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Stephen Miller scripts Trump's immigration policy

These are times to be pragmatic where democracy and voting are concerned. Keep the word top of mind.

Portland shows up to protest Facists including "clowntifa"

IA-02: Democrats go on defense in crucial heartland House race in Iowa

Four black teens were fundraising for their high school football team. A white woman held them at gu

College me: I bet if I smoke this joint in the woods behind the college I won't get caught.

Here's the stupid reason Elon Musk wants to nuke Mars

Editorial from Joplin, MO on something many of us take for granted. A full service supermarket.

service dogs in training

Want Ds to Beat tRump in 2020? Follow this simple rule: NO APOLOGIZING ABOUT ANYTHING

A Vaccine For Cat Allergies: Here Is The Latest

Any DUers heard *this* one?! Dear gawd!

Lost in Trump's China Week Was a Postcard to Europe: You're Next

R.E.M.'s "Final Straw" -- Forgetting Doesn't Hold

So What Would You Do If Your 13 Year Old Student Came to Class

The scene at Steve King's town hall today in Grundy Center, Iowa.

Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary

Any candidate even REMOTELY hinting they WONT move aside and support

I've decided to learn how to shoot in raw.

Suggestions for All-in-One Printer?

FEC's Republicans block all investigation of & enforcement against Russians Torshin & Butina

Suggestions for All-in-One Printer?

Working Families Party: We're posting the interview in its entirety as a video in Facebook

Is it true that...

Obama/Holder Group Endorses 17 Candidates for Virginia State Legislature and NDRC Invests $250,000

White House Mulled Ways to Block Migrant Children From Schools

When Women Are Accused of Complicity

Steel mill sorry for spill that killed fish, closed beaches

NRA Spent Tens of Thousands on Hair and Makeup for CEO's Wife

Phoenix looks to be next big city with citizen police review

Ghislaine Maxwell Photos-Can you Spot the Difference?

Spraying Antibiotics to Fight Citrus Scourge Doesn't Help, Study Finds

Kaleva Kimchi

Decent summary thread on today's Portland shit from OPB reporter

whoa! 'You Were Never Really Here' - had no idea what I was clicking on in Prime video

If Ben Shapiro had any shame, this smackdown would have sent him into hiding

Five-year sentence for fraud in federal surplus property program

Why was Jeffrey Epstein allowed to purchase small women's panties from the Palm Beach jail?

Amy Klobuchar has been the most productive 2020 candidate in Congress

Canned Heat...........................


White nationalist Republican ridiculed after only 2 people show up for his town hall meeting

Why Is This Happening? Holding Washington accountable with Rep. Katie Porter: podcast and transcript

Gun Control Advocates Call For New Gun Laws At Rallies

El Paso hugs Antonio Basco

Hard Border likely according to leak of UK government documents

The Band, 'The Weight,' WOODSTOCK Aug. 1969

Called the doctor's office.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib's grandmother responds to Trump: 'May God ruin him.'

I believe next to defeating Trump. the most important thing a candidate can do in be an influencer."

This scholar nailed the blue wave -- here's her forecast

What happened to BENNY HILL (video)

Have any other women here felt personally discriminated against

Gun Reform, Moms Demand Action, JAX: 100 Rallies in 50 States Today, 8/17/19

Woodstock on PBS

Orthodox Christian: 'Kyrie Eleison'/'Lord Have Mercy'

Joke Time with Governor Steve Bullock

PROMISES KEPT! He did it. He bought Greenland.

Smiling cops take selfie near where dead baby was just found. Missouri city apologizes

Thread after thread about how horrible trump is, and few about

Revealed: Wal*Mart Is Rolling Out AI Camera Scanners to Catch Self-Checkout Fraud in 1,000 Stores

Couple Who Met At WOODSTOCK, Celebrates 50th Anniv. w Surprise Cake From Family

TN lawmaker grills Republican who claimed to remember being born while arguing for abortion law

So, this Antifa thing can be kind of disturbing to some.

I've been accepted to The University of YouTube!1

Heat Related Salmon Die-off In Alaska

Bonus Quote of the Day (Biden)

Virginia: Democrat Ann Ridgeway felt a "call" to run for delegate in 30th District

Littlest Kitten Has Very Big Reaction To Meeting Her New Dog Siblings

There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

WOODSTOCK Music & Art Fair, Bonus Footage

Why Proud Boy Portland organizer Joe Biggs was so pleased with today's march:

U.K. food, fuel and drug shortages likely in no-deal Brexit: Report

Su Hyun - Time and Falling Leaves

He's not Orthodox Christian, but he could be....

박정현x이수현 - You mean everything to me

Dustin Burrows resigns as Texas House GOP Caucus chairman amid allegations of targeting Republicans

With her school about to open, this is what this young girl is voicing....sad....

The Orthodox Church: St. John the Baptist, The Forerunner

OxyContin maker to provide research data to Oklahoma State University

Police say would-be copper thief shot at Tulsa church

Trump's speech at a Shell plant drew thousands of workers. They were paid overtime to be there.

Former Muscogee Nation chief indicted for bribery

Beto O'Rourke to Travel to Oklahoma City Bombing Site

Beto O'Rourke to Travel to Oklahoma City Bombing Site

Oklahoma pharmacist to pay $1 million restitution after plea

State Democratic leaders call for audit of party's finances

New Orleans Department of Safety & Permits: Businesses in most of city can't host outdoor live music

Amy still standing up to heavy weather

John Bel Edwards' secret weapon in governor's race? Using power of the office to score free media

Afghanistan wedding hall blast: more than 60 killed, 180 injured

"In God We Trust" going up

The hazing files: LSU frats, some now shuttered, have amassed dozens of official complaints

Antifascist is a better term than "antifa." Take back language.

Plans to restrict number on 'dollar stores' in New Orleans East endorsed by planning commission

Two reported sexual assaults at state-contracted group homes spur concerns over supervision

Uber screw-up: Republican State Rep Gets a DUI


Tulsa World editorial: Stitt pushes toward a $2 billion reserve in a state that can't provide adequa

'You can't just power-wash him': Officials ponder plan to clean 'The Guardian' atop Capitol

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker to visit Tulsa's historic Vernon Chapel AME Church

Video of Prince Andrew at Epstein's Mansion

Scammers Target Small-Town Missouri Businesses For Their Love Of High School Football

Horn, GOP challengers report finances

"If we can survive AIDS, we can survive Trump."

Kansas Cancels Contract For Kids' Reading Program Over Millions In Questionable Spending

Just saw 1921 Tulsa Race Riot called Tulsa Race Massacre. Is this new name becoming common?

Purple Haze ........................Woodstock...........Aug 18, 1969............

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Marmalade Skies Edition

Jimi Hendrix - National Anthem U.S.A (Woodstock 1969)

🐦 AUG 22 at 6PM - Rally in Sacramento with Bernie Sanders

Today's Doonesbury

🐦 AUG 23 at 3:15PM - Town Hall on College Affordability and Student Debt with Bernie Sanders

What's the difference between Greenland and Trumpland?

A vignette from my London trip

Photo: Bernie Sanders Allen University Athletic Hall of Fame

Donald Trump and the Republican Party hate America: It's time to say it out loud

...Ghislaine Maxwell Has More Skeletons in Her Family Closet Than a House of Horrors

🔥 Bernie Sanders Unveils Justice and Safety for All Plan

But her emails

The 'follow-up appointment'

U.S. health panel recommends doctors screen all adults for illicit drug use

Is MSNBC going thru some big shake-up?

Mississippi ICE Raids Separate Mom From Her Breastfeeding Baby Girl

Sunday Breakfast 18 August 2019

The Tramp on the Street

That Time Bernie Sanders Fought for Farm Worker Rights in Immokalee

Tick Tock BOOM

WaPo opinion: Don't waste your breath trying to convince Trump supporters he's repugnant

Are the Russian "bots" busy again?

Iceland commemorates first glacier lost to climate change

Grandson trying to get his uncles up school starts tomorrow

"Blinded by the Light" -- you'll love it

Therapists now use this photo to ask patients: Is she smiling or screaming?

Bigot @RepSteveKingIA Townhall was almost empty.

We can change Republican minds on Trump. Here's how (Pod Save America)

Tennessee lawmaker shuts down Republican arguing for anti-abortion law: "I'm a nurse what are you?"

99 Years Ago Today; The 19th Amendment is ratified, guaranteeing women's suffrage.

Let's play a game about responding to GOP attacks.

stephen, mr. trump will not be amused

When The U.S. Government Tried To Replace Migrant Farmworkers With High Schoolers

Inmate 76318-054: The Last Days of Jeffrey Epstein

I got to thinking about that energy plant in PA that made its workers attend Donnie's speech


Are right-wingers being hat Nazis during the national anthem now? I was at a parade at

"The End Is Near"

They Are Manipulating Us Again

The Quiet Death of the "White Bernie Bro" Attack

Portland rally: Proud Boys vow to march each month after biggest protest of Trump era

Hahahaha, Suck It Andrew Carnegie

US National Debt Spiked $363 billion in Two Weeks, $1 Trillion in 12 months.

43 Years Ago Today; The Axe Murder Incident in the JSA of the Korean DMZ

We want cheap food. Immigrants provide it, so we crucify them.

When did the Republican Party turn openly fascist?

Elaine, Arkansas: A rural town confronts its buried history of mass killings of black Americans

Elaine, Arkansas: A rural town confronts its buried history of mass killings of black Americans

Hong Kong protesters throng streets in heat and heavy rain

Talking with my grandson and he fell asleep

The best strategy against Donald Trump is to put him on the defensive.

"Something" is the natural state of things

This Democrat went to a MAGA rally to try to understand Trump supporters.

Does anyone understand the 2020 race? This scholar nailed the blue wave -- here's her forecast

What movie that takes place on August 18 begins with this message:

Some exceptional August Pixs you may have missed

Yet another Florida Man story...

Grammar rules

The Grand Old Pervert party

Good News, Bad News: 4 Trends in US Energy Use

Sanders' criminal justice plan aims to cut prison population

Welcome to the Kleptocracy

20 million pound Caribbean Reparations Agreement signed

Bernie Sanders and rapper 'Killer Mike' talk race, faith and hurt in America

Biden knows that the majority of us Democrats agree with him on working with Republicans. Poll:

Hong Kong: What a protest in the rain looks like

This turf war looks serious...

"But that would mean I've been wrong."

This guy who walked into a sea of proud boys & went from proud boy to proud boy shouting "fuck you''

Why Suicide Is Very Plausible in Epstein's Death

"Martin Luther King, Jr. was a thug." . . .. . . . Please come CAPTION Lou Dobbs!!!

Scorecard: How do Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren measure up in N.H.?

City living and psychotic experiences: exploring the role of air pollution

Ohio white nationalist, anti-Semite arrested for threatening to shoot up Jewish community center

Today I am proud to be releasing the most comprehensive and progressive criminal justice platform

They are serious. Kudlow confirms that Trump admin "is looking at" buying Greenland

Support for Free Trade Reaches New High

The term "White Privilege" and people have feelings about it.

I have medical insurance. I'm slowly going broke.

Hit song summer of 69

"Above all, the mistaken belief that Democrats won in 2018 by gaining Republican support..."

"Auntie" is a hat Kamala always wears 🥰

It's my birthday, too, yeah! (69 today):

How do you reach across the aisle when your adversaries are;

You raised $125.00 on August 17, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Not Florida...


Only Biden Can Challenge Trump on Trade

South Korea holds the key to the Indo-Pacific

How big is Greenland? Many maps do not show accurate size.

Chilling footage of a 1939 pro-Nazi rally in New York City foreshadows Trump's rallies today

Da Bush Babies - We Run Things

Denmark gives Trump administration price for Greenland

The American constitution fails to protect the country from "a trump"

A desperate narcissist is going to get his ass kicked in the 2020 election for these reasons.

Judicial watch now after Montgomery County (MD) voter rolls

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled his criminal justice plan on NPR.

Here is @GovMattBevin trolling the @KyDems booth at the @kystatefair with jacket of Trump face......

The B-52's - Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland

is larry kudlow drunk?

Did you see this! Separating a nursing baby from her mother!

Adamski - Killer

MAGA fun on the interstate...

CNN-Trump and the Disastrous Detroit Debates

how much do you tip the pizza delivery person?

Will our VP pick be someone that's running for President now?

The sugar that saturates the American diet has a barbaric history

Out of 262 votes in the Senate in 2019, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris mssied the most votes

Meanwhile in Honk Kong....they got nerve and umbrellas.

About the Rightwing fuckers. It seems to me that's great to be awake and not at work......

Pete Buttigieg Makes GOP Nightmares Real By Equating A Vote For Trump To Racism

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 18, 2019?

Greenland gets more representation in Denmark's parliament than Puerto Rico gets in our govt

WH economic advisor Kudlow gives interview on Fox News... seemingly drunk.

By his own doing...

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Here we go again

Evangelicals: Blaspheme against the Holy Spirit and eternal damnation?

Sanders & Warren: their presidential bids in personal, faith-based terms

Trump wants to buy the Moon and build the greatest golf course.

Confederate monuments manipulate history

NAACP challenges Confederate names on Hanover VA schools

Because that is what girls do... run for President!

Ohio white nationalist arrested for threatening to shoot up Jewish community center

GA GOP candidate, who called himself 'proud white nationalist,' drops out

Trump says French wine may face '100 percent tariff' in response to tax on US tech firms: report

Bernie is giving a stump speech at a lunch buffet on the premises of a Baptist church.

Mississippi ICE raid: More than 40 charged, no company officials

Secret memo urges Republicans to blame white nationalist killings on 'the Left'

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy, Op. 46

Iceland commemorates first glacier lost to climate change

A Growing Number of Americans Are Alarmed about Global Warming.But many more should be.

Line from the Theme Song Guess the Show.

Iowa State Fair Political Soapbox: Seth Moulton introduces himself

Obama's high school basketball jersey sells for $120,000

Sen Sanders has arrived to the Booker Washington Heights neighborhood.

Beto O'Rourke says El Paso shooting was a 'consequence' of Trump

Woke up this morning

I posted the Mexican Little League parents were denied Visas...

Trump again lashes out at NY Times, claims it's going on a 'racism witch hunt'

Cigarettes--reading mystery from 30s/40s, and everyone smokes constantly

Bernie Sanders in our @wis10 studio for a one-on-one interview -- full report Monday.

Novartis executive sold shares before drug data manipulation made public

Tune in tonight at 10pm on @wachfox for the exclusive interview.

Trump worried that Steve King will impact his chances in Iowa in the 2020 election. So sad!

Portland Rally

We are witness to a poverty of spirit..

My sister shared this w/ me today, and I'm in love

Biden saying that "there's an awful lot of really good Republicans" is outrageous and unacceptable

Dear Joe Biden: we scrapped the public option to get Republican votes.

Democrat Elizabeth Warren talks plans for presidency at USC Aiken rally

5 essential reads on Endangered Species Act

State AG's suit respects law and immigrants

When sea swallows Mar-a-Lago will that be a hoax?

Where are the Confederate monuments now?

Cartoons 8/18/19

Free days: When state parks say 'welcome' and there is no fee

7 shot at Houston "instant house party" formed on Snapchat

Chronicling the last years of a dying North Cascades glacier

Art Spiegelman balks at Marvel's censorship of anti-Trump piece

Have you ever won a lottery or scratch off?

U.S. Trade Deficit with EU Climbs Over 11 Percent, Reaching $83 Billion

Arctic permafrost is thawing fast. That affects us all.

Dead Like Me, a quirky, dark comedy series highly enjoyable. Amazon Prime.

Kazakhstan sells 20 tons of beef to China

Black people strutting past Trump Tower when it becomes 725 Barack H. Obama Avenue

🔥 Bernie 2020 Block Party - Hopkins, SC

Father charged after 12 year old daughter kills man and dog with suv

Question for grillers - Do you disconnect the hose from the tank?

GOPer Joni Ernst booed and peppered with questions about guns at tense Iowa town hall

From Easy Rider:

Hey, Tapper...

Sanders unveils proposal for massive overhaul of criminal justice system

NBC News poll: 40% of voters say they'll "definitely" or "probably" vote for Trump, 52% for Dems

Houston Democrat Jessica Farrar to retire from Texas House

She won't win. But, she is a powerful voice everyone should listen to.

5 YouTubes 5 - Tweety contempt for DONAHUE, MSNBC firing D. for being anti-Iraq attack

One day it will eventually happen!

Dustin Burrows resigns as Texas House GOP Caucus chairman amid allegations of targeting Republicans

NY-14: Republican challengers rushing to unseat Ocasio-Cortez

Now THAT'S an emotional support animal...

Republicans plot comeback in New Jersey

Al Franken for VP no matter who!

My abuser died today

Assault Weapons MUST Be Taken Off of Our Streets!

Find the Common Ground They Say, Heh...

Salvini wants to lead Italy. He may be about to get the chance

"Orphan Black" on Amazon Prime/BBCAmerica.

the bats of texas and the circle of life

WOW!!---Interview: the only person at Steve K8ng's town hall!!

Democrat Elizabeth Warren talks plans for presidency at USC Aiken rally

Bernie Supporter Files Unfair Labor Charge Against Warren Campaign

Assault Weapons MUST Be Taken Off of Our Streets!

Kamala Harris at church: 'This is where we go when the times test our faith'

Does anyone else cut off the flower "sticks" of hostas???

Trump: "Juan Williams at Fox News is so pathetic, always nasty and wrong!"

BREAKING from KVIA in El Paso: Antonio Basco's car stolen and vandalized hours after burying wife

Need the deficit meme

Crews Work At Feverish Pace To Complete Sperry Rebuild By Fall

Dayton mayor receives threats after comments by Trump

Fuck that bloviating slob.

My sister gave me a heartbreaking report about Mom today

Why do the cable news stations carry these "in front of the helicopter" ramblings?

Operation Yellowhammer: No 10 furious at leak of paper predicting shortages after no-deal Brexit

Tyson beef plant fire will be historically significant to beef producers

Jesus Christ, media. Stop it already!

Beto O'Rourke Perfectly Explains How Trump Uses Racism And Violence As Distractions

Jihadi Jack: IS recruit Jack Letts loses UK citizenship

RevAl: "No one wants to play with you, Mr. President, outside of your shrinking base & maybe...

Social Security payment schedule

Leaked Brexit Document Depicts Government Fears Of Gridlock, Food Shortages, Unrest

Iran tanker row: Gibraltar rejects US request to detain ship

Dave Zirin WINS TODAY'S INTERNET for his reply to Newt Gingrich's tweet slamming the NYT.

Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana's governor during Katrina, dies

And I remain , undecided

Arkansas Town's History of Black Americans Mass Killing By White Mobs: 'Red Summer' 1919

Former vice president Dick Cheney to appear at fundraiser for Trump and RNC

Trump's economic record is one big con


Scholar who predicted 2018 blue wave forecasts 2020

"this racist, angry incel is calling the shots for our dementia-addled president."

A Must See Tube..

Former IRS analyst pleads guilty to leaking Michael Cohen's bank records to Michael Avenatti

The Difference A Democratic Majority Can Make

Chuck Todd dismissing journalist's statement on Trump shows the media complicity

Comedian goes to see the doctor.

Mark Sanford today

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 18, 2019

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 19 August 2019

Running in surf...

no free gas today

Forest supervisor says her boss ignored critical questions about Rosemont Mine

Man charged with terror threat at Missouri Walmart has 'no regret'

so is Kudlow drunk on Fox news today? internet goes wild with speculation. he sure is slurring!

"(T)he idea that your stockpile of AR-15s could do anything against US troops with actual artillery

St. Louis School Districts Respond To Summer Gun Violence, Loss Of Students

For some unknown reason, I just flashed back on the narwhal threads that used to proliferate on DU.

Pay attention to Trump when he says...

Chinese missiles likely to cripple Asia-based US forces in event of conflict: report

🐦 SEP 3 at 6:30PM - New York City Grassroots Fundraiser with Bernie Sanders

Please fill in the blanks to this question.

Why has the talk of impeachment seemingly dried up?

DonTheCon puts Rupert on notice

Kitten Finds Tray Of Paint And Decides To Redecorate The House

Medicare vs Medicare Advantage plan

Newark, NJ, LEAD IN WATER CRISIS: Residents Speak Out

Attention Undecideds - there are now 4,593 candidates for president

I hate you, you shrieking orange peice of shit

Title for a book on the Trump Administration

Immigration Man

How much difference could a Democratic House, Senate, and White House make ??

There seem to be three kinds of Republicans.

"Ain't No Sunshine Till He's Gone---"

Fair is fair: What street in NYC would you name after Trump?

Similar thoughts have crossed my mind during the past few years.

I Caucused for Bernie in 2016. Here's Why I'm Worried About His 2020 Run.

Rescued Baby Cow Loves To Sleep In The Dog Bed

Man Said He Wanted To Kill 100 In Mass Shooting, Florida Cops Say


Trump's large union crowd at Shell was given the option of not showing up -- and not getting paid

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Pacific Classic

I took a full day off from Con politics on the media today

America: The land of PRIVILEGE

This family has 15 pets, one crazy schedule and the most perfect life ❤️

Hidden camera shows a night of sleeping with pets 😹

'Only you know if we did it': Scientists write dire letter to the future about climate change

Matt Damon as the Dotard? What think you?