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Swans - "The Sound of Freedom"

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - The Lady is a Tramp

Constantine - *possible spoiler*

To all the third way purgies

"...people say Bob Dylan changed the world in the ’60s. He wrote some good tunes, and some people

Cardinal Kasper: Pope Francis Is Not A Liberal, He's A Radical

Capitalism Sucks: So what is the alternative?

Autism Advocates Hope Jerry Seinfeld's Words Help Fight Stigma

General Theological Seminary resolves faculty dispute, but future is unclear

Americans Twice As Likely To Express Religion In Person Than Online: Report

Canada bill would ban polygamy, other ‘barbaric cultural practices’

Well, Texas beat a ranked team. Will THE Ohio State???

Election judge robocaller IDed — but case still full of mystery (Chicago)

A great video. The reason we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights!

2595 people apply for 18 affordable housing units in SF

We need to make a bold statement.

Fourth Marysville school shooting victim dies as another is laid to rest

Conflict Kitchen (Pittsburgh) closes after death threat

First Nations athlete honored by Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame

Republican Official Censors Student Newspaper Because It Covered A Democratic Senator’s Campaign

Dumb Criminals: Suspected Ambulance Theif Also Accused Of Committing "Lewd Acts"

TV campaign for gay equality starting in Miss

TV campaign for gay equality starting in Miss

"U.S. economy adds 214,000 in October; unemployment rate sinks to 5.8 percent" and a LFR rant.

TV campaign for gay equality starting in Miss

Help, my computer's gone crazy.. and just this morning. When I right click on a pic

'Enough, I'm tired' comment rallies Mexico protest

LOL!!!! Juanita Jean has the goods on yet another Republican with zipper problems

Teachers union millions failed to tip Senate

Did any Dem Candidates we Vote For..Object to America's "Endless Wars" announced by Obama?

OSU v MSU starting now

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra players ratify contract

CNN accidently 'killed' Obama...

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra players ratify contract

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra players ratify contract

"To the guy who punched me tonight for kissing my boyfriend"

Big review set by Democrats after election losses

President Obama is scheduled to be on Face the Nation tomorrow.

Nissan recalls 52,000 vehicles for faulty air bags

Jaeger? How much?

Very few A&M fans here apparently...

i am enjoying what is likely one of my last shirt-sleeve porch evenings of the season

Owl attacks hawk at Vermont LL Bean store display

PETA calls for Discovery not to air snake show

PETA calls for Discovery not to air snake show

UPDATE: Union plans to picket Wednesday outside Lancaster assistance office

"The US Is Moving Left Despite Republican Gains"

UPDATE: Union plans to picket Wednesday outside Lancaster assistance office

UPDATE: Union plans to picket Wednesday outside Lancaster assistance office

lets take a civic lesson

On Hillary and creating jobs

Cosby's art paired with African art at Smithsonian

Let It All Burn Down

9 rookie cops lose jobs over drunken graduation party

ISIS chief ‘critically wounded’ in air raid: reports

With Fear of Being Sidelined, Tea Party Sees the Republican Rise as New Threat

Senate Democrats plan a legislative rush before power shifts to the GOP

Florida Votes 'Yes' On Biggest Land Conservation Bill Ever


Open Letter to Democrats From a Disillusioned Young Voter

Athens, Georgia man jailed in U.A.E. for taking photograph

A few fractals for a Saturday evening (dialup warning)

I have two shows that I wonder what in the hell is going to happen

Thom Hartmann on the third way.

Demaryius Thomas wants to successfully reunite his broken family

Germany marks anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall

This is THE most important game of the year.

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Here to Stay: Why the New Republican Congress Can't Gut Obamacare

It's been only 4 days since the election. Let's collect the factors for the outcome

Seattle votes strongly for added property tax to fund preschool

Low U.S. Unemployment Rate: Why Many Aren't Celebrating

VIRUNGA: documentary on gorillas vs. oil companies

Russian Minister Makes Joke at U.S. Expense as Kerry Looks on

Israeli Arabs Protest After Deadly Police Shooting

Kos on the third way: "Daily Kos will not enable those who enable Third Way"

The one thing that could save the world: Why we need empathy now more than ever

Obama Defeated?

It's been quite a week

Dennis Rodman I Helped Kenneth Bae Get Released ... Here's the Proof

Once again a humor web site shows just how stupid our society can be...

My American exceptionalism fantasy is over: How these midterms sealed the deal / Andrew Cotto / Sal

Just out of curiosity, how long will the Holy Inquisition last?

The Results Were Skewed Toward Republicans: A Response to Nate Silver

Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals - Better Way (Live) *****

Alaska Storm Weakens, But Big Chills Ahead for Lower 48

LETTER: Dems should be true to their base :(GOOD LETTER)

Troubled vets of all ages find comfort at refuge

With Fear of Being Sidelined, Tea Party Sees the Republican Rise as New Threat

Dress up like Jesus and a donkey

AG pick Lynch called strong civil rights defender

Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach congestion worsens, labor talks escalate

Looks like a lot of people here want to kick Gabby Giffords out of the Democratic Party

The DLC Re-brands itself

Invite the unions to the TPP proceedings

Rauner Poster Bonfire

Ally of Hugo Chávez jailed for links to Colombian drugs cartels

"I had a good home, But I Left, Right, Left"

When does the Lounge Secret Santa start?

Just got back from Big Hero 6 and loved it.

Utah's Kaelin Clay ...

San Diego Hosts Convention of People Who Shot Bin Laden

Oh Saint Ronnie, Where Art Thou...?

The Arcimoto SRK aims to democratise the electric car (BBC)

The CIA and Drugs, Inc.: a Covert History

Door to Mexico president's ceremonial palace set alight in massacre protest

I haven't posted in years. But had to Say Happy Birthday to WRP

Isn't congress people and the Supreme Court under the ACA

The next couple of years are going to suck...

Rahm in The Thumpin: "We have no base." Said only thing matters is who can win.

Alabama Frat Is Building Tiny Houses For Homeless Because They're Their Brothers Too

The sad downfall of Jan Michael Vincent

How long have you been alive?

So who in the name of Ronald eats at McDonald's?

DNC chief: We have a problem

The Temple Mount: Israel's tale of loons and darkness

Hawaii To Buy 1-Way Flights For Homeless People To Keep Them Away From Tourists

Republicans ran, mainly, on the economy in this election.

November 9

Further proof that Obama is "weak" on terrorism.

30,000 Americans in Israel vote in midterms

El Salvador: Citizens who are no strangers to revolution take on the mining firms

El Salvador: Citizens who are no strangers to revolution take on the mining firms

Question for those who work the overnight shift.

New Republican Senate to start chipping away at women's reproductive rights?

What’s Behind Our Obsession With “Too Many Cooks”

How Brittany Maynard forced us to look at death

China Pledges $40 Billion For New 'Silk Road'

Michael Eric Dyson On Why Poor Whites in 'Red-States' Vote Against Their Interests

Brazil military drills prepare soldiers for invasions

Brazil military drills prepare soldiers for invasions

Authorities: Calif. border agent shoots, kills man

Indians seek decent housing by their beloved river

Venezuela: Mastermind of lawmaker killing captured

Maybe things have to get worse before people wake up

Some peaceful images of Alaska for the night owls and early risers

Need Adm help to return my Classic settings.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) BYO LOLs Edition

I know I'm a little late for Halloween

How is your heart?

The Disease of Being Busy

The Disease of Being Busy

Valley Of The Corporate Gurus

My Battle Has Been Won (Update Photo Of My Car After Crash)

GD is really getting on my nerves!

"John Doe officials have effectively acceded to a corrupt federal judge's ruling that was expected

Excellent post from madfloridian in 2013 re: Third Way

7 Totally Outrageous Right-Wing Statements This Week: Geraldo Rivera Ups His Jerkiness Quotient

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Coroporate Gurus

Thanks to Right-Wing Lobbying, We're Teaching a Generation of Kids to Doubt Science and History

Sunday's Doonesbury- Not getting the message out

Carl Sagan, Nov 9, 1934-Dec 20, 1996

The Vote Is In: It’s Time to Replace “Tough-on-Crime” with “Jobs-not-Jails”

The US Is Moving Left Despite Republican Gains

Dr Daniel Ubani wins costs from Cambridgeshire victim's son

Run Today!

Fast Food Is On The Decline In America

Fireball lit up Texas sky, residents say; was caught on camera

Five myths about military suicides

**LINK FIXED** Adult Swim's surreal "Too Many Cooks" (NSFW)

Hillary is Third Way & a "Stinkbomb into Liberals"

Heavy shelling shakes Ukraine's main city in east

Can we PLEASE get her OUT and STOP using Rahm Emmanuel's FAILED Strategies?

when I see that exit polls showed the economy

Just saw a map of the country detailed by its red versus blue counties.

Fatah blames Hamas for Gaza bombings

Get ready folks - here comes the snow

Climate Denier Ted Cruz Is Poised to Become a Lead Senator on Science

Israeli settlers level Palestinian land west of Salfit

This billionaire thinks the Fed is missing the hyperinflation in the Hamptons

Federal sites leaked the locations of people seeking AIDS services for years

CHARLIE RANGEL: It's 'Insulting' To Say Boots Aren't On The Ground In Iraq

The Koch brothers’ underhanded attack on wind energy

How will the GOP govern?

Christopher Epps, Former Chief of Prisons in Mississippi, Is Arraigned

Dark Money Helped Win the Senate

Israeli Arabs protest 'terrorist state' after police shooting of Kafr Kana man

The Blue Dog Dems Continue Their Pitch To Move Further to the Right

Protesters set fire to Mexican palace as anger over missing students grows

The 'Center' Always Holds... Media advise Dems to move to the right once more

Netanyahu: World must not cave to Iran’s demands

25 years ago today. They blew their horns...

Just a second, just days ago consultants and talkers said this loss was structural

Woman killed by train; man allegedly steals her phone

America's Battle for Media Democracy

Won't watch MTP: However, predicted Toadisms:

War with Isis: The militants will remain until the region's Sunnis feel safe

Atheist scientist claims religion will be gone in a generation. Is he right?

Peter Capaldi sends heart-warming YouTube to nine-year-old autistic boy learning to cope with grief

I have no patience for people more concerned with obsessing on their enemies

According to exit polls 23% of Americans are liberal, 40% are moderate , and 36% are conservative

Great protest sign . . .

Iraq troops 'seize Baiji oil refinery town centre' from IS


Fireball lit up Texas sky, residents say; was caught on camera

Post Racial America?

Gaza Blasts Rock Palestinian Unity Government

What if ‘Islamic State’ Didn’t Exist? | Ramzy Baroud

Disrupting Democracy

Fuck the NYT and most of the newspapers that litter the landscape.

Nothing About Us Without Us: The Token Palestinian And Authentic Narrative | Ramzy Baroud

Britain’s Real Promise to Israel; “Symbolic” Vote on Palestine | Ramzy Baroud

Fighting for Survival in the Sinai: Egypt’s Convenient War | Ramzy Baroud

Gay-rights campaign targets church-based foes in Deep South

A Pink Slip for the Progress Fairy | John Michael Greer

This is Your Ocean on Acid | Mickey Z.

Dark Age America: Involuntary Simplicity | John Michael Greer

The Nazi-CIA Connection | Mickey Z.

Useful Liberal Illusions: From FDR to Obama | Mickey Z.

Want a good mortgage rate? Be a millionaire!

Occupy Endurance: 3 Years Post-Eviction | Mickey Z.

Hugs to the posters of this group and to all Hillary supporters on DU!

Buzzfeed dude put a stop to Greta's "mandate" yammering on This Weak

What Election 2014 means for Hillary Clinton in 2016

THE ONION: Congressman To Attempt Living Off Military’s Budget For One Month

Chairman Inhofe

Smile - Steven Tyler and Chris Botti

What Good Is A Safety Net?

If you had one song that would not leave your mind and you were stuck listening to it

When "W" used to say, "Ah'm a-goin' to clear that thar brush," he REALLY meant it.

The Walking Dead 5.5 "Self Help" (spoiler alert)

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 9, 2014

I am a JFK Liberal

30 minute C-SPAN interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Jenny Beth Martin Gives Republicans Their Marching Orders

Prop 47 in California - Personal Thoughts

Elections and voters make up a feedback loop. That loop reinforces centrism.

Free Kindle Book- The World of Indigenous North America (was $220.00)

Obama rejects Republican warnings on immigration

They can hire best "Political Forensic Autopsy Team"-But-Until They Are Ready To Sit Down With Us...

Is anyone else getting this message when using DU's Google Search?

Can we agree that capitalism has some rough edges?

25 years ago tonight: "Did you just hear what I just heard?"

UN questions Venezuela over alleged cases of torture against dissenters

The Warrior Wives of Evangelical Christianity

Hollywood Needs To Turn The Koch Bros Into James Bond Villains......

xpost:Federal sites leaked the locations of people seeking AIDS services for years

NCIS: Provence: The Van Gogh Mystery

Intersexuality and God Through the Ages

Billionaire's kids claim family trust fund was cleaned out to keep right wing newspaper in operation

Is anyone else interested in the Transition Movement and Permaculture?

The Cat's Eye Nebula from Hubble

CJR: Chuck Todd’s Obama book says more about the author than it does about the president

Lebanese priest convicted of pedophilia says Vatican officials bribed

Is the Senate "Nuclear Option" rejected by Dems off the table for the Repubs in 2014 now?

For laughs

"Choctaw Code Talkers of WWI" -- anyone here seen this documentary ?

Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver - season finale tonight

If you look at all 36 Senate races as they stand now

A song for today

Farmers In 3 Australian States Seeing Lowest 2-Year Rainfall Totals Ever; Towns Starting To Collapse

Back To The Pliocene (With Hat Tip To Climate Crocks)


Elections have to mean something for us to win

What do Republicans want??

Thom Hartmann: The Fatal Flaw with Democracy...

Thom Hartmann: Dems Duped by the Caucus Room Conspiracy

Father of eight wants his children to work

10 Poverty Myths, Busted

GOP-Obama Compromise Would Mean a Scary Win for Big Business (TPP, TTIP)

MoJo: What If Everything You Knew About Poverty Was Wrong?

Democrats had nothing to say and said it ineptly

If a Teahaddist had a version of the shake it Magic Eight Ball

if you're unhappy with DNC leadership

Six Ways Americans Voted Against Corporate Power in the Most Expensive Midterm Elections Ever

Car bomb, house explosion rock solar energy campaign in Louisiana

Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz resigns

I have something to say about Wall Street...

Army veteran murdered at homecoming party in Los Angeles

Should I see Interseller? I'm not a special effects si-fy movie person. Is there a plot? N/T

Debbie Wasserman Schultz forms a Committee to Investigate the Committee

"pointgate" made it on Melissa Harris Perry program

I am so tired of quarter assed pundits being treated like geniuses for any baloney they spew out!

Need help with grilling chicken, please.

Scott Walker wants jobless, food stamp recipients to face drug tests

NFL Players Union Calls For Immediate Reinstatement For Adrian Peterson

Nebraskans recall 2004 fight in Fallujah as Iraq War turning point (Tues is Veteran's Day)

Starbucks CEO Says Private Sector Must Lead Economic Recovery

Obama Drops The Reality Hammer On Republicans, “Nobody’s Stopping You From Passing Bills”

Howard Dean:"Where the hell is the Democratic party?‘You Cannot Win if You Are Afraid’ video

Regards this anti 3rd Way conversation...

Today is the anniversary of two important events.

pope demotes outspoken conservative american cardinal

Catholic 'guardian of memory' preserves Poland's Jewish past

How much of a head start does Hillary have on her potential GOP opponents? Virtually insurmountable

Notes on purging

Saw Lewis Black in Denver last night.

Homes of Palestinians accused of ramming pedestrians to be demolished

This Democratic Party Is Going Nowhere. Can Progressives Take it Over and Change the World?

How Democrats Lost an Election They Should Have Won

How Democrats Lost an Election They Should Have Won

Check out today's Google doodle!

media anointed candidates and the Dean scream

LGBT couple marries in Russia; severe freak-out ensues

Howard Dean"You Cannot Win If You Are Afraid!'

"In a private club 54 floors above the convention hall they monitored the party they infiltrated."

The Third Way...

I suspect my pastor is a little upset about the election results on Tuesday.

Folks, we have to work together, we really do...It has to start NOW, HERE

Insights on hummingbird travel, life span revealed

Hours After Denton, TX Votes Against Fracking, Lawsuits Dripping With BushCo Fingerprints Filed

Why an Australian atheist philosopher moved to Egypt and became a Coptic monk

New Amnesty International report accuses Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza

Climate Change Will Send Pollen Count Soaring

What are you reading the week of Sunday, November 9, 2014?

Link to recent DU post regarding millennial who decided not to vote?

Would it be possible please to start a forum for the Transitions movement and permaculture?

The new atheist commandments: Science, philosophy and principles to replace religion

How effed up ARE we when we can't appreciate Obama? Well according to Canadians....

Interesting comments from Joshua Landis (U of OK) on Syria - Accept reality, support partition.

From Nov. 2013--GOP alternatives to Obamacare

Did Americans get what they want?

The GOP’s poisonous double-speak: Thomas Frank on how Republicans hijacked the midterms

Gar Alperovitz: Playing the Long Game

Howard Dean slams Democrats: 'Where the hell is the Democratic Party'

Resurrection - Anyone watching this TV series on netflix?

Commander Codpiece is "all in" for a 2016 Jebby run. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

"Step Down, Debbie" (A sing-along for Democratic Underground)

What Adam Savage said applies to all those who deny others...........

This Is What Dollarocracy Looks Like - Sen. Sanders on Corporate Media

For the first time since the election, I'm feeling okay

Why did the judge announce his “religious inclinations”?

what is Russ Feingold doing these days?

President Obama Announces Party Affiliation Change to Republican

Israeli government effort since 1967 to transform East Jerusalem into a Jewish city


Yay: Westboro Baptist Church loses Kansas court challenge to marriage equality

Are POLLS reliable these days?

Pope Francis again demotes hardline U.S. cardinal

With no new rail tunnel on the horizon under the Hudson, New York faces a looming transport crisis

In the Spirit: In letter to pope, progressive Catholics list grievances with Madison diocese

I do not understand why the NFL plays games in London but not in Mexico City

AP NCAA Football Poll 11/9/14 - Separation Saturday

80% of the People did not Elect these republicans

Rolling Stone Names President Obama One of the

Here are the Third Way elected officials, identified by Third Way:

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E

40 °F (1975) , all time low for this date for San Francisco, CA

Winter weather warnings for CA, OR, ID, MT, ND, SD, MN, WI, MI, WY, TX, AL, GA and OK

The Rise of the American Nation: 1789-1824 (PDF DL)

Cute & funny! Baby in bouncy swing, dog gets into the act


Breitbart's Attack On Obama Attorney General Nominee Goes After The Wrong Loretta Lynch

Comedy Gold! Climate Institute Urges Australia To Cut GHG Output 40% By 2025 - Guardian

Cruz, Lee Already Prepping To Delay AG Nominee Over 'Executive Amnesty'

Shopping Mall Humor

Dish's free sample of H2 features "America Unearthed" - some kind of fantasy/conspiracy thing

NY cops at it again (or is it still ? )

Why is Yahoo such a right-wing haven?

I have to admit.. I laughed at this..

USDA approves GMO potato designed by Simplot

FEMA demands repayment from NYC Disabled and elderly Sandy victims

Narcissism of small differences

Want to WIN again? Simple Solution: Put THIS GUY Back In Charge of the DNC!

Many Progressive Democrats Are Waiting for Godot.

Meet Pivo...and if you want to buy me a holiday gift, I wouldn't say no

Peaceful protesters in Ferguson…

Incoming Republican Senators Set Out Pro-Corporate Agenda For 114th Congress

Howard Dean Rips Democrats: ‘You Cannot Win if You Are Afraid’

Obama Calls U.S. Troop Boost in Iraq 'New Phase'

Far-right group to IDF soldiers: If you feel threatened, shoot Arab in head

Why is there something rather than nothing?

Forgive me, I have done a Tee Vee sin

Dubya repeats myth that Perot caused Poppy Bush to lose to Clinton

Sirius XM for nothing

CERN may not have discovered elusive Higgs Boson

If Obama was a ThirdWayer....

Democracy Now interview with Lori Wallach on TPP, Obama and McConnell

The Guardian Angel's Mistake

Democrats are fucking it up ALREADY! Are they brain dead? Letting the goppers control the message..

Tonight Newsroom's third season is on HBO. It is a about a make believe news network

Where are the democratic counterparts of the openly conservative republicans?

Former Illinois congressman Phil Crane dies

2014-2015 winter forecast: Colder than normal Great Lakes, New England and Gulf Coast

If all you want is a party that looks

Britain's Team!

No Hope with this "change"

Breitbart's Attack On Obama Attorney General Nominee Goes After The Wrong Loretta Lynch

just about right...

Breitbart Correction: The Loretta Lynch identified as Whitewater attorney was a different attorney

Tennis - ATP Finals in London - Spoilers

Thoughts to consider.

Advice on filing an insurance appeal

‘We Will Only Get Louder’:Dozens of Communities Vote to Boot Big Money from Politics (Common Dreams)

Republicans have no idea what they are going to do legislatively...

WI Paper Ballot Scanners Failed to Count 1000s of Votes in 'Citizens United' Ballot Referendum

Ardmore, Oklahoma: Amber Alert called off as missing girl found, suspect arrested

Video - Obama: Nobody's stopping the GOP from passing bills.

P.S. Wedding pics!

and this evening

My Father~ He slipped quietly away from me this morning

NYC MTA "Naked man" has been naked elsewhere...

Side note by one living the surreal: about those with no heart to feel!

EPIC fail as a kid microwaves a glow stick (video)

Burger King Canada tops poutine...with a BURGER! USA! USA! USA! Er...I mean "OH CANADA!"

American Airlines Crew Reject Union Contract

What happens if the President doesn't sign an executive order on immigration by the end of the year?

If not Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz then who???

DU's favorite Republican, Will McAvoy, coming up 9 on HBO tonight (Newsroom is back)

Mexico leader faces charge contractor rewarded him with mansion

Mexico leader faces charge contractor rewarded him with mansion

I know what republicans stand for!!

Palestinian President Outlaws Labor Union

Ready for some more color?

Netanyahu: World Must Not Cave To Iran’s Demands

Dem: Obama Doesn't Have Power To Deploy More Troops

Oops: Conservatives Eager To Rip Obama’s AG Nominee Attack Wrong ‘Loretta Lynch’

Ukrainian Ambassador To Canada Vadym Prystaiko Says West Losing Interest In Ukraine

Why are there no musical trends anymore?


GOP's Midterm Rout Shapes 2016 Presidential Race

The circular firing squad is forming, and all is well with my party!

No one to be held responsible for killing 14-year-old Palestinian boy out picking edible plants

Russia, China Ink Framework Deal On Second Major Gas Supply Deal

Asia Trip Tests Obama's Postelection Global Clout

Endless War: Obama calls U.S. troop boost in Iraq 'new phase

Major Democratic Donor: Israel Should “Bomb The Daylights” Out Of Iran

The ways to get citizens to support war...

Baby Gorilla killed at SF zoo

Christian Science Monitor: Why Republican midterm sweep might be less impressive than it seems

Palestinians Punch Hole In Apartheid Wall To Mark Berlin Wall Anniversary

Christian Science Monitor: Why Republican sweep might be less impressive than it seems

What are the odds that the Republican Majority will almost immediately overreach?

Pelosi Again As House Democratic Leader? Murphy Says ‘I Want To See What The Options Are’

Rachel Maddow - Republican voters ready for impeachment: poll

The Koch 130 - How the billionaire brothers have spread their web of influence across every sector o