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2 wrongfully convicted men released 20 years later

Nosey the Elephant Needs Your Help in Florida!

McConnell behind in the Bluegrass Poll.

Ukraine Crisis: Leaked Phone Call Embarrasses US

Confused Ex-Girlfriend unhappy with Conservative Husband, Contacts me!

Tablet magazine opinion re:Dylan Farrow/Woody Allen

Ralph Kiner, Mets broadcasting legend and Hall of Fame Pirates player, dead at 91

Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the Gilded Age

USA Today: Couple charged in girl's grape soda death

Just wait until the majority of the 99% get fed up with this country

So Years From Now When Keystone Pipeline Has A Breach And Creates A Big Environmental Disaster......

‘Kerry Has Declared A War On God,’ Write Hard-Line Rabbis In Letter

Time Lapse Shows Stunning Skies in America’s Heartland...

question about running XP after April 8th

U.S. Senate Panel Approves Controversial Civil-Rights Nominee

Obamacare working in Kentucky

dating age range formula

Renewal of long-term jobless benefits fails by one vote in Senate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 7 February 2014

In recording of U.S. diplomat, blunt talk on Ukraine

So nice to go to sleep last night to the sound of steady, gentle rain.

What time will the opening ceremony

Any other Bay Area DUer's get caught in that nasty commute this morning?

True Price of Coal: Massive Ash Spill Threatens Dan River's Fish, Drinking Water

Why Women Should Vote ***This is Powerful***

A new little alien baby just landed today!

Portland, Oregon, teachers vote to authorize strike

Deli Chain Owner Pays His Employees Above Minimium Wage, Offers Health and Dental Bennies, Paid Time

Canadian break dancing.

Mexican Catholic order Legion of Christ apologises to victims

Firefighter Demoted After Posting Comments To Facebook On "How To Kill Dogs With Duct Tape"

Greek politician accuses prime minister of heading Jewish conspiracy

James Carville Now in the Fox Den

Wow check out Woody's hilarious interview where he jokes about his ex-wife's sexual assault!

'DU is just DUmping ground for malcontents'

People Mag: Dylan Farrow Speaks Out About Her Woody Allen Allegations – and the Backlash

explosives in toothpaste? really? anybody paying attention to whats going on in that corner of

Little Girl Experiences Rain For The First Time

PA's Worst: Republican Pushes Pro-Discrimination Proposal in PA House [VIDEO]

Martin Luther King's children battling over estate

George Clooney is gay.

Can truth in labeling laws be taken a bit too far?

State Dept. Psaki grilled over leaked tape

Administration said to ponder insurance extension

Barack Obama Speech at National Prayer Breakfast

Papantonio: Harry Reid, I Apologize

Papantonio: Sochi Fright Sells Air Time

Spoiler alert - the Olympic commentators SUCK

NJ Judge orders documents released in Christie's Lt. Governor's pension scheme scandal

House Speaker John Boehner mulling over debt-ceiling options

Chris Hayes has a new document that sheds light on Bridgegate

I posted an OP in the Philosophy Group re the Singularity but am not getting any responses.

A sad scary story from GQ about gay life in Russia

Oh it's frreezin down in Texas...

A hazy shade of winter...

bowl o cat

Could being a Protestant lead to poverty?

Another new guy is retiring.

its good to have a purpose

AIPAC breaks with GOP on Iran sanctions

A student's science joke

Ugandan 'Scientists' Claim Gays Are 'Made, Not Born'

Scary shit...This attack on a U.S. power hub in N. Cali...

Putin is just as bad as Assad but I don't here us talking about removing him from power

Have there been efforts to help get LGBT people out of Russia?

Congresswoman (Jackie Speier, D-Calif.) sleeps in a homeless shelter

Raygun--Worst President Ever

Christie on Bridget Kelly: She's stupid and she's a liar

WiFi Wireless SD Card Reader-USB External HDD

Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion Totally Pwns Russia With Olympic Ad

AEP-PSO says regulators OK money-saving wind power contracts

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Whitens Teeth, Prevents Cavities, Blows Up

Turn on Rachel right fugging now - MSNBC confirms that

Are you watching Rachel's story about Christie's apology from 1993!?

Rachel reporting Christie's latest statements contradicts earlier statements

Drones: Tom Tomorrow makes sense of it all for you malcontents

"When Did "The Sixties" Really Begin? Here's Why It Matters" (I don't quite Agree)

In Defense of Freedom Industries (WV spill)

If you're as bored as me you want fractals! (Dial-up warning)

Check out this Tulsa World online poll on same sex marriage.

I thought this post might get some Discussion Here?

RIP Bunny Rugs

Fox News: Is It Legal for CVS Not to Sell Smokes?

GOP's slick Black History ads fall short, miss the point

Things that make you want to scream... (more on WV spill)

In Eastern Congo, Complex Conflicts And High-Stakes Diplomacy (Russ Feingold)

Waitress found guilty of felony in case of teen's alcohol-related death

James Carville joins Fox News

I just want to say for the record: Godamn you , late fees!

"Trick Websites Dupe Democrats Into Donating To Republicans"

Thermal power plants use 4x more water than all US residents, solar PV doesn't need a drop

Joe Biden Comes to Philadelphia to Sit on Train

McConnell's Job Approval Rating Is Lower Than Obama's In Kentucky

AIPAC reverses course and supports President Obama's position on Iran sanctions -- Bill Clinton too

Shot this afternoon. The Comfort of Numbers

so, how cold is it?

Mac Filter vs WPA encryption.

No Place but Texas. Another Zimmerman shooting.

Shawn Hamerlinck Puke professor

GOP Doesn't Care if You Die

Properties of jailed Colombian congressman seized

I've only been able to catch a little of Ed schultz, but everytime, he's pushing Keystone..

PA's Worst: Republican Pushes Pro-Discrimination Proposal in PA House [VIDEO]

In light of this, please contribute to food banks etc.

Dumb Criminals: NY College Student Accused Of Urinating On Cop's Head

Archbishop warns against any 'affiliation, support' for abortion clinic (N'Orleans)

Dumb Criminals: "Say, Why Is My Package Containing 10 Pounds Of Weed Late?"

Boner complains of problem getting 218 frogs in a wheelbarrow to vote on a bill,

Dumb Criminals: Meth Bust Turns Up Two Dead, Frozen Alligators & An Illegal Fish

Anti-abortion groups boycott Girl Scout cookies

Hackers accessed Target's network using credentials stolen from a contractor

Party Predictions Differ in Texas on Impact of New Voter ID Law

[Island of] Kauai warden sexually traumatized women inmates

Ham Complements Nye - Compares Him To "Eve"

Congresswoman sleeps in a homeless shelter

Do you prefer working for a company that has a flat or vertical hierarchy?

Houston-area mentor pays delinquent lunch accounts of more than 60 students

I'm making Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese for my niece's birthay dinner

Dylan Farrow Speaks Out About Her Woody Allen Allegations – and the Backlash

East Bay high school nixes plan to honor black history with fried chicken, watermelon

O'Reilly Demands New Benghazi Hearing On His Terms

Oilsands jobs being taken by temp foreign workers, union says

Chile, Peru And The ICJ: A Line In The Sea

R.I.P. Republican credibility: Why their latest blatant lies show they’ve given up

OK - who just tripped on the wire and unplugged DU?

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 7, 2014 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1953 Best Actor Nominees

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 8, 2014 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1949 Best Picture Nominees


The Niners are not done yet!!

"Now Even AIPAC Says It's Not The Right Time To Advance Iran Sanctions Bill"

Sad, Sweet, Hilarious Voicemail From Jewish Grandma to Gay Grandson: “Don’t Go to Sochi!

From Occupy to Climate Justice

It's Arithmetic!

zowEEE!1 Conan's slam on LENO's last night!!!!!!!!!1

McConnell's Job Approval Rating Is Lower Than Obama's In Kentucky

Obama Explains Putin's 'Shtick'

"Iowa Candidate: koch backing 'like being endorsed by Charles Manson'"

L.A. County faces suit over adding religious cross to seal

US official apologizes to EU over disparaging remarks

You be the Judge

Silk Road Article in Rolling Stone

Fort Lee provides mayor an attorney for GWB probes

Archaeologists Carbon-Date Camel Bones, Discover Major Discrepancy In Bible Story

Dufour-Lapointe sisters plan to celebrate as a family (trio of Quebec sisters off the the olympics)

I really hate NBC's Olympic Coverage . . .

PA's Worst: Republican Pushes Pro-Discrimination Proposal in PA House [VIDEO]

7 environmental charities face Canada Revenue Agency audits

x-post from LGBT group:Sad, Sweet, Hilarious Voicemail From Jewish Grandma to Gay Grandson

Making Butane Hash A Lethal Mix in Home Drug Labs

Job Killer? How Media Spin Got Obamacare Wrong — and Why Single-Payer Could Cure Its Actual Flaws

Thought experiment: Would President Warren actually have any different results than Obama

Novartis to lay off 92 from East Hanover office, among hundreds nationwide (760 layoffs)

Decades of Greed: Behind the Scenes With An Angry Walmart Manager

Krugman reminds us if it were not for Obama/Dems, we would have joined Europe in an austerity orgy

My wife just called me. Brody the cat finally ate something today.

Rio fare protesters seize main station and let commuters travel free

Tell me something good.

Wanna see an excellent example of the subtle way American media lies to you?

Diagnosis-rare form of non Hodgkin's lymphoma

Pentagon to ask Congress for $4.5 billion in extra missile defense funding

Mo. lawmaker seeks to impeach governor over tax filing policy for gay couples

Idaho introduces bill to jail activists who film animal cruelty on farms

Massive wreck: 40 to 50 cars crash in blizzard-like conditions on I-5

Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe: Gays in Russia

Ala. chief justice calls for constitutional convention to ban same-sex marriage

Stewart Rips 'Self-Appointed Patriots' Getting Hot & Bothered About Coke Super Bowl Ad - video link

Jay Leno just gave a shout out to his UNION crew.

Check out the google doodle.

Judge rules drivers can flash lights to warn of police presence


Nice and fitting goodbye to Jay Leno

Mosin-Nagants in 7.62 x 54R: How good a hunting rifle?

School Apologizes For Serving Fried Chicken, Watermelon At Lunch On Black History Month

Alabama Chief Justice Jumps Into Gay Marriage Fight

Cat shaming!

Catholic hospitals in Australia apologize for forced adoptions

Autistic Behavior is Curbed in Animal Study of Older Drug

Why the Olympics Are a Lot Like ‘The Hunger Games’

World court gives Colombia deadline to explain refusal to abide by territorial ruling

After I click on a DU thread link a scroll bar shows up on the right side IN the OP...

Add a Little Turf to the Surf. by Bittman

Venezuela, Colombia to jointly fight border smuggling

Troops’ brutal lynching casts hope aside for Central African Republic

Salvador's top court orders massacre probe

How Eviction Resisters Are Using Stand-Your-Ground Laws To Challenge Fannie Mae

If Biden runs he'll run on infrastructure.

Panama Canal players have dug themselves a deep hole

Accused shooter in death of Burleson Co. Sheriff's Deputy Adam Sowders will not face murder charge

Ex-Salvadoran general appeals deportation order (U.S. court)

Ex-Salvadoran general appeals deportation order

Have you heard the latest Obama conspiracy? Apparently, he made it fake snow in the South.

Judge dismisses charges in Katrina cover-up death

Mark Pryor Comes Out Against Federal Minimum Wage Hike

Uruguay President José Mujica Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Legalising Marijuana

Guatemala Court Rules to Curb Crusader

Google Makes Statement (With Doodle) About Russian Anti-Gay Law

Keith Olbermann: The Killing Of The Stray Dogs Of Sochi

Uruguay Pres. up for Nobel Peace Prize for marijuana legalization

Uruguay Pres. up for Nobel Peace Prize for marijuana legalization

This is my lottery dream...

George Carlin on Cats and Dogs

Death toll from Colombian prison fire climbs to 16

‘Duck Dynasty’ stars to sponsor Texas Motors Speedway race

Exorcism priest signs movie deal

Officials ponder increased mental health care (Montgomery County Sentinel)

82,000 tons of coal sludge spilling for days into NC river threatens Virginia drinking water

Syria conflict: 'Deal reached' on Homs civilian evacuations

Bullock expected to name Walsh to Senate at news conference

Conan's "The Walking Dead" Cold Open

He's Perfect For the Part

Disappearance of wildflowers may have doomed woolly mammoth and woolly rhinoceros

Russian Olympic official proud of doorknobs on doors, cameras in showers

Peter LaBarbera calls for U.S. version of Russian ‘gay propaganda’ law

Well they DO allow protests in Sochi.Did they give visas to Westboro Baptist Church?

House Speaker John Boehner: No immigration reform until Obama rebuilds trust

I pay taxes. They should go to companies that pay a living wage.

Turkish prime minister draws comparisons to Hitler over ‘Orwellian’ Internet restrictions

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ Feb 7th

Some photos from the Seahawks victory parade...

Taunton pot dispensary applicant moves forward with cultivation center plan

My first (and last?) venture into photojournalism...

A Karzai-Taliban deal will deal a severe blow to Washington.

Opinion: More Guantanamo and global warming, less Amanda Knox and Justin Bieber

How Amazon Forced CVS to Stop Selling Cigarettes

FBI Checks Wrong Box, Places Student on No-Fly List

Renault’s Off-Roader Concept Launches a Drone Out of Its Roof

The New Snowden Revelation Is Dangerous for Anonymous — And for All of Us

Your $200K Aston Martin Just Got Recalled for Using Chinese-Made Knockoff Part

6 States Where Republicans Want Poor People to Pee in Cups to Prove They're Not on Drugs

5 Obnoxious Libertarian Oligarchs Who Earned Fortunes from the Government They'd Like to Destroy

2 Toons on the CBO report on Obamacare- Snap and double snap!

Cats On The Big Screen: a video tribute

Food industry seeks voluntary GMO labeling

The Christian Right's Bizarre Delusions of Persecution

PA's Worst: Republican Pushes Pro-Discrimination Proposal in PA House [VIDEO]

(AK) KTUU says it reached deal with GCI on rural transmission

USDA Chief Tom Vilsack: Climate Change Already Hurting Farmers

Is the frequency of police brutality increasing?

Mat-Su official disputes claims that new Port MacKenzie tank farm was factor in refinery closure

5-year-old actress gets death threats over her Disney show’s gay characters

SAC Capital ex-trader convicted of insider trading

Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s I Corps gets new commander

RW World Congress of Families: Criticism Of Putin Is Liberal Media Hysteria

Uh-oh! this is the 1st year in many that I've owed taxes

NY regulator stops Ocwen-Wells Fargo deal

Roots of the NSA: How the White Panthers Saved the Movement and the FISA Court was Created

Salmonella outbreaks expose weaknesses in USDA oversight

Waxman speaks in support of proposed carbon emissions rule

Chevron "injured" by critics

Senator Warren on how Massachusetts selects judicial nominees.

Biden says presidential decision will come next summer

Last Marine takes command in Afghanistan

A Fine Jackpine Whine (or Why I'm Not Liking 2014)

The Most Polarized Congress Ever: 2013 Congressional Vote Ratings

Advertisers make $900-million bet on Olympic Winter Games

As Devastating Floods Rage, UK Phone Help Line Charges 65 Cents/Minute

Water Woes Multiply For Egypt - Per Capita Availability 60% Of Global Standard

Salvadoran cites U.S. backing of violence in deportation appeal

Beijing Lifts Ban On Carpooling - Had Been Illegal Until January 1st

Yes, it IS media's fault. Morning shows solemnly air Koch ads then discuss dire effect on Dems

'Big Jaw' vs. the World: A history of Jay Leno hate

Sochi Olympic Winter Games at root of residents' housing woes

Gloves Are Off! McCrory (R-NC) Mentions "Double-Checking" Duke Energy, Concedes Spill "Serious"

African American Military History Museum in Hattiesburg Mississippi reopens after tornado damage

CA Farmers Likely To Fallow 500,000 Acres Of Central Valley Farmland - Reuters

Critics censure Russian rights record by snubbing Sochi Olympics

Critics censure Russian rights record by snubbing Sochi Olympics (xpost from FA)

Payroll employment rises in January (+113,000); unemployment rate changes little (6.6%)

Iraqi security forces accused of raping, torturing women in detention

Broken Democracy: Republicans Poised to Take Senate Even as Americans Reject Their Platform

Leonard Nimoy Reveals Lung Disease Diagnosis, Urges Fans To Quit Smoking

5 February 2014 - Atmospheric CO2 At 397.89; Seasonal CO2 Amplitude Growing

Guardian: (UK) Royal Mail privatised for up to £1.5bn less than City estimates of its value

Lockheed SST mockup unveiled (pic)

Krugman: Health, Work, Lies

CNN EXclusive: JK will not run again.

(CO) More El Paso County families eligible for special tax credit, experts say

Central America's largest museum of Mayan Culture to be built in Guatemala

Earliest footprints outside Africa discovered in Norfolk

MUST READ!! Governor Christie administration gets more bad news

Low on natural gas, California told to power down

50,000 texts handed over in Maine divorce case

Crazy ass Rep. Marsha Blackburn has two SERIOUS!!! democrat challengers

No, Liberals Don't Control the Democratic Party

Twice as nice, retitled save a life today

(CO) Front Range business leaders push for statewide military lobbying effort


HORSESHIT: Boehner: Immigration reform stalls because GOP has ‘widespread doubt’ about Obama

Why is the Huffington Post calling the latest jobs report disapointing

Study: Kansas' population to drop more. By 2040, four counties will have fewer than 1,000 residents

CNN Exclusive: JK will not run again.

Mousie's mug shot: (gangsta)

Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes at five-year high: aid groups

Colorado Springs charter school in turmoil over leadership, contracts

Can the UN Change the Church's Views on Abortion and Gay Rights?

Jobs report underwhelms again

Just saw the President's Message of Support for U.S. Olympic Team.

Sixteen killed in Venezuela Sabaneta prison violence

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Sochi

Duck Dynasty - Afghanistan edition...

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - G-NO-P

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

Pentagon to boost missile defense spending by over $4 billion: sources

Report: Fracking colliding with other water uses during drought

Venezuela's economy on the brink of recession

Last native speaker of Klallam language dies in Washington state

Post-9/11 GI Bill focus of new online system

Banned carry-on items get through Russian security for Olympics

Venezuelans fume as government signals end to 'free' petrol

Wisconsin: Scott Walker vows to selectively enforce the Constitution

Company destroys electronics with top-secret data

Exelon may shut down nuclear plants

Cameron to Scotland: Don't break away and erode UK's global clout

AFJ: Tell your Senators: Please vote for all 29 pending judicial nominees NOW

Paul Ryan Is the Odds-On Favorite to Win the Republican Nomination in 2016

Doctor Diagnoses Man With Help From TV's 'House'

Munich Club Harry Klein changing it's name to Marry Klein for March

No criminal charges in botched Chesapeake jail annex

Syria starts evacuating civilians from besieged Homs center

Sen Rockefeller Slams Capitalism-Tells Stunning Truth: Industry Cuts Corners & Gets Away With It

How much does it cost to own a cat, as far as vet bills or pet insurance?

"Fuck the EU"

Va. lawmakers target detention, surveillance of citizens

UGH Bob Barr wants to run for Congress again.

Russian novelist says book being investigated over 'gay propaganda'

Corbett proposes increase in fracking under State Parks and Forests (he can do it on his own)

Relocation of two Oceana squadrons is delayed, again

"0.17%: Extending Unemployment Benefits Would Increase Spending by 0.17 Percent

Hagel orders urgent push for ethics crackdown

Pat Robertson Realizes Creationism is a Joke

Military sniper blames PTSD for armed robberies in Fla.

Why The End of Communism Didn't End Antigay Hate in Russia

Laura Ingraham Attacks Sotomayor 'Allegiance' to US Because She's Puerto Rican

kitteh plays theremin--Of course!

Snowden Docs: British Spies Used Sex and 'Dirty Tricks'

Stranger Gives Home to Family Whose House Burned

Find something to be happy about today (Friday February 7, 2014)

CBO Report In Toon Form

10 things to hate about Corbett's proposed PA. budget

Mark Wayne Mullin

Troubled Times: Developing Economies Hit a BRICS Wall

Breaking... Largest LIRR workers' union votes 500-0 in favor of future strike

How do Democrats hold on to a Senate majority this year?

Like It or Not, Glenn Greenwald Is Now the Face of the 1st Amendment

Dual Citizenship: Merkel Government Ponders Who Is a German

This is the job situation Obama inherited when he took office compared 5 previous presidents.

Enjoying the Rain ::

The Monument Men were a real U.S. Army group called the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Section

Ring of Fire: The Party of The 1%

Water 2025

The Thirty Years' War: How Peace Kept WWI Alive

Saudi woman denied ambulance, dies due to lack of male companion

I guess sleepwalking man in his undies isn't so scary after all

Non-Silent Thread for Those Who Aren't Lurking

The Monument Men were a real U.S. Army group called the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Section

The Propaganda Olympics

Ted Rall Cartoon for February 7, 2014: Can’t Close that Camp

The Song That They Sing When A Cat Falls In Love ...

God, I just hate the new MSNBC website.

Stories used in the Koch ads - where are the counter ads refuting or correcting their situations?

Measles global deaths decline by 78%, WHO estimates

This is pretty clear: 200 Vermonters show up for hearings on GMO labeling: All For it

Will Democrats take back the House and hold the Senate this year?

It's happening again....

Today in History! (actually Wednesday, but I forgot to post it)

US Ambassador Powers Offers To Join Russian Punk Band Pussy Riot

Precourt accuses expressway of 'backdoor dealings'

Pussy Riot members announce split with freed duo

Koch Bros products you may want to boycott

Why do lithium batteries fail prematurely? What can be done to improve reliability?

What Ifs

Court for the Northern District of Ohio Eastern Division Grants Injunction Against Affinity Medical

By One Measure, This Was A Stupendous Jobs Report

Lindsey Stirling new release

Oh Wow what a vivid dream...woke up this morning dreamed we vote Obama in for a third term...

Catholic school apologizes for fried chicken, watermelon Black History Month menu

Compelling article on Huff Post article written by a used-to-have.

this is the answer to the republican bull

If You Thought You Couldn't Go To Jail For Debt Anymore — You're Wrong

2014 election poll: Mitch McConnell trails Alison Lundergan Grimes by 4

this is the answer to the right and their employers (the superpac's)

Why I Won't Be Watching The Olympics

Rescue Group Caring for 13 Cats Taken From Savoy Home

David Axelrod is not quite ready for Hillary.

The Public Sector Keeps Shedding Jobs

here's a feww facts about the right and their masters the political super pac's

In U.K., Atheist Tries to Sue Mormon Church President; Monson Ordered To Appear in Court for ‘Fraud’

although this was written for a small town newspaper it speaks to all Americans

this could happen to you

Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP

GOP introduces bill to name 'Mount Reagan' in Nevada

Good deed

Hatebagging in OK. This guy hates everyone.

Farrah Abraham (teen mom) making another pornographic movie

4 Russian LGBT activists arrested in St. Petersburg

Two vastly different religious traditions find a common musical voice

Problem finding an old post on DU2

Activists, state lawmakers call for “accountability” from IBM

Olympic bobsledder Justin Kripps's website banned in Russia

Why Philip Seymour Hoffman deserves a Catholic funeral

Casino siting board taking shape

Penguins put on Prozac to counter cold, rainy British zoo climate

How Gay Can I Be In Sochi?

“Safe water” sickens WV kids and puts teachers in the hospital.

A rant at TV commercials, and a peek into the future

Arctic sea ice extent this January well below long-term average

MSNBC's "Women to Watch in 2014."

So many tiny feathers ....

The Bush Created Economic Abyss Obama Pulled America Out Of Was Deep, THIS Deep:

The Rude Pundit: A Tale of the Long-Term Jobless on Jobs Report Day

Medicare Is Paying Way Too Much For Penis Pumps

Take action now

True Welfare Queens

Benghazi,Benghazi? 13 attacks on Bush's watch not a peep from GOP or Fox

Axelrod To Donors: Focus On Helping Democrats In 2014, Not Hillary In 2016

$16 million awarded to families of 2 teens killed in Mount Carroll grain bin accident

The Christie-gate thingy forgotten; Bribery - by any other name - Still the same!

Billionaires circle the wagons

Orange County GOP Chairman Takes Leave Of Absence After Alleged Sexting Incident Surfaces

Meet Nightmare Bear, The Olympic Bear Mascot

Biden Sees ‘No Obvious Reason’ Not to Run for President

Who did this?

Americans for THE prosperity of The Koch Bros.

Germans not amused by Nuland gaffe

The Face of England's Angry, Storming Seas?

2 Charts Show the Jobs With the Highest Payoff. Did You Choose the Right Career?

Dog Days of Winter: Sochi’s Unwanted Strays Prepare for the Olympic Games

Alaska primed to become third state to legalize retail marijuana title


Anyone seen Borgen? Amazing. Can't praise it too highly

President Obama signs the farm bill

Philip Seymour Hoffman to be laid to rest Friday

Fatah delegation arrives in Gaza

6 hints that ENDA exec order may be coming

Woman stiffs cab driver $980 New York City-to-Boston fare

Turkish media reporting an airplane hijacked on Istanbul airport. Demanding to go to Sochi

New protest village erected after Ein Hijleh destroyed overnight

Inside Russia's Anti-Gay Vigilante Army, Occupy Pedophilia

A few personal thoughts and testimony on 2004 Election night

18 injured as Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa after prayers

Esquire: An America that conservatives should love.

Putin Russian Technology Fail - Olympic Ring Doesn't Open in Ceremony

North Dakota Weather Alert! Stay Inside

Falling Ice at 1 WTC Disrupts PATH Service

About those "stray" dogs in Sochi...

Marxist economist Richard Wolff draws overflow crowds

What Would Rescheduling Marijuana Accomplish?

The Only Scandal In Washington Is Darrell Issa, and It Is Time He Gets Investigated

BREAKING: Turkish official: passenger w/ bomb claim tried to divert plane to Sochi as Olympics begin

Todd Akin 2.0? Georgia’s Senate Race Is GOP’s Worst Nightmare: Talking Points Memo

Biden Shows Interest in Another Presidential Run.

So I now know what ails me - it wasn't all in my head

Hijacking threads

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works...

Of "Mush and Gibberish" and Fake Ed "Reform"

Charlie Crist: 'Six People In Florida Die Every Day' Because Of Rick Scott's Stance On Medicaid

Americans for THE prosperity of the billionare Koch Bros.

Faux "news" stupid remark of the day...(at least so far)

I don't think that Republicans think they can win the White House

The Ultimate Ignorance Is

"Cool Walkings": Jamaica is in the house at Sochi

Report: Airliner Forced To Land After Possible Hijacking Attempt In Connection To Sochi

Police union talks new contract with de Blasio

JPMorgan’s Masters Said to Quit CFTC Panel After One Day

Bill de Blasio takes on the Times

Israeli foreign minister defends peace-maker Kerry

Google makes a statement on LGBT rights with their Doodle for today...

Rand Paul Really Wants To Make Monica Lewinsky A Problem For Democrats... 16 Years Later

Glenn Beck goes Unabomber. "Technology is evil! Technology is Authoritarian Porn!"

The battle of fundamental ideologies cannot be averted

Russia Can't Get Through the Opening Ceremony Without Screwing Up

Illinois congressmen submit anti-boycott bill

Chevrolet To Debut LGBT-Inclusive Ads During Olympics

A Strategy for 2014 We Can All Apply

Texas? No thank you.

The phrase of the day is "penis pumps". Replace any word in a thread with "penis pumps".

Do you know this person?

Does Richard Engel realize this? Or are Russian hackers icky while NSA hackers are sanitary?

Attempted Hijacking of Turkey-Bound Plane Reported

The War on the Poor and Working Families

I am so embarrassed and angry........

Evidence Mounting that Walker Campaign Is at Center of Criminal Probe

The Shocking Film That Tells The Truth About Russia

Like it or not, Glenn Greenwald is actually a bigot who is against immigration

A new proposal to ship fracked gas across New York

The Creationists' Response To The Bill Nye / Ken Ham Debate

Bad Advice For Hillary Clinton By Charles P. Pierce

Federal Government Legalizes Hemp

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia monograph to establish marijuana as botanical medicine

Remember Ben Carson? He's gone full Godwin...

Wendy Davis leaves local law firm

17,000 People Will Die Uninsured in Red States Because GOP Leaders Refused Medicaid Expansion

I saw something in a response in a thread about job ...

Nerdy Wonka: Thanks to the bailout and restructuring, U.S. auto sector employment hits a 5 year high

Groundwork starting to pay off in Oakland - How Mayor Jerry Brown saved Oakland.

Sochi: Jamaican Bobsled Team Wins Gold in Blini-Eating Finals

Lt. Gov. John Walsh Appointed Replacement For Ex-Sen. Max Baucus

Issa Busted for Secret Meetings with Stay-Behind IRS Inspector General

Rob Ford orders rainbow flag removed from Toronto City Hall (and then backtracks)

EPA Approves Another Pesticide Highly Toxic to Bees

Must see CJR charts on corporate media coverage of Issa's manufactured scandals (IRS)

TPM: Obama Offers Jay Leno A Consolation Prize For Leaving ‘The Tonight Show’

The 10 Step Illustrated Pot Moocher's Guide to Getting High at Shows

The 10 Step Illustrated Pot Moocher's Guide to Getting High at Shows

Fox News, "The Voice of Idiocracy!"

For anyone interested in Olympic sports photography

Like it or not, the rain in Spain lies mainly in the plain.

Talks to empty chair dude, saves a life.

Liz Cheney Exaggerated Her Senate Campaign Fundraising

It's our time, the world is watching

The Big Business President: Corporate profits have soared under President Obama

California DUers I see that 'heavy' rain is heading your way

Feb 7. FIFTY TWO years of US sanctions on Cuba. TIME TO CALL IT OFF!

Rachel wins Wednesday in Money Demo again

Nerdy Wonka tweet: 50 lawmakers invited to Pres. Obama's farm bill signing. @GOP rejected invites.

teabagging insanity: victoria jackson

Does anyone have experience with buying prescription medication online ans/or from Canada?

Today's my birthday....

American Idol Clay Aiken Running For Congress – This dude has the right message (VIDEO)

Is academia suffering from ‘adjunctivitis’?

Michael Tomasky: CVS, Smokes and ‘Liberal Fascism’

CNN Carol Costello Goes Against The Grain And Tells Truth About CBO Report And Obamacare (VIDEO)

Does this Galaxy make me look fat?

Why do I have to have a firewall port open?

White caller calls into Radio show to complain about Inter-racial ads..

Tesoro acquiring safer rail cars for Vancouver terminal

Yet another fine DU"progressive" : "Screw Israel...fucking whiners."

"See Sue" (cartoon)

rand paul: Democrats should disown ‘sexual predator’ Bill Clinton

Tweet from the FLOTUS: Brother and sister....

Dennis Kucinich - Has He announced Any Plans for 2014?

Child Death Investigation: Police Lapel Video Released

Rolling Stone Readers Poll results: The 10 Greatest Hair Metal Songs

Fashion labels promote what celebs wore to Hoffman’s funeral..."Fuck these guys."

Rand Pauls rants on Bill Clinton.

Thank you, Edward Snowden, for highlighting the dangers of privatizing government functions!

Meet the newest U.S. Senator: John Walsh (D) Montana

Sochi Games Open With Snowflake Malfunction Amid Pageantry

I don't know if this is all relevant to discussions about sexism

I want you to stop being afraid of...

Intercepted F-Bomb Phone Call Shows U.S. Role in Ukraine

Lady Who Just Lit Olympic Flame Tweeted A Racist Picture Of The Obamas

Would you hire this guy as your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Sanctions Against Israel - A Campaign That Is Gathering Weight

Look at this disgusting picture 1 of the athletes lighting the Olympic Flame posted of the Obamas:

Like it or not, the ACLU is actually a bigoted organization

In Senate Shuffle, Landrieu Takes Over Energy & Natural Resources Committee

Iran Rift Risked as IAEA Seeks Details on Rare Atomic Experiment

I went to this elementary school . . . 50 years ago

An interesting thing is happening with the Winter Olympics

A blast from the Best Winter Olympics Opening Cermony EVER:

U.S. Hiring Struggles To Rebound From Winter Chill

CNN Poll: Pathway to citizenship trumps border security

I want one of these

War on Women Still a Losing Strategy

Religious Services Ministry Want Knesset To Give Rabbis Police Powers To Enforce Kosher Food Law

Leaked call on Ukraine made on unencrypted cellphones -U.S. officials

Christmas in February

Unedited silent footage of Nagasaki bombing

Silicon Valley's 'bro culture' locks out many minorities

The "Elizabeth Warren of Civil Liberties"

Yesterday, Another Arizona Legislator Delivered a Godless Invocation on the House Floor

Sick: Oil drillers pay for fracking workshops for teachers

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts Doesn't Actually Live In Kansas

Boulder County Democratic Party on Facebook now open for your posting and input.

(AZ) House panel votes in favor of expanded religious-belief rights for individuals and businesses

Markwayne Mullin - R ( Congress District 2 ) Ethics Committee investigating

"It's a Disaster". Excellent movie!


Today of all days, we must #championequality.

Wife of teacher to Obama: ‘please stop this runaway reform now’

Even if Greenwald ate puppies, the National Security State is excessivly intrusive

Treasury pulls back as U.S. hits debt limit again

YOU may be tired of winter. However, this panda is not!

Man tries to jump fence at White House, sparking lockdown

Is It Possible To Believe That Millions of Americans Facing Catastrophe Would Not Make The News?

The Big Dog Bites Mitch: Bill Clinton to Campaign for Kentucky’s Alison Grimes

Creationist devolution in South Dakota & Virginia

P.J. O'Rourke and S.E. Cupp guests on Real Time tonight

Would it be illegal if DU attempted to oust a couple of Republican Congressmen?

Thom Harmann: Keystone to America: Bend Over & Take It

Thom Hartmann: Are Fish Facing Near Extinction?

WATCH: LGBT Russians Arrested, Antigay Protestors Undisturbed

FAA Investigating Possible Illegal Use Of Drone At Hartford Crash Scene

A re-visit to the IRS "scandal"...

Hans Rosling: Religions and babies

Koch Group Drops Cash In Louisiana To Oppose Medicaid Expansion

In Japan, Women Launch Sex Strike To Protest Yoichi Masuzoe, Tokyo Governor Candidate

I was asked to update the DU when the time came, it is not good news

‘Nuclear power’ cited the most in Tokyo governor election tweets

German tourist murdered in Margarita Island

Massive Cognitive Dissonance: Russian Police choir performs Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"

Silhouette Man - Wonders WTF is wrong with Americans

GOP Planning To Cause A Depression If They Ever Get Power

ALERT: $400K in Attack Ads on the Air NOW

Toyota de Venezuela halts production indefinitely

Va. Teen Faces Child Porn Charges For Tweeting Nude ‘Selfie’

last thread needed about woody allen and his daughter

Why America Stopped Driving

Bill Nye, Creationist Ken Ham Square Off in Post-Debate Battle over Evolution, Global Warming

Racist Twitter-er (re: Obamas) just got to light the Olympic flame

Koch Group Drops Cash In Louisiana To Oppose Medicaid Expansion

Our dogs...

Panel says federal wolf plan used unproven science

The Gun Report: February 7, 2014

The Friday Afternoon Challenge Returns...again! Today’s puzzler: What’s going on here?

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham

WATCH: Masha Gessen Says It Will Get Worse for LGBT Russians After Olympics

New Study Finds Worrisome Pattern of Birth Defects in Fracking Communities

Rep. Has Cordial Chat About Whether Obama 'Should Be Executed' (VIDEO)

The most wanted "man toy" of the year in snow country...

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in

How progressives can turn the deep South blue

GWB scandal: Fort Lee mayor now says Christie campaign courted him for endorsement

AT&T wants to charge more for different types of internet use.

Former Rep. Bob Barr: Yes, I Am Serious About Impeaching Obama

Vatican blasts “prejudiced” report from U.N. committee on Catholic Church child sex abuse

Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill

Cruz, Rubio, Other GOPers Urge Court To Stop Obamacare Subsidies

Watch your back, Folks!!

USCCB Subcommittee Releases Film in Spanish Promoting and Defending Marriage

The Ed Schulz XL thing is Strange

Conservatives Shocked Obamacare Is Working Like It's Designed To

Picture: A rocket launch seen from SPACE

Cruz, Rubio, Other GOPers Urge Court To Stop Obamacare Subsidies


Transporting Oil: Pipeline or Railway?

February 7, 2008

stand proud - children comment on racism

Union show

Trinikid - You Have To Watch This

Bail denied for Florida Movie Theater Shooter

Nasty: woman abandons puppies in Tampa

Pirate Party nominates Snowden and Manning for Nobel Peace Prize

Courageous Teen Risks His Life To Save Drowning Baby Deer

Never be surprised by what you find at Costco

Watch this video. You will not be disappointed.

Hackers likely hit Target lottery through Sharpsburg firm's remote link

I <HEART> the Post Office

How Florida’s Top Elections Official Just Made It Harder For College Students To Vote

Duck Dynasty lose almost 50% of their viewers

"Insight: Republicans still seen falling behind in election data wars"

Alabama Chief Justice Advocates Banning Gay Marriage in the U.S. Constitution

Out of this world

Fort Lee Mayor Now Says Team Christie Wooed Him With Favors And A Meal

NC parenting columnist’s 3-year-old son shoots 17-month-old sister with dad’s gun

Getting a lot of "An error occurred during processing"

Oklahoma restaurant won’t serve ‘freaks,’ ‘f*ggots,’ the disabled and welfare recipients

California leaders push for smartphone kill switch

Charlie Crist blames Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s Medicaid policy for ‘six deaths a day’

Night Hides the World

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts Doesn't Actually Live in Kansas

Boycotting Israel and the First Amendment

article: How Philip Seymour Hoffman relapsed

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Facebook Look Back - WALTER WHITE

I have had a rotten day.

Alex Rodriguez drops lawsuit against MLB

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack found guilty on all counts in federal corruption trial

"The Buried Lede In The CBO Report: Obamacare Will Raise Wages"

M-I-C ... K-E-Y...

5 billion and an agenda of regime change

'Israel Must Prosecute West Bank Land Thieves'

Oh Oh Ohhhhh Canada

Amazon just made 10 new pilots available online - including X-FILES Mastermind Chris Carter’s

Grace Meng To Raise Money For House Hopefuls -- And Maybe Her Own Profile -- With New PAC

Coke Embraces 'Controversy,'Will Run THIS LONGER Ad During Sochi Opening Ceremony

Russian Olympic team walk out to ‘faux-lesbian’ pop duo t.A.T.u at opening ceremony

Mayor de Blasio Calls Veep Joe Biden's LaGuardia Airport Crack "Inappropriate"

Post-Snowden, Why Were U.S. Diplomats Talking On Insecure Line?

Major bitcoin exchange crashes, takes bitcoin prices with it

Elderly, Children Evacuated from Blockaded Syrian City

The frequency of miracles over time...

14,362,416 views: Pick Them Back Up | Sochi 2014 Olympics

FYI: Milwaukee Meet&Greet with Mary Burke