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Archives: July 14, 2017

Five takeaways from the GOP's healthcare reboot

GOP operative sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide

Lawmakers agree to keep Pentagons chemical weapons tests on US troops secret

Tries to blame son's meeting with Russian lawyer on Obama

Trump's lawyer apologizes for sending threatening emails to a stranger.

Majority Thinks Trump Jr.'s Meeting Was Inappropriate, Poll Finds

Do Cities Need More Roof Gardens

Security clearance

Donald Trump: Trump Jr's meeting 'opposition research'

Insurers dont have to cover birth control under GOPs revised health bill

House rejects controversial transgender, climate-change amendments to defense bill

House rejects controversial transgender, climate-change amendments to defense bill

House rejects attempt to ban transgender surgery for troops

BREAKING: tRump Lawyers Knew of Jr's Emails in JUNE!

The Con's lawyers were informed about this meeting in June

No smoking gun yet, but definitely a bunch of smoking pants. nt

Wasted Time, Wasted Thought..."The Wall"

Kushner pushed for more aggressive defense of Trump Jr. meeting

If I were Rob Goldstone, I would stay away from tall buildings..

Oh My! Pope Francis allies accuse Trump White House of 'apocalyptic geopolitics'

President Trump, stay away from U.S. Women's Open this weekend

The great red spot of Jupiter as never seen before in pictures

DeVos: Too many college students have been treated unfairly under Obama-era sexual assault policy

So, I missed a million miles of fun :(

Analysis: By time son walked into meeting, damage was done

EPA resurrects big, salmon-killing Alaska mine

Sources: Trump lawyers knew of Russia emails three weeks ago

21 Filling Vegetarian Salads That Are Standalone Meals

Larsen C Ice Shelf Calves Huge Berg. What it means, and What Now?

Members of Congress press Sessions to investigate sexual ads at


Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Hobby Felony! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Two former staffers charged in cyberstalking of U.S. House member, husband

Legal team faces tensions

California State Bill Would Ease Burden Of Traffic Ticket Fines On The Poor

In Trumps world, innocence is proved by guilt

Tobacco companies tighten hold on Washington under Trump

Two national monuments are no longer up for review, Interior says. That leaves 25.

Whoa - Rachel - Peter Smith death actually a suicide

Jimmy Carter! Eom

Watchdogs to DOJ: Jr. broke campaign finance laws

Scions and Scoundrels

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 16 - Based on Jack Schaefer

TCM Schedule for Monday July 17 - Geraldine Chaplin

Ex-New York Assembly Speaker Silver has conviction voided, faces retrial

Fugitive Venezuela police pilot pops up at opposition vigil

Abusive Chicago Cop Hoarded Racist Websites for Years

Rachel is covering those Kasowitz emails. Holy crap.

On Rachel-- Trumps Lawyer had Trump Jr e-mails for 3weeks

Rep. Swalwell: No, Mr. President - most people would NOT seek campaign aid from a foreign adversary

Will Trump be in favor of building a wall between the Alaskan-Russian border from keeping

Chuck Blazer, Central Figure in FIFA Scandal, Dies at 72

Does anyone else want to hear from Obama what he thinks our top 10 concern should be?

DeVos Says She Will Revisit Obama-Era Sexual Assault Policies

White Punks on Dope

Put Rachel on Now! She is going to have ex Pentagon official

Beyond Brilliant : Kermit does Spicer and Truump

Note to Trump's attorney, Marc Kasowitz: Mind sending me an email telling me to 'watch my back'

Peter Smith, GOP activist who sought Clinton emails, cited Trump campaign officials in recruiting pi

Scott Walker Set to Sign Koch Anti-Regulations Bill in Wisconsin

626 (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers ft. Jason Chen

Rep. Lieu: Writing NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER (Peter Smith) seems awfully suspicious

Sessions: Religion is under attack

Bannon failed to properly disclose more than $2 million in mortgage debt on disclosure form

Garvey, Valley, Main, Huntington (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers ft. Priscilla Liang

These Democratic Senators Are Blasting Betsy DeVos For Her Approach To Campus Rape

Silver May Start Parade of Horribles Out of McDonnell Case, Critics Say.

Bravo, Rachel, beautifully done and said to Peter Smith's family.

Russia is committing terrorism against us.

This goat snuggling her toy will help you sleep tonight

Sessions needs to go. He's protecting a criminal cabal.

The old 97

Why Cant the U.S. Left Get Venezuela Right?

Carter in hospital tonight in Winnipeg, Manitoba (CBC News).

Germany, Chile agree to form joint commission on secretive cult

Chile Court Orders Extradition of Pinochet Official in Miami

These People...

Living Another Day, Thanks to Grandparents Who Couldnt Sleep

Chile Court Orders Extradition of Pinochet Official in Miami

A heads up to twitter users from Tea Pain:

At least he did not try to grab her or forced himself on her

Read this! A new lawsuit against the Trump campaign setting out

Anti-Muslim Harassment by a 'Patriot' What Would You Do?

"Watch her back bitch" seems to be the theme of the entire trump administration. These people

Go into this weekend feeling v.v. alarmed that Heller/Murkowski/Capito/Portman will cave 2 McConnell

"I'm a tremendous fracker..." -DeeJiT

OMG! On Lawrence O'Donnell right now. Looks like Jared Kushner

We sure have our share of screwy criminals here in Wisconsin...

Dude who took out full page ads calling to BRING BACK DEATH PENALTY targeting innocent teenagers

If you're not angry enough to swing hard and swing wild, you're not paying enough attention

Trump and Trumpkin/Trumpette/Trumpanzee excuse thread

2018 US Senate Election-Most to Least Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held US Senate seat.

In one of his BS interviews I heard Fredo Drumpt say, explaining his Russian meeting,

Airbnb host must pay $5,000 for canceling reservation based on race

Reporter investigating Trump dies same day as Peter Smith.

"Criming While White", the Trump Family Motto

Poll: 73 percent of Democrats would give up drinking for Trump impeachment

Translation: Trump lied, again

Well the loser RoJo is going to be voting yes on health care bill after all.


I wonder if anyone informed Drumpt the storming of the Bastille

Arizona group says school voucher bill repeal is on track

IMPORTANT Twitter thread from Andy Slavitt on Turtle's "new" BCRAP "healthcare" bill...

Lindsey Graham: Trump could appoint four Supreme Court justices

KAISER has an excellent chart comparing ACA vs AHCA vs BCRA (with today's revisions)

Charlie Hebdo trump visit on Bastille Day

AARP: Proposed Medicaid cuts would severely hurt ALL age groups

What would happen if Putin said, "Yes. We did."

Nevada marijuana shops soon can restock retail product

I'm tired of having a President who favors money/ power over the country

Who Is 'El Mencho'? 20 Things To Know About Jalisco New Generation Cartel Drug Kingpin

Don't let Kid Rock lie about coming "straight out of the trailer" (PHOTO)

Democrats scored two big special election wins in Oklahoma on Tuesday,

Jenny Durkan calls Tim Eyman a self promoting village idiot

Viral NYC Subway Photo Is What America Is All About

Rep.Ted Lieu sends list of Sessions legal violations to Alabama State Bar

Bill Clinton Behind the Bushes

Strange ; How Peter W Smith died

We have a gangster presidency...

Does this president

Rachel has all the right questions.

Federal Judge Says Trump Travel Ban Can't Keep Out Grandparents And Other Family Members

zodiacPAC-Reminding you why Ted Cruz and his cronies are bad for Texas and America.

Trump conflict of interest concerns over links with law firm run by Philippine government official

Groper-in-chief has fondling observation of Mrs. Macron.

From Kyle Griffin ("Last Word" producer):

A quote

Shartboy in Paris, or Vive la Cray!

"Ive looked on a lot of women with lust. Ive committed adultery in my heart many times. "

For Your Own Sake, GOP - STFU

The Translators - Interpreting Donald Trump: The Daily Show

Federal judge says grandparents and other close family excluded from travel ban

Defeated Defenders Can Only Whimper

President Reagan's daughter goes after Trump. "A shining city on the hill into a shadowy, tawdry...

May Lift Sanctions on Russia to 'Give Collaboration' a 'Chance'

Happy Birthday Roger

Prototypical mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging cowardly gun humping ammosexual

Federal judge blocks new California gun control law requiring disposal of large-capacity magazines

Chicago Dyke March account uses KKK term for Jews.

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 7/13/17


Sen. Sanders: Trump 'Has To Be Exposed For The Fraud He Is' - Morning Joe

Trump calls GOP healthcare plan a "failed" replacement

Golden Toilet Tweetstorm, 7/14/17: Mike Pence working hard on TrumpCare with wonderful Republicans.

Las Vegas Review-Journal's double-dipping expose shows why pension records must be public

Clark County teachers celebrate ruling in salary system dispute

Two completely unrelated photos, yes...but I'm feeling the same vibe in each.

Oregon highway 'slimed' after hagfish lorry overturns

Youth center helps homeless Las Vegas teens turn life around

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Step into the cell, Don

Friday Toon Roundup 2 - Poor, Poor, Pitiful Family

Friday Toon Roundup 3 - Deathcare Logic

Friday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Hawaii Judge Exempts Grandparents And Other Relatives From Trump Travel Ban

Pence Hires Fixer Chief of Staff as Trump Falls Apart

Nye County Gold Mine Wants To Expand Open Pit Mine

Longtime employee who stole more than $100,000 from Boise club sent to prison

Snakes on a Plane -- And Under the Capitol Dome

MSNBC just now : There was someone ELSE in the room with the Russian lawyer !!!

What to Know About Article 88 Should Trump Begin to Melt Down

Russian Lawyer Brought Ex-Soviet Counter Intelligence Officer to Trump Team Meeting

"The only way this changes is if Democrats take the House. The end."

You can't fake good kids.

Oh, Goodie, Nothing like waking up in the morning to Breaking News

Charles Krauthammer: Bungled collusion is still collusion

"Oh, yeah, then there was Putin's friend." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump, Jr.!!!

The purpose was to meet with the Russian Intelligence Officer

JarJar Kush (R - Traitor to America)

Is anyone else annoyed by

The origin of Superheroes: Doc Strange

Well,poor little Mollie peed on the bed this morning.


She was right. Say it. Day 3

'She was accompanied by AT LEAST one other person' at the collusion meeting.

There Are Good Reasons for Male Circumcision (Debunked)

Defunding Planned Parenthood Led to More Teen Abortions and Unintended Pregnancies

Hey, Democratic Candidates: Pro-Choice Women Are Your Base

DoJ Abruptly Settles Case With Prevezon. Guess who the Lawyer Is

2018 Campaign Commercial Idea

Need to get these guys under oath

1st they came for factory workers

You're 39 get over it...............

Could fox and friends be baiting trump?

Bill Browder, who spearheaded the Magnitsky Act, now confirming it was Akhmetshin.

New Yorker Cover

Lawyers could be the next profession to be replaced by computers

*****Breaking ***** Unreported Russian asset in Jr's meeting with Russian government lawyer *

FYI: "Good Boy, Jr." is the same age as the President of France

A solid journalism source tells me...

The Fart of the Deal

Beaumont man on probation for killing whooping cranes gets 11 months in prison for violating terms

NOW: Sixth person in the room...just breaking m$nbc

Is he being impeached yet???


Who is actually going to uphold the law in the US?

A seventh person came into the room as the discussion was going on?

At 3,000 Bottles/Second, Coke's Recycled Content Announcement Is Nothing Less Than Pathetic

We don't have a Manchurian candidate, we have a Manchurian family. Our nation seems to have

As Maddow and Lawrence report on the use of Russian Propoganda on websites, I remember

DHS Debunks Trump Claim That Loretta Lynch Let Russian Lawyer Into U.S.

NOAA - 2016 GHG Output Biggest In Nearly 30 Yrs; Up 40% From 1990 To 2016 - NYT

From The People Who Brought You "Chasing Ice" - "Chasing Coral" - NYT

OK Democrats, and our illustrious press, if this republican health plan is so great

Morning Joe Guest: Trump like 'Napoleon,' Family Like 'The Borgias'

Every time I think he couldn't say anything dumber...


Having a former Soviet intelligence officer in a meeting to obtain Hillary dirt doesn't imply guilt

Suppression of Liberal/Progressive Voices on other Political Forms

Trump Goes on Bastille Day Tweetstorm Urging Senate Passage of Health Care

Breaking : NBC now reporting that there was a SIXTH person in the room

Maybe in a way, Jim Bakker is actually onto something here

How long before Putin demands Trump give Alaska back to Russia

Getting to First Base

I know distasteful but some brave soul

Live in Ohio? Call @JohnKasich and ask him to breathe down Portman's neck too: 614.466.3555 and

Fox News: The 5th and 6th persons who were @ the Trump Jr. / Russian Lawyer meeting

Did an Oklahoma State Representative Say Rape and Incest are the 'Will of God'?

Ohio--Call @JohnKasich and ask him to breathe down Portman's neck too: 614.466.3555 and

White House Aides May Have to Answer to Special Counsel Over Russia Meeting Response

Trump spokesperson admits opportunistic, periodic, and blatant collusion"

Returning Compounds to Russia: "We want to give collaberation...a chance."

There is an Ex-CIA analyst Fred on msnbc and giving out same wrong information as Republicans-Fox-

Tim Tebow magic continues as he hits walk-off home run

Republicans Confident Senator Dean Heller Will Be Bought Off, Pass Trumpcare

No More Naps on the Railroad, Says New CSX Boss

For Trump, "Things fall apart..."

How long before your Trumpinista friends and relatives...

Trump revels in French military pomp far from White House turmoil

Trump administration suddenly pulls plug on teen pregnancy programs

2020 US Senate Race-Highly Vulnerable Republican Held US Senate Seats.

Scenic Upper Peninsula of Michigan

This single payer "group" has had NO activity lately..

GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails committed suicide

Vanguard Taps New Chief

ex soviet counter intelligence officer was in the room with don jr

The USS trumpbarge is heading for an iceberg

" A sixth person was reported to be in the meeting, almost a clown car. "

Jeff Sessions used our research to claim that sanctuary cities have more crime. He's wrong.

Democratic Talking Point for Friday July 14, 2016

An elephant was stranded nine miles out to sea. Then the Sri Lankan Navy arrived.

If donald jr. said he got nothing from the russian lawyer, I would venture to say

The state needs more trained workers. A governor's taskforce will present its solutions today

Russian oligarchs and American Liberty

Jim Garlow Calls For A National Tax To Fund Church-Provided Healthcare

Danziger: Who Changed The White House Locks? (cartoon)

Bride Calls Off Wedding Invites Homeless To Reception

Pelosi: Im joining fellow House Democrats to take a stand for Congressional oversight of the Trump

Idaho Democratic Party negotiating voter data settlement

Colbert trolls 'Satan's trophy wife' Conway over using signs in interview

Lizette Salas is the perfect champion at Donald Trump's U.S. Women's Open

The executions should be televised. Not treason you say?

Sanders triumphs over Trump in healthcare's battle of ideas

Who is Rinat Akhmetshin, the Fifth Person in the Don Jr. Meeting?

2 accused of stealing placenta, umbilical cord from Caldwell hospital

Discharged From Hospital Pres Carter Returns To Work At Habitat Site!

Conway: Trump-Russia Collusion 'Goalposts Have Been Moved'

Major progressive group endorses Martha McSally challenger

This is what happens when *regular* people lie on the SF-86:

Trumps legal team faces tensions and a client who often takes his own counsel

When the full extent of Trump's relationship with Russia is revealed,

I wouldn't be surprised to find out the mc'connell was at don jr's meeting. That's about the same

Kushner Will Have To Amend His Security Application Form Again Darnit

Two Israeli police and three gunmen killed in shootout at holy site

Carter returns to Habitat for Humanity worksite after leaving hospital

Russia threatens retaliation in U.S. diplomatic row

MSNBC says that Junior says there was a 6th person in the Russia meeting, and there is no record

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Conway: Hillary Clinton one of the only people who believes in Russia collusion

Need some help regarding the Russian attorney Trump Jr. met with...

Guantanamo Bay

Trump: "The United States and Russia Have Always Been Close Allies..."

Opinion: Sanders triumphs over Trump in healthcare's battle of ideas

Which Trump Child Are You? Buzzfeed:

Hawaii judge dilutes Trump travel ban further by expanding family list

Grandparents, other extended relatives exempt from Trump travel ban, federal judge rules

Look past the smoke from the Trump White House funeral pyre, and you'll see financial Armageddon

Trump Justice Dept Abruptly Settled Case. Guess Who the Lawyer Was!

More on Akhmetshin: Oppo Researcher Behind Trump Dossier Is Linked To Pro-Kremlin Lobbying Effort

My guess is this is how many parts of France reacted to Drumpt's visit

Kushner Failed to Get $500M Loan from Qatar Just Before Sanctions

With all this Russian hacking what about DU being taken off line for

2nd Meeting being reported June 17th, 2016

Conway: "ONLY" Hillary thinks Trump "colluded with Russia anymore."

Trump Jr.'s attorney calls NBC News to clarify

I heard on a teevee broadcast Drumpt was going to invite Putin

Police in Oregon were in a slimy situation on Thursday after a truck carrying 7,500 pounds of live h

"We never got anything out of the meeting"

Anyone See Trent Franks Cheerleading For Trump Attacking Dems on CNN? What A Jerk

Trump's deep connections to dirty Russian money: The trail leads back more than 30 years

Weatherman Calls Anchors Hoes

4.2 earthquake in Oklahoma this morning

92 YO badass builds house, gets dehydrated, goes to hospital, is discharged, resumes building

Fugelsang wins the internet

Trump Tower to be renamed Grand Russian Station.

Trump Data Guru 'Unaware Of Any Russian Involvement' In His Operations

AP: Russian-American lobbyist says he was in Trump sons meeting

Orange Foolius is at 43/57 at Rasmussen

Sixth person at meeting was a translator (though everyone spoke English)--

Automakers Are Asking China To Slow Down Electric Car Quotas

Judge Tosses Jurys Conviction Of Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions

Ex-RNC head Steele explodes on Trump for dragging the GOP through his 'crap every single frigging...

Nation's largest group of doctors blasts updated GOP healthcare bill

Congresswoman urges colleagues to "bare arms" for "Sleeveless Friday" in the House

Everyone in France was talking about Don Jr's emails

A question about the pardons:

Tillerson Vents About 'Fragmented' Govt: 'Not A Highly Disciplined Organization'

As a 16-year-old, she befriended younger girls and pimped them out for sex

The right's love for the Putin regime is as important today as it was during the Obama admin

Pence hires new chief of staff

What Robert Mueller learned from Enron

0-60 MPH in 2.3 Sec! How the Dodge Demon is The World's Fastest Accelerating Production Car

Trump Team Met Russian Accused of International Hacking Conspiracy

Judge tosses out jury's conviction of woman arrested after laughing at Jeff Sessions hearing

Becoming more and more obvious that

I want to buy an Apple laptop. What would you recommend?

U.S. farm lobby turns up heat on Trump team as NAFTA talks near

Healthcare for millions is at risk, especially those with pre-existing conditions, and those

Whoaa so now we learn there were actual spies in the don jr meeting

London acid attacks: 5 men assaulted in 1 night; 2 arrested

Red Sox parting ways with Pablo Sandoval

The Mueller investigation needs to be complete first?

We need Trump out of the White House ASAP! He's a traitor!

Private Email of Top U.S. Russia Intelligence Official Hacked

Excellent, easy to read, article on recent changes to Senate Health Care bill.

GOP Rep. On Donald Jr.s Russian Meeting: Nothing Wrong With That

Bob SCHIEFFER barely knuckle-rapped Uday & maybe took a swipe at Dan RATHER

Kobach Says People Who Are Canceling Voter Registration Might Not Be Citizens

Sinkhole Swallows 2 Homes Near Tampa

Artem Klyushin, a Russian billionaire and heavy critic of sanctions, and Trump's party-mate in 2013.

If You Think You're having a Bad Day - Look at this

#Trumpcare is a bad deal for all Americans. Send us your questions by using the hashtag #AskDems.

A live look inside AF1 as @realDonaldTrump makes his way back to the US. #Collusion

Well, It Could Have Been Worse - But I Doubt It

Rapper DMX dodged $1.7 million in taxes by 'maintaining a cash lifestyle,' prosecutors say

Was 6th person the lawyer's translator? Cuz he/his wife worked for US STATE DEPT

Increased automation guarantees a bleak outlook for Trump's promises to coal miners

Jeff Sessions used our research to claim that sanctuary cities have more crime. Hes wrong.

Increased automation guarantees a bleak outlook for Trump's promises to coal miners

Oh yuck!

Trustees project biggest Social Security increase in years

Don the Con doesn't even care what's in the death bill

Millions More Uninsured Could Impact Health Of Those With Insurance, Too

Mark Halperin with face hair figures out a thing

Seventh person in Trump Jr -Russia meeting identified

Private Email of Top U.S. Russia Intelligence Official Hacked

TWSJ. opinion: The increasing rate of aviation mishaps in the armed services deserves attention.

A translator?

Former RNC head Michael Steele has a new slogan for Trump: "Crap - Every Single Frigging Day"

Do you ever feel like you're one of the characters in "The Sixth Sense,"

Collusion isn't illegal

Pundits Need to stop asking this stupid question

Kasich Puts Portman On The Spot By Torching Obamacare Repeal Bill

Women's March organizers protest the NRA ahead of 17-mile march to the Justice Department

A Judge Has Ordered the Arrest of Peru's Former President in Corruption Scandal

House passes budget-busting defense policy bill

Isn't it funny that around this time 8 years ago, the concern was about Obama's "Czars" (OMG!!1!!!)?

In case you missed Rachel last night

BWAHAHA! Andrea Greenspan wonders if new Trump attorney can stop him from tweeting.

July 14 Agitation

When the shit really hits the fan remember

'It's totally wrong': Families shaken by Sage Hill massacre that leaves 16 children without mothers

Foods You Hate

So why doesn't the media call any of Trump's people "Czars"? Let's help it out!

Open question. What is the end game re Trump?

LMAO !! Not to be missed

While Trump watches TV and fury-tweets, 92-year-old Jimmy Carter is fighting cancer and STILL trying

Wonder How The Country Can Survive This GOP/Trump Shit Storm.

Cameroon forces 'kill 97 Nigerian fishermen' in Bakassi

White House official takes issue with judge's travel ban ruling

This fucking idiot misogynist is trying to primary Pelosi.

The United States of America has passed the Rubicon and is now divided into two distinct groups

Big Majority Oppose GOP Health Care Bill

RT going with the spin that the scandal is actually Democrats colluding with Ukraine.

Judge Tosses Jurys Conviction Of Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions

Nav app mispronunciation

Jamie Dimon blows up at DC's dysfunction, says he's tired of 'listening to the stupid s---'

Schiff: 'Another Deeply Disturbing Fact' Revealed In Trump Jr. Meeting

One of the Russians at meeting on collusion WAS A HACKER, alleges lawyer provided hacked DNC docs

Trump Team Met Russian Accused of International Hacking Conspiracy

Close Encounters at Devils Tower National Monument Road Trip Day 3 Episode 3

From acne to pregnancy, here's every 'preexisting condition' that could put your insurance at risk

Don Jr's forgotten "fifth man" has history of hacking, negative PR ops

i wonder when the russians in the room with Jr., manafort and jared will release the audio tapes???

Meanwhile, at Calgary Stampede:

It took an international criminal conspiracy to take HRC down

Thursday Evening: Person Struck By Metrorail Train at Virginia Square

«Couple etrange»: la visite de Trump en France vue par la presse internationale

What the hell?!?

Heat Advisory Issued for Friday Afternoon

Heat Advisory Issued for Friday Afternoon

Russia, mulling expulsions, says too many U.S. spies work in Moscow

Looks like Jared will need to amend his security clearance form...

Trumps legal team faces tensions and a client who often takes his own counsel

So the trump team also met with a "former" Russian spy at the meeting with the Russian

4 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Safe, Even After Justice Kennedy Retires

Discuss among yourselves, but I feel the Republicans...

Jared is in a shitload of trouble

UPDATED - Trump Team Reportedly Wants RNC to Cover Legal Defense Costs for Russia Investigations

Watch Trump's Never-Ending Handshake with Macron

Democrats renew efforts to link banks, Trump and Russia

This week how many times have you heard a republican representative or senator or surrogate say....

GOP Rep. Dave Brat: We've Gotten 'A Little Hysterical' About Russia

House Approves Defense Policy Bill Declaring Climate Change A National Security Threat

Commentary: The Russia scandal will do permanent damage to Trump and Republicans

Appeals court calls North Carolina county's prayer unconstitutional


Jared's Project Alamo/Cambridge Analytica is a huge key in this

I don't want to refight the primaries. But I have questions

Maine and New England consider stronger CO2 caps

"Dump Trump's Bunch"

Today's tweet du jour at DPRK_News:

Airbnb host must pay $5,000 for canceling reservation based on race.

Old Lawsuit Claims Ex-Soviet Intel Agent Has 'Special Expertise in Running Negative...

Juliette Kayyem's theory on Trump Jr. meeting and why Russians so easily talking about attending

Trump Just Refused To Let Go Of The French President In Humiliating Handshake Debacle

Leaked Documents Suggest Secretive Billionaire Trump Donors Are Milos Patrons.

I want to see the Tax Returns....all of them

scandal free

This is an oldie - but relevant to the current Trump cluster-f

The New Essentials of French Cooking

BREAKING: New Report Claims Russian Lawyer Actually Did Bring Clinton Dirt Docs to Trump Jr. Meeting

Holy Cow! White House Releases 112 Pages of Comments to Kobach and Election Integrity Commission

SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS: Damaging winds and flash flooding are threatening

SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS: Damaging winds and flash flooding are threatening the D.C. area

CNS: In lawsuit, Mining firm accuses Renit Akhmetshin, who met with Jr., of being hired HACKER.

from Jamie Raskin:

Rinat Akhmetshin Reportedly Worked With Company That Made Trump Pee Dossier

We keep hearing that Russian hacking did not affect the outcome of the election.

Do we believe

Is the most powerful lobbyist in Washington losing its grip?

Why does the media accept that no anti-Clinton scheme was discussed at Trump Tower?

Turkey dismisses thousands more police, civil servants and academics

The "Grand Deal" of Donald Trump

Breaking - CNN now reporting that there were 8 people in the June meeting

Hires New Lawyer

Jr. Meeting Included Lobbyist

America's Letters to Trump's Election Fraud Panel

Who is the right-wing sycophant guest on MSNBC?

Can someone explain like I'm a 5th grader the shade being thrown at Chuck Grassley

GOPs moral rot the problem, not Jr.

Today, behind the local charity thrift store...

Startup linked to Kushner got a seat at White House roundtable

Ana Navarro shames Trump Jr. for 'pushing the law to cheat and to lie' just like his dad

Dana Rohrbacher cheers DNC hacks: 'What's important is only whether truth was revealed'

Not *ONE* reference to "gun control" at the Chris Hayes town hall event.

Picture from "small" June 9 Meeting at Trump Tower

The Dark Side of That Personality Quiz You Just Took

Now Looking Like GOP Death Penalty Bill Could Pass. Should Have Been Dead By Large Margin.

Legal expert: Mueller will probe whether Trump knew of meeting in June 2016

Are there publicly-available lists of voters who've been purged?

Dems mock Trump Jr with giant Time cover on the House floor & read his emails into the Congressional

The White House just posted the emails of critics without censoring sensitive personal information

Your Greenwald/Tracey Daily Double (hold your noses)

Anyone here remember/love Bossa Nova?

Trump Defenders Claim "Inexperience" as an Excuse.

Wikileaks mobilizes their interference efforts with another overcooked bombshell:

Not paying your cellphone bill can lose your security clearance...

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 14, 2017

These are the times that try men's ... golf!

Trent Franks Proposed What? His Amendment to Survey Islamic Thought Shot Down in House

"Will identify the last person at the meeting shortly"

So, if your name is John Smith or Mary Smith,

There were powers of 2 people in that meeting, it seems.

Remember when Hillary's private server had an email about gefilte fish?

Umm..If You're Really Concerned About Russian Adoptions, Shouldn't You Be Lobbying PUTIN?

After an EXHAUSTING trip to France, nothing beats an "important," refreshing trip to the golf course

The GOP's moral rot is the problem, not Donald Trump Jr. - By Jennifer Rubin

France is way ahead of us... WAY ahead!!

What Donnie 2 Scoops Jr. Meeting Probably Looked Like

Come early for good seats!

Jared Kushner's lawyer, Jamie Gorelick, is dropping out of representing him in the Russia probe

Trump administration presses Republicans to back health bill

This is NOT a conspiracy!

Say it with me, Trump's presidency is illegitimate due to Russian intereference in our elections.

You Are Evil: Voters Blast Trump Election Fraud Panel

House Dems plan to force Russia votes

Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto, BWV 1058

Fox News is trying to normalize collusion

Startup That Got a Seat at White House Roundtable Is Part-Owned by Kushner Family

Jared Kushner's lawyer Jamie Gorelick just quit representing him in the Russia scandal.

Big Oil wakes up to the threat of rising demand for electric cars

Another Republican pervert

Amsterdam AirBNB Host Yelled 'This Is Not Africa' Before Pushing Black Woman Down Stairs

Martin Shkreli 'went on warpath' after he was booted as CEO

Don Jr, elephant murderer

When HRC was asked to say something nice about Trump

Trumps war on the State Department

Ivanka Trump clothing line practices are out of touch with industry trends

If I hear that stupid term "nothingburger" one more time, I will SCREAM

Russiagate and the Magnitsky Affair, Linked Again

Was Don Sr Really at That Meeting?

Was Anatoli Samochornov, the translator at the meeting, a mole connected with the State Dept?

"Thank You, Russia" 🇷🇺

Insurers warn Cruz amendment would hurt coverage of pre-existing conditions

US kills leader of ISIS in Afghanistan

With student suicides on the rise in Loudoun County, parents say school leaders lack compassion

Agalarov family had "representative" in June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower.

I've been away for a couple of hours

Creepy Krinkle 😨

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard really don't want you to doubt their love of 'Game of Thrones'

Do you think Mitch McConnell will continue his campaign to repeal the ACA

Malcolm Nance is on Randi and reminded me of a name from 2010, Russian spy Anna Chapman


Uh oh:

Update...translator with Natalia was Anatoly Samachornov

"Sleeveless Day", brought to you by Rep. Jackie Speier!

Care Not Scare

Republican health bill: latest draft would scrap contraception mandate

Trump Tower Russia meeting: At least eight people in the room

Trump to Hire Lawyer Ty Cobb to Respond to Russia Probes

With recreational Pot Nevada has created a drug problem!!!!!!

Truth breaks through on Fox "News"

Congressman claims radical Islamists plan on using transgender U.S. troops as a recruiting tool

Louie Gohmert on terrorist recruitment

Eric Garland for the win:

Kurt Eichenwald: Reminder: Minutes aftr a group that US intel says is organ of Moscow disinfo publis

As we watch #fakepresident self destruct let's not forget

Dems want scrutiny of ***Ivanka Trump*** over Kushners Russian contacts

So the Russian lawyer wanted to talk about U.S. adoptions.

Dems want scrutiny of Ivanka Trump over Kushners Russian contacts

1932: NYT publisher asked by Amelia Earheart not to address her by husband's name

...just a bit of background on Ty Cobb, from his firm's website:

Well fox found a nothing burger Democrat

"I guess maybe kill someone..Just in cold blood." - Trump voter, on what Trump would have to do.....

Shepard Smith "Why Do They Keep Lying"?

Trump can thank the 'fake media' for his presidency

Whatever happened to Spicey?

Russian intel officer at Trump Jr. meeting allegedly orchestrated an international hacking conspirac

A tale of two towers - Sack cartoon

Hardball & three things Chris Mathews doesn't know

CNN's story on Trump's imaginary friend Jim set to Phish's "Runaway Jim"

Stalled Russia sanctions bill hits North Korean snag in U.S. Congress

Stalled Russia sanctions bill hits North Korean snag in U.S. Congress

Breaking: Trump Tower cam video of attendees arriving for the meeting

Let me say this once - when will Hillary Clinton and her folks fight back

AMA, health groups sound alarms over Trumpcare 3.0

Michael Caputo live press conference on CNN

Between two Bushes: Bill Clinton photo with Bush statues goes viral

A rare time I disagree with Josh Marshall - "Elections Have Consequences"

RW always lies why is that?

Here is Everyone Who Has Emigrated to the United States Since 1820

An artist creates a giant snowglobe with Hillary Clinton's unused election night confetti

Question about Vermont Senate primary

Study finds Oklahoma leads US with higher education cuts

White House doxxing critics

Be Like Jimmy.

How hot is too hot aboard an airliner? The law doesn't say

The CBO thinks Trump's budget math is about $3.4T off

Tulsa cop cleared in killing of unarmed black man resigns

Licensing director is seventh official out at troubled Texas liquor agency

Friday Night: Richard Engel On Assignment

The interpreter:

Indiana appeals ruling blocking part of abortion law

New Yorker - Fear and Loathing in the Trump White House

So drumph can order pardons for everyone and that can be secret?

Brazil's former president sees politics in Silva conviction

#8. Who is your guess.

Translator Anatoli Samochornov declined to comment on if he was at the meeting

The White House just posted the emails of critics without censoring sensitive personal information

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott formally launches 2018 re-election bid

Health Care Bill Is Alienating Some Trump Voters

Flake News TV

"If you get sick,old, have a family this bill will harm you"*Best kept secret: It harms everybody

Trump campaign adviser (Roger Stone) threatens Congressman Eric Swalwell:

And you thought you knew how to

"Shake on it Sh*thead!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Trump's Populist Appeal - He Expands Racial/Gender Based Exclusivity to the Working Class

Drumph: Gawd its hard running the country when,,,,,

Why are we getting told all these lies?

WA Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin: The moral rot of the GOP is the problem

So, something of value was exchanged at the Don Jr/Russia meeting, after all

De La Soul - Drawn ft. Little Dragon

The GOPs moral rot is the problem, not Donald Trump Jr.

Anybody watching Ali's interview with Bill Browder on MSNBC?

Kucinich: Trump Jr. Meeting Is a 'Bunch of Nothing'

Tweet to all former presidents, beg them to STAND UP for this country!

TPP, the Trade Deal Trump Killed, Is Back in Talks Without U.S.

Russian Collusion Meeting More Suspicious

All 3 Grand Champion cards are sold!

Tulsa policewoman, acquitted in death of black man, resigns

Looks like the ball is in her court.

Fox in straw grabbing mode

US health care system rated the worst (the one we currently have -

7 Ways Social Justice Language Can Become Abusive in Intimate Relationships

Jr.'s meeting a Democratic plot?

Trump is pissing himself. Know how I know?

The White House just posted the emails of critics without censoring sensitive personal information

What's so important to GOP that they'd throw their country under the bus to achieve their agenda?

OMG! Richard Painter with Kate Bolduan Just Now on CNN is Must See.

A Misguided War On The United Nations

An ex-CIA officer: the Trump Jr. meeting shows how the Russians exploit intelligence targets

A Misguided War On The United Nations

Hilarious: French military band performs Daft Punk medley for Trump

Do you think 45's corruption will drag Pence down too? Cabinet members?

Outer Sunset pot shop clears Planning Commission despite uncertainty over recreational weed sales

I've tried watching a few ASMR vids and none of them have done anything for me

Outer Sunset pot shop clears Planning Commission despite uncertainty over recreational weed sales

Angela Davis

Anatoli Samochornov, a witness to the event everyone is talking about.

Family Values

Judge Tosses Conviction of Woman Who Laughed at Sessions Hearing

Is Steve Bannon doing his best to undermine Kushner?

It's been a looong week...And now for something completely different.

The Most Dangerous Game

Remember the other night when Rachel said the Republicans would try to "change the story?"