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Archives: February 2, 2014

Angela Merkel is still mad at us

Is it a Master or a Mini-Monet? This 11-year-old's paintings have already fetched £1.5m.

Malta opens the "golden door"

Edward Snowden in Interview with German TV...."They Wanted to Murder Me!"

Harsh Inspector General Report Says 0 of 16 Afghan Agencies can be Trusted with U.S. Aid

This message was self-deleted by its author

US judge approves $8.5 bn Bank of America settlement

As Gaza Tunnels Closed, Hamas Lost Cash, Israeli Official Says

Ann Coulter: Democrats “Well on Their Way to a Permanent Majority”

Punography -- enjoy.

Pass the TPP; another enema for American workers

How a 'well-to-do' couple saves with Obamacare

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? honouring harriet tubman and black history month.

Nebraska Lawmaker Wants Her State To Stop Paying Private Prisons For Empty Cells

Clark County, Ind., Drug Court Held Inmates without Due Process

An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow

Report: Browns name Kyle Shanahan offensive coordinator

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 4: 31 Days of Oscar: 1932/1933 Best Director Nominees

@GovWalker's policies are NOT pro-women

Call to Action!!- Help end cruelty now.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 5: 31 Days of Oscar: 1946 Best Supporting Actor Nominees

Columbus Zoo Mourns the Loss of Gorilla, Pongi

Did Woodward and Bernstein win a Pulitzer for Watergate?

Wendy Davis raises $100K at Dallas Human Rights Campaign event

Another amazing photo!

Americans taste Austrialian snack foods... Hysterical.

Coming to a Post Office Near You: Loans You Can Trust?

“Cynical and diabolical”: Issa attracts allies in quest to demolish Postal service

Anyone else notice this about this story from Gary, Indiana?

Grace: Her faith in people, broken after beating by ex-boyfriend, is restored by kindness

Another New Yorker cartoon. Subtle and topical

I got an unbound book that I would like to have bound

arizona woman accused of putting feces in husband's IV tube.

Niagara Falls tonight...

Big Hug

Amazing voice - Holland's Got Talent

end petlessness!! ABBA goes to the cats and dogs!

Just returned from seeing Jack Ryan. Awesome!

Elizabeth Warren Is Madder Than Hell

George Zimmerman ready to rumble: 'Boxing isn't new to me'

The struggle is both/and, not either/or

Sea Shepherd claims ship was attacked

I had a vivid dream last night.

Weekly Address: Restoring Opportunity for All

New Fodder for Global Warming Deniers. Temperatures were so low that ...


The Far-Right Governor And The Great Gray Bridge-Danziger

I just saw Nebraska. Wow. So many themes in that movie.

Chri$tie, in a recent Newark appearance,sports cufflinks with an engraving that says,"Don't panic."

Effin' NETFLIX just took "Road House" out of its streaming selection

****WCGreen Update -- Saturday February 1, 2014****

Karl Rove’s 2012 election crash and burn closed donor wallets in 2013

The Dangerous Professor

Smokers could get $50 tickets for lighting up under new outdoor smoking ordinance (Ann Arbor)

Dear Mrs. Romney:

American Atheists create Super Bowl billboard ad at the Meadowlands

Woody Allen sexually assaulted me when I was 7...

My viewing schedule for tomorrow...

Redistribution - really?

Christ's teachings?

Here's a trick of Doctor Dementia to test your skills....

A page of trenchant definitions mined from Catton's book "Overshoot"

Worst driver in the world caught on CCTV

Vancouver abortion doctor who survived murder attempts dies in hospital

How The UK Sees Amanda Knox

Feeling Ill, Richard Daley, Former Mayor of Chicago, Is in I.C.U.


Beretta bringing R&D, manufacturing facility to Gallatin (TN)

Heckler to glum Christie at Times Square event: "You made it across the bridge?"

What Cigarette do _you smoke; Doctor?

AP VIDEO: NJ Gov. Christie Booed at Super Bowl Event

Gone With the Wind: Weak Returns Cripple German Renewables

NASA is supposed to build machines that launch into space,not structures that stay grounded on Earth

This just in: Rob Ford walked across a street

GOP Prepares To Take Economy Hostage Unless Democrats Vote To Raise Obamacare Premiums

Kevin O’Leary Against the World. (You Say you Want a Revolution.)

"More Republicans Push For Fixing, Not Repealing, Obamacare"

White House to Address Petition to Deport Justin Bieber

Awesome letter to the Lego company by very sharp 7 year old girl points out the gender stereotypes

Vegan mushroom soup - delicious!


WaPo: Republicans face 2016 turmoil

Rest in Peace, Maximilian Schell

Mia Farrows brother sentenced to 25 years for sexually abusing two boys

Rob Ford Not Giving Up the Blow

"Opting Out Of Medicaid Expansion: The Health and Financial Impacts"

"Amanda [Knox] has nothing to do with it"

"Here Are 12 Executive Actions Obama Is Planning This Year"

Steve Kornacki: Tomorrow on UP: a previously unreleased email from Chris Christie.

For Those of You Freaking Out About Woody Allen

SLATE article: What Does Racism Have to Do With Gridlock?

Madrid sees mass protest against abortion law

Book Club: South Korea Hates Its World-Class Education System

San Francisco supervisors unite behind 2-cent per ounce tax on sugary beverages

This is a tapestry that my daughter gave us

Catching A Treat In Slow Motion Is Better Than Al Catching A Treat In Regular Motion

Greenwald is excellent at finding excuses for his support for Bush and the War on Terror

Chris Christie Goes Scorched Earth On The New York Times And Former Ally

Arizona legislator pushes bill to combat NSA surveillance

Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley hospitalized, in ICU

Mom takes daughter, 15, to New York to sell sex to Super Bowl crowd, cops say

souza the great

Intellectually comfortable

Tungurahua volcano shoots ash and lava

"Home of the Land-Stealing Pale Faces"

Mass Mobs Fill Pews, Lift Prayers at NY Churches

Cat Photo Thread!

How do you find Will Smith in the forest?

Just joined DU

"Democratic super PACs have early advantage over GOP"

Retired Generals and Admirals Urge President to Close Guantanamo, Release Senate Report on torture

State court overturns Your Black Muslim Bakery member's kidnapping conviction

Ted Cruz speaks at Denton County GOP dinner, calls on Congress to focus on economy

Religion and the Founding Fathers

Libyan suspect arrested in Seattle gay bar arson case

I came here hoping this would be a safe place to talk about Amanda Knox.

Josh Marshall, TPM: Email attacking Wildstein shows Christie team "in worse shape than I'd realized"

Man dies in India following alleged racial-tinged attack

President Obama's Weekly Address: Restoring Opportunity for All

WH - West Wing Week 1/31/14 or, "West Wing Week Turns 200!"

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII -- "A Hero's Welcome: Full Story"

Older DUers, did you go to Woodstock of '69

There is a trashy article in the Daily Mail about the Obamas.

Pope tells missionary group to respect culture

I find myself on DU more than FB...

Smearmaster Greenwald's smear campaign against George W. Bush

Melissa McCarthy’s Unhinged SNL Congresswoman Is Way Worse Than Michael Grimm - video link

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu wins 2nd term in a landslide

CBS, Bob Schieffer Cut Off Ted Cruz As He Pushes Benghazi & IRS Hoaxes

Re: The California Drought--Is it time to totally freak out yet?

Scandals, inequality loom large as Costa Rica votes for new leader

Senator Warren Reveals the REAL Reason Republicans Won't Raise the Minimum Wage

Friend claims that teacher tenure enables child abuse

Is startup investing too risky for Texas taxpayers?

These chips won't shut up…

Celtic Animal Zodiac (I am a seahorse!)

Super Bowl puts Hemp Talks on hold

Adoption bill - the fatal Hana Williams tragedy

Just heard the most powerful thunderbolt -- sounded like a huge explosion.

IOC Urging Sochi to Sort out Hotel Problems

So if you accept that God made the universe and everything in it ...

Hollywood firm accused of Obamacare spam


Punxsutawney Phil’s Prediction For Groundhog Day

MP demands answers on why waste water from fracking was dumped into the Manchester Ship Canal.

"The petition has passed 100,000 signatures, after which the Obama admin is obligated to respond"

"Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad."

Industrial group Skinny Puppy ‘invoices’ government for using songs at Guantanamo

Still dangerous after 30 years - Uranium particles from DU weapons

Sen. Elizabeth Warren with great new ideas

Bieber's biggest mistake?

Uranium - the 'demon metal' that threatens us all

Radicals a wild card in Ukraine's protests

Game Day

'Because I Decide': Thousands March to Defend Abortion Rights in Spain

Beyond Orwell’s Worst Nightmare

Taunton pot dispensary among those provisionally approved

Photo of the Day: Women in Mosul, 1902

Bill Moyers: Can a Left-Right Coalition Bring About Real Prison Reform?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Happy Souls Edition

George Lakoff on Communication: "Liberals Do Everything Wrong"

Shell won't drill offshore in Alaska Arctic this year

How to Live Stream Super Bowl XLVIII

(AK) State LNG project costs could be $4.6B to $11.4B

The 10 Vilest Things Right-Wing Nutjobs Spewed This Week: Equality Sucks Edition


“Cynical and Diabolical”: Issa Attracts Allies in Quest to Demolish Postal Service

(WA) State to monitor JBLM traffic congestion with Bluetooth

Senators vow COLA cap repeal; grocery price increases considered

Why is the Universe Comprehensible?

How US Evangelicals Fueled the Rise of Russia’s Anti-Gay Right

Carrier Forrestal headed for scrap heap

Al-Qaida fighters in Syria kill rival rebel leader

"Ariane 6 and SLS are make-work projects between major ICBM upgrades"

new orleans mayor landrieu wins 2nd term

*****Official Super Bowl Thread***********

Religious spaces provide sanctuary for students

A rainbow-hued Tet parade in Little Saigon

New Greenwald book: Great American Hypocrites! Part Deux!

COMMENTARY: Understanding the faith of Cathy McMorris Rodgers

U.S. visa backlog leaves Afghan interpreters in limbo

Libertarians become vocal critics of Evangelii Gaudium

Amid public anger, Britain sends military to help flooded region

The end of the tank? The Army says it doesn’t need it, but industry wants to keep building it.

Several cyber security initiatives lost after Snowden's NSA leaks

Florida reviews thousands of drug cases for possible evidence tampering

Chinese developer buys major lot in downtown L.A.

What's behind Anthem's huge premium increase? Not Obamacare.

And another reason to love the Sochi Winter Olympics: Killing the strays ***sarcasm***

Prediction - Christie will check in to some hospital days or hours before ReTHUGs

well my friends in wisconsin you think walker is bad? well welcome to illinois...

Gary Simonetta, Charles E. Moore and the ACA

I guess it was unintentional...maybe not....

And the first event in the adjunct "Clusterf*** Sochi Winter Olympics" has started:

Records show former Fort Carson commander made inappropriate comments, sexual innuendos

Air Force: 92 implicated in nuke cheating scandal

Female veterans salute their sisters-in-arms

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Christie used to read and feed Wildstein's anonymous blog

The U.S. hypocrisy over Russia’s anti-gay laws

More winter! Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow

Farm bill plows under direct payments

The groundhog wasn't the only one to see his shadow:

Youth Quit Church to Join Kanye ‘Yeezus’ Religion Yeezianity

Idaho bill would protect businesses refusing service on religious grounds

GM's Opel extends no-layoff deal at German plants

Okla. long on needs, short on cash in 2014 session

Broncos just got the first touchdown, 5:43 into first quarter

Startup Thinks Its Battery Will Solve Renewable Energy’s Big Flaw

The Dangerous Charade of Billionaire Victims

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ Feb 2nd

United Airlines axing its hub in Cleveland

Toon- "Thug"

In the American West, a battle unfolds over bugs, climate change, and the fate of an iconic species

Taking A break from Chemo

Weisbrot begs China to bail out Ven and Argentina

The Superbowl is the Biggest Human Trafficking Event of the Year, Says Law Enforcement

Half of Americans Believe God Will Decide Super Bowl

GWB scandal: Federal prosecutors meet with attorney assisting legislative investigation

Religious Right Spreading Its Evil Internationally - Not Just In US.

Were These Knife Murders Provoked by Prescription Drugs?

how does a state lure the NFL's superbowl?

Not waiting for Clinton, Md. Gov. O’Malley prepares for possible presidential bid

Okay, campers, rise and shine,

Happy Groundhog Day!

Phuck You, Phil!

Feds establish complaint system for student vets

Two Navy divers, out of reach

EPA, 3 Va. military bases settle tank allegations

Labor Day - Solidarity Forever

Could I ask you to take a look at a thread in the Poverty forum?

Find something to be happy about today (Sunday February 2, 2014)

Update! Feds meet with attorney assisting legislative investigation/ Was Wildstein advised to lie?

The Pentagon runs nearly 200 golf courses...but let us cut services to the poor

UN says more than 733 Iraqis killed in January

Is This How We Want Our Old Folks To Die In America? Couple Freeze To Death In Home With No Power.

PV Solar’s Path To 2 Cents Per KWh

Staten Island Chuck saw his shadow today, which means...

Professor Michael Mann: Approving Keystone XL could be the biggest mistake of Obama's presidency

Pete Seeger meme

Elizabeth Warren: Tell Congress to raise the minimum wage.

Top Tester Tells Navy To Test Carrier, Destroyer Defenses With Real Missiles & Explosions

What you focus on expands. America needs to refocus.

Dreary Meetings: A Year Inside the NFL

James Says ‘Systemic Problems’ Plague Air Force Nuke Missileers; ‘Climate Of Undue Fear’

Maher: Conservatives must match liberals mass gay wedding at Grammys with mass shooting at CMAs

TPM: Former Wally Edge reporter Brian Murphy on how much Christie loved Wildstein's website

Uparmored Bradley Could Be Tough Enough For AMPV: Testers

Charles M. Blow: The Masculine Mistake

Hill Staffer Gives Boeing ‘Benefit Of Doubt’ As DoD Tester Warns Of Year Delay To KC-46 Tests

Tomorrow is the big day for our cat Brody. He will have surgery to remove the Tumor from his

OK, so here I am . . .

What's your excuse?

Amos Says Marines To Drop High Speed ACV, For Now; Phased Approach Likely


Chinese New Year BBC blunder: 'Welcome to the year of the whores'

The GOP, moving government ...

ABC This Week - Paul Ryan is the "headliner"

Juan Cole: Christie, Clapper and Other Officials Who Should Be in Jail Instead of Snowden

Army Radios Get Low Marks From DOTE

Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Are Excited But Clearly Confused About The Super Bowl

YEP HE'S TOAST: Christie Email Reveals Christie "Team Way, Way Further Gone Than I Had Realized"

The Defense Ministers of Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany pose for a pic

Conservatives Say We Should Let Charities Help the Poor in Lieu of the Government

Photo of the Day

La peur (Fear)

I saw a thread introducing the/a Democratic challenger to Issa ...

OK, Explain This To me Like I'm a Complete Idiot, Part 12: Working Harder and Making Better Choices?

News Flash: Groundhog Day Cancelled

Just in time for Groundhog day - recipes using Groundhogs

Jamie Dimon’s $10 Million Raise is a ''Common Sense'' Fraud Reward

I'm not sure what this groundhog saw after De Blasio dropped him:

My "free trial period" for

Bill Clinton to speak March 20 at Ralston Arena (Omaha area)

This Anti-Skipping School Ad Is The Most Disturbing Thing I’ve Ever Seen - GRAPHIC WARNING.

We're going out to hunt groundhog...

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Investor-landlords linked to rise in Section 8 fraud

Activists construct second protest village in Jordan Valley

AP: Don't be caught short by health care tax surprise

Trading Places.

For older DUers, is joining AARP worthwhile?

Why? Because corporatists are spinning the political dialogue and STUPID PEOPLE are buying it.

Naomi Klein - How Science Is Telling Us All To Revolt

Polls show we can get rid of Scott Walker!

My Emergency Room Horror Story

Problem is the poor are just envious.

Job creating small businesses will benefit from new trade partnerships........Bullshit!!

Bobby Jindal,who probably knows jack SHIT about BridgeGate, sort of defends Tony Soprano

The Carbon Footprint of the Keystone XL...

Big-name Republicans defend Christie

Why did they really shut down the bridge traffic??

Want to end poverty? Brazil’s answer: Give people money

Damn, gov. going too far

What will you watch tonight?

Deaf NFL Player Surprises Girls Who Wrote Him Adorable Note

BOOK REVIEW – Gareth Porter: A Manufactured Crisis

Puke show

Printing Help

What did Gov Cuomo of NY know about the bridge closing and when did he know it.

Food Stamp Cuts Finally Hit The Profits Of The Rich, Walmart Stores.

Investigator Says No Proof Christie Knew of Plan to Jam Traffic

Republican keeps on giving, here's proof.

Kitten Bowl I has begun, cuteness overload ensues!

Thom Hartmann: Harry Reid pushes back on TPP

Who's this dick on MSNBC defending CHristie

Survivors of International Nutrition accident detail their frantic scramble to escape 2 dead 25 fird

Thom Hartmann: Are the Wealthy Elites Being Bullied?

Half Baked: Thousands Of Detox Centers For Alcohol, Heroin, Meth., Crack, etc....ZERO for Cannabis.

Unprecedented Protest in UT re: Bad Air & Gov. Herbert (R)

Maybe someone can help me ...

Daily Kos has a petition up to request that the Munoz family not be saddled with medical bills

Cable laying for Dummies

Chris Christie's Shocking Offer to Help Seahawks Win Super Bowl

X post fron GD: 2 dead 25 fired

Rich people don't create jobs; customers do

Adorable Wild Animals Pictures Thread!

What Weisbrot really said about China and Latin America

Krugman: Be Nice to Your Social Studies Teacher

SMOG Until Further Notice: My Bad Air Day = Salt Lake Basin

Torn about my affinity for the Seattle Seahawks

Does this Kale look fresh ?

Media Blacks Out New Snowden Interview The Government Doesn’t Want You to See

Damn, something I learned in Driver's Ed thousands of years ago paid off!

How the NFL avoids paying millions in taxes

Ever encounter a Golden Child in fiction that you can't stand? I have.

Chairman of NJ panel on lane closings defends role

Senators try to sack NFL’s non-profit status

Life after Jan. 1: Kentucky clinic offers early glimpse at realities of health-care law

National Freeloader League

Ron Weasley is a loooser.

I see Obama is going to let Billdo O'Reilly interview him again before the game.

Collapse: What’s Happening to our Chances?

Christie Booed at Super Bowl Ceremony

NJ gives NFL super tax break for Super Bowl, and pays for security

UK press admits Amanda Knox is innocent

So now Wildstein's claims are Vague

Watch the #BigGame commercial the NFL would never air.

The Seahawks are a great team but Peyton Manning is the symbolic leader of this Super Bowl...

Gay-marriage debate takes new twist in Oregon: religious exemption

WSJ saying Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in NYC.

Syrian forces kill 83 in barrel bomb attacks in Aleppo: activists

Breaking: Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in Manhattan apartment.

Kornacke should beware of Rathering.

Award-winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in Manhattan Apartment

A good article from Brain Murphy on the Christie attack on Wildstein

Paul Ryan: Immigration Legislation Unlikely in '14

DEP never saw Freedom's pollution control plans (WV spill)

****Go Hawks!****

Waxman will be missed, left a significant mark on public policy

Paul Ryan: U.S. "has increasingly lawless presidency"

I'm so excited. All dressed up as a Bronco.

Maryland Joins Continent-Wide Protests Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Unjust Trade

You might want to consider adding this to the "Terms of Service"

Anyone from DU attending the Texas Democratic Women convention in Austin?

John Nichols: Fighting for a minimum wage hike

GOP Goes Ballistic Every Time Someone Tells The Truth About Them.

John Nichols: Fighting for a minimum wage hike (Re: Kelly Westlund)

Russia may quit START III after US deploys destroyer in Europe

What is the best way to save e-bank statements?

DeVos Asks Agema to Step Down From RNC Due to Anti-Gay Comments

Mooresville High football coach ordered to stop baptizing players.

Rest in Peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

It's raining! Central CA coast.

Football player’s coming-out story disproves every dumb theory about gay athletes

Football player’s coming-out story disproves every dumb theory about gay athletes

Inept DNC throws away unspecified $$$ producing superfluous anti-Christie ad

Official thread for the uber-hip kids who are WAY too cool to EVER watch the Super Bowl ...

John Moffitt: Ex-Bronco, ex-Seahawk, ex-NFL . . . and no regrets

Taliban shoots down UFO...

40% of the 2005 Best Actor nominees

mention you think Amanda Knox is innocent and flying monkeys descend almost immediately

February 2, 1929

Bill Kristol Says GOP Has Solved Christie’s Scandal With Two Words: ‘Jeb Bush’

Bobby Jindal: New Death Penalty Drug That Takes 26 Minutes To Kill Is ‘Fair’

How cold a winter has it been?

Thank you for your help! (edited w/answer; Gish Gallop)

US Auto Union Close To Big Win Thanks To Germany's VW

US Warns Israel Over Apparent Distortion Of John Kerry Statements

Chris Christie is going to catch major hell about this too:

Do We Need a Minimum Wage?

Priorities, priorities, priorities.

Rain at last

After today's loss, I couldn't even say who the greatest actor alive is

Dumb Question about the Seahawks

Puppy Bowl X about to kick off on Animal Planet

Can't help it. Remembering Munich 1972

After billions in U.S. investment, Afghan roads are falling apart

Add this to the list of reasons we need single payer -

Congrats to NBC. Good hockey game.

Hemp growing to be allowed in 10 states under agreement in farm bill

New Rule:

Ken Burns effect all day long on CNN

So it finally rained up in my corner of the state today....but.

John Elway to Fox News: I’m Republican because ‘I don’t believe in safety nets’

Looking to break into the DSLR world

Ducks hanging in part frozen creek, this morning

Remember Felix Baumgartner? The guy who jumped from a balloon 24 miles up? New video;

How Young is "Too Young to Die"?

Puppet master toon.

Security checking has gone out the window at the Secaucus NJ station:

Think this is noro?

Regarding the response to Dylan Farrow's letter:

United to Drop Cleveland Hub in $2 Billion Savings Push

Netanyahu Says Israel Boycott Moves Immoral, Damaging

Troubled Man Seen Outside Super Bowl - spotted by Andy Borowitz

Paul Ryan This Week ABC: FULL Interview -- "Lawless Presidency"

200 Keystone Pipeline protests Feb. 3 across the USA

Entire VIDEO: Edward Snowden Interview -- German Television exclusive interview

Today's Bit of Irony

German Conservationist brags about killing elephant

Wouldn't it make more sense?

A good job should have good benefits.

Puppy bowl vs kitten bowl

"New Jersey, your Super Bowl sucks!"

King Upset Boehner Called Him an Asshole

Philip Seymour Hoffman was outstanding in "Doubt", an outstanding film.

Angry Super Bowl train passengers curse NJ over delays, overcrowding

United Airlines says it will drastically cut flights from its unprofitable Cleveland hub

Super Bowl pictures

Puma In Kitchen Surprises Woman At Breakfast

Al-Qaeda fighters kill Syrian rebel leaders

Blasts at Peshawar cinema house leave at least three dead

Thailand election disrupted by protests

Taxes and Profit.

'Reprehensive Party Of Florida' Gaffe (UPDATED)

What will this year's Super Bowl manufactured controversy be?

Study: Abortion rate at lowest point since 1973

The peckerhead bill oreally is interviewing the President

New lens, Tokina EL 28mm 28 manual lens.

Billo Dumbass w/POTUS in whatchamacallit pre-game interview: BENGHAZI, IRS, WEBSITE!!!!

Amanda Knox case judge lambasted by Raffaele Sollecito's lawyers for remarks

How Edward Snowden went from loyal NSA contractor to whistleblower

Oh great o'idiot on Super Bowl pregame

Bill O is an Asshole!

Arthur Rankin Jr., Producer Of Christmas Classics (‘Rudolph,’ ‘Frosty’) Dies At 89

Mike Malloy's live commentary and postgame of the State of the Union

Super Bowl XLVIII drinking game

Iraqi Army Bombs Falluja, Prepares for Ground Assault

Law Doesn’t End Revolving Door on Capitol Hill

‘Goblin’ Toppling Ex-Boy Scout Leaders Facing Felony Charges, 5 Years In Prison

Just 2 of us for the game, Marta is making a "real" small corned beef

Glitches in State Exchanges Give G.O.P. a Cudgel

A telling phenomenon: the absent outrage over Phillip Seymour Hoffman's criminality

Bill O'Reilly was at the Jersey Shore last night and was introduced as being in the

Do you think President Obama will be more "compromising" after the 2014 elections?

Newscasters Agree: Don't Worry, Be Happy Edition

I like how Obama called out Fox News and O'Reilly

The Woody Allen Allegations: Not So Fast

Okay, watching Murder She Wrote marathon,

Paul Ryan: Immigration legislation unlikely in '14

Mondale Family: Joan Mondale Enters Hospice Care

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Kiev on Sunday

Michael Gove refuses to dismiss the possibility of a Tory donor becoming the next Ofsted Chair

US immigration system 'completely backwards': Bobby Jindal

New Saudi Counterterrorism Law Alarms Human Rights Activists; 'A Catastrophe'

Fox Pre Super Bowl show sucks.

Political Corruption and Capitalism by Richard D Wolff

Neocons Seek New Ultimatum on Syria

My 18 year old nephew and his Dad (my brother) stopped in yesterday.........

Chuck Hagel Stresses US Foreign Policy Shift From Military Might To Diplomacy

Obama Battles O’Reilly in Pre-Super Bowl Interview: ‘You and Your TV Station’ Push Benghazi, IRS

Excellent Sam Cooke Documentary

Keep an Eye on Andrew Cuomo

Bill McKibben Reacts to Latest Keystone XL Environmental Impact Statement

Best video yet of the Valdez, Alaska, "damalanche"

Paul Krugman Calls Barack Obama The Most Consequential President Since Reagan

I really don't have a dog in this fight but I do have pics of Seahawks.

Great news from Philly!

S.F. General, Sheriff's Dept. blamed in Lynne Spalding death

Who Has and Will Replace the Watergate "Class of 74" Democrats? We just lost Two More!

Do I need to worry about my other cats attacking the one who is going to have surgery?

Barbara Lee unveils stamp of mentor Shirley Chisholm

And now they're saying JK treatened Israel of boycott

And now they're saying JK treatened Israel of boycott if the peace plan's negociation would't go in

tramadol for arthritis pain

Westinghouse backs off small nuclear plants

Elizabeths Warren’s New Plan to Save the Post Office and Help Low Income Families

Sochi culling stray dogs ahead of Olympics

Metlife Stadium? What happened to GIANTS stadium?

How do you do your taxes?

Tell me about Charlotte Danielson, please.

Hillary Clinton Opposes New Iran Sanctions

Pre-SuperBowl sunset

Christina Genovese Renna, Chris Christie Staffer, Resigns Amid Probe

$4.8M in Sandy Relief Money Went to Fund Luxury Apartment Tower in New Brunswick

How did you feel about Hermione marrying Ron rather than Harry?

Captain America 2 looks awesome.

May I request some job / project vibes, please?

Israeli leaders cry foul over Kerry’s boycott warning

Bottle Rocket (original short film)

NY Daily News OpEd re: Superbowl

Russia Protests: Thousands Of Anti-Putin Demonstrators March In Moscow

Calvin and Jobs: Why the Right Hates (but Still Needs) Social Welfare

BYU encourages students to rat each other out for touching themselves down there

Obama Calls Out Fox News In Pre-Super Bowl Interview: ‘You And Your TV Station’ Keep Scandals Alive

Iowa fish launcher ensures dramatic eagle photos

For PSH (If you feel strong enough for Beautiful Melancholy)

Obama vs O'Reilly! Guess who wins!

John Elway to Fox News: I’m Republican because ‘I don’t believe in safety nets

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 3 February 2014

Anybody else appreciate Renee Fleming's version of the National Anthem?

French conservatives march against government 'family-phobia'

Texas has anti-gay law similar to Russia’s

Texas has anti-gay law similar to Russia’s

Self-immolation in private?

Mariners 5, Rockies 0!

Obama has regrets, wonder if Bush does?