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Helping Existing Energy Infrastructure Generate More Energy with Less Fuel & Less Pollution

School Refuses To Play Sports At Karen Pence's School Due To Its Anti-LGBTQ Policy

Thank you for reaching out.

I think the scariest thing about the extreme weather

Kay Cole James--prez of Heritage Fdn, went from a dean at RegentsU to hiring people for W adm

Must read

Behrouz Boochani: detained asylum seeker wins Australia's richest literary prize

Four new sealed dockets filed today in DC

I Mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I Loved Facebook. But I Can't Stay Silent About What's Happening.

Wow. Trump: Intel chiefs said they were misquoted and they called it 'fake news.'

When yo base still sez you da best

Only one, greatest ever

I wish Trump's brother would have hit him in the head...From his stupid book..

Does anybody know if they even have a blueprint for "the wall"?

It's not that I like Dan Coats, but he doesn't strike me as someone who would stand for treason.

Lewandowski unleashes the most pathetic torrent of PROJECTION on "possible 2020 primary challenger"

I really like Julian Castro! (just on Hardball)

Seen on twitter:

On one of the coldest days in Chicago history, someone put 70 homeless people up in a hotel

This old white guy should like to address the KauKasians who profess not to see racial

Feds flag Arizona senator for excessive campaign donations [Martha Mc$ally (r)]

Rare hawk rescued during Maine snowstorm is euthanized

Rick Scott wants Trump to bypass Congress for a wall and DACA using illegal executive orders

In honor of Be Here Now.

MSNBC *SHERROD BROWN On 'All In' With Chris Coming Up.

Drove by merde-a-loado today. Flag was half staff

Pelosi: "While Democrats are negotiating in good faith to prevent another disastrous #TrumpShutdown"

Youthful philanthropists trigger a mini building boom in Tijuana

Heidi Cruz talked to Trump about World Bank president job

Karla's mole

The Babys. Every time I think of you.


Trump, having a bad hair day, pretends Senate hearing WAS NOT TELEVISED. #AlternateTVFacts

Trump Administration Gets An Earful On New Campus Sexual Assault Rules

Medicaid could open to paying customers

Could Melanoma be subpoenaed about Traitor45/putin secret talks?

Two Georgia Dems plan to skip Trump's State of the Union

Melania Trump hates criticism so much she's suing over anything she deems unfair: report

Who are the Obama Alums who are helping Shultz right now?

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Artificial Intelligence!

Sherrod Brown on Chris Hayes now.

I get e-mails from Tina Smith and go, who the hell is Tina Smith,

New Mexico lawmakers seek to end penalties for youth in prostitution

When you have food on your chin and nobody tells you

Here's why Republicans don't want an Election Day holiday

AOC: The public, not pharma, funds drug research.

DC school won't play sports at Christian school where Karen Pence teaches: 'They feel unsafe'


Capt. Rosemary Mariner, first woman to fly a tactical jet, dies

Pelosi Statement on Trump Administration's Proposed Prescription Drug Rebate Rule

After McConnell Calls Election Day Holiday a 'Power Grab' by the Left, Democrats Push Back

Pelosi and Trump harden positions on border wall

Dems call for revoking Kushner's security clearance

2020 CO US Senate Election- Mike Johnston-D is running.

New Mexico Democrats lay out new tax reform plan

Trump's scribes, Peter B and Maggie H are at it again

Trump: Job of President "one of the great losers of all time," "I lost massive amounts of money"

Warren expected to announce candidacy on Feb. 9

Pompeo to announce Friday that US will suspend participation in an arms control treaty with Russia

Trump administration's rollback of worker protection rules is under investigation

Trump says he's "gotten along" with Pelosi, "but now I don't think I will any more"

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, wife gave $500K to Trump campaign's legal defense fund

Trump accused of 'stopping working' as schedule reveals he averaged one event per day in January

I heard some great news from Gov. Roy Cooper tonight...

Maxine Waters blasts Trump comments on intel chief: 'Past time for impeachment

Rachel Maddow Exposes NRA. Coming Up 6:49 Pacific

First Automated Foxconn Machine Immediately Tries To Commit Suicide

Abrams Super Bowl Ad Calls for 'HAND-MARKED Paper Ballots'!

Booker tells lawmakers he is running for president and seeks their support

CA US Senate seat vacancies if Harris-D becomes POTUS in 1/20/2021 and Feinstein-D passes away?

Mitch McConnell, Enemy of the Vote

Tomorrow:Time to perform "Spell To Bind Trump"

Heard an update from Gov. Roy Cooper on the NC-9 race...

Seems to me the biggest worry for 2020 is ELECTION FRAUD...not ideas put forth by Dems, or

Ann Coulter Admits She Made A Huge Mistake In Supporting Trump All These Years

So tired of Maggie Haberman...

Border Patrol?

Trump, in Interview, Calls Wall Talks 'Waste of Time' and Dismisses Investigations

Mysterious blocked calls went to longtime Trump family friends: Sources

Live Metal....

Trump: Don Jr was not calling me...indictments are dropping tomorrow?

2020 US Senate Election winners.

Anyone here a cigar smoker?

If Trump declares a national emergency based on the "invasion" of "caravans" across

Mirror mirror. ... *the* quintessential essence of Trump MEME. Please take a look.

I was in SW WA and NW OR this weekend

Progressives please...stop giving these soundbites

Why do we vote on Tuesday in November

Lawrence O'Donnell just explained why Whitaker's "wrapping things up" prediction is WAY off base

Somehow I missed this timeline re Roger Stone emails and Trump "Russia if you are listening"

Are there any rockhounds here? Or a rock/gem/mineral/gold diggers forum on DU? nt

Dennis Tuttle & Rhogena Nicholas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Krugman: Attack of the Fanatical Centrists

Is this the Democratic Underground?

Angel from Montgomery: Bonnie Raitt, John Prine

First Automated Foxconn Machine Immediately Tries To Commit Suicide

Seen on (yes) Facebook- about schools closing because it's cold. ❤️

Jared Polis injected himself into Denver teachers' strike. Now he needs a way out.

Will Roe vs Wade be overturned? (w/ Robin Marty)

Baltimore prosecutor files petition to erase pot convictions

Stone likely responsible for dirty tricks that brought Al Franken down

2022 OH US Senate Special Election if Sherrod Brown-D becomes POTUS or VP.

US nuclear administration to review Nevada assault complaint

Judge rejects request to delay removal of Confederate statue

Today's trump blatant lies - most fucked up thing any of our presidents has ever done?

The Daily Show: The Government Shutdown Ends & Fox News Can't Decide Whether Trump Won or Lost

I didn't get a lot of buyers at my garage sale.

Rick Wilson strikes again - says Trump might have to settle for a "freedom ditch."

The Daily Show: Howard Schultz's 2020 Bid, a Facebook-WhatsApp Merger & Peace Talks in Afghanistan

I've been watching Project Blue Book on the History Channel.

Auto dealers sue state to prevent Colorado's adoption of California's low-emission vehicle standard

Seth Meyers - Winter Storm Jaden, Trump and Putin's G20 Meeting - Monologue - 1/30/19

Adelesons pumped $500,000 to trump aides' legal defense fund

Seth Meyers - Howard Schultz and Cliff Sims Stumble in Interviews: A Closer Look

Petrobras Sells Pasadena Refinery To Chevron For US$ 562 Million

Petrobras Sells Pasadena Refinery To Chevron For US$ 562 Million

I cannot be the only one who

3.5 Million Brazilians Live In Areas With High-Risk Dams

While Everyone Was Focused on the Shutdown, the White House Rolled Back Worker Safety Rules

2020 KY US Senate Election- is The Turtle's opposition to giving workers a day off on Election Day a

Damn; I clicked on Colbert for like the last ten seconds of Ellen Page.

Today is February 1, and SPRING is March 20!!!

Girl from North Country: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash

Can't Find My Way Home: Steve Wynwood, Eric Clapton

Iguana-sized dinosaur cousin discovered in Antarctica

Learning new vocabulary during deep sleep

A correlation found between psychiatric disorders and events during the prenatal stag

Minority kidney transplants could increase with new option

Two GA Dems plan to skip SOTU

Solving the mystery of Serengeti's vanishing wild dogs

2020 US Senate Election- Republican held US Senate seats that are likely to go Democratic.

White House abruptly cancelled meeting with intel chiefs

Hubble fortuitously discovers a new galaxy in the cosmic neighborhood

2 renditions of John Cage's "In a Landscape" (one harp, one piano)/ Stanley Grill: "American

Imperceptible movements guide juvenile zebra finch song development

The Daily Show: The Government Shutdown Ends & Fox News Can't Decide Whether Trump Won or Lost

Full Frontal, Sam Bee: Roger Stone; Military Spending; Stop Doing That! With Nyle DiMarco

To sleep, perchance to heal: Newly discovered gene governs need for slumber when sick

The Daily Show: Howard Schultz's 2020 Bid, a Facebook-WhatsApp Merger & Peace Talks in Afghanistan

Woman, 38, found frozen in unheated apartment in Milwaukee

Rock Steady: Bonnie Raitt, Bryan Adams

The associate we're not talking enough about

Fish and chip shops serving endangered shark

US special envoy for Venezuela

Unusual deep-sea fish sightings puzzle Japanese experts

QAnon believers and former Trump campaign officials have a new ridiculous conspiracy theory about Ru

Blackwater founder Erik Prince to build training campin China's Xinjiang

Judge: Confederate statue can be moved by city

Huge cocaine shipment swapped with salt to catch traffickers

French police officers jailed for raping Canadian tourist

HI-02: Hawaii state Sen. Kai Kahele will run for Tulsi Gabbard's seat

San Francisco: court blocks health warnings on soda ads

"Disturbing" discovery: Giant hole found under Antarctica glacier

He gets his intelligence from strange places

Curiosity's gravity instruments reveal new holes in the story of Mars

"On Sat, February 9, I'll be making a BIG announcement about my 2020 plans"

Antarctic meltwater streams shed light on longstanding hydrological mystery


Billionaire Activist: AOC Is The Centrist, Not Howard Schultz The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Ancient asteroid impacts played a role in creation of Earth's future continents

Vikings brought leprosy to Ireland

How to find Mayan ruins while sitting at your laptop

How to find Mayan ruins while sitting at your laptop

The 'Venezuelan People' Are Whoever Agrees With Donald Trump

Sodium, not heat, reveals volcanic activity on Jupiter's moon Io

Sales of oil leases proceeding near sacred sites in NM: report

With Democrats in charge, Colorado now backs Obama-era Clean Power Plan

These 10 New Cars are Best at Retaining Their Value One Year After Purchase

Catholic leaders in Texas name 286 accused of abusing minors

White House abruptly cancelled meeting with intel chiefs day after contradicting Trump: report

Changes to Colorado sex-ed curriculum pass in raucous late-night House hearing

Don't expect to see Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the State of the Union, no matter what you might hear

Trump is Factose Intolerant

Senate Democrats shoot down income tax-rate cut applauded by Polis

UPS Deliveryman Sees Strange Dark Spot In Middle Of Pond -- And Acts Fast

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/31/19

Stephen Colbert: Guest Ellen Page Calls Out Hateful Leadership

Denver teachers union walks out of negotiations with DPS, calls latest offer "a small IOU"

Refinery group brought Wyoming "critical infrastructure" fight

I'm watching a repeat of Lyin Williams program

Tensions rise between state GOP leadership and some lawmakers

Former New York City Police Department Official Sentenced (Gun License Bribery Scheme)

Ram recalls 18,682 pickup trucks over possible power steering failure

Abortion waiting period an insult, not 'gift' to Wyoming women

Justice Department Announces Multiple Charges for Price-Fixing Conspiracies in Customized Promotiona

University of Wyoming dorms bill stokes old fears about 15th

Gay man who fled Iraq reveals all: Being LGBTI is a 'death sentence'

To My Gay Friends: I'm Not Here for Your "Casual" Anti-Semitism

Medicaid expansion heads to House floor

(Jewish Group) To My Gay Friends: I'm Not Here for Your "Casual" Anti-Semitism

Overnight the Con tweeted three times about the Mueller investigation

Navy Awards Contract for Construction of Two Carriers

Bullock again urges continued Medicaid expansion in State of the State speech in Helena

So damn hot in Australia snakes seek refuge in bathroom toilets

Old television hell HELP

Revealed: FBI investigated civil rights group as 'terrorism' threat and viewed KKK as victims

Starry, starry night...and dawn (edited)

Today's chuckle - Frozen Pants

University of Montana closes McGill Hall Thursday for additional asbestos testing, cleanup

Colstrip ash pond cleanup could cost $700M, Montana DEQ says

Senate panel endorses Bible classes for public schools

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey joins the 2020 presidential race


Does the Va. GOP really believe the governor supports infanticide? 'You saw the tape.'

Today on Morning Ho MSNBC

Watched Vice last night. My blood is still boiling.

Sanders Statement on McConnell Amendment on Syria and Afghanistan

The Revolving Door...Yep, Revolves for Former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA10)

This (vile, ignorant) woman just derailed the Equal Rights Amendment yet again

2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Campaign videos

The lack of love here for Cory Booker is a bit surprising.

Non-English speaking foreigners invade Florida!! Where's the wall?

Rep Swalwell - House Judiciary to hold hearing on gun violence next week. 1st time in 8 years!

Professor Melissa Harris-Perry and Wake Forest University clash over MLK speech

Vegan Presidential Candidate Corey Booker!

Holy Moly Im just NOW learning the Mayor of Atlanta is a....

Sarah Sanders: God "Wanted Donald Trump to Become President"

Trump Has Nothing Scheduled ENTIRE WEEK Other Than Lunch & Picture Briefing

Occam's Razor and the Trump Tower meeting.

Colorado dumps Crosscheck (voter purger software) program, urges other states to do the same.

Lawsuits Accuse Duke University of Concealing Child Sex Abuse at Its Camp for Chronically Ill Kids

Black History Month 2019: Day 1 - STEM in the 19th Century

Cooper administration takes a welcome stand on Medicaid expansion

'Great Dying' of Indigenous peoples during colonization of America caused Earth's climate to change

Train Cartoon

Surreal riding the train over flaming tracks

Germany sees surge in new solar power as prices drop

ISIS could reclaim territory in months without military pressure, warns Pentagon in draft report

Black history month: John Mercer Langston was the first black man to become a lawyer

U.S. creates 304,000 jobs in January, unemployment rises to 4%

There's another nail in Biff's legal coffin--and he thinks it's good news!

A Lot of Students Had Traumatizing Experiences at Their Christian Schools

After Growing Up Fearing Sin, This Mom Won't Make That Mistake With Her Kids

MEGA SUN: Gigantic solar farms proposed for the Rochester region

Please stop denying this is a white power sign

Democrats are zeroing in on Treasury's Mnuchin

Florida Set to Become a World Leader in Renewable Energy With 30 Million New Solar Panels

Guys like Howard Schultz say the 'system' is broken, but is it really broken?

U.S. Suspends Nuclear Treaty with Russia

Powerful Men Can't Stop Complaining That They're Being Bullied

What is wrong with some people?

Joe Scarborough did make an interesting analogy, today. It caught me off guard!!!

France to double renewables capacity under 10-year energy plan

A wealth tax could raise trillions -- and save our democracy

Bill making Virginia completely reliable on renewable energy advances

Staring down tariffs and rollbacks, US renewables rang in a record year

A specialist in Election Law invites Mitch McConnell to attend classes at his alma mater to LEARN...

EPA puts climate change skeptic, conservative think tank scholar John Christy on science board

Nancy Pelosi encourages Republicans to "have an intervention" or "take some Congressional action"

Two NY Times social media stories juxtaposed

Two-headed, half-albino Great Dane found living in family's basement:

Work Begins on 450-MW High Lonesome Wind Farm in Texas

White House prioritizes opioid abuse in first national drug control strategy

Friday TOONs - Birds of a Different Feather

Mitch McConnell, Enemy of the Vote

Joe Conason: My Last Cup Of Starbucks

Couple On Vacation Has To Figure Out How To Save 2 Puppies

At the end of the day, aren't we all just chameleons, trying to catch bubbles?

Ticket, please.

Freezing? Snowed in? This'll warm you up!

Trump's withdrawing from the nuclear treaty to construct another self-serving crisis

10 Signs You're Actually Following TRUMPianity Instead of CHRISTianity

Maine changes 'Open for Business' sign to 'Welcome Home'

Argentinian mother pleasantly surprised that her baby is fluent in Italian:

Budding independent Howard Schultz aims most of his ire at Democrats


Hundreds of accused abusers named by Catholic leaders in Texas

The odd grooming habits of a cat:

How much of a problem are trillion-dollar deficits ?

Trump's FBI briefed law enforcement on an extremist ideological faction that doesn't actually exist

Slate "Today Is a Huge Day in the Fight to Restore Net Neutrality

WH Cancels Trump's Daily Intelligence Briefing Amid His Anger At Intel Chiefs

The pied pupper

These Marines were falsely accused of war crimes. Twelve years later, they have vindication.

Douglas County corrections officer arrested on suspicion of stealing more than $170,000

sybarites... trump and all his buddies

Anyone remember this Republican Party??

Boeing goes bionic to roll out more Dreamliners

US warns Lebanon's Hezbollah not to funnel ministry's money

Expect Don Jr. to be Arrested by Mueller as soon as One Week from now.

"My Last Cup"

Racist voter suppression is rampant - and corporate silence is complicity

Patriots owner praises Trump for working for country's 'best interests'

Eugene Robinson: The tweeting of a crackpot

Carefully worded statement of Roger Stone could mean that he's willing to flip on Trump.

Toles: Why is anyone astonished by the resurgence of the left?

Democratic Messaging

What is the worst thing Mueller & SDNY have on Trump?

What's this about Rosenstein telling trump he's not a target of the Mueller probe?

No committee, no problem for Duncan Hunter

Toles: The elites have led the way: Permission granted to be irresponsible

FBI probed civil rights group as terrorist threat and KKK as victims

Stepping out of the Inf treaty with Russia with one hand...

So who leaked the info that don jr. didn't call daddy after trump tower meeting?

Street Fight (2005) - Cory Booker Doc

New theory. Hear me out.

Freshman Katie Hill adjusting to those East Coast-West Coast commutes

It is time for a game of "Marry, F**k, Kill"

Newborn Baby found in freezing London Park

Better hold on to your ass

I am for medicaid for all

The Rundown: January 31, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Mysteries of Love in Space" #1

The Circus

January 2019 Hottest Month Ever Recorded In Australia; 2018 3rd-Hottest Year

Cory Booker will be on "The View" in a few minutes!

The origin of Superheroes: Daredevil

Mitch McConnell, Enemy of the Vote

AB Stoddard just reported that MD Gov Larry Hogan may primary Trump.

The Roman Catholic Church Was the First Dominionist Denomination

Saudi students get spirited away before facing manslaughter charges

Any presidential hopeful who helped railroad Al Franken is in my dog house...

Profiles in Crazy, XLVII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Liberals have normal brains. Conservative brains are malformed

TOON Metaphor

As he weighs a challenge to Trump, Larry Hogan says he offers a 'model' of bipartisanship.

Drunk British passenger who caused flight to return to Calgary must pay $21,000 fuel bill

The reason there's no White History Month is because...

Nyango Star: The Heavy Metal Cat Mascot Saving a Japanese Farm

Go, Cory, Go

Half-male, half-female cardinal in Pennsylvania

Pic Of The Moment: This Kinda Says It All...

Trump supporter 'shows up to library with gun' because drag queen was reading stories to children

Well, this is a pretty damned disturbing poll...

Waters talks about potential for impeachment

GOP poised to rebuke Trump

The people Donald Trump Jr. talked to before setting up the Trump Tower meeting (timeline)

In your opinion, what is the stupidest thing Trump has said as President of the U,S.A?

Adam Levine:Dear Fox News, don't play our music on your evil fucking channel ever again. Thank you.

Growing foreign policy dissent in Congress

Vice to axe 250 staff in latest round of digital media job losses

Midwest Polar Vortex in Pictures: Niagara Falls, Lake Michigan and Chicago River Frozen

Religious Right Radio Host Arrested with Gun at 'Drag Queen Storytime' Event

Accusers: Trump kids had key role in duping clients

U.S. to withdraw from nuclear arms control treaty with Russia, says Russian violations render the Co

Cory Booker has a brother (Cary) who looks a lot like him, but they aren't twins.

The weaponization of 'learn to code'

Ann Coulter blasts Trump as a 'lazy and incompetent lunatic' in latest angry tirade

It's time for the Trump admin to publicly and unequivocally denounce QAnon

FOX is reporting Donnie is gonna talk about Abortion in his SOTU...

faux "news" is hiring...

Ok, when counting seconds do you use thousand or Mississippi???

Miriam Adelson was awarded Medal of Freedom after donating $500k to Trump aides' legal expenses

google doodle today honours Sojourner Truth

Russia's state TV offers some disturbing thoughts on how to handle the U.S.

Happy Friday Music Appreciation (Group) SEPULTURA - Itsari

Trump to throw spotlight on abortion in State of the Union

I've got a new HOUSE FIRE SHOW coming at 1PM+ ET today!

When you missed your calling as a soccer player

At Carrier factory where Trump said he'd save all the jobs (he did not), workers shake their heads

Elizabeth Warren Apologizes to Cherokee Nation for DNA Test

Happy 51st Anniversary, the merger that created the Penn Central.

Under trump, states step up effort to restrict abortion access Kentucky joins list of states attemp

John Entwistle

200 Years of Frankenstein

Don is talking...he has been building the wall all this time "with funds we have on hand"

How Did Roger Stone Know About The Access Hollywood Tape?

FedEx worker found dead outside East Moline delivery hub identified

After this latest on mike madness I am convinced that

Same Thing, Exactly

I have MSNBC on and just listening and

Trump: "Having a national emergency does help the process (the wall). It would certainly help."

Berlin had a "Wall"...

Trump: The free press "should describe accurately a nation or a state or a game or whatever"

Trump teases national emergency declaration could come during SOTU

Cory Booker's Aunt Alma is a whole mood

Trump tells Fox that Nancy Pelosi "should be ashamed of herself" for not giving him $5.7 billion

Trump uses camera time to bash Democrats...

Omaha Fire Union president to be charged with assault, disorderly conduct, city attorney says

Former Harris Co. Treasurer Orlando Sanchez files $1M lawsuit against man who poured water on him

We're in the individual health insurance market

Key Macri ally faces murder charges after forcing 12 year-old rape victim to give birth; baby dead

Key Macri ally faces murder charges after forcing 12 year-old rape victim to give birth; baby dead

Countries scaled according to Carbon Dioxide emissions

Steve King provided a link to hate site VDare on his page

Flash flood watch for entire S.F. Bay Area, 60MPH gusts, 4" rain in parts as storm rages in

For fans of the Brit Sit Com 'Keeping up Appearances', Clive Swift (Richard Bucket) has died

Of all the senators that pushed for Franken to resign - has any of them ever expressed regrets?

Its payday and I just donated to Kamala Harris!

Cory Booker Announces Run For President!

#Boycott the SOTU. If no one watches or records it, THAT will be the story the next day,

King of the jungle, my ass!

Insane generic drug price increases are now subject of investigations

David Brooks (yes, David Brooks) is causing me to take another look at Kamala Harris.

Women will surround Trump at State of the Union address

Forget trump's border distraction - the real threat is inside the house While the government was sh

Forget Trump's border distraction - the real threat is inside the house While the government was s

Trump defends troop withdrawals a day after Senate GOP rebukes his actions

Howard Schultz built a driveway through a park: This is why he shouldn't be president

Trump campaign spending erupts as president enters reelection mode

There's Something Happening Here Y'all

GM expected to start cutting 4,000 white-collar workers Monday

EPA adds researcher who calls climate science 'murky' to key advisory board

Summary of Cory Booker's policy positions:

Forget Trump's border distraction - the real threat is inside the house While the government was sh

Clouds and rain could give way to lowland snow on Sunday

Someone Explains Why Humans Often Fail To Communicate In One Simple Illustration

Act keeps Social Security solvent, boosts benefits

Will Someone Please Explain To Anti-Choice Idiots That Nobody's Killing Born Babies?

Will Someone Please Explain To Anti-Choice Idiots That Nobody's Killing Born Babies?

STONE's lifetime dirty tricks record potentially upped by 3 - allegedly: Franken, Bezos, & SHITLER

What Howard Schultz knows about Americans fits in coffee cup

Kentucky Hindu Temple Vandalized With Crosses, Christian Phrases

Judge in Roger Stone case considering a gag order.

KeyArena renovation group seeking at least $80 million in state sales tax deferrals

Hey Honey, so where'd you like to go for dinner?

PNW senators: Genetically engineered 'Frankenfish' must be labeled

Judge in Stone case considers issuing gag order

Kentucky Hindu Temple Vandalized With Crosses, Christian Phrases

Trump: 'Good chance' I will declare emergency to build wall

Mental hospital accused of holding Texas patients against their will has filed for bankruptcy

Sigh of relief. The new glittering dog balls trend was a hoax. Spare your pooch.

ThinkProgress editor says Americans 'paying attention' to debate over Trump's tax returns

Snopes quits fact-checking partnership with Facebook

Clerk Accused Of Filming Nearly 70 Men Using Restroom At Long Beach Police Station

Democrats' H.R. 1 offers boost for accountability

Business Foxconn says it will actually build factory, cites "conversation" with Trump

538 - Almost Half Of Voters Are Dead Set Against Voting For Trump

Patriots owner praises Trump for working for country's 'best interests'

Eris, Greek Goddess of Chaos, Confirms That She Wanted Trump to Be President

Trump health chief presses Congress to pass drug discount plan

Trump EPA's pollution, waste reduction numbers are lowest in a decade

Bob Marley - Bad Card

US builds the world's fastest supercomputer. Know what it's doing? Modeling climate change.

Cory Booker on the issues.

South Dakota Republicans offer bill to shorten early voting period

5 Jewish things to know about Corey Booker

Payrolls increase by 304,000 in January

Cartoons 2/01/19

SOTU: Nancy should give her spot to the Plaid Shirt Guy and...

Fraud Investigation In North Carolina May End Soon

European colonizers killed so many Native Americans that it changed the global climate, researchers

Must Read - Stacy Abrams Destroys False Choice Between Social Justice and Working Class

Saw a service lab in store then I went out to my car and the Boog

Video of white women in NM mocking Native drummer--posted at William Lindsay's blog

Howard Schultz May Be Reconsidering Independent Bid

What It Takes to Keep the Lights On in Extremely Cold Weather

Fake Walgreens pharmacist handled over 700,000 prescriptions, state officials say

Mitch McConnel - "We don't want a takeover of elections by a bunch of voters!"

17 years ago this week, our friend and WSJ collegue Daniel Pearl was killed by terrorists.

Gary Player's son arrested for fraud, jailed for 5 days over 2018 Masters incident

How many times do racists have to use a hand gesture associated with white supremacists before we

Any guesses when Biden will toss his hat in the ring?

Google to occupy 35-story office tower in downtown Austin

Lindsey Vonn retires from skiing, saying 'body is broken beyond repair'

Deportee (plane wreck at los gatos) written by Woodie Guthrie 1948 - Joan Baez

Do we think the Trump Tower room was a SCIF?

Irish People Try The Most Disgusting Alcohol Shots

Now, here's a motivational product.

Media, stop jacking off over the "huge" jobs report

It takes two. Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston.

Love these! Someone is fantastic at photoshopping!

I'm 70 years old. (Updated 2/1/2019)

I want this T-Shirt

I like all the Democrats in the presidential race so far

Democrats are headed to Texas to probe suspected voter suppression

Incredible costs for a prescription biologic

'I Am Coming for You': Avenatti Announces He Won't Face Charges, Takes Aim at Jacob Wohl

My tinfoil moment of the day. I don't believe that Apple Facetime glitch was not known by Apple.

Trump insists he's on same page as intel chiefs after insulting them

How to make sure your girlfriend will say yes to your proposal.

When your anatomy comes with a built-in butt scratcher:

Mother of three-year-old is first person convicted of FGM in UK

ROFLMAO: But clouds got in my way

Question: Why was the information about Don Jr.'s call to a blocked number leaked by Senate?

Pelosi Could Force GOP to Vote on Trump Emergency

Michigan set to join other Dem states in lawsuit to support Obamacare

Today: Dave Mason--Don't It Make You Wonder

Va. Gov. Northam's medical school yearbook page shows men in blackface, KKK robe

Judge told Roger Stone any inconsistencies he has made publicly could be used as evidence.

"You are the Jacob Wohl of Schlapps."

Any San Francisco Bay Area Old Timers Remember Playland at the Beach?

Ralph Northam yearbook page shows men in blackface and KKK robe

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 1, 2019

Ted Lieu: "Hey @realDonaldTrump: @SpeakerPelosi does not beg. She wins. But you already knew that."

Trump just said 2 things that could hurt his case for a natl emergency:

Here in Wisconsin Aaron Rodgers is a God to us He is a DEM...His Dad is big Hannity/Trump fan YIKES!

Virginia Republican Party attacks Democratic legislators ethnicity

Trump claims he reads the papers more than he watches TV in the morning......

Trump's Venezuela playbook is disturbingly familiar: Here's the 12-step American method for regime c

Ada County Dems? Dist 18

Trump's Venezuela playbook is disturbingly familiar: Here's the 12-step American method for regime c

UAE's Noor Capital says it bought 3 tonnes of gold from Venezuela

Let's face it. If Trump can not be impeached on what we already know, what he has already gone,

(Jewish Group) These LGBTI Jews reflect on their history for Holocaust Remembrance Day

These LGBTI Jews reflect on their history for Holocaust Remembrance Day

What has been said about Sessions lately? Strange, it's like he never existed.

Krugman tweet:

Ever Gentle on My Mind

Inside Trump's Reality

Nancy Pelosi: When We Go In This Store, Don't Touch Anything! Trump: Then I'm Going to Declare a Nat

DNI report. It's the stuff on pages 5-6 that pisses off SHitler & GOPutin

Cop posts taunting comment about black woman walking home in cold weather

Jane Goodall has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Trump's Former Pastor: He Never Actually Entered the Church Doors. Not One Time

Will you Tell YOUR Child that the Planet is Dying?

Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) says many Americans are lower-income because they spend every darn penny

Howard Schultz is reportedly 'freaking out' about the Democratic backlash to his presidential plans

Florida School Staffers Charged With Using Dark Room, Whistle to Torment Autistic Kids

Statement from Northam apologizing for yearbook

I was fortunate enough to go hear Dan Rather

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