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Warren's On The Rise, But Can She Convince Democrats She Can Beat Trump?

Kennedy Holds Huge Lead Over Markey

Marlin police chief under criminal investigation kills himself

Is Tony Romo worth $10 million a year as an NFL analyst?

I'm not pregnant...But

Trump declares new Space Command key to American defense

How Beto O'Rourke would tackle China, trade deals

How Beto O'Rourke would tackle China, trade deals

Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR) gets booed loudly - blames gun violence on single mothers (VIDEO)

Trump raised taxes on Americans by $30 billion with his trade war -- and it will get worse

Interesting piece on bullies in HuffPost

Windows 10 Update

"WTF is this? Just saw it parked in my town."

Jacob Wohl's latest grift? Pretending to travel the world but forgetting to....

As Missouri Trims Its Medicaid Rolls, Families Say They've Been Kicked Off Unfairly

Amazon fires scorch Bolsonaro's reputation abroad, but not in Brazil

A key voting bloc sours on Trump: White non-college educated women

Man!! How I miss these guys..

Joe Biden on deporting sick children and refusing citizenship to children of servicemen/women:

Interior Department threatens members of Congress for standing up for federal workers

Lewandowski's Senate run probably won't be staffed by the best people

It's official: TRump is a Space Cadet.

Neil Cavuto Torches Trump for Whining About Fox News: You're Not Entitled to Our Loyalty

My DU brothers and sisters......Get your sticker here....VOTE against HATE.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

Exposed for 1967 blackface skit, Alabama governor issues written statement rather than face cameras

MA-SEN: Kennedy Holds Huge Lead Over Markey

In The Matter Of Diamond And Silk's Very Real Lawyer v. Wonkette: Bring It, Sh*thead

Aug 26-29 Harris X poll, LIKELY VOTERS: Biden 37%, Sanders & Warren 13%, Harris 10%,

Trump's Trade Mayhem Hurts the Working-Class People He Claims to Love

Aug 26-29 Harris X poll, REGISTERED VOTERS: Biden 32%, Sanders 14%, Warren 11%, Harris 7%,

KS-SEN: Her father just pleaded guilty to raping her, but she hopes that won't define her Senate bid

This new windows update took my Windows 7 solitaire game away.

New York GOP Chapter Defends Anti-Semitic Campaign Ad Despite Deleting Video


Looking for Donkey (Democratic) for Candy Molds

Drumpf's personal assistant has resigned, Westerhout.

Hip-Hop Fame Starting to Come Out For Kamala

Judge rejects House Democrats' request to fast-track Trump tax return case

Election 2019: Virginia GOP state senator attacks Muslm challenger over 'Islamic terrorism'

Rump knows nothing about the environment, Tongass Natl Forest or anything

A Portugal of Pristine Beaches, Tiny Villages and Little Else

I think the two candidates who've framed Trump the best in this race have been Biden & Beto.

Trump made up those 'high-level' Chinese trade-talk calls to boost markets, aides admit

US Open - Spoiler

Volunteers polish giant's erection by hand.

On TMS Rachael is furious. Another story about the 33 day eviction of very sick children

The Frauding of America's Farmers Trump's biggest supporters are his biggest victims.

The Incredible Irony of Bernie's Attacks On Joe Biden

Another freaken waste of fuel and tax $$ rally Sept. 9. Freeloading. eom

Colombia: Over 8 Million People Have Been Affected by War

New York county GOP takes down video warning of Hasidic Jewish 'takeover' BY OWEN DAUGHERTY

Canada: workers race to free millions of salmon trapped after huge landslide

A good joke from the Heaven believers

Rep. Womack angers single moms at town hall

Argentina's credit rating cut to Selective Default by S&P


Burning issue: how fashion's love of leather is fuelling the fires in the Amazon

What federal laws would you like to see changed once trump has left office?

Burning issue: how fashion's love of leather is fuelling the fires in the Amazon

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 31, 2019 -- Summer Under the Stars: Kirk Douglas

Twitter links?

Democratic Primary Summary to date.

I hate what our country has become.

Graham says that he is open to putting Pres. Obama under oath.....

Stephen Miller... Stephen Miller... Stephen Miller

"Bean Ballot" in the DFL booth at the Minnesota State Fair

He is absolutely fried.

Who and what is preventing the world from addressing climate change?

"This reads like the product of a pretty sophisticated opposition research dump."

Jim Leavelle, Dallas Detective Cuffed to Oswald Dies at 99

Trump reveals Space Command leadership (photo)

'Your EPA went too far': Farmers hit hard by Trump EPA's new ethanol rules are fuming

Election 2020 - what will happen

Trump's personal assistant abruptly exits White House

Don Jr. told Kentucky he understands working-class issues because he went to boarding school in Penn

The absurdity of it all!

DNC Votes 222-137 Against Allowing Candidates to Participate in Climate Debate

Alabama governor apologizes for wearing blackface in college

Thank God for Trump - a MAGAt's View

Josh Marshall: Get Ready for More of This (Annals of False Equivalency)

The Atlanta Motor Speedway will host evacuees from Dorian,

Brazil president's son Eduardo Bolsonaro to meet with Trump on Friday

Aides admit Trump was faking those "phone calls" with China

Feds settle with Dallas company at center of $13 million cryptocurrency scheme

Brazil president's son Eduardo Bolsonaro to meet with Trump on Friday

Jim Leavelle, detective in historic photo of Lee Harvey Oswald's shooting, dies at 99

Texas small business owners explain why they tolerate Trump and his tweets

It's been around for awhile but I hadn't seen it till today. Dancing Nathan!!

Endangered bats: The manicure helping to save a species

(Jewish Group) Most voters disapprove of Trump's 'disloyalty' comment about Jews voting Democratic

Weather Nation very recently. Broward Cnty. projected to be center of hurricane.

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 1, 2019 - Psychological Thrillers

Ilhan Omar reveals racist threat to shoot her at state fair

Abbott says 'mistakes were made' when his fundraising letter targeted migrants

TCM Schedule for Monday September 2, 2019 - Treasures from the Disney Vault

Civil jury decides ex-officer, city of Dallas aren't liable in 2012 killing in Dixon Circle

Is America open to electing a woman president? Democratic voters weary of white male choices have

820 new Texas laws go into effect in September. Here are some that might affect you.

From a school. Simple and healthy. It's not asking too much.

Rolling Stones reschedule Miami concert due to Hurricane Dorian...

Unions are popular with Americans again:

Fridays For Future (FFF) in the US, Growing Youth Climate Movement Started By Greta Thunberg

DNC to recommend scrapping Iowa, Nevada virtual caucus plans

Doctors, pharmacists among 41 busted for massive Houston-area pill mill scheme

Former Government Consultant Pleads Guilty to Bribery and Fraud Scheme

'Nobody cared': A woman gave birth alone in a jail cell after her cries for help were ignored, lawsu

Former St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain Charged In 16-Count Indictment for Kickback and

Hong Kong protests: Joshua Wong and other pro-democracy figures arrested

Alabama man who served 36 years of a life sentence for stealing $50 to be freed

Firm behind San Francisco's notorious sinking tower ordered to compensate residents

Firm behind San Francisco's notorious sinking tower ordered to compensate residents

Former CEO Of Live Well Financial Charged In $140 Million Bond Fraud Scheme

The android priest that's revolutionizing Buddhism

GOP is literally terrified of Kamala Harris

FPL: We're ready to restore power, but prepare for outages

'A dangerous drug': Surgeon general warns against marijuana use by pregnant women, youths

'A dangerous drug': Surgeon general warns against marijuana use by pregnant women, youths

Treyton Thomas Sentenced to 262 Months' Imprisonment for Multi-Million Dollar Investment Fraud

Tennessee Health Care Executive Sentenced To Prison For Role In $4.6 Million Kickback Scheme

Trump having trouble speaking today?

Gov. Ron DeSantis declares state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Dorian and eases fuel restrictions

***Just a Reminder to all the lovelies in Photography***

The Giant Claw 1957 Full length MOVIE

Uribe calls to revoke FARC peace deal and is met with fierce resistance

Background on one of the most virulent South Bend Buttigieg critics, Henry Davis, Jr.

Tweet of the Day

Death of police dog in hot car sparks outrage, investigation

tweet of the hour - to "Gym Jordan"

As Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida, insurers lift medication refill limits

Dorian Live Updates: Fuel Avaliability & Station Outages

'Full-scale emergency': musician burned in his tent highlights LA's homeless crisis

Florida attorney John Morgan threatens to sue Andrew Gillum if he runs again for office

Fort Worth attempts to limit small box discount stores

UK, EU ramp up Brexit talks as Parliament suspension backlash grows

Ruling opens New Mexico medical pot program to outsiders

(Jewish Group) Citing Israel, French Freemasons warns members not to attend Jewish community events

Breast cancer risk from using HRT is 'twice what was thought'

(Jewish Group) New York county GOP takes down video warning of Hasidic Jewish 'takeover'

Hurricane Dorian Spares Puerto Rico, but Trump Does Not

China expels Wall Street Journal reporter over coverage of Xi's family

(Jewish Group) As anti-Semitic crimes rise and Holocaust awareness fades

Andrew Romanoff Accuses Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Of Trying To Push Him Out

A Bill in California Has Split the Democratic Party

Five Star Movement and social democrats to continue attacks on Italian working class in new governme

Trump Administration Moves to Capture and Test DNA of All Migrants in Custody and Treat Them...

US operation aggravates tensions over South China Sea disputes

Lamar Johnson's Supporters Hope For A Reprieve After His 24 Years In Prison

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has No Plans to Retire. But Washington Is Preparing for the Battle Over Her Seat

Far-right extremists appropriate Indigenous struggles for violent ends

5.00am update from NOAA

Border wall construction in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is a travesty

Stubborn husky throws tantrum when owner pets the cat

In New Mexico, schools struggle to address a teen suicide crisis

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Preserving the Reputations of Sexual Harassers

The Extortion Economy: How Insurance Companies Are Fueling a Rise in Ransomware Attacks

The NRA Used Funds to Settle a Sexual Harassment Claim Against a Top Official -- And Then He Was

The Trump Presidency In A Nutshell...

Astronomers spot evidence of volcanically active exomoon

I hope those who are in the path of Dorian stay safe.

A sad testament on the state of things these days:

North Carolina congressional do-over watched for clues to 2020

Fox News anchor rips into Trump: 'We don't work for you'

Forecast tracks for Hurricane Dorian shift south...

I hope all of you in Florida stay safe this weekend, but

China's ruling Communist Party to hold key meeting in October: state media

Trump's New Trade War Tool Might Just Be Antique China Debt

Pharmacies Owned by GOP Rep. Prescribed Massive Number of Opioid Doses in Small Communities

Former British leader joins bid to derail shuttering of Parliament amid Brexit crisis

Got Junk? (Has anyone used their junk-removal services?)

Gene Robinson just said on MSNBC that he's accidentally combined stories himself

I admit. The hurricane coverage is freaking me out just a bit.

August 30 - Happy Birthday Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D) PA-5th

For sale: Weird looking phone

Take a look at the YUGE crowd Don Jr received at a rally yesterday!

This morning's Euro model is bad news for the entire SE Coast and Gulf of Maine

Breakfast Friday 30 August 2019

Friday TOONs - Knock Knock

The origin of Super Villains: Punisher

The Rundown: August 29, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Marvel Comics" #1000

MSNBC: Warren could use some of Biden's ability to connect emotionally. Biden could use some of her

Probe of missing Georgia votes finds 'extreme' irregularities in black districts

Trump's Monster: Bulldozers Now Ripping Through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (Photos Video)

Taking a lil break from hurricane prep - please send me jokes/funnies...

Pumpkin spice wars: The violent history behind your favorite Starbucks latte

US spies say Trump's G7 performance suggests he's either a 'Russian asset' or a 'useful idiot' for P

Trump Straws????

NHC Director Ken Graham will provide a Facebook Live broadcast re: Hurricane Dorian at 8:30 am EST

ND Considering Some Sort Of Evil, Evil Regulation As Number Of Abandoned Oil Wells Rises 10% YOY

When you put it like that...

Mitt Romney Boldly Suggests That "We've Got To Do Something" On Climate

Why doesn't the King of Israel, the Chosen One, the Second Coming just send Dorian out to sea?

You know, we can acquire Greenland another way

Ibama - Brazilian Environmental Agency - In Full-On Collapse; No Enforcement, No Police Backup

Westerhout was also one of six WH officials found to have violated the Hatch Act in 2018.

Are people in Florida already evacuating the coast?

September Debate candidates arrangement (abc)

I am a child of the troubles

India's GDP growth plummets to 5% in Q1

Simply Put - Shepard Smith: "Puerto Rico didn't receive $92 million and there's no new Wall".

Happy National College Colors Day! Post a Pic of Your Alma Mater's or Favorite School's Colors

revisionist history seeks to make Republicans who preceded Trump look better than they ever were

"So what?": South Carolina Democrats not bothered by Joe Biden's gaffes

GBR Park Authority 5-Year Report Downgrades Reef Outlook From "Poor" To "Very Poor"

Puerto Rico - Mr. President: Your Numbers Are Fake

Trump "accidentally" signals affinity with white nationalists in new campaign logo

Maybe we could just have a "Joes gaffes" forum.

Potato salad, I need a recipe.

Who cares?

This is Government-Sanctioned Murder of Sick Kids! Where is the Outrage?

Sirius XM to simulcast Weather Channel coverage of Hurricane Dorian

Trade wars, Amazon fires & the unexpected consequences of economics

Mr. Giggles realises 'evolution' will one day produce Trump

Northern Lights In The U.S. This Weekend? Dramatic Geomagnetic Storm Predicted As Milky Way Peaks

Spiders are threatened by climate change - and even the biggest arachnophobes should be worried

Epstein's Lawyers don't believe he committed suicide.

Mom rocking her babies to sleep

I'm Confused By What's Going On In The UK Can Someone Tell Me What I Should Know About Brexit....

THe NC-09 special election is too close to call. We can flip this.

1,000 dreams will die by 4PM tomorrow

Interesting factoid about our interest in Greenland

How Much Of A Threat Is Elizabeth Warren To Joe Biden's Front-Runner Status?

Please keep an eye on Hurricane Dorian

I think this tweet says more about media bias than Dave Weigel realized

Trump is committing text book genocide but lets focus on "gaffes" !? Come on MSM !!

US Attorney Cuts Neo-Nazis Down To Size With Brutal Press Conference Remarks

You raised $78.00 on August 29, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Revealed: man force-fed in Ice custody at risk due to 'substandard care' says doctor

US spies: Trump's G7 performance suggests he's either a 'Russian asset' or 'useful idiot' for Putin

'Your numbers are fake': Puerto Rico newspaper slams Trump for touting hurricane aid claim

Statement from the Press Secretary Issued on: August 29, 2019

SHOCK: Trump Promised Pardons if People Break Law for Him

Trump Turns on Fox News in Erratic Tweetstorm

Trump says he should be 'given our stolen time back' after release of Comey report

New Dem. Michigan Attorney General announces 13 payroll fraud felonies

Seth Abramson: "Mueller closed up shop roughly 3 years too early"

Kamala Harris: Colorado teachers' pay is unacceptably low, here's how I'll fix it

He was kicked out of a border militia. Then the FBI found a gun 'factory' in his home.

I wonder why they didn't prosecute? Afraid of discovery!!!

Debate Question for Biden

The appearance of a link between Trump's threat to block aid to Ukraine and Trump's attorney

Doctor's appointment at 1:40pm today

West Virginia Poll: If Manchin gets in, right now he would beat Justice

How to stop rape...

Tim Ryan's national organizing director joins Andrew Yang's campaign in same role

Aides concede Trump misled the country and the markets about phone calls

Kamala Harris disability plan focuses on education, employment, civil rights, and full inclusion

I'm very angry

Alex Jones' Infowars returned to Youtube!

US State Dept. monitoring buildup of Russian troops in South Ossetia (Georgia)

So we are apparently going to have two of our first four contests

Maybe we should impeach him for manipulating the stock market with lies?

Now even U. S. Intel is saying Trump may be a Russian agent.

When Pence replaces Trump, Iskanka will be booted out.

Voters wait for hours in Elizabeth Warren's 'selfie' line. Is her strategy working?

Women please save us from the WOME's.

US Attorney Sends Harsh Warning To White Supremacists, Ohio

56 Years Ago Today; the Moscow-Washington hotline becomes operational

Shrimp & Grits with ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ in Georgetown, South Carolina

Justin Herdman's Warning To Neo-Nazis -- Full Press Conference

Cooking with Kamala Harris

There's no sense in pretending Biden is not a senior citizen, but he's normal for his age.


Single Dad Does Hair Tutorials With His Daughter

Didn't Orange Useless blame China for Fentanyl imports? VA officials seize enough to kill 14M people

RBG - "Hang on Ruthie"

How I project how Dorian will play out, based on my observation of land development in

The Orange Decline...

Amazon-Owned Ring Says Its Cameras Don't Use Facial Recognition But It's Openly Working On The Tech

Trump offers calm, presidential words of encouragement to companies hurt by his tariffs.

Iowa and New Hampshire: who's on first?

'If Environment Were a Bank,' Says Bernie Sanders, 'It Would Have Been Saved Already'

Happy National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

Ok Dorian WTF

I am very close to losing all patience with political commentators, politicians and some here on DU

Arizona's Governor Is Leading Republicans' Quiet, Radical Takeover of State Supreme Courts

Trial for Men Charged With Plotting Sept. 11 Attacks Is Set for 2021

In case you weren't sure that The Rich are Rich Enough ...

The Marty Lisa?

United extends Boeing 737 MAX flight cancellations until December 19

I saw a documentary on Gilda Radner the other day

Trump wonders if his time in office "stolen" by Comey should be "given back."

Michael Flynn says he's not ready to be sentenced. U.S. says he's ready

Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles' brother charged in Cleveland triple homicide

Hurricane Dorian - 10+ foot storm surge predicted - 140 mph winds

DU Primaries Report, August 2019: I'll Just Get My Coat

Dominion Energy Will Buy Virginia Electric School Buses... If They Can Use The Batteries

Stop rushing summer!

The fight over 'Medicare for All' is only beginning

After 40 years, traffic guru Bob Marbourg leaves the WTOP Traffic Center

How Veterans Affairs failed to stop a pathologist who misdiagnosed 3,000 cases

11 hurricane household hacks that would make MacGyver proud

Here is how it will go down with Dump and Dorian

John Brennan warns Trump that his 'protective cocoon' is 'temporary'

Jim Leavelle, detective in historic photo of Lee Harvey Oswald's shooting, dies at 99

Bye bye Florida. Cat 44 headed our way!!

Storm Area 51': Nye County, Nevada, declares an emergency order

Warren lovefest ending as 2020 competitors fear her rise

World's 2nd-largest Ebola outbreak surpasses 3,000 cases

Former Canadian prime minister hopes Hurricane Dorian strikes 'direct hit on Mar a Lago'

The President, the Pro, the Prince, the Pedophile and the Pimp.

Alabama man spent 36 years behind bars after stealing $50. He is about to go free.

Swedish teen climate activist takes school strike to gates of United Nations

I just wonder... A Disaster in a Blue State?

Donny Deutsch has a marketing advice that could win it all for the Democrats.

Trump eyes mental institutions as answer to gun violence

Unemployment Uptick May Signal State Recessions

Cancels Poland trip - I can see right through it!

Trying to explain bloodlines

Ukraine official says Ukraine, Russia swapped prisoners, including sailors

Kamala's Cooking

Infowars returned to YouTube. It lasted less than a day.

U.K. and EU to Step Up Brexit Talks as Parliament Showdown Looms

Finding out that your Dad is the coolest guy in the world.

Prime minister says Pakistan will respond if India attacks

Man accused of shooting Mount Vernon officer Mike McClaughry found guilty

US Ranks 25th On World Democracy Index: 'Flawed Democracy' Behind Nordics, Canada, NZ, AU

Legendary bodybuilder Franco Columbu Dies

If you absolutely insist on having a bicycle accident, handle it like this guy:

Not in love with my Instant Pot

Boris Johnson's government to establish Ministries of Plenty, Peace, Truth, and Love

Bill Weld Explains Why He is Challenging The Orange One.

YOUGOV UK favorability ratings

Pay It Forward Pizza

Is Trump tweeting secret intel? Twitter users want to know

A Tennessee man sues Popeye's Chicken......

BREAKING: DNC rules on Virtual Caucuses

Farmers are pissed off with Trump.

Climate change and infectious diseases - a partnership made in hell?

First drone-delivered organ used for transplant

Georgia Woman Accused Of Borrowing Badge, Gun To Get Free Snacks

Biden's record as VP and standing on world stage give the lie to "gaffe-machine" myth. Though

Humor seen today.

STAND WITH HONG KONG! International Day of Protest SAT AUG 31. Details below

Hurricane Prep Don'ts:

A classic! "This gearbox is wonky!"

STAND WITH HONG KONG! International Day of Protest SAT AUG 31. Details below

Judge wants real name of fake cow before acting on Devin Nunes' Twitter lawsuit

If the Dems are able to add seats/justices to SCOTUS may I suggest as nominees

Hurricane Dorian strengthens to 'extremely dangerous' Category 3 storm

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Republican 'Christian' radio host: 'Educated women' make horrible wives and mothers'

Muslim leaders: 2020 Democrats ignoring our community

Market history says a rocky August points to a worse September

I think that people tend to be the last ones to notice their own irrelevance.

American Trucking Associations says industry is in big trouble

Trump aides "conceded the China phone calls Trump described didn't happen they way he said they did"

On a mission to revive 45 city lakes by 2025

The Trump Administration Now Wants to Deport Children With Cancer

To stay afloat, Darrington mill needs more public timber

Edmonds council to pay tribute to tribal heritage every week

Has anyone tried the triple double crunchwrap at Taco Bell?

Democrat-led Legislature will sue the Democratic governor

Anti-smoking advocates bemoan 'faltering' pace of FDA action

911 operator lectures drowning woman: 'This will teach you next time don't drive in the water'

The Presidents Of The USA in under one minute, by Tom Green

Flynn is the reason Barr shut down Mueller...

Two Cops Who Accused of Raping a Teen in Custody Got Probation, Not Jail Time

'Money Camp': The Camp That Teaches Kids To Be Millionaires

Miami Politicians Are Moving to Ban Cuban Artists, Again

The asshole strikes again!!!

Hurricane Dorian strengthens to Category 3 as it targets Florida and Southeast U.S.

Where did the Sacklers move cash from Purdue Pharma?

Cartoons 8/30/19

Imran Khan: The World Can't Ignore Kashmir. We Are All in Danger.

The Gunfighter

Photos: Sen. Sanders at C E Murray High School in Greeleyville, SC

Amazon Fires Show World Is Heading For Point of No Return, UN Says

➡️ AUG 31 (Starts 5:30pm CT) Bernie Sanders will speak at #ISNACon presidential forum

🔥 Medicare For All Town Hall - Florence, SC

I dialed 911 by accident. So I

When you thought your racist dreams were gonna come true...

Humans Dominated Earth Earlier Than Previously Thought.

A teen was sent home for wearing a pro-equality T-shirt. Her school compared it to a swastika.

Inside Elections poll: Democrat McCready leads GOP's Bishop in NC redo election

Some items on my hurricane/blizzard survival list

Born 100 years ago today, August 30, 1919: Kitty Wells

Monica lookalike....except red dress

Missouri Governor's Mansion Renovations To Be Complete By October

CNN commentator said Republicans "forgive" Trump's lies

Born on this day, August 30, in 1910: Roger Bushell, of the "Great Escape"

Amazon Fires Show World Is Heading For Point of No Return, UN Says (E&E)

Dorian 2019 Southern terms:

As a Democrat, you should act as if the eventual nominee will be a can of creamed corn.

"Don't touch the flowers!" You mean these? This one? The ones here?

Can We Survive Extreme Heat?

Album released this date in 1965

Look Up! Stunning Northern Lights Visible From Michigan Labor Day Weekend

'Rather than beg them to hold hands with the rest of us, let's map a path to someplace new'

NC-09: McCready Has Edge In North Carolina Do-Over Election

I love swimming in the ocean, but I get why some folks don't...

Illinois Rep. Shimkus won't run for reelection

Radar finds more than 120 coffins buried beneath Tampa apartment complex

Trump's personal assistant fired after comments about Ivanka, Tiffany

Trump says the US wasn't involved in apparent launch pad explosion in Iran

Illinois Republican congressman John Shimkus announces he's not seeking reelection in 2020

"Why don't we try to destroy tropical cyclones by nuking them ?"

Joyce Vance just said they are also rescinding the deferred deportation

Commend Donald Trump for this appointment. A blistering message to white nationalists.

Biden settles the electability debate once and for all

People are leaving their cars at gas stations as fuel runs out in Florida ahead of Hurricane Dorian'

Proof we are living in a parody computer simulation. omfg

Soledad O'Brien: This times 1 million.

It Is Very Bad That Our President Reportedly Lied About Trade Negotiations With China (Slate)

All-female hurricane hunter flight crew makes history as Dorian strengthens

NRA Push Poll.

Tennessee man sues Popeyes for running out of chicken sandwiches

How the Trump administration limited the scope of the USDA's 2020 dietary guidelines

Trump Shared Photo from Intelligence Briefing

Republicans Facing a Rough Road in the House

One more life ruined in the Trump Administration...

Federal Election Commission Nears Shutdown - Stopping Election Interference On Hold

the WH Russian agent is considering blocking 250 million in aid to Ukraine. Putty likes.

If focusing on Joe's gaffes becomes the Hillary emails of 2020, take russian language

TVs to shoes: consumers face pain of Trump tariffs

Just left the doctor's

Why is the orange piece of shit going to Camp David.......he hates Camp David.

Family funny

IA-SEN: Iowa Democrats stress rural roots as they vie to take on Sen. Joni Ernst

WV-GOV: Manchin leads GOP incumbent Justice by 10 points

FAA panel reviewing 737 MAX certification will take additional time

More Family Farms, Not More Factory Farms

Twitter CEO's hacked account sends racist tweets

I have had a thought...

Election 2019: DLCC Completes $1 Million Commitment to Virginia Democrats

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 30, 2019

Beto O'Rourke Coming to Campaign for Virginia Democratic Candidates

The Great Lie of the Right-Wing Populists

'Culture of fear' claims as Javid confronts PM over adviser's sacking

UK finance minister 'livid' at PM Johnson over firing of aide: media

Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell 'rooting' for Hurricane Dorian to hit Trump's Mar-a-Lago

BREAKING NEWS: Trump "perceived Tiffany as overweight" 4 real!

Illinois Republican John Shimkus not running for reelection in 2020

dear justin trudeau,

US service member killed in Afghanistan

U.S. says no grace period for Chinese imports facing tariffs on Sept. 1

The secret for a comfortable life after 75:

Woman Who Drowned Called 911 for Help, Got Scolded

2nd least-loved Trump Admin member may soon be spending more time at home with his mustache

If 2020 US Presidential and Senate Elections are like 2016- straight party voting.

Volkswagen overstated fuel economy on 98,000 U.S. vehicles, will repay consumers

Volkswagen overstated fuel economy on 98,000 U.S. vehicles, will repay consumers

President Trump Tweets Sensitive Surveillance Image of Iran....

Because he feels like it.

world's chillest man

Confusion as Turkey says Iranian tanker now headed toward Lebanon

Confusion as Turkey says Iranian tanker now headed toward Lebanon

OK, I confess. I appeared in blackface circa 1951.

Pentagon Says Trump Was Never Supposed To Share Picture Of Damaged Iranian Launchpad

Valerie "Rhoda" Harper Has Died

Iran goes further in breaching nuclear deal, IAEA report shows

Why isn't Pelosi calling an emergency session of congress for this motherfucker?

John & Yoko jamming with Jerry Lewis

Mexico uncovers 3,000 secret graves hiding bodies of drug war victims

Mexico uncovers 3,000 secret graves hiding bodies of drug war victims

When is it no longer responsible to wait for politicians without power to save the country?

Appeals court reinstates lawsuit in SC church shooting case

Trump: "I love Tiffany. I love Tiffany. It was supposed to be off the record."

NEW: In South Carolina tonight, ⁦ Bernie Sanders ⁩ teases a forthcoming policy proposal.

Trump appears to taunt Iran with tweet that raises concerns he disclosed classified information

Valerie Harper has passed away.

Valerie Harper, Known for Star Turn as Rhoda on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' Dies at 80

CHEETO CHRIST STUPID-CZAR - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Joe Biden: 'I think almost anybody' in 2020 Democratic field could be the president

Feds: Probe into deaths at VA hospital is 'top priority'

Dorian, Trump, and Mara-Lago.

Bolton falling out of favor?

10 signs you've found your BFF 💙

Bolton sidelined from Afghanistan policy as his standing with Trump falters

VIDEO: Trump tells reporters he has the "absolute right to" tweet photos of classified information

Good boys gone BAD 😂 😂 😂

Chris Mathews is really a condescending jerk...................

The Sackler family agreed to give up Purdue Pharma, but wants to continue selling Oxycontin overseas

Guy And His Dog Are Visiting All 50 States On A Motorcycle

If any of Trump's properties are flooded or damaged

Hundreds Of Young People Join Greta Thunberg In Climate Protest Outside UN

Dior's fragrance ad draws criticism for featuring Native American tropes

8.00pm advisory from NOAA now 125mph

The analysis I want to see is whether we can tell from the shadow if it's trump taking the picture

Israel is making the case for war, in public, against Lebanon

Rejects idea President is either Russian asset or an idiot (FOX)

Your dumbass MAGAt of the day............

Reportedly lied about trade negotiations with China: This is very bad