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Archives: February 8, 2014

NATO protesters convicted on non-terrorism charges

Sponges that can seal up a gunshot wound in 16 seconds....

'Sex strike' against leading Tokyo governor candidate

Russian Snowboarder has Pussy Riot logo on his board

GOP’s pathetic new excuse: Trying to blame Obama for killing immigration reform

(MA) Most suburban communities welcome medical marijuana dispensaries

Anyone reading "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt?

AIPAC Is Losing Its Influence

Eight more Fukushima kids found with thyroid cancer; disaster link denied

Marijuana Colorado Washington American Indian Tribes

Texas Voter ID law is a poll tax

Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine fans?

Texas Voter ID law is a poll tax

Politico's Sources Insist Christie Knew Nothing About 'High School' Memo

Drug Warrior gets one of the first marijuana dispensary licenses in Massachusetts

National Republican Congressional Campaign Using Fake Democrat Websites To Lure Voters

Marijuana debate lights up among religious leaders

Bosnia privatization protests reach other cities

Jobs Crisis Caused by Republicans Not Obamacare

Bill O'Reilly Is to Journalism What the WWE Is to Fighting

Bogota’s public TV threatened and under ‘constant’ attack: Director

Vice President Joe Biden Not High on Marijuana Legalization

California bill introduced to mandate kill switches for mobile devices

The Real Reason Behind Rand Paul's Bill Clinton Bashing?

Ottawa mayor flies rainbow flag at city hall; tells angry voter, 'I really don't want your vote'

Weekend Economists Trace the Long and Winding Road February 7-9, 2014

Chris Hedges on 'Crisis Cults' and 'Sacrifice Zones'.

"Rob Ford wanted rainbow flag removed from Toronto City Hall"

Snowden: Russia stands against human rights violations

U.S. Marijuana Laws: Time for Some Clear-Eyed Logic

Great Barrier Reef on brink of devastation in relentless quest for coal

What could America anticipate with Republicans in charge of all three branches of government?

Illinois Agencies Propose Rules for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Game of Thrones - the new Mountain seems rather mountainous

Who'd want a rocking horse?

Arizona Medical-Marijuana Card Discount by State Proposed for Seniors and Veterans

"One of my patients, a sweet elderly lady, just called me 'penis pump'"

Cartoon on Fox News fact checkers

2 L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies Beat Handcuffed Inmate: Federal Indictment

What the hell really happened in the last episode of *Sherlock*? (**SPOILERS**)

Pussy Riot release new anti-Putin song

Charles Schwab to move 1,000 jobs out of San Francisco due to high cost of living

Potpourri of Pearls - Sochi 2014

Standing with our LGBT brothers & Sisters in Russia.

Red Flag

Reality Check

Russian Kiss

SOCHI a Song for the Olympic Gays

"CNN Poll: Majority Say GOP Out of Touch With Women"

Right now on Chris Hayes...

Alpine Coaster with no brakes!

Did Chris Christie do anything that wasn't corrupt?

Vote by Mail Applications from Texas Democratic Party

World of American donations to the Jewish State revolutionized

Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain (dial-up warning)

Kentucky is doing great!

Who should we really be pissed off at? Well...

A Case Too Tough for Sherlock to Solve

For those of us that could use some inspiration at this time.

Are you effin kidding me, NBC??

Canada’s new citizenship bill a Trojan horse: Walkom

Too Cool

The ends justify the means.

Mitt Romney on the 2016 Comeback Trail

Goodbye to my 'Texas Cowboy'

The Elder Scrolls Online

PSA Depicts LGBT Discrimination as Russia's 'Newest Olympic Sport'

I'm fixing a hole where my brain leaks out

l just learned there is a country called Andorra while watching the Olympics.

Amy's Baking Company Reuniting With Gordon Ramsay on Special Episode of 'Kitchen Nightmares'

My favorite PSH scene

To my friends in Texas and across the country

Biden on 2016: ‘No Obvious Reason’ Not to Run

Silicon Valley's 'bro culture' locks out many minorities


To my DU friends in Texas and abroad I also posted this in the lounge

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Love That Dirty Water & a new Kitteh gif

Billboard: How the Beatles went viral in America

60 Hollywood Stars backing Alison Lundergran-Grimes against Mitch McConnell

A Peaceful Death - Aborting my son was not about when life begins, but how to end it humanely.

Breaking: ANOTHER America Media Freakout Over Nothing: Sochi "Hijacker" Heavily Intoxicated-no bomb

Is academia suffering from ‘adjunctivitis’? Low-paid adjunct professors struggle to make ends meet

RW trolls and partisan sycophants piss off


Oglala Sioux vow to stop Keystone XL on the ground if Obama won't say no

Is a proxy war being waged in Ukraine?

BYU's Bizarre Anti Porn Video For Residents

Oldest Human Footprints Outside of Africa Found


I fly the Olympic Flag on DU

Why read in context when you don't have to?

(In Finland) neo-pagan religion becomes official

Is anyone watching this ghastly OLYMPICS Opening Ceremony display on NBC?

Need some Lounge vibes - I got attacked in GD - really, is there NO justice/LesMiz I expect

Russian Olympic team walk out to ‘faux-lesbian’ pop duo t.A.T.u at opening ceremony

Boehner Is Hit From the Right on Overhaul for Immigration.

A Florida County Spent Over $5 Million Jailing Homeless People. It Could've Spent Less On Shelter

Nevada county charging for jail meals; ACLU upset

Prehistoric Native American Village Found in Downtown Miami

Allen Responds to Farrow's Abuse Claims in Letter

The Beatles were a GREAT live band. Where were you when this happened?

Venezuela says four more held over anti-Maduro protests

Michele Bachmann: Immigrants don’t like the GOP because we love the Constitution

Pagan Imbolc Stirs the Spirit, Shakes Off the Winter Blues

U.S. missionary said moved back to North Korean labor camp

U.S. orders priority propane supplies to ease shortage

New book examines history of American witch phobia

Surveillance video shows retired Florida cop shooting man for throwing popcorn

NBC news report turns out to be fabricated...

California might bar judges from being Boy Scout leaders

Detroit Mayor Duggan: Obama 'very interested' in plans to bring jobs to city

what's the deal with the yellow water in Russia?

Chrysler Olympics ad so god damn American stupid

38 killed in Bolivia rain torrent

A-Rod drops his lawsuit against baseball bringing about the possibility of joining the

Please allow me to do a happy dance. I got a job today! A UNION job!

I just saw August: Osage County. No redeeming qualities.

Missouri governor facing impeachment over order allowing same-sex marriage tax returns

Imagine That, Florida's Gov. Rick Scott and SoS Ken Detzner Are Still Trying to Suppress the Vote

Need Jobs? US Solar Industry Provides Employment for More People than Coal and Oil Combined

New Mexico broadcaster delivers sports in Navajo

The Games Have Always Been a Little Gay

Jon Stewart slams GOP On CBO Report, Capitalism Trumps Family? (VIDEO)

OMG, I just can't stand S.E. Cupp.

Southern candidate embraces both the stimulus and Obamacare (VIDEO)

Something you won't see in Sochi.

Feb. 12th and Bradenton, Florida...

Did you hear the Trololo bit towards the end of the opening ceremonies?

I thought the Olympic Opening was beautiful, too bad I had to hear it through NBC snarkiness

Bode Miller Attacks Women's Rights; Pregnant woman must obey Baby Daddy orders

New Mexico Senate panel OKs minimum wage increase

Google won't let me check my gmail on Firefox...says I don't have cookies enabled.

Dispatches: As Sochi Opens, Russia Shows True Face

Brazilian doctors convicted for removing, selling contraband organs to the United States

Brazilian doctors convicted for removing, selling contraband organs to the United States

Charles P. Pierce: The Environmental Hellscape - The Keystone Pipeline Is (Basically) On

Florida Man Is Denied Bail in Killing at a Movie Theater

Olympics Opening Ceremony supports gay rights; gloves, signs have rainbows

Scientifically Accurate Flintstones

The NLRB Approves Settlement Agreement between World Class Corrugating and Teamsters Local 89

Are crows the ultimate problem solvers?

1980, US and a lot of countries boycotted the Olympics. Do you remember why?

Ramzy Baroud: Principles to Guide the Young Activist

Russian TV shows doctored video of Olympic rings

Irish Actor Gives Eminem Equality Makeover With 'Putin Rap'

Now for the REALLY important question I have about the Olympics...

I wish people would separate Russian govt from Russian people when they post.

There have been some increasingly racist posts on DU

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/07/14

WTF is this report I am watching just now on my local station where

Chevy Olympic ads feature gay couples

Oklahoma restaurant won't serve 'freaks,' 'f*ggots,' the disabled and welfare recipients

Friday Talking Points (290) -- Freedom From Job Lock

Coke Ad Just Showed Up Again During Olympic Opening Ceremony- RW Heads Exploding Again.

today was pretty much a huge bag of arglefuckingbargle bullshit

Dumb Criminals: Actor Who Played McGruff The Crime Dog Arrested For Grenade Launcher, Marijuana

The TWO Chevy Olympic ads featuring gay couples


Maher: Old People Having Crazy Sex on Taxpayer Dime, Why So Angry About Obamacare?

Just fucking Outrageous!!!! Florida’s attempt to hinder student voting!!

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 9 - 31 Days of Oscar

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) -"should (President Obama) be executed as an enemy combatant"....

Update on Daubenmire petition. Board voted not to hire him. Thanks to everyone who helped!

How does the US PROPAGANDA COMPLEX REALLY feel about gay rights and persecution?

I just love the Metropolitan Opera at the movies

TCM Schedule for Monday February 10 - 31 Days of Oscar

Looking for a source.



Should Dylan Farrow/Woody Allen posts continue in LBN and General Discussion?

LAPD officers who mistakenly shot two women to return to field

so the local gay bar is showing the olympics on their screens. while they are whooping it up, back

American moved from N Korean hospital to a labour camp

Can there ever be enough evidence for people to believe a rape victim?

Cal defensive end Ted Agu dies after training run

So I've been promoted to a management position for the first time.

Anyone else feeling edgy these days?

On the Olympics (and attacking other countries)

White students get better teachers in L.A., researcher testifies

Dumb Criminals: Would Be Burglar Scared Off By Big Mouth Billy Bass

Global temperature for 2013 ranked as 2nd warmest since 1891,

Evidence Is Mounting that Fracking Causes Birth Defects

Rockefeller Says He Doesn't Think W.Va. Water Is Safe For Drinking

NBC Edits Out IOC Anti-Discrimination Statement From Opening Ceremony

I didn't realize Elizabeth Warren was so pro-military. Did you guys?

Japanese Broadcast Official: We Didn’t Commit War Crimes, the U.S. Just Made That Up

So I asked The Google about DU

Mika, just taking a moment to mention I heard you on Mike Malloy

AP PHOTOS: Cubans 'bury' man alive in mock funeral

47 years a slave: A new perspective on the occupation.

For my first thread!! It warmed my heart to see

Here's a question that came to me recently...

US Air Force drone crashes

Iran 'ready to answer' questions by IAEA

2 whooping cranes shot in Louisiana

Democratic US senators want grid security review

Brown, Newsom caught up in donations probe

TEPCO to review "massive" radiation data due to improper measurement

A 13,530 year old stone age map

Norse Rune code cracked

10 Undeniable Facts In The Woody Allen Sexual-Abuse Allegatios

I'm waiting for the "but still...." argument...

Hahahaha! FTW! Tweet about the Palins and the Winter Olympics:

Camel Bones and Jerusalem: Archeology Shows Bible Written Late, Full of Errors

UK - Fake-food scandal revealed as tests show third of products mislabelled.

Bosnia protests: 150 injured as demonstrators set fire to presidential palace

Obama: U.S. would not spend $50 billion on Olympics

Analysis - Is Syria now a direct threat to the U.S.?

British spy agency hit targets with ‘false flag’ attacks and ‘honey traps,’ new leak shows

Denver CEO found dead of grisly suicide by nail gun

Vatican claims UN child sex abuse report is ‘prejudiced’ against Catholic Church

IRS moves to revoke IFCO’s tax exemption

Here Comes Miami! The Scramble for Cuba

More than a dozen communities in California could run out of water in months

Japan Gets Its Very Own Fox News

Out-of-state trucks line up outside Taunton salt depot

Anyone watched the Showtime TV series "The Borgias" with Jeremy Irons?

A $9 Trillion War? Top 10 Reasons Americans will Regret it if GOP Derails Iran Negotiations

How progressives gave peace with Iran a chance

Member Coordinator (union job in Albuquerque)

NSA’s Zero Day Exploits: Paying $800 mn. to Hackers so they Can Spy on You

Why Every Woman Should Get a Prenup

A New Relationship Is Developing Between the US and Latin America

A Guide to the NSA's Perversion of Privacy: What Are the Most Outrageous Breaches into Your Life?

The Need for True Institutional Monitoring

Poland Resentful of US

8 Former Republicans Who Ditched the Extremist GOP


Calif. Judges May Ditch Boy Scouts Over Bias

US brings memories of Boston to Sochi

Sowing Fear: World War I and the Seeds of Hyperinflation

Why Widening Inequality is Hobbling Equal Opportunity

Michael Jackson estate embroiled in tax fight with IRS

Panda bear cubs love their sliding board

In a reversal, Afghan civilian deaths rise in 2013

The Creation of Debate

Answers for Creationists

North Korea transfers Kenneth Bae from hospital to labor camp

Teaching religion: my students are trying to run my course

My Olympics watching has come to an end. I've already seen the greatest part:

Jackpine Update

83 dazed Syrians evacuated from Homs' besieged Old City

'Phenomenal' waves expected off South West coast

EDD is ordered to take steps to improve service

Who are the 1 percent? Two new views

An Epidemic of Wilful Blindness: Savile, Armstrong, LIBOR, HSBC...

Somewhere over the rainbow............

Sochi Olympics: 5,000 cups of Chobani Greek yogurt are detained

Pick a better boyfriend next time.

Major bitcoin exchange crashes, takes bitcoin prices with it

Iowa Is Getting Sucked Into Scary Vanishing Gullies

Weekend Toons!

Travel industry jobs surpass pre-recession level

AARP calculator to see how much your benefits would be cut with chained CPI

Attack on electric grid raises alarm

The Norwegian Curling Team is sporting new unis today:

What was the last topic

The Rise of "Insourcing" Gives Internet Companies a New Way to Exploit Workers

Medics: 5 injured by Israeli fire in Gaza on Friday

U.S. lawmakers reach accord on paying doctors for Medicare

Charles Schwab to move 1,000 jobs out of San Francisco

the consistent effort by conservative, corporate dems to try and tarnish progressive

Fried Chicken and watermelon cause for outrage? or foods brought to all of us by the slave trade?

Luscious Lamb Curry

Hackers may have used Pa. company to hit Target

Someone Shot Mary The Emu, And This Animal Rescue Wants Justice

Chevy Olympic ads feature gay couples

Afghan Civilian Deaths Rise Sharply in 2013- but YAY, we're saving women from The Taliban

US Snowboarder Wins 1st Gold of Sochi Olympics

Postal Service had $354 million first-quarter loss

Ouch! Tea Party Brings The Knives Out For Mitch McConnell

Prium founders' homes soon to be on the market, listed by bank

A thread to acknowledge how dense I am at times, and it concerns MSNBC's new motto

This is such bullshit: How Did Idyllic Vermont Become America's Heroin Capital?

(Tricare) Defense official vows some relief from surprise lab fees

Chris Christie Enlists Ben Stein to Attack Wildstein's High School Record

Russian Leader: We Have Spycams in Sochi Hotel Showers

Toon: Become a California Teacher!

Stop tenure tyranny and show some love for our hardworking teachers

Strokes: Women sufferers 'have poorer life quality than men'

New Stryker vehicles arrive at Fort Carson

What Will Reversing Inequality Really Take?

Release of findings in Air Force Academy inquiry delayed

Woody Allen Speaks Out

AOL chief ignites firestorm over 401(k) cuts and ‘distressed babies’ remark

Wartime expedient will stick around in peace

Driverless Trucks Will Keep Army Safe From IEDs

Ramblin' Man: Colorado Springs military members like to text while driving

GOP Still Desperate For Unrelated Policy Measures In Exchange For Debt Limit Increase

The Religious Right Sells the False Choice of the State or Christianity

Gaylord Rockies hotel to add giant water park

Wave of new state bills: Religious freedom or license to discriminate?

Media sometimes try, fail to keep NSA's secrets

Judge rejects Hybrid appeal in Fisker bankruptcy

Chris Hedges Part I: Crisis Cults and the Collapse of Industrial Civilization

Anti-regulation politics may have hurt energy industry

So, does this make God a pervert?

So are GEM$NBComcast programs on hold until

Yet another right-wing whackjob emerges from the cave

SAWS' water deal doomed by Texas history

IOC defends racist torchbearer, use of rehearsal video

What The Hell Happened to @OccupyWallst?

Former Fed chief urges caution in oil boom

Nobody locks Johnny Quinn in a bathroom

10 signs for spotting a Sochi-opath

Conservative Confusion....

Most Women Say The GOP Doesn't Understand Their Problems, Poll Finds

Too cool! The Evolution Door, a "flip-panel" invention -- it's like a pocket door

He saw his land go, and now VDOT wants dough

Best of toon from 07: Iowa Caucus....

Farm Bill Makes Koch Bros. Billions, Cuts $90 a Month From Struggling Families on Food Stamps

Sodomy bill passes Senate, moves to House

Supreme Court to weigh what it means to have a right to “bear” guns

50 Question Test - What US President are you?

What's for dinner? The farm bill has a big impact

North Carolina makes pitch for Boeing plant; 7K jobs

William Pitt made it onto Bill Moyers website

Christie Says He Couldn’t Pick Fort Lee Mayor ‘Out of a Lineup’…Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Another not-ready-for-primetime Commo SNAFU

State's Drug Problem Is Feeding An Underground Gun Market

Why Good News Matters

GAO Slaps Harris For Offering Its Competitor’s Radios For Army Deal

The Top Priority in the Missouri State Legislature? Lowering Your Wages

Congress Must Make ‘Unimaginable’ Defense Budget Choices: HASC’s Adam Smith

Republican Official Says Gays Should Be Purged From GOP, Blames Homosexuality On Satan

Pope's Harley goes for $327,000 at charity auction

How do I put more than one backup on the same external hard drive?

Thom Hartmann: CVS Proves "Big Government" is working

"President Barack Obama heading to Fresno for drought discussion"

War on the Poor

Woody Allen Poll (Redux)

Thank God Politico is there to get the truth out as Christ Christie sees it.

Jimmy & The Muppets Say Goodbye To "Late Night" (w/ "The Weight" from "The Last Waltz")

NBC Edits Out IOC Anti-Discrimination Statement From Opening Ceremony

Did I miss an announcement? Where are the hearts?

The Only Thing Keeping the F-35 Lightning Relevant Is the F-22 Raptor

Both parties are the same.

Senate Delegation Heads to Cuba

Procurement: Blowing Smoke For the F-35

Hairless Cats? offthemark Cartoon

One of my cats (and me too) needs some DU love

Atheist group grows, expands vision

Good morning

Arguments against health care

Flexible backup capacity is better option: Need for power storage overstated

Respectable discourse

One thing I thought was hilarious about the opening parade of athletes

Minister who led anti-immigrant "go home" campaign hired illegal immigrant to clean his house

"The Spies Of Mississippi"-a journey into the world of informants, infiltrators,& agent provocateurs

This Is the Year Liberals Take Back Religion from Conservatives

"Obama v. Reagan: Fun Comparison I Did To Piss Off Wingnuts on Reagan's B-day"

Pope’s Chicago pick will be key to U.S. Catholic church

The Koch Brothers seem not to have yet discovered a way to swamp the XL pipeline public comments

Drug addled bigoted pig Mayor Ford, wanted Pride Flag at City Hall taken down. Loses.

Evidence Mounting that Walker Campaign Is at Center of Criminal Probe

Romney Ponders 2016: Beaning RICO RMoney Videos on What Mitt Stands For

Taliban members brag about holding U.S. dog captive

There is a squirrel in my chimney

Full Spectrum Peeping Tomism

Squirrel Hiding its Nuts

'This course can kill you': A treacherous downhill slope- 10 don't make it down

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ Feb 8th

Full Spectrum Peeping Tomism

Israeli media ignores a week of non-violent protests

It's odd how managing the menfolk's sexytimes never turns into a movement

Shannyn Moore has just won the internets!

AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo as insurers reject checks

I love those Black men

You know what's so sweet about the Chris Christie scandals?

Lest you wonder why we have dogs in our lives . . . . .

AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo as insurers reject checks

Must View O'Donnell Rewrite on "bad socialism"

Jordan Davis trial opens

CIA confirms agency obliged to follow federal surveillance law

Fired red-light camera executive: Company bribed officials in 13 states

Overflow crowd of beer lovers awaits Pliny the Younger

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday February 8, 2014)

LIVE RADIO NOW: CBO Report and the fallacy Obamacare causes lost jobs

X-post: Getting "Error Occured During Processing" messages

RWDSU Endorses Kathleen Rice’s Congressional Bid

The American Dream is Dead by Mike Whitney

Banks giving up mortgage securitization...a victory for regulators, it seems.

Idaho trappers catch lynx; animal gets collar

For those of you who want to watch live events at Sochi

Syria conflict: Homs aid convoy comes under fire

I have happy news!!!!

Saturday, February 8th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Illinois GOP gov hopefuls keeping their distance from Christie

Ding! Ding! The One Percent Defense at Trial and It's a Winner.

French Alps: Rock derails Nice to Digne-les-Bains train, 2 killed

What happens when a US bobsledder gets stuck in a bathroom with no phone?

How Obama could strike a blow to workplace discrimination

The Lion Fish issue in the waters off florida and other areas is huge..

Trader Joes booted out of NE Portland by activists.

LBN Olympic coverage...

Obama's Keystone Moment: Will He Finally Be Nice to Republicans?

"Squirrels are the Devil's Oven Mitts" and other weird Google auto-completes

"Squirrels are the Devil's Oven Mitts" and other weird Google auto-completes

Absolute, undistilled genius.

Poll: Whatever your gender and/or gender preference...

Election reform bill an affront to democracy, Marc Mayrand says

How religion in the US today tracks closely with geography (CS Monitor)

A little Hoyt Axton.


Nurse critically injured in assault at Brooklyn hospital

"Not About Amanda Knox": Know Yourself or Live in Chains

Paul Krugman: Second-Order Journalism

95% Say George Zimmerman/DMX Boxing Match Should Be Canceled

Toon: 65 Senators are millionaires

My personal boycott of the Olympics

I just got robosurveyed by Rasmussen

The People’s View: Republicans Get Ready to Cave on the Debt Ceiling, Again

Top Ten Pieces Of Advice Rob Ford Gave To Justin Bieber

GOP RNC Candidate - Purge Gays From GOP. Why Not Women As Well? Just Say It & Get Over With It.

Weekend music to chill by.....Anna Netrebko Edition!

Rice debacle could spell the end of Thai government

Tweet: Dear John Kerry look at this...

Justice Department adopts new same-sex marriage equal rights policy

Another Bizzaro World fact ....

SPOILER - Women's Moguls (and others)

Gilbert Becaud's Cold War hit: Nathalie

Read this, then ask yourself: Isn't it amazing the riots haven't started yet?

Draconian GOP/Fundamentalist View Of Marriage Women Won't Like. Add Up Their Rhetoric.

"How Willful Blindness Keeps Everyone Living a Lie" (Incredibly Upbeat--Despite the Title)

Tea Party Brings The Knives Out For Mitch McConnell

Dirty Money Turned The Jefferson County School Board Over To Religious Zealots.

DOJ: More Federal Privileges to Extend to Same-Sex Couples

Thom Hartmann: TPP/FastTrack...Hey Media, Where are You?

Thom Hartmann: What to Do when Capitalism Fails?

Unsettled Science Behind Proposal to Lift Gray Wolf Protections, Panel Says

Now It's Illinois Republicans Who Want Nothing To Do With Christie

Chris Hedges Part I: Crisis Cults and the Collapse of Industrial Civilization (New)

No Russian Aid to Ukraine If Gas Bill Unpaid - Minister

What if solar got the same subsidies as fossil fuel?

Bull Doze Blues

Huckabee Still Talking About Libido: 'God Gave Us Sexual Drive'

I'm feeling comfortable.

Pap and Seder: Elementary School Throws Away School Lunches

Good article about why Olympic boycotts are futile.

Syria has become 'matter of homeland security,' DHS Secretary Johnson says

British Official Admits the "Foreign Office" Manipulated Willing Media re: Iraq -John Pilger

Watch the duck paddling on the river!

"Woody Allen Is Not a Monster. He Is a Person. Like My Father." An abuse survivor's perspective.

Sectarian violence in the Central African Republic

Is America losing faith? Atheism on the rise but still in the shadows

Chris Hedges Part II: The Military Mind & the Antidote to Defeatism (New Interview)

Michael Jackson estate embroiled in tax fight with IRS


I have to find a way to work with an asshole for a boss for the next 1.5 years.

BizTimes Editor Unmasks Mining Law

Only in Florida….

NSA phone data collection far more limited than had been disclosed

Virus Advances Through East Caribbean

Would anyone actually claim that there isn't too much corporate influence on dems and the dem party?

happy news!

Every home in America ...

Dear Family

Throat Slashed, Eyes, Teeth, Ear Missing - Clearly An Overdose - Huh?

Free food

That's Not My Job

U.S. vows to defend Japan if conflict erupts in East China Sea

"Everyone should have a home" - Boy, 10, starts nonprofit


Police dog fired for laziness

This Picture Has Creationists Terrified

Díaz, Palma Critical Of Rep. Jose Serrano; Primary Challenge Possible

Here's a twist

Zutto Zutto Zutto!

LA TIMES: U.S. Olympic team sweaters hand-sewn in Southern California

My husband installed a pair of these rubbermaid pull-down spice racks

DrinkingWithBob's Outrage Machine

dear family, I want you to know

"First Look Media"--New Additions: Peter Maass, Marcy Wheeler, Ryan Gallagher

Fire burning 5,600 tons of rubber at Savannah port

How Rich People Create Jobs!


Oil Industry told Obama: "You do what we say on Keystone or there’ll be political trouble’”

Time to recheck the address...

I have a question:

The vilification of Mia Farrow on DU

Crime takes a huge bite out of McGruff...

The Ship of State and Trickle-Down economics.

You can laugh now...

U.S. Justice Department to expand rights of same-sex couples

More Sochi Bathroom hijinks...

The tax refund loansharking business will die if the IRS keeps this shit up

Major cute alert! A child joins her dad for a street duet.

Income Taxes are another giveaway to business.

Microsoft Asks Windows XP Holdouts: Upgrade to Windows 8 Already

Post Register self-censoring Dilbert. Because the Gay.

"I have conquered an empire but I have not been able to conquer myself...."

POLL: Bush still getting blame for economic woes (yes and rightfully so!)

Johnny's looking just as Rotten as always...

Vaccine deniers: Inside the dumb, dangerous new fad

Income limits for SSDI

Ray Nagin, prosecutor collide head-on during last day of testimony in corruption trial

Two endangered whooping cranes shot in Louisiana

Fired red-light camera executive: Company bribed officials in 13 states, including NJ

Promoter Calls Off George Zimmerman-DMX Fight

Olympic Bi-Athelon announcer

US bobsledder forced to smash thru Sochi bathroom door

Why the Lousy Jobs Report Boosted Wall Street

Breaking -Justice Department to extend federal privileges to same-sex couples

Duke Energy promises to fix Dan River after coal ash leak

Our little protest is picking up steam!

George Zimmerman "Celebrity" Boxing Match CANCELLED (promoter finds his conscience)

Alan Grayson: "Fox News Is Attacking Me"

Question about Windows 7

Possible door of the future

So, rand paul wants to reach out to hispanics:

WATCH: While Sochi Celebrates, Moscow Police Arrest Protesters Waving Rainbow Flags

Hannity Selling New York Home for $3.6 Million: Does This Mean He’s Really Leaving?

"to believe that the free market is the best cure for inequality is like

Wielding Whip and a Hard New Law, Nigeria Tries to ‘Sanitize’ Itself of Gays

Spay-ghetti & No Balls Dinner!

Trickle down

Michigan RNC Candidate Wants Gays Purged From The GOP, Blames Satan For Homosexuality

Corporate democrats are concern at how Charlie Crist is running his campaign

The Secret Report From 1993 That EXONERATED Woody Allen

from Google to the gun range

State Rep's Sisters Found Shot To Death

CT says the grifter is going to run for the money, BK freaks out!

US-Russia Rift Widens At Sochi

Sochi Sign: 'We Do Not Serve FBI And CIA Agents'...

Class War In Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Government Is On Fire

How do I turn the ads back off?

Victory For Brewer: Judge Tosses GOP Suit Challenging Obamacare Medicaid Expansion In Arizona

My cat stopped peeing

'Lesbian' Duo tATu Performs at Winter Olympics Opener

Great Lakes Ice Cover Spreading Rapidly; See Which Lake Set A New Record

CA Coastal Commission Hearing Wednesday Feb. 12 in Pismo Beach about secretly occurring fracking

some MORANS did a biilboard

Congressman owns a lot of stock in "defense" contractor he advocates for...