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Archives: September 11, 2020

Biden Campaign Lashes Trump Over Concealing the Danger of the Virus

Tens of thousands of fires are pushing the Amazon to a tipping point

Democratic Challengers Hold Sizable Leads Over GOP Incumbent Senators in Arizona and North Carolina

"When a woman goes on a well-informed rant...male listeners often call her "shrill."

"Super-massive body of smoke" expected to impact most of WA Thursday night through the weekend

I'm a New Yorker and I think this is worse than 9-11

Another Horrible Distraction

NIH director: 'Reassuring' that COVID-19 trials were paused

Officials squash rumors of far right, far left setting fires

35,000 Structures At Risk, 600 Burned As Almeda Fire Grows To Over 3,000 Acres In Oregon

Individuals close to Murdoch reveal that the Fox Corp co-chair believes Trump will lose in November

Trump, lying to his supporters (and they cheered)

Now he is blaming someone else, its NEVER his fault..

4 Houston police officers fired after fatal shooting

Good thoughts, prayers and vibes

Trump Trying To Hide 3.5 Years Of Bald-Faced Environmental Destruction With Oil Drilling Flip-Flop

Pence: Trump was acting like a WWII leader when he lied about the virus

Climate change largely missing from campaign as fires rage

The Post Millennial: The Latest Canadian Outlet Serving Rage Bait to Far-Right America

White House moves to curb policing of corporate misbehavior

David Remnick: Bob Woodward on a Nightmare Presidency

Skip Bayless doesn't 'have sympathy' over Dak Prescott sharing depression struggles

The scale of the western fires...

Plans for Trump's Nevada airport rallies this weekend are up in the air

federal court in NY rules that Trump's census memo excluding undocumented immigrants is unlawful

Bob Woodward on a Nightmare Presidency

Best NFL coach in the universe Andy Reid has a face shield on

Trumpers booing at NFL Football game when asked for a moment of silence for unity

This is Trump's rally in Michigan today. What do you see?

US Attorney General levels broadside on voting by mail

Who's your buddy..................

Nice, Thank You Chris Collinsworth!

Latin America Passes 8 Million Coronavirus Cases: Reuters Tally

Uber/Lyft Pledge All-Electric Cars By 2030, Which Could Be Interesting, As They Don't Own The Cars

Oregon - 37 Fires, 800 Square Miles Burned, 3 Confirmed Dead, Town Of Gates Destroyed

Can't access Twitter

Trump calls question about why he 'lied' about COVID-19 a 'disgrace'

Minds ARE being changed, with new revelations about Trump's incompetence, mendacity, and disrespect

9/11 Mike Luckovich: Asleep on the job

Trump Admitted To Downplaying The Pandemic, But There's Only One Way To Make It Stick

Democrats build big edge in early voting

Trump says he watches 7 hours of TV a day -- after saying he doesn't 'watch very much'

Trump campaign kicks a NEW YORK TIMES reporter out of his Michigan rally...

Trump campaign grills election officials about veracity of mail-in voting

I think it was Washington Governor Jay Inslee

Technical info from Microsoft about hacking attempts on Biden campaign

J.C. Penney Posts Steep Sales Decline for Second Quarter

Trump compares his handling of Pandemic to Churchill, says how much he likes Putin & KJU

4 workers at Smithfield plant died; feds fine company $13,494

12 times Trump ignored virus safety rules in public even as he knew the risks

My sister made it to her 65 birthday but is now requiring more and more meds

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Just saw a Joe Biden commercial on Thursday Night Football

I'm watching WBFF, channel 45.4, over the air.

Body and dash cams for deputies? Pierce County begins moving in that direction

Jay Inslee says nearly 600,000 acres scorched

I don't think FDR, Truman or Churchill liked Stalin that much

Jim Bakker: Democrats are voting for their faith -- which is 'Satan worship'

Trump's reaction shows Bob Woodward inflicted a 'severe' narcissistic injury: psychotherapist

Rio Tinto CEO and senior executives resign from company after Juukan Gorge debacle

Joe Biden pledges to roll back Trump's corporate tax cuts on 'day one,' saying it won't hurt busines

Not to be a bummer or anything, but Wis. hit a new record for the most COVID-19 cases today- 1,470

UK, France and Germany agree to reject US demand for Iran snapback sanctions

Arizona Voters Get More Time to Sign Ballots: Campaign Update

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo had his daily COVID briefing updating NYers back in March and no one panicked

Hey tRump, I have a question!

Brexit: EU ultimatum to UK over withdrawal deal changes

Brexit: EU ultimatum to UK over withdrawal deal changes

AHA, Strzok on Rachel show.

Democrats build big edge in early voting

Two Nominations Sent to the Senate; September 10, 2020


US Senate Elections in 2020 that the Democrats will be winning.

Abrams touches on new documentary, calls voter suppression 'intentional'

Harry Dunn death: Anne Sacoolas lawyers say she 'drove on wrong side of road' (but...)

Harry Dunn death: Anne Sacoolas lawyers say she 'drove on wrong side of road' (but...)

Cuomo is shredding the killer in chief.

The real reasons the U.S. became less racist toward Asian Americans

A new ad from the President who didn't want to panic the country.

PA-01: Finello Boosts Middle Class Message, Ties Fitzpatrick to Trump in 1st TV Ad

Sniff 'n' The Tears - Driver's Seat

Huge calif state university system to remain online spring 21 term

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; September 10, 2020

Nikki Fried's warning: Donald Trump is making inroads with Jewish voters

Lobbyist who attended Florida House Republican's fundraiser tests positive for COVID-19

The difference between cats and dogs to close its Bellevue office as pandemic hits online travel, hotel businesses

Pence's Remarks in Address to the VMI Corps of Cadets; Lexington, VA; September 10, 2020

Federal appellate court rejects age discrimination argument by Texas Democrats

Do you think tRump thought he could win with an uninformed electorate?

Why Trump Might Be Scaring Off Older Voters

WI Republicans Delays Absentee Voting

Iranian fuel tankers round Africa en route to the Atlantic: data

Iranian fuel tankers round Africa en route to the Atlantic: data

Iranian fuel tankers round Africa en route to the Atlantic: data

RUN DMC - Its Tricky (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Trump's Remarks Before Air Force One Departure; September 10, 2020

Democrats demand Trump response to reported Russian bounties

Virus Observations: Enjoy!

In Encounters With Black Leaders, Trump Has Chosen Photo Ops Over Substance

There was a Twitter thread the other day asking what team has the most annoying fans.

Fire map of greater Portland area-This is very bad.

Trump campaign asks US judge to kill Nevada vote-by-mail law

UT-Austin says it will require only student ticket holders to test negative for COVID-19 before

Atlantic Signs Up Record 20,000 + Paying Customers After Article About Trump Trashing U.S. Military

Federal appeals court rejects Texas Democrats' effort to expand voting by mail

Treasury Sanctions Russia-Linked Election Interference Actors

His worst words

Raytheon, Lockheed Clear Key Hurdle in Race to Develop Hypersonic Weapons

Newark's Prudential Center to be 2020 Election polling site, host registration drive

Federal court blocks Trump effort to exclude undocumented immigrants when congressional seats are

These states have the worst unemployment rates

Reporter Thrown Out of Michigan Trump Rally for Reporting on Maskless Crowd

UMD men's basketball team 100% registered to vote as stadium becomes early voting center

As energy secretary, Rick Perry mixed money and politics in Ukraine. The deals could be worth

Strzok told Maddow that he doesn't think an FBI invest into tRump's $

Abbott unveils new plan to punish cities that cut police spending

Arizona State Rep Criticized for Comparing COVID‐19 Mask Requirement to Tattooing of Holocaust Victi

A Flock Of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song

On the eve of 9/11...let's never forget. 🇺🇸🕯

Complaint alleges Maine GOP assistant leader's PAC expenditures violated campaign finance law

Trump asks the teleprompter operator to back up so he can see the words again

Interview with a Trump supporter at his rally tonight in Michigan. Seriously, it's a cult:

An Open Letter and Call to Action to White North Texans

Close to breaking GOP supermajorities, our new data shows where Kansas Dems can win

Kamala Harris Just Now: "HE KNEW"

Eminence Front - The Who

Wisconsin Supreme Court tells election officials to suspend mailing absentee ballots...

Every Bernie person I know is voting for Biden.

Nancy Pelosi was on fire with Joy Reid tonight

Lloyd Bridges and Leslie Nielsen would have

THIS IS WHY WE MUST VOTE BIDENRGB IS 85+ and in hospital 3 times this year

Down by the River - Neil Young

New Ohio health director backs out hours after Gov. Mike DeWine announces appointment

"It's important to remember that President Trump shut down the entire American economy ..."

Laurence Tribe - Opinion Deepfakes are coming for American democracy. Here's how we can prepare.

Richard Marx - Hazard

Just heard on it the Corona Virus or the Trump Virus?

dirt catapults and launching nets

"Things Churchill didn't say."

Trump Was 'Ecstatic' About Talking to Woodward--Until He Wasn't

Now that thing is vowing to SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY with fairy dust, apparently.

The Atlantic Signs Up Record 20,000-Plus Paying Customers After Article About Trump

* A - Rated Battleground Wisconsin Poll* Biden 51% Klansman 44%

got the military story off the front lines quick didn't it

Is Trump speaking at any 9-11 memorials tomorrow?

Trump Binge-Watched Fox News All Night, Woke Up to Watch More Fox

Rudy Giuliani admits he may have been suckered by Russia agent: He 'didn't do much investigation

Ooops! Tricky teleprompters. "Michigan gave us Motang"

'She Began The Real Sexual Revolution For Women': Shere Hite Dies, Aged 77

Brazilian state of Bahia to test Russia's vaccine, eyes buying 50 million doses

Kamala Harris courts all types of potential Biden voters in first Miami visit

CNN Exclusive: Biden says Trump has 'no conception' of national security

U.S. charges 57 with fraud involving pandemic paycheck aid, Justice Department says

PBS Launches Free Live Local Streaming of 85 PBS Stations

Look at my yard signs in AZCD5!!

Ridiculous notion

Trump's Attacks Put Military In 'Presidential Campaign Minefield'

Democrats want to shut down auto production- I haven't heard that one before

My brief discussion with a MAGA today

The Daily Social Distancing Show: So Much News, So Little Time

Trump makes wild claims about revitalizing auto industry at Michigan rally

Obama at his first State of the Union and his last

Federal judges block Trump census order on undocumented immigrants

Florida to reopen bars, pack restaurants after DeSantis claims Covid-19 under control

NYT reporter removed from Trump rally in Michigan

Strange Biden/Harris fundraiser on Facebook

The West Coast from space (NASA)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Jane Fonda - Civil Disobedience in the Name of Climate Change

Fauci Says The Fall And Winter Are 'Not Going To Be Easy'

7Zip RAR extractor is it safe?

Sacha Baron Cohen righteously slams social media

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump and Fox News Double Down On COVID Coverup Defense

French government to continue paying up to 84% of salaries for furloughed workers "until next summer

Seth Meyers - Trump Admits He Downplayed the Coronavirus - Monologue 9/9/20

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 11, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Ursula Andress

SORRY missed this: 10:15 PM -- MASH (1970)

Handyman looking for some extra work.

North Texas coach Tate Wallis has resigned following his arrest last week

Trevor Noah accepts the Leadership in Democracy award

Trump told a crowd in MI to tell their governor to open the state.

bumper sticker

Democrats build big edge in early voting

UTMB confirms layoffs of 105 employees as pandemic hurts revenues

Seth Meyers: Guest John Cleese

Ex-cops blame one another, seek own trials in Floyd's death


Trump Reportedly Says He Protected Saudi Crown Prince After Khashoggi Murder

Biden Campaign Lashes Trump Over Concealing the Danger of the Virus

tweet: I decided to go to #HobbyLobby and make some art. Do you guys like it!?!?

Seth Meyers - Trump and the GOP Rocked by Bombshell Woodward Tapes: A Closer Look

35,000 Structures At Risk, 600 Burned As Almeda Fire Grows To Over 3,000 Acres In Oregon

Video Tutorial: Trump Your Nails

Three Texas college towns could face financial devastation from pandemic, according to new study

New Coronavirus Cases Rise in U.S. Despite Slowdown in Testing

Kayleigh McEnany Claims No One Has Worked Harder Than Trump to Protect Americans from Facts

'Elysium' Movie, Matt Damon, Jodie Foster (2013) Sci Fi, Dystopia

See Biden's reaction to Trump revealing secret weapons system

Kamala Harris' Community Conversation - Miami Gardens, FL

NY Times: Unemployment Claims Send Another Worrisome Note

Spotty virus tracking in schools is leaving millions in the dark on infection rates

What one of Donny Dumbfuck's potential Supreme Court nominees thinks

Nicolle Wallace: '2020 Is The Year The Truth Dies' - Deadline - MSNBC

I love Lincoln's Bible.... This tweet to Melania is hilarious.

Woodward Audio Leak:Trump Knowingly Downplayed 'Deadly' Coronavirus - NowThis

"They are currently working on the letter M in his kindergarten class."

DHS spokeswoman pushed NBC News to retract accurate story about terrorists at the border

'A victory for survivors': Utah eliminates backlog of thousands of untested rape kits

Could resuming nuclear weapons testing lead to new arms race?

Twitter says it's expanding policies to label/remove misleading information about election.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump administration secretly withheld millions from FDNY 9/11 health program

Isikoff: Judge orders testimony from Saudi officials in suit over 9-11 involvement

Dr. reporting about COVID-19 vaccine trial she is participating in.

Tonight, in Oregon

The Clash - Magnificent Seven - On Tom Snyder, 1981

Trump must read DU

COVID Update September 10 (Andy Slavitt)

A political comment from the Bluebird of Freakin' Happiness

Tweet for thursday night

Is it just me

MONTANA: MSU political scientist analyzes partisan connection to USPS box removals

9/11 #neverforget memorial thread

the real scandal

Social media giants insist they are not biased against conservatives, but Sen. Mike Lee doesn't buy

Trump sent me a letter today.

Trump keeps bragging about imaginary auto plants in swing states

Salt Lake County camping cleanups come under scrutiny and spark conflict as winter approaches

Russian, Chinese, Iranian Hackers Targeting 2020 Election, Microsoft Warns - All In - MSNBC

Trump does bizarre skit - imagines suburban couple wishing Trump was still president.

Legislative panel advances next steps to rein in prescription drugs costs

The Cook Political Report changes ratings of two states, Nevada and Florida

TX-23: Texas Democrat responds to Trump-backed opponent's 'transgender agenda' attacks

Big bad Sisolak torments poor little Trump (according to Laxalt, anyway)

TX-24: Candace Valenzuela wants to become the first Black Latina in Congress

As Russia Resumes Election Interference, Is The FBI Ready After Attacks From Trump? - TRMS - MSNBC

Battle for Senate control pits Cortez Masto against Sands & Station

IA-SEN: Ernst Privately Apologized For COVID Comments, Declines Public Apology

IA Democrats' aim: End Republicans' hold on Iowa Legislature. What are their best chances?

I just donated to Nate McMurray. Again. Not a New Yawker, but NY was our neighbor for decades.

IA-02: Republicans' ad attacks Rita Hart on her support for measure they suppported

Extradition to US of children of former president of Panama imminent

TX-HD134: Ann Johnson running for a seat in Montrose gayborhood that's seen as flippable.

At least four groups mounting separate campaigns in difficult quest to recall Sisolak

trumps suppose to be a businessman

With campaign funds dwindling, Texas House Speaker Bonnen boosted taxpayer-funded salary of aides

Manslaughter or 2nd degree murder? DJT has chased us all out into the path of this virus.

States ask judge to reverse changes at US Postal Service

TX-07: Republican.tries to use health care to break through in race against Lizzie Fletcher

A chance to do some Biden visibility this Saturday morning.

Peru's Indigenous turn to ancestral remedies to fight virus

Florida accused of push for 'roads to nowhere' under cover of pandemic

Reno airport authority: Planned Trump rally 'may not proceed,' violates state's 50-person limit on

"Trumps Corona Virus lies killed hundreds of thousands of Americans" Will be a fact in 20 days

Breakfast Friday September 11th, 2020

Audit: Group health plan for state workers ignored bidding rules, engaged in 'wasteful spending'

BLM Map of California Fires

NYT Journo Kathy Gray, kicked out of Trump rally, tracked by photos she was tweeting

Just FYI, This Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape Is NOT Inevitable. Ironically, It Was Created By...

Cool Story Map of August Complex Fire (Mendocino)

Many people often misuse the term ѕhitshow. In case you were wondering what a ѕhitshow actually is

Station Casinos pulls land sale listings, says Reno casino still possible

46 Years Ago Today; The crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 212 In Charlotte NC

79 Years Ago Today; Groundbreaking takes place for the Pentagon

World animal population has declined 70% in 50 years, report says

Barr at it again? Feds seek halt to civil lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell

5th Circuit Panel, on 2-1 Vote, Rejects 26th Amendment Age Discrimination Claim Against ...

Screen cap of active fires in the US ... tossed in map of the Atlantic with hurricanes too

Friday TOONs - Remain Calm! All Is Well!

I dislike the Green Party people

Don the criminally negligent Con has succeeded in making this day in history-

Florida Schools Defy Governor

Listen to this before you see trump at a memorial service today.

'We got another one': Second man arrested for intentionally starting brush fire in Pierce County

RNC Chairwoman Asks Trump: Where the Hell Have Our Campaign Ads Gone?

The Trump campaign played a song about rich kids dodging the Vietnam War draft -- which the president


'Evacuate now:' Wildfires grow in Oregon as 500K flee

St. Louis Zoo says python laid 7 eggs without male help yesterday

Donald Trump compares himself to Winston Churchill as he cites British wartime spirit as reason...

Trump's 1st tweet on the 19th Anniversary of 9/11 is... not about 9/11


538: Trump And Biden Both Got Small Convention Bounces. But Only Biden Got More Popular

Found on FB

Pittsburgh Cop With Troubled Past Arrests Bystander After 'He Came Up And Decided To Be Disrespectfu

Thick clouds of mosquitoes kill livestock after hurricane

Bad numbers...

Stirring Up The Dust At Ground Zero

BidenHarris to take down advertising as tribute to 9/11: This is what decency looks like.....

Protesters arrested at BLM rally over Indigenous death in custody at Brisbane watch house

Historian predicts Trump downplaying pandemic...greatest dereliction of duty in presidential history

Never Forget This Video from 9/11 from trump Interview:

All of Trump's lies about 9/11 exposed in damning CNN segment

Belgium must return tooth of murdered Congolese leader, judge rules

PTSD expert: Americans are being 'psychologically abused' by Trump and will face health crisis for y

Texas Ballots (9.10.2020)

Senate Republicans scramble to contain fallout from Woodward bombshell

Trump held six indoor rallies after acknowledging the coronavirus was airborne

'Astonishingly risky': COVID-19 cases at colleges are fueling the nation's hottest outbreaks

" ... 'the greatest dereliction of duty' in presidential history "

Trump was too busy manufacturing panic about imaginary caravans to warn Americans about COVID-19

Joe Scarborough: Trump is destroying the Republican Party. Why won't any of his peers speak up?

New poll confirms Republicans' wariness of voting by mail

Trump Admits He Sits Around Watching Cable News All Night

Trump ad misspells "Nobel" Peace Prize

Joe Lockhart: Kayleigh McEnany has crossed a line

My girl likes to party all the time ... ("Rally Granny")

Hurricane Laura Spiked Land Loss Rate Nearly 10-Fold In Its Path; Bonus - Bigger, Meaner Fire Ants

The loyal Trump supporter

A tragic irony

I doubt it it is much of a conundrum for them...

It tweeted a particularly tone deaf thing

Sober October, Relapse and an NPR article (and I Will Not Drink With You Today)

NOAA - La Nina Officially Underway; Likely To Worsen Already Critical Southwestern Drought

Biden, this morning:

Today as we reflect about 9/11, let's not forget that Osama Bin Laden's niece endorsed Trump

Religious right groups training thousands of volunteers to help interfere in the election

CEO on camera beating his dog. GET HIM FIRED. Reported to authorities.

The Rundown: September 11, 2020

The origin of Superheroes: Haunt

Trump's personal lawyer has been colluding with a Russian agent to smear Trump's opponent.

Anyone who can watch Trump's recent rally speeches without feeling embarrassment and then

Placing bets if anything of our constitution as we understand it will be left at the end of this...

Noticed something intriguing about the FL COVID data yesterday.

Hangover From Alcohol Boom Could Last Long After Pandemic Ends

Google: Oregon Fires Arson

California Duncan Hunter district: Issa 46%. * Campa-Najjar 45%.

Let's put things into prespective

Trump will be in Shanksville today. You think he will

Is trump at the 9/11 ceremony in NY? Joe Biden and Pence are there, but I don't see trump

"Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US"

GOP court sends our kids back to school

A few minutes ago, the entire nation held a moment of silence...

In 2018 Brazil Used 60K Tons Of Pesticides Banned In EU As Toxic, Sold By BASF, Bayer, Syngenta

Trump's strategy?

TRUE American Carnage: Cover for TIME Magazine

Bottom Line: Trump Has Killed America

On this day of remembrance, let's also remember what 9/11 has resulted in

At Least 200 Jaguars Killed, Injured Or Displaced As Pantanal Burns; No Rain Expected Until October

You raised $26,010.00 on September 10, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

The ONE ad Biden should run today would center on trump's interview done soon after the 9-11 attack


BTRTN: Is Trump's "Law and Order" Message Working? How Should Biden Respond?

BTRTN: Is Trump's "Law and Order" Message Working? How Should Biden Respond?

Poll released yesterday show Biden with GROWING lead over trump among senior citizens

Guilford County absentee ballot

Russian police to ask to question Navalny in Germany

He was not trying to "calm" the people or keep them from "panicking"...

Florida's bars can reopen starting Monday

Kim showed off executed uncle's headless body: Trump

I'm fed up with these people.

...and I hold on to that.

This is just a stellar essay on the 'Falling Man'

September 11, 2001 - 2,997 dead. Corona virus deaths to date - 192,000

Trumper..If I die I die

Trump's schedule for Friday, September 11, 2020

Rallygoer: "Because there's no COVID. It's a fake pandemic. Created to destroy the USofA''👀

Trump's Bizarre History With 9/11

The 2020 9/11 Day Memorial Film Festival

Diametrically opposed: Trumps response to unrest in Oregon vs wild fires in Oregon.

Police officer in Pittsburgh arrests a man for asking about his "Thin Blue Line" face mask

Just checking about paying your quarterly taxes

Trump administration Secretly withheld Millions from 9/11 Firefighter fund

OC sheriff's deputy accused of taking debit card from theft suspect and giving it to her son

Trump killed far more Americans than Osama bin Laden.

Removal of flag honoring veterans from White House sparks anger

Student Loans got moved back to January 2021?

Pandemic takes toll on mental health of young adults, poll finds

Will Tan Pass the Domino Obstacle Challenge?

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

On the anniversary of 9/11 we find the White House stopped the VA from encouraging veterans to wear

sheriff deputy burglarizes deceased man's house while still in uniform

*Prestigious USC Dornsife Tracking Poll* Biden 55% Klansman 40%

'Their strategy is bizarre': Top elections forecaster baffled by Trump campaign's spending

Trump aka Klansman supporters are ghouls

9/11 Sunrise

Cartoon: Widespread Panic By Clay Jones -September 11, 2020 9:00 AM

FACT: Handlers get frustrated that @JoeBiden is often late.

Paul Cauthen--Everybody Walkin This Land

Trump Fox Interview Sets Record for Most Humiliating

LEAK: Trump Admits He Lied, Downplayed Coronavirus

Beirut fire brought under control after terrifying nation


I've lost track, how many memorials has trump held for the victims of the trumpvirus?

Pic Of The Moment: Lest We Forget

Dan Rather @DanRather: There will be no vaccine for the climate crisis

Joe Biden Comforter-in-Chiefing

With apologies to Winston Churchill and Others

Joe Biden and Mike Pence are both at Ground Zero. Biden tapped Pence's shoulder and said hi

Trump campaign weighing election night victory party or rally-style event at White House

Poll shows narrowest lead yet for Hickenlooper in Senate challenge of Gardner

Religious right in drive to police election amid dubious voter fraud claims

Who has accounted for governor's party and hackability of election into 538 probabilities?

Pasco's sheriff created a futuristic program to stop crime before it happens.

Election Update: Democratic early vote outstrips GOP by 700,000

Biden gives pence an elbow bump at 9/11 ceremony

Trump is on my TV with his fake "funeral" voice.

Trump is speaking in monotone iambic pentameter at Shanksville Pennsylvania

trump is delivering a 9/11 address right now and I am pissed.

How long has it been?

In the words of my psychiatrist...

Organizer Beth Howard is calling on her fellow 'rednecks' and 'hillbillies' to stand up for Black...

Trump has zero gravitas.

Trump's attacks on mail in voting are working... on his supporters. lol

They Came To Oregon To Take Pictures Of The Fires, Armed Locals Thought They Were Antifa Arsonists

Biggest story flying under the radar today

the west coast is experiencing a fire disaster. Has Trump acknowledged in anyway?

Susan Rice: Trump 'Does Not Give A Damn' About Americans' Health, Safety & National Security

Kamala speaking now!

Tweeting: the proto twitter ...

Apparently, not being a snowflake is harder than it looks.

donnie "downplayed the virus" the way a murderer says "shhhh" to his struggling victim

T H I S -

Used cars drive U.S. consumer prices higher in August

"Donald Trump's campaign is broke" - Lincoln Project TV (Thursday night edition)

CFTC's groundbreaking climate-change report sounds a bipartisan alarm on costly risks for U.S. finan

1896 Auburn prank on Georgia Tech second best in college sports history

What more must Putin do to cross that threshhold..

David Corn: Coronavirus and Russia: Trump and the GOP's Double Betrayal

Security Video Captures CEO Beating 4-Month-Old Puppy: 'Nothing Illegal About What I Did'

Joe Biden just elbow-bumped Mike Pence's mother

Trump administration siphoned almost $4 million from 9/11 first responders fund: report

Does anyone remember and could post the video

Sep 11, 2001.

Trump siphoned $4 million away from a program for FDNY firefighters with 9/11 related illnesses

"Trump doesn't seem to know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance"

"Jim Acosta asks folks at a Trump event why aren't they wearing masks..."

On having a non-autistic brother

Trump To Woodward Was His Own.....

I didn't know this about Amy McGrath.

How Conspiracy Theories Are Shaping the 2020 Election--and Shaking the Foundation of American Democra

Duluth Trading Company is hiring Seasonal Part-time Home Agent Positions

Kitschy roadside buildings shaped like the merchandise they're selling

Stanley Fischer, former Federal Reserve vice chairman on Bloomberg is pretty much

Obviously, he rather be golfing

521 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 15 deaths

In view of Trump's concession to Bob Woodward

Truth is finally out: "Trump Doesn't Give a SH*T About Anyone But Himself"

Pandemic intensifies local hunger crisis

F-16 pilot was ready to give her life on Sept. 11

The Second Amendment and People Who Had Been Involuntarily Committed 20 Years Ago

Democrats build big edge in early voting

Trump threatens to 'put down very quickly' Democrats who take to the streets in protest if he wins

Art from the Great Depression

May have to take forced early retirement (10 years early)

9/11 Daily Dose of Joe

"Trump knew. Trump was silent. My dad died because Donald Trump stayed silent."

Investigation of Medicare Chief Exposes Underside of Washington (more grifting)

Leo Kottke has a birthday today.

Joe Biden - Michiganders need a pandemic response--not a pep rally.

Trump watched eight hours of TV - While More than 1,000 people died from COVID yesterday.

Never forget Donald Trump's response to 9/11

Defining moments of Presidential administrations.

Can I ask a favor?

Biden's ad that ran during last night's NFL game

False Rumors That Activists Set Wildfires Exasperate Officials

9/11 caused by attack of an enemy -COVID19 deaths caused by lies of a leader who swore to protect us

Loomer vs. Frankel - What Do You Think?

"Trump ad misspells "Nobel" Peace Prize"

Dr. Fauci Says We Might Not Be Able to Safely Sit in a Theater for Another Year

Judge: Arizona Voters Who Don't Sign Early Ballots Can Fix

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "9/11"

Sole survivor of Kenosha protests shootings speaks out for first time

"I wish Americans knew just how much their government despises them."

TLP: 9/11

TLP: 9/11

Now, at least in Ontario, you don't necessarily have to live together to have to pay spousal support

Elizabeth Holmes may attempt to claim 'mental disease' in Theranos criminal case

"Put dat damn mask on"

Trump's Remarks at Flight 93 National Memorial 19th Anniversary Observance; Shanksville, PA

Is Angie Craig doing well? She and Tina Smith are the only ones with TV ads

DOSE OF JOE -- Sept 11

"Rudy: My Russian agent partner didn't mention he was a Russian agent, so I assumed he wasn't"

Joe Soucheray's Savory Tomato Pie

Listening to tRump brag about the US having the best "death rate" in the world is

Trump says he would put down riots on election night 'very quickly'

DT is not going like the elbow bump between the Bidens and the Pences.

Joe Biden and Mike Pence cross paths with each other at 9/11 memorial

"The f*ck are you looking at, I've got a ticket" (Twitter video)

Boundary Waters (Northern Minnesota) designated "Dark Sky Sanctuary" 9/11/2020 - 13th in the World.

Was Drumpf telling revisionist lies to Woodward about his early belief in the virus?

There is NO WAY in Hell that Biden is going to be the 46th President!

Dozens of scientific journals have vanished from the internet, and no one preserved them

"We were able to dialog through that."

Trevor Noah -- The Trump Pattern

Indianapolis Catholic school should be able to fire gay teacher, Trump admin says

Trump mangles Pledge of Allegiance; Melanie doesn't even try.

I've Never Seen the American West in Such Deep Distress

To survive frigid nights, hummingbirds cool themselves to record-low temperatures

Judge rules Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, assistant attorneys off the George Floyd case

JUST IN: Adviser appointed by Judge Sullivan in FLYNN case urges him to deny DOJ's motion to dismiss

Do estimated taxes have to be the same each quarter?

Just how much time did drumpf help down at the WTC on 9/11 when he was busy watching

Removal of flag honoring veterans from White House sparks anger

Why does Trump act like a .... (see image)

I wonder how the people of Arizona

I listen to this powerful piece every 9/11. The immigrant workers in the towers died too.

Donald and Melania Trump slammed for not being able to recite Pledge of Allegence

This Just In: It IS the Noble Prize!

Judge orders testimony from Saudi officials in suit over involvement in 9/11 attacks

We're Number One!!!

Gleeson: Deny DOJ motion to dismiss. Flynn's guilt is "obvious" he argues.

Trump Blows Off New York On 9/11 While Withholding Millions From Ill FDNY Firefighters

Tweet:trump brags abt deaths of Qassem Soleimani & Abu Bakr al-Bagdhadi who had no relation to 9/11

Tell me about your 9/11.

Has Trump declared Oregon and California disaster areas for the fires?

The pool has been called to go into the Oval immediately for an unscheduled event.

ICE flew detainees to Virginia so the planes could transport agents to D.C. protests. A huge coronav

Hands On The Wheel

"Every morning, this moron looks in the mirror and wonders why his tattoo is backwards."

Wildfires: Some residents refuse to leave bc of nonsense rumors "antifa's in town" and caused fires

Biden, Pence cross paths at NYC 9/11 ceremony

These Women Won't Vote for Trump Again--Even to Keep Peace at Home

Clip From 'Unfit' Documentary Explores Trump's 'Cognitive Decline' Over Time

China starts testing nasal spray coronavirus vaccine

@SenDuckworth: Donald Trump's silence on #BountyGate for 77 days is a complete dereliction of duty.

Clip From 'Unfit' Documentary Explores Trump's 'Cognitive Decline' Over Time

Fauci 'Depressed' U.S. Can't Get New Coronavirus Cases Down: 'We're Still in the First Surge'

Black family targeted for Black Lives Matter sign with home and cars vandalized in Warren

Jeff Tiedrich tweet FTW

Stocks erase gains to trade lower as tech shares extend the week's declines

Have there been any polls for Max Rose (NY-11)?

More Than Half of Americans Worry That White House Pressure Will Lead to Rushed Coronavirus Vaccine

Florida epidemic surging in teens and college age kids ever since schools reopened.

CNN: How Fox News covered the Woodward recordings of President Trump

Do these people vote?

'I have never seen anything like this': Oregon towns emptied and confusion spreads amid fires

Skip Bayless condemned for saying Dak Prescott's admission of depression was a sign of weakness


Police accused of murdering George Floyd appear together in court for 1st time

12 million Americans still waiting for unemployment

Interesting, taken together.

In interview with Rachel Maddow the other night, Peter Strzok said the Gang of Eight was advised...

Trump administration seeks sweeping DNA collection of immigrants, U.S. sponsors

I suspect Trump is on the shortlist for the 2020 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine

WaPo "Pulitzer-worthy" video investigation of kidnappings of Portland protesters by federales.

Lost Dog Street Band

Holy Shit - Gulf of Mexico folks - this sure sprung up fast

Why California, Oregon and Washington State Are Searching for Help to Battle Fires

Overthrowing a dictator

Lincoln (Film)

Question: If and when we're all walking around w/the fast-tracked vaccine induced antibodies,

Portland now has the worst air quality in the world, due to Oregon and Washington wildfires

The Bidens visit the Shanksville Fire Department and bring cake and pastries and ...

Fed. appeals court reversed decision which declared Florida's pay-to-vote system unconstitutional

Release: Texas Democrats on the 19th Anniversary of 9/11

'Poll: Pandemic Takes Toll On Mental Health of Young Adults'

Just look at this picture.

'Poll: Pandemic Takes Toll On Mental Health of Young Adults'

President Sniffles again accusing Biden of using performance drugs.

The edge of the storm

Up is down: Trump lies that Biden would 'destroy' Obamacare's protections for pre-existing condition

When most of us consider the unbelievable courage and grit displayed by the 40 passengers of

Germans fear Donald Trump more than COVID

The Green Party is (still) not our friend.

Here's one of the most disturbing details from Woodward's Trump book that people are missing

House employees won't have payroll taxes deferred

BREAKING: Donald Trump has completely run out of anything to attack Joe Biden for

House Democrats seek information on $250 million contract on coronavirus PR campaign

Nasa is looking for private companies to help mine the moon

Donald Trump Is Waiting for You in First Class (The Atlantic)

Factbox: On climate, it's Biden's green revolution versus Trump's war on red tape

Lawrence O'Donnell calls out another lie.

Who is ahead - Trump or Biden?

Lincoln Project seeks multimedia ad submissions.

This is horrific. A woman gets dragged out of church by Lukashenko's thugs.

Today in the North Atlantic...

Ceremonies marking 9/11 look much different due to pandemic

How Does Trump's COVID Response Compare With Biden's Proposals?

Lincoln Project seeks multimedia ad submissions.

Lincoln Project seeks multimedia ad submissions.

(Jewish Group) COVID-19 and the people the world loves to hate - Jews

(Jewish Group) Wake Up America, and Smell the Anti-Semitism

Another mother and child reunion, cygnet-style

(Jewish Group) Suspended nurse at centre of anti-lockdown protests called NHS 'the new Auschwitz'

Atlantic - Two TS, Two systems with 80-90% chance of development, and two more with 30-40%

Trump vows to crush "insurrection" within minutes of winning

US Navy scraps plan to fly jet over New York City on 9/11 anniversary after it sparked outrage

(Jewish Group) Responding to Rise in Campus Anti-Semitism

Bob Woodward will be on Sixty Minutes this Sunday.

(Jewish Group) Hate against Jews: data gaps hide true picture (Europe)

Fauci disagrees with Trump that US rounding 'final turn' on pandemic

(Jewish Group) This map shows the 20 congressional districts with the most Jews

LOL. Somebody did some decorating at Hobby Lobby.

This map shows the 20 congressional districts with the most Jews

(Jewish Group) Brooklyn hospital wants to fire doctor over anti-Semitic posts like 'Go beat up a Zio

Witness says Feds shot Portland Murder suspect in a manner that resembled an "execution". No warning

(Jewish Group) Want to catch up on 5780 in Jewish pop culture? Start here, with The Almas.

(Jewish Group) Film about Nicholas Winton, rescuer of children from the Nazis, stars Anthony Hopkins

As Trump marks 9/11, report finds he's withheld millions from sick first responders

Wild Baby Rabbit Gets So Big And Bouncy

Democratic challenger to QAnon Quack Marjorie Taylor Greene dropping out of race.

(Jewish Group) More than just brisket: Change the menu with these 9 delicious Rosh Hashanah recipes

Watch him spin while riding the waves 🐶🏄🏼‍♂️

Scott Wiener faces antisemitic and homophobic death threats

On Facebook - anyone can be king

Trump is the outer manifestation

Trump interview after the Towers fell. " and now it's the tallest"

Not content with harassing queer adults, Putin is now targeting kids

Wow, check out this song/video from London band Tokyo Taboo

Trump: " At least I have Russia and Sean Hannity with me "

Trump's record on LGBTQ rights has been vile from the moment he took office. We kept a list.

Maine: Gideon 49% Collins 41%

Sure is suspicious! (Durham investigation related)

California sheriff: Deputy burglarized home after responding to death there

Jane Fonda supported LGBTQ rights in a powerful 1979 interview

Nora Dannehy, CT prosecutor who was top aide to John Durham's Trump-Russia investigation, resigns

What If Putin Figures That Trump Can't Win?

The coming disaster for Trump that no one is talking about

To re-visit Michael Cohen's interview with Rachel...

CNN: Wisconsin supreme court blocks absentee ballots from being mailed out week before deadline.

Found on FB

Another fake peace deal

Strange texts from GOP

*Oregon Poll* Biden 51% Klansman 39%

The Technology 202: Silicon Valley is preparing for candidates to falsely declare victory

Here's an interview I did about missing persons, serial killers and my books...

Breaking: Nora Dannehy, Connecticut prosecutor...resigns amid concern about pressure from Barr

What is the difference

NFL player used coronavirus relief loan at Hard Rock casino and on luxury items, feds say


If you're on Facebook, you're supporting white nationalism

'Now Hear This' modeled itself after cooking shows. It found millions of viewers ...

Oh look....Trump refuses to say "under God" during Pledge of Allegiance:

Hey - put in on if you want to see me up close (tweet)


4 Houston Police Officers Fired Over Fatal Shooting Of Nicolas Chavez

Ohio St study: 4 of 26 athletes tested positive for COVID-19 w/CMR findings suggestive myocarditis

Hello y'all

Federal appeals court blocks hundreds of thousands of felons in Florida who still owe fines and fees

Florida CAN bar ex-felons from voting if they owe court payments, appeals court rules.

Politico last week: Trump is pouring money into YouTube and deploying it as his "secret weapon"

DeWine's new health director pick turned down job because of 'harassment' directed at predecessor

Texas police group puts up billboard warning "enter at your own risk," saying Austin defunded police

Kurt Eichenwald wins lawsuit against MAGAt attacker; uncovers white supremacist network.

One of the worst horror stories from the VA, I've heard about in a long time.

Republicans achieve massive voter suppression in Florida, ex-felons cannot vote right now

Rolling Stone: Jaime Harrison Is Ready to End Lindsey Graham's Career in Congress

Have you ever wanted to be a dog on a beach chasing a ball? Here's your chance.

Inside Oxford's Vaccine Saga: From Wild Hype to Sobering Reality

Beirut pelican

Imagine being a delicate doily who tweets like this after kissing up to a man who insulted his wife

This is big': Legal experts react to prosecutor's abrupt resignation from John Durham's Russia probe

Well I finally know who that 400 lb man sitting on his bed that Trump used to talk about

" This FALSE tweet, bolstered by QAnon, has been retweeted more than 10,000 times."

Our country is lost....😥

Ken White (Popehat): Ten Things I Want My Children To Learn From 9/11

VERIFY: No, Antifa did not start the wildfires in Oregon

Finally got power back on. Out for 5 days

Gov. Newsom signs law allowing inmate firefighters in California to have records expunged...

Bridgeport police chief rigged his own hiring - faces up to 50 years in prison

4 Cops in George Floyd Killing May Be Turning On Each Other

I wouldn't be surprised for the Ds to do a "Contract with America" strategy prior to the election

Guanajuato, Mexico send 6 of their best to Oregon

A 9/11 message from Obama's Inauguration Poet

Petty Alert! Hand size

DU for Amy McGrath is live but....

Oscar-winner offered job in supermarket

I could not count the number of times a poster here has said that "Trump is capable of anything"

'Be a Good Boy': Lawsuit Graphically Accuses Fox News Star Andrew Napolitano of Sexual Assault

Quintessential Joe (doesn't seem to have any memory problems, last visit was 2013)

Democratic opponent of QAnon supporter drops out of Georgia U.S. House race

John Durham's top deputy resigned.

Campaign material that looks like official balloting material

Petition! Drop the charges against NDN Collective President & CEO Nick Tilsen

Here's video of Trump claiming he helped look for survivors & clear rubble on 9/11. He didn't.

"The World's Greatest Deliberative Body"

Drumpf's press conference yesterday

NYT reporter gets booted from trump rally...

Barr demanding an interim report from Ct. from Durham re Russian investigation. His asst. resigns

Eichenwald is going after them. Hard.

Here's the important work the GOP Senate is doing.

Democratic opponent of QAnon supporter drops out of Georgia U.S. House race

video of a Fire Tornado-California.....

One last Eichenwald tweet in the series. I don't know how he got all of this. Wow.

18 Years of Donald Trump's 9/11 Lies, Insults, and Slights

Just watched the first episode of "Away"

QAnon Website Shuts Down After N.J. Man Identified as Operator

Taking "work at home" to a whole new level

Age is just a number!

So cute I can hardly stand it - Baby snow leopard!

The White House that used to epitomize that "shining city on a hill" has become the

Holy Shit, Q Anon Is Literally A Death Cult

If they


It looks like the smoke is being pushed east of the Cascades

D. L. Hughley's 9/11 "joke"

Mike Luckovich Vote Nov. 3rd!

La Nina has arrived, threatening even bigger blazes and storms

@KamalaHarris makes unannounced visit to Doral, home to Miami's Venezuelan community

Ohio Democratic Party wins case on Absentee Ballots

Trump's New Low: Accusing Biden of Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Add to "Done to death" expressions: EXISTENTIAL CRISIS.

MN GOP legislator - "COVID issues are not our winning message."

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 11, 2020

I broke down and bought an Italian cheese grater for hard Parmesan.

I just made eggplant and black bean veggie burgers from scratch.

The latest from Rick Wilson:

BREAKING: Harris remembers 9/11 at Fairfax, Va., ceremony

B.R.M.C. - Red Eyes And Tears

I need some Antifa help. I have been throwing bags of soup

Biden's last challenge: fitting all of magat's failings into the debate time limits.

Dog loves to surf !

It is being reported traitor has told an interviewer if he loses he will invoke the insurrection act

Harris pays tribute to 9/11 victims, first responders in Virginia

Love these new signs ❤️

Any websites that give fire updates? The Bobcat fire is burning in the mountains just north of me.

Ted Cruz goes to new low (the boot-licking Senator whose wife Trump called "ugly")

B.R.M.C. - Spread Your Love

The absurdity of the situation distills to this:


Do you drive with one foot, or two?

Will we get a coronavirus vaccine before the 2020 election? Unlikely.

Florida Supreme Court rules against DeSantis, rejecting his appointment

Trump Encourages Nation to 'Never Forget' 9/11 and 'Always Forget' Covid-19

Seattle City Council approves funds for early West Seattle Bridge work

ICE flew detainees to VA so ICE cops could bust DC protests. Covid outbreak followed

trump campaign desperation - my email gauge metric

Whistleblower exposes how unlawfully appointed DHS deputy Ken Cuccinelli is just as bad as his boss

*YOU GOV NAT'L POLL* Biden 49% Klansman 39%

Got home this afternoon to find my Biden-Harris yard sign is gone.

Tweet of the Day

A strong majority of Americans are already dismissing Trump's October surprise

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Ain't No Easy Way

Cartoons 9/11/2020

When did you learn, The Pledge of Allegiance....?

State Supreme Court clears way for 2nd Fortney recall bid

I like this reply

WATCH: ... Miami University students... admit to police they recently tested positive for COVID-19

North Korea issues shoot-to-kill orders to prevent virus: US

BIDEN: "I'm not going to talk about anything other than 9/11. We took all our advertising down"....

Lindsey Graham says he set up 1st Trump interview with Woodward, and it wasn't sabotage

Prosecutor Quits Trump's Law Enforcement Commission, Saying The Fix Is In

Trump Gets Stark History Lesson After Comparing COVID-19 Response To Churchill In WWII

BREAKING: Tom Graves (GA-14) abruptly announces resignation

California cop allegedly burglarized home after responding to death of elderly man

Texas Democrats from the border team up for new PAC in effort to flip the state House

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy, Op. 46: IV. Finale. Allegro guerriero

PTSD expert Seth Norrholm: Americans "are being psychologically abused by Donald Trump"

bit off topic but

When the debate drugs kick in (ewwww, is he humping a chair?) - Twitter

Trump Said He'd Give Himself An 'A' For His Handling Of COVID-19

Pardon me, but I think your belly button is hungry (Twitter video)

Bruce Springsteen - Into The Fire (Live)

Pizzeria With All Deaf Employees Opens in DC.

Americans "are being psychologically abused by Donald Trump"

Lincoln Project seeks multimedia ad submissions.

Why is Tennessee so Republican?

A Diver Had No Clue What This Seal Was Up To - And Then It Suddenly Gripped Him By The Hand

The Kansas City Chiefs v. Houston Texans game - Were the fans saying "boo" or "boo-urns"?

The question no one's asking. Where did Cohen get the pics?

ACLU AZ condemns Maricopa County Attorney for remarks on the LGBTQ+ community.

A friend has suggested I get Snapchat so he can send me videos of his cat.

"I don't think Biden's the one being drugged, little buddy"

The Secret History of America's Only WWII Refugee Camp

A 9-11 rant

So a Republican judge dismisses County DA in the Derek Chauvin murder of George Floyd

Biden/Pence greet each other today...

The Trump admin may have triggered a huge coronavirus outbreak at a Virginia immigration jail

Was the recent poll for the 2020 ME US Senate Race that has Gideon leading Collins by an

An elected prosecutor has resigned his role on Trump's presidential commission on law enforcement

Homeland Security Committee has issued a subpoena to Chad Wolf, Acting Homeland Security Director, f

NIH director: 'I'm pretty puzzled and rather disheartened' by Trump rally

Figliuzzi: ""This concept of pressure is a theme throughout the Trump administration..."

Holy Moran, Batman!

Who is this "Seemsa Vermin" person? nt

A GOP state senator in Connecticut has a QAnon sticker on his car.

Addicted to Water - Fifi Rong

The Justice Department's Policy Against Election Interference is Open to Abuse

Addicted to Water

No, Shitheel. If You Can't Spell It, You Can't HAVE It.

'Dr. Fauci Takes Vitamin D and C Supplements, They Can Lessen 'Your Susceptibility To Infection'

How to see Uranus in the night sky (without a telescope) this week

When the time comes, can I cremate myself on a cord of wood on my land?

Spain sentences El Salvador ex-colonel to 133 years in jail for priests' murder

2,200-year-old Chinese text may be oldest surviving anatomical atlas

For those that said the losers & suckers story & the Woodward tapes would not impact the race

Texas judge allows Harris County to send all voters applications for mail-in ballots

What's your take on QAnon?

Trump Is Hosting Super Spreader Events Called Political Rallies To Spread The Corona Virus

This date in history: Mormon Mountain Meadow Massacre 1857. 1973 CIA-backed Chilean coup, the

US Senate Elections that the Democrats are going to win in 2020.

Biden's troubles with Black and Latino voters are overstated

How three conspiracy theorists took 'Q' and sparked Qanon

#TedCruzHasNoBalls is trending

FBI and sheriffs warn right-wing conspiracy theorists are spreading lies Antifa started Oregon fires

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Cold Open SNL

PA v. DeJoy headed to court on Sept 22nd for hearing.

Downtown Stayton Oregon at 12:22pm

Andrew Gillum's first interview since the hotel incident

Fox's Napolitano: From SHITLER's potential SCotUS nominee to defendant/sexual assault

It would be criminal for authorities not to take these threats seriously

Are you in areas where people are settling into the mask thing pretty well?

Trump stole fake art from

stephen stills - treetop flyer - demo version (studio - year unknown) this is pretty badass ...

Pardon The Interruption From These Pets

Unhinged?? There isn't a word that appropriately describes this whopper

And Susan Collins is at it again and again and again...............

Jimmy's son and Willie on the roof stoning out

Trump's pick to lead Homeland Security faces more scrutiny amid scandals