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🐦 AUG 22 at 12PM - Town Hall on the Climate Crisis in Chico with Bernie Sanders

Re the latest poll

College CoOp Question from a parent

This corgi is a genius!

...Pat Buchanan endorses alleged El Paso shooter's "invasion" rhetoric as "accurate and valid"

Joseph Stiglitz: Argentina could avoid default if economy recovers fast enough

Joseph Stiglitz: Argentina could avoid default if economy recovers fast enough

Holy crap! This is a REAL tweet from trump about Denmark:

BREAKING: Trump cancels visit to Denmark because of.....Greenland

Watch this 135-pound dog fall in love with a tiny piglet 😍

Cardinal George Pell loses appeal against conviction for child sex abuse

August Photo Contest Preliminary Poll #1

Preliminary Polls for the August Contest are posted in GD

ICE Accidentally Just Revealed How Much its New Contract With Peter Thiel's Palantir Is Worth

Pronouns matter

In Iowa, Pete Buttigieg wants to talk about faith: 'There's kind of a need that's been going unmet'


This week on Real Time with Bill Maher:

I can't help it. I like the Mooch

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 20 - Birth and Death in America (w/ Sanjeev Sriram)

With New Filings, Amber Guyger's Defense Comes into Focus

Exclusive Jeffrey Epstein: Prison Security Footage Leaked

O'Rourke on historical racist attacks: US as divided as ever

O'Rourke on historical racist attacks: US as divided as ever

We have this down solid as a family what to do in a emergency boog farts

Carl Sagan pretty much sums it up: "One of the saddest lessons of history is this:

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Dead Inside!


The media needs to drive this point home ...

Jewish leaders outraged by Trump saying Jews disloyal if they vote for Democrats

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

TX-23: Gina Ortiz Jones raises $1 million in first three months of campaign.

Former Dallas County Schools Chief Gets Seven Years for Role in Bribery Scheme

Amazon Death 2019

Tweet: #RepublicansMakeMe realize that they don't care about...

Her GOP group endorsed Trump, so she resigned.

The next presidential election is in approximately 440 days (give or take a few days)

Lol. Gollum J. Trump

Trump postpones Denmark trip after prime minister refuses to sell Greenland

Brahms Violin Concerto

Don't Believe Everything You've Been Told About Us, HISD Trustees Say to TEA

Are the New Fascist Environmentally Friendly?

Area 51 events in Nevada prompt emergency crowd planning

Schrodinger's Patriot

Thin-skinned Trump cancels Denmark trip

Connecticut info?

John Cornyn Gets Burned Over Stupid Climate-Change Remark on Twitter

Jill Biden: 'Swallow a little bit' and vote for Joe

Former Arkansas VA Doctor Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter In 3 Deaths

Biden is needed for the "moment we are in," a perilous and complex time when experts see us as

Republicans Come to Texas to Prepare for the 2021 Redistricting Battle (ALEC Conf.)

Need help with identifying photos for trivia game, please!

Democratic Underground for Inslee has raised OVER $10,000!!!

Civil rights activist, Dolores Huerta, among several arrested during protest in Fresno

A Day on the Rio Grande Reveals the True Cost of Trump's Border Wall

Yemen's Houthis down U.S. MQ-9 drone in Dhamar governorate: spokesman

More from the Matt Shea files: GPS trackers, a 'provisional government' and a hunt for moles

"Chamo-LA Harris" chamomile tea

UN postpones conference on torture in Cairo after rights groups' criticism

Telemarketer Sentenced to Prison in Connection with $10 Million International Fraudulent Sweepstakes

Trump White House seeks to assuage farmer unrest over biofuel policy: sources

I see Rachel Bitecofer was on Lawrence show.

U.S. will act if tanker carrying Iranian oil delivers oil: Pompeo

Founder of Mantria Corp. Sentenced to 22 Years For Operating $54 Million Ponzi Scheme

lauren underwood hops on the impeachment bandwagon.

Ted Cruz FTW

Girl, 17, found bound and gagged on Carlsbad freeway; CHP says family was taking her to drug rehab

Wow! Anyone else hear what Malcolm Nance had to say on 'the last word'?

Bernie's message to Trump

Former Bank Executive Found Guilty in $15 Million Construction Loan Fraud

What does it mean to be republican??? I'm not asking, but one repub in California is...

Trade Agreement between Brazil and United States Will Not Include Free-Trade

California, Texas, & Electoral College makes democracy in the U.S. impossible

Susan Sarandon Puts HARD Hit on Elizabeth Warren at Bernie Sanders Rally

The Daily Show: Leading Ladies

Man Pleads Guilty To Embezzling More Than $1 Million from Wisconsin & Kentucky Businesses

What will Trump's concession speech sound like in 2020?

Jeffrey Epstein preyed on women during jail sentence, forced victim to marry woman, lawsuits allege

Pan Am Games protesters each get 12 months of probation

The Daily Show: Kids Tour the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library

Trump acknowledges China policies may mean US economic pain

Despite Trump's Google Conspiracy, Mueller Report Shows Russia Helped Bernie & Trump

Burning tweet(s) from Jess McIntosh!

SHITLER "looks like he owes PUTIN some kind of favor" - on 11th Hour, over SHITLER G7/G8

Here is what I fear about the "End Times"

Ivanka Trump's embrace of nature sparks cries of hypocrisy

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigns, leaving an unclear path forward

Trump levels incredible accusation at Jewish Americans

New repub talking point.....Democrats WANT A RECESSION

Best take on John McNaughton's painting "Trump's Masterpiece"--it crushes them.

He is Our President, and we should support Him!

Owner of Frederick Payroll Processing Business Pleads Guilty to Federal Fraud and Tax Charges

'This is a model': Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke tours VCP in Kansas City

'This is a model': Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke tours VCP in Kansas City

Trump Says Russia Should Be Readmitted to G7

Trump Boys Counter Chinese Currency Manipulation By Adding Extra Zeros To $20 Bills

Pic Of The Moment: Well, I Guess Ted Cruz Called It

Trump called NRA chief to tell him universal background checks are off the table

The New Space Command Will Officially Be Up And Running Aug. 29

Why are only black neighborhoods being contaminated with lead in their water??

Behind the Scenes with Jimmy Kimmel & Audience (New Euphemism for White People)

,Hey, you guys! What happened on Georgia Avenue tonight?

Joe Biden says RFK and MLK were assassinated in the late '70s

Man threatened 'another El Paso' in Santa Fe

So taking melatonin almost every night....

Trump-inspired Hate Hits the Santa Fe Plaza

Has Trump finally flipped his wig?

Tweet of the Day

Navajo Nation firm's purchase of Wyoming, Montana coal mines approved by judge

The Kung Fu Shaolin

Ransomware attack hits 23 Texas towns, authorities say

Ain't nobody

(Jewish Group) A Misunderstanding About Anti-Semitism

No. 4 Democrat in Congress Wants Impeachment Inquiry

Seeking support

Oil Boom Has New Mexico On Pace For Record Revenue

Group of nearly 200 migrants detained at Antelope Wells

confused; again

Sure, Trump is an idiot, but do you get the sense that someone else is running the country?

Your Comprehensive Guide to Andy Ngo's Bad Faith Scams and the Intractable Problem They Present

Log Cabin republicans leaving the Big Con...

Albuquerque PD: Officer fired for shoving handcuffed man into wall

The New York Times Tucker Carlson's Fox News Show Loses More Advertisers

Black teen 'humiliated' after school colored his hair with marker, parents say

American Airlines will pay $22.1 million fine for falsifying mail records

GameStop lays off 120, mostly at its Grapevine headquarters


Stapleton neighborhood votes to keep name that has a racist legacy


Ethnic Origin of the Japanese

2 Condos Were Illegally Converted Into 18 Micro Apartments In NYC

Recall petition against Senate President Leroy Garcia approved, campaign can start collecting

With objections from Canada and drug companies, Colorado's plan to import prescription medicines

With objections from Canada and drug companies, Colorado's plan to import prescription medicines

Fourth "Matrix" Movie, Keanu Reeves And Carrie-Anne Moss Will Star

Please show proper respect

Plutonium found in Rocky Flats soil near Denver, though 2nd test shows lower level

Trump Inflating Scottish Golf Resorts' Value By $165 Million, Per UK Filings

Unskilled Man Fears He Will Lose Job in Recession (Borowitz)

Poll finds support for rolling back part of TABOR

NOPE: Gardner Is Not Doing Public Town Hall Events

Change In Policies On Main Street St. Charles Reduces Violence. But Business For Bars Is Down, Too

AOC Coming To Boulder, Republicans Go Wild!

Boris Johnson visit will not change German stance, says Merkel ally

Former NBC News reporter, A&E 'Biography' host Jack Perkins dies at 85

Truckers voted for Trump in droves. Now say his trade war is killing their ability to make a living

188 Years Ago Today; Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion

Fed Up With the Real Thing, Activists Take "Cardboard" Cory Gardner on the Road

The Obamas' First Big Anti-Trump Statement of 2020

It's Getting Harder for Cory Gardner to Make Appearances Without Being Confronted

Just undo it!

Venezuelan leader Nicols Maduro confirms months of secret US talks

The heat is on: 60 Denver schools lack air conditioning as city heats up to 98 degrees

The Summer of Warren

74 Years Ago Today; The Demon Core irradiates Harry Daghlian - Daghlian dies 25 days later

Breakfast Wednesday 21 August 2019

(Jewish Group) Fake Twitter accounts are impersonating Jews and promoting antisemitism

Elizabeth Warren meets her lookalike at Minnesota rally

..this definitely goes in the #25thamendmentnow moment...

Power play: Big investment firm escapes Blackjewel 'unscathed'

Power play: Big investment firm escapes Blackjewel 'unscathed'

Columbus police have a "significant disparity of use of force against minority residents"

🐦 AUG 22 at 11AM PT - Tour of Paradise Wildfire Damage - Release of #GreenNewDeal Plan

UMD to Open Space for Collaboration in Crystal City in 2020

"Columbus{Ohio} police have a "significant disparity of use of force against minority residents"

Nina Turner seems.....angry

US Ambassador to Denmark is actress best known for Deathstalker

No that's fake news. Your question is fake news. The President of Greenland, Mr. Den Marrk,


So This Is Where We Are Now? We Have To Choose The MOST Outrageous Thing Trump Does In One Day To

Trump's Tax on the National Psyche

The Obamas' Netflix Takeover Has Officially Begun

The walking dead and he does not even realise...

Danes furious over postponement of Trump's visit, call his behavior 'insulting'

'Where's Steve?': Trump Frets as CNN Benches His Biggest Defender

Holy crap: I just came up with this French sentence on demand

The root of our frustrations today is...

Is he really cancelling because Obama is also going to Denmark in September?

Wednesday TOONs - Climate Change Denial

The Rundown: August 20, 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #49: You Know What's Better than Kung Fu? Cybernetic Kung Fu. (8/20/19 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: X-Men: Grand Design, Batman, Hellboy and the BPRD, and More

A new study demonstrates that on racist dog whistles work.

Update on #1619Project Print Copies/Wednesday AM/

Well that explains it...

This Is What David Cameron's Penis Looks Like After A Cold Swim. Apparently It Can Talk, Too.

Nobody left in the White House to tell the Emperor he has no clothes, is there?

Denmark Cannot Believe Trump Snub: 'Reality Surpasses Imagination'

I thought this performance (last night) was WONDERFUL! (AGT)

August 21 - Happy Birthday Senator Jon Tester (D) MT

Barack Obama to return to Denmark in September

Cartoon: Trump's Greenland New Deal

Parkland students unveil sweeping gun control proposal and hope for a youth voting surge in 2020

Putin is back in Trump's ear again!

Suppressed federal report shows how Trump water plan would endanger California salmon

Florida man arrested for having Trump-shaped ecstasy pills

So where are the Epstein tapes? This should be

Eugene Robinson re: Danes selling US Greenland-"Was Deutsche Bank line up to do the financing?"

The King of Israel?!?! Are you F*cking Kidding me???

Republicans to destroy Social Security and Medicare

New Jersey man arrested for guns and drugs also had document on 'owning a slave': DOJ

This tweet is completely crazy: He refers to himself as "King of Israel" and "Second Coming of God"

Overnight reaction from Danish leaders:

Why are there so many substance abuse rehab centers in FL? Nt

The Rude Pundit: If You're Not Anti-Fascist, You're Pro-Fascist

The real reason Trump cancelled his Denmark trip - OBAMA of course!

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!

Craptastic Poll

Don't be distracted by the man who calls himself GOD

Wackier than Buchmann and Palin put together. Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Elizabeth Warren unveils plan for reducing mass incarceration and strengthening communities

Just gonna leave this right here..

** NEW ** Morning Consult/Politico Poll - vs Trump: Biden +7, Sanders +5, Warren (-), Harris (-3)

Toles summarizes Trumps "gun policy" commitment

Trump Tweets Quote Saying He's 'Second Coming of God'

Today is Jackie DeShannon's 78th Birthday. In her honor, let's all sing along.....

Danes furious over postponement of Trump's visit, call his behavior 'insulting'

Brazil's Amazon rainforest is burning at a record rate, research center says

Malcom Nance is concerned this morning by Trump's tweet about being the King of Israel

Could you elaborate, Mr Trump?

No deal with Denmark on Greenland! What country should Trump buy instead?

This will be the final lesson learned from the Trump presidency.

Boog the chocolate lab is depressed his boys went back to school

Ocasio-Cortez says the electoral college system is a racist scam

For whatever reason, Sarandon, Gray and others voted for Jill Stein. However, what I

Just read Jack Prelutsky poem 'When Fred gets out of bed'. Have you ounheard of him?

Pierce: Trump's Greenland Thing Isn't Funny Anymore

Arizona poll shows Kelly overtaking McSally

Tucker Carlson's Fox News Show Loses More Advertisers

My Take on the Danish madness

Trump Administration Rule Would Allow Immigrant Families to Be Held Indefinitely

Proof you want? Proof you get: 2 examples that Trump is not all there.

Has anybody ever seen a hurricane forming this far north before?

Trump administration moves to terminate court agreement, hold migrant children and parents longer

Pete Buttigieg's struggles to draw support from black voters (Chicago)

We're a shithole country.

Sanders Unveils Sweeping Labor Plan With Sectorwide Bargaining

Female Empowerment Factory!

Learn somethin' new - Black, blue , purple tomatoes

Stephen Miller Is a Perfectly Mainstream Republican

What substantive issue is the Greenland purchase idea meant to distract us from? nt

Unless ANY of the candidates on the list are electable over Trump, we're hopelessly lost.

Drivers are harassing buses of Idaho migrant kids, council says.

World Resources Institute Leadership Tied To Epstein Sex Scandal, Trump Fundraiser

Is "photo-shop" now generic, like kleenex and xerox?

So, if we should buy Greenland because Denmark is subsidizing it...

Upper Chesapeake Blue Crab Harvest A Flop - Scientists Suspect Excessive Freshwater Inflows As Cause

I think Trump must believe he's losing his base.

Leader Of The Free World Calls For "Humility" Before Nature At Iceland Nordic Council Meeting

Can't argue with that logic - Fox co-hosts making planes/knives/guns comparisons

STOP the petty attacks on Democratic candidates.

August 21, 1939: one of America's first sit-ins takes place at the Alexandria Library


Red Abalone Numbers Collapsing In Northern California Seas As Kelp Forests Disappear

Maybe We Should Be Concerned About Qanon?

Hadley Center (UK) Estimates Sea Temps 0.1C Higher Than Thought - "Faster Than Expected", Etc.

North Korea now able to miniaturise nuclear warheads - Japan defence report

Hey, guys....remember three years ago when people were insisting we support Tim Canova...

Guy Finds A Lost Dog Wearing Pajamas On His Way To Work

What I always imagined the Second Coming to look like:

'Where's Steve?': Trump Frets as CNN Benches His Biggest Defender

Legal System: Squatters & Those Who Can Steal Property Just By Filing Bogus Paperwork

If we're going to buy property, can we get something in a nicer neighborhood with better weather?

The Greenland and Space Farce stuff is still all about ego for Trump

The dog is one of the world's most destructive mammals. Brazil proves it.

Trump's Attempt To Rollback Fuel Efficiency Standards Is Blowing Up In His Face: Report

Great career move, now *everybody* knows who "Wayne Allyn ROOT" is!1

Another epic tweet by HRC

Black teen 'humiliated' after school colored his hair with marker, parents say

Immigrants can now be detained indefinitely, according to new DHS rule

It's Time For Another Puppy Wednesday, my peoples!

Barack Obama to return to Denmark in September

Extreme intellectual laziness:Trump voters play life like many horse players I know play the horses.

Bernie Sanders introduces labor plan to broaden union power

Things that tick you off.

Mad respect for Cathay Pacific CEO Rupert Hogg.

U.S. created 501,000 fewer jobs as of March 2019 than previous reported

I Could Watch Bernie Sanders Play Competent Softball on a Loop Until I Die

Former NBC News reporter, A&E 'Biography' host Jack Perkins dies at 85

"With Harris's platform, it's as though my African-American experience has come out of the shadows"

Danish party calls for climate marchers to protest Trump visit [#trumpBlimp also was scheduled]

South African court restricts displays of apartheid-era flag

#1619 Project Wed8/20/19, 11:30 am, Eastern Time. They are printing more!

Kamala Harris: "Fierce Prosecutor" vs the "Progressive Activist" & Lara Bazelon's Big Fail

Wayne County (Detroit) sheriff endorses Booker for president

I finally figured out why tRump is interested in Greenland

For just $1499 you can die in a totally embarassing way...

Lawmakers: Transparency, shining light on dark money key to curbing cost of prescription drugs

U.S. deficit to expand by $800 billion more than previously expected over 10 years, CBO says

33 points - in 2016, white women without college degrees went for Trump by 27 points

A Website that plays free "Beautiful Music" radio format

Does anyone have a chart to show what the Federal interest rates were

Coroner: Leader of large organic food scheme dies by suicide

Once Trump ruins our economy, Denmark will be able to buy us

Word in my circles is that a major scandal is about to be exposed

My take on Denmark/ Greenland.....

Tom Bergeron (host of Dancing with the Stars) is not happy that Sean Spicer is in the new cast

A medical doctor's response to the "King of Israel"

Evangelicals Confirm They Will Resume Preaching About Absolute Truth When Democrat Becomes President

Trump calls Danish PM's statement "Nasty"

Trump Declares Himself "King of Isreal," the "Second Coming of God"

The front page of the NYT-Reality cannot out-crazy Trump.

Florida Woman Beaten with Mallet and Set on FIre by Appliance Delivery Man Dies

I AM so Stoked!!

Virginia Lottery raises concern over 'aggressive' growth of unregulated gaming machines By GRAHAM MO

"I am the chosen one." -- Donald Trump just now.

The time has come to

It's the Anti-Semitism, Stupid

'We Should Be Retreating Already From the Coastline,' Scientist Suggests After Finding...

Obama's new memoir may land during 2020 presidential campaign

Hillary: "I just took a DNA test, turns out..."

I suppose even Caligula wouldn't be impeached

Epstein's Sex Ring Employed His Network of Shell Companies, Lawsuits Claim

You raised $623.01 on August 20, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

At least 27 people have been arrested over threats to commit attacks since the El Paso and Dayton

The president of the US thinks that he is the King of Israel which means he is no longer

I am disturbed and frightened and feeling helpless over the extremely unhinged behavior of

Trump quotes right-wing figure who says Israeli Jews love him like 'the second coming of God'

Dear friends, for the sake of humanity please refrain from posting threads that include the words

Katharine Gorka steps down as Customs and Border Protection press secretary after two months

N.R.A. Gets Results in One Phone Call With the President

In Handmaid's tale, even their writers wouldn't claim divinity

Affordable housing crisis spreads throughout world

Trump says that he cancelled trip to Denmark because the PM said his idea was absurd.

MY official DSM-IV diagnosis is:

Seattle viaduct demolition 82% complete as more closures start Wednesday

Now he claims he made Jerusalem the Capital of Israel.

That ridiculous fucker is obsessed with Obama.

Greenland melt could cover Florida

Trump wants Russia back in G8 because otherwise they would have

Uphill great, downhill, WHEEEE!

Discovery Pulls 'How It's Made' Nuclear Power Episode That Gave Iran Access To Top-Secret Designs

Hilarious! MSNBC cut the sound from his ravings and put a talking head on...

New Zealand Speaker cradles and feeds MP's baby in Parliament. Internet is in love

Trump is Taking Action to Close the Loopholes That Fuel the Humanitarian Crisis On Our Border

The Texas Tribune Festival

Fidel Castro's crocodile bites man at Swedish aquarium

Trump attacks Danish prime minister over 'nasty' comment about Greenland purchase:

For those of us who have not been able to listen/watch MSM this morning

My tweet to the Kingdom of Denmark

🔥 Bernie Addresses Union Workers at Iowa AFL-CIO Convention (Multistreaming with Restream)

Trump Doubling down: Trump Says Jews Are Disloyal to Israel If They Vote for Democrats

Trump: I'm not going to Denmark because the prime minister's statement was nasty and inappropriate

The Workplace Democracy Plan - Bernie Sanders

Air Force Lt. General Jay Silveria - "If you cannot treat people with dignity and respect,

C-Span video -- Moments Ago: Trump Departs White House for Louisville, Kentucky

4 students shot at block party near Clark Atlanta University

What's it like, being the daughter to the best chef in the world?

New YouGov/Economist Poll: Biden 22 (-1), Sanders 19 (+3), Warren 18 (-2), Harris 8 (NC)

OM Fing God.. Trump just stated that

Trump Weighs Letting States Deny Entry to Refugees

I'm joining workers in Milwaukee to demand every 2020 candidate release a detailed plan like Bernie

China Has a Choice to Make

Plastic Straw Man or how the right turns reason into treason

Trump: "I have many people from Denmark who live in the United States"

Advertisers Continue to Flee Tucker Carlson's Show

Maybe things are looking up! Even the ultra-conservative Washington Examiner is now attacking Trump.

California appoints a 5-member Independent Redistricting Commission. 21,000 people have applied

Just passed an important test!

And to THINK...SOME of us (myself included) laughed at the Simpsons "old man yells at cloud" thing.

From the playlist at the local Chinese buffet. Quite soothing, actually!1

'I am the Chosen One,' Trump proclaims as he defends trade war with China

Trump admin weighs letting states, cities deny entry to refugees approved for resettlement in U.S.

Trump: "Hundreds & hundreds of people all over the floor in Dayton & El Paso loved me"

Bill De Blasio is having a bad day...

Tyson Foods Sends Cease-And-Desist To Trump For Using Slaughterhouse Recordings As Pump-Up Anthem

Sean Spicer to Compete on 'Dancing With the Stars'

West Wing Story THE SIMPSONS

MIT Professors Say They're Leaving over the Media Lab's Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Question: could a sitting POTUS be appointed a legal guardian

Boeing to hire hundreds to support grounded Max fleet in Moses Lake

Appeals court deals blow to big coal export terminal proposed for Longview, Washington

Guy ditches his plane in the ocean. Takes a selfie.

R.I.P. Canned Heat's Larry "The Mole" Taylor

"Love Israel, Hate Jews" - Comedy writer Matt Lieb explains

Hate crime reports have soared in D.C. Prosecutions have plummeted.

Time Out From the Crazy: Golden Retriever Patiently Watching Newborn Kittens

Joe Biden campaign video: "Donald Trump's Broken Promises on Gun Safety Reform"

A capitalist's manifesto for corporate reform

Trump: "I am the one that kept the families together. You remember that, right?"

This cat is in much better shape than I am. 😂

Trump, "she said ob-serd." Trump could not pronounce absurd. The man is crazy.

Mexico judge approves recreational cocaine use

There is truly a tweet for everything (how the King of Israel interacted with Jon Stewart)

Dan Rather for the win

A Fungus Could Wipe Out the Banana Forever

When Folks Said Your Medieval Apocalyptic Studies Were a Waste of Time--This Happens!

The Growing Partisan Divide in Views of Higher Education

Twitter and Facebook crack down on accounts linked to Chinese campaign against Hong Kong

Biden has "tapped into the most powerful message for Democrats."

Prison chief: Staff shortage could create dangerous conditions

Putin says deadly military blast occurred during weapons system test

You got a 'free' internet speed upgrade, then your bill went up

Trump says administration looking 'seriously' at ending birthright citizenship

This does not end well... and that's not fucking funny

I finally got a pineapple upside-down cake to work!

Cartoons 8/21/19

Second coming, by Alice Cooper

How the hell did I miss this in 2016???

Trump isn't crazy. He's signalling to The Epoch Times.

Still able to distract us. Miller is taking flu shots from babies. And we're talking about Denmark.

All National Parks Are Free to Enter This Sunday

I never knew how many golf courses tRump owns......17 total and 12 in the USA.

Pay Attention Florida, Carolinas - looks like mostly rain

It's a sad testament on the state of affairs when "Antichrist" is trending on social media....

Please Read!

Pete Buttigieg ROASTING Trump with Clapbacks for 6 Minutes Straight

Best summing up I have seen all day

Must see new documentary "American Factory" now playing on Netflix

The abomination that causes desolation is now at the center of power

Red panda gives birth to triplets, Virginia Zoo says

There are two types of dogs (Twitter)

The Chosen One. What does that remind me of?

Record number of Amazon wildfires lit on purpose, claims president of Brazil

Serious question:

Chuck Schumer: "Enough."

Who is Wayne Allyn Root, the Radio Host Trump Quoted to Declare Himself 'King of Israel'?

Surprise, surprise!

Hillary's response to music artist Lizzo is priceless.

America's democracy has been exposed as one of the weakest in the world.

Brazilian Congress Committee Approves US to Use Alcantara Base

First of its kind mapping model tracks how hate spreads and adapts online

From 9-20-18----Wayne Allyn Root, Trump's Rally Opener, Is a Conspiracy Theorist Who Thinks the Veg

Brazilian Environment Minister Is Booed at Climate Week


PM reacts to cancellation of Denmark visit

XFL reveals names, logos for its eight teams

NC Governor Vetoes 'Draconian' Bill That Would Force Local Police to Cooperate With ICE

I am one of the 79% of Jews who vote Democratic

To me, Trump's idea about buying Greenland indicates one of two things

Baby elephant's first steps

Iraq paramilitary force blames US for base attacks

Visits Louisville

Question for conservative capitalists:

'We're more American than your wife!': Cartoon versions of AOC and #TheSquad clap back at Trump in n

It's time for the Amendment 25 strategy.

U of I-led study: Back-to-back low snow years will become more common

U of Idaho-led study: Back-to-back low snow years will become more common

Which candidates can beat the GOP 2020-2024?

Just saw on the news: The Amazon Rainforest is on fire

Speaking now at the American Veterans Conf., Trump laments he can't award himself the Medal of Honor

US hailstorm slaughters 11,000 birds in Montana park

Seriously, what the hell is it with Trump and "You Can't Always Get What You Want?"

A Short History of 'America First'

The Word Of The Day is not a word at all.

Greenland is melting

Oh, God, Here We Go Again: Dear Denmark

I just bought a vehicle made in St. Paul, MN.

Sen. Collins a no-show at Portland town hall

4 shot on college campus in Atlanta during back-to-school block party, police say

Donnie has a small pee pee

The sand is flying fast and furiously....

Immigrants make America great

Trump administration to lift limit on how long it can detain migrant families

I don't care about his hair.

*Video Clip* Biden on President Trump: "He's always tough when someone else is feeling the pain..."

Trump Slapped With First Lawsuit After Endangered Species Act Rollback

U.S. created 501,000 fewer in past year than previously reported

Take a look the at the polling model prepared by The Economist

I Know Joe Biden: Valerie Biden Owens

🔥 Des Moines Town Hall on Health Care Crisis

Mom's Adorable Back-to-School Tradition With Her Son Goes Viral

if your grandfather started raving about buying countries . . .

🔥 Facebook LIVE: Des Moines Town Hall on Health Care Crisis

Kamala: "This president should "seriously" consider reading the Constitution."

Pic Of The Moment: In The Last 24 Hours...

Even though the media continues to try to stretch everything that drumpf

Arrests since Dayton and El Paso...

Joe Biden Has a Fortress in the South (20+ point lead among black voters)

Nikki Haley just tweeted that the false rumors about Mike Pence are not true. What rumors??


With rivals heading to California, Joe Biden eyes New Hampshire

I didn't forget you my friends

C-Span: Trump's Remarks at AMVETS Convention in Louisville, KY

Can't access my thousands of images on Flickr .. ergo

Boris is delighted to provide Trump an alternative 😂

Bernie Sanders Wanted To Play Softball With The Press. But His Campaign Got In The Way.

This post is useless without video.

Joe Biden's decision to run in 2020: the inside story of his deliberation over three years

Biden's margin with black voters probably won't yield the advantage it did for Hillary Clinton

IRS Topic No. 431 Canceled Debt - Is It Taxable or Not?

Trump: Apple CEO Tim Cook is a 'great executive because he calls me'

National poll finds tight race between Biden, Sanders and Warren

FEC Republicans block efforts to investigate NRA's financial ties to RussiaIt's the latest roadblock

Iceland's Prime Minister Says She'll Skip Mike Pence's Visit....

Anyone use agar powder in home made frozen yogurt

(Jewish Group) Trump doubles down on 'disloyalty' comments

Is aggravated battery to a person over the age of 65

The US hopes to end the war in Afghanistan, but never considered what to do about ISIS there

Liar Liar, pants on Fire

General Strike.

Charles Pierce: The President* Has Gone as Soft as Church Music

Seems Trump is getting more Extreme day by day, so tell me something...

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 21, 2019

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #7-10: Springtime For Twitler Edition

Trump officials abruptly call off Midwest agriculture tour amid rising tensions with farmers

Chuck Todd is apoplectic that his President

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie Portray the Women of Fox News in 'Bombshell' Trailer

Jair Bolsonaro accuses (without evidence) NGOs of setting fires in Amazon rainforest

Love this so much!!! Way to go George Clooney!

GOP chairman suspended from practicing law

Merkel gives Johnson 30 days to find solution to avoid no-deal Brexit

Dear Denmark,

Sanders targets gig economy as part of new labor plan

A worthwhile suggestion...😊

No Hollywood ending: Los Angeles property listed for $1bn sells at $100,000

440 Billion Tons of Ice Are Expected to Melt This Summer in Greenland -- What That Means for Earth

Trump says he wanted to give himself Medal of Honor

No Words

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's office doesn't answer phone calls

440 Billion Tons of Ice Are Expected to Melt This Summer in Greenland -- What That Means for Earth

This is insanity


Ohio newspaper that battled injustice for 150 years to shut down: 'Scary for democracy'

Jill Biden: 'Maybe you have to swallow a little' and vote for Joe

He's definitely blown a gasket, whatever rattles around up there is leaking out

Are We At Strait Jacket Time Yet?

Regarding the "gig economy" that is so much in the news.

How long before Trump says Asian Americans who vote Democratic are "disloyal" to North Korea?

Report shows US deficit to exceed $1 trillion next year


At least eight jail officials knew Jeffrey Epstein was not to be left alone in cell

Rinse and Repeat *Sigh*

Dozens of Airbus A380s face urgent checks after cracked part dug from ice

Federal judge allows Trump to appeal lawsuit over foreign payments accepted by his hotels

Jai Uttal

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 22 August 2019


The Summer of Warren

If he calls himself the King of Israel, he has another problem:

Trump "very seriously" wants to change "frankly, ridiculous" birthright citizenship by exec order

Could there be two Democratic Senators from Arizona?

Any chance trump's laying the groundwork for an insanity defense?

Now: Trump has Expressed Interest in Antarctica

Trial Over New Missouri Voter Photo ID Law Begins

Trump says administration looking 'seriously' at ending birthright citizenship

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Sol-Fa - 09 24ji

The Queen of Hearts

Putting the past 24 hours into perspective

Is there anything in Crozet that has to do with Rita Mae Brown's

Putting a Positive Spin on Oil Exploration in the Arctic Refuge

Just thinking! Is it possible that the RETHUGS are planning

Hey Don the Con

Sad. Cumbia artist Celso Pia died today at his home in Mexico. He was 66 years old.

Amendment 25...

Foolish president! Carmakers are smart to ignore Trump's auto emissions rollback

1913-1915: Views of Tokyo, Japan (speed corrected w/ added sound)

Anti-vaccine activist assaults California vaccine law author, police say

Wow. ABC News called out Twitler's tweet saying he quoted a conservative conspiracy theorist

Native Americans had their 2020 Democratic campaign forum. Here, in pictures, is how it went.

Obama endorsed Joe Biden..........

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats up in 2020 that is likely to change parties.

Native Americans had their 2020 Democratic campaign forum. Here, in pictures, is how it went.

Denmark's PM was born in Aalborg. Is Obama visiting there in Sept?,,,,,,

I kinda lost it today... oops...

And now..."antichrist" is trending...

Chuck Todd Goes Off After a 'Head-Spinning' Day: GOP's Conditioning the Base to Normalize Crazy

🐦 AUG 24 at 1PM: MPR 'Meet the Candidates' Q&A at the Minnesota State Fair with Bernie Sanders

U.S. fighter jets eyed as 1st users of retrofitted Izumo carrier

NASA scientists estimate Greenland alone could cause 3-to-4 feet of sea level rise by 2100.

2020 CO US Senate Election- Gardner-R is trailing Hickenlooper-D and Johnston-D by a double digit.

🐦 AUG 25 at 4PM - Louisville, KY - People vs Corporate Power Rally with Bernie Sanders

Brazil to Speed Up Privatizations With Billions on the Line

🐦 POSTPONED - AUG 26 at 6PM - Rally with Bernie Sanders - Morgantown, WV

Trump says he is seriously looking at ending birthright citizenship

Researchers Have Identified How Naval Sonar Is Killing And Beaching Whales

If the chosen one loses in 2020

Dave Chappelle is Hosting "Gem City Shine", a Free Block Party in Dayton in Wake of Mass Shooting

Bernie Sanders's ambitious plan to double union membership, explained

Bolsonaro asks Brazil execs to support Macri's re-election

Mexico's Celso Pia, the 'Rebel Accordion' whose music made multiple generations dance, has died

Canal collapse damage estimated at $90 million

Ms. Nevada has been stripped of her crown. She says it's because she supports Trump.

Ivanka Trump to move out of her office in the White House because the ceiling might have asbestos.

Canada's 30 Year War with Denmark has finally come to an end

Currently Trump is running around the hallways of the White House

Wildlife/conservation news items Fish and Wildlife Jul/Aug 2019

New wind projects could generate thousands of jobs, billions in revenue


How long do you think it will be before Trump starts selling MAGA prayer rugs

US drone shot down over Yemen

ABC unveils moderators for third Democratic debate

In Jackson Hole, a housing shortage and soaring real estate prices leave workers with few options

Out Of His Mind Trump Demands Automakers Lower All Car Prices By $3,000

Fred Guttenberg to Bernie Sanders over past gun views...

Report: Everett woman charged with lying about suspect in 2001 Thomas Wales slaying

I sure hope there arent any people here, no matter which candidate they support,

Faithless elector: A court ruling just changed how we pick our president

So I'm on the way back from buying dinner and CNN is on the radio. I don't know...

New Polls Show That Trump Should Be Afraid. Very Very Afraid.

Iceland's leader won't be around to welcome Pence

When are Democrats most likely to regain control of the US Senate? 2020 or 2022 with a DEM in WH.

''That's Bernie, all day''