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Panetta: Israel Strike In Iran Will Engage US

National Geographic Channel is running a series on Doomsday Preppers.

Cooperatives Put People—and Democracy—to Work

Little Star, am always thinking about you...

K & R this thread to remind everyone to turn off lights between 8:30 and 9:30 tonight - actually

Are some people using the alert button as their private version of "unrecommend"?

How does such a giant asshole fit inside such a small truck? (Bumper Sticker pic)

Time to admit DU is the wrong forum for me and move on.....

Great coaching Rick, I mean great!!

Reserved for George Zimmerman...


Rhode Island Guardsman died saving Afghan girl

The BEST Photo ID you can have is a US Passport

Adios Aveos (video)

The LSD-for-Alcoholics Story Deserves a Closer Look

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Sides With Tony Perkins

"I was yelling for someone to help me, but no one would help me."

Members of Congress will have to use the exchanges

Chief Electoral Officer says robocalls are 'absolutely outrageous'

What is the latest thing you bought cause of an ad? The Circulation Booster was advertised

OMG I just watched Teabagger porn!

Jeremy Lin needs knee surgery, could be out for season...

George Bush’s hometown is running out of water, thanks to climate change

Starbucks strawberry Frappuccino dyed with crushed insects

Lawsuit claims PA. leaked questionable personnel info to help re-election of Friend of Tom

At this Current moment, perhaps we all need to discuss everyone's mistakes, right Mr. Hyatt?

Connect The Dots - Boycott Corporations Who Support ALEC

No current SYG or Castle laws will be impacted by the Zimmerman case. The best that can....

I was leaving an exam room the other day in clinic, and my patient shouted: "Love you!"

Seriously, anybody know where Michelle Obama shops?

Chase fraud alert called to check on transactions and put my card on hold

I was out of the office last week and did not check my work email the entire time.

The Norse Goddess Idun

Big announcement tomorrow! Hint >>

Where's the hoodie icon?

So now a rosary is a fashion statement for teenagers?

Two audio experts say it's not Zimmerman crying for help, yet the police INSISTED it was Zimmerman

The Omnist Theory

So, what is the BEST evidence for ANY paranormal event?

Meanwhile, in Pasadena: Police shoot unarmed black teenager, blame death on person who called 911

Ecuador’s green president pushes massive Chinese mine

You don't mess around with Jim - What are you listening to this Saturday night?

Doing What the Book Says: A Cautionary Tale

Rest in sells $3000 "bacon-themed" coffin

What are you reading the week of April 1, 2012?

Only 7 Percent of Teachers Believe in Standardized Tests

Neighbor: "banged up" Zimmerman had bandages on his nose & back of his head and "lumps on his face"

Hosanna Filio David

VIDEO: "Are you man enough for all this FUCKING TEA?"

Police: Car thief who crashed (into a HOUSE) was eating, texting

Anyone have a link to the 911 tape with the screaming on it?


On single payer, examples of how to pay for a national plan

First Lady Michelle Obama at Nickelodeon's 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - pics

Florida funeral home shooting: 2 dead, at least 12 injured

I think the fact that the police chief in the Zimmerman/Martin case stepped down, only temporarily,

I wasn't sure where to put this, but have always thought it was great.

Why the Sanford Police Chief has not yet been fired.

Greasy Heart

Where's WALL-E?

If OSU Can't survive a player in foul trouble...

Lil' Ricky SweaterVest stresses the importance "standing firmly on the three-legged Reagan stool."

Several municipalities file suit to prevent PA from limiting local zoning control over gas industry

Yemen clashes 'leave dozens dead' in south

Keith and Current: The break-up through e-mails

Sunday Talk Shows: VP Biden Interview: Biden on Romney: He offers "nothing"

How Taxes Work (Photo)

"I HATE OBAMACARE" cartoon....

Chomsky, Hedges, Ellsberg file lawsuit against "anti-terrorism law" that curbs free speech and press

K&R if you think Zimmerman is guilty of murder


Man denied entry to US from Mexico to bury son, 10

Man denied entry to US from Mexico to bury son, 10

Fox News' Liz Trotta schools Charles Blow, Lester Holt, Tamron Hall & Rev. Al on how to be black

My buddy just came out on facebook

Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau beats Senator Brazeau in boxing match for charity. Go Justin!!!

Rimjob's FreakRepublic Responds to Two Experts Saying the screams

OUCH! Coulter attempts to NEWT-er Gingrich: "You Can’t Have Two Affairs And Run For President"

The Stranglers - Golden Brown

Paul Thomas Saunders - Appointment in Samarra

George Zimmerman was "Victim of Assault in Manassas, VA" in 2001 say Manassas City Police

Did Trayvon's family know there was an armed vigilante prowling the streets?

The Hollow Men - T.S. Eliot

okay, I need help here. does ANYBODY have a story about ANY police department, even a single

US senator working on bill to allow more visas to Indians

How's this for an idea...3 "trivial/bullshit alerts" and a DUer loses alert privileges.

A modest proposal -

This is very cool! The First of Bear's (Owsley Stanley's) Sonic Journals Now Available!

So...I'm building a simple garden shed, when the Building Inspector pays me a surprise visit.

Hi! Been in Iowa since Wednesday,

The new update for Picasa is great!

The DUzy Awards for March 30, 2012

US seeks coordinated Gulf strategy on Iran, Syria

Obama's Bracket is done...he picked NC to win. Final will be Kentucky and KU Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

BREAKING: Romney names running mate

Britney Spears on Semiconductor Physics...

U.S. demands passenger info for flights from UK to North America, even if not in U.S. airspace


Georgia governor signs sweeping gun control law banning knives, most handguns and concealed carry.

Chile will Keep Friendly Relations with Peru Regardless of Maritime Verdict

Experts claim voice on 911 call was NOT George Zimmerman...

Conservatives working to repeal prevailing wage law!

Kochs, Lies, and Videotape

Hell yeah

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, March 31)

Has anyone conducted a study on the rise of mental health issues since the SCOTUS appointed GWB?

I ate peeps!

Twitter, Twupert and spellcheck

Venezuela's Opec stand is a win for climate change campaigners

Venezuela's Opec stand is a win for climate change campaigners

If ACA is thrown out altogether, what will it mean for November?

Sinking Gingrich Calls for One More Debate

Boycott FL as a vacation destination until they revoke the Shoot Whoever You Wanna Shoot laws.

Conspiracy theory about Ecuador untrue

U.S. to meet with Iran over its nuclear program

"Nation's Quadriplegics Immobilize On Washington In Support Of Stem-Cell Research"

I Could Could Care Less About Chinese or Indian Relations Stop Outsourcing & Insourcing!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this is a year old (but what a jerk)

"Man struck by lightning hours after buying lottery tickets "

Awesome gift for those without Internets

Does anyone here speak Croatian/Serbian?

Financiers and Sex Trafficking (Goldman Sachs)

Catholic Cardinal: Church will relax its approach to civil marriages for gay couples

A slightly irrelevant question about the SCOTUS

I think I found a work around for avoiding an amends (joke)

Senator Harkin Unveils Major Economic Legislation Aimed at Middle Class

Time Magazine Poll to determine Time 100 for 2012

Gotye - unarguably the best song from last year!

Frankly, I would have been better off to not have known Trayvon Martin's name...

Protesters march in Fla. town where teen was shot

I think that it's time for me to confess the truth...

German public workers: 6.3 pct raise over 2 years

Dubai shipbuilder wins debt restructuring support

The 2' x 2' box of fur

More News on the Shaima Alawadi Murder in El Cajon.

Want to write a piece on Jesse Watters (Oreilly's ambush guy)

Grocery Workers Union Meets With Canadian Counterpart to Discuss "Walmartization" of Target Store

(NYT) Merger of Performers’ Unions Approved

Health Care Reform—the Charade of Regulation

Robot, MD: Will machines replace doctors?

Roger C. Molander, Nuclear Protest Leader, Dies at 71

Heartbroken Santorum Condemns Gay Marriage For Two-Timing Jerks Like Nick

Thank God for B.B. King and boxes of wine.

I know the answer.

"Don't alert! Put them on ignore!" Oh, the irony! Another 4-2 decision.

Republicans block electric car charger on Captial Hill

Antibiotic-resistant NDM-1 Is Undermining India's Medical Sector

Monsanto, a half-century of health scandals

FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign - FDA slave to Monsanto?

Antibiotic-resistant NDM-1 Is Undermining India's Medical Sector

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday April 1st

The right of the "workers" are there moral limits?

Analysis - Resistance to austerity stirs in southern Europe

Trayvon's prom picture...

Cholera Grips Haiti

5 down, 1 to go

"moral police"

Ambulance for Zimmerman was cancelled en route

‘Dr. Death’ hearing stirs up painful apartheid memories in South Africa

India signals a softer stand on suicide

Bill Oreilly doesnt like it when he gets ambush

A new way to multitask

Google Maps goes 8 bit!

So Bill Reilly donated to Newt's campaign

This message was self-defeated by its author.

Oreilly Leaving Newt Fundraiser In December (assaults cameraman)

Discovered the DU Glossary Today

Signs of Supreme Court activism worry Reagan administration lawyers

Bolivia issues law to regulate relationship with U.S.

(Hopefully just a rumor) Children killed at Tuscaloosa Air Show

5 Terrible Situations for the Socially Awkward Man Read more: 5 Terrible Situations for the Sociall

We have got to do something to stop the Brain-curdling anti-abortion propaganda that is thinly

It was 16 years ago today

Keith Olbermann’s Angry E-Mail Trail Traces Breakup with Current TV

Babies Take Longer To Come Out Than They Did In Grandma's Day

I have been invited to the local paper's Correspondent of the Year ceremony

WAR!! between Current TV and Olbermannn is just getting started

Which Neighbors Have Concealed Weapons Permits? (Redwood City, Ca. publishes list)

Virtual Walls of the Empire

Equal marriage moves a step closer in Ireland

The crying woman on the 911 call for Trayvon Martin.

A Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney

Syria conference: Gulf countries to fund rebels

Voter Fraud In Texas

Radioactive Iodine from Fukushima Found in California Kelp

The Racist Bigoted Authorities In Florida

Readers Answer: How Would They Use Their Mega Millions for Good? Interesting responses

I can't say I ever really understood why men were so enthusiastic about new machinery, until...

Greenpeace Finally Finds the Japanese Whaling Fleet: in port,in Japan,weeks after they quit whaling!

So help me here - Will States Rights be trumped by the NRA's

"...That you treat people with dignity and respect..."

Audio: Enhanced audio of cries for help on 911 call

(Alabama) Club promotes 'Food Stamp Friday' event

I love the rational discussions on Up With Chris! nt

If I was followed at night by a strange man,

Coffee with Jesus

Using States Rights The GOP Wants To Abolish The Constitution.

Toles Toon- Worst Decision of All Time, Continued

Sunday's Doonesbury - Pledges

THIS is why we need workers' rights.

Delusional (Michelle) Duggar says whole world can fit in Jacksonville

Looking at the protest photos and I am left wondering..Why so few whites?

Trayvon Martin case stirs extremists, groups say

Thousands in Hong Kong protest Beijing's interference

Its not what you have, Its who you are

UK - WealthCare

Here are a few more Bible verses for you lurkers out there...

AIDS 'could be eliminated in our lifetime'

Why do toxicology results take weeks to come back?

Christie trying out his influence on a Middle East trip (mostly Israel).

Chris Hedges interviews Alain de Botton on his book, "Religion for Atheists."

Piracy cut in half in France, yet music and movie revenues fell

Google to allow people to change their weather on April 1

You are great

Germany Considers Family Leave for Grandparents

Big Oil Gave $23.5 Million To Senators Who Voted To Protect Oil Subsidies

Explain to me why a sports victory calls for riots in the street?

FOUND: photo of Zimmerman after the shooting.

update: Michelle Obama almost got slimed (Video)

Simple Question... If Zimmerman had his head bashed

Suu Kyi wins parliament seat in historic Myanmar election, party says

Is it silly to use a fan?

WTF! Olbermann accepts position with Fox News.

Right-wing candidates file as Democrats in Ravalli County races

St. Pete Times: 'Stand your ground' law protects those who go far beyond that point

A Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney - Schrödinger's Candidate (Ha!)

I don't doubt that if they passed Single Payer or Medicare For All

At last!—the full complexity of the quantum Romney.

Police Are Using Phone Tracking as a Routine Tool

My friend Wendy is DEAD: she couldn't buy broccoli

Steven Pearlstein: Eat your broccoli, Justice Scalia

Keep looking, you'll find it.

Reliving The American Nightmare Rally

WI the people - it's all about Wisconsin on Melissa Harris-Perry

Dolphins form groups like humans: Swiss study

Right-wing candidates file as Democrats in Ravalli County races

Santorum's been in Wisconsin, passing out gum to his supporters. My friend scored a pack.

CBS blows coverage of final seconds

Myanmar opposition claims by-election win for Suu Kyi

ThinkProgress: Dempsey Hits Ryan For Calling Military Brass ‘Liars’

Rep. Ryan: ‘I Really Misspoke’ When I Said The Generals Were Lying

Meanwhile, in the fan behavior battle, Kansas is a winner.

Brown, Warren deadlocked, poll shows

The Roberts Court Defines Itself

Some 'Hunger Games' critics say Jennifer Lawrence was too 'big'

K&R If You Think.

Other ways of knowing, and how they work, now revealed

Arches National Park

Uh Ms. Obama-- you are smoking hot!

Time for the DOJ to Expand Sanford Investigation-False Reports, Cover-Ups, Lies, Distortions

Narwhals display sophisticated sword fighting techniques

April Fools?

Venezuela's Chavez returns to Cuba for treatment

"An unfolding pattern of treason against every decent part of our heritage as Americans."

M5.9 quake shakes Fukushima Pref., vicinity in eastern Japan

The Road to Broccolidom

Flying Penguins and other oddities

Texas "debt collection" attorney wants to contribute $10,000 to Zimmerman's legal expenses

Sunday's Wish: To Serve

Google says its Kansas City fiber project is about nutrition

Google Maps for the NES

LFR Checking in!

Why JFK got shot

If by some quirk I was getting beat to the point I needed to kill someone I'm going to the hospital

2 + 2 = 5

Is Keith done or where will he show up next?

He Still Gives me Faith Now: Memories of Monseñor Romero

It time to put an end to the GOP talking point repeated here on DU again and again.

Don't forget to move your clocks ahead one hour.

Beyond Robo-Signing: 3 Other Ways Bank of America Is Screwing Americans

Romney And His Dog

Whatever the Supreme Court Decides on Healthcare, Nurses See the Real Crisis Continuing


Sarah Palin is co hosting the Today show next week? OMG

I need help in setting up my cable connection on ubuntu 10.10

(SFMOMA) 'Photography In Mexico' Reveals Country's Allure

Haley Barbour:The American People will side with the Supreme Court sriking down the whole healthcare

Channel 2 gets punked

watch Lindsay Lohan's face morph over 25 years

For once, Fox "News" gets it exactly right

Nice healthcare discussion on Moyers and Friends

This is a hoot the bank bailouts explained

Rush Limbaugh to Speak at Conference on World Affairs

Theist officials accused of sexual predation. Prominent Theist institution implicated.

Screams on 911 call weren't Zimmerman's, forensic expert says.

google nigeria and catblock

From Krugmans Blog The Conscience of a Liberal

Oh Okay. Zimmeran Can't Get A Fair Trial Now, So Let's Just Forget The Whole Thing

Harry Crews dies at 76; Southern writer with darkly comic vision

In major reversal, Muslim Brotherhood will vie for Egypt's presidency

Thanks Violet_crumble...........

In the Sanford Murder, We're no Longer Getting Much Reliable Information

Problem connecting to WIFI with Android phone

Anyone watch Ann Coulter on the Sunday ABC show?

I picked up 33 baby chicks at the Post office this morning -

I picked up 33 baby chicks at the Post office this morning -

Coffee with Jesus - the Occupy movement

Wisconsin's Recall Elections Are Set for June 5

**Breaking** Miami owner changes the name his baseball team - again.

The Importance Of Earl Scruggs, As Told By His Followers

I think I found Grovelbot.

Financiers and Sex Trafficking

today in women's herstory

Income Inequality: William Graham Sumner invented the GOP’s defense of the rich — in 1883

Diane Ravitch LIVE w/Bob McChesney - callers welcome - Today @2pm EDT

675 Russian fishermen rescued from drifting ice

Reps offer the same old bush policies

quotes of the day

Experts Say It Was Not George Zimmerman Crying For Help On Trayvon Martin 911 Call

Why didn't I think of this?

Schumer: Don’t Be Fooled By Tough Questions From Justices On ‘Obamacare’

American Manufacturing Has Declined More Than Most Experts Have Thought

Can we discuss the two minutes between George's 911 call and Trayvon's death

Zimmerman Is Not The Only One Who Should Be Arrested

a biography of the day--mary arlene appelhof "the worm woman"

TYT: Which Countries Have Nuclear Weapons & How Many Do They Have? (Map)

Mark my words... Zimmerman will walk.

The faith factor: Religion's new prominence in campaign 2012

You know, Zimmy's chorus have been showing up on every show that will have them from

Ok, this should be fun for one and all! Are you smarter than an atheist? A religious quiz

Steve King is a rotten human being

I am currently reading

Sitting in a restaurant today I realized how much trouble we are in for

Todays Doonsebury

Ex-Mexican President De la Madrid dies at age 77

Overturning ACA will put my daughter back on the public health care dole (SCHIP) (reposted 4 newbie)

The Lasting Legacy of Florynce Kennedy, Black Feminist Fighter

I Hope this is a April Fool joke

Billo The Clown Accuses Media Of Inciting Violence? Really?

Another health care story and proof that conservatives are assholes.

Would you like to see something that will lift your spirits and make you smile?


Kucinich on the Affordable Care Act: "I hope the law is upheld."

Emergency Committee For Israel Executive Director: IDF Should Use Protesters For ‘Target Practice’

Paul Ryan Finally Speaks the Truth and Then Quickly Apologizes For It

So as Trayvon was screaming for help in those last seconds

'It seems amazing that their heads didn't explode:' Idaho Democratic chief rips GOP lawmakers

i think im a photoholic :-)

Preston North End manager accuses players of leaking information to Sheffield Wednesday

Japanese city bans public servants from wearing beards

April 17..GLOBAL ACTION on Military Spending--- "Occupy the Military Industrial Complex"

FReepers get wind of huge 2012 gender gap, want to repeal 19th amendment.

Syrian Student activist, 18, first interview after detention

I have to ask. Of Older DU'rs. When Emmett Till was murdered...

This is my 12,000th post.

House Republican (Paul Ryan) says misspoke on Pentagon budget

"Jets Worry Tim Tebow Will Be Distracted By Wild New York Churchlife"

Cardboard gardening

Is Skinner in the house?

My jury comment was...problem solved.

Isn't the writer of a law the ultimate authority and final say in its interpretation?

Dear High School Bullies

Free online treasure trove of gov. policy docs!

Mitt Romney’s roof-riding dog Seamus will be focus of new super PAC

THIS Tuesday, a VERY special "Today Show" co-host. Oh, you betcha! Do ya LURRRVE ya freedoms?

Oral Sex Etymology

If Zimmerman's head was being bashed on concrete, wouldn't he need medical attention?

a helpful note to all the zimmerman apologists and liars--do yourselves a favour and take a

Swing States poll: A shift by women puts Obama in lead (USA Today/Gallup)

47 Senators Side With Big Oil And Vote To Kill 37,000 American Wind Jobs

Bus inspections get lax oversight despite crashes

The Cat's House: Couple Redesigns Home with Cats in Mind

Blacks have trouble clearing cervical cancer virus

Ann Coulter States SYG Laws Have Nothing To Do With Zimmerman Situation

Rachel Maddow's Birthday Today

Darrell Issa’s Push To Abolish An Antiquated Law...LOL

Want to get married?

Van Jones on Obamacare: "It's amazing hearing the Republican's cheer-leading for the freeloaders".

Violin, Ice Sculptures, and Beautiful Women....

Zimmerman's lawyers bring in expert team to analyze 911 tapes from that night

A message to Iran from Israel: I love you

RimJob is "woo-hoo"-ing his "2nd quarter 2012 FReepathon." Target: $94,000. Pledges to date: $220.

Al Gore: Why We Fired Keith Olbermann

How can you be proud of being an American if your country doesn't even care if you get sick...

US feared Falklands war would be 'close-run thing', documents reveal

Haaretz Editorial: UN probe must take West Bank out of Israeli hands

Mother Slits 5-Year-Old Son's Throat, Stomps on His Chest to "Release Demons"

Mental Athletes Increase Brain Size in 15th US Memory Championship

Organic Farmers Lose Monsanto Lawsuit,Vow to Appeal Decision

Back to Veteran's Park

Nine New Lawsuits Filed on Behalf of Homeless Residents of the City of Fresno

25 years ago today...

Free online treasure trove of gov. policy docs!

April Fools Stuff 1

April Fools Stuff 2

OMFG! "Jerry Maguire" is coming up on Encore in 30 minutes. BURN IT! BURN it with FIRE!

I just received a call from someone who said he

Global Warming Denialism ‘Just Foolishness,’ Scientist Peter Raven Says

Would striking down ObamaCare hurt the Supreme Court's credibility?

Progressive events and actions in Central California

Outrageous RW lie of the day: U of California system doesn't require US history for students

Fed Focuses on 8 Firms Not Part of Mortgage Settlement

Anyone with the AdBlock plug-in notice they are showing CAT PHOTOS in place of ADS?

Ruling supports challenge of Kansas abortion law

over 100 protest Rahm Emanuel privatize mental health clinics in Chicago

Relearning the Concept of Caring

Relearning the Concept of Caring

Anti-abortion climate 'will deter new generation of doctors'

More Vigilante Madness?...this time in Texas

Great news! I just made a donation to Rick Santorum's Campaign!

Speech by Joeseph Goebbels regarding women.

Guatemala: Indigenous and Rural Communities March to Defend Their Land

Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all

breakthrough in understanding octopus language

India: The Last Handwritten Newspaper in the World

Inside The Ailing Brain

Medical examiner ‘lost woman’s brain and told family the day before funeral organ was removed’

Krugman: "Health reform doesn’t work without a mandate" (2011)

Swing States poll: A shift by women puts Obama in lead

Newark church members wear hoodies on Palm Sunday as sign of solidarity with Trayvon Martin

Powerful poem read in church today: White Flour by David LaMotte

NASA puts ocean currents to music:

"The person who sent the alert wrote: Frivolous Alert."

Can I ask for some good vibes for my kiddo?

Romney's staff plays April Fool's prank on the boss

Jose Hernandez is an Astronaut.

PROOF that freepers are nothing more than sled dogs with their noses in the dog in front of them

Modest Mouse-Little Motel

Fresno, CA can go Blue and Mike explains how

You Know, Maybe "ObamaCare" Isn't All that Bad...

April 1st, I'll be watching the premier of 2nd Season AMC "The Killing" ...

Questions for supporters of the individual mandate

"I'll grab you some Skittles, kid / I'll be right back in a little bit..."

Supertramp - Don`t Leave Me Now

Barn, farm machinery, gazebo

PM v Obama: who has it harder?

Timbuktu falls to Tuareg rebels amid post-coup chaos

Arizona law would criminalize being lewd or annoying on the Internet

Tennessee mom faces jail for baptizing her two children without husband’s consent

Band Of Horses - The Funeral

Another Sunday kitten squee...

Tunisia Islamist leader rules out normal ties with Israel

Off to the Rag Blog fundraiser


Who'd a thunk it? But hey, we're looking forward not backward.

Can anyone find a case where a black person "Stood their ground" in Florida and still went to jail?

Teeny tiny Tower Bridge: 3D-nanoprinting creates objects as small as a GRAIN OF SAND

— Paul Krugman, “Broccoli and Bad Faith”

A People's History of the US Postal Service's Financial "Crisis"....

War porn: The new safe sex

Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs

Poll: Egyptians Want Aid From Iran, Turkey, Not US

Shit! Ubaldo drills Tulo, benches clear, Tulo leaves with elbow injury

Back to the future as DeLorean goes electric (BBC)

Forget about Zimmerman's head and the absence of blood there.

Pakistan's Muslim League Voices Support for Iran against US

gordon lightfoot - the last time i saw her

Canada budget raises pensions benefit age and cuts penny (BBC)

Forbes pulls "Romney Drops Out of Race" April Fools story after it shows up on top of Google News

Cannabis cultivating store WeGrow opens in US capital (BBC)

Palin to co-host 'Today' show as ratings battle heats up

Blue Rodeo - Hasn't Hit Me Yet

Political bites: Santorum puts Nebraska in play

Vote Obama

Get off your Soapbox and Renew Domestic Violence Law

OK, who has the better fight song? (NCAA Men's Basketball Championship)

Republicans Claim Cutting Taxes on the Rich Will Lower Gas Prices

Gin Blossoms - Found Out About You

Santorum: Establishment Republicans are in a ‘panic’

biff is here. not a moment too soon, either.

I've TRIED taking Stevie's advice and living just enough...JUST ENOUGH for the city. It's HARD!

After Citizens United and Obamacare Ruling, Will The Roberts Court Create Its Own Bumper Sticker?

Perry's campaign cost Texas taxpayers twice as much per day as Bush's in 2000

The Shawshank Rumdemption

individual mandate=tax on those most likely to use healthcare that wont be paid for.

How billionaires destroy democracy

Guided by voices that sound like their own

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. A short film.

Gadget pron!

'Did Jesus Exist?': A Historian Makes His Case

Garden visitor

Kansas' Self wins Naismith Coach of Year honor

Is Rick Perry Really Worth $3,000,000?? (yes, that's million)

Perry making choices for women

(Idaho) Governor Otter signs anti-occupy legislation

Trayvon Martin family sending a formal request to Justice Dept for review of State's Atty’s actions

Anybody have any "most likely to be believed" April Fools' stories?

Here's what a right winger e-mailed me:

Trayvon Martin and the police in small town America

Anyone remember "beep lines" from the 60's?

How seriously do you take the DU3 jury system?

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

What would you consider a "living wage", in the current economy?