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Archives: October 26, 2017

Hillary Clinton: "The Republican Party is imploding."


Groper Don the Con, fox and the ReTHUG goons knew thw Wikileaks confirmation

Fox News Poll Describes Trump Numbers Tanking

Old friend and Trumpster diver actually called Obama a "commi nigget" on FB

Tesla Turns Power Back On At Children's Hospital In Puerto Rico

Trump campaign analytics company contacted WikiLeaks about Clinton emails

This week on Frontline (tonight at 10 in the Boston area)

Fox News Poll: Storms erode Trump's ratings

Ok, I found a republican I like.

Do you think Trump's people pushed the story on HW Bush's groping?

Trump is a role model for kids. If you disagree, you're an idiot!

Could I please get a job defending the Democratic Party on cable?

Ken Vogel, NYT: Hillary Clinton only learned of the dossier when BuzzFeed published it

Cat Halloween!

The Republican Party's Tax Reform Bill Could Face Death by a Thousand Cuts

Do you know the proper way to serve pumpkin soup?

Gets lots of standing ovations. Believe me.

Tribe: Trump campaign trying to get Wikileaks to help Russia sabotage election was a federal crime

Approval rating to new low in Fox poll

Donald Trump Courted a Republican Rebellion. And He Got One

Trump Signs New Travel Ban Preventing Republican Senators from Fleeing

Republicans on a snipe hunt.

An "Empty barrel": Kelly and Trump's racist and sexist war against black women

San Juan mayor: Energy company 'threatening not to do their job'

"Look, Shiny Object" - Ted Lieu hilariously dangles keys and taunts GOP

Why Jeff Flake's Anti-Trump Speech Was Meaningless

Need inspiration for this year's pumpkin(s)?

I was walking thru Walmart earlier tonight and was in the costume area for Halloween!

Trump on North Korea: 'I get it solved'

Chris Hayes: Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem talking sexual harrassment dam breaking

Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem are on Chris Hayes

Party of Trump? This terrifies me

FBI Informant In Obama-era Russian Nuclear Bribery Cleared To Testify Before Congress

Are you a happy monk?

Democrats Lack Strong Challengers for Some Vulnerable G.O.P. House Seats

An American Family: A Memoir of Hope and Sacrifice....Khizr Khan

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! You Say You Want a Revolution, Well Y'Know . . .

I had an encouraging conversation in a bar

Are you a stinky skunk?

We need to have a global discussion about the influence of technology on democracy...

Are you slightly preshrunk?

Do you wear dangly junk?

So, about the Orange Tweeting Turd's chats with the press today....

'Thou hast brought the distant near and made a brother of the stranger'

When it comes to Tax Reform...

Trump administration toughens H-1B visa renewal process

So, all those Senators confirming colleague SESSIONS knew what a sleazebag he is, just saying

Who says they are smart and have the best memory?

Colorado desperately seeking foster parents

'So liberal:' Rural NC lawmaker switches parties

Jarhead (another Hillary investigation)

It's just a personal beef with Trump

To applause, proposed Denver cat declawing ban moves one step closer to becoming law

Professional Clinton-hater Victoria Toensing is ginning up this "FBI-informant" Clinton-Russia story

The Hampton University poll that has Enron Eddie up by 8 also has Donnie up by 3 last year.

Trump has the dumb fuck support .... a true story .... less then an hour old

Ron Reagan: Trump is deeply damaged human being

SLC police lieutenant demoted after nurse's arrest appeals, says discipline was 'excessive'

The GOP closed off access to the courts last night

Trump undercuts widow again, says he remembered name right from the beginning

Utah transit board member questions plan to borrow $88.5M when the agency is $2B in debt

Utah polygamous sect strikes deal to keep meetinghouse

Maryland development under fire after only selling homes to Muslims

PROGRAMING NOTE: Frontline's "Putin's Revenge" airing right now on PBS

I love hearing hubby yell at TV "Cuff him and haul him off"

Finally we get some decency on television. Terrific episode of Law & Order: SVU tonight. (Adoption)

Young single professionals in Provo express concern over proposed zoning law

Have you ever taken or given an IQ test?

Why is Trump & Republicans seizing the latest info to rip the dossier?.

Did anyone get the words Ron Reagan used about 45? It was brilliant

Corrupt officials in Colombia stole $13 billion, including childrens lunch money, last year

NYT: Pitched as Calming Force, John Kelly Instead Mirrors Boss's Priorities

Corrupt officials in Colombia stole $13 billion, including childrens lunch money, last year

US approved Colombias criticized counter-narcotics strategy: defense minister

US approved Colombias criticized counter-narcotics strategy: defense minister

"women are now sending their birth control bills to the White House"

What do we know about Flake and Corker?

Tesla Uses Solar Panels to Turn Power Back On At Children's Hospital In Puerto Rico

Judge removes fatal shooting from ex-Tulsa officer's record

Sam Seder UNLOADS On Jeff Flake's B.S. Trump Denouncement

Appeals court: Mississippi woman's 96 days in jail 'unfair'

As Trump left TX fundraiser, protesters chanted "Not my president" and "Go home, Cheeto"

Former charter school administrator pleads guilty in fraud case

New Yorker: What Myeshia Johnson Revealed About Donald Trump

Lawyers in Griego corruption case trim jury pool

Reddit Is Removing Nazi And Alt-Right Groups As Part Of A New Policy And Some Users Are Confused

Seth Meyers: Protestor Throws Russian Flags at Trump, Citi Bike's Handlebars - Monologue 10/24/17

If you don't have a sock to stuff in 45's mouth / try this ( 'toon)

Tesla Turns Power Back On At Children's Hospital In Puerto Rico

Seth Meyers - Trump, Corker, Flake and the GOP Civil War: A Closer Look

Ben Franklin nailed it

Marwin is clutch.

Medicaid cost jump threatens state budget

Need a good laugh? Some Trump pics ...........

Insurers owe New Mexico $65M in back taxes, audit finds

State AG investigates claims Pulte is not honoring home warranties

It's sad to think that at 56 I've never had the passion for a subject this 5 1/2 year old has

Time for another EXCITING round of "REAL Trump Love Sign or FAKE," Dallas Edition.

The Daily Show: The Battle for the Republican Party

Letter to an Alleged "Intelligent Man"

Mark Halperin sexually harassed 5 women at ABC news

Who The Fuck Brags About a College Education When You're 71 Yrs. Old?

Watching Food Evolution narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Scott Brown admits investigation into inappropriate comments

Someday We Shall Build Statues of Bob Corker and Jeff Flake Bravely Quitting

Satirical 'Ask A Mexican' column to end after decade run


Trump Has Picked Worst People For All The Jobs in Government. Like Injecting Patient With A Disease

If this keeps up...

Bloomberg piece from October 2016 proves Trump campaign lying about CA today

Company With Controversial Contract to Help Puerto Rico Is Feuding with the Mayor of San Juan

Trucking Firms Facing Recruitment Problems Ahead of Holidays

Sackler family and opioids Christopher Glazek

Arguably the cutest rescue puppy ever!

How to Download & View the JFK Files Today

Second woman accuses George H.W. Bush of groping

The world we live in just keeps getting more scary by the day?

What the hell is wrong with CNN

Bill Palmer has an excellent suggestion for Flake, Corker, and McCain to prove that they mean

C'mere kid. I wanna talk to you.

Happy Birthday Hillary!

Fresno student pelted with juice boxes and called gay slurs at school on her Sweet 16

Senate Republicans pledging to find out if White House intentionally delaying new Russia sanctions

Andrew White, Son of Late Governor Mark White, to Explore Democratic Run for Governor

Jones Act Explanation THE MOVIE

"It's Almost laughably false" for Trump's team to distance themselves from Cambridge Analytica

Selective Service Protocols for a Draft

White Plains Accountant Sentenced To 22 Months In Prison For $23 Million Tax Fraud Scheme

The 2nd-Highest Ranking Repug in Senate Just Endorsed Candidate Who Wants to Make Being Gay Illegal

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/25/17

California Deputies Hurt in Las Vegas Massacre Are Denied Workers' Comp

There's a Crucial Question Trump and His Supporters Can't Answer About Steele Dossier

Boston protesters call out a hedge fund vulture

Australian government orders police raids on union offices

George H.W. Bush Acknowledges Groping Multiple Women

Get excited, nerds: 2018 data is out

Ukrainian lawmaker blames Russia for deadly Kiev blast

Would all the wealthy and powerful men who weren't serial abusers of women please raise your hands?

Hillary Tribute Thread: Happy Birthday Madame Secretary!

Trump claimed, he invented the term "fake news"

Greg Abbott wants to restart UT-A&M football rivalry; how a basketball exhibition proved idea is ...

Jesus groped Mary Magdalene.....

"Las Vegas a hoax" The death threats roll in to survivers.

How A Failed Socialist Utopia Made Dallas The City It Is Today

Is this the Mark Halperin that five women accused of sexual harassment at ABC?

70 Rabbis Sign Statement On Veganism:

What 71yr man is still talking about College?


Im 58 years old...

Morning Joe is going to be awkward this morning

Did you know . . .

70 Rabbis Sign Statement On Veganism:

MSNBC statement: "Mark Halperin is leaving his role as a contributor until ...

Thought for today

IMF Head: World Will Be "Toasted, Roasted & Grilled" w/o Effective Climate Response

Whitefish Energy Apologizes to Puerto Rico, San Juan Mayor for Twitter Comments

Report: Rebekah Mercer Feared 'Legal Liabilities' of Accessing Hillary Emails

Dust Storms Worsen Around Disappearing Salton Sea

Report: Girl with cerebral palsy stopped by border patrol on way to surgery

Mark Halperin Suspended From MSNBC Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Time cover: The Wrecking Crew

McConnell allies declare open warfare on Bannon

Runaway Antarctic Ice Loss In The Cards; Warm-water Channel Carving Deep Into Ice Sheet

Blooming marvellous: the world's first female photographer and her botanical beauties

So the crew at Morning Joe is just going to pretend Mark Halperin, a show staple, isn't there

You Don't Lose Power By Losing Your Base

Sinclair Broadcasting wants to save Bill OReillys career

Biden Sounds Like Someone Who Wants to Run

Government Weighs Modest Step to Police Puppy Mills

Murphy Looks Headed for Landslide in New Jersey

Assange Says WikiLeaks Rejected Request by Data Firm Tied to Trump

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Big Mouth Small Hands

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Cowards of the Country

Russian company (link to Trump) supplied at least 25% of Keystone steel.

Chuck Schumer: "If SALT "compromise" passes today the value of your home could drop by TEN PERCENT."

Amid Niger ambush chaos, the White House first thought several Americans were missing

Looking for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl carried a heavy price

and there you have it: Koch brothers target Baldwin......

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Okay "W" it's your turn to "fess-up"

Aerial Footage Shows Hurricane Maria Damage in Puerto Rico

A Victory Against ISIS in the Philippines Leaves a City Destroyed

Exclusive: Russian Propaganda Traced Back to Staten Island, New York

City Board of Elections Admits It Broke the Law, Accepts Reforms

IMO, If we don't start a discussion of UBI, it will be defined for us.

Fox News poll: 38% approve of Trump's job "performance."

GOP doctor-turned-senator nails Trump: 'We have a leader who has a personality disorder'

Thank God for small favors. The TV at the gym that shows Fox Fake News

The difference between the "Dossier" and the Trump collussion.

Trump's 'secretary' wrote this:

"The Pro-Spin Zone" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!

Neo-Nazis Are Planning an Armed March Against Jews in Richard Spencers Hometown

Georgia Election Server Wiped Clean After Lawsuit Filed.

The GOP Tax Boondoggle Will Blow Up the Deficits- It's Another Money Grab for the 1%

Justice Department settles IRS lawsuits from 400 conservative groups claiming discrimination

L.A. Times: What do I need to know to make my own cat food?

Trump: "We're beating ISIS very badly"

Graham: I Wont Be Constant Critic Of Trump Because I Want Tax Cuts

Snopes finds the GOP's Clinton/Uranium conspiracy to be FALSE - worth sharing/spreading...

Similarities between RNC-sponsored data farm and Russian Facebook ads seems too close 2b coincidence

Hey Trump! You say the dossier was a disgrace & false?

Will home mortgage interest deduction be on the chopping block?


Trump Meeting Trolled by Popcorn & Russian Flags

Trump Goes NUCLEAR on Republican Senator

"I've got questions, and my questions have got questions!" Please come CAPTION Tucker Carlson!!!

Hillary Clinton unaware of dossier before it was published

1992 letter to NY Mag from "Carolin Gallego"...or perhaps this was written by Trump. You decide.

Trump Administration To Declare Opioid Crisis A Public Health Emergency

Trump always says "People Say" - Who is he talking to??

Why aren't Democrats asking how it turned out the last time Republicans "fixed" taxes?

CNN sys mark Halperin leaves NBC and MSNBC because of sexual harassment

Can a career tactician navigate Trump and a GOP civil war and win Virginia?

The Recruitables: Why Trump's Team Was Easy Prey for Putin

Tillerson's power play

Trump voters suffer from a mental condition I call the civil war syndrome.

Happy 70th 🎂 Hillary

Please read this before you freak out about that new poll in the Virginia governor's race

Side dish time! Pan sauteed brussel sprouts with walnuts

Sessions threatened to quit if Trump deported Chinese dissident: report

The New Yorkers new cover is out and some people think its gone too far. Warning: scary clown

A 70's hit with resonance for today's politics.

Moron, n (masc.) (Welsh) -Carrot

The fact that DT is in the WH should be declared a public health

PR utility expected to get emergency manager after outcry over contract to tiny Montana company...

What do they mean, "at your own risk"?

Hillary Clinton unaware of dossier before it was published

Committee Splits As Donald Trump Warrants Scrutiny

Call your Reps today to stop this $1.5 trillion cut to Medicare and Medicaid: (202) 224-3121

Lawrence Rewrites Fox News and takes it funny

Sign of Times: Russian Trump Pic - Prison Strip(p)ed Ladies

Ex-CIA officer explains why Trump associates were such easy marks for Russia

Eighteen years ago today, Hoyt Axton died.

Halloween Is Coming #86

Opiods versus Crack Cocaine

"Go say 'Hi'. Be nice."

Halloween Is Coming #87

Orphan wildlife rehabilitator, Joseph Keter, will make you smile.

Halloween Is Coming #88

No, Its Not You. This is Crazy.

Trump's America: Frederica Wilson not in Washington due to threats: report

Halloween Is Coming #89

Trump makes me ill...

Trump goes there with reference to "heritage".

Halloween Is Coming #90

Believe them or not, Russian hackers were openly bragging about using Cambridge Analytica...

What is the deal w/ Chuck Grassley?

Rose McGowan will open Women's Convention

DNC, Wasserman Schultz say they were unaware of dossier payments

Dana Milbank wrote this Oct 24, 2016** several comments about Mark Harlparin..........

The story about Cambridge Analytica's attempted collusion with Russia for Trump should be enough

Trump Spent $1.75 Million on Presidential Furniture, Redecorations

Classroom ethics - Don't be a Bully, except-----

Fox says Kimmel not qualified to talk politics BUT has video of vile folks who talk Politics on Fox.

Twitter Bans Two Kremlin-Backed News Outlets From Advertising

Satanist Billboard in Texas: "Our Religion Doesn't Believe in Hitting Children"

I want to go to this bar in Havana .....

"I Will Not Be Silenced": BlackPAC Launches Digital Ad Campaign in Support of Democratic Slate in VA

Two workers injured at Tampa Electric power plant

that damn time cover is horribly insulting to the real wrecking crew

Chris Christie Had To Edit Opioid Report to 1/3 Size so Trump Would Read It

Former NJ State Rep.: O'Reilly Harassed my Ex, Asked for Dirt Against Other Accusers

16-year-old Jewish girl allegedly told to be patient, Jews come last by Stamford Hill shopkeeper

Virginia Supreme Court to hear appeal in redistricting case

Our Backyard Has Become A Graveyard: Saving Lives On The U.S.-Mexico Border

Our Backyard Has Become A Graveyard: Saving Lives On The U.S.-Mexico Border

Virginia Democrats link Gillespie and Trump to white nationalist 'hate' in Charlottesville

Virginia Retirement System pension plans lower unfunded liabilities by $1.1 billion

Indonesia fireworks factory explosions kill at least 47 people

House narrowly clears budget, paving way for $1.5 trillion tax cut

Has anyone heard from Jon Heilman re his co-author Mark Halperin on the book "Game Change"?

NEW: Facebook, Twitter & Google played a far deeper role in Trump's presidential campaign than previ

Pic Of The Moment: Sick Trump AGAIN Disputes Widow's Recollection Of Phone Call

The First White President

LIVE NOW- Bipartisan Task Force to End Sexual Violence roundtable on college sexual violence

Governor calls for Medicaid expansion to cover children's health insurance

RT uses circular reasoning to bash Twitter for banning RT from advertisements.

I Was A Racist Cop: How I came to recognize my own racism, bias, and privilege

AP NewsBreak: Georgia election server wiped after suit filed

Pix of a wasp having a dew drop drink of water in front of a rose

AP NewsBreak: Georgia election server wiped after suit filed

Happy Birthday Madam President

Former NJ State Rep.: OReilly Harassed my Ex, Asked for Dirt Against Other Accusers

Betcha can't guess..Who's the Couple?

GOP fires back at Virginia Beach man's lawsuit that accuses the party of fraud for failing to repeal

How to safely try cannabutter or cannabis oil when you dont know its THC potency

Juliette Kayyem Prediction: Mueller will deliver Russia investigation by Thanksgiving

Virginia Connection: YouTube Trumpkin and Former Milo Intern Kills Own Dad for Calling Him a Nazi

Lying with a smile on his face; Rep. Jim Renacci of Ohio

Stakeholders Shine Light on Koocanusa Pollution

Once again, it's the world-famous Flathead Beacon police blotter.

Lou Dobbs: Trump one of the most loved and respected presidents in history.

KO: Is Donald Trump Paying Hush Money? He's paying $430,000 for others' legal fees. Let's hope they

KO:Is Donald Trump Paying Hush Money? He's paying $430,000 for others' legal fees. Let's hope they

Nope! No drug issues here!

This @mmfa supercut of Trump interviews with Fox et al is amazing

San Francisco 49ers Join Law Enforcement to Advocate for Gun Control Legislation, Donate $500K

Stephen Colbert tries to imagine if Obama had given Trump's 'crazy old guy' news conference

If Trump is intelligent, then I'm a genius.

Paul Ryan doesn't rule out changes to 401(k) plans

HBO is paying Halperin to Mansplain the '16 Election. UPDATED

Colbert "rewrites" the CNN apple ad

Why Joe Biden Didn't Run . . . And Why He's Not Ruling Out 2020

Samantha Bee's Hell House Scares A Climate Change Denier Into Believing

Trump needs to be studied.

Ex-policewoman's cannabis use to relieve pain from MS

New science suggests the ocean could rise more and faster than we thought

I did see a clip of the Lou Dobbs/Donald Trump circle jerk and/or interview and one thing stood out


Entrepreneurial Women

Wednesday October 26, 1881

Cancer patient: Treat gun violence like cancer

Anybody ever wonder if Comey feels guilty about how he excoriated Hillary in that July...

Throwback Thursday: Idiots Get Convinced FDR Just Died

Donald it isn't your heritage, you're from New York

Arsenic found in baby food, scary new study shows

Who Knew Trump Would Be Such a Weak President?

I was talking with my barber today.

Cory Booker, Lindsey Graham testify at Menendez bribery trial

Abandoned Mystery Cabin on Highway 50 - Road Trip Day 8 Episode 16

I think what we are now seeing - decency, doing the "right thing" - is extremely fragile - not the

GOP House just passed the Trump/Koch Robber Baron Tax Scam (on schedule)

Wish me luck

Baltimore lacked authority to take down Confederate monuments

***Breaking...House narrowly passes budget***

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and...Mueller?

Zippy The Pinhead

if and or when Dems win control of both houses and Dem president will they (2018,2020)

Update; Lying with a smile on his face; Rep. Jim Renacci of Ohio

80,000 gallons of raw sewage spill into Columbia River

The information age has made us contrariwise.

I think this needs more attention

Two Sources: NYAG is Investigating Manafort to Force Him to Flip

Joe Girardi out as NY Yankees manager:

Trumps FCC Chair Moves to Undermine Journalism and Democracy

Does anyone have information on medicare

Committee Splits As Donald Trump Warrants Scrutiny

Cha-Ching! Sessions to pay RW/Tea groups for IRS hoax (more groups than were targeted)

JUST love Rockin Shoes...

Daily Kos: Sexual harassment allegations put Mark Halperin's past defense of Trump in a new light

🎃Can You Match the Serial Killer to the Movie?🔪 Not That Easy!🎃

National security expert: Mueller will deliver on Russian investigation before Thanksgiving.

Ladies of the Ticker: Women and Wall Street from the Gilded Age to the Great Depression

Trump Spent $1.75 Million on Presidential Furniture, Redecorations

Ladies of the Ticker: Women and Wall Street from the Gilded Age to the Great Depression

Christian college requires freshman to take Patriotic Education and Fitness class to honor the fla

Even though E.E. Cummings later in life became and ardent supporter of Joseph McCarthy, this quote

Spotlight on Canada's health-care system during Bernie Sanders's visit to Toronto this weekend

Probe Launched Into Trump Voter Fraud Panel

Probe Launched of Trump Voter Fraud Panel

Must be a horrible way to die

DC Public Library: Unicorn Times and Quicksilver Times Digitized

When a culture produces this much sexual assault, it's not an accident

When a culture produces this much sexual assault, it's not an accident

Electric Six - I'm The Bomb

When a culture produces this much sexual assault, it's not an accident

So bloated gas bag Chris Christie

Miss. judge resigns after barring mother from seeing her baby for 14 months over unpaid court costs.

Florida lawmaker faces threats after criticizing Trump

Have the JFK files been released yet?

The Rude One: More GOP Hypocrisy...

Electric Six - Gay bar

GE Explores Exiting From the Railroad Business

"One entered the city like a god; one scuttles in now like a rat." -- Penn Station, NYC, 1910 - 1963

What will happen to the UK once they leave the EU

McConnell allies declare open warfare on Bannon

Getting high at Lake Hodges,CA

Why did no one speak out about Harvey Weinstein?

Why did no one speak out about Harvey Weinstein?

Why did no one speak out about Harvey Weinstein?

Bank of America downgrades Chipotle for paying their workers more:

Why is every time Trump speaking it sounds like he ran to the microphone....

When Trump goes off script, he really goes WAY off script...


Thousands of Hurricane-Damaged Cars and Trucks Heading Back to Market

Photo: Bernie at Cafe Bliss DC

Tampa mayor tells officers to bring him killer's head

Boehner: "Most average Republicans are throwing up over fact the knuckleheads are running the show"

Capitalism does not work in medicine...

Two pigs on a plane

It's too bad the opioid crisis gripping middle America probably won't humble the addicted...

If we have 3 more years of this turd Trump....

Trump administration asks to argue an antigay bakers case at the Supreme Court

Halperin leaves MSNBC amid perv allegations

Help me understand something about Trump's opioid speech...

"Get Your Hand Off My Ass, You Perverted Creep!"

If we give all the halloween candy to rich kids, it makes more candy for everyone.

Amazon Key system will allow delivery drivers to unlock customers' doors

How Facebook and Twitter Quietly Helped Trump Win.."embeds"

Sessions speech to Heritage Foundation says religious expression overrides civil rights laws.

American Doctors Join Sen. Bernie Sanders for Canadian Health Care Tour

Ellen Explains Facts & Fake News with Fruit hahaha

Keep your eyes open and demand answers

Ten years ago today in "Zippy the Pinhead":

Feds tour Border Wall prototypes in Otay Mesa near San Diego.

Halperin leaving NBC amid sexual harassment allegations

Puerto Rico's Payday Loans: Pre hurricanes

HBO Drops Mark Halperins 2016 Election Movie..

Working in the Trump White House is like going for a swim in a septic tank:

Social media interaction:

What If George Herbert Walker Bush is non compos mentis ?

Republicans better run 2return any money donated by Halperin We're waiting for Donald 2 say somethin

Hillary: Children are going to lose their health care (CHIP): 202-224-3121--CALL Congress Member...

GOP's cat fight?

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: The rebirth of America must come through women seizing power

🎃Before Little Joe There Was Tony Rivers🎃

Ending the opioid crisis?

Wyden Sounds Alarm on GOP $1.5 TRILLION Treasury Heist

Who Needs Osama, Al Qaeda And The Taliban When We Have The Heritage Foundation?

A Martinez from "Longmire" has some thoughts on draining the swamp.

My surgery today went great!

Today on du I learned that it's OK for elderly man to grab women's asses

With Republicans shouldn't we frame it as "highest bidder (donor) first" rather than "party first" ?

Pumpkin Dance

A fast-evolving cyclone will sweep northward from Florida to New England in a mere 24 hours late

Signaling Deep Throat

I see Tad "Ukraine" Devine is surfacing again on MSNBC. He must think the Mueller coast is clear ?

..25yrs after Anita Hill tried to tell us...

In the last couple of weeks the US Navy has thinned most of the Arctic ice by 50-75%

Trump's culture wars are a bore - By Jennifer Rubin

The religious right has come out of the closet and it is everything its worst critics claimed

Dear Democrats: Stop rehabilitating George W. Bush

FEMA Had a Plan for Responding to a Hurricane in Puerto Rico -- But It Doesn't Want You to See It

BAM - Vicente Fox nails Trump again.

John Lewis to Clinton: 'Happy Birthday, Madame President'

World's witnessing a new Gilded Age as billionaires wealth swells to $6tn

Before Skateboarding There Was

Many Voters Dislike Trump's Cuts to Health Insurer Subsidies

Defy Media (Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies) Responds To Andy Signore's Termination

Like racism is a white problem, sexual assault is a MAN problem and MEN have to fix it.

Powerful and strange documentary.

Delays on Russia sanctions

Puerto Rico 36 days later

Playful Cats Appear to Practice the Meditative Art of Tai Chi While Reaching for a Toy Above Their..

Happy birthday Hillary

Declares health emergency over opioids but no new funds to help

Pearl Youth Court judge resigns, court permanently closed

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want everyone to stop this criticism of Trump and get back to work...

Tillerson: Assad Has 'No Role' in Syria's Future

I see this headline 'trump speaks emotionally of the brother he lost to alcoholism' and I think

Tea Party leader: Trump should "stay out" of Mississippi race

No network has interviewed Trump more than Fox. Heres what theyve asked

Why didn't Mika speak up about Halperin? She had to have known.

The Real New Yorker...

There was NEVER an email story, and there is NO uranium story now.

Probe Launched Into Voter Fraud Panel

Thais Bid Final Farewell to King

Proposal for 'solar' border wall appears dead

BREAKING NEWS: Sexual harassment claims filed against Fox News' Lou Dobbs.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 27 October 2017

Nurses returning from Puerto Rico accuse the federal government of leaving people to die

The crazy old guy yelling on his front lawn

Democrats work to stop nuclear strike

Anyone here ever use a 'corded' snow blower, that you plug into an outlet?

The Thin Skin of John Kelly

Wades back into monument controversy

You know what Republicans who don't like Trump can do?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 26, 2017

The authoritarian cult

I came across this ad and thought it was fake,

Say it so Joe?

Photos: NNU RNs meeting with Sen Sanders discussing situation in #PuertoRico

Trump's opioid declaration doesn't include a request for more funding

Anyone wonder what happened to the JFK Secret File release today- Delayed?

CA used its own database + voter information collected from FB + news publishers 2 help trump

Dinosaur sported 'bandit mask'

Budget Vote Raises Red Flag for GOP on Tax Reform

Greeting Pence in Denver!

Metallica & Lady Gaga: Pre-Grammy Rehearsal

Visitor from Far, Far Away: Interstellar Object Spotted in Our Solar System

DANIEL LEVITIN - Weaponized Lies - Bregman Leadership Podcast. Very interesting!

Trump could make visiting a national park more expensive than a Six Flags ticket

What's the difference between Las Vegas shooter Steven Paddock and Donald Trump?

For hither not, I am the stallion

Dogs dressed as pumpkins

Pelosi to Trump on declaring the opioid epidemic a public health emergency: "Show me the money."

Enthusiasm Gap Should Worry Republicans

I'm BACK! With a new aortic valve!

St. Andrew Episcopal Church in Mentor offers sanctuary to woman facing deportation and her two child

Trump delays release of hundreds of remaining JFK assassination documents, bowing to national...

Twitter is banning all ads from Russian news agencies RT and Sputnik effective immediately

So Groper Don the Con has not released the Kennedy documents

CNN host Don Lemon files police report over white nationalist Twitter death threat

Trump pick for top environmental post once wrote Texas would be 'better off' as an independent...


Artist Defends Chinatown Exhibit After Protests

Public health crisis vs. National health crisis

Opioid issues covered: dont stop winning

i loves me some mike quigley, just now on the beat, but

If you can't make it to the Women's Convention this weekend

Nunes: Democrats Made Russians 'Successful' By Pursuing Dossier

Special Report: U.S. company makes a fortune selling bodies donated to science

HBO Drops Halperin-Linked Project As Another Accuser Comes Forward

A homophobic ad was placed next to this pizza shop. Their response was delicious.

Drug company founder indicted in US-wide opioid conspiracy

Every time I visit DU on my iphone I get Phished w/ "You have a virus! Click to solve" from "Apple"

Pope's tough question for International Space Station crew

2018 US Senate Election-based on public opinion polling.

Federal court appoints special master to decide if NC racial gerrymanders remain unconstitutional


Mississippi schools back down on 'To Kill A Mockingbird' ban; permission slip required

Remember the Lesson of Roger Casement

Cambridge Analytica and the 45 campaign

Syfy Channel is hittin' it!

Mark Cuban is thinking of running for President in a Republican.

Disney Theme Parks - Poll

10-year-old boy leads troopers on high-speed chase after taking family car


Canada Warns Nafta Talks Cant Be Winner Take All

Thank You For Your Sacrifice

Vicente Fox Slams Trump's "Brag" About potus intelligence!

D-Out : Harukaze Shalala

Some JFK Files just released now.

Al Gore and John Kerry speak on things such as our democracy's troubles and climate change

Al Gore and John Kerry conversation on things like our democracy and climate change

The Forgotten Hillary Clinton Voter

Hey look everyone! It's "DC Bob" .... Ari Fleischer

When you're not talking politics - Fink asked Shrub - what do you and your father talk about?

Joy Reid in for Chris Hayes...