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Ricin letter(s) sent to Bloomberg mention anti-gun efforts. Bloomberg

El Salvador Supreme Court denies critically ill woman lifesaving abortion

what a day

Environmental lawyer Tom FitzGerald considers run against Mitch McConnell

El Salvador Supreme Court denies critically ill woman lifesaving abortion

Occasionally you have to call a nut a nut

Rush Limbaugh calls Chris Christie "Obama's servant."

Donte Jamar Sims, Man Who Threatened Obama Through Twitter, Gets Sentenced

Just saw my first anti-Buono, pro-Christie ad on TV.

One of the most abstract fields in math finds application in the 'real' world

Improving 'crop per drop' could boost global food security and water sustainability

What is the reason the GLBT Community doesn't support Bradley Manning?

People United Against The Troika

Great escapes through history

ClimateProgress has Detailed Smackdown of Myles Allen (Mr. 'billions wasted on global warming')..

Completely unironically, Glenn Beck complains of smear jobs against Bachmann

Thin-skinned blue line: Chile’s president submits bill to ban insulting police officers

Privatizing schools is very much like privatizing prisons, and we all know how that turned out.

Republicans seek to "save" Detroit the way the Visigoths saved Rome

Switch their Meme on them: The Republic Party *REFUSES TO WORK*

Beck slams higher education, but sent his own daughter to Fordham

Papantonio: Reid, Obama Compromisers Killing Democracy

More Severe Weather to hit Tonight.

TED talks speaker compares TED to Scientology.

Wonderful juxtaposed story teasers on today's Empire front page

Question submitted by Ken Burch

(UNION JOBS!) Omaha the latest city to get gigabit internet, courtesy of CenturyLink

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! It's Church Night! Sing Hallelujah!

Patriot Coal Wins Leave to Cut Retiree Pensions, Benefits

Boy I just cut the hell out of my finger.

After crunching Reinhart and Rogoff’s data, we’ve concluded that high debt does not slow growth

Police: Maine man staged girl's kidnap to later 'be the hero,' but killed her

"No holidays or parades for homeless women veterans"

Motorola making history and bringing 2,000 jobs to Texas making first US-assembled smartphones

Who Was H.M.? Inside The Mind Of The Amnesiac Who Revolutionized Neuroscience

Remember when Fox Noise was a hack organization?

Who remembers watching those hearings with Comey, the car chase, Ashcroft in the hospital

Good Lord. Woman Handing Out Samples at Va. Costco Shot Dead by Police After Acting Strangely

Ode to Michelle Bachmann...a compilation

Gay Teen Writes to Straight Ally for Help

James Comey As Next FBI Director? Obama To Pick Former George W. Bush Official: Sources

Hudson Falls teen pleads guilty in statutory rape case

"I was a liberal mole at Fox News: From Bill O’Reilly to Roger Ailes, here’s all the inside dope"

It's time for this billboard again:

"Obama's Chicago Fundraiser Explains Why Congress Is 'Stuck'"

Is Grassley showing signs of dementia

Rachel is giving Michele Bachmann far too much credit.

Zimmerman Hits 3 HRs in First 3 ABs for Nationals

the 440 million repukes tax

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 30, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Clint Eastwood as Director

ALEC's latest Rich States/Poor States measurement: Vermont is 50th

Opinion: Criminalizing poverty is the real crime in America

Oklahoma Lawmaker Blasts GOP’s War On Women: ‘What Happened To The Republican Party that I Joined?’

Let's Get It Right: No, Bradley Manning is NOT facing the death penalty

This mockingbird is annoying the heck out of me. Questions:

Drunken Man Crashes Car While Having Sex And Then Hides In A Cactus

How Does BJU Teach Science?

Rep. Scott Rigell is an asshole.

"we might as well go home and get our guns out" says crazy man

I'm fixing to uncork a bottle of Coppola. Anybody want to hang out and chat?

Sorry GOP the Associated Press and Fox News Subpoenas Are Not Scandals

HHS (NE) audit finds 'one grand mess,' possible fraud in $6.5 million Medicaid program

A rightie calls me out for "Attacking the top one percent" and I could use some responses that don't

Strangest place you've "made whoopee?"

Arizona mom turns to scripture to survive in Mexican jail

Obama: Washington can still be ‘fixed’

Wisconsin Jumps 17 Spots in Economic Outlook Ranking compliments of ALEC

The World's Richest 8% Earn Half of All Planetary Income

"Germany to Test Recharging Electric Buses at Wireless Bus Stops"

Paul LePage: ‘We Might As Well Go Home … And Get Our Guns Out’

Top U.S. tax breaks to cost $12 trillion over decade, benefit wealthy: CBO

German Official Warns of Immediate 'Revolution' if EU Adopts US Model

"Memories light the corners of my mind" -- Post your favorite Michelle Bachmann memory

FDR inherited boom times and then destroyed the economy with the Hoot-Smally Tariff Act.

Romanian goalkeeper bites opponent’s arm in match that had six red cards

Sometimes I gets a little sideways

New York Times: "For Medicare, Immigrants Offer Surplus, Study Finds"

Did you catch these easter eggs in the latest Star Trek movie?

Party over here!

Senator John McCain Confident of Identifying 'Good Guys' in Syria.

A feel good follow up~

Conservative Activist Advises GOP: Ignore Hispanics, Go For White Voters Instead.

Like your health care policy? You may be losing it (AP Story)

Jack vance dead at 96

My Sleepytime Baby

Some teacher's get the last laugh

Kaitlyn Hunt Case Prompts Florida State Sen. Thad Altman To Call For Changes To Law

rise and fall of computer usage as daylight sweeps around the world {Dial up warning. 8,942.47 KB}

In retrospect, who should Al Gore have chosen as his running mate in 2000?


You could sell that

Blue pages

Goodnight Irene

Venezuela's Bigger Problem

Need some DU empathy................

If you had to guess, how do you think Michelle Bachmann became convinced

"Murderer" - Protests in Bogota against Capriles. Venezuela to recall peace envoy

The problem is that 90% of us are getting cucumbers.

One Quarter of Americans Don't Get Paid Days Off

Buttering Trio - Falafel

Basic Law: Apartheid in Israel

Gay Donors Cutting Off Democrats Over Immigration Plan

Obama says Congress is "stuck"....offers solution.

Michelle Bachmann's Future

I have some books on Buddhism

My Million Dollar Idea That Any One Is Welcome To Steal>>>

Wait, what? The Kings have a player named Bieber??!!

Rachel Maddow - Bachmann influence not to be overlooked amid mockery

Is it time for Ford to lose that ugly blue oval emblem?

That instant (00:16) when you realize you've made it...

Buddhist mobs attack Muslim homes in Myanmar, one dead

Leader of Armed March On Washington Calls For ‘Revolutionary Army’ To Topple Government

False Equivalence: The war on intellect by the GOP

Paterno family to sue NCAA over Penn State penalties

"Asteroid as big as nine cruise ships to sail past Earth."

Let's Never Forget the GUILTY

I just read an article about that Al-Awacki guy...

New York Times: "Chances of U.N. Peace Talks on Syria Appear Dim as Both Sides Dig In"

Universities Team With Online Course Provider

No more samesies!

It must be tough being a member of the gop, these days ...

(San Francisco) Tenderloin toilet project has lofty goals

Look at what I got in an email, someone please tell me this isn't true

Y'know, some people out there are simply nuts.

Now this is a wedding!

Flashback: Virginia Gov. Candidate Cuccinelli Investigated "Sextravaganza" (college safe sex event)

There is little correlation between visual breed identification and the DNA of mixed-breed dogs.

Forcing North Korean refugees back to their country

Krugman: 'We can and should raise this lucky elite's taxes'

"Dachshund 'Milo' is lion's best friend — and dentist"

What Democrat would have made an excellent FBI director?

Not one? Not two? Then what?

Help give this newly-hatched baby flamingo a name!

Wow! Check out what these new Monsanto Beans do!

7 Really Awesome Reasons to be Happy about Comey's Appt.

Grumpy Cat gets a movie deal in Hollywood.

KOIN (Portland, OR): GMO wheat found in Oregon field

"Strength through Unity. Unity through faith." = GOP mantra

letter to bloomberg had ricin in it.

Lawrence O eviscerated Mr. Giuliani tonight.....

Liquor Store Owners Call Cops After Customer Won't Clean His Pony's Poop

From Duluth Minnesota - Fitger’s Brewhouse’s Harvest Moon Wild Rice Burger

Afghan Man Finds Pencil Stuck Behind His Head, Doctors Extract

Concerning Skidmore's ATA post

Costco Lady Handing Out Pizza Samples Wields Knife... Shot & Killed by Deputies

About those page ads...

For you Armageddonists...

I was a liberal mole at Fox News: From Bill O’Reilly to Roger Ailes, here’s all the inside dope

Politifact: Republicans lie three times more than Democrats

How to put 14 gallons in a 12 gallon tank...

Holder plan for off-the-record meetings hits snag

We had our town Democratic convention and I'm running for office...

Patrick Stewart Has Gone 72 Years Without Eating A Slice Of Pizza

do we really need a money system?

Researchers Find Tinnitus Cause and Treatment

Regional dialects often comes up here so I thought some would find this interesting

Lincoln Chafee, Independent Rhode Island Governor, To Run As A Democrat

War on drugs 'driving hepatitis C pandemic' (BBC)

Russian S300 anti-aircraft missiles 'delivered to Syria'

Barbara Eden dons 'I Dream of Jeannie' costume!

Steve Schmidt sure has been down to earth lately. (with a Bachmann aside)

May 30: National Mint Julep Day

Some horribly racist graphic stuff on Youtube that doesn't get called out on (violent / graphic!)...

Another atheist outs herself in village government.

Backyard playground equipment for big girls:

Lopsided Funding In Nearing 8th District Special Election

McCain Didn’t Realize He Was Posing With Rebel Kidnapper, Spokesman Says

List of corruption scandals in US politics...

Former Bush Official Said to Be Obama Pick to Lead F.B.I.

Where are the photos about the beauty of fat men?

Terror fears keep toxic plants hidden from public

Russell Brand on Woolwich (This guy is not only smart and insightful, he can really write)

Afghanistan war has cost Britain more than £37bn, new book claims.

Feds in NY: Costa Rica money biz a hub for crooks

Probe of well-connected truck stop chain may widen

Nasdaq paying $10M to settle Facebook disruption

Cavity wall insulations crash by 97% following green deal introduction (UK)

Yummmm! If you can get over what it looks like.

Amy’s Baking Company Closing On Reality TV Show Deal, Thanks To Nasty ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Fame!

Is the Monsanto Protest the Next Salt March?

Hanford Nuclear Waste Cleanup Plant May Be Too Dangerous

1 Black Man Is Killed Every 28 Hours by Police or Vigilantes: How America Is Perpetually at War With

The DemocraticUnderground can say things the Democratic Party cannot say.

America in Decline: A Baby Born in Parts of Ohio More Likely to Die Than One Born in North Korea or

Want the American Dream? Get Rich Parents or Move to Canada

New $229 iPod Touch loses rear camera, color options

Ancient Egyptian jewellery carved from a meteorite

33 Teachers Who Got The Last Laugh

NRA membership given to boy suspended in pastry incident

More fun with Windows 8

Police: Man staged kidnap that killed Maine girl

New screenshots of Windows 8.1 Start Button

Like humans, apes throw temper tantrums, too

Big New Investments in Wind Energy Across the Country and Around the World

EU warns Spain over hospitals' rejection of EU health card

George Zimmerman Spent His Trayvon Kickstarter, So His Lawyers Want You to Pay Them

The Shores of the Kraken Sea: Great Place Names in the Solar System

Intensive-Care Patients Need Treatment to Stop Deadly Bug

JBLM soldier to plead guilty to Afghan massacre

Cleaning out my Spam folder and found this from the anti-immigration NumbersUSA.

Anyone see this on Nova last night?? "Oklahoma's Deadliest Tornadoes"

Joan of Arc by Leonard Cohen

Man arrested for throwing concrete, blames zombies

Palin-Bachmann Billboard

Armed robber employed as NHS Brent manager

Beyond Personhood: Why Corporations Love the Constitution More Than You do

We're gunna miss that woman . . . . .

Global Tracking Framework Sheds Light on the State of Renewable Energy

Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption

Now, THIS is a Florida story.

Adam Levine forced to defend 'anti-American' comment on The Voice

Keeping up with Rolling Jubilee

Poll: Huge Majority Says Economy Should Trump Congressional Investigations

Mercury Content Rises Rapidly In Fish SE Peru's Amazon; Avg. Gold Shop Hg Output = 100 Mw Coal Plant

Obama should be water boarded

Dem Rep Slams GOP Senator’s ‘Elitist White Boy Solution’ To Gang Violence

Obama Doesn’t ‘Have Much Patience’ For Climate Change Deniers

Bankers and big investors screw the little guy again.

They want to "cut government"

the abortion issue returns

Economy grew at 2.4% in first quarter

Rogue Oregon Wheat Inflames Foes of Gene-Altered Crops

Jobless claims climb unexpectedly

Sandy's Unsung Damage - 11 Billion Gallons Of Raw & Partially Treated Sewage Overflowing In 8 States

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Bachmann!

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Congress

What. Is going on. In Toronto?

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Holder and spying

Texas prohibits nearly 70 percent of its counties from having a fire code

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Bromance, and Taxes

Sen. Graham treads path alone on military sexual assaults policy

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

Mrs. & Mrs. Smith: How Some Gay Couples Reclaim Old Marriage Traditions

Your intent must be complete.

Poll: Huge Majority Says Economy Should Trump Congressional Investigations

Oh, CRAP!!!

ohiosmith never understood why the Po-Po never cut him any breaks when they pulled him over.

Dammit, cats!!! Whycome you always mooning people?

A true bromance means having your bro's back -- to the bitter, um... end.

Young MiddleFingerMom was never the brightest troll under the bridge.

MiddleFingerMom would like to share with you the philosophy that underscores ALL that he does.

Woman upset TV from Walmart wouldn't work

Steubenville Rape Grand Jury Keeps Plodding Along

Venezuela furious at Colombia's meeting with opposition leader

Point of clarification, Reverend. The Boy Scouts aren't actually *teaching* homosexuality

HIV inner shell structure revealed

"If PA. lets the school students of Phila. go down the drain, we all are in big trouble"

XKCD Toon- Killing Cancer Cells

Breathalyzer Meets Iphone (video)

If you agree with the DOJ subpoena in the Rosen case, you're anti-First Amendment

Mesquite BBQ Chicken

Republican intellectuals

Top Ten Michele Bachmann Goofs on the Middle East

Venezuela threatens to withdraw support for Colombia peace talks

How Did They a Balance PA. State Budget? They Forced Schools to Eliminate 20,000 Teaching Positions.

Fox contributor: Liberals who reject that men should dominate women are anti-science

GOP’s War On Terror 2.0: More Drones, More Missiles, More Boots On Ground

Shrimp that don't have much of a taste. I think I read somewhere they are farm-raised.

From Food Security to Food Sovereignty

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 30, 1937

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 30, 1937

a.m. lol

Obama’s poll numbers hold up despite the storm of scandal

Best Case For Sequester Is Still Disaster, Top Experts Say

Anti-Gay Cake Shop Owners not so Religious After All

About the 4 in 10 Families with woman breadwinners. What isn't talked about

Question about tulip poplar trees. I notice the ones around here (SC) recently have some leaves tha

World's oldest marijuana stash

Immigrants subsidize Medicare recipients, Harvard Medical School study says

Bigoty vs. Freedom of speech - a conversation

Today’s Republican Party wishes that our Supreme Court were as forward-looking as El Salvador’s.

Push To Keep Lima Tank Plant Gathers Steam Before HASC Markup

Dear Mr. President,

Locksmith installs shower and a camera and douses people peeing on the wall in the back alley


Papantonio: Obama – Corporate America’s Go-To President

Patrick Stewart, a 72-Year-Old Man, Just Ate His First Slice of Pizza

"Bachmann has set a new standard, found down by the ankles ..."

10 reasons why so many people are moving to Texas

Here's the new Start Button menu in Windows 8.1

Pop Quiz. Only one question.

Another reason to love Patrick Stewart...

California's Democratic lawmakers push for tighter gun control

Sales drop at Coca-Cola Femsa Venezuela as strike hits day 9

Howard Dean Goes Off On ‘Thin-Skinned And Sanctimonious’ Press On MSNBC, Blasts National

Supporters of U.S. immigration bill unsettled by Rubio message

Good news: Australia on course to beat 2020 renewable energy target, says study

Phyllis Schlafly says forget about everybody but white people

Syria's deepening sectarian war bleeds across borders

Obama: Dems have ‘great chance’ of regaining House majority in 2014

F-35 ads on OC Transpo buses part of new PR campaign

Grumpy Cat just got a movie deal!

Why did Fox Noise lie about its knowledge of the subpoena?

Straight Talk: Don't Blame the IRS For Doing Their Job

Mobile version suddenly seems more readable!

Britain's banking system is not a national asset. It's a curse

Who sells “safe seed” (not genetically modified)

Pakistani Taliban pick new number two after drone strike: sources

Steve Benen makes great point about President Obama's choice of James Comey to be the next Director

Does this hit an emotional spot in you? I was surprised at my reaction.

Lincoln Chaffee (? Rhode Island)...the newest DINO.

March Against Monsanto in 436 cities IGNORED by the Corporate Media


Silencing the court reporters in NC

Baghdad blasts kill 14, extending sectarian bloodshed

Rupert Murdoch begs top cop to run for NYC mayor

TSA Agent Caught on Video Touching Vagina?

"Why Do You Hate Santa Claus?" by Old Fart Rants

Tea Party Conference Call Features Threat To Assassinate U.S. Senator Because She Supports Immigrati

Holder Faces New Round of Criticism After Leak Inquiries

Miami Police Shove, Choke Black Teen for "Dehumanizing Stares"

Union: NY mayor threats postmarked Shreveport, La.

MSNBC Lands In Fourth Place In May; Maddow Hits Ratings Lows

EPA: Chemical at center of West blast not 'extremely hazardous'

Iron in Egyptian relics came from space

Citizens Grand Jury Indicts Holder For Perjury And Obstruction of Justice

Fracking and Silicosis Information Website Launched

Obama: Finally Ready to Fight? - by Michael Tomasky

Federal Agents & PA. Attyn. Gen. Raid Fracking Waste Hauler Than Had Been Praised by Corbett

Why A New Gun Bill Ticks Off Mental Health Advocates

The nerve to ask

Hildegard surrenders to the inevitable

Andrew Greeley -- priest, author, critic -- dead at 85

14-year-old put in chokehold by police charged with felony after giving police ‘dehumanizing stares'

Cuomo seeks overhaul of regulations on electric vehicles

Tips for freezing produce so that it doesn't thaw out all mushy?

Ann Romney ‘Very, Very Partial’ To Paul Ryan For 2016

Mary Rose museum brings public face to face with men who sailed her

Thursday, May 30th, Good News Offerings

John McCain's allies in Syria

Another reason to love Patrick Stewart...and other Good News

Young people are overwhelmingly the victims of sexual assaults

Pic Of The Moment: When It Comes To The Truth, Democrats And Republicans Live On Different Planets

Obamacare Saved Newly Insured Dependents $147 Million in 2011

Welcome to DU, here's where the FAQ on how to build an Assault Rifle is

I have just discovered that there has been a "start button" in Win8 all along...

Rockaways A Train Service Resumes At Noon

Third Letter Sent to President Obama, Similar to NY Mayor Ricin Letters

First indigenous map of its kind; U.S. map displays “Our own names and locations”

Howard Dean Goes Off On National Review, The Daily Caller

Man threatens to blow up state building’s misspelled sign

Adam Kokesh Calls Off Armed March On D.C. In Favor Of 50 State March . . .

Inside Guantánamo Bay: Photographs by Eugene Richards

Experienced authors - is last month, last section procrastination typical?

Iran Candidate Jalili Says Women’s Rights Are as Mothers

The most embarrassing graph in American drug policy

The 2013 NCAA Men's Division One College Baseball Tournament

Giant, fluorescent pink slugs discovered

CREW Files Senate Ethics Complaint Against MA Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez

Andrew Greeley: America's Disease is Greed

Trewhella: Gays "Filthy People," Parents Should "Protect Your Child from the Filth of...

I'm looking for a good book on women's sufferage.

Steppenwolf Monster

Radical Pastor Says Teaching Your Kids Not To Hate Gays Is ‘Disgusting’ (VIDEO)

Grumpy Cat goes from strength to strength

Son of prominent minister comes out and talks about being a gay Christian

Wheat Falls as Japan Suspends U.S. Imports on Biotech Crop Find

ABC News' "The Lookout" was too Faux "news" like.

US wants radio soap opera to push demobilization Colombian rebels

SEC rules funds can ignore pro-Palestinian activists

US wants radio soap opera to push demobilization Colombian rebels

The Real Couple Behind Before Sunrise (I'm completely nuts about this film series)

Guatemalan Constitutional Court Considers Whether Rios Montt Should Benefit from 1986 Amnesty

An Improving Economy Is A Not So Obvious Danger To The Middle Class

Just One.

Foreign kings' names

Rats giggle

Nigeria lawmakers pass anti-gay marriage bill

Hong Kong Starbucks Apologizes For Brewing Coffee With Toilet Water

Dartmouth Students: University Is Targeting Anti-Rape Protesters Instead Of Rapists (TP)

New York City Wants to Revive Old Voting Machines

Don't quite understand the celebration of drunkenness that occurs in the lounge

A Second Democrat Calls On Silver To Step Down

Michele Bachmann Announces 2016 Presidential Campaign (Daily Currant)

Karl Rove Was Feeding the Romneys False Hope on Election Night

Katy Perry *AND* Robert Pattinson Crash A Random Stranger's Wedding Rehearsal

Richmond (CA) leaders want Chevron to pay college tuition for local high school graduates

Thom Hartmann: What about the big bankster launderers in big banks?

When Will There Be Filibuster Reform In The Senate?

Breaking on M$NBComcast - similar ricin letter as one sent to Bloomberg was sent to the White House

Bone Cancer Survivor Can Rotate Her Leg 180 Degrees

Hungary Throws Govt Sponsored Dance Party To Increase Population

(California State) Senate passes series of gun, ammunition bills

KC Royals Mgr Ned Yost on his team: "What are you asking me to do? Take my belt off and spank them?"

Religious Fundamentalism 'May Be Categorised As Mental Illness & Cured By Science'

Turkey returns fire after troops shot at from Syria

Big Utah Gun Rights Advocate Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

Upholding a coup: Haiti’s New Dictatorship

Upholding a coup: Haiti’s New Dictatorship

Bishop restates gay marriage is an endorsement of institution of marriage and "a matter of justice"

Post-Coup Polarisation Marks Honduran Election Campaign

Horseflies are ornery little pissants.

Rate Shock: In California, Obamacare to Increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums by 64-146%

In the interest of DU's more democratically-run bent, have you ever considered a survey of members?

Politifact: Michele Bachmann and the Truth-O-Meter

Femen member Amina Tyler on trial in Tunisia

Republican Scandal Scrabble

Wisconsin Republicans Find 7 New Ways to Punish the Unemployed

Two vegan faves

Judy Garland Singing: "I Don't Care", "Who?" and "Get Happy"

trumad and mim should be watching this tonight!


Papantonio: Wall Street Insiders Desperate To Destroy Financial Reform

"Socialism: Keeping America Safe From Fires Since 1898"

Tear between Hezbollah, Hamas: 'Leave Lebanon'

Tear between Hezbollah, Hamas: 'Leave Lebanon'

Video: Meet the Abortion, Sex-Obsessed Teapublicans Who Nominated Cuccinelli, Jackson, Obenshain

Goofy Gee does it again:

I my opinion this is one shitty corporation...

Boston Marathon Survivor Crowned Prom Queen: Fairytale Ending for Brave Teen

Howard Dean: Time to restore "some modicum of sanity" to Virginia House of Delegates

Fracking vs. food: N.Y.’s choice

One Quarter of Americans Don't Get Laid Days Off

Incredible video

Fr. Andrew Greeley - 1928-2013

Motorola's Moto X phone to be made in the U.S.

Outspoken cleric, author Rev. Andrew Greeley dies

Motorola's Moto X phone to be made in the U.S.

Russia May Revise Ban on Syrian Arms Exports - Minister

Did President Eisenhower predict an end to his own party?

A**hole Parking - Revenge on those who take up two spaces with their fancy wheels

Probe Sought in FBI Killing of Boston Bombing Suspect’s Friend

All-Male Fox Panel Laments Female Breadwinners

2-Year-Old Boy In Texas Dead After Shooting Himself In The Face

RIA Novosti: Doubts Cast Over Reported S-300 Deliveries to Syria

Former WikiLeaks Employee James Ball Describes Working With Julian Assange

The more the Right and FAUX News hates on Eric Holder

The Wingnut Sweepstakes - Who will we face in 2016 (May 2013 edition)

I love this, Talk about a great profiling rebuttal.

Did anyone notice this change to Nebraska law?

The repercussions of speaking up about sexual violence

‘Who Do You Think You Are’ Heads to TLC

Katy Perry Just Apologized to Chief Keef, the Rapper Who Threatened to Beat Her Up

California Gay Marriage Support Rises to Record in Poll

Young people are overwhelmingly the victims of sexual assaults

Erick Erickson: Female Breadwinners Are Antithetical To Nature

Petraeus Reboots With Private-Equity Giant

63% of Democrats Want Special Prosecutor in IRS Case - Poll.

Who will write the epic for our time?

Diet soda erodes teeth as much as meth, crack: Case study

Bumper sticker seen this morning: "I regret my abortion."

Gibson: What is Fascism?

Scientists fear female libido booster too effective

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday May 30th

Teacher Faked Terminal Illness To Get Out Of Work

Michele Bachmann changes her Facebook Page to boring seagulls.

Machete Kills. Trailer

"Sarah Palin is my favorite philosopher after Jesus Christ." Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!!

CBS: Ibragim Todashev's father: FBI killed my son "execution-style"

Fox’s Erick Erickson: It’s ‘Anti-Science’ To Not Believe Men Should ‘Dominate’ Women

Connecticut to allow illegal immigrants to get driving license

Alice Walker calls on Alicia Keys to boycott ‘apartheid’ Israel

Iranian-born man gets 25 years for Saudi envoy murder plot

The Trayvon Martin Trial: A Case of What ifs

U.S. to loosen sanctions on Iran for mobile phones, gadgets

Drought Drives Decade-Long Decline in Plant Growth

Pissed Off?

As Vote Looms, Obama Gives Boost to Ill. Marriage Equality Bill

"Alamogordo approves Atari excavation"

Oprah: Gay Couples May Strengthen the Institution of Marriage

I sometimes wonder

Land Grabs Echo Rios Montt’s Terrors in Guatemala

NRA money behind lawsuit challenging new Colo. gun control laws

Powder in letter sent to HRC building tests positive for ricin

El Salvador law encodes religious human sacrifice

National Day of Civic Hacking - this weekend!

4 utilities to apply for early screening for restart of reactors

National Day of Civic Hacking

are you a hipster?

St. Louis Protestors Rally Over Death of Honors Student Shot 25 Times by Police

Chicago Sun-Times lays off its photo staff

Great-grandmother said Cherokee County boy who shot himself was looking for gum

On bail for 19 years, son born in jail works to raise $172 bond for mother

Howard Dean Does The Unthinkable. Explains That Bears Actually DO S#!t In The Woods.

Disabled Are New Target for Charges of Cheating

Which DU groups would you rename?

Retired A&M mascot Reveille VII dead at age 13

Gun maker's other revenue stream

LIVE: Tornado warnings near Oklahoma City

Right-Wing Media's Fake Narrative About Rosen Warrant Now Even More Incoherent

Reveled: words from ricin letters to Bloomberg & Mayors Against

Erickson Fires Back At ‘Emo Lefties’

Anyone else notice how fast Dzokhar Tsarnaev disappeared from the news?

Rodman was not first pick for North Korea trip

Arizona's Grumpy Cat lands film deal

Epic Stockyard Burger

US Accused of Withholding Evidence in Drug Case

US Accused of Withholding Evidence in Drug Case

Man gets 50-year sentence for rib theft

16-year-old pleads guilty to 11 felony counts of making terroristic threats at Highland Park High

Ok enough is enough! I can't live in this country anymore!

Fox Business host: Cut government because ‘no one’ died of starvation before welfare

We Know Who You Are: 71 Senators Reject States’ Rights to Label GMOs

PoliceOne Gun Control Survey: Top 10 reasons for gun violence

Governor's ex-campaign manager indicted

Fox's All-Male Panel Believes Women Making Money Goes Against 'Science'

Death and Charles Bukowski

Ex-Microsoft manager plans to create first U.S. marijuana brand

Jackson Galaxy, Animal Planet's Cat Counselor

Which one do you want to buy?

As Lawmakers Target Food Stamp Funding, New Report Finds 1 in 6 in U.S. Are Going Hungry

Adam Kokesh gets the scumbag hat

This is the sort of TV umpires use for instant replay

Apple Shifts Supply Chain Away From Foxconn to Pegatron

How Facebook Learned Rape is Bad for Business

Rounded pebbles on Mars reveal past flowing water

Astronauts face radiation threat on long Mars trip

Tesoro to pay $1.1M to resolve clean air violations

Endangered whale meat imported from Iceland used for Japan dog treats

Texan gets 25 years in prison for Saudi envoy plot

Almost half of people shot dead by Australian police were mentally ill

Yikes! Macy's website has a "site governor"!

Lord grant me the foresight...

Peter Waldron., Bachmann whistleblower? has quite the

Opposition Governor Capriles Meets with Colombia’s Santos, Venezuelan Government Concerned

Warmer seas fuel Maine crab invasion, clammers say

A Novel Way to Fight the Keystone XL Pipeline

Cruz doesn't rule out filibuster on immigration bill

Slatest PM: Dzhokhar Calls His Mother

Some Phenomenal Rainfalls the Past Week in the U.S.

Ovarian Cancer and Its Insidious Threat

Prancercise: I could not stop laughing

Pentagon awards funds to spinal cord injury research

Calif. Local 595 Opens the Zero Net Energy Center

Killer Cops Strike Again

Daily Caller deletes tweet with racial acronym

Anatomy of a Bogus Scandal: GOP Knew of IRS Scrutiny But Stayed Quiet for a Year

Nigerian parliament bans same-sex marriage

It costs almost a million bucks for Congress to name a post office? Maybe even more.

I wonder if one of the main reasons for MSNBC's poor ratings is due to

Immigration Reform Could Produce 3 Million New Home Buyers

Maryland Kid Suspended For Making Gun Out Of Pop Tart Given NRA Membership

California Senate votes to revoke Boy Scouts' nonprofit status

Liar: Jeb Crow Shrub says he won't think about/decide on running for a year/15 mos. Liar.

When did DJs stop identifying the songs they played?

Best cheesecake you ever had?

Sen. Donnelly introduces bill to help prevent military suicide

Planted new Asparagus. It has sprouted but they are whispy looking - more like the stem of a

U.N. Court Acquits 2 Serbs of Crimes in Balkan Wars

"The idea that these clowns are "bright stars" is laughable. They're wacko birds."

South Beach Drag Queen Wanda Shot To Death In Tampa (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Looks like both our Senators voted for labeling GMO products. Thank you Senators.

George W. Bush On Rubio: He’s “Articulate”

Highest paid public employee by state >>

White House Memo: 120 Health Insurance Plans Applied To Participate In Exchange

Michelle Malkin And Fox Hosts Allege IRS’s Lois Lerner Tried To Force GOP Candidate Out Of A Race

See what they did to me Lucky Charms?

Why did MSNBC finish 4th in the ratings this month?

For the life of me, I will never understand the LYING soapbox of spite...

G8 Summit: Looks great from the limo

Daft Punk - Lose Yourself To Dance

ACLU: "Comey approved some of the worst abuses committed by the Bush administration"

Unions Press to End Favored Trade Status for Bangladesh

Treasury chief says threats to quit EU undermine UK's economic revival

NRA membership given to boy suspended in pastry incident

Ohio State's Mormon President Really Doesn't Like Catholics

Five reasons Democrats will miss Michele Bachmann

Look at your own damn screen, Fox News…

Venezuela Opposition to Maduro calls on Mexico & International Community

21-Day Vegan Kickstart

UN urged to embrace 2030 goal on ending extreme poverty (BBC)

Exxon CEO: ‘What Good Is It To Save The Planet If Humanity Suffers?’

A recent startling discovery...the mysteries are finally explained!

Scored the first local strawberries!

O'Meara (Zimmerman attorney) coming up live on Rev. Al show

George W. Bush On Rubio...

Appeals court upholds voter ID law

Weather whiplash is a symptom of climate change.

Church And State - with Jane Lynch & Jordan Peele.

Patrick still eyeing lieutenant governor’s race

Workers Unite As NH House Kills Two Anti-Worker Bills

Pentagon launches chat room for sex assault victims

Throw another log on the fire.... by Matt Wuerker

David Cameron's Clown Car: Human Activity "Possible Cause" Of Climate Breakdown Says Tory Leader

After two bad weeks for Gomez, Cook Report downgrades the MA Sen Race from lean Markey to tossup.

Times Of India: Himchal Pradesh Glaciers Shrinking Rapidly; 449 km2 Of Area Lost 1962 - 2001

Chris Christie; Climate Change "A Distraction" "People Want To Talk To Me About Esoteric Theories"

SHOCKING: Republicans Certain that Mitt Romney Killed Bin Laden

Moody's downgrades Texas 130 toll road company, TXDoT loan

Colorado Springs mayor urges council to ban retail pot sales

The Senate should reject James Comey

Enbridge Advisors: Technology Blahblah Lessons Learned From Exxon Valdez Blah Big Spills Unlikely

Teachers union leader lauded for tragedy response (Newtown)

Russia Considering Abandoning Floating Polar Science Station Months Early - Ice Too Thin For Safety

Politico's Allen Lets One Slip on Republican's Motives Behind Benghazi Scandal-Mongering

Fast Food Workers Striking in Seattle (to late for LBN) Closed a Taco bell, Burger King, and Subway!

You're a Republican complaining about the national debt?

Captain America Impersonator Fights Spiderman Impersonator On Hollywood Blvd.

Ted Cruz is turning out to be a very skillful demagogue

Miz t. is a true friend. Even to a repug.

We Used To Go Out To Dinner, Buy Things, Support The Economy

Illinois illegally seizes Bees Resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup; Kills remaining Queens

Senate Filibuster Reform Backed By Norm Ornstein

Feds Want Power Grid Plans for Solar Flares

"Take cover if you are in the path!!" the weather service tweeted.- CNN

Seven months after Sandy, Rockaway residents get their subway back

Neven; Danish Met. Institute Tracking Another Cyclonic Storm Parked Over North Pole

Florida cops choke hold teen holding puppy over "dehumanizing stares"

Money fer Nothin'

Editorial: New Texas insurance boss must restore trust

CNN-Report: Syrian forces kill American, British citizen accused of fighting alongside rebels

Reinhart And Rogoff's Pro-Austerity Research Now Even More Thoroughly Debunked By Studies

Syria's Assad warns Israel on air strikes and Golan

Here's why Patrick Stewart

Rep. Steve Stockman: ‘The right to keep and bear arms is granted by God’

Holy moley--someone just won a million bucks on Wheel of Fortune--I've never seen that before! nt

Why Michele Bachmann's Retirement is Bad News

Patrick Stewart Clears Up Pizza-Gate: I Have Had Pizza Before (But Only With Utensils!)

Proposal: The American Misery Index

Alex Jones Fires Back At ‘Coward, Punk, Rat Bastard’ O’Reilly: ‘You Think You’re So Tough?!’

How things have changed - just ten things that Irish women could not do in 1970s

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 31 May 2013

Heki vs. Bachmann: the real reason Michele Bachmann quit

Newly unearthed AUDIO: John F. Kennedy Addresses Latinos Night Before Assassination

Institute for Public Accuracy: Push for Freedom for Cuban “Anti-Terrorists”

Miami Dade Police Choke A Teenager Because He Was Staring At Them

Syrian Forces Reportedly Kill American Woman Insurgent

"Financially Engineered Democracy"

Tea Partier Claims Michele Bachmann Helped Obama Steal the 2012 Election

***MSNBC not working here (comcast ;-( )

Mitt Romney Plans To Campaign For 2014 Candidates

Jay Sekulow, Suing the IRS for Freedom Loving Tea Party, Says He Helped Write the USA Patriot Act