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I wonder, did Trump just have his "Dukakis in the tank" moment?

Don't crush that dwarf

CNN Special tonight is a repeat of the Nixon Impeachment and Clinton Impeachment - Presidents

Ana Navarro nails it on twitter:

DC police fist bumping a Proud Boy:

Russian state-run media took Trump's July 4 event as an opportunity to 'troll' the U.S.

Yahooooo it's the REAL 4th of July celebration......and it's on PBS

Dog From Puerto Rico Becomes The Best Nanny To His Human Siblings

Where was the F-35?

Former Meow Wolf employees allege discrimination

It Was a Robust Democracy. Then the New President Took Power.

It Was a Robust Democracy. Then the New President Took Power.

Slouching Toward Dictatorship?

American Pie

Why the 'Bridgegate' Scandal Could Backfire on Prosecutors

New Mexico Walmarts to stop selling firearms

My favorite patriotic song

Newtown massacre divided NRA leaders, foreshadowing split to come

Putin and Kim have to be laughing their ass off

Q Anon & JFK jr, a ?

Rep. Ray Lujan raises $1.1M in bid for Senate seat

Rescued Pit Bull Convinces His Mom To Adopt Their Foster Kitten

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 5 July 2019

Thus far, our cats haven't been disturbed by the fireworks....actually sleeping through them..

And, so it came to pass, on the 185th day of the third year since sanity had fled the land,

Ode for a rainy fourth by an amatuer

New York Times is even seeking clarity from Harris about her stance on busing and health care...

Got to love Mother Nature!

Venezuela: UN report accuses Maduro of 'gross violations' against dissenters

Venezuela: UN report accuses Maduro of 'gross violations' against dissenters

So, who's going to pay the price for this disastrous "celebration"?

Fake radio station 'pyramid scheme' fraudsters found guilty

Wow, the gop really has managed to hijack our National Holiday. They really are the vilest

Royal Marines help seize tanker suspected of carrying Iranian oil to Syria

Royal Marines help seize tanker suspected of carrying Iranian oil to Syria

'This doesn't look like the best economy ever': 40% of Americans say they still struggle

Does Joe Biden have plantar fasciitis and hemorrhoids?

Hope: HIV completely removed from mice in groundbreaking study

The army "took over the airports" during the Revolutionary War!!! Can you believe it?????

The Trumpanzees must be thinking: "Did we have airports in 1776 under Obama? NO!

Watching the Walking Dead marathon on AMC

Trump bizarrely claims the army retook the airports from the British during Revolutionary war

Video: Trump campaign is using stock footage models as "MAGA supporters" in video ads.

Goats eating backyard over 6 days

Numb nuts can't even follow a Teleprompter. Airports in 1814?

Ann Widdecombe's EU slavery remarks branded as 'disgusting'

Ann Widdecombe's EU slavery remarks branded as 'disgusting'

Yet another Ivanka meme 😆

My least favorite night of the year

WARNING - you may not be ready to see this much Freedom 😁🇺🇸☄️

The emperor's new viola: a 1938 instrument makes its way from Little Rock to Tokyo Imperial Palace

Eugene Robinson: Trump's 'Salute to America' was a made-for-television reelection event

Entitled Burger King Employee Wants $15 An Hour Just For Dealing With Worst Of America Every Day

Good activity for the 4th: Refresher on the Declaration of Independence

The best July 4th song, taken from letters by John Adams

It's way past the kids' bedtime.

Ari weighs in on the speech

Never look like an alcoholic again

Press Sec and Trump bots

Historical Photo Found by WH Aides

Freepers praising Trump's speech today

Happy Birthday, America! We'll Start Throwing You Better Parties in a Couple Years, Promise!(Ferret)

So here's a copy of the tickets handed out:

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 7, 2019 - John Gavin Double feature

Orange one said WHAT?????

On-the-Ground Report From D.C.

TCM Schedule for Monday July 8, 2019 - Star of the Month: Glenn Ford

I'm looking for West Wing, Jefferson Lives episode 503

So how did Trump's Salute to himself go today?

The Power of Propaganda in Cinema & Nazi Film 'Triumph of the Will' (1935)

I'd forgotten about this. Good point.

Has there been any estimate about the crowd size at Trump's 4th of July event?

Klobuchar says she won't reverse Trump's Jerusalem embassy move

Looking small

No Rachel tonight? ...looks like only a repeat of last night?

Macy's Fireworks in NYC on TV now--

Is Cheeto Benito laying the groundwork for an insanity plea?

Uncle Sam Blues

A cheap 4th of July

*1776 on TCM @ 10:15 edt

HA HA HA...#RevolutionaryWarAirportStories is trending on twitter


Ben Franklin's greatest invention was

Steve King doesn't get it

And the great aviation pioneers, William and Orville Redenbacher,

Donald Trump's July 4th jamboree: symbolic, jingoistic and untraditional

Somebody's "kidneys" are showing. Who the hell dresses her?!?

July 4, 1826: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson die.

Which of our candidates will first mention Trump saying our Continental Army "took over airports"

I have some what of a funny story to share!

If Shitler's deplorables wanted to get next to an M1 or BFV

San Francisco to paint over historic George Washington mural

MAGAs are indeed Maggots

Can someone explain what Biden meant when he said,

Harris vs. Biden equals two flops

What Trump family members and administration members attended his July 4th celebration?

Powerful earthquake hits Southern California

Ken Burns has done it again!

Must of been a big crowd at trumpys speech today

NYPD cops buy food for woman caught shoplifting at Whole Foods

So I got to a 4th of July party and there were asshole Trump lovers there

Pete said trump made America look like a loud mouth drunk in a bar.

Little Donny Learns about Independence Day

So dry your tears, and baby, walk outside....It's the Fourth of July

Elizabeth Warren on Obama: 'the president's team chose Wall Street'

Republicans have an opportunity to take control of St. Louis County Council.

Was Carole King rained

I took a poop in an elevator

Last Time I Checked Conservatives Were Burning Shoes

The Colombian state's 'murder quotas'

Sargassum: The biggest seaweed bloom in the world

Steve King (Racist-IA) got got...but good!! LMAO

Seth Abramson:The plot to plunge America into an Iran war that could destabilize the planet...

Progressive Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) shows how to slam president bad act.

Mrs. Betty Bowers ‏on the Drump Parade

Biden says Trump's July 4 spectacle 'misses the point'

Remote Mount Michael volcano hosts persistent lava lake

July 5th - Happy Birthday Megan Rapinoe - NWSL soccer player & star

How NASA Satellites Are Helping Track Disease Outbreaks

Vote Now: Will FOX News convince their stupid viewers airports existed during the Revolutionary War?

lol@Takei.. we have to remember that the current American president is in fact a confirmed moron.

National Archive releases rare Revolutionary War photo

It is 11:15pm and the fireworks are still nonstop.

Looking for a cartoon

What is your favourite indie movie?

1776 - Molasses To Rum

Arrests Made After 4th of July Flag-Burning Outside the White House

Thinking of what orange one said today, thinking of how smart he keeps trying to tell everyone he is

Manning the air and ramming the ramparts?

billionaire coal magnate dies in helicopter crash

Lou Dobbs Calls Generals 'Snowflakes'

Smithsonian: Here's a Presidential speech about patriotism and the true meaning of America

From The Pages Of American History

The Crazy Monk Martial Art Funny Kung Fu Movies English Subtitles

Aphelion Day 2019: Earth Is Farthest from the Sun Today

The pop up advertisement on Latest Threads

Just barely dark here, and our neighborhood is booming

Capitol 4th on PBS

Trump's Not-Crazy Speech Just Highlighted Norms He's Crushed

Whoever ur fave presidential pick is, this image is hopeful & amazing. 6 women are running for pres

*The Music Man on TCM now.

The Capitol Fourth was the best I have ever seen.....

'Chickenhawk' Lou Dobbs Ripped For 'Cowardly' Attack On American Generals

Haha! #RevolutionaryWarAirportStories on twitter.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - La Silla Eclipse Sequence (2019 July 5)

22-week abortion ban moves closer to landing on Colorado's 2020 ballot

I'm not seeing any of the orange one's followers try to defend his dumb speech....

Appeals court dismisses Colorado lawsuit affecting free speech rights filed by energy firm against

New Pro-LGBTQ Laws Prompt Campaign to Convince Parents to Pull Kids Out of Public Schools

Sullivan Recall: Kiss That Cash Goodbye

Gardner Claims Democrats Want To End Airport Customs Checks

Another lawsuit filed to stop mine expansion

Colorado lawmakers consider special session on expected TABOR refunds

Blackjewel CEO resigns as judge approves $5 million in emergency financing

Energy companies eyeing Goshen County for oil and gas wells

Trump's pick for US representative to the UN is a dangerous anti-abortion fanatic

Wyoming tribe funded effort to kill gambling regulations; sides dispute who created the group

'Worst ever!': Washington covered in smoke from Trump's failed fireworks display

Love of country? Or a political stunt? Trump holiday speech divides Americans

Racist, anti-gay student flyers challenge Cheyenne school district

Chokecherry and Sierra Madre wind farm start-ups delayed five years

The Daily Show - Obama's Flag Pin: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History

Rally-goer in "Free Trump Hugs" t-shirt rants about "fat, ugly bitches".

Blackjewel withheld $1.2 M from payroll, didn't put in 401(k)s

Brazil: huge rise in Amazon destruction under Bolsonaro, figures show

To vet Wyoming vanity plates, WYDOT consults Urban Dictionary

Brazil: huge rise in Amazon destruction under Bolsonaro, figures show

Study: Kansas benefits most from federal disaster grants

Missouri pays $500,000 after losing campaign finance lawsuit

Facebook ads funded by 'dark money' are the right's weapon for 2020

Officials: 'Fecal time bomb' threatens Utah backcountry

Russians Correctly (and Sadly) Label Trump's Independence Day Parade As A Copy Of Putin's Parade.

Shareholders accuse Cloud Peak of undervaluing assets

How dodgy clans seek to maintain power in Colombia's 2019 elections

Bullock open to Keystone XL pipeline

Tester answers questions on migrant detention, climate change, congressional gridlock at town hall

Just like the last time America had a King...

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks offers free performances of classic plays

Beschloss tweet reminds us when the aeroplane was invented

Missoula Democrat Shane Morigeau running for state auditor post

Ted Lieu points and laughs at Steve King (R-acist)

Imminent Threat to Guatemala's Historical Archive of the National Police (AHPN)

Forest officials hoping Hyalite, Sourdough project can advance soon

Apparently, during the Revolutionary War...

Montana lieutenant governor joins governor's race

Steve King Gets Duped, Shares Tweet Calling Himself A White Supremacist

Police fist bump MAGA fan Proud Boys member and escort far-right group through DC streets after 4th

Racists are trying to use 'science' to prove mermaids can't be black. Yes, really

Heitkamp keynote speaker for Montana Democrats

Touting record fundraising haul, SC Democrat's establishment endorsements pay off

Georgia growers fear cheaper Mexican produce will soon devastate their industry

A Fire Kills 14 Crew Members Onboard Russian Navy Sub

Forgive my skepticism, but...

St. Vincent nurses approve tentative labor agreement with Mercy Health

3 stabbed, 16 injured during fireworks at Chicago's Navy Pier

Qatar's $200 Billion Dash to World Cup Hits a Construction Cliff

Boog will not eat a carrot if offered in the house

WJLA (Sinclair) reporter goes MAGA over Trump's DC Farce yesterday

Billionaire U.S. Coal Baron Chris Cline Dies in Helicopter Crash

Are YOU Smart Enough For A Trump Smart Person Waiver?

We just had a 5.4 aftershock at 4:09 AM

There were different TV feeds during Dumps speech.

July 5 - NEA #StrongPublicSchools 2020 Presidential Candidate Forum

Exclusive: Biden expresses skepticism of Democrats' leftward tilt and AOC's mass appeal

Greta Thunberg Thanks OPEC For Their Concern And Attention

How the Supreme Court will upend 2020

When do struggling 2020 candidates have to bail to run for another office?

Fungal Hallucinogens Send Cicadas on Sex Binges After Their Genitals Fall Off

'I'd smack him in the mouth': Biden seeks to dispel concerns about his ability to take on Trump...

All In All - Did Trump's July 4th Event Come Off The Way He Wanted?.....

More Than 1 Million Forced To Evacuate On Kyushu; 1 Meter Of Rain In A Single Day In Town Of Ebino

New tally flips surprising results of Queens district attorney race

When Will Struggling Candidates Bail for Another Office?

Biden Warns Trump Reelection Will Lead to NATO's End: 'Embracing Thugs' and 'Stiff-Arming' Allies

90F In Anchorage 7/4/19 - Crushes Prior All-Time Record By Five Degrees F

Golf War

i don't think the tank show was a campaign event really. it was something far worse.

Michael Eric Dyson on Betsy Ross Flag Symbolism: 'Why Don't We Wear a Swastika for July Fourth?'

Top Buttigieg Adviser Takes Veiled Shot at Kamala Harris For Trying to 'Deep Six' Biden

The real DC 4th of July: dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence (2018 video)

Los Angeles Times Calls for Duncan Hunter to Resign

Trump claims 1775 revolutionary army 'took over airports'

PLEASE CLAP Trump's Cherry-Picked Polls Still Show More than Half The Country Doesn't Approve

China is Separating Muslim Children from their Families

If we all agree that Joe Biden isn't racist then why does it matter?

Biden: I Used to Smack Bullies Like Trump in the Mouth (VIDEO)

Another private CBP hate group mocking those trying to get to the US


Biden says he would bring back ObamaCare's individual mandate

Deep breath----take a step back----"ungrit" your teeth and relax those shoulder muscles.

Veterans call for Trump impeachment in July 4 video

Buttigieg scolds man at campaign event who calls for black people to 'stop committing crimes and...

Hiring rebounds as U.S. economy adds 224,000 jobs in June;unemployment rate inched up to 3.7 percent

Elizabeth Warren On Valuing Black Women

Good grief

Trump gets tackled!! Have you seen this? (It's new to me.) I could watch it for hours.

2nd Customs and Border Protection-connected secret Facebook group shows mocking images

Trump donor from West Virginia among 7 Americans killed in copter crash in Bahamas, officials say

The Power to Draw Maps Is Also at Stake In 2020

Trump, "and seized victory from Cornwallis of Yorktown. "

Officials cancel holiday plans in scramble to find path for census citizenship question: report

Black soldier fly larvae could revolutionize the global food supply

trump wanted Californians to rake their forest to stop forest fires, I suppose he'll

Iranian official threatens to seize British oil tanker

Didn't Trump make fun of Senator Amy Klobuchar.....

Adam Schiff:

Very powerful illustration

This is where we're at in America

Draft Dodging Trump Tells Young People To Join The Military In 4th Of July Speech

A year after Medicaid expansion, hundreds still flock to rural medical clinic in Southwest Virginia

#RevolutionaryWarAirports trending on Twitter....

Crowd size...again

Manic Depression

AI Searches of the Scientific Literature to Make Discoveries in Materials Science.

Trump's pick for US representative to the UN is a dangerous anti-abortion fanatic

Pic Of The Moment: Trump History

Padma Lakshmi's pie for yesterday's festivities:

Garbage Sorting Robots

Some More News - Why nobody should listen to Ben Shapiro.

I sent an email to my Representative Mike Levin (CA-49th)

Biden on health care for undocumented migrants: How do you say, 'I'm gonna let you die'

Who can deny that we have all been expected to see something like this

Dozens arrested for protesting Trump immigration policies during Philadelphia July Fourth...

Where are the calls for a mental competency exam of Trump today???

Is it unAmerican to say that our flag is not-so-pretty?


Valuing the Work of Women of Color - By Elizabeth Warren

Images of the Revolutionary War US Air Force Warplanes

The Rundown: July 3, 2019

The Rundown: July 4, 2019

MAD Magazine Leaving Newsstands, Becoming a Reprint Title

Pick of the Week: "Sea of Stars" #1

Art of the Week: Week of 7/3/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/3/2019

Climate Crisis: Citing $69 Trill Price Tag by 2100, Moody's Warns Central Banks of Economic Damage

The origin of Superheroes: Blackhawk (DC Comics)

My best guess is Trump needs glasses, and refuses to wear them

This is the candidate the GOP is running in Maine's 2nd Congressional District (Barf Alert)

Not CT: How should we respond to alien contact? Scientists ask the public

Just asking a question. There is zero intent to litigate any issues except the question itself.

Not all is LOST

Architecture professor explains why malls are dying

Nusu is the calf of Nasalot, an orphaned #elephant we rescued, raised & returned back to the wild.

How about McCain, flying one of those 'Revolutionary War Planes', winning the battle of LaGuardia.

California officials fear more earthquakes in the coming days

Uber Co-Founder Buys Record-Breaking LA Mansion $72.5m, As Drivers Fight for Wages, LA Homelessness

Remember the Day in 1777 when the Territorial Security Army (TSA)

Just before dawn on September 27, 1781, a ragtag brigade of American colonists surrounded...

Coal billionaire and Trump donor Chris Cline's plane crashes; seven people are believed dead.

This might be the strangest question I've asked here...

This is why we are better!

Today in baseball history, July 5th, 1947:

Lights for Liberty July 12 around the country

Miami Dolphins' Kendrick Norton had his arm amputated after a car wreck

Has the economy materially improved since Obama?

This is the landing page on the WH site the morning after July 4: Kim Jong Un

Neighborhood Patriotic Displays Past Midnight

The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity

Now this is incentive - Jamaican style

Family of Four Accidentally Books Virgin Airline's Gay "Pride Flight"

Family of Four Accidentally Books Virgin Airline's Gay "Pride Flight"

Hong Kong mothers march in support of anti-extradition students

April: IRS Commissioner Charged With Releasing Trump Tax Returns Profits From Trump-branded Property

Let Nature Heal Climate and Biodiversity Crises, Say Campaigners. Restoration of forests and coasts

Profiles in Crazy, XCIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

VP Biden and I are in complete agreement on the danger to NATO

So, the webcam coverage for the National Mall does not exist anymore.

Difficult to believe such jerks exist...

Trumpets on their way to "Trump's 4th of July Rally" in D.C.

Imagine the media outrage if Obama had hijacked the DC July 4th celebration

Premier Lacrosse League arrives at Audi Field hoping for another hit

Premier Lacrosse League arrives at Audi Field hoping for another hit

Virginia senator calls out gay colleague's sexual orientation in closed NRA town hall

Man Turns Up at Family Barbecue After Being Declared Dead

At the Lincoln Memorial, a US Coast Guard veteran who lost his arm in World War II salutes Lincoln

The ACLU was born out of World War I and the repression that resulted when the U.S. joined the fight

Sneaky Cat Has Tried To Escape So Many Times His Parents Put Up A Sign

Black Ariel vs White Jesus

Lawyers ask judge to order white nationalist Chris Cantwell to stop 'unlawful threats' against

Listening to Trump presser today.

Trump's Casting His Census Citizenship Question Ire At Wilbur Ross

Was Twitler maybe auditioning for the next season of Drunken History?

GREAT TWITTER replies to ye ole airplane gaffe-- HILARIOUS !!!

Maybe the media will keep asking questions

Sanders waves off the holiday heat as he takes on 5 Independence Day parades in 2 days

OK, Donnie's little "Salute to aMErica" has come and gone.

King Duped Into Tweeting Earnest Praise For Col. Jessup From 'A Few Good Men'

Funny tweet from Tea Pain regarding yesterday's military extravaganza

Professor Elizabeth Warren Faces Off Against Sen. Joe Biden

My phone is messed.up. so breakfast

VCU renews contract for former Gov. Douglas Wilder despite student's sexual harassment allegation

You raised $21.00 on July 4, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Robert Reich: Moderates and Centrists Are No Safe Bet, Opinion

Chemours throws DuPont under the bus, alleges company chose to discharge PFAS into the Cape Fear

McCain: "I can do this anytime I want"

What gave him the idea - Bastille Day 2017

Warren-Biden Bankruptcy Fight

Joe Biden Says He Won't Use Dem Opponents' Past Against Them:

The problem with Trump's Revolutionary War airports isn't the airports

Happy 79th birthday, Chuck Close.

Does anyone know if Nestle is owned by Koch Bros,,?

Moron-In-Chief: Trump Blames 4th of July Speech Fail On His Teleprompter Going Out

Discussion results from "friendly" conversation with the other side.

July 5, 1975: Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" is heard in public for the first time.

Vintage EPA photos reveal what US waterways looked like before pollution was regulated

full and annotated transcript of Trump July 4 speech (in an interesting format)

It's Not Just the White House in 2020. The Power to Draw Maps Is Also at Stake.

Trump says he is 'thinking of' executive order to revive census citizenship question

I can't find the pic of Melanoma's close up in that white dress.

Russian propaganda is at this point trying to make anyone angry over anything.

As Border Crisis Worsens, a Detention Center Designed for Children Has None

167 years ago today, a prominent Marylander gave a seminal speech on patriotism and civil rights

Eugene Robinson: Trump tried to make Independence Day all about him. He ended up looking small.

Ray Charles performs "America the Beautiful"

China denies U.S. accusations of South China Sea missile tests

Russian propaganda-outlet openly endorses Trump's nepotism as "inspiring".

SEAL commander charged in war crime cover-up heading to trial in September

On gun control, look to Biden

Lost in a wall of smoke

Watching Democracy Burn, Part 1

It's SHOWTIME, everybody!

Who's in and who's out of the next Dem debates?

Watching Democracy Burn, Part 2

Dow drops 55 points after strong jobs report dampens hope of a Fed rate cut

C-Span: Trump speaks to reporters before leaving to play golf.

Kevin Spacey accuser drops lawsuit against actor

Ordered Deported, Then Sent a $497,777 Fine From ICE

Evening in America

Here are the facts on just how much control we had in 2008-2009:

Reverend Barber Asks: What Does the Fourth of July Mean to the Immigrant and People of Color?

Just in: The judge in SDNY census citizenship Q is going to hold off scheduling a hearing for now.

CNN Exclusive: Joe Biden says he wasn't prepared for Kamala Harris to confront him the way she did

All alone and with a distorted view of the world.

Cartoonist set to replace de Adder quits, says he 'wouldn't wish this on anyone'

Cartoonist set to replace de Adder quits, says he 'wouldn't wish this on anyone'

Tweet of the Day

Trump just posted a campaign video of last night's event.

Middleeasteye: George Nader is a convicted pedophile key to an Emirate hookup with Trump.

Now we know

Not happy about Biden coming out for being more centrist.

#RevolutionaryWarAirports is trending on Twitter

Why haven't we heard anything more about all the spin off investigations from Mueller?

Wasn't Alexander Graham Bell Canadian?

Biden on how to take on Trump: 'He's the bully that I knew my whole life'

Help me out with my history here...

Cartoons 7/5/19

FIrst time a baby hears its mother's voice

Donate to get your candidate in the next debate. Act Blue makes it easy.

The Revolutonary war's "Battle of LaGuardia

Steve Bullock raises $2 million for 2020 bid in second quarter, campaign says

What's Happening With Trump's Trade Fights?

Reel Quick: Post a Pic of a Gunslinger from TV or a Flick

CDC Says Pig Ear Dog Treats May Have Caused Drug-resistant Salmonella Outbreak Across 13 States

Immortal song: "Father" by Lynn

Another Trade War Coming After October, Says Medley's Richards

North Korea says US 'hell-bent on hostile acts'

Kevin Durant might regret leaving the Dubs as it's likely he's won his last ring.

Bette Midler makes fun of Trump and the Revolutionary War airport gaffe.

That airport business is not a "blunder" its

Transcript of Trump's remarks on July 4.

What Happens When Elizabeth Warren Sells Out to Powerful Interests?

Ancient Northland kauri tree reveals secrets of Earth's polar reversal

Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

He is Our President and we should support Him!


Beto O'Rourke's rich father-in-law has both helped and complicated his career - PBS NewaHour

July 4th earthquake won't delay the Big One. And it might have worsened quake strain

Donald Trump's "Inoffensive" War on Reality

Brazil: calls grow for Bolsonaro ally to quit after 'devastating' report on leaks

Alexa calls cops on man allegedly beating his girlfriend

The US Navy is asking for outside help because it still hasn't figured out how to fix its $13 billio

Introducing: Sexy.

Why isn't anyone talking about the incredibly unfair and inequitable property tax system?

Folks...This is why I want Joe..

Trump's 'Salute to America' was a second-rate Red Square rally-but one Democrat managed to find hope

Excellent thread by Seth Abramson: I will begin posting.

Wonderful that we destroyed Britain's airfields during The Revolution

Dog photo winners. Wonderful shots.

Trump: What he saw as he gave his 4th of July Speech

Trump just admitted something he probably shouldn't have about the census citizenship question

Harris raised just 12 mil last quarter

Trump Just Admitted Something He Probably Shouldn't Have About The Census Citizenship Question

DOJ Is Still Looking For 'New' Reason To Add Citizenship Question To Census

How can you tell if someone does CrossFit?

Japan The Way of Zen : Zen Buddhism Documentary

Hot Dogs in a jar? Yah or Nay?

Japan The Way of Zen : Zen Buddhism Documentary

And away we go!

Trump Administration Pressing Ahead in Efforts to Add Citizenship Question to Census

You know you want to hear this: T.Rex Tanx

Why are shadowy RW orgs running ads on M$NBC?

No, An 11 Year Old Didn't Hack a Replica of Florida's Election Servers and Change the Vote.

Steve King got beautifully pranked yesterday.

Canada pension fund quietly divests from US migrant detention firms

A 'concerned citizen' told a business to take down its rainbow flag 'before it is too late'

Twitter reacts to Trump's extraordinary history lesson about airports and the Revolutionary War

The Real Threat to Western Liberal Democracy

Biden Might Renominate Merrick Garland

Wimbledon spoiler

Border Patrol agents humiliated an immigrant by forcing him to hold an 'I like men' sign

Donuts vs. Ice Cream - OR - 20 yrs for the black women, pass on the white

Meet my feline nephew, Dude

Golden eagles hatch in a California park for the first time in decades

Denny's stood up for a trans woman who was arrested after she used the bathroom

Learning to adjust to a MacBook trackpad; I just switched my 87 year old mom to a MacBook Air from

Hey Lyin'Ryan - let's hear from you re the teleprompter

BREAKING CNN - After defying Congress; can Trump circumvent the Supreme Court?

Mackenzie Lueck's body has been found, police say

Ivana Trump's Ex Calls Don Jr., Ivanka And Eric 'Disgusting' And 'Scum'

Plant forests. It could capture 2/3rds of the carbon

PA Salmonella Cases Linked To Pig Ear Dog Treats: CDC

Has the W.H. explained Continental troops taking over the airports?

Revolutionary War flight attendant

Thank you Joy for mentioning that President Carter has questioned the Con's legitimacy

Border Patrol agents forced a gay migrant hold a sign reading 'I like men',

Garden bugs ...trying again

Police find suspect in ice cream-licking incident, turn case over to juvenile justice system

In video Trump (almost?) cries because the press is mean to him

Presidential July 4th speech. Glorify the military. Fuck that freedom stuff

Republicans are spooked that the NRA's collapse could jeopardize the GOP's prospects in 2020

Bernie Sanders remarks at NEA Presidential Forum - July 5th 2019

omg. haha!

Marianne Williamson was left out of a photo shoot of the women running for president. So she edited

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Blue Angels are back from Washington DC.

Whatever you do, don't let the cat out of the bag...

Judge Hazel orders discovery to begin in Census case (a good thing)

I hear you gots the diabeetus

Christian Aid ministries worker indicted for sexually assaulting Amish, Mennonite youths

Anyone notice Twitler mentioned airports *twice*??

So when will Trump issue an executive order to revise history books?

Anyone else sick of Dump referring to himself in the Royal "we"?

Aviation enthusiasts; Engine parts of an Air France A380 found in Greenland 2 years after event

(PA) Arnold-born William T. Eckersley's WWII diary found; N.Y. man searching for kin

(PA) Arnold-born William T. Eckersley's WWII diary found; N.Y. man searching for kin

Bette Midler on the Battle of the Baggage Claim. Edit: she deleted her tweet, NOW ITS BACK!.

U.S. forward Alex Morgan: "You see men celebrating all over the world... ya know, grabbing their..."

I wish I'd been wrong four days ago, when some were cheering the SCOTUS census decision.

Fourth of July celebrated, St. Helena Island, South Carolina, 1939, by Marion Post Wolcott

USCIS official suggests census citizenship question could help with 'burden' of illegal immigration

Restoration of Rembrandt's "Night Watch" Begins, 'Like A Military Operation'

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 5, 2019

Dispatch to His Excellency, General Washington

President Trump: 'I Don't Think I'm a Bully'

Far-Right Groups, Including The Proud Boys, Are Rallying In D.C. This Weekend

Biden helped himself, mostly

Libya Uncovers Alleged Russian Plot to Meddle in African Votes

What is adderall? Is it legal?:

Chuck Todd just said what ever Dem defends their

Far-Right Arsonist, Who Set Himself on Fire Attempting to Burn Down Synagogue, Will Be Held...

Nate Silver 538... Ruined my confidence

More collateral effects due to Dump

Otto Warmbier's parents file claim for seized N.Korean cargo ship

Republican states get hard lesson about getting what they wish for on Obamacare

Sudan crisis: Military and opposition agree power-sharing deal

A grocery store is not a restaurant.

1MDB: Wolf of Wall Street producer Riza Aziz charged with embezzling millions

The penalty for refusing to answer a census question is a $100 fine. It is worth that

Barcelona Building Front

Reno Nevada - explotion in utilities room of dormitory. CNN

Study: Holding Governments & Corporations Accountable for Climate Crisis 'Has Become Global'

King Sunny Ade---Cool African beats and music--juju

Today Bernie Sanders began our day in Houston with union members at an @GoIUPAT training facility

Life and Death in New Jersey.

Has the Condederate flag become the American swastika?

looks like Putin is expanding his election fuckery.

**Latest on Census fight**: Maryland judge orders discovery to proceed on discriminatory intent

tweet about Melania at the speech last night:

OPEC head: Climate activists are the 'greatest threat' to oil industry

Trump-administration asked court in census-case to pretend that piece of evidence no longer exists.

Study: Holding Governments & Corporations Accountable for Climate Crisis 'Has Become Global'

Rumi and the Vision of the Qur'an

TV channels go dark after AT&T, Nexstar fail to reach deal

We Are in a Climate Emergency, America': Anchorage Hits 90 Degrees for First Time


Someone is not happy about VP Biden going to CNN and giving them the big interivew

Flashback: Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden on Bankruptcy

Orange one is talking using an executive order to put the citizenship question on the census!

Biden CNN interview part I shows Biden's obvious strengths as a debater, speaking presence, and

Ex-Patriot, ESPN analyst Bruschi recovering after 2nd stroke

Ex-Patriot, ESPN analyst Bruschi recovering after 2nd stroke


Government lawyers step up effort to get a citizenship question on 2020 Census, court filing shows


When American evangelicals fall out

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders hit back at Joe Biden for questioning progressive agenda

Philly got Patti LaBelle's name wrong on honorary street

Last chance to share your thoughts on how Ballard Bridge should be updated with SDOT survey

Australian student released in North Korea says 'I'm OK'

Scarecrow statue in Slovenia

Some Kenyan families reject Boeing's compensation for crash

Trump on Ivanka at the G-20: 'Foreign Leaders Loved Her'

Democrats should talk more about failing, unpopular nationalism

Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plane Caught on Camera (Photo)

Trump Admin Failing To Test Safety Of Food And Drugs

WaPo: As lawyers step up census efforts, Trump considers executive order

Calls for Boycott of Japan Grow in South Korea as Diplomatic Row Simmers

What a twisted world we live in. Trumpers love Trump because

BREAKING: Accusations of extortion, secret tape recordings, and sex trafficking -- the Jeffrey Epstei

Let's talk about what we can learn from a black Little Mermaid....

It is just this simple: believe your "lyin' eyes".

The Key to Defeating Donald Trump in 2020 Can be Found in These THREE STATES!

Forming Reenactment group for Revolutionary War Airport Seizures.

Remember Fort Hamberder

Anderson Cooper pokes fun at Trump's complaint on Fox News

Rocketman - whoa