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Heather Gillis Band

Protester who hugged a Nazi pleads, 'Why do you hate me?'

Financial industry worried GOP tax plan will change 401(k)s

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Joy Reid is playing Congresswoman Wilson's speech

Just got home from recording a new song.

Will the Astros hang on in Game 6?

Jeff Koterba's Oct. 20 cartoon: Bronx cheer diplomacy

Partisan feud undercuts Trump-Russia probe, U.S. Democrats charge

Sarah Sanders is full of shit.......

New Rule: Don't lie. There's video.

How to teach a puppy to go down steps:

Cops: Men shouted 'Heil Hitler' before firing shot after Spencer speech

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Did the NFL players win?

For Nikki Haley, an Establishment Tutorial in Statecraft

Republican-led efforts to recall three state senators hit with first lawsuit

how many of you have heard of the little free library movement?

Here are the four-star generals Donald Trump has publicly bashed!!!!

Everyone who associates with Trump ends up getting dirty if they aren't already.

Trump to Fox on his tweets: "they are well crafted. I am like a person that does well with that"

Just received David Neiwerts latest book.

Trumps cruelty blamed on NY: Hes from the streets of Queens. Americans knew what they were getting

The United States is a Progressive country waiting for Progressives to perform

Curious if anyone has read the 1928 novel by Louis Bromfield...

Not only did Trump NOT contact all the families-WH did NOT even have an up-to-date list of deaths!

2018 US Senate Election-if we get every top tier Democratic candidate in every seat.

This Ex Order that @potus issued today seems aimed at making it easier to call up certain retired mi

Kelly is a racist

Tony Schwartz on DT pushing book by pastor: "Trump doesn't read & is as religious as" Madalyn O'Hair

Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon prime?

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Fresh Malloy Show Tonight! Live Uncensored &

Someone named Willa Frej is now comparing Rachel Maddox to those on fox

Listen to Maddow now She is talking about 38 pregnant young women who are refugees who

CNN anchor: White House thinks the US is a 'military dictatorship'

VA Drive In Flu Shots

Koch group Americans for Prosperity pouring $1 million into Virginia governor's race

I dont know why CNN continues

Exclusive: Pentagon Document Contradicts Trump's Gold Star Claims

Judge dismisses LePage lawsuit against attorney general over cost of hiring outside attorneys

"Follow the bouncing tweet."

I want to reach through the tv screen

A white nationalist was arrested in connection with a shooting at the University of Florida.

My theme for today was apparently

Singer kneels after performing national anthem at Brooklyn Nets game

How do you clear your mind of Trump uglies?

City-Size Lunar Lava Tube Could House Future Astronaut Residents

Maine gets extension to comply with Real ID Act

Death of U.S. Soldiers in Niger Sparks FBI Probe

10 arrested in central Colombia for torturing disabled children

How to cheat Colombias elections: The machinery

Extreme Redistricting Sets the Stage for a Huge Republican Stranglehold Victory in the House in 201

Brother identifies body of missing Argentine protester Santiago Maldonado

Dems Rebuff Effort Urging Sanders, King to Switch Party

Four-star generals Trump has bashed

Friday Talking Points (458) -- Gold Star Lies

Who's watching Super typhoon Lan

Dangerous Moral Calculus

The Latest: Ohio State turns down white nationalist request

Two words I had never used in my life before Trump came along:

Matthew Dowd: Gen. Kelly, admit Donald Trump is a big part of the problem here

Trump: Feuding helps my agenda

I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma yesterday.

LePage calls York County casino question 'a phony deal' with overblown promises

It doesnt matter whether you think Trump or Frederica Wilson is a liar

Rosa Parks was not protesting the bus. Gandhi was not protesting the food...

Maher is on target in the monologue tonight.

Politico: 5 Things Trump Did This Week While You Weren't Looking

UMaine students sing Elvis song to anti-gay protester

Don Lemon calls Kelly a "liar". Excellent coverage of all the WH liars tonight.

Alabama will give names of crossover voters to prosecutors

Trump Isnt Hitler

Louisiana parish leaders sued over Confederate monument vote

MAINE: College Kids Harmonize Beautifully To Drown Out Anti-Gay Hate Preacher With Elvis Tune

A week of wildness in the White House!

What awaits Maine lawmakers when they return for a special session

White House Says It Is Unpatriotic to Offer Irrefutable Video Evidence That a General Lied

Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer after all, experts say

To get Harvey relief funds, residents of Dickinson must vow not to boycott Israel

Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer after all, experts say

I saw a duck in a drugstore buying Chapstick today.

To get Harvey relief funds, residents of Dickinson must vow not to boycott Israel

New Executive Order allows government to recall any retired military personnel back into service....

so if our deficit is $666 billion how can they say

As a Marine, I have to say something I never wanted to say about Gen'l Kelly...

Tens Of Thousands Of Job Seekers In Limbo After LePage Declines $8 Million In Retraining Money

Graft probe into Mexico president's ally poses tricky challenge ahead of elections

Mexican prosecutor fired for revealing corruption probe

Lie down with dogs

Outcry From Child Care Community Sinks State's Attempt to Overhaul Licensing Rules

Former campus carry supporter has changed his mind

Lincoln Soldati Announces Run for Congress

Star Trek Discovery

The ACLU published these facts about John Kelly just before he was confirmed as DHS secretary

Family confirms body found in Argentina river was missing activist

Family confirms body found in Argentina river was missing activist

I would like to thank the SUPERIOR journalists and pundits on MSNBC for their work.

Concord mosque proposal moves ahead

John Kelly owes the congresswoman an apology

Look at this great tweet from Richard Painter!

The Femicide in Mexico by a Cabify Driver That Shook Latin America

Peru legalises medical marijuana in move spurred by mother's home lab

Peru legalises medical marijuana in move spurred by mother's home lab

Senate investigators spoke with Russians present at Trump Tower meeting with Trump Jr.

Air Force could recall as many as 1,000 retired pilots to address serious shortage

New Hampshire might outlaw the chicken crossing the road

I bought a gun. Then the fake news started.

Republicans who obsessed over Benghazi silent on 4 US troops killed in Niger

Donald Trump and David Duke have the same hair color, hair style and ideology.

Air Force could recall as many as 1,000 retired pilots to address serious shortage

WH Says It Is Unpatriotic to Offer Irrefutable Video Evidence That a General Lied

James Carville on Real Time tonight is on fire

The 7%: Jacinda Ardern joins select group of women in power

"It's important psychotically" -- finally, a consistent policy rationale for one of Trump's actions.

NH Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley wins back coveted seat on DNC Executive Committee

Ah, this can't be good....Huffington Post?? Is that a right wing rag??

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios review thoughtful final look at the Cuban music phenomenon

Fowl play all aflutter in Bird of the Year competition

"It's Always Men" ...98% of mass shootings are by men.

President Sh*tgibbon

Kelly's one job was to babysit Trump, and not only did he fail at babysitting Trump


Noted Argentine actor Federico Luppi dies at 83.

Noted Argentine actor Federico Luppi dies at 83.

Democratic Party stalwart Leo Lessard dies at 67

My Gay Republican Neighbor Hates Rachel Maddow Because...

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/20/17


The sh*t that comes out of his mouth (warning-graphic)

First New Hampshire Poll for 2020 Shows Trump Looking Vulnerable

Vermont Supreme Court: Private emails of public officials subject to records requests

ACLU challenges Burlington homeless eviction policy

Trump likely to block release of classified JFK files: report

A Summer Flower

The HuffPo attack on Rachel Maddow's story on Chad & Niger ignored one important factor

A riddle - What's Going on at the White House

672,000 gallons of oil spill off Louisiana coast, Coast Guard says

The Fox News program was on while I was at the gym.

IMO, I believe General Kelly will be retired before The Marine Corps founding date.

Board denies health insurance rate hike after subsidy cut

On Hartmann - Audio Of Truman Giving Speech 1948 About GOP You Could Give Today.

The Help Puerto Rico Is Not Receiving Is Just Criminal. Yet Nothing Will Be Done About It.

Trump sent soldiers on doomed Niger mission while military said they lacked support

Will military build-up use Selective Service?

"Donald Trump has insulted the UK one too many times - he is not welcome here"

Anybody else care about the Constitutional Convention vote?

ACLU and Burlington police spar over free speech

Former Pelham police chief's guns in limbo

Steve Bannon blasts George Bush and calls for Republican 'revolt'

Poets for Puerto Rico: A reading for hurricane relief (NYC)

Jagmeet Singh needs to get it straight on the Air India bombing: Jonathan Kay

Prosecutor: Pharmacist in meningitis case gambled with lives

UMass Amherst sued over handling of sexual misconduct investigation, proceedings

Google Loon internet balloons help restore coverage to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico

Don't waste your time with Trumpsters. Alright?

Judge cites jury misconduct in tossing $417M award over claim baby powder caused cancer

White House under fire for suggesting general's remarks should not be questioned

'You're a racist,' Williams College students tell author Christina Hoff Sommers during talk on femin


Power Restoration In Puerto Rico Could Take Up to a Year, Corps Chief Says (DoD blurb)

Black leaders irked with Liz Warren

Auditors: Firefighting chemicals forced water-system shutdowns or fixes at 11 DoD installations

Tito Jackson would abolish development agency

"OK, kid. I KNOW you have lunch money on you. We can do this the EASY way, or the HARD way."

Photo of black child leashed by white students prompts apology from Bridgewater officials

Mattiello Breaks Silence on DeLorenzo; Says He Should Apologize

Dan Rather's Facebook Post

Financially Ailing Memorial Hospital In Pawtucket To Shut ER, Inpatient Services

Who listens to Ben Shapiro?

Trump takes credit for ISIS 'giving up,' former defense secretary says the plan "was laid out two

The "W" Dump

Raimondo: 'This requires action. There is a problem.'

Lara Trump read a transcript (of Trump's call with Johnson's widow) Sarah Sanders said doesn't exist

US military in Niger had asked for more military resources before ambush but were rebuffed

Malloy Refuses To Meet Until Legislators Give Him A Budget Document

Moody's: Hartford Default Likely

Finally, Rain In Northern California Helps With Deadly Fires Los Angeles Times

Crisis Lingers In Puerto Rico Even One Month After Hurricane Maria Velshi & Ruhle MSNBC

We all need to read and share this: John Kelly has been a monster for years - please share!!!

Compromise Budget Would Eliminate Car Tax, Increase Teacher Pension Contributions

China to Spend Billions More on 'One Belt' Initiative; Campaigners Want Focus on Poverty

Historic neutron stars collision observed in space

We're going to a wedding today and it is like before an army inspection

Here's how scientists are trying to save the rarest...

Don Lemon Last Night telling it like it is.

Southington Residents Disgraced, Official Says Racist Flyers Inexcusable

"...For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged..."

the little boy is still tweeting about Rep. Wilson

So now Trump is getting generals to fight with other generals.

Donald bashed GENERALS C.Powell, John Allen, Martin Dempsey, etc PLUS HE KNOWS MORE THAN THEM

First anti-DAPL activists sentenced to jail

It seems the new MEMO/MEME is that DEM Party is in trouble b/c of POPULISM.

This is NOT how we will win elections...

Speaker at NDSU Purports Racist and Anti-LGBTQ Agenda

Happy 77th 🎂 Manfred Mann

Happy 76th 🎂 Princess Diana

STOP THE MADNESS NOW! A call for massive nationwide demonstrations.

John Kelly and the Language of the Military Coup

Toxic tensions in the Heart of Cancer Alley

Hate crime resolution passes in Fargo

More The crowd at #CAGOP17 just booed George W. Bush and John McCain. "Hang him!" one man yelled

Pelosi: Dems just filed a brief supporting a federal lawsuit by 18 states & DC to force @POTUS to re

Student in sexual harassment trial gets $1; lawyers awarded $305K in fees

Trump set to release JFK files

Rare Appearance By 5 Former Presidents At Texas A&M Concert For Hurricane Relief

Know What You Are Signing Up For ?

North Dakota tax commissioner arrested for DUI

US Refugee Office Denying Girl Access To Abortion Rachel Maddow MSNBC


Why going after this act of Congress could wreck Americas national parks

Mr. Trump - It's a good time to remember the fallen:

Trump: "People get what is going on"

Soldiers say to one another commonly the phrase you knew what you signed up for or some

Trump plans to release JFK assassination documents despite concerns from federal agencies

Impeach Trump Ads

trump's wharton education shines in this tweet....

There is not one thing that Trump does...

Kelly defence of waterboarding and rectal feeding makes him an inhuman monster

Bannon's Speech to California GOP Has Some Nervous

From a friend

I schytt you not!

Does anyone have tips on how to NOT get my emotions involved re: Trump?

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Narcissistic Ass

Prime Minister Announces Spain Will Remove Catalonia's Leader

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Pollution kills 9 million people each year, new study finds

Is this a move to try to prove Ted Cruz's dad helped Lee Harvey Oswald?

US Senate Seniority List in 1/2019 based on total number of years served in US House and US Senate.

Republicans Consider Sharp Cut in 401(k) Contribution Limits

New Rules: ShitStarters

Trump's America First Trade Agenda Roiled by Internal Divisions

Rude Pundit: Oh, Just Fuck Off, John Kelly

Chris Matthews: What Robert Kennedy Knew About Gun Control

Two days after kelly lies about congresswoman, no apology, no regrets.

Women were marginalized in the 1950s, not consecrated

Finally, We Learn Why Chad Is on the Travel Ban List. It's Not Good.

Pips - The forgotten history of a club that birthed Joy Division 10 years before The Hacienda even o

Sr. Congressional aide:Niger ambush due in part to " massive intelligence failure"- MSNBC

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Cartoon: Think about it

Cartoon: Think about it

MSM getting a handle reporting on compulsively dishonest Trump administration?

Noted atheist emotionally reads Lincoln condolence letter: "I think that's how you do it."

If a racist tape came out about Trump

Sgt. La David T. Johnson's funeral is today - So what will trump do to make himself feel better?

Bannon failed bigly in Hollywood, then found RWers easy to sway, decided to become Leni Riefenstahl

Puppy dog eyes are for human benefit, say scientists

On Morning of Sgt. Johnson's Funeral, Trump Continues Hate-Tweeting at Rep. Wilson

Something to look forward to:

THIS is the time line for ONLY one of this weeks lies!

He is truly nucking futs

If you don't know how Trump still has even 40% of the vote

Dems: GOP tax cut plan fails Trump's own test

Was Sgt Johnson abandoned to die alone or in enemy hands?

So about those who still back Trump

October 21, 2017 - Today in history

Three Nazis Charged With Attempted Murder After Spencer's Speech Inspires Shooting

Maxine Waters: Trump's White House 'transforms everyone into liars'

Good Lord Jesus, take the wheel.

Bannon warns California may try to secede

Anyone know of a radio station that a plays 70's hits??? Used to listen to one in Vancouver BC

From opioids to HIV -- a public health threat in Trump country

Young subscribers flock to old media

President Trump Departs White House for Round of Golf

Niger attack fuels new push for war vote

Rep Frederica Wilson

A nightmare scenario has occurred to me

Financial disclosure shows unusual campaign setup for Pence chief of staff

Russian Calexit guy -returning to California. Putin, Rohrabacher, Assange & Wikileaks approve

Bannon rips Bush, Silicon Valley 'lords of technology'

Bannon rips Bush, Silicon Valley 'lords of technology'

'Trump is messing with the wrong woman'

French Toast

Trump heads to his Virginia golf club for third consecutive weekend

The WH press needs to ask Sarah Sanders who exactly are the "many people" who suspposedly heard

"President Golf"

How every investor lost money on Trump Tower Toronto (but Donald Trump made millions anyway)

Trump is unable to do his job and fails to do his duty

Donald Trump or Mike Pence? I'll take whatever's behind door no. 3

Fallen Sgt. La David Johnson was a family-oriented soldier He married his best friend.

From your biggoted Texas Agriculture Commissioner..Sid Miller

"Why won't she drop it?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

I wish...

A propaganda technique known as the big lie, which Adolf Hitler described in Mein Kampf:

Is Sarah, Tasmanian Devil, Huckabee-Sanders dumber than her boss?

We've got to get this done while we have the chance." @RepGrothman on partisan WI gerrymandering

Any Firefox Pioneers here?

Trump's claim that he's "allowing" the release of the JFK files is BS. The release was scheduled

Name an episode of a TV show, (doesn't matter how old,) that still scares the crap out of you...

Report: WH Asked Pentagon For List Of Gold Star Families After Trump's Claim

Elon Musks Boring Company is digging a 10-mile tunnel in Maryland

Chief Inspector Murphy smells onions

James Carville rants it's hard for Democrats to win elections when voters don't care...

trump doesn't give a damn about history or the Kennedy assassination.

Effort to address Allegheny County voting machine vulnerabilities faces hurdles

No Screwing During Fertile Period - Fertility Awareness Method Of Birth Control.

There is no daylight

Trump is incapable of...

Never again ask "How did Germans let it hapen?"

How Much Worse Can It Get? I Ask Myself.

Wonderful, a sculpture by Auguste Rodin has been discovered/identified. In New Jersey!

Ivanka Trump Somehow Didn't Mention The Donald J. Trump Foundation In Her Financial Disclosure...

CNN trolls Drumpf w/ compare / contrast pics against JFK

Donald Trump's Approval Rating Plunges As Popularity Nears All-Time Low In Latest Polls

Trump is not implementing U.S. warns public

Republicans Consider Sharp Cut in Pre-Tax 401(k) Contrib Limits (f*cking over Retirement savers)

Is Suicide of GOP Operative Key to Russia Probe?

The last man behind enemy lines, Bannon said, introducing Stephen Miller at a party at the Breitba

Will Democrats use Niger as Trump's Benghazi?

20 images that will help you to understand France and French people

'We can't function on hypocrisy': Colonel knocks Trump after CNN unearths claim he built...

Trump credits social media for his election

Search for the Winners*** October Contest*** DOORS and GATES - please vote in the finals

Trump intervened personally w/ Pruitt amid Iowans' fears EPA would weaken biofuel quotas

On A.M. Joy: Medal of Honor recipient rips Kelly and Trump over fallen soldier response

***October Finals are up*** "DOORS and GATES" please go vote

Governor's Races Have Become Contests for the Rich

The extraordinary arrogance of Trump interviewing US attorneys

Nine 2-sentence horror stories.

BREAKING: Trump Issues "In Perpetuity" Pardons For All Trump Children (Except Tiffany)

Let's have a contest to pick the day Trump fist has to pay for his lies and miss deeds.

LOL. Trump had to live with a pet once, Ivana's poodle Chappy, who "had an equal dislike of Donald."

Kelly did not "make a mistake" or "mis-speak". He LIED!

Cartoon: Trick or Treat

Who outranks who? General or Congressperson?

Fu*king media...

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Progressives will win when we give up on hoping party will change

Washington Post editorial board: Kelly owes Dem rep an apology

ACA enrollment schedule may lock millions into unwanted health plans

ACA enrollment schedule may lock millions into unwanted health plans

Yesterday I Heard One Of These Talking Heads Generals On MSNBC Saying....

Wildfires scorched marijuana crops, possibly complicating California's rollout of legal sales

Trump records video message for hurricane relief concert

Trump has stirred a new controversy up?

IMO, a draft without being called a draft, recalling a 1000 retired pilots.

Trump may pause US refugee family reunification program: report

To Get Hurricane Relief Funds, Residents Must Promise Texas City Not to Boycott Israel

There's talk of capping 401(k) contributions at $2,400 per year

We aren't suppose to question the military

A description of Trump from the book I am reading: Twilight of American Sanity

JOHN KELLY: THE FACTS, He's been dirt bag for years.

Saw Michael Moore last night

Mia Farrow takes on Trump

How Trumps Twitter account is fueling a GOP money surge

Trump has surrounded himself with military brass

Let's go back a moment in time to the 'storm' Trump jokingly alluded to.

Emoluments Hearing Hints At What May Be At Stake: Trump's Tax Returns

UH OH ,Greek Orthodox leaders acknowledge financial crisis

Feds warn about cyber attacks on energy, industrial firms

Why Has the E.P.A. Shifted on Toxic Chemicals? An Industry Insider Helps Call the Shots

O'Reilly Settled New Harassment Claims, Then Fox Renewed His Contract

He new what he signed up for

Funeral held for Sgt. La David Johnson, soldier killed in Niger...while trump is on the golf course.

Trump's Base and the Elected Politicians......

The first scandal was the wide use of private jets by the Trump administration. The second scandal

Trump family breaks with presidential pet tradition

Thus, On Smerconich they were debating of whether Whiny Donny should visit the DMZ in Korea


He Was Golfing. He is Golfing. However, Make NFL Players Stand for the National Anthem

A class-warfare take (sure to be blasted) on John KELLY

The instrument has yet to be invented that could measure

I got a nice letter delivered to the post office . . . by Pony Express!

There is a reason all military base televisions are tuned to FOX News

Ron Perlman Says His Presidential Run Is No Longer A Joke: Were In Danger of Ending Our Days...


How the GOP Tax Bill Could Squeeze Your 401(k)

Foreigners who joined IS faced almost certain death in Raqqa

Trump pledges to personally pay some legal bills of WH staff and associates

Empty Barrel

A live one on Twitter

Scoop: Trump pledges to personally pay some legal bills of WH staff and associates

Be honest...

Dem lawmaker received lynching threats after criticizing Trump, Kelly

Harry Reid said Kelley should be put "back where he belongs"

Pinpointing The Exact Moment Where It All Went Wrong In The Last 4 Years

Cheaper Health Plans Promoted by Trump Have a History of Fraud

Trump signs executive order to draft retired pilots back into military service

OReilly struck $32M sexual harassment settlement while at Fox: report

Trump, Bannon remain in frequent contact: report

Service animals are a medical necessity for many. Passing a pet off as one is an insult.

The Trump Administration

Couldn't Trump at least take his son Barron golfing with him?

U.S. warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms

Anyone else noticing

Billionaire Babis scores big in Czech election

DU POLL: Do you think Trump would sign legislation reinstating the draft?

Florida programmer sentenced to 16 months for bitcoin exchange scheme

anybody have a trick for milkweed seeds?

i'm hoping Moron is

Senate panel postpones hearing with Trump lawyer Cohen in Russia probe

It is maddening to us when all the stories about WI and 2016 pop up one whole year later

Bill Maher is back this week.


The last stanza of a poem that I wrote and would like to post but...but...

Nicolette Larson

THE FINAL SALUTE. No Politics, Just Pain at Sgt. LaDavid Johnson's Memorial

Devin Nunes Went Rogue to Find Out Who Paid for Trump-Russia Dossier, Firm Claims

Trump tweeting again, attacking "discredited" dossier, "billions of dollars of Fake News"

Peace Cross is unconstitutional, court rules

About that Dump video they're going to play at the hurricane relief concert

DNC chairman aims for diversity with delegate nominations

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 21, 2017

Trump pledges $430K to help cover legal bills of aides amid Russia probe

Central Texas congressional challengers tapping into Trump outrage

England has the moron's #

Two songs in memory of Sgt. La David Johnson

Had a visit from some Sandhill Cranes here in Maine this morning.

A question for legal minds...

Skillet-Roasted Chicken in Lemon Sauce

Czech election: Billionaire Babis wins by large margin

EPA spokeswoman, formerly American Chemistry Council spox, slams NYT for "writing elitist clickbait"

Montana GOPer Says She Would Have Shot Journalist Gianforte Assaulted

Trump Trashes Iran Deal to Satisfy Netanyahu

Drone footage of Raqqa, Syria

Don't call a Gold Star Family

I ran to the store to get a pizza while we watch college football

Bannon & trump talk 'several times a week'

3 F'ing things. First, there's an old saying in the Army...

So how has the dossier been discredited?

Trump Jumps Back On Twitter to Complain About 'Fake News' and 'Discredited Dossier'

Donald Trump is to address the annual conference of an anti-LGBT group classified as hate group!

So we take our granddaughter out for her birthday and who do you think is there?

Reasons why Trump wont be at Hurricane Concert

Is the RCC a cult?

"Don't Hate the Black, Don't Hate the White...

A Long Tradition Of Protest

155th anniversary of hanging

O'Reilly's Spox: 'Once Again, The New York Times Has Maliciously Smeared Bill O'Reilly'

DeVos rescinds 72 guidance documents outlining rights for disabled students

"Hey, what did you expect? I'm just a dog."

ESPN's Jemele Hill: 'I deserved that suspension'

Pardon ruling leaves Arpaio open to suits

DeVos rescinds 72 guidance documents outlining rights for disabled students

Trump arrives at golf resort as Gold Star family buries soldier he sent on doomed mission

Halloween Is Coming #76

Halloween Is Coming #77

Halloween Is Coming #78

Halloween Is Coming #79

Halloween Is Coming #80

Russias free pass to undermine British democracy

Donald Trump's Approval Rating Plunges as Popularity Nears All-Time Low in Latest Polls

More tweets from the White House playpen!

I found this photo online, and it really touched me.

'The president's wingman': Absent in the West Wing, Bannon stays close to Trump

Do you want a Progressive America? Vote for Progressives in the primaries.

President Obama all but said the Trump administration is doomed to failure (VIDEO)

America in trouble, Trumps Chief of Staff John Kelly has become Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Q&A: Rep. Frederica Wilson details the problems with Trump's condolence call and the Kelly clean up

Harvard Students Told Us What They're Learning From Sean Spicer. Veritas? Nah.

The strongest storm on Earth right now is heading for Japan

F U Corey Feldman

Trump's empathy...

Hurricane Maria death toll rises to 49 in Puerto Rico

A remote Nova Scotian strip of land is symbolic of upcoming NAFTA fight

About trump's offer to pay for I smell bribery?

Jr posts fake Time cover of his daddy

Gallows Pole

President Trump Promotes Book by 'Wonderful' Pastor Who Says Satan Founded the Catholic Church

Campaign from former presidents raises $31M for disaster relief

Where my Fighting 8th at?

FOX's obsessing over Weinstein

Trump: Facebook was on Clinton's side during election, not mine

In Northern Minnesota, Two Economies Square Off: Mining vs. Wilderness

So who's going to the World Series against the Dodgers?

5 Former Presidents Headline Hurricane Relief Event, While Shitstain Plays More Golf

What Chad has to do with Trump and Niger

Lowest Solar Electricity Price In 2016 Is Now Highest Solar Electricity Price In 2017

'My pain is everyday': After Weinstein's fall, Trump accusers wonder: Why not him?

If Mark Udall (D-CO) were to seek a rematch in 2020 like Feingold (D-WI) did in 2016,

S&P Analyst - Viability, Value Of Coal Mines, Coal Power Plants "Vastly Impaired"

Even the specter of Jeff Sessions couldn't deter me from this purchase

Asking Trump about his golf game

The One America Appeal concert will be live streaming tonight, from their website, starting at 7 PM

*Freedom of the Press on CSPAN now.

Trump Supporter Suing West Village Bar Demands Religious Recognition For MAGA Hat

Well Gee Whiz: Coal Country Belatedly Discovers Than Dumping Obama Policies Doesn't Change A Thing

I just finished watching "The Madness of King George"

Donald Trump Is Rush-Shipping Condolences to Military Families

Titanic letter sells for world record price at auction

Hearts Breaking

Dem Rep. Trolls Trump Over Release of JFK Files: Will Ted Cruzs Father Be Exposed?

A Yale psychologist's simple thought experiment temporarily turned conservatives into liberals

Dems aim to boost black turnout in Virginia governor's race

Gretchen Carlson: Horrifying that Fox would let OReilly back on air

Texas Democrats smell blood in the water for 2018

ADAPT storms Chicago

Saturday night: Music you might not have heard but you should!