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The massacres that have defined Colombias armed conflict

Courts Sidestep the Law, and South Carolina's Poor Go to Jail

Courts Sidestep the Law, and South Carolina's Poor Go to Jail

There's a ball game on between the Cubs and the Nats

Reciprocality. There's just NOT enough reciprocality. In terms of our trade deals, we need more.

Donald Trump Is Homer Stokes.

DeAndre Harris turns self in; attorney says assault charge based on misleading evidence

"Dig a little deeper in the well" - by Doc Watson

Republican Rape Advisory Chart

It wasn't the emails...

Cover of This Week

North Bay Fires: Even San Francisco feels like the outskirts of Hell.

Simple juice I like

Letter to Melania

Dissociated Press: Trump's Nocturnal Jaunts

Robert Pruett executed

Trump is falling apart, and nobody knows what to do about it

China will 'compel' Saudi Arabia to trade oil in yuan and that's going to affect the US dollar

NPR's State of Things: "Some Scientists fudged numbers. So, all science is fake"

Louisiana Sheriff Wants Good Prisoners To Stay Jailed For Their Free Labor

Can We Trust A Pathological Liar To Tell The Truth Under Oath?......

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Quicker Picker Upper! Live Uncensored &

And another dickhead from Wisconsin......

NRA opposes bump fire stocks bills in Congress


Kevin De Leon(D-CA) is running for the US Senate in 2018

Anyone have an Iphone?

200 Female Inmates Are Fighting Fires in California

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 15 - Monster of the Month: Dracula

Electricity consumers 'to fund nuclear weapons through Hinkley Point C'

Andy Borowitz: The End of Trump

TCM Schedule for Monday October 16 - Trailblazing Women

U.S. energy head: Nuclear power rescue helps national security

Spa Day for federal workers in PR.

Hurricane Harvey (Weinstein)

Now on Maddow

With Trump in office, do scandals matter anymore?

White Nationalism Is Destroying the West

Politico is reporting that Trump will drop ACA subsidies

Why do you think so many women are silenced when voicing opinions or experiences that make some

They survived six hours in a pool as a wildfire burned their neighborhood to the ground

Japan Nuclear Fuel skipped safety checks at Rokkasho plant for 14 years

More on my quest for aortic valve replacement

Fires,Hurricanes, North Korea - NOW A DIJON MUSTARD SEED SHORTAGE!!!

Carmen Yulen Cruz on Rachel - live streamed here if you don't have cable

Obama on Weinstein

It's time.

Indiana Republican drafts bill to require journalists to be licensed after Trump threatens NBC

Indiana Republican drafts bill to require journalists to be licensed after Trump threatens NBC


If Trump shot someone on Fifth Avenue, the media would...

Electricity consumers 'to fund nuclear weapons through Hinkley Point C'

Trump taps AccuWeather CEO to head NOAA, breaking with precedent of nominating scientists

Is there any proof at all that Trump is NOT the devil?

In the midst of DISASTER.....


Emma Thompson delivers a powerful statement about people like Weinstein

urology referral for prostate

Ok....I'm rooting for the Cubs again......

The BEST t-shirts feature quotes from the U.S. Secretary of State.

FEMA wtf??

Trump will scrap critical Obamacare subsidy

45 is stopping health care subsidies! MSNBC just announced it.

Massachusetts on its way to banning bump stock gun devices

Eddie Vedder Clowns Trump, Tosses Paper Towels to Rained Out Cubs Fans

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake IN 30 SECONDS

Utah's 'Negro Bill Canyon' renamed after years of debate

Trumps Stock Market Rally Isnt as Unprecedented as he claims...

de Young Hosts Recently Discovered Treasure Trove in Teotihuacan

de Young Hosts Recently Discovered Treasure Trove in Teotihuacan

Seth Meyers: Trump Attacks NBC, Lindsay Lohan Defends Harvey Weinstein - Monologue - 10/11/17

Seth Meyers - Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump and Systemic Sexism: A Closer Look

Just saw Newt Gingrich being interviewed by Wendy Mesley at CBC.

FEMA, prioritize - PR hospitals and communications

Someone make it stop

To those who are insisting ...

For new people: we have a Mental Health Support group on DU

CNN anchor dubs Trump 'hypocrite-in-chief' for signing 50 executive orders

We are all on trumpcare now.

Mass hysteria may explain 'sonic attacks' in Cuba, say top neurologists

Mass hysteria may explain 'sonic attacks' in Cuba, say top neurologists

I swear to gawd.....I did not know how much stuff #44 did!!!!!

So, are you going to lose your health insurance now?

THERE REALLY IS A DIFFERENE BETWEEN republicans and Democrats, and elections do have consequences

'Deadlock' over Brexit bill, says EU's Michel Barnier

Please, I am begging

Trump going on a Hitler, bunker style rampage this week destroying the country

BREAKING: Trump to stop making vital Obamacare subsidy payments

America is so much better than trump

The dates 4/4, 6/6, 8/8, 10/10 and 12/12 always fall on the same weekday every year

To honor this day in history

Facebook's Sandberg is guilty of covering up what Facebook has done

"Attention, to all the GOP who has kissed the throne of Trump"!

Peru: Inca citadel remains found in Cusco

Peru: Inca citadel remains found in Cusco

Beijing philanthropist gives $2 billion for wildlife conservation in biggest ever personal amount

Will Republicans Return Donations From Their Harvey Weinstein, a Guy Named Trump?

My country is falling apart

US Citizen calls WH Switchboard to complain about 45's Tweets..

Welcome to TRUMPCARE folks. It starts now

I just have to wonder if Rand Paul & Trump had this plan...

With the F**king Moron's latest EO, how many rural hospitals do you think

And this guy was Governor of

Singer from popular Mexican band killed in Guadalajara

Trump signs Trumpcare Exec Order;Brags that he is ending Obamacare

Mexico Improves Provisions for End-of-Life Care

Mexico Improves Provisions for End-of-Life Care

Schneiderman and other AGs will sue to defend ACA subsidies

Women Harbor No Secret Desire To See Genitals

Where's Zinke? The interior secretary's special flag offers clues (WP)

Dear Donald Trump's base,

Crooked Kushner hid assets he should have divested, made millions in profits

DT just signed 50th executive order in less than 9 months, even though his party

Off to work I go!

Trump is a man of high stature, vertically speaking

Touch My Tooter

The game lasted 13 hours, but so what? CUBBIES WIN!!!!!

Trump took an oath of office to faithfully execute the office of the presidency

Hostile Conservative rebels force No 10 to delay flagship Brexit bill

Cover of The Week

Trump is truly an evil evil man. The GOP politicians are supporting this evil.

What happened in Niger? How come there weren't reinforcements

Oliver Stone on Harvey Weinstein: 'It's Not Easy What He's Going Through'

Behold the Arctic fox, DESTROYER OF CAMERAS!

SWORD OF DAMOCLES FALLS: Trump officially cutting off CSR reimbursements

How the NY Post smeared an actress who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

The madness ends when we bring about a substantial reduction in bigotry, particularly racism.

This is not Normal...THIS IS NOT NORMAL

Trump a 'stunningly effective president,' says Newt Gingrich

69 House Republicans who voted against aid to Puerto Rico. Bill passed 353-69

Buffalo sauce latte, anyone?

Too Bad Trump Voters Won't Be The Only Ones To Die From Lack Of Health Insurance.]

Call it for what it is

When Trump meets St. Peter at the Pearly gates?

How Long Before Trump Goes Nuclear?

Another big challenge for autonomous car engineers: Energy efficiency

My friend I went bowling with tonight told me her little grandaughter is having nightmares about WW3

Armadillos skitter across Tennessee, along with rumors of leprosy

Mayor Barry internal poll shows initial support for higher taxes to fund Nashville mass transit

Halloween Is Coming #46

Halloween Is Coming #47

Halloween Is Coming #48

Halloween Is Coming #49

Halloween Is Coming #50

Happy Friday The 13th!

It's A Friday The 13th Kinda Party


Come to the Camp!

Happy-Happy, Kill-Joy!

Vanderbilt Makes A Deal With Cigna To Keep Obamacare Patients

Bill Murray Ambushes The Ed Sullivan Theater With T-Shirts

Former Memphis Grizzlies announcer Rick Trotter Indicted for Up-Skirt Videos at Church

Friday the 13th and Halloween: Two great things that go great together

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/12/17

Only one university has signed on to Tennessee's maintenance outsourcing plan so far

Morford: Fire of devastation, rain of compassion

Rape cases roil University of Memphis campus with protests, town hall meeting planned

"General Relativity" (toon)

Trump Reportedly Backed a Plan to Save DACA Recipients Before Sean Hannity Changed His Mind

Tom Emmer and Jason Lewis vote against Puerto Rico aid

Trump's lawyers file lawsuit to be allowed to destroy presidential records

DoD relief efforts continue in Puerto Rico as Trump suggests cutting aid

Winds ease, but Wine Country fire death toll rises to 31

Doctor Quits Puerto Rico Medical Relief Team Over "Spa Day" Rachel Maddow

The problem with right wing people is their sense of perceived shame...

Tennessee government offices deny taking photos of public records

Former Army Manager Sentenced to Prison for Taking $1 Million in Illegal Gratuities

Harvey Weinstein: US actress Rose McGowan makes rape allegation

'White Lives Matter' rally permit pending as city council deliberates, activists plan

Bad medicine: Gov. Bevin's plan to cripple medicaid

UK-Dutch-built Sentinel launches to track air quality

Tiangong-1: Chinese space station will crash to Earth within months

Frump is "overmarking" every important Obama initiative: Dogs cover others' scents.

Private companies help Puerto Rico while America is slow to offer aid

Porta-potties targeted with IEDs; commode explodes

Remember the time Bill Clinton sabotaged the ADA because it was Bush Sr. who signed it into law?

Day One: How to Thwart Trump Removing the Insurance Subsidies

Auditor: Ex-county treasurer wrote self $114,506 in checks

Bill Murray Reminds Trump Puerto Ricos in America by Performing Songs from West Side Story


What Did Trumps Health Care Executive Order Do?

Marijuana Proposal As Pension Fix

Soccer star Weah leads most counties in Liberia presidential election vote

30 percent of this college's students default on loans. McConnell doesn't want the school to pay

Icelandic Pirate Party MP forced to wear eyepatch

Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) Oct. 8, 2017 - Great ending!

They are actually drafting legistration in Indiana to make reporters to have a reports's license!

McMaster Wants to Save the Iran Deal by Hiding It From Trump

Attorney General Andy Beshear: Reveal 'secret partners' in company getting $15M from state

Trump just retweeted O'Reilly in his attack on the media

Text Message I Just Got...

"Donald Trump is the energizer bunny of stupid. He just keeps wrecking and wrecking."

Kentucky state agencies resist or drag their feet on Gov. Bevin's budget cut request

Uber Pushed the Limits of the Law. Now Comes the Reckoning

Almost 5 years since I've had a drink or cigarette

Andy Beshear storms out after GOP lawmaker grills him over Purdue Pharma settlement

Twitter deleted data potentially crucial to Russia probes

When Democratic Party members

Trump withdraws United States from critical U.N. culture agency

Menendez case gets potential 'death blow'

Conway accuses Hillary Clinton of 'hypocrisy' in Weinstein denunciation

Obamacare bombshell: Trump kills key payments to health insurers

San Juan Mayor Cruz on 'Big Mouth' Trump: 'He's Taken All of His Anger Out on Puerto Rico'

San Juan mayor slams Trump over tweets: He's a 'hater-in-chief'

Alright, it's time. Time for "Not Paying"

Obamacare Collapsing - Luckovich 'toon

Dem Rep. Darren Soto: Trump Admin Is Underreporting Puerto Rico Death Toll For Political Gain

Flynn ally sought help from 'dark web' in covert Clinton email investigation

Years ago I had association insurance via my bank.

'No place to put that baby.' State takes more kids away from parents than it can handle

Trump Won't Certify Iran Nuclear Deal, but He Also Won't Unravel It

Chump,here's my answer

We can't fight those California fires forever

Trump just tweeted a delusional Christ-like promise to PR: I will "always be with" you!

THE WEEK Cover: "See No Evil"

The Daily 202: Throwing a bomb into the insurance markets, Trump now owns the broken health-care...

Trump will be keynote speaker at a hate groups annual summit tomorrow. 1st POTUS to do so.

So say we all.

Kerry warns US could 'isolate itself' by leaving Iran deal

Has anyone thought about what Trump's crazy followers will do if he is removed?

Krugman: Today Trump's blowing up Obamacare. Tomorrow, maybe, the world.

Trump holding Americans' health for ransom

Roy Moore Led Charge Against Removing Segregation From Alabama Constitution

Bad news?..dry, hot and windy weather predicted for most

Here are all the ways Trump is sabotaging the ACA

Theyll say it was Alzheimers: Did longtime Trump pal predict a GOP exit strategy for his preside

The Lovin Spoonful Fire Guitarist Jerry Yester After Child Pornography Charges

Corporate America has discovered that having LGBT-friendly policies helps the bottom line.

Dallas ISD may collaborate with nonprofits to create shelter for homeless students

Cradle for Life? Ancient Mars Likely Had Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents

Background check chief has 'never seen' mistakes and omissions at level of Jared Kushner forms

Republican Susan Collins of Maine says she is staying out of governor's race,

Please offer advice on a new podcast player

Most Think Federal Government Is Failing Puerto Rico

Hundreds still homeless in La Grange, a small Texas town ravaged by Hurricane Harvey

Russia warns Trump over Iran nuclear deal: 'US withdrawal will seriously aggravate situation'

Trump vs. the Press. The battle is waging but President Donald Trump seems to be losing ground.

When Frisco made deal to close Exide plant, was city focused on health, safety or land?

Boston Globe: One mans tale shows how casualties of Maria go beyond official death toll

Trump slams Dems for 'fighting so hard for sanctuary crime'

Viking burial clothes woven with 'Allah' discovered in Sweden

So what is a good Puerto Rico charity to give to


The origin of Super Villains: Mimic

#WomenBoycottTwitter Trends in Solidarity of Rose McGowan and Other Victims of Sexual Harassment

Should the media - and the world - stop paying attention to Himself's every inane tweet?

I think that the Huff Post misplaced the colon punctuation this morning!

Half way through Ken Burns' Vietnam series

Pres. keeps quiet? - Attempted Bomb Attack on a North Carolina Airport

Guatemala protests

Insults, Lawsuits And Broken Rules: How Trump Built A California Golf Course

Interior Sec. Zinke flies a special flag over his agency when he is in the building. Like the queen.

I will be out on vacation next week...

Puerto Rico: "Even the doctor that was with us, he cried"

Republican Collins to remain in Senate, ending speculation about bid for Maine governor

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Destructive Maniac

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico

Republicans Are Going to Get 'Pelosi-ed' In 2018

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Up in smoke: California fires damaging marijuana farms

Republicans in Congress are about to give Trump even more power - By Dianne Feinstein

LOL: Miss Russia '17 believes Russia has no Harvey Weinstein-style sexual harassment thanks to Putin

Trump Threatens NBC's Broadcasting License

Fox Host: Trump is "Running out of Friends"

Happy 76th 🎂 Paul!

For former state Rep. Dunnam, Baylor is family and now a legal foe

Hopefully next months NJ and VA gubernatorial elections will be our Doolittle Raid

Dogma (1999) boardroom scene

Some Trumpers have apologized for their part. Have 3rd party or non-voters started apologizing yet?

CNN finally says it: The real reason Trump is so dead set on crushing Obamacare

Pressure grows to make universal credit helpline free of charge

Is Trump's move to cut subsidies to health care the death knell for tax reform for the rich?


Anyone live/familiar with Calif. 22nd Congressional District-San Joaquin Valley?

Trump rips the NFL for disrespecting the flag. Then he jokes about a military flag ceremony.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Puerto Rico song! Watch, enjoy, & DONATE:

N.C.A.A.: No Penalties for North Carolina

JFK Airport Female Security Guard files lawsuit describing endemic Sexual Harrasment at JFK

Can you pass Trump's IQ test?

With Trump's most recent blatant attacks on Americans, it all seems like a dare.

Breaking News-Satan speaks to religious CON-servatives

GOP Rep. breaks with Trump: Cutting health care subsidies does 'opposite' of what he promised

Trump Steak

GOP Rep. breaks with Trump: Cutting health care subsidies does 'opposite' of what he promised

And here is the problem with our media

Remember when the media covered every speach Obama

How the dangers of Trump's presidency normalized treason

Let's compare Trump and Mussolini, shall we ?

Today's Tweets from the White House Playpen.

How Fox News Will Spin It

Too much ice (at the wrong time) can be a bad thing

Trump just referred to the "President of the Virgin Islands", the governor must be

Michael and Barbara Leeden

look at all the 'christians' rallying around the pu**y-grabber-in-chief

Gerrymonstered (Mike Thompson):

He doesn't even understand what he is reading...

UK has penalty for 3rd child?!?

The Catholic Church knew he was an abuser, but helped him get a job in public schools

Trump is doing a great impersonation of Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show!

New airplane biofuels plan would 'destroy rainforests', warn campaigners

How to do cardio workout properly?

Penguin disaster as only two chicks survive from colony of 40,000

So...who will be playing Gen Kelly on SNL this weekend?

He's not giving a speech, he's delivering a string of applause lines.

The "Values" Voters Summit

Trump is Raffling himself again, for as little as $3.00

Chef sued by Trump slams Puerto Rico response: 'We are feeding the National Guard'

'SPITEFUL, POINTLESS SABOTAGE': Democrats excoriate Trump's move to cancel Obamacare payments

Oohhhhhh....I get it now....

Trump taps climate skeptic to lead White House environment office

Lawsuit claims border patrol violated constitution by searching Delta plane

now he's doing the war on christmas bullshit.

Lawsuit claims border patrol violated constitution by searching Delta plane

"In America, we don't worship government, we worship God."

Dem hits Trump on ObamaCare: 'Worst president in modern history'

President of the Virgin Islands is an idiot

Is Trump Aware that USVI and Puerto Rico are part of the US??

a thread not to miss, sir

"They sacrifice every day for the furniture of their children."

Finally - something to distract me from the trump* disaster. My sump pump has DIED

Pay-TV Companies Are in Crisis Mode

The Living Hell of the Heel Spur

Exclusive video of Gen. Kelly meeting with Trump

Trump botches reference to president of Virgin Islands a day after Rick Perry called Puerto Rico a

Trump botches reference to president of Virgin Islands a day after Rick Perry called Puerto Rico a

So I want to start making my own pasta. What's a good pasta rolling machine?

Magic mushrooms 'reboot' brain in depressed people study

This is "off the rails" even for tRump

Muslim Vikings? Who Knew?

Antibiotic resistance could spell end of modern medicine, says chief medic

Greenpeace fireworks shine light on French nuclear safety concerns

Critical Fire Weather Conditions Continue in Parts of California

To all who the Hater-in-chief will cause to suffer because of his erratic behavior with regards to

trump alone has cut the subsidies for Obamacare...the poor/his base will suffer.

SA President Zuma must face corruption charges, court rules

Dem hits Trump on ObamaCare: 'Worst president in modern history' (Rep. Adam Schiff D-Calif.)

Respecting our flag: Dotard and Dittohead, our FAKE patriots

Pat Robertson's 700 Club

Friday the 13th!

Asteroid that just buzzed Earth may not miss on return visit

Trump: My presidency is 'substantially ahead of schedule'

The Week Magazine Just Put Out One Helluva Cover

46 dead in Vidarbha (India) pesticide poisoning

I guess the deplorables must be out celebrating now, Trump whittling away their health care! n/t

Social Security benefits to rise by 2 percent in 2018

See how many republican Senators backed Bob Corker?

Social Security benefits to rise by 2 percent in 2018

ATTN:Residents of NY, today is last day to change ur party registration to vote in NYs 2018 primary

Andy Slavitt ran Medicare/ACA under Obama...He knows

Person Struck By Train At L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station

Bernie Sanders, King of YA Lit


Steely Dan - Out of business

Values Voter Summit Agenda Reveals Religious Rights Hostility to Constitutional Values

Since Chavismo, the Bolivar has devalued over 5 million percent

Does anyone know of some mindless fun websites to keep my mind off of

Religion doing more harm than good: poll

It looks like a US Navy armada will return to waters near North Korea

Puerto Rican Town Where Trump Tossed Paper Towels To Desperate Residents Still Doesn't Have Water or

Trump: 'We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values'

Please help! This OP got nothing to do with the primaries! How is it breaking any rules?

666 ? You're going to HEL

Radical Christian Goals. LGBTQ In Jail Or Conversion Ctrs. BC Pills Classed Same As Cocaine

AGSchneiderman: 2:00PM EDT today going 2 speak about new multistate lawsuit to protect ACA subsidies

Jaguars owner Shad Khan: Donald Trump has 'shown leadership as the great divider'

WAMC Audio Link: Senator Bernie Sanders Discusses Health Care, Puerto Rico And Other Issues

Louisiana Sheriff Wants Good Prisoners To Stay Jailed For Their Free Labor

Not Only Does His Highness Zinke Have A Flag..He Has His Own Coin

Social Security benefits to increase 2 percent next year

Trump just gave Congressional Repubs cover for next year...

Values Voter Summit

KO:Is Mueller Trying to Stop Trump From Pardoning People?At a time when the Steele Dossier continues

Class! Which of these things is not like the other?

Iraqi Kurds send reinforcements to Kirkuk amid army 'threats'

KO:Is Mueller Trying to Stop Trump From Pardoning People?At a time when the Steele Dossier continues

Taking a Knee (Luckovich 'toon)

Trump cans ACA subsidies on Friday the 13th

Who's going to be hurt by Trump's new attack on Obamacare

45 stated that he met the "President" of the Virgin Islands.

Trump taps climate denier for head of White House environmental office

True Horrors Of Auschwitz Revealed By Prisoners Buried Letter Found At Nazi Camp

True Horrors Of Auschwitz Revealed By Prisoners Buried Letter Found At Nazi Camp

Stephen's Interview Of Hannity's Interview Of Trump

"We're saying Merry Christmas again!" Be sure to call the White House and Republicans in Congress

Looking for a chest and wrist heart monitor suggestions

Colbert: trump's tax plan will help truckers--about 30 of them

How the Pentagon Spun Hurricane Maria

Cook Political Report shifts 11 House races towards Democrats

White House desperately tries to clean up Trumps widely-mocked claim he met with president of the

Trump and his entire crew are intentionally wrecking the government

Trump gets heros welcome at Christian summit

Flynn ally (in congress) sought help from 'dark web' in covert Clinton email investigation

Flynn ally (in congress) sought help from 'dark web' in covert Clinton email investigation

A Modest Proposal: Let's Die at the White House!

Robert Reich shames Trump for cutting off health care for 8 million low-income Americans

I still can't get past as to how stunningly horrific the Madman's approach to Puerto Rico has been.

So is there any kind of counter move the Dems can do? re: Subsidies?

Senator Susan Collins of Maine will stay in Senate

Anybody telling Grassley he needs to recuse himself from Russia investigation because of LeDeen?

"I did try to fuck her. She was married. Merry Christmas!"

Hurricane Ophelia: What a Tropical Storm is Doing in Europe

The 4 largest populated US Cities ...

WH handing over docs, Mueller making follow-up requests and interviewing staff.

POLL: Which will bring people more joy in 2017 - #25thAmendment or 25th December?

This isn't funny anymore. Now he's blown up the Iran deal.

goddamn, he's speaking again....iran deal.

**Breaking** On TV now giving speech

Let's list the countries Trump ISN'T threatening with war this week.

After Pressure Over Security Concerns, IRS Suspends Equifax Contract

"ICE will suspend routine action in fire areas..."

A somewhat comprehensive analysis of the russian psyops. Please read. Thank you.

DeAndre Harris' case continued

If a Martian landed on Earth and said "take me to your leader"?

Untouched: Jane Fonda at 79 on the cover of Town & Country.

General Kelly let us know yesterday that he is a trump enabler....

e.mail from Randy Bryce:

Why wait 20 years for a sunset clause when we can have a breakout in 6 months

KKK Leader Denied Bail for Firing Weapon at Virginia Rally

If someone's appeal is approved & they were Flagged for Review,

OK! This is some scary SHIT!

Trump doesn't know how to pronounce Tanzania...

Trump says he's working with our allies to smash the Iran deal, but he's lying.

Trump is first sitting president to address an anti LGBTQ event

Good news: Man who spent year in church to avoid deportation walks free

It's the furniture stupid

Interesting news: Alan Jacobs antidote to Christian anti-intellectualism

I actually agree with something Trump just said.

🎃Which Classic Slasher Movie Would You Die In?🔪

After Pressure Over Security Concerns, IRS Suspends Equifax Contract

cute Halloween kitty

Even if Trump is removed from office before any more damage is done?

Chuck's Evolution on The Planet of The Trumpanzees

Oh I wish I was 8 years younger!

Campus Hate Lives on the Internet. Administrators Need to Catch Up.

Josh Marshall on Trump - TPM - "Do What I Want'n No One Gets Hurt, Alright?"

Trump Will Decertify The Iran Deal, Punt The Issue To Congress

Coming Sunday: The drug industry's triumph over the DEA

Oh, FFS..."PRESIDENT of the Virgin Islands." Insert joke here, friends...I got nothin' left.

Now THAT's infrastructure...

WAPO: Republicans, its time to panic. The window for whispered criticisms has closed.

There are crazy, mean, manipulative, illegitimate, irrational people in this world and it is to....

Damn the Republicans and their party all to Hell

Not since WWII have I seen so few do so much to so many.

Thank god for checks and balances.

Can the Democrats Imagine a Better Future?

Late night funnies. Kimmel's is dead on.

Trump Much Less Popular Than Economy Would Suggest

The Catholic Church knew he was an abuser ...


Oh! By the way, thank you Mr. Stuff it up your Ass, Putin!

Clinton In Talks with Columbia University


At the 'Value Voters' summit today, Trump plagiarized Tim Robbins from 25 years ago.

Anyone got their head around the Iran deal.....

Peanuts creator Charles Schulzs home burns down in Santa Rosa fire

Trump: I met with the president of the Virgin Islands. ....err....

Republicans Cheer as Trump Throws Sick Americans Into Turmoil

Obesity among all US adults reaches all-time high

Awesome Ducklings..

Some attempt at humor. From The Onion in 2003:

Americans Really Don't Want DOTARD To Sabotage Obamacare, Poll Finds

Night Falls

Trump sets new conditions for U.S. to stay in Iran nuclear deal, tossing issue to Congress

If I remember our world history?

Jim Acosta CNN

BREAKING NEWS: President of the Virgin Islands calls Donald Trump.

Proposed Rail Regulations Could Make Consumers Big Losers, according to Big Rail!

Breaking News - President of Virgin Islands

Jared Kushner Hid A Company On Forms Then Profited (Corruption)

Well, the $h!t is hitting the fans now!

Have the members of the electoral college who voted for Trump disavowed James Alex Fields yet?

The Women's March Song "A Million Strong"

Texas' largest power generator speeds up coal's decline with closure of two more plants

Wine Country fire: Huddled in pool amid blaze, wife dies in husbands arms

Europeans say Trump has no power to cancel Iran nuclear accord

The Women's March Song "A Million Strong"

New song "One Woman" launched to celebrate International Women's Day 2013 (March 8th)

New song "One Woman" launched to celebrate International Women's Day 2013 (March 8th)

So I found the schedule for the Values Voters Summit

Trump now says mystery cop claimed he could fix Chicago crime 'immediately'

Eurythmics - Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves

House: Ratings Changes in 12 Districts as Democrats Gain Momentum

Eurythmics - Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves

Israeli Minister Says Trump Speech May Start War With Iran

To All The Little Girls

So few Americans have even a basic understanding of the Iran deal.

To All The Little Girls

We all need to stop and thank President Obama for the hard work he did in his eight years as POTUS!

Fiffi Rong

Atmospheric CO2 Content September 2017 403.38 ppm; September 2016 401.03 ppm; September 2015 397.63

If Trump is a one term Pres. what do you think he will do as far as politics go?

fifi rong


You can support tRump, or you can support the American people, but you cant do both

Women's rights suffrage song-Standing on the Shoulders (75th anniversary of 19th amendment)

...Internet ridicules Trump for saying he spoke to 'the President of Virgin Islands' -- aka himself

Women's rights suffrage song-Standing on the Shoulders (75th anniversary of 19th amendment)

Call It What It Is: tRumpCare!

Why is tRump dismantling America's accomplishments?

Good work this morning by Reproaction at the "Values Voters Summit" in DC

Man finds his mother's body at her wildfire-destroyed California home

A Woman's Place song by Sara Thomsen

A Woman's Place song by Sara Thomsen

No coincidence next move is giant tax cut for the rich -- #WealthyCare

Wine Country fire: Huddled in pool amid blaze, wife dies in husbands arms

Evidence of the DEATH PANEL set up by the *NEW* tRumpcare!

Who will be the next Profile in Courage? Step forward.

Has America ever been as divided as it is now ?

Duty to Warn: Trumps Relation to Reality is Dangerous to Us All

Where was the Donald headed on the helicopter this afternoon w Melania at his side?

"The Korean people burnt down the US aggression ship General Sherman which intruded into Pyongyang"


FBI document cache sheds light on inner workings of Russia's U.S. news (and propaganda) network

"Values" voters:

It's already fascism

Poll: Solid Majority Wants Trump To Fix Obamacare Instead Of Sabotaging It

Never forget how Jill Stein, Susan Sarandon, and those others who pushed the big lie

Trump Makes Nice, Says He 'Will Always Be With' People of Puerto Rico

Bruce Arena resigns as United States manager after World Cup miss

But look at this over here...

This man's insane....Trump: 'We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values'

Trump: New Sanctions On Iran For Violating 'Spirit' Of Nuclear Deal

Peter Gleason, longtime critic of Cy Vance, joins Manhattan DA race

Trump opposes bipartisan Obamacare rescue plan

Top Bush aide to GOP: Its time to panic

Just for a second can you imagine how Barrack Obama feels watching TV in 2017?

Epic legal battles shaping up over Trump's scrapping of Obamacare subsidies

Link Wray

White House seeks spending cuts as disaster costs rise

Baltimore middle-schoolers viral rendition of Rise Up helps soothe a troubled nation

Concerns mount over Thad Cochran's health

Trumpty Dumpty Sits High on a Wall

A.G. Schneiderman: We Will Sue To Defend Health Care Subsidies

'In America, we don't worship government, we worship God'

Indigenous Environmental Network Responds to Judge's decision re Dakota Access Pipeline

Introverts and Schools

Is it possible for the companies that have cell phone towers to combine their resources to

Rouhani says Iran will remain committed to nuclear deal as long as interests served

The new F-word: Why are we still afraid to call Trump a fascist?

GOP chairman: Puerto Rico must be rebuilt better than before

How long before a 'Trump WH rants' tape surfaces?

Senator Sanders' Letter to University of Chicago Grad Students Ahead of Unionization Vote

Pierce: Every Republican Supports This Madman Initiative

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 13, 2017

Sanders Responds to Trump's Iran Deal Announcement

Sen. Sanders Responds to Trump's Iran Deal Announcement

H.R.4052 - To prohibit the transfer or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices

Rules for Surviving Trump the Autocrat

all this talk about pre existing conditions, what about "the elderly", what is the elderly?

Do you think that the Dems in Congress should work with the GOP

Iran's President: Trump's speech was full of baseless allegations

Andrew Sullivan: Trump's Mindless Nihilism

WEEK: Here's the latest cover of our magazine, highlighting America's predator problem - must see

3 Alt-Right Leaders Found Guilty in Charlottesville Riots

Mr. Fish: Assholy hell

Lots of people are thinking Post-Trump, nothing wrong with that, I just want to add one thing

Received an ALERT on my cellphone

Hackers have turned Politifacts website into a trap for your PC

Hackers have turned Politifacts website into a trap for your PC

I've been helping deliver supplies to one of the evacuation centers in Napa.

The hate group that hosted Trump today was giving away swag bags with antigay stuff

Yellowstone supervolcano may blow sooner than thought

The reason they hate Obama is that he shattered myths that were perpetuated for centuries

Steven Seagal: Drug warrior, honorary cop, alleged serial sex abuser

"...Every single person who is reading this should be outraged."

Atlas Fire: There appears to be an active burn right next to downtown Napa City

Roy Moore: Justices That Voted For Marriage Equality Should Be Impeached

Cranky Baby - Luckovich 'toon

Should the legal rights of children be expanded?

And the people cry out "Who will save us?" And no one answers.

We should be operating under the presumption that Trump wants to reverse everything Obama did...

Pelosi: Dems may use spending bills to restore ObamaCare subsidies

Texas utility to close two major coal-fired power plants

1993 Hillary throwing like a girl. Yep that was a headline

Democracy For America Interview Bernie Sanders -- October 12, 2017

Democracy For America Interview Bernie Sanders -- October 12, 2017

Trump Effect: Womans racist voicemail to professor who appeared on Fox News (VIDEO)

Bush speechwriter: Its time to panic about Trumps mental stability

Anyone claiming to be in 'God's Army' is actually just in one of His unauthorized fan clubs.

This 11-year-old Texas boy invented a device to prevent hot car deaths - hope they have the patent

Now..."just ignore the deficit"

Evidence against tRump admin

Republicans have subverted the will of the American people.

WTF - Category 2 Hurricane Ophelia Headed Towards the Azores and Ireland

Today is Friday 13th and the country watched (a sexual predator) go to a what-cha-ma-digy

Obamacare or Trumpdoesn'tcare.

Penguins die in 'catastrophic' Antarctic breeding season

Values voters say they can look past Trump bragging about sexual assault

Here's what they're giving guests in a swag bag: "The Hazards of Homosexuality"

Abandoning Puerto Rico would be an impeachable offense

There had better be NOT ONE Democrat

Hi.planning a trip to London in early January. Looking for advice on hotels

Democrats demand border wall bill move through 'regular order'

***BONKERS*** Trump: We'll Be There for Puerto Rico, a Day After Critical Messages

The 'Whole Armor of God' didn't mean what the Right thinks it meant:

Trumpcare is here

White House tells court it is immediately stopping ACA cost-sharing subsidies

Congresswoman Black-TN!

Shes My Witch🎃

GOP eyes big prize for tax bill: Manchin's vote


Weird! Since the last iOS update Im unable to include many punctuation marks in the thread title!

Sessions Targets Four Sanctuary Cities for Punishment

The Effects of Ending the Affordable Care Acts Cost-Sharing

If we kept the Electoral College but eliminated winner-take-all, the popular candidate would win.

Gary Cohn Has Tried to Quit Many Times

Adam Schiff Hammers Trump for Refusing to Certify the Iran Deal Because Of His Past Lies

Big Majority Want Trump to Improve Obamacare

Worrying new research finds that the ocean is cutting through a key Antarctic ice shelf

Enough with the scolding please.

Idea for how to deal with the remaining Confederate shrines

Meghan McCain sat stone faced on the View after being reminded what tRump said about her dad...


Andy Slavitt‏-- Joining @AriMelber on @MSNBC during the 6 pm EST hour.

Trump Defends Cutting Subsidies For Low-Income Obamacare Recipients

Another gift for Putin

OK what are the better picture hosting sites now

Was Kentucky watching yesterday?

Pelosi: Trump 'violent' and 'shrinking into this little world of his own'

Mueller's team interviewed Priebus on Friday

Mueller's team interviewed Priebus on Friday

20 of America's top political scientists gathered to discuss our democracy. They're scared.

BREAKING - Priebus interviewed by Mueller's team! per MSNBC

CNN: Priebus interviewed by Mueller today ...

Should the Trump administration be seen as a hate group no different than the KKK or Neo-Nazis?

Saudi Aramco in stake sale talks with Chinese investor: sources

Got a notice from BCBS today..........

Lawyer: Priebus interviewed by Mueller investigative team

Yellowstone National Parks Supervolcano May Blow Much Sooner Than Thought

What can we do each and every day?

Trump administration reduces support for prisoner halfway houses

Former Medellin Cartel associates jump in to save Uribe family name

Social media firms summoned to U.S. Congressional hearings on Russia

Paul Ryan Could Soon Be Out Of A Job As 11 House Races Move Toward Democrats

GOP governor: Trump halting ObamaCare payments is devastating

Sweet: Man arrested for doughnut glaze gets $37,500

Thousands of tiny baby Adelie penguins starve to death

NFL not seeking mandate for players to stand during anthem

America Embraces Obama While Trouncing Trump

Robert Reich: Republicans say "were in shit up to our eyeballs" with Trump

Like Queen Elizabeth, Trump's Zinke Has Department of the Interior Fly Special Flag Just For Him

Construction starts on New Jersey bridge, a step to fixing region's rail

I am usually terrible at making political presdictions, but I can comfortably say one thing.

NBC: New evidence links Paul Manafort to Russia

NYT: Wolf Puppies Are Adorable. Then Comes the Call of the Wild.

Brazil Supreme Court blocks extradition of Italian leftist ex-guerilla Battisti

Trumps plan to kill Obamacare isnt just recklessits illegal, and likely to fail in the courts.

Brazil Supreme Court blocks extradition of Italian leftist ex-guerilla Battisti

CNN to host Sanders, Cruz town hall debate on taxes

Las Vegas police now say there was no six-minute gap between first shots and concert massacre

Manafort Had $60 Million Relationship With a Russian Oligarch..

If you get your news from Fox the big stories of the day are...

Trump has effectively killed "Obamacare", the ACA.

Texas' largest power generator speeds up coal's decline with closure of two more plants

Black lawmakers pushing for more aid, attention to Virgin Islands

Black lawmakers pushing for more aid, attention to Virgin Islands

Grieving mother helps Santa Rosa iron worker who lost everything in North Bay fires

Second Dallas businessman headed to prison for land-flipping fraud on Interstate 35

Womens Conference runs into rough seas of their own making


Stick a fork in the term student athlete


Energy boss Rick Perry points to WWII-era Manhattan Project to defend $56K in noncommercial air trav

".and neglect from the Trump administration has created a perfect storm of death, disease and decay

Two-star Army general relieved from duty for alleged inappropriate contacts

Human Rights and the Iranian Deal

Hernandez lawyers pull CTE suit against NFL, plan to refile

Why is media ignoring Trump's Alzheimers/dementia??

WELL, we all knew this was coming...

.@SteveScalise speaks at Value Voters Summit (#VVS17), @FRCAction hosts

Anyone play the piano?

Tonight's LOL

Roger Stone attorney says he complied with request for Assange contact

Roger Stone attorney says he complied with request for Assange contact

Is this a coincidence Preibus has lunch with Dotard on 10/5 and interviewed today ...

FCC chairman silent amid Trump's attacks on press

It is not insane for Dotard to talk with the president of the US Virgin Islands.