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Archives: November 26, 2016

First lady kicks off Obamas final White House Christmas

First OP since the election..."Fool me once, shame on you...

People are tweeting #ThanksNASA after a Trump adviser suggested he'd axe its earth science research

Stein Wont Guarantee Money Goes to Recount ...

He is a pig and I will never refer to the pig in any other way

US Service Member Killed in Syria Identified as Virginia-Based Man

The DU Lounge Confessional is now open.

Secret Service May Rent Two Floors In Trump Tower - will pay con artist 12 Million for 4 years

Wisconsin Elections Commission Receives Two Presidential Election Recount Petitions

O! M! G! It's so obvious now ....

Air Force 1. What changes

Simon & Garfunkel - American Tune

Trump seems ready to fight the world on climate change, and it could cost the U.S.

How a Russian Fascist is Meddling in America's election

Americans keep looking away from the election's most alarming story...

Just a quick history lesson

I'm sick of Dems being nice

15 Of The Best Reactions To Trump Winning The Election (You need to see these. Admit it.)

investigate paul manafort

It's good to be back

The Immigrant

The armed nation: A new tradition is arising to add to the

The Bomb sausage gravy!

Israel Arrests 22 Over Wildfires, as Arson Is Suspected

15 Cartoonists Around The World Illustrate How They Feel About Trump Becoming President

Wisconsin Agrees To Presidential Vote Recount At Third-Party Candidates' Request

Tens of thousands of children at risk of starvation in Nigeria crisis

Bringing carbon-silicon bonds to life

White House Christmas tree

Just spent my day binge watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Thinking the unthinkable

A good article discussing the role of religion

Cubs will be meeting with Trump next year as World Series champs ...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Black Friday! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

One of the oldest, biggest pines in the Pacific Northwest is dead

In Scotland, Trump built a wall. Then he sent residents a bill.

Was just watching Return of the Jedi on TV

Filing: Presidential yacht worth 8.56 million below zero

Books and music and other stuff for members of the resistence

The dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural America: a view from the inside

WTF can Trump offer in acknowledgement he is losing by 2.3 million votes?

Standing Rock Sioux chairman says Army Corps to close camp access in pipeline protest

I was called stupid and a liar on DU in the past two days.

How Indian babies are named

The New PTSD

Unless government acts, Colombia at dawn of new political genocide: Leftist leader

Unless government acts, Colombia at dawn of new political genocide: Leftist leader

2 moose found frozen mid-fight near village

The Kleptocracy owner's manual

U.S. Officials Defend Integrity of Vote, Despite Hacking Fears

State employee fired for giving panhandler a beer

in many ways, it's not trump i fear most.

Longview YMCA sues former bookkeeper who embezzled 500,000

Hanford contractors to pay 125 million settlement

Penn State won't fight 2.4M fine for lax crime reporting

For some in middle class, Trump plan would mean tax increase

Robert Reich on Jill Stein

Just because I am a fucking cynic

Brown plans bill to maximize state investment returns

Councilor Daniel Benjamin resigns in social media backlash over BLM post

Man shot dead while trying to stop man from beating woman

Don't Shoot Portland protests police brutality on Black Friday

Kathleen Troia McFarland Fox News analyst, trump appoints as deputy NatSec adviser

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen gets his GAO report on air traffic control privatization

The Parallels Are Uncanny.

The Latest: Autopsy finds man died from gunshot to back

Accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof competent to stand trial, judge rules

Counting 1 million crowds at anti-president rally in Seoul

Ahead of recount, Wisconsin has already wiped out 5,000 imaginary Donald Trump votes

So the recount is going ahead?

Army Corps of Engineers Orders Dakota Pipeline Protesters to Abandon Camp

Environmental leaders on hope and progress in the age of Trump


Norway's Supreme Court refuses to grant Snowden safe travel


How DEA Informers Sparked a Massacre in Mexico

How DEA Informers Sparked a Massacre in Mexico

Apparent vote rigging in North Carolina

Creationist Picked As Trump's Education Secretary

We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned

Whooping Cranes (I think)

Meanwhile, in Michigan...

Chile watchdog sues Nestle, Kellogg, Mars over advertising "violations"

my gut says another war is on the horizon...

If your geek flag flies high, this is the ebook for you

Why Did Colorado Reject Single Payer Health Care ?

My resignation has to do with a political issue I know that is the case

Trumps business deals with foreign governments present a conflict of interest

Slavs lived in Morocco in Middle Ages, archaeologists find

"Dems inaction over 2 million vote victory shows why they lose" - HuffPo

We need a new house Democratic leader

The laser that can 'see through' thick forest - and spotted a Stone age settlement in Ohio

My biggest worry about Trump's corruption and conflicts of interests

Fidel Castro has Died

Museum of Chinese in America Shows a Little-Known History

Theory that challenges Einsteins physics could soon be put to the test

Museum of Chinese in America Shows a Little-Known History

Cuba's Fidel Castro dies aged 90

Chinatown, San Francisco a century ago

Regular Flights USA-Havana to Begin

Japanese Americans Documentary

Japanese Americans Documentary

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Enron: So, Who is About to Go Broke?

Do We Disrespect Rural America?

Toothpaste for cats?

Aspartame Causes Weight Gain and Metabolic Syndrome, Says Study

Trump supporter calls passengers 'Hillary b----es' during rant on plane

The Big Lesson From 2016 Is That Neither Party Has A Winning Vote Coalition

Our Stories: Asian American Youth DC (Part 1 & 2)

Our Stories: Asian American Youth DC (Part 1 & 2)

Fidel Castro dies at age 90

Silent thread for Fidel Castro. R.I.P

Cubas Health Care System: a Model for the World

The Making of Asian America - 2011 Who's Who in Asian American Communities Mini Documentary

I have one question for the people celebrating Castro's death in Miami

Mini Documentary - Celebrating Our Diversity and History: The Asian American Dream

Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolutionary Who Defied U.S., Dies at 90

looking for a bright spot .. ( I know I am late to the party)

Report: Trump may name Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts to Commerce Department

REPRESENT! Asian Americans in Politics

REPRESENT! Asian Americans in Politics

Obama administration throws cold water on vote recount effort

Fidel Castro took a repressive path. US imperial arrogance drove him to it.

What is the point discussing Castro & Cuba here? Few have been there, fewer know anything about it.

I do not recognize Donald Trump as the President-elect.

Wonder if Trump will take credit for Fidel's death?

The terrible irony about human rights abuse in Cuba...

JFK: "Fidel Castro is part of the legacy of Bolivar"

Why are people getting all bent out of shape over Castro dying?

Gravy question

what the heck happened in Ark.

Tribe by Sebastian Junger

The Proclaimers - I'm On My Way (VIDEO)

Sweeping UK spy bill dubbed snoopers charter becomes law

Daily Holidays - November 26

I loved Fidel

In New Leadership Role, Sanders To Mobilize Young, Working People 'Hurting Right Now'

Seattle lawyer accused of breaking campaign finance rules

Son of indicted judge decries prosecution

New Weed Laws: What You Need To Know

Fidel Castro's Racist Legacy

Why are people complaining about Russian interference in US elections


This L.A. office building is crazier than it looks: Its steel bands are an exoskelton

Rifle discharges at Montana gun show, injuring 2

Castro: The Palestinian connection

Judge: Roof competent to stand trial in church shooting

🐦 Bernie Sanders to appear on "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" Nov 27, 2016

Object found off British Columbia coast not missing nuke

Moorhead school bus driver who abandoned 20 students accused of using racial slur

Aftermath 2016: Tess Rafferty's hard-hitting statement on the election of Trump.

Jill Stein files for recount in Wisconsin

11-27-16 Noon - March and Rally for Standing Rock - Washington Monument

What to know about SEIU Local 1000s proposed one-day strike

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe official response to ACOE saying it plans to close #NoDAPL camps:

Reporter becomes Canada's first hijab-clad news anchor

Letter to San Jose mosque threatens genocide: pack your bags

The Space Poop Challenge

'I do not want any type of Muslims': Orange County GOP official condemned for anti-Muslim comments

U.S. agency reaches housing agreement with Orange County landlords over complaints by residents

Republicans now say deficits don't matter.

Should have a standard voting system within the United States

Guam: Two more lawsuits filed against the church

How long for orange man tweets he is responsibility for Fidel passing?


The GOP equals the KGB

Drumpt's Hotel Stay to Play Scam

I've GOT it....QUEEN TRUMP. Putin's reigning queen. nt

Space rule would cut bed availability at homeless shelters

Good riddance dicktator!! Nt

Four found dead in Fairbanks hotel room

Alaska Gov. Walker looks to local leaders for help lobbying lawmakers on budget plan

The road not taken with Fidel and the people of Cuba 1959

So. Young Donald gets his FIRST history lesson about Cuba. .

Hundreds of Veterans to Deploy for Standing Rock to Join Pipeline Protest Dec 4

Japanese maples at our house

Boycott Continues, Nordstrom Refuses to Drop Ivanka Trumps Brand

How Fidels faith remained a mystery to the end

My diagnoses of what ails our party.

Dem women stand behind Pelosi

History is being written today.

Alaskans vow pushback if Trump targets mountain's new name

Black Friday is an unpaid day for many state employees

4.2 million Americans lose overtime pay and Republicans rejoice the victory for small businesses

Telling Your Kids Santa Claus is Real Could Damage Your Relationship With Them

What if the "recounts" do show a significant discrepancy in the vote totals?

Retired English teacher evaluates Trump's meeting with the NYT in pungent letter to the editor

The Kremlin's Trojan Horses

Cuban dictator, a spiritual beacon to the worlds political far left, dies at 90

Three Wisconsin Counties Just Admitted They Padded Trumps Win With Fake Votes

Inside a Fake News Sausage Factory: This Is All About Income

orange mess is just so Presidential in this new tweet. (not!)

Donald Trump's Caldron of Conflicts - By the NYT Editorial Board

Trump's presidency, overseas business deals and relations with foreign governments could all...

Compare: Justin Trudeau statement vs. Donald Trump-tweet on death of communist dictator Fidel Castro

How religion and ethno-nationalism influence attitudes towards amnesty in Northern Ireland

Conservative Talk Radio Sees Golden Opportunity in Trump Administration

FINALLY! A job Trump is qualified for.

Writing about food: Anais Nin, "Ladders to Fire"

Whether you agree with Jill Steins politics or not, her recount action is good

"The Crack"

🐦 Bernie Sanders to appear on CNN's "State of the Union" - Nov 27

Hillary looking good...

Not-so-LOL cat

My own chilling exposure to Castro happened when I was 17

Jill Stein Addresses Recount Efforts: It Looked Like This Was a Hack-Riddled Election

Trump Tweets Castro's death. It's a deep, thought-provoking, Presidential eulogy.

Mass killings as rebels target ethnic Fulanis in Central African Republic

oh the irony: cubans celebrating castro's death in miami holding trump/pence signs

Without free and open elections a government leader is not legitimate.

One dictator gone, and one being sworn in to take over U.S.

Bay of Pigs: America's Waterloo in anti-Castro fight

Does anyone know Ivanka's opinion of Bannon and his opinion of her?

He was neither the Hitler of the Caribbean nor was he a good guy.

Time to hop off the gravy train and get back on the weight loss wagon.

This is how we ALL have to react.

If you fought against Hillary Clinton after the Democratic convention,

The Problem with Blaming Whites

Latin Americans march to condemn violence against women

Castro writes to Roosevelt

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard & hundreds of her fellow Veterans to join Water Protectors in North Dakota

Two interesting facts from the current vote total counts...

Donna Brazile is totally not sorry for leaking CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton

Report: Trump team wants Romney to apologize

A list of countries where Castro intervened militarily

Obama offers condolences to Castro family

My posts are not showing correct times

Organic lawn mower

Why Have Empathy For Those People Who Will Cut Your Throat?

How will Trump's Muslim Registry work?

What are the popular video battleship games that the kids are playing these days?

Poll: Mathematics coding / programming experience vs election machine skepticism

Just realized Castro died on Black Friday.

Americans keep looking away from the election's most alarming story

Key Advice From Arctic Resilience Report: Prepare For Surprises

Quote of the day found on Facebook

It Does Not Matter If You Don't Recognize Trump. His Followers Will Punish/Attack You.

Hillary should hold town halls using her own money and go to small backwoods areas around the US

"President-elect Trump loves a great deal...And in honor of Black Friday, Mr. Trump is..."

Fidel could have done all the good shit many think he did, and that good shit is

A good program for "fans" of Castro to watch was on PBS recently ...

Temperatures Over Arctic Ice Cap 9-12 C Above Avg. Over Past 4 Weeks - DMI

3 childrens medicines recalled because of potentially lethal ingredient

Press Promptly Spins Trump's Incomprehensible Remarks On Climate Into "Change Of Heart"

Is this the end of "wet foot, dry foot" policies in the United

If we didn't elect our own despot I might have got more excited about overseas ones.

Weekend Toon Roundup

I heard where Dumpster was putting national security at risk by failing to have any national

"We hate Donald Trump like you hated President Obama."

How to post an image on DU using Imgur (without creating an account):

See, the thing about Cuba, Fidel Castro and the Cubans that fled to the USA is this.

General Counsel for Hillary for America: HILLARY TO BACK RECOUNT EFFORTS in Wis., Pa., and Mich.

Clinton will back Stein's recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania: campaign attorney

The privatization of America is upon us

Solar power could become cheaper and more widespread

Trump is the elementary school kid whose mother writes his reports for him. (Re:Castro)

Trump says he will do all he can to help Cuban people

Wisconsin 4-month run-up: Clinton leads by 6 points ... until Nov. 8:

Longhorns to hire Tom Herman as new coach

Voucherizing Medicare Is a Death Ride for Republicans

Pakistan PM Sharif names General Bajwa as new army chief

Denmark urged to clean up US military waste in Greenland

Very disturbing set of bumper stickers seen here in Durham, NC

China says to boost military ties with strategic Djibouti

donald trump must be cheering the election recounts.... he alerted everyone!

Hillary Clintons Campaign Says it Will Participate in Jill Steins Bid for Recount in Wisconsin

U.N. close to sanctions deal to slash North Korea export earnings

I have to wonder if Marco Rubio even understands the meaning of the word "irony."

From Barbara Kingsolver:


I still cannot believe...

Giant Panda Cub Bei Bei Recovering from Successful Bowel Surgery

Random thoughts on the death of Castro

Trump Effect: Airline passenger calls women Hillary Bitches and hails Trump (VIDEO)

At least with a Left Wing Dictator

Shoreline Gentry Are Fake Climate Victims

A while back someone here bought an induction hot plate

Clinton campaign counsel: We'll participate in recount

Jeb! gives Donald a lil' spankin'

Clinton campaign: We are taking part in the recount

The epic, decades long SELF destruction of the working class, blue collar workers continues.

Democratic Chautauquas or fairs instead of protests?

PAN back in power at Tijuana City Hall

OMG - Trump Actually Told The Truth

Is the 'Trump effect' causing a spike in hate crimes in Canada?

To Those Trumpsters Who Say, "We Didn't Complain When Your Side Won," Let's Review.

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - A former Republican, a friend gives me hope under Trump rule


Ted Cruz issues statement about Castro's death and Cuba's future

Breaking: Fidel Castro is still dead

When is a recount a sham?

If Trump Was Smart He Can Win The Hearts And Minds Of Millennials & Seniors If He.....

"School Of The Americas" - (School For Training Assassins) Maryknoll World Productions

What 1 thing would kids growing up in Detroit change?

Steven Seagal gets Russian passport

No real president elect until Dec. 19th remote isn't working.....and no technician close by, will have to watch TV

Oh Boy! Trump reportedly considering Rohrabacher for SoS

Goldman Sachs sez: Economy needs higher oil prices

Trump calls for mass deportations. This Indian state is already weeding out undocumented Muslims.

Where to donate for recount?

Video - SolarCity and Tesla: Ta'u Microgrid

Trump turns to Washington lawyer to navigate legal, ethics issues

Payday lenders seek emergency court help, fearing U.S. cutoff

Did Trump Win Through Vote Flipping and Vote Stripping? (MUST SEE)

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC & the rest of the undaring US television media outlets should apologize

Help! I used to see a tab that said "Post a Comment to this Thread"

i have a theory about the cycle of dems always cleaning up after thugs.

Vladimir Putin says Russia's borders 'do not end anywhere'

Venezuela's Maduro calls nephews' drug conviction 'U.S. imperialism'

Venezuela's Maduro calls nephews' drug conviction 'U.S. imperialism'

Will Valley get a law school?

New college professor 'watchlist' aims to expose professors who 'advance leftist propaganda'

Time to start taking Russian language classes?

Iraqi parliament passes contested law on Shi'ite paramilitaries

Here is an anti-Trump anthem.

SFs record-high number of voters continues to increase

GOP formula for cutting the deficit. Tax cuts paid for by huge defense spending

Today's petitions

Oh brother. Corey Lewandowski posted a dumb thing

I knew that Sessions guy...

Got new Christmas lights

Why Nelson Mandela Loved Fidel Castro

A photographic love letter to public libraries

Carrier Says It's In Talks With Trump After Trump Claim About Negotiations

Washington Post Thoroughly Discredits Itself With McCarthy-Style Smear Campaign...

Net neutrality, beloved by Netflix, looks headed for the ax under Trump

Quick reminder: you need to call out people who say "Trump won" or "Clinton lost"

Trumps education secretary pick supported anti-gay causes

Here are some groups who may well need your help

Small-town hospital closings leave rural Texans far from medical care

You don't have to be a resident of WI, MI, PA to be an observer. Signup here! #AuditTheVote #Recount

So what will Trump do about H1b visas

The Liberal Case Against Donating to Jill Stein's Hail Mary Recount

SCOTUS is 4-4 how would they rule on state recount appeals?

Second Vancouver Aquarium Beluga dies 9 days after her daughter

Whitefish pushes back against alt-right leader Spencer

Coasties gather on Gisborne beach to perform mass haka for Standing Rock

In case some are under the impression Clinton did worse than expected among white voters:

Second Vancouver Aquarium Beluga dies 9 days after her daughter

A Conversation With Asians on Race Op-Docs The New York Times

Rural Texans Complain About Lack Of Healthcare. Hell They Voted To Take It Away From The Rest Of Us

A Conversation With Asians on Race Op-Docs The New York Times

Advent: Beginning the New Liturgical Year

Song describing Trump written nearly 30 years ago

Texas rep wants to flush state's 'tampon tax'

For The Aggrieved Voting GOP/Trump Is Like Shooting Your ER Dr. Who Is Saving Your Life

San Antonio PD: Good Samaritan fatally shot outside Northwest Side Walmart

Given a choice to change U.S. government

Fake News Guy Robert Parry Wonders: What to Do About Fake News

May I please rant a moment?

Vocabulary for the Age of Trump #1: "state capture"

From a blob of heat to a blob of cool

Fidel Castro Put Gay Men in Labor Camps. His Niece Mariela Is Leading Cubas LGBTQ Revolution.

Trump issues statement on recount

After outpouring of support, struggling to reach stability

#Popocatpetl is blowing its top. Is it still Obama's fault, or Trump's?

Pays no taxes; billions (supposedly) stashed away; exclusive ruling class. Sound familiar?!1

Man 'Drives' from Cuba to USA

Dozens of Cyprus firefighters arrive; Israel thanks Palestinian counterparts

Restaurant workers group seeks to bring back tipped wages

Students complained about erratic driving before Chattanooga bus crash

Michigan was robbed

For the first time since the election, I'm starting to feel hopeful again

Trump plan could mean Bath Iron Works benefit

RIP Ron Glass

Trump's apology to women, minus the BS

Ron Glass, Emmy-Nominated Actor Known for Barney Miller and Firefly, Dies at 71

MPs launch new attempt to interrogate Tony Blair over Iraq

Before and after swastika, Keene State comes together

Ok I will start the Saturday whats for Dinner

Insistent owls.

Is our president elect legitimate?

When Only Chowder Will Do

Physician alleges illegal firing at Dartmouth-Hitchcock

What is the name of the governmental system of the US?

Receiver seeks 1.95M for helping to clean up EB-5 mess at Jay Peak

The "fly-overs" crying for repeal of the ACA

Cats meow gives away fugitives hiding place

State workers union lauds fact-finder report

Truth will Out - Sue those women Groper Don the Con

FREE TIME? Jill Stein needs help with info on deadlines to file for recounts in ADDITIONAL STATES

HELP WANTED FAST: Help Jill Stein with information about additional state deadlines for the recount

Federalist Paper 68

New MoveOn Petition: DEMAND A RECOUNT IN WI, MI, PA, AZ, NC and FL

'My blood ran cold': Christiane Amanpour on Trump media comments

Why won't Auburn put in John Franklin 3?

Electoral College is vestige of slavery, say some Constitutional scholars

Election Fraud Complaint Filed As More People Voted Than Total Voters In 4 Wisconsin Precincts

First anticipated act of proposed Secretary of State Rudolph Giuliani:

I have a color printer that has been out of ink for several years

The Democrats need a strategy soon.

When will we be able to read the Presidential Daily Briefings that Benito Cheetoh is waving off?

Bug report:

Jabrill Peppers punches Ohio State fan

When your coach causes a penalty:

Jill Stein continues to bash Hillary Clinton on Twitter repeatedly

Early voting in Louisiana starts today, Nov. 26, like RIGHT NOW! Vote Foster Campbell and balance th

What Unions Got Wrong About Trump

What Does The NRA Want? (And What To Do About It)

Letters To California Mosques Praise Donald Trump, Promise Genocide

In a bit of Irony in some ways America is particularly prone to election fraud in an odd way...

Five-day tally: 133 injured, 33,000 dunams of national park destroyed in fires

Sweet Jesus.. I am just so freaking tired

911 overdose calls break B.C. records, users 'going down everywhere'

Fireworks all over Key Largo tonight in celebration

Bernie Sanders will be a thorn in Donald Trump's behind

University of Wisconsin-Madison drops in research ranking