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Sen. #McCain becomes the Dennis Rodman of the Senate

Childrens Choir from Moore elementary school

Hello... i'm new here

Toronto Police closing in on alleged Mayor Rob Ford crack video?

Tornado warnings for: Colorado, Neb. Kansas

I need bike accessory advice

Toronto police spoke to Mayor Ford’s senior staffer after tip linked killing to alleged drug video A

UK to step up internet surveillance following Woolwich murder

Non-juried art fairs in Illinois or neighboring state?

Man bites dog to save his wife after the animal rips off her nose

In Venezuela, voice of dissent lowering volume

An appreciation thread for Alfonso the Wise!

Correction on number of houses destroyed in OKC

My cat needs flea advice

Not Fade Away

I am dreading my birthday.

Joe and Jill Biden land in Trinidad

Australian Rules Football Player Takes Time Out Of Match To Point Out Racist Fan

After visits from MFM, business establishments have to modify their signs for clarification.

Which Dogs Bite?

Groundswell Rising: Fracking Movie Trailer

Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden: Honoring our Commitment to Veterans

Rosen was informed?

Does Kali keep any of her bulls in a pit?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Memorial Day & a new Kitteh & Doggie gif

Memorial Day - Thanks Pappaw

Coalition of Immokalee Workers Rally At Wendy's Shareholder Meeting For Fair Food Program

"Groups Targeted by I.R.S. Tested Rules on Politics"

Will we ever retire?

What happens if the Supreme Court guts the Voting Rights Act?

Seriously this stinks-Deloitte appoints official criticised over 'sweetheart' tax deals

MSNBC is showing "Caught on Camera: Revolution" right now.

Labor cartoon for the week of May 27, 2013

Family Guy - Everything is better with a bag of weed

America’s top Catholic calls for renewed wave of anti-LGBT sentiment

Help finding an insurance plan for my wife.

How Not To Do Safety Training 1944

Lithium ion cells from Ulm with top values—ZSW produces batteries with 10,000 charge cycles

Chance at a Union Job Draws 800 Job Applicants in Queens, N.Y. (camp out for 5 days)

Proof that Obamacare will drive a major change through the insurance industry

Don't you love when the closeted tell those whose of us who are honest how we should live our life.

I am seriously thinking of deleting my FB account.

Tuition Protesters Are Still in Top Office at Cooper Union

John Denver - The Strangest Dream - 1971-dedicated to my Uncle Bobby and all the

I've always been attracted to older women, but MAN! Do I have a crush on Jill Biden!

10 Jobs You Probably Didn't Know Were Union Jobs (plus video)

The true enemy.

What kind of Asian are you?

How do you get through the bad days?

Like my new sig line?

Federal Judge Refuses To Toss (de)Occupy Honolulu Suit Despite City's Efforts

Memorial Day weekend federal agents block press from recording arrest


Wendell Potter explains how millions will still be left without adequate coverage under Obamacare

Longmire Season Starts Tonight

The 2 young lesbians story and comments here make me wonder why I bother with DU.

News Corp. vs. Fox News? (the Rosen story gets even more bizarre)


Chevron and Venezuela sign $2 billion loan deal

He has quit signing pledges

Is Obama at war with journalists?

As today draws to a close, Let Us Remember The Real Reasons for Memorial Day

Geoengineering: Our Last Hope, or a False Promise?

David Simon, creator of The Wire, says new US drug laws help only 'white, middle-class kids'

TWO pressure cooker scares in one Sunday

Space Chronicles with Neil deGrasse Tyson

okay, because we need a laugh?? heard this tonight from an unimpeachable source (ie, one of

A Comment To Will Pitts On T.O. Piece.


Volunteers in citizen radar patrol have speeders in their sights

Tribunal that condemned Rios Montt will not continue the trial process

Eat the Rude.

Here's What American Job Creation Looked Like Under The Last 5 Presidents

Roasting corn. I love corn roasted but it takes forever on a stove top "grill" or in the oven on

Watching "Where Eagles Dare" on AMC. *snore*

Anyone ever had sauteed spinach, feta, garlic and sliced almonds? Is it as

Does this sound like a 'social welfare' group to you? (Photo) (Video)

Gunman in Texas Shooting Rampage was a Marine

memorial day

Questions About McCain's Surprise Visit To Rebel Leaders In Syria......

North Dakota Now Has The Highest Concentration Of Bars Per Capita In The US

Obama Plans 3 Nominations for Key Court

About Memorial Day...

Knitters Purl One For Orphan Fledglings


Like to knit? Like birds?

I was going to save one of these for the Spring contest, but what the hell.

Obama Thinks Drones Are Okay

mom is going back to Virginia

My mom...

Winnipeg’s mayor caught in chewing gum scandal!

The Second Amendment explained

One Region in Myanmar Limits Births of Muslims

Chile, Argentina on red alert over Copahue volcano

Scientists Thaw and Revive Plants Frozen Since Shakespeare's Time

Know your history: Memorial Day was started by former slaves in 1865 to honor Union Soldiers

Canadian Money Suspiciously Smells Like Maple Syrup

It's right v. right in southeast Missouri congressional election (STL Post Dispatch)

Amina Tyler (Topless Tunisian protester) arrested.

My Brother caught a River Monster Northern Pike yesterday evening...

Gunmen kill 3 troops on Lebanon-Syria border: Official

The Onion will quit operations in 2014 : editor in chief says

Centuries-old frozen plants revived (BBC)

White House security adviser calls for deeper China military ties

U.S. report says major weapons designs compromised by Chinese

Rescuers save a newborn from sewer pipe in China

KOLD 13 said tonight (May 27) it was 19 days till Monsoon Season.

Vatican corrects infallible pope: atheists will still burn in hell

Abandoned Chinese baby rescued from toilet pipe

Citing Danger, Schumer Calls for Scrapping New Screening Plan for Statue of Liberty

Sing it…

High court in India says women often use rape laws for "vengeance and vendetta"

May 28: National Brisket Day

May 28, 1892 – In San Francisco, California, John Muir organizes the Sierra Club.

America’s oldest veteran, 107 year old Richard Overton, celebrates Memorial Day at Austin home

Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), just saw her in the movie Dredd and didn't recognize her

‘Show Me Your Papers’ Bill Could Make North Carolina The Next Arizona

American Senile Old Man Wanders Off, Ends Up In The Middle-East. (

Larry Summers has an edge in the race to head the Federal Reserve

Since we're posting about corn

WaPo oped on JK's middle east peace efforts

Teach the Controversy Poster

Kerry embraces Ethiopian winner of Boston marathon

Iran Going Offline?

Nurses Explain the Healthcare Law in 90 Seconds

The Syrian civil war is swiftly becoming a dangerous regional conflict

Gun control supporters facing recall bids in Colo.

Dead Pa. baby's dad believes in 'divine healing'

America's Corrupt Justice System: Federal Private Prison Populations Grew by 784% in 10 Year Span

Soybeanland Stands Up to Monsanto

9 Things You Should Know About the New Farm Bill

How much time will Iceland bankers spend in jail?

Robert Reich: Beware Capitalist Tools

Franken, Feinstein, Durbin and Shumer let Leahy stand alone in support of gay couples

Robert Scheer: Congress Still Puts Out for Wall Street

***HELP A DUER*** whose dog, Seven, needs surgery. Please keep this kicked! ($$$ UPDATES)

In Memoriam: Putting American Democracy on Sale

Russian arms 'to deter foreign intervention in Syria'

Pet lovers, would you kindly help kick this post in GD?

Animal lovers, would you kindly help keep this post in GD kicked?

Finally saw my real psych diagnoses and was suprised

How old is too old? Used Mac?

stressed ecosystems leaving humanity high and dry


The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

United States lags Europe on paid vacation time

This Is How the NRA Ends: The bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement has arrived

Political intelligence firms set up investor meetings at White House

Hey DU-Last-ditch attempt to save Chicago Public Schools!!

What is actually going on in Iceland

US to spend $10 billion to upgrade Nukes in Europe

Buying a rug at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

British climate scientist: We're wasting billions on global warming

My CEO is discussing dropping healthcare FOR Obamacare

Too much potato salad and beer? Too many burgers and games? Come CAPTION this Fox News Defecator!!!!

Syrian Rebels Urge McCain to Get Over Losing to Obama as reported by Andy Borowitz

Gun Makers Saw No Role in Curbing Improper Sales

Some Days, The World Sucks a Little Less Than on Other Days

Livermore scientists develop CO2 sequestration technique that produces 'supergreen' hydrogen fuel, …

Tuesday Toons

Gluten free analogs? with edit

Ancient woodland restoration project secures £1.9m funding

An atheist becomes God

Warmer seas could lead to more dolphin deaths in South Australia

Because, the Risk of Dying on an Overseas Mission is Sooo Frickin Funny!

Moniz Speaks at White House Leadership Summit on Women, Climate and Energy

"I am not a bum, I am a Human Being"

FBI shared child porn to nab pedophiles; Washington home raided

Consumerism and Its Discontents

Gotan Project - Una Musica Brutal (Live)

CONGRESS To US: "We're already giving 110%"

US home prices rise 10.9 pct., most since 2006

Venezuelan Homicides Reach Record High In 2013


Something to consider…

Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device containing hydrogen loaded nicke…

BOFF! POW!!! Holy Support Hose, Batman!

Russia says it will send missiles to Syria. Israel says it will strike them if they do

A Walmart shopper, everybody! *Applause*

Washington Bridge Creaks as U.S. Repair Costs Increase

Chinese hackers access major weapons systems:


We Are Not Gay, We Are Human

If ANYONE ever told you that they saw this coming, they were a stone cold fibber…

Michele Bachmann Inspires Racy Romance Novel

How America Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Marijuana

Tetsuo this!

Is being a Republican ever a person's fault

Question for Torchwood fans

Before the Internet, did you know there were so many crazies in the world?

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 28, 1961

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 28, 1961

The world’s favourite fruit only better-tasting and longer-lasting

My Husband Just Died:I too Was My Own Death Panel

Consumerism and Its Discontents

Indiana *Loses* Supreme Court Bid to Deny Planned Parenthood Federal Medicaid Funding

sanford, fla

Strange dream I had last night

It seems that "bean-counters" can't understand art...

Could Reese Witherspoon or Scarlett Johansson Play Hillary Clinton?

Mandated Vacation

Downward Dog

Lounging in the hottub

Cheer up! Britain is tenth happiest country in the world… with Australia in the top spot

John Boehner’s shrinking power

Biden Investigated For Questionable Workers’ Comp Claim

Good Morning, Lounge!

Judge: Zimmerman Lawyers Can't Put Trayvon Martin on Trial

To Sharia or not to Sharia: The question of Islamopolitics

Hundreds of thousands of dead fish float to the surface of two Chinese rivers

‘Our Thoughts Go Out To Oklahoma,’ Says Congressman Calculating When He Can Bring Up Benghazi

More education love from the white house.

Pic Of The Moment: Bob Dole Slams The GOP

The kidnapping of America's molten salt reactor program, Part #2 - a chief suspect emerges.

SKorea idles 2 nuke plants after cable tests faked

Beginning today -- The Fall (trailer that sucked me in at the link):

Latest Opponents of Fracking…German Beer Makers

Does he use Charmin?

Consumers Are Thrilled, Economic Data Is Kicking Ass, And The Stock Market Is Going Wild

Panamanians extremely concerned about the high cost of food

News Corp.: We Have No Record Of Fox News Subpoena

The End of the Beginning of the End by Will Pitt

13 Companies Drop Facebook Advertising Over Domestic Violence Content

Joe Theismann: "LeBron James can be NFL QB"

Zimmerman's lawyer said that pot has been known for aggressive behavior.

Hermit lived in woods for 27 years, committed more than 1,000 burglaries

Union County sex-trafficking survivor Danielle Douglas on a mission to set dictionary straight

Next for Opera: Minimalist design, engine switcheroo

World Freedom Index 2013: Canadian Fraser Institute Ranks Countries

UPDATED: Poll: Possible Dem Candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes Tied With McConnell

May 18 view from space of Pavlof Volcano

Two shows

Snowe: Republicans Need To ‘Rethink Their Approach As A Political Party’

Some stuff from this past weekend

Justices decline to hear Planned Parenthood funding case

Laura Ingraham To Tea Party: Avoid ‘Stupid Comments’ On Women, Abortio

There is a marathon of Continuum on Sci Fi.

Are You More Likely to Get Skin Cancer?

Russia to send Syria air defense system to deter 'hotheads'

Dairy program proposed by Schumer would boost small local farms

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Peter Van Buren, We Meant Well P1

Lawmaker finds new realities in return to Congress (Nolan, D-Minn.)

High-End Health Plans Scale Back to Avoid ‘Cadillac Tax’

there were 38 fatal dog attacks in 2012 in the US

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Peter Van Buren, We Meant Well P2

Former Top Cop Heads Home From Federal Prison

Dumb Criminals: Father Accused Of Putting Six Week Old In Freezer

this is just so fucking insane and evil: One dead in latest shooting of polio workers in Pakistan

N.Y.'s top court to decide who can tap Starbucks' tip jars

Dumb Parents Part II: Son Dropped From Track Team, Father Sues School For $40 Mil

NY high court eyes who can tap Starbucks' tip jars

Just stumbled across this Joni Mitchell youtube....Circle Game.

You're Not A Zombie, You Might Just Have "Walking Corpse Syndrome"

The Problem of Muslim Leadership

Do You Believe? Holy image appears behind child battling leukemia

CELAC doctrine of peace and justice articulated against U.S. policy

Is Amelia Earhart's disappearance solved?

Chicago to Shutter 50 Public Schools: Is Historic Mass Closure An Experiment in Privatization?

Hey, Floridians. Ever seen a Burmese python in the wild? nt

help me understand this

Millions in back taxes due in Tulsa County

9 out of 10 NY'ers say more arrests of pols coming soon

Xbox One could track everything you watch on TV

The Man Behind 'Unskewed Polls' Levels Up in Conspiracy Theories

thug kitchen

Even a Blind Man Could Have Seen That Coming

There is a name for that: Pluralistic Ignorance

With Plan X, the Pentagon tries to turn cyberwarfare into 'World of Warcraft'

Chicago’s Choice: Closing 50 Schools But Spending $100 Million On Basketball Arena

How to know if a relationship is right.

JCPenney Billboard Promotes Tea Kettle That Looks Like Hitler

(YUCK!) South Carolina family arrested for 80 dead animals inside home

Two US diplomats to Venezuela shot in Caracas

Churches and other orgs send scabs to cross picket line and work for free during strike

Under the Affordable Care Act....

World Of Warcraft loses 1.3 million subscribers in 3 months ( I guess the panda didn't cut it)

2 US embassy officials injured in Venezuela; police official says 1 shot outside night club

The faces of war (before, during and ater)

KRUGMAN Comes Clean: "I am a big meanie"

Some images don't load.

Stephen Colbert is great at using humor to point out stupidity....

Kitten Sam and Kitten Beau Updates...It's Nap Time

Germany lags behind in protection of forced prostitutes

Atheist Unite campaign raised over $95,000 for atheist tornado victims, Rebecca Vitsmun and her fami

If you weren't born between 1940 and 1955, and you are familiar with "Ballad of Davy Crockett,"

A Gay Dad Sounds Off About Fundamentalists Who Target My Kids

Satire Alert! Syrian rebels urge McCain to get over losing to Obama

Elizabeth Warren starts the pendulum swing back to the left.

High-End Health Plans Scale Back to Avoid ‘Cadillac Tax’

Wife of Marine in Texas slayings found dead in NC

Your Moment of "Awww": Photos -- Matthew and Ben's Wedding Day

What $56 billion industry goes ignored by globalization critics?

NY hospital shooting inspires proposed legislation

Oh, Really? "Some Republicans think..."

Is Obamacare A ‘Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity’ For Democrats In Red States?

The Calm Before the Solar Storm

Calling The Mayor Of Rio 'Excrement' Will Get You Punched In The Face

Final trip for Orkney shortest flight pilot

JC Penny Billboard Features Tea Kettle That Kind Of Looks Like Hitler

TX Colleges: Faculty will need to exercise caution while grading...

Glock exec testified he would keep doing business with indicted dealers because... wait for it...

There are only 10 kinds of people in the world

State police investigation of its own leaves judge in disbelief

How Do State and Local Government Officials View Gun Control?

Mayor Of Winnipeg Caught In Chewing Gum Scandal

Papantonio: The Student Loan Debt Crisis

Harvard Dean Who Handled E-Mail Searches to Step Down

White House Says It Was Aware of McCain’s Trip To Syria

Digital currency firm Liberty Reserve accused of $6bn money-laundering

Complete Gridlock in PA. State Legislature

Ireland to introduce plain cigarette packets

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Obama Squeezes Senate GOP On Filibuster

France considers electronic cigarette ban in public places

Who is afraid of Egyptian atheists?

Pakistan polio vaccination suspended after killing

Maloney and Jeffries say NY GOP playing 'political footsie' with Ted Cruz

French firms see rising religious demands at work

'Drones are changing the face of conservation' - used to control poaching in game preserves

Archdiocese Pays for Health Plan That Covers Birth Control

VIDEO: Insane view from inside a tornado in a specially-designed "Tornado Intercept Vehicle"

10-year-old girl rode with a dog in a cage in the back of a pickup truck

Why interfaith is important – an interview with John Macintyre

Obama Endorses Markey For Mass. Senate Seat

Is rape legitimate if she dresses provocatively? One author argues yes

New book: Philosophy makes better mathematicians

These posts about "Minors" pissed me off

The KKK vs. the Crips vs. Memphis City Council (Part 1/4)

Peter King Boycotting GOP Fundraiser Headlined By Cruz

Is Axelrod protecting any 501(c)4s?

Ex-Marine sniper makes documentary on Afghan war

VW’s German Workers Win Raises In Pay Deal

Balloons Bring Smiles in War-Weary Afghan Capital

H1N1 (Swine) flu kills 17 people in Venezuela

Vatican: 100,000 Christians are killed every year for their faith

I'm considering becoming a vegetarian

5/28: Weiner Shows Gains on the Heels of Candidacy Announcement (NYC Mayor)

Judge rules against mentioning marijuana use and sequestering jury pool for Zimmerman trial

I'm all ready for World War Z.

Dewey Beach begins first smoke-free summer season

The Simpsons takes a dig at Fox News

Robert Scheer: Congress Still Puts Out for Wall Street

Engineering Empire: An Introduction to the Intellectuals and Institutions of American Imperialism

The Art Of Extreme Sports /Compilation (enjoy)

Italy's protest party, Five Star Movement, fares badly at local elections, while the left recovers.

Florida lawmaker wants to adjust laws used to prosecute teens for consensual sex

A Graphical Representation of the Internet - Powerful Possibilities

Facebook Still Doesn’t Consider Rape Jokes To Be Hate Speech

Chinese baby boy rescued from sewer pipe after being flushed down toilet

How many people do you know who have a Wiki entry?

Baltimore explosion reportedly caused by train derailment

Train derails in Maryland, explosion reported

I just think that crown moulding would make this room.

IEA says U.S. gas prices of US$5 could spur return to coal

I have a job interview tomorrow.

completely insane piece on how the pill "enslaves" women. but funny.

My first MRI

Fed Law Mandates Whistleblowing - Consequences Regardless

Amy Amy Amy... Colin Colin Colin...tsk tsk tsk

Anti-choice lawmaker: No one understands women, women “don’t even understand themselves”

Family Concerned After John McCain Wanders Into Syria

S. Korea suspends more nuclear reactors over fake documents

What the IRS did right - By Joan Walsh

This will make your day. Sooooo sweet.

Run headlong into midweek!!! Please come CAPTION Darrell, words-are-just-words, Issa!!!!

Major Democratic donors sign on to help Hillary Clinton in 2016

son graduated from Columbia with masters in Foreign and domestic policy!

Republican mayor endorses Chris Christie's Democratic opponent!

New Marist Poll Shows Weiner Gaining On Quinn's Lead Among Dems

More lovely prom dresses.

Agree OR Disagree! Republicans will enjoy the benefits of Obama care while vilifying it?

Exclusive: Obama Asks Pentagon For Syria No-Fly Zone Plan

Freshmen, Tea Party Republicans Top Texas Tribune Readers' "Worst" Legislators

Wal-Mart pleads guilty for Calif. hazardous waste

The GOP’s Pitiful Reformers - by Michael Tomasky


How much for a 'parts' car?

Call to Houston Motel 6 leads to class-action lawsuit

Wal-Mart pleads guilty to (criminal) charges of dumping hazardous waste in California. Gets a fine.

A Partial List Of National Anthem Screw Ups

The Race is On: Manufacturer sets sights on market for armed drones...

White powder in envelope at downtown Dallas office tower found to be hazardous

Video: Pat Robertson Claims Groups "Twist" and "Distort" His Hateful Words

Anyone put in a patio in New England?

New York congressman boycotts GOP dinner because Ted Cruz will be there

The Master Terrorist We Gave Away

More lovely porn dresses.

Gay Soldier Killed In Combat Helped Marriage Fight

Chris Christie Wins Obama an Actual Prize at the Jersey Shore

It's Official: Virginia "Republicans" Are Bats*** Insane

Rick Perry Vetoes Bipartisan "Buy American" Bill

From Wayne Powell:

So much for the "liberal media"

Issa Serves Kerry With Subpoena For Benghazi Docs

Zimmerman Lawyer Goes On National TV To Smear Martin With Inadmissable Evidence

10 Things That American Women Could Not Do Before the 1970s

Texas Police Tase Overweight Asthmatic to Death in Drug Raid That Uncovers No Drugs

Why Newtown is Different

What does Israel’s Arab minority really think?

Dallas ISD Chief of Staff Jerome Oberlton Resigns Over Federal Criminal Probe (updated 6/3/2013)

Two die after h7n9 bird flu virus develops drug resistance

Will Livestrong survive? Nike dumps Lance Armstrong’s cancer foundaton

A map of Pangea overlaid with current country’s borders

Freight train derails, explodes near Baltimore.

I had some time on my hands, today...

British doctor dies in Syria as hospital is shelled

POLL: Israelis Overwhelmingly Back Arab Peace Initiative

Bernie Sanders: Something's Not-So-Rotten in Denmark

H1N1 flu outbreak kills 17 in Venezuela: media

Dwight Howard Interested in Golden State Warriors

Democrat Mark Schauer to challenge Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in 2014

Tell the FCC: Talk Radio is Not 'Bonafide News' (A petition that matters!!!)

Papantonio: Exposing The Climate Criminals

Yuck! The Senate Won't Clear the Way for States to Label Genetically Modified Food/The Nation

Krugman: Taxing the Rich - not surprisingly - reduces inequality

Paradise Lost? Immigrants fuel violent scuffles in Sweden

So how many episodes of Arrested Development did you watch this weekend?

President José Mujica (Uruguay) nominated for Nobel Peace Prize (Marijuana Legalization)

In less than 6 months since Newtown, more Americans have been killed with guns in our streets...

Brilliant: York mosque counters EDL protest with tea, biscuits and football

Two Worlds Colliding

Check out this Tea Party poll!

Bashir is eating R & R using Krugman

George Takei's EXCELLENT Facebook Status Today: "...Unless People Step Forward and Offer Themselves"

Cat Crying Sounds Like He's Saying Al Gore

Atheists Go to Heaven? Vatican Backpedals

The U.S. is more than a little to blame for Pakistani vaccine workers being murdered

Just finished BAD BLOOD by Dana Stabenow. SPOILERS.

Raw Footage: Explosion at Train Derailment in MD

ho hum. another new conflict for the U.S. Obama Asks Pentagon For Syria No-Fly Zone Plan

NY high court eyes who can tap Starbucks' tip jars

Anyone ever order bank checks online?

Tilda Swinton is fab-u-lous!

President Obama~ From The Jersey Shore

John McCain is not the only one overdue to retire

Honduras gangs declare truce, seek talk with gov't

Computers piecing together jigsaw of Jewish lore:

What do you hate about yourself but

Immigration Tests Prospects for a Borderless Europe

When Congress Voted Down The Fourth Amendment

Walmart Workers Launch First-Ever 'Prolonged Strikes' Today

Priebus Has 'Good Feeling' Issa Will Have 'Quite a Summer' Investigating Obama

Wal-Mart Pleads Guilty in Environmental Cases; To Pay More than $81 Million

Where to begin?

Tubular Bells or Autobahn?

Man charged with killing 6-month-old Chicago girl

Japanese Teenager Racks Up Massive Bar Tab On Dad's AMEX Card In All Night Bender

"Tea Party" now claims John McCain is an Illegal Alien--

Check out what's going on beneath New York City

Are there any standards for sources used in GD? Why do we have Creative Speculation?

"Rest in peace, The Onion. You will be missed."

Anyone take defensive driving online?

Our resounding success in Iraq is a myth. The country is being torn apart by sectarian violence

Do you watch The ID channel? They keep showing these commercials about puppy mills

The June Competiton Theme is HDR Images.

Glenn Beck wants people to stop calling him a conspiracy theorist

Garden Party~ With First Lady Michelle

Forcing straights to stay married for 2 years before divorce: Cons focus on ACTUAL marriage threat?

Diane Hathaway is scum. I have no problem with her humiliation. The more the better.

Obama "Playing his Chess Game" outfoxes his Billionaire Donor!

Suspected US drone crashes in Somalia's Lower Shabelle

If you please, name your first Concert experience...

Call Out the Climate Change Deniers

‘Africa’s Youngest Billionaire’ Got to the Top Via Truth, Love and Compassion (oopsie)

NYT: Seeking Food Ingredients That Aren’t Gene-Altered

Republicans Charge Obama With Court-Packing For Trying To Fill Empty Seats

Really Really Reaching 101: Gibson Raid Foretold IRS Teabagger Scrutiny

BREAKING: Facebook Promises To Take Action On Domestic Violence Content

Congressional members call for Redskins name change

Mount Etna is spitting lava more violently than it has in years

Silly movie on TCM, making me bust out laughing at Hollywood

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday May 28th

Garden Party~ First Lady Michelle and Students in the WH Kitchen Garden.. Harvesting Veggies. Yumm!

GOP Senators To Supreme Court: Curtail The President’s Recess Appointment Power

Angelina Jolie's aunt passed..just got call and crying

Syria as a Game-Changer: US Political Impotence in the Middle East | Ramzy Baroud

The Politics of Time's Shape | John Michael Greer

How To Make Your Own Almond Milk. You’re going to be surprised by how easy this is.

I think the IRS has uncovered something BIG

Tribute bands you think are dopey

GOP pushing legislation to eliminate DC court seats because Obama wants to fill those vacancies

Krueger, top Obama economic adviser, to leave post

Behind the Candelabra (HBO)

Falls Church Episcopal celebrates past, looks to future

Memorial Day 2013 | Mickey Z.

York Mosque praised for offering EDL protesters tea

Let's All Go Medieval | James Howard Kunstler

Review - The Significance of Religious Experience

heres a question i saw today

Laura Ingram Cautions Tea Party About 'Resting On Victim Status.' SRSLY?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Food Justice: Monsanto, Factory Farming, and Beyond | Mickey Z.

Why I'm Not an Atheist: The Case for Agnosticism

The First Year in the Life of a Catholic Priest

Home price jump is more rebound than bubble

Some F. Scott Fitzgerald stories are back in print!

Hickenlooper Signs First Bills In History To Establish A Legal, Regulated Pot Market

Strong Storm-Chaser Vehicle video of a Kansas tornado (Monday)

Grassley says Obama is attempting to "pack" the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

John Nichols: Check for the Union Label.

Nurses Explain the Healthcare Law in 90 Seconds

Working at the car wash.......with representation.

Has anyone ever heard of 'hashing'

This vid is disturbing, yet....I can't stop watching it. Song is beautiful.

Eric Drexler's latest post: "APM in brief"

Louis & Bebe Barron or Morton Subotnick

Shh: NY Catholic Church Quietly Paying for Birth Control, Abortions

Young Obama shows off his baseball swing

So this angel comes to God and demands a vacation...

We're out of napkins