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Archives: September 5, 2020

Middle Age Riot never misses an opportunity to poke trump.

Miami Heat steamed: Arena won't be used as an election polling place

[Well, this is novel] Trump's Defenders:He Doesn't Hate the Troops, He Just 'Sounds Like an Asshole'

Arizona Coyotes' Gila River Arena to serve as 2020 election voting center

woah. Just now watching Reidout. Malcomn Nance is PISSED too bad others are not

Mizzou athletics unveils voting action plan, offers Mizzou Arena or Hearnes Center as polling place

What Are Your Plans To Help With The Election or GOTV?

I could see the republicans trying to push trump to resign before the election

Jimmy Carter endorses absentee ballots after White House cites him

In 1998 My ex wife and I celebrated my 19 birthday with this show !

Khizr Khan on with Joy

How a US military doctrine became Colombia's 'origin of evil' Part 2: Special warfare

Kanye West's first FEC report

Trump reverses Defense Dept. order to shut down Stars and Stripes newspaper

How a US military doctrine became Colombia's 'origin of evil' Part 1: "Popeye"

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

[MT] Draft Dodger Don. Trump hates our troops

Colombia Reports rejects US federal government until democracy is restored

House Repubs again snuff out Wolf's calls for recreational cannabis legalization

I was just a kid when this happened .... My friend's big brother .... Trump needs to be crushed

Have you seen any evidence? Answer "No"

State: Lawmaker advocated burning Black Lives Matter houses

Guess whose father this is! If you look very closely you'll know.


State polls: Biden +11 MI, +8 WI, +6 PA

52% of young adults in the US are living with their parents. highest % since the Great Depression

Yelawolf - Best Friend ft. Eminem (Official Music Video)

Model predicts over 400,000 Americans could die by January 1

29 female journalists sign letter denouncing SF blogger as sexist

Congresswoman blocked from touring mail facility by Postal Service police

Bought a vintage Realistic tuner/amp ca 1974

Michael Cohen reveals his 'greatest fear' -- which involves Trump starting a war

Trumpu san wa MENHERA desu! (explained in this video)

From Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger...

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Friday Talking Points -- Disrespecting The Troops

This Stars and Stripes reverse today is highly suspicious! Ya Think?

Virginia Democrats advance bills allowing prisoners to shorten sentences with good behavior

Most Popular Japanese slang Today

The danger is now clear: Trump is destroying democracy in broad daylight

"Because of all these tests, we have far more [#coronavirus] cases" -- Trump

Connie Schultz, re Melania's denial tweet: I am so looking forward to First Lady Jill Biden.

At your newsstands now!

He is a damn fool and liar!

Donald Trump's fascism

A group of Danish musicians play terrible jazz at far-right rallies to drown them out

Anybody know any Never Again Trumpers?

Rachel reporting now that Trump was behind plans to kill "Stars and Stripes"

White House directs federal agencies to cancel race-related training sessions it calls 'Un-American

"A source tells me this projection is on the Trump Hotel in DC tonight"

Uh, oh...when you've lost a hero like "Sully"...

Trump.....he is fucked.

Projected on the Trump Hotel in DC tonight #Trump disrespected our troops. ....

Marlon Brando on Johnny Carson in 1968 and things haven't changed

I'm old enough to remember when Trump's staff asked the Navy to hide the name on the USS John McCain

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats are going to win in 2020.

tRump IS like Hitler. I can prove it.

He can no longer function as commander in chief

and seriously WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT FROM 538......

FDA rejects oleandrin, an unproven coronavirus therapeutic pushed by MyPillow CEO, as a dietary supp

Justice for Khizr Khan

Arkansas Hits New Record for a 1-Day Increase in Virus Cases

Anybody here see the noise, see the fear, and commotion...

Mountain Valley Pipeline construction won't jeopardize protected species, federal review says

Surveillance video shows bags of USPS mail being dumped in Glendale spa parking lot

Cooke County Attempting to Rob Protesters of First Amendment Rights

"101 Collaborators: Treason Power Rankings." The traitors are easy to spot.

*Rachel staying on for 2 hours tonight.

Maj. General Paul Eaton on Rachel...

Gov. Tony Evers asks Trump to 'reconsider' planned trip to Kenosha on Tuesday

He's officially "Cruisin' For A Bruisin'". He's pissed off Americans who could easily... nt

MJ Hegar, vet- US Senate candidate, TX-running for Sen John Cornyn seat-remarks on Trump...

Lindsey Graham finally tweeted - to praise Trump for saving Stars and Stripe from Pentagon defunding

Fox News For The Kill

Not fade Away- GDTRFB

So What's Trump's Next Move?.....

Has he resigned yet?

Ring of Fire: Johnny Cash

Are some of his lies a cover for his worsening dementia? He can't remember things, so he makes up...

Election meddling is a big topic right now and rightly so. We do not want the Russians or

Trump 2020: Mass Pandemic Graves, Economic Carnage, Also I Hate the Troops (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Sanders: America must be prepared for when Trump refuses to leave office

The anonymous sources, referenced in The Atlantic Magazine,

Tammy Duckworth Discussing Trump and Explaining What It's Like To Serve In the Military:

Texas Republicans fight vote by mail while encouraging their voters to use it

These words from #ChadwickBoseman hit a whole lot harder tonight. Listen, and vote.

Roseanne Cash: Tennessee Flat Top Box

Update on Jessica Krug , 2 sources, long

So, Jr.'s Trip To Kill An Elephant & Cut Off Its Tail Cost 60K More THan...

Please media,

Introducing "The Breadbot" -

2020 Through The Eyes of Simon's Cat

dRumpf's Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients

If George W. Bush doesn't come out PUBLICLY for Biden, after what trump said about daddy GHW Bush,

HO. LY. S**T. Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworth -- "My crew thought I was dead."

Texas had a 3 point swing to Clinton in 2016, a 4 point swing to Beto in 2018

Ramblin' Rose - Nat King Cole

What's that about anonymous sources Melania? Fuck you.

When [black] athletes kneel during the national anthem it disrespects the troops!

Projection on Trump's Washington hotel

The Drunk Dancing Monkey with an AK 47

Audrey Hepburn - Moon River

Rachel Maddow has a two hour stint tonite? nt

Here's the problem for Donald Trump with the Atlantic story

Dave Brubeck - Golden Brown

Kanye found committing election fraud in Oklahoma too

Trump's reversal on Stars and Stripes was tweeted two hours after Rachel Maddow recommended it

Just a small, personal observation

Ep 562: Whoops! Trump Took His Mouth on the Campaign Trail

BREAKING: There are tapes! - Mrs. Krassenstein tweet

'Mom' Star Anna Faris Exits CBS Comedy Series

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will be going to be winning.

Lately I've been reminded of historical incidents to ultimately kill

Dang - it was my day for a wasp sting.

Suckers and Losers....Seriously who else talks

To those who think that civil war can't happen again...

David Bowie - This Is Not America

Hero of the Hudson: Trump is a 'Coward'


New Molly Tuttle performance. It is exceptional

Tell me again...Why is he still there?

Covid- 19 Cases Rising In 27 States Amid Labor Day Concerns

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 5, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: The TCM End Of Summer Tour

South Dakota reports 259 new COVID-19 cases Friday as active cases continue to rise

Concrete Blonde - Joey

*Rachel interviews Michael Cohen TUESDAY!

If Faux Snooze turns on DJT this fall, the fat lady will definitely be singing...

LA Times: Trump and Russia echo each other in presidential race

Professor Longhair - Misery

How Jerry Falwell Jr. mixed his personal finances with his university's

ELO - Can't Get It Out of My Head

Songs My Mother Taught Me

"President Trump Denies Claims He Disparaged US Soldiers Killed In War'

SUNY Oneonta sending all students home due to coronavirus outbreak

Bookmark for Election Day

trump: 'Soldiers M.I.A. performed poorly and deserved what they got'.

I don't know why, but I've become posthumously and hopelessly in love with Oliver Reed

Trump got away with skipping ww1 commemoration

Ya gotta see this...this is what a true patriot looks like

1.4 million jobs added. HOWEVER...

Aren't the republicans supposed to be "turned loose"...

I'd like to add Mattis and Kelly to the official list of cowards

I don't understand betting but, might I be on to something....

Butthead Barr makes it clear--again--that he intends to drop the Durham report before the election

"Jen Griffin confirmed most of the Atlantic story and this is the approach the president is taking?"

America's long history of scapegoating its Asian citizens

Many more searches and rescues: First responders are busy

Chasten Buttigieg is so proud of Pete.

Trump contradicts health officials, says 'probably' a Covid-19 vaccine in October

FEC Warns Americans to Look Out For Deepfakes That Make Trump Look Competent or Intelligent

Lying Sack of Shit Blonde Fuckmuppet Lies It Up Like the Lying Sack of Shit Blonde Fuckmuppet She Is

Mr. Bojangles

chantal chamberlane - i put a spell on you (studio-2019) killer cover, esp. if you have nice audio

In the Trump wrestling match, BREITBART taps in...

ACLU warns 500 Texas school districts to revise discriminatory dress codes

We could gather, throw a fit

Leader of U.S. vaccine push says he'll quit if politics trumps science

DHS to label white supremacists as the 'most persistent and lethal threat' to the US: report

Donald Trump Almost Got Away With His Brazen Kenosha Store-Owner Switcheroo

Buttigieg: Trump 'Shouldn't Be Allowed Within A One Mile Radius Of A POW Flag' - Deadline - MSNBC

"anonymous sources" are NOT "people whose names and affiliations we don't know".

Yi San OST Promise 約束 약속

Pro-Trump boat rally on Lake Travis expected to draw thousands Saturday, organizers say

Before there were "Losers" and "Suckers" there were "Dopes" and Babies"

I am filled with glee that Trump has been excoriated all day and all night

American Christianity's White-Supremacy Problem

Well THAT Didn't Take Long. Trump Calls On Fox News To Fire Jennifer Griffin.

cute vs cute

Evidence slowly building for long-term heart problems post-COVID-19

U.S. Senate candidate MJ Hegar blasts Trump on Maddow

From Military Times - Report: Trump disparaged US war dead as 'losers,' 'suckers'

Trump 'Doesn't Deserve To Be Commander-In-Chief' Says Sen. Tammy Duckworth - Deadline - MSNBC

Southern Methodist University Professor of Ethics says we shouldn't call Trump the antichrist.

John Oliver

Hong Kong mourns the end of its way of life as China cracks down on dissent

Why unions are good for workers--especially in a crisis like COVID-19

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats win.

Meet Beth Van Duyne, bigot and Republican candidate

Ari Melber ran a good segment tonight about videoing the police.

It's so bad, Putin is shifting his support to Kanye!

How can we ever get COVID-19 under control with this going on?

Genuinely confused by service

NDakota Covid positivity rate at 20.05%. (Any idea how serious this is?)

Honestly? Not sure if I shared this before. I don't think so

Friedrich Trunp (the grandfather) ducked military service and was banished from Germany.

Portland killing suspect and victim had guns, documents say

Idiocy is not confined to the US and MAGATS

Friday Night Sobriety Thread.

Daniel Dale tweet - How little trump cares for actual veterans...he uses fakes.

Shut down of Stars and Stripes!?

Let's not forget, the apple doesn't fall far.... or in this case the turd from the Shitstain

One reason they won't go on record about Trump:

David Johansen releases anti-Trump protest song

The MAGAts I'm Seeing Have A New Conspiracy

This is how you do it: Pete Buttigieg on Fox.

A new high def photo of the sun looks like, well, an asshole.

I go hard...

Donald Trump campaign repeatedly doctoring videos for social media ads

The Trump campaign has canceled it's Phoenix TV ads next week

John Oliver...Nov. 13th, 2016

TLP: He doesn't protect them. He doesn't respect them. He's a disgrace. #WakeUp

2 'Boogaloo Bois' charged with conspiring with terrorist organization

Trump demands Fox reporter Jennifer Griffin be fired for confirming he called US servicemen suckers

Stairwell Acoustics . My bedtime lullaby tonite. Ubi caritas- KingsReturn

9/6 Mike Luckovich: In the nick of time

I Have Truly Enjoyed Watching TV On And Off And Seeing Donnie Ripped A New Asshole

Cuyahoga burns again

'It's not the same': How Trump and Covid devastated an Arizona border town

Jessica Krug and me.

Fifty: New Hampshire: Images of the Granite State

New Lincoln Project Ad: 'Wake Up'

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the terms "rioters" and "protesters" are coming to

Trump campaign going dark in Arizona, cancels planned TV blitz

Ladies, true or false. The size of a mans flag is the inverse proportion of a man penis.

White House memo criticizes racial sensitivity training as "divisive and un-American."

After criticism, Trump says Pentagon will not shut down military newspaper

Brent Trehune - "At this point, defending him is an odd hill to die on."

ME-SEN: AFL-CIO: This Labor Day, let's work to elect a pro-labor senator

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 6, 2020 - End of Summer Concert Tour

ME-SEN: Sierra Club endorses Collins' competitor Gideon

TCM Schedule for Monday September 7, 2020 - End of Summer Concert Tour

Is the Trump campaign short of cash?

Those Who Were...

PA-10: Former York GOP Chair Rescinds Support for Scott Perry Following Racist Comments

Malcolm Nance FTW.... Tells it like it is......

Loser President Is A Loser!

Divided Senate passes reduced penalty for violations of governor's orders during public health

Trump says U.S. has no proof yet of 'tragic' Navalny poisoning

Trump administration weighs blacklisting China's chipmaker SMIC

TX-10: The complicity of Michael McCaul in the mass arrests of Black people in Tulia

Tokyo Olympic CEO: Vaccine not requirement to hold games

Images suggest North Korea may be preparing launch of submarine missile -think tank (CSIS)

IA-SEN: Iowa Doctors Insulted By Ernst's Accusations Of COVID Fraud

Virginia lawmakers approve absentee voting measures


Iran uranium stockpile '10 times limit' set in nuclear deal

Australian man arrested at anti-mask demo, wearing mask.

CO-SEN: Cory Gardner accuses public health experts of politicizing the pandemic

MT-AL: Matt Rosendale Voted Against Help for Montana's Veterans and Families

I want Mayor Pete in Biden's administration.

I think John Kelly just grabbed him by the pussy.

New Video Shows how Stephen Miller Helped Turn Homeland Security Into a Race War Propaganda Shop

Trump campaign seeks to block Navajo Nation voters' lawsuit over Arizona mail-in ballots

Important tweet

Here is the statement from Wm Barr on the killing of suspect Reinoehl

N.H. state rep (R) running for re-election charged with felony domestic violence assault

"Mr. President, you had some military training, if you had served in Vietnam, do you

Maine State Senate moves from 'Likely' to 'Solid' Democratic

Grandjany: 'Rhapsodie', Sivan Magen on harp

Tyrese: 'What Am I Gonna Do' WOO!

Pence to visit anti-abortion "clinic" in Raleigh

Charges filed against militia members traveling to Kenosha

Anderson .Paak

NC judge backs a $427 million plan to improve public schools. But will it get funded?

Kamala Harris' Big Hollywood Virtual Fundraiser Rakes In Big Big Bucks; Ryan Murphy, Dana Walden, Ch

Tennessee trooper arrested after allegedly ripping man's mask off -- on camera

Fucking rumination

Captain Sully

Have any Republicans in the Senate come forward to condemn Trump?

Some really positive news

Multiple News Outlets Mirror Report Of Trump Denigrating Veterans, Military Service - TRMS - MSNBC

The psychological reason why his voters CANNOT leave Trump, not even in private:

Keith Sweat: 'Make It Last Forever'

$335 checks for NC parents to become law; Gov. Cooper signing COVID-19 relief bill

A moment of silence please ...

Fuck Trump. My dad killed Hitler

Note to the Dotard

"I Don't Know why The Bolsonaro Family Cares about Me So Much," Says Argentine President

Relax @IlhanMN, it's just a meme.

STATNEWS: Carnage' in a lab dish shows how the coronavirus may damage the heart

The evolution of a damaging tornado that struck Edgewater, Md.,

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats win.

Trump Says He Will Reverse Pentagon Plan to Close Newspaper That Informs and Speaks for Troops

Malcolm Nance for the win

No need to worry about the smart phone or Alexa spying on us

Keep payday loans out of North Carolina

99 Years Ago Today; Fatty Arbuckle throws a party. Virginia Rappe dies 4 days later

Report: DeJoy's son made Duke tennis team soon after school received large gift

Should Nancy call all the Democrats back to Washington?

How many times did he visit the troops?

Charges filed against militia members traveling to Kenosha

Hove woman's 'infinite grief' for her father, one of Chile's disappeared victims

From My FB feed

In Texas, Republicans fight voting by mail expansion while encouraging their voters to use it

WATCH: Joe Biden ad bashes Trump over alleged comments about US service members

The danger is now clear: Trump is destroying democracy in broad daylight

The most competitive legislative cjambers for 2020.

Charles Barkley: Steve Nash isn't the first star player named HC without prior experience

Rupert Murdoch's British papers delayed as climate protesters stop the presses

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats Democrats win in 2020.

45 Years Ago Today; Squeaky Fromme attempts to assassinate President Ford

Political road signs

A little water + a little gravity = big smile

Breakfast Saturday 5 Setember 2020


OMB Dir Vought issues Sept. 4 memo to federal agencies: stop paying for diversity training

They accuse the Democrats of HATING the military!

Kentucky driver pulled over after officer spots hand-drawn license plate

Josh Mandel divorce records sealed.

America's Rubicon moment

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury.

How a sketchy nonprofit linked to the Trump campaign tried to orchestrate a massive trade deal

Say It Out Loud: Vendepatria

Few Military Officers Willing to Defend Trump

Trump Said MIA Soldiers Deserved What They Got: WaPo

This Would Make A Nice Tee Shirt

What ever happened to that second stimulus check

RCP No Toss Up States Map Now Has Biden 352, Trump 186

Trump supporters plotted trip to Kenosha to 'pick people off': feds

WATCH: Fox News Takes Out Trump By Confirming He Called The Troops Suckers

Buying a new cell phone, from the same carrier, only online

After 6 Murder Trials and Nearly 24 Years, Charges Dropped Against Curtis Flowers

Would Trump lose his Christian base if he were to say

Biden Campaign running trump

Typhoon Maysak: North Korea vows to punish officials over 'casualties'

Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar faces legal action in US for alleged war crimes

Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar faces legal action in US for alleged war crimes

Boris Johnson 'fascinated' by Donald Trump and his 'relationship with facts', former US ambassador c

Boris Johnson 'fascinated' by Donald Trump and his 'relationship with facts', former US ambassador c

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Kentucky Derby Past Performances for Free

Hand Sanitizer! Use It Y'all!

Beirut explosion: More signs of life detected under rubble (one month after blast)

Trump's Base

Northeastern dismisses 11 first-year students for partying. They won't get their $36,500 tuition bac

Judge bans Detroit police tactics against protesters

Weekend TOONs - "Losers and Suckers"

Pete. Buttigieg: "He must think we're all suckers."

Trump out to build 'permission structure' to win back voters

AM Joy...

You raised $15,326.20 on September 4, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Good God in Butter! Dr. Scott Atlas was a professor @ the Stanford's Med School?

Don't bother with POW's. The president says POW's performed poorly and got what they deserved.

700 vets signed a letter supporting that man

Fox Is So Rattled By Trump Military Story That It Confirms, Debunks, Then Reconfirms It

My wife is on couch crying watching tv now I am as well Khzir Kahn

Alabama says 846 more students test positive for COVID-19 (1900 in total)

Milwaukee evictions surged after state, federal bans lapsed

FBI pondered whether Trump was 'a Manchurian candidate elected,' former agent alleges in new book

Thank you US Postal Service employees.

From Right-wing vigilantes are "positioning ... to launch a coup"

Colin Kaepernick

'Hotel Rwanda' hero denied access to lawyer, supporters say

10-yr-old drum prodigy challenged Dave Grohl to a drum battle, and it's SO fun to watch

Thanks, but no: Small businesses shun payroll tax deferral

Kenosha mass shooter's lawyer says Facebook condemned Richard Jewell in 1996

Two Self-Described "Boogaloo Bois" Charged with Attempting to Provide Material Support to Hamas

Who is the woman that is hosting amjoy

Psssst, Trump supporters...

U.S. airlines have banned 700-plus passengers for not wearing masks

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 September Stakes


PSA- No Context: Kamala on SOTU tomorrow at 9 E.

In accordance with President Bleach's

Mail problems and IRS problems

I've been all over the internet this morning. Where is the serious outrage?

Big Oil just isn't as big as it once was

No, a Texas man was not indicted for filling out 1,700 mail-in ballots, despite what AG Barr said.

Otis Taylor Band - Hey Joe

Andy's Arsenal

How Trump Draws on Campaign Funds to Pay Legal Bills

This is actually how I envision the right-wing

Shouldn't the FBI be opening or ramping up an investigation of police ties to white militias?

Trump to give medal of freedom to supporter

Has the font at DU been changed? (problem solved)

April Ryan is 53 today

Sunrise in Egypt

Lurie Children's Hospital Chicago Black Lives Matter

Republicans disturbed Trump has spent nearly $60 million in donations on legal fees: report

Here's a question that has been on my mind for some time:

Judge temporarily bans Detroit police from chokeholds, rubber bullets against protesters

Got a mailer from the Wisc Elections Commission

Flies Are Like Trump Supporters. . .

Funny how "Do you really want a President who will be investigated all the time?" turned into...

Cats who were raised by birds

Study in B&W

Apparently now mask holsters are a thing. What could go wrong?! 🙄

So talking about and hearing about "white privilege" is un-American...

STATNEWS: 'Carnage' in a lab dish shows how the coronavirus may damage the heart

Atlas is a Fox News Quack

Press Briefing by Ambassador O'Brien, Ambassador Grenell, Kushner, McEnany; 09-04-2020

What if Trump pardons Snowden?

These guys were a bunch of losers and suckers.

836 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 36 deaths

Trump is up early Sat am crying about how folks say bad things about hime. ha ha

Just came across a new voice (for me) Heather Cox Richardson

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; September 4, 2020

Extinction Rebellion protesters block newspaper printing presses

White Supremacists Are Invading American Cities To Incite a Civil War

Recent violence: Rwingers posing as Lwingers?

Why is AM Joy still called AM Joy?

A veteran's story

Immigrants Try to Make Ends Meet by Selling Pupusas to Neighbors and Friends

Grocery Store Magnate Sides With Democrats in Mail-Ballot Fight

Trump thinks Kelley was the source for The Atlantic story.

Talk show host Montel Williams (a marine & navy vet) on Twitter:

What shameless thing will Trump do to ease over the losers and sucker fiasco?

'Complicit' Nikki Haley slammed for defending Trump's military 'loser' comments with attack on Biden

If you combine the point from 3 recent news articles. It's possible IMO to reconcile Trump/Russia

Found on FB

Post-COVID syndrome severely damages children's hearts

If the FBI thought that Trump, as a candidate in 2016, was a Manchurian candidate,

Boxer/EMT/Fireman DeAndre Ware performs CPR on Top Rank official before weigh-in

With any luck we will neutralize any "October surprises" this year...

Word problem

Math puzzle

None of these military stories were new.

Suporting Biden - What are YOU Doing?

A fallen soldier's dog tags finally come home 75 years after the Battle of the Bulge

Any suggestions on how to unfreeze my mouse. Yes, I still use one, it keeps freezing..sigh.

Family of man killed by Vallejo police to get nearly $6M

"We choose to go to the moon and do the other things, not because they are easy..."

Fifty Shades of Whey tweet - The Atlantic: "Donald Trump shit his pants"

Trump's base in a nutshell

Scathing letter to Barr from George Washington University Law School

US wildlife agency seeks to carve out areas from protections

Football and COVID. Watched HBO's Hard Knocks - the L. A. teams

$10,984 for COVID-19 antibody test. Testing materials only cost about $8. Insurer paid in full.

Trump's job losses are the worst of any American president on record

Trump has repeatedly questioned why Americans who served in Vietnam went to war

Biden-Harris HQ: North Carolina

Footage that makes it appear that Vucic did not realize he had agreed to moving embassy

Today is ratatouille day.

The Border Patrol made this dramatized video showing migrant killing innocent victim in a dark alley

Trump: "I Would Love To Be Black Because..." w Stephen Fry

Summer frost and snow headed to CO

Has anyone received $300 from the "Heroes Act"?

Losers And Suckers - Trump Has A Big Problem Because

"My 2020 in a nutshell"

This seems like a strange testing policy.

Nearly all Black Lives Matter protests are peaceful despite Trump narrative, report finds

'Celebrity Apprentice' never invited Vets, the seats were given to Russian biz contacts of Trump

I'm a veteran. I don't mind that Trump thinks I'm a loser and a sucker.

As world leaders condemn Russian aggression, Trump says he and Putin 'get along'

Rutger Bregman, 'Humankind': We Need Cooperation, Friendliness & Hope To Survive

Czech loyal mayor Pavel Novotny sent a fuckoff letter to China

South Carolina adds Democratic Biden-Harris ticket to sample ballot after it was initially left off

Dover mortuary duty explained by a member of the "Casket Team"

"Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin responds to Trump's tweet calling for her to be fired"

Benedict opens center to help women in business, a rarity for historically black colleges

Nebraska's Senate debate: Sasse parries health care barbs from Janicek

Trump's team tries new talking points to explain his military bashing...

Army is playing Middle Tennessee State in football - I wonder who Trump is rooting for

Gen. John Kelly, YOU have a choice to make.

Liberal Redneck - QAnonsense

Many talking heads get face time on TV primarily by being "contrarians".

Trump can dish it out but he has a glass jaw.

Veterans Day is twice this year.

Look for the man in the moon (Deutsch warning):

Hardest working president ever:

$25.00 off coupon from eBay good through Sept 10th.

DHS draft document: White supremacists are greatest terror threat

Sept. 4: Mail-in voting kicks off in North Carolina

Ad about hate crimes and trump :

Bill Barr is acting like Trump's attack dog, not his attorney general

"The GOP is the Munchhausen by Proxy party." (Lindsey Graham related)

Trump has repeatedly questioned why Americans who served in Vietnam went to war

Indiana University seeing 'uncontrolled spread of COVID-19' among Greek life

In case youhaven't seen MJ Hegar's letter about Trump...

Biden Keeps Big Lead Nationally (+9,+10,+13)

Portland police arrest 27 people amid latest demonstrations

Biden outlines post-Labor Day strategy to win White House

Trump Supporters You Aren't Losers Right Now

Republican logic

Trump lashes out at 'slimeball reporter' amid furor over alleged war dead remarks

Imminent chance that Putin suggests his puppet gives Alaska to Russia

These maps show how 2020 could come down to 1 electoral vote

Trump attacks Fox News reporter after she backs up key details of Atlantic story

My wife and I were having a political discussion,

I Would Like To Thank The Heavily Armed Gun Toting Right Wing Militias In Louisville

Above all, do not lie to yourself.

Trump and the "Southern Strategy".

Strictly for my fellow Zuikophiles.

Kelly has to lay low to protect his $$$ gig locking up unaccompanied migrant children in the camps

ATTENTION: Have you completed your census? If you have, Thank You very much!!

About that dress...

Where's the Republican defense of Trump?

Trump administration misleading video used to propagate race war.

Democrats Hold Secret Edge If Election Is Too Close to Call

It is a world filled with scams. What is a safe, trusted site

After 100 days of demonstrations, more radical protest tactics are likely here to stay

Cnn reporting trump repeatedly questioned why people served in viet nam

"The "disgruntled people" defense..." - Lawrence O'Donnell's take.

Nikki Haley defends Trump's Suckers & Losers comment by posting Biden's Ad

My Kind of "Sucker and Loser".

Is Your State Ready For The Pandemic Election? A Look At AZ, FL, NH, SC And VA

Next at the Washington Post: "One Cancer: Doctor says it'll kill you; patient says it's just a cold

"This is not where Trump expected his weeks of crime rhetoric to land."

September Surprise - Drumpf Losing Military And Veterans

Can someone who uses Safari answer: how do you find an image's URL. No right click/copy image addr

Question about defrosting store-bought loaves of sliced sandwich bread which I froze after purchase.

With all the Chaos, where is Maxwell Smart when we need him? There should be a

bin Laden niece endorses SHITLER, wears MAGA cap

Does Trump feel the same way about most of his supporters as he does the military?

McSally is a LYING POS.

'Biden outlines post-Labor Day strategy to win the WH'

The people who wear these are the real suckers and losers....

MI Joins States Refusing An Inadequately Vetted But Trump-Approved COVID Vaccine


I love Asha Rangappa!

Pete's Kick Ass Interview On Fox News

Everything's Bigger in Texas: A $75 COVID Test is Billed at $10,984 by Man's Own Hospital Employer

"Kirk Herbstreit for the win. Please listen to all of it."

DOJ Admits Bill Barr Was Wrong About Massive Mail-in Ballot Fraud Example He Cited on CNN

"Open carry" laws annoy the piss out of me.

fantastic tiedrich tweet & the bridge too far!

In His Last Hours, Portland Murder Suspect Said He Feared Arrest

QAnon Twitter Account That Claims To Have Explosive DC Dirt Is Really Just A Random Italian Guy

Did Trump order an execution and did Barr comply?

Violence erupts in Rochester amid protests over Daniel Prude's death

Glenn Kirschner's response about cadet bone spurs swearing on a stack of money...

Trump, Biden clash over military support after president's alleged disparagement of fallen troops

Fact-checking Trump's claims that he 'called home' to Melania during 2018 foreign trip she was on

Obesity and COVID outcomes

Need a t shirt

Glenn Kirschner's response about cadet bone spurs swearing on a stack of money...

Drafts of DHS report reportedly call white supremacists the most persistent and lethal terror threat

Multiple boats are in distress and sinking on Lake Travis for the "Trump Boat Parade"

Mrs. Q Anon

Nope, definitely not a loser....

Ex-F.B.I. Agent in Russia Inquiry Says Trump Is a National Security Threat

Sunnyland Slim Was born on this date.

'Google Building Its Own Town Near Silicon Valley HQ, Complete W/ Parks, Restaurants, Housing'

Covid-19's Lasting Effects on Health Care

Labor Day weekend travelers are heading to COVID-19 hot spots AOL.COM

Kanye spends nearly $6M on presidential campaign

Great job loss chart in today's NYT. [i can't copy it to here]

OOOOps duplicate: ignoreDemocrats Hold Secret Edge If Election Is Too Close to Call

True: Multiple Trump boats in distress and sinking at Lake Travis TX boat parade.

Freddie was born on this date.

Why aren't more people speculating about China poisoning Putin's opposition?

Underground Rail Road mural, Bedford O.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz blocked from visiting two USPS mail sorting facilities

A question arises

Officials warn of COVID-19 risks as Labor Day weekend gets underway

This was quite a trigger week

Trump said retired Gen. John Kelly 'got eaten alive' as White House chief of staff

Trump plays defense with the military weeks before election

A negative coronavirus test result will be required to board a flight to China from the US

Jacob Blake Makes Court Appearance from His Hospital Bed, Pleads Not Guilty to Prior Charges

Leon Bridges - River

Like me, you may have often heard Trump respectfully described as a "counter-puncher". The

Opinion: The President cannot comprehend true patriotism

Demonstrations and Violence - What's Really Going On...

Whatever happened to the Labor Day threat?

Biden puts two feet in the ring as Trump wobbles

GOP lawmaker advocated burning BLM supporters' homes -- now he's under investigation

I just have to say this (along with everyone else)

Which states will have Kanye West on the ballot since access deadlines have passed?

Hey! It's Kentucky Derby Day!

I have just one thing to ask:

MSNBC Tom Costello dispels the lie that violence related to Democratic Cities

'We are outnumbered' -- cybersecurity pros face a huge staffing shortage

The fight over defunding Stars and Stripes, explained

A message from QAnon

Black American anxiety at all-time high, experts say

Center for Voter Information dirty tricks

I have occasionally written here about my retired Marine Dad.

Violin Concerto Felix Mendelssohn

Editorial: Trump's obsession w/ undocumented residents threatens to undermine accuracy of the Census

White House memo calls for ban on federal agency training that suggests U.S. is racist

I LOVE This Old Man From South Florida's Tirade Against trump:

We are almost there less than 60 days . The Dangerous Ones #VoteForOurLives

Lou Holtz to be given Presidential Medal of Freedom by Donald Trump

Navy cancels Catholic Masses at area bases

Debbie Wasserman Schultz denied access to USPS facilities

Cardioversion for atrial fibrillation - questions about effectiveness, etc.

Joe Biden Builds Up His Presidential Transition Team

Happy 74th Birthday, Freddie!

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are going to be winning in 2020.

Harris on vaccine: 'I would not trust Donald Trump'

Actual photo of Trump parade boats sinking from a few hours ago

Trump Boat parade sinks in Texas

Double pay wasn't enough to keep COVID nurses staffed, so SC hospital upped the ante

The Underwater, Sinking Boats In Texas Are A Clear Sign

the Arlington and Paris cemetery visits were talked about here on DU when they happened

Anyone care to hunker in the bunker?

Re: sinking boats in TX:

Sports bar with big crowd near USC gets visit from sheriff's deputies

I would really like a glass of wine today.

Trump refers to race theory and diversity training as a sickness

Is Seal Team Antifa on a mission today in TX?

Five police shootings in Chicago in two months, but no video released on any of them

There should be Corvette parades for Biden....

Robots as first responders

A CNN piece by Chris Cillizza is trending on Twitter...

in light of recent revelations of our current prez

#Dumbkirk trending. The Trumptilla sinking in Texas

Lovely Luna covers Jimi

Excessive heat in California

Ex-F.B.I. Agent in Russia Inquiry Says Trump Is a National Security Threat

Osama bin Laden's niece and the former head of the CIA's Osama bin Laden tracking unit are QAnon

Anita Hill vows to vote for Joe Biden and work with him on gender issues

Women of Color Running in Compettive House Races (Lean/Tossup)

USC renting Columbia hotel to house students with COVID-19 as testing stalls, cases rise

Oh Nooos!

Diversity take to the stage with POWERFUL Black Lives Matter performance

The Trump campaign is broke

Conterminous US elevation generalized by 500km hexagonal tessellation

10 Portland things coming to your city if Biden wins, as Trump warns (commentary)

Democrats bash decision to reject Miami Heat's offer of AA Arena as an early-voting site

Coronavirus rules lead Northeastern University to dismiss 11 students over a gathering

How sad. trump doesn't seem to be enjoying his golf game today.

NBC (Feb 2020) - Russian troll accounts purged by Twitter pushed Qanon and other conspiracy theories

Biden adds Mayor Pete to his transition team.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 5, 2020

Warriors Announce Oakland Facility and Kaiser Permanente Arena in Santa Cruz to Serve as Polling Sit

Lockheed Martin's Greenville campus gets $62B boost with latest F-16 contract

DumbKirk is Trending on Twitter

Does anyone know when "Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump" will be available on prime video?

Trump has denigrated The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I can't believe that Ronna Romney McDaniel hasn't deleted this tweet yet. 😂

French Press interviews militia member who intends to bring violence

Talk about wanting a damn horse race......CNN's electoral map.

Trump suggests troops stole Iraq reconstruction funds

Milestones test might be back for Georgia students despite pandemic

Portland 'antifa' shooter killed---WTF IS GOING ON?? Would appreciate explanation of events

Tweet of the Day

North Korea may be prepping submarine-launched ballistic missile test, U.S. weapons experts

Anita Hill......working with Joe.

Cathy Smith, Who Injected John Belushi With Fatal Drugs, Dies at 73

The housing market is roaring now. Here are the worries that reveals.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls former White House colleague a 'foulmouthed Jew' in memoir

I'm not the only one who thinks this.

The Battle of Lake Travis--an alternate theory

Brent Terhune - My boat sank in Lake Travis *snort*

I do not do bitch often,but I do not need pressure

Who in your family are "losers" and "suckers"?

George Takei: it's a death cult

I might be late with this Soup Nazi twitter vid but it's so good

The Wreck of the Donald Fuckwadles

Women and Klansman first!!

Peter Strzok would like to clear a few things up

Why Trump Supporters Can't Admit Who He Really Is

Democrats and Republicans guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020.

Fox News Confirms Trump Called Veterans "Suckers" and "Losers"

Surveillance video shows bags of mail being dumped in California spa's parking lot

Ha! This is probably close to what OANN will say about the boat rally.

Robert Reich tweet on Greta Thunberg vs. Kyle Rittenhouse:

Focus on Pandemic and Losergate non stop until November 3.

Trump gunners trying to look tough:

Kamala Harris says Trump not credible on possible COVID-19 vaccine

Trump's DNI, John Ratcliffe, has ordered ODNI coms staff to freeze out NYT reporters

Drop Off Head

Cartoons 9/5/2020

United We Stand

Lincoln Project-Donald Trump can't comprehend what it means to sacrifice. He's un-American.

Person Who Drove Car Through Crowd of Black Lives Matter Protesters in Times Square Released Without

Lincoln Project-Donald Trump can't comprehend what it means to sacrifice. He's un-American.

Really interesting Interview with Miles Taylor Worked with trump Homeland Security Now RVAT:

Trump can't tag Biden with an America that is his doing

Lawsuit: Nick Sandmann's attorney said 'God Almighty' directed some of his actions

A California cop who wore a far-right patch to a George Floyd protest won't be fired

Ohio Karen falsely called police on Black man using his phone, said he was carrying a gun

Tea Pain gets in on the fun. "Trumptanic"!!!

"Losers" and "Suckers"...

Somebody fucked up. When Trump said he wanted a Russian May Day Parade, someone thought mayday.

10 Of The Wildest And Wackiest Conspiracy Theories Pushed By Trump This Week

Trump reportedly deferred to the UK on standing up to Putin: 'I would rather follow than lead'

Voting Twice, Rigged Elections and Donald Trump the Cheater

What does a rightwing mouth piece and a cheating college coach have in common?

Let's talk about the Belleau Wood and Trump's remarks....

Ack, the deer ate my nasturtiums

The Hoarse Whisperer on sinking boats

"The Buttercream Dream" challenges Trump to a Campbell's Chunky Soup match

Bin Laden's niece endorses Trump

What the numbers say about Trump's chances at reelection

Apparently now mask holsters are a thing for Trump MAGA fans. What could go wrong?!

Dorothy Parker's Ashes Are Returned to New York

Velshi: Trump Has A History Of Disrespecting The Military MSNBC

The Biden-Harris Transition Team -- Names, Titles and Past Experience

The Service Economy Meltdown

Leonard Fournette Posts Tom Brady, Bruce Arians Meme After Bucs Contract

Help me out... numbers, and indeed business.... is not my strong area...

If you hired a guy to "MAKE YOUR HOUSE GREAT AGAIN"?

Would you hire him again?

Dan Rather reading the Gettysburg Address.


We got a new roof. Guaranteed 30 years.

I'm 73 and my memory may be failing me, but....

Un-American (new from the Lincoln Project)

Heard on the Antifa Navy destroyers loudspeaker...

Antifa Navy