two College Students Who Took Emergency Morgue Jobs in NYC.

Ballston Macy's Property for Sale

This one.

Report: Trump Won't Hold Obama Portrait Ceremony In WH, Rejecting Tradition

Dr. John Campbell - Hydroxychloroquine - Myths and legends May 19, 2020

Randy Rainbow knocks it out of the park again!

Pic Of The Moment: How Trump Is Thanking National Guard Troops On The Coronavirus Frontlines

New poll shows Sen. Martha McSally losing ground to Mark Kelly and that's not even the bad news

My Senator bringing the heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Trump's Luncheon with GOP Senators: "Buffet will open early at noon"

Air Travel Surges by 123%! (Beware of Misleading Data Like That.)

Juan Williams on presidential fitness: let's see-- bleach guy or Biden?

Rs won't admit the co$t of having tRump as POTUS

Idiots Begin Attacking US 5G Cell Towers Because, Idiots

Biden's new nickname for the Big Orange Turd: 'President Tweety'

Just found out that, out of our thirty clinics, my clinic is in the top five

Why aren't the Republicans supporting Trump?

Republican attorneys general back Barr's bid to drop case against Flynn

Read the draft amicus brief in Flynn case:

Walmart in KCMO NORTH not looking good.

I will just leave this here...

Trump almost got away with firing the guy who was investigating Pompeo, but now it's falling apart

Exclusive: police fail in attempt to tase Ahmaud Arbery in 2017 incident - video (Guardian UK)

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 19 2020

Pole dancing and hand sanitizer: Wyoming strip club reopens with 'masks on, clothes off' party

New Virginia Poll: Gov. Ralph Northam at 59%-29% Approval; Joe Biden Crushing Donald Trump 51%-39%

Trump Screwed Up The WHO Has To Pay

Cartoons you thought you'd never see again: A very cool site!

Good news, my unemployment insurance came through.

The Trumpian Doublethink

You know what else I miss?

Walmart's online sales up 74 percent as shoppers shelter in place

The brilliant, subversive jerkiness of Eddie Haskell

Have a half hour in the car or wherever?

we should have bumper stickers and yard signs that say:

David Cross Netflix special

Judge refuses to halt class-action suit accusing Trump of promoting pyramid scheme

Trump: There will be "no one to guard your potatoes."

Gov. Cuomo. The Americans First Law. YES!!!

Powerful. 2016 Obama: "I Didn't Create Trump"

I don't understand: It was Congress that passed the stimulus bill

Republicans have become a nightmare from hell

That look you have when you are trying not to laugh, you feel it coming on but you suppress, .....

In Lawrence Wright's book: "The end of October" about the upcoming pandemic

Fed Reserve Chair Powell & Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Testify on CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Bill

You will NOT score a goal on Kitteh!!

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/19/20

Hyundai disavows SoCal dealer that abandoned people's cars amid pandemic

Lady Jane

TRUMP on Virginia : You'll have nobody guarding your potatoes." ..... wtf?

It's Tuesday, so it's looking like 2000+ U.S. deaths today

Trump's firing of the inspector general investigating Mike Pompeo grows even more suspicious

GOP Senate Candidate Encourages Everyone To Take Hydroxychloroquine

Tweet of the Day

Trump's Bailout: Big businesses get bigger as small businesses disappear

The Heinous Anus (graphic warning)

AT&T quits Venezuela as US sanctions force it to defy Maduro

Happy 75th Birthday Pete Townshend! 🎸

Trumps presidency may end like the ending of the movie Reservoir Dogs.

Trump must have some kind of financial interest in

Beck, Bogert & Appice - Superstition - 1973

Maryland to expand coronavirus testing to those without symptoms

Annie Glenn, widow of former astronaut John Glenn, dies at 100 of complications from COVID-19

Police arrest 'melon head' accused of stealing from gas station

Went to the hospital today...

Trump just retweeted @HoarseWisperer

Well, since the genetic basis of cilantrophobia is old news,

James Acaster On The Absurdity Of The British Empire

Editorial: State gains keener watch of dams to protect salmon

Do We Really Need All That Ethanol?

Sen. Brown Presses Mnuchin, 'How Many Workers Should Give Their Lives' For The Dow?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds Ceremonial Swearing-in for Representative-elect Tom Tiffany.

As Coronavirus Crushes Small Restaurants, Big Chains See Room To Move In

The election is within reach and I haven't heard anything from/about the NRA. Aren't they gathering

Songs about ... Jane?

Mother - Roger Waters - May 17th, 2020

Trump is right; you know it, I know it, we all know it

UPDATE: President Trump will be required to wear a mask Thursday while touring Ford's ventilator...

Cartoons 5/19/2020

This is great! Pool noodles required:

In Tulsa, Hobby Lobby opening new store, hiring 5-18 to 5-21. Ad at DU

A Monroe corrections officer has died from COVID-19

Free Webinar Employer requirements under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

Essential workers are losing their hazard pay even though the hazard isn't over

You know what really Stinks ??

Well that sucked. :-(

He thought the coronavirus was 'a fake crisis.' Then he contracted it.

Randy's newest video is out!

McConnell embraces subpoena of Obama-era officials

Introduction: Baby. Whale. Whale. Baby.

This is sad

Trump voters don't get this.

Florida's scientist was fired for refusing to 'manipulate' COVID-19 data

Troubling news re: the Oxford Covid vaccine trial

Give her a gun

Nearly 90,000 American lives have been lost. The virus is still spreading.

Woman behind 'Roe v. Wade' said in 'deathbed confession' that conservatives paid her to lie.

I wonder how many crooked rich people have taken advantage of Trump.

Wisconsin is starting to resemble a failed state

Those guys in little tuxes are back!

Northwest Trek to let people drive their cars through wildlife park for first time ever

Mukilteo contractor's pivot to making hand-washing stations is saving jobs

Kayleigh McEnany: "If it were any other POTUS, the media would take him at his word."

"And where was Trump? He didn't care..."

Kudlow says Trump wants large payroll tax cut to ease economic pain

Pier 1 wants to close all of its stores for good

When you suddenly remember you have a kid.....

"It's Far Worse Than Whatever President Water Did"

Study projects US COVID-19 deaths to triple by end of year

Loaded With Cash, Real Estate Buyers Wait for Sellers to Crack

The Dems Or The Lincoln Project Should Do A "What Have You Got To Lose" Ad....

Study projects US COVID-19 deaths to triple by end of year

Typical crap CNN propaganda right-leaning puff piece

Arizona Sen. Martha McSally trails Democratic opponent in 10th straight poll

Leaked Pentagon memo: 'real possibility' of COVID-19 resurgence-vaccine not coming until summer 2021

CNN not taking any sh*t anymore.

Florida reopening: People rejoice as malls, barbershops and gyms reopen across the state

Catholic churches 'should be allowed to reopen before others'

Oklahoma nail salon worker tests positive days after reopening

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse raised eyebrows with commencement speech

UW Medicine furloughs 1,500 staffers, with more possible

Trump was just asked about Nancy Pelosi's 'morbidly obese' question....he said

49 New Coronavirus Cases In King County; 1 More Dead

Northam to Trump: " I suggest you stop taking hydroxychloroquine."

Trump Attacks Virginia Governor as "Crazy," Says "There will be nobody guarding your potatoes"

Hundreds of Tri-Citians attend weekend gatherings -- in defiance of state order

"very old, almost dead".

Lacey Police Department employee tests positive for COVID-19

Seattle City Council members renew call to cut encampment cleanups

trump is having another pity party on one's been treated as badly as him...

I Don't Feel Like Buying Stuff Anymore

Washington AG Ferguson sues gyms defying Inslee stay-at-home orders

Multnomah County DA urges Asian Americans to call cops if they're targeted with bias crimes during

Rat Lines - The Hunt for Nazi War Criminals

CNN website "America's response to the coronavirus is the most American thing ever"

Supreme Court halts Baker County judge's ruling nullifying Gov. Brown's COVID-19 closures

I just wish the MOIMPOTUS was taking Hydroxychloroquine.

Fed, Treasury chiefs face heat over uneven U.S. coronavirus response

Apparently bear cubs sound like a flooded engine when they purr

May 19 - Happy Birthday Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) Seattle

Trump threatens to permanently cut WHO funding, leave body if changes aren't made within 30 days

FiveThirtyEight's Pollster Ratings: UPDATED MAY 19, 2020 AT 8:00 AM

'Crazy thing to do': Health experts alarmed by Trump's use of unproven drug

Do you believe Trump's taking that malaria drug daily?

Trump at GOP Luncheon: "Pelosi is a sick woman, she's got a lot of mental problems".

Senate panel approves Trump nominee for spy chief

If the moon were as close to the Earth as the International Space Station...

Why meatpacking plants have become coronavirus hot spots

Stay angry, my friends

'Don't Come': Hawaii Enforces Strict Lockdown Measures

In these times of turmoil I find humor a Monty python holy grail moment trout fishing

Looking like a MASSIVE Biden landslide in November! (400 EVs?)

Walgreens price gouging

I have never had a problem with the IRS until now. Need some advice

Taiwan Says It Tried to Warn the World About Coronavirus. Here's What It Really Knew and When

Moderna's vaccine results boosted its share offering -- and it's hardly a coincidence

The morbid moaner tries to project his mental problems onto others

Coronavirus infection isn't just about hygiene and distance. It's about time, too.

I have never had a problem with the IRS until now. Need some advice

What 'stay healthy' looks like in picture & video form

I won't pay for it but read the headline in our local paper. Roger Marshall KS dumbass is taking HCQ

Biden holds sizable lead over Trump in Arizona: Poll

Pacific Northwest summer wildfire season could stoke COVID-19 pandemic

CNN initiates CEASE and DESIST order for this DECEPTIVE trump ad.

'Dever said God was chastizing His people. So it's their fault' !!

Vast majority of Washington's small businesses saw drop in revenue amid coronavirus pandemic

Dr. Answers Face Masks & COVID-19 Questions

Cops caught on tape trying to come up with rationale for arrest AFTER arrest.

Governors who pushed hardest for reopening get lowest approval

First SPACE FORCE! - Now...

Some nursing homes stole stimulus checks from elderly residents, FTC report says

Pelosi obviously kicked Trump in the balls again-

Question about my cell phone

Kevin and Karen get shopping cart taken away at #Costco

Michael Flynn asks appeals court to intervene against judge halting DOJ dismissal

Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent's Stealth Takeover of America - Must Read

Rep. Tim Ryan Slams GOP for Abandoning Working Class During Pandemic

Warren announces slate of endorsements

Senate committee approves Trump loyalist to lead national intelligence

Shit. Shit, Shit. Michigan nudges over 5,000 total deaths.

Petulant, petty Trump is refusing to unveil Obama's portrait at the White House

The REAL SPACE FORCE with Fred Willard

Pentagon memo contradicts SECDEF's year-end coronavirus vaccine goal, per report

New Randy Rainbow..distraction

Google says it won't build AI tools for oil and gas drillers

There are a lot of business and offices that are not listening to GOP happy talk.

What kind of job would you like to do for the Deep State?

Trump also fired the IG investigating Elaine Chow. Moscow Mitch has already vetted a replacement

GOTV-- black voters in Georgia

Symphony #7 Ludwig van Beethoven

Chuck Schumer: "Please, citizens of America, don't take hydroxychloroquine as a prevention for COVID

Good morning Minny.


COVID-19 data sharing with law enforcement sparks concern

BLS Report: Total separations increase to a series high; job openings and hires decrease in March

"Trump is refusing to unveil Obama's portrait at the White House"

2017 video shows Georgia officer tried to stun Ahmaud Arbery

Chunk Is A Daddy!

Twice as many deaths in 4 months than all the traffic deaths last year. Maybe we should...

Bouncing back: Restaurant debuts 'bumper tables' amid virus

REMINDER: Submissions for the May photo contest will close at 5:00pm PT on the 22nd. (Friday)

States accused of fudging or bungling COVID-19 testing data

I finally got stimulated by Trump today

In Illinois Covid Deaths Remain High But Hospitalizations Are Going Down

GOP senator complains about Trump firing watchdogs but does nothing

Speaker Pelosi coming up on Nicole Wallace's program n/t

Major personnel change at NASA 1 week before human spaceflight resuming from the Cape 👀

Judge OKs suit by California, other states over lessened protections for endangered species

Biden says Trump is President Tweety

Florida scientist says she was fired for 'refusing to manipulate' COVID-19 data

The official Trump portrait should remain veiled in black so nobody has to be reminded of his reign

Song critical of Polish leader disappears from hit chart

Continued Roller Coaster on Dow

Trump Says He's 'Going After Virginia'

'Not a mask in sight': thousands flock to Yellowstone as park reopens

Susan Rice's Email to Herself Is Declassified

"A MAGA Shade of Fail"---by Protocol Scare 'em

No apology from pastor of Butte County church where 180 were exposed to COVID-19

For my 20,000th post, I want to celebrate Democratic Underground.

Colombia's antilogy: 'The Messiah' cornered by a libertine punk

Colombia's antilogy: 'The Messiah' cornered by a libertine punk

I'm taking an online course in contact tracing. We all should.

Trump claims he is 6'3".

Buffet Lunch?

Mnuchin presents new relief debit cards, shows Trump an example of one with Trumps's name.

Trump says "chloroquine doesn't help the older people who are sick"!

Michael Flynn's lawyers try an end run around federal judge

Pattern change to bring warmer temperatures to much of the country next week.

The French Connection: Trump Family Trusts Are Invested in Hydroxychloroquine Maker

Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade admits in "deathbed confession" she was paid to fake anti-abortion stance

Now in the ER

I can't stress how much donald j trump sucks. What he just said about the VA & veterans...

Pelosi on Nicolle: "The president's words weigh a ton." Said it twice. 😅

GOP senators not tested for coronavirus before lunch with Trump

Steve Schmidt on Deadline with Nicolle

Dallas County announces 14 deaths from coronavirus, its highest single-day toll


Biden Leads Trump by Seven Points in Arizona, Which Has Not Gone to a Democrat in Over 20 Years

Sarah Cooper strikes again. 😂

WE THE PEOPLE ... so why is trump ignoring us?

Florida woman harasses black neighbor who is a cop, demands proof of residence

Face Mask Executive Warned of Supply Shortage For Years

He accidentally told the truth in the middle of his lie

Pelosi responds with a little bit of French.

Colombia's crumbling drug policy: farmers thwart attempt to resume aerial spraying of coca

Over 4 million Americans are now skipping their mortgage payments

Democrats open investigation into Trump's replacement of acting Transportation Department inspector

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Over 4 million Americans are now skipping their mortgage payments

I couldn't find a clear photo, so I had to recreate President Plump's pill bottle myself

Early data on Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine insufficient: Stat News

Someone made a good point in a FB discussion

Lonesome Roads will show Trump how to sell a drug . . . . .

The Wisconsin Republican Plan For Covid 19

Trump says the US having the most confirmed cases in the world is a "badge of honor"

Pelosi: I didn't know Trump would be so sensitive -- he's always talking about other people's weight

Went To Urgent Care Today

Here's how much financial trouble Americans are in -- and why $1,200 stimulus checks are only a Band-

Trump quote this morning.......

"Sir, Rush called to tell you that those 'little blue pills' are NOT hydroxychloroquine". nt

#PresidentPlump is Distracting You From the Dirty Deal With Saudi Arabia He & Mike Pompeo Cooked Up!

AOC- BronxTalk: Democratic Primary Debate for Congressional District 14 May 18th 2020

Jane Roe's Deathbed Confession:Anti-Abortion Conversion 'All an Act' Paid for by the Christian Right

Hobby Lobby Sues Christie's, Wants Us to Feel Sorry for Them

To put it in simple terms - ReTHUGs led by Don the Criminally Negligent Con

how far did the Dow go down today

Warren presses Mnuchin on penalties for not protecting jobs

Virginia governor fires back at Trump: 'I suggest you stop taking hydroxychloroquine'

Are people waiting for test results before going to the hospital?

Family Town Hall on COVID-19 with @itsJudysLife, @The Curly Coopers and @J House Vlogs

So, reading through the Rolling Stone 'Top 100 Best Debut Singles of All Time'

Trump says Pompeo asked him to fire inspector general

My sister's best friend from high school, her father passed on Sunday due the Coronavirus.

Trump Calls Leading In Virus Cases a 'Badge of Honor'

Kroger is rescinding overpayment request

Georgia Republicans cancel election for state Supreme Court,

What would happen if you accidentally washed your 1200 check in the laundry?

Pelosi on calling Trump 'morbidly obese': 'I didn't know that he would be so sensitive'

Trump announces executive order 'suspending' regulations impeding the economy

Dear Donnie. I live in Virginia. My potatoes are safe.

Biden Just Ahead In Georgia

Judge rejects Trump's bid to stay lawsuit accusing his family of promoting "pyramid scheme"

Federal judge says all Texas voters can apply to vote by mail during pandemic

Ford Motor Co. Changes Mind, Won't Insist Trump Wear Mask During Visit [UPDATE]

Federal judge says all Texas voters can apply to vote by mail during pandemic

Shopping day here in Albuquerque 5-19-20. Thanks to our new city ordinance I saw almost

Federal judge says all Texas voters can apply to vote by mail during pandemic

"Traitor Tot, Dumbest, and Princess Sparkle Pony" HOLY SHIT! I have to go clean my screen now!

Small Virginia company gets huge federal medicines contract

Panel approves Ratcliffe for spy chief, sends to full Senate

No Bay Area coronavirus deaths in 2 days

Pierce: This Is the Last Hurrah for All the Fake Conspiracies Trump Has Fed the Rubes Since 2015

Hungary votes to end legal recognition of trans people

Baby, Please Don't Go

Rare condition in children could be linked to COVID-19

Top medical journal: Trump made up a report to attack World Health Organization

Top medical journal: Trump made up a report to attack World Health Organization

Two exact paragraphs..."Badge of Honor" statement by Trump: Politico 5/19/20

Michigan voters will now be able to vote safely this November

Matt Lauer emerges from under rock to slam Ronan Farrow-gets slammed himself

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate Races in 2020 that the Democrats are favored to win.

After reading about the national guard having to stop 1 day before they get benefits, the thought

McConnell blocks help for abuse victims as lockdown puts them at greater risk

Harry Azcrac given diploma by MS Gov Reeves (R) 🤣

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 30

Trump to pull National Guard off COVID-19 duties one day before their benefits would kick in

"Isn't it great, that it's not going to rain"

LOL. Toady to the rescue: FDA appears to soften stance on hydroxychloroquine after Trump says ...

NASA human spaceflight chief Doug Loverro resigns on eve of historic SpaceX launch

I wonder what the White House doctor explains to Trump

Michael Flynn seeks order forcing judge to dismiss his case

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 19, 2020

Hey UK DU members, your opinions

A political virus: America's far right is energised by covid-19 lockdowns

Hey Media

Trump slammed by autoimmune patient he's put in a 'nightmarish situation'

Trump says US topping world virus cases is 'badge of honour'

Michigan secretary of state says all voters will get absentee ballot applications by mail

am I the only one with this ?

GA-07: Ocasio-Cortez endorses progressive Democrat in TOSSUP district.

Boy Scout councils under pressure to share sex abuse costs

Was it just a matter of timing or was this OP just lame?

Tara, Tara, Tara...

Virginia family out for ride finds nearly $1 million in road

'Growing up quiverfull--the Duggars destructive cult'---Youtube, Chris Shelton, 2015

I'm extremely pissed off that I was asked to leave COSTCO............

Third Door Coalition crafts plan to solve chronic homelessness emergency

Disastrous Arkansas COVID Cluster Spells Trouble for Church Openings

So, distance learning teachers, profs and adjuncts did ya like it?


Sen. Whitehouse on why WSJ opinion keeps mentioning him

Gov. Inslee allows more counties to apply for Phase 2 reopening

So is trump a Scientific Dimwit for taking HDQ; or is he a Serial Liar?

Jane Roe of "Roe v. Wade" said she was paid by anti-abortion rights groups to support their movement

Coronavirus dramatically reduced carbon emissions, but it won't last

Captain of Mayport-based USS Philippine Sea relieved of command

Donald Trump Lashes Out At CBS News' Paula Reid After She Asks Him, "Where Is The Plan?"

Remember When Don Shula Made Trump A Laughingstock?