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3D Printer? Staples Says, 'Yeah, We've Got That'

Kerry to Lay Wreath at Moscow WWII Memorial

Why Does the Corporate Media Focus on the Rights of Gun Owners More Than Those Stopped and Frisked?

US, S.Korea Launch Naval Drills in Yellow Sea

At what degree of fever do hallucinations kick in?

Yahoo search results

Teachers Embrace 'Deep Learning,' Translating Lessons Into Practical Skills.

Get ready for the end times . . .

German police arrest 93-year-old suspected of being Auschwitz guard

I'd say so.

If someone gave you a Lamborghini for free what would you do?

New York's 911 emergency call center suffering major shortage of operators

Does anyone know what the ice cream truck song is actually called?

Minn. prepares to share steel remnants from deadly 2007

Harry Reid on Ted Cruz

New York State Assembly votes unanimously to ban shark fin trade, following Senate

Fired Omaha police officer faces felony charge of evidence tampering

Some comments on the use of drones

Is Obama the ‘environmental president’?

Robert Menendez, U.S. Senator, Offers Bill To Arm Syrian Rebels

Six Months Ago...

Wahoo man tells police he planned to blow up his ex-wife

EPA proposing E30 Ethanol blend to enable auto makers to produce higher compression engines for

Temporary foreign workers hired in areas with EI claimants

Now turn in your bluebooks......OR ELSE !!!!!

Far-right gun nut arrested with explosives was plotting terror attack against MN police department

Wow. Three women, missing for a decade, found alive

New York City gun giveaway planned by Armed Citizen Project

Enbridge breaks safety rules at pump stations across Canada

Shiny-armed Clay Buchholz is down 4-1 ......


Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Gunslingers & a new Red Panda gif

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 9, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- 50s Families

Elizabeth Smart: Pro-Abstinence Sex Ed Harms Victims of Rape

It it fortuitous or just a coincidence that Encore Westerns has this on now?


Biden asks clergy to make moral argument on guns

What's up with Photobucket?

Stephen Harper’s costly French kiss-off Add to ...

Regardless of what you may think,.....I really am

How does your faith shape your politics?

Matt LAUER revealed to Ellen today that he got profound counsel/mentoring from Shrub

Anyone have good or bad experiences with smoking lounges?

Unidentified plants.

Politicians should be certified.

Heist for Health: Portuguese man robs bank to cover meds amid austerity

A build has to start somewhere...

Figure in Attica prison uprising dies in Canada

U.S. punishes India for placing public health before corporate profits

Look at Obie now!

The Death of Socrates.

Heh! The Miami Chill and Lebron lost another fourth quarter.

"Fockin' wankin' bankers!"

House eyes wider gun freedoms.Allows concealed weapons in restaurants and bars

The three women found - hospital press conference on CNN...

This is just a fly-by

The end of the Rangers-Caps game 3 was pretty exciting (spoilers)

Any of you guys out there every had a prostrate biopsy? Reason I ask is that I decided to have one

In 2004, famed psychic told mom Amanda is dead

Important Government Pie Chart

Slowdown in Health Costs’ Rise May Last as Economy Revives

Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York: The Zip Code Postal Workers Fear To Tread

"Republican Congressman Introduces Bill To Require Political Approval Of Scientific Papers"

How much alcohol does it take to sanitize a scalpel?

Dolphins CEO: Team’s future in Miami ‘bleak’

(Katelyn Campbell) GW student's request for injunction denied

Mercury exposure linked to dramatic decline in Arctic foxes

It's called CANNABIS

The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 23 (maria corina machado)

Louisiana Court Strikes Down Undocumented Immigrant Driving Law As Unconstitutional

Nun, other activists face trial for breaching U.S. nuclear security

Every Facebook argument you have ever seen (classic!)

Pentagon's annual report on sexual assault shows alarming rise...

Catholic journal criticizes dissidents who support embargo

FAO Director Sends Congratulation Letter to Fidel Castro (eradicating hunger)

Mississippi death row inmate seeks stay of execution based on FBI forensic errors

Westboro threatens to picket Ole Miss over 'The Blind Side'

Why Republicans say the government doesn't work. (Photo)

Buena Vista Michigan Teachers Agree To Work For Free As District Goes Broke

disappearing "My Posts" tab - edit: seems to be resolved see post 2

If we have a right to a lawyer when in trouble...

Adidas Encourages Factory Workers To Anonymously Text Complaints

I'm not afraid of...........

I am curious which days of the week are the busiest and which are the slowest?

How often do you hear of this? A COP got arrested for a DUI car crash.

Ironic Bill Dedman tweet:

George Takei stars in hilarious video mocking ‘a**hole’ foes of marriage equality

"Niall Ferguson's Horrible Track Record On Economics"

What part of NY do you live in or are you from?

Meet The Hero Who Discovered The Ohio Girls Who Have Been Missing For More Than A Decade

Ask a Canadian anything.

“Gatsby” Gets Flappers Wrong

BREAKING NEWS!! PRINCess PAL Misconduct at PS 154 in the Bronx!!

And Zeus decrees…

I, for one, welcome our impending feline overlords…

WP: Special Ops Halted From Responding To Benghazi Attacks, U.S. Diplomat Says

There comes a time, America, when you have…

Cancer Guilt

The Greatest Dad EVER…

Does Anyone Know If Michael Moore Is Working On Another Documentary.....

Israeli Attacks Show Why Obama Must Step Up In Syria

I was just watching "Mike and Molly" And saw...

Anderson Cooper retweet:

Update: regarding the three women found in Ohio -- 3 BROTHERS arrested

Oaxacan teachers challenge the test

Should the Market Place Fairness Act be called the Wal-Mart Fairness Act?

New York, Chicago Chefs Share Top U.S. Culinary Award.

Is it just too weird ...

Legalising Brothels - why I changed my mind

PHOTO of suspected kidnapper Ariel Castro, below

U.S. Hopes Russian Aid in Inquiry on Boston Bombings Signals Future Collaboration

This cat understands Russian! How smart is that?!

Pentagon accuses China government, military of cyberattacks

A little privacy, puhleaze!!!

Met Gala Red Carpet photos. Must see for anyone who likes fashion.

Come cry with me -doggie rescue

Gun control debate may return as Republicans signal a new willingness to talk

Amanda, Georgina and Michelle: What happens next?

Bombing of Damascus

Isn’t this gonna fuck up the gun industry a bit?

Wyoming PBS

Dogs pull the heartstrings.

Search engine glitch

Mass. Funeral Director Chasing Burial Offers.

Amanda's mom died in 2006 of a broken heart. "The visit with the psychic was the breaking point"

Did you know that some of the tabs are missing?

We need more dogs!

Glenn Beck Invokes Jesus and Friends at the NRA!

Hopefully today's news will give some extra strength to Madeleine McCann's parents...

Peace pageantry will yield to courtroom drama

Park Geun Hye visits the US

Jon Stewart Tears Apart NRA’s False Choice Between Freedom And ...

Obama to be impeached

Kitties &...

overpass light brigade has a message for President Obama

No evidence for theory humans wiped out megafauna

This Ad Has a Secret Anti-Abuse Message That Only Kids Can See

The One Percent .

'Girls Gone Wild' Founder, Convicted Of Assault And False Imprisonment

Eugenie Scott announces retirement from NCSE.

Getting Beyond the "Clash of Civilizations"

This bud's for you.

No Kinky Porn, Please -- We're English


People were building .22 'zip guns' when Rand Paul was just a twinkle in the milkman's eye. So...


A little birdie told me

Historians Still Despise George W. Bush

Hello DU I am new here

Bangladesh Garment Accident Death Toll Passes 700

Paul Krugman's call to arms against austerity

Head of US air force sexual assault prevention unit charged with groping

Fingers crossed for Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Looks like a dead heat. SC, please GOTV for her!!

So, Drudge is distributing malware again

Iran's presidential race officially opens

Liberal or progressive?

Philippine volcano Mount Mayon in deadly eruption

Torture survivor leads Chileans’ battle for justice over Pinochet abuses

Venezuela Elections Verification: No Errors Found In Vote Audit So Far

Stress study offers clues for new antidepressant drugs

Report on the situation in La Oroya : When investor protection threatens human rights

C&L: 'Humane' Force-feeding Begins At Guantanamo Bay

Poverty solved!

Microsoft touching up Windows 8 to address gripes

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday May 7th

Netanyahu quietly curbing settlement expansion: reports starting a Seattle chapter

Scientists may have found Brazilian 'Atlantis'

OAS Organises Forum On Political Financing In The Caribbean

The United States and the Latin American Left

The United States and the Latin American Left

Report on the situation in La Oroya : When investor protection threatens human rights

Today i did something American

Three Ohio women found alive after being missing for a decade; 3 men arrested

Your Retirement for a Bottle of Champagne: How Wall Street Fraudsters Ripped You Off, Again

GOP seeks alternative to overtime pay

98 years ago today: RMS Lusitania sunk by U-Boat. 1198 dead.

'unresolved set of issues in the Democratic Party between people of wealth and people who work'

What's Behind ‘Substantial Increases’ in Suicide Rate for Middle-Aged Americans? Bad Economy

More people live inside this circle than outside of it

Air Force sexual assault prevention officer arrested for fondling woman

How a Safe Tiny Little Pill Scares the Hell out of Prude Christian Conservatives

Wisconsin Bill Would Treat Organic Milk, Sharp Cheddar, Brown Eggs as "Junk Food"


Beam Me Up!

More Mentally Ill Becoming Homeless Because States Won’t Help

Stay Classy, NRA

The Hungry British Public

South Carolina Congressional Election To Be Monitored By Justice Department

FBI says it prevented terrorist attack in rural Minnesota on Monday.

Heil, Kitler

Michigan's new prison food contractor accused of skimping on meals to boost profits

Another nifty fact for you…

Otis Nixon arrested after police find crack pipe in his pocket, drugs in his truck

Teacher Appreciation - BS, BS, BS, Otherwise Bullshit

WWII veteran loses ruling on expats voting in UK elections

Lookie here, this is how I show my wub 4 YOU!

Unearthing History: How Technology Is Transforming Archaeology

If you're ever in Barcelona

'unresolved set of issues in the Democratic Party between people of wealth and people who work'

4 Big Pushers of War in Iraq Now Gunning for Intervention in Syria -- Consequences be Damned!

Why is Obama withholding secret torture report from Americans?

Tyler, The Creator - TreeHome/Domo 23

Victims in West ‘will not be forgotten’ by Obama, White House spokesman says

MSNBC - Get rid of Morning Joe!

So Chris Christie had lap-band surgery

BBC - Study LInks Decline In Arctic Foxes To Mercury; 10X Increase In Mercury In Predators' Tissues

PHOTO: Amanda Berry Hugs Her Sister After Being Reunited

Dinner with Wayne LaPierre

SC political ad compares Colbert-Busch to Lizzie Borden (no really)

Mediaite Learns: ‘Vast Majority Of National Advertisers Now Refuse To Air Ads During Limbaugh’s Show

Motor vehicle crashes: A little-known risk to returning veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

More US babies die day they are born than any industrialized country, report shows

You heard about the Bleeding Obama target. How about the Bleeding Ex?

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Thread (Season 3 starts Jan 2014)

Ducking the Full Costs of War: The Ongoing Scandal Called the Veterans Administration

Nobody will ever need to be shushed in the Bush Library

Bill Banning "Double Dipping" Dies in Committee

Bay Bridge Will Learn Its Fate on May 8th

The phonetically perfect food

A Soldier's Story: Bush, Cheney and the Lies That Killed

How Our Incredible Shrinking Government Raises Unemployment and Hurts the Recovery

Top 20 Bike Cities Span Four Continents, But Not U.S.A

Ever get the feeling you're watching an over-speed flywheel coming apart?

The number mental health advocates want you to talk about

I'm thinking about a line from an older movie.

Yay! My potatoes are scheduled to arrive today!!!!

On 400 PPM, Mass Stupidity, and the Suicidal Language of Climate Lemmings

Obama Did It For the Money by Robert Scheer

Robot Top Gun: Navy X-47B Drone Rehearses Carrier Landings

Budget Austerity Proved a Joke, But the US and Europe Won't Change Course

Ammonium Nitrate Was Cause of Texas Explosion, State Agency Says

How Learning Disability Affects a Person's Mental Health

join operation green jobs, from may 18 to may 24

Yale grad offers plot in Hamden (CT) cemetery for burial of Boston bomber

Just so you all know, I watch the Game of Thrones.

Austerity and the Unraveling of European Universal Health Care

I fear for Julian Assange. I fear for Bradley Manning. I fear for us all.

The Children Are Our Future (warning: Mr. Fish)

Krugman: The Stimulus Debate, Revisited

Christie Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery

Top 20 Bike Cities Span Four Continents, But Not U.S.A

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Budget

Interview with Maria Corina Machado after being beaten by savage chavista pigs at the AN

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Indefinite torture

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Guns R Us

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

milw urinal poll on schoo vouchers

Willie Nelson Signature Series Horses ready for adoption

Excellent interview: How food giants hook people

Marijuana repeal effort in Colorado falls short

Fox News Guest: 'Reason' Led to The Holocaust

Eagle Scout takes 1,800-mile stand on Scouts' policy on gays

Senate Passes Bill To Give States Ability To Collect Online Sales Tax (updated)

Remember when someone asked what "gun culture" was?

Keiser Report: Suicide Sacrifice to God of Market

Colbert: After Obama takes our bullets, he’s buying up Rush’s hookers and canned frosting

Briton with dungeon who plotted to kidnap and eat child jailed in US

There is no rhyme nor reason to life.... FB postings....

Growing your own food is like printing your own money.

Ecuador withdraws ambassador in Peru over supermarket brawl

THE CAT WHO TALKED TURKEY by Lilian Jackson Braun.

you are getting evicted... (if you live in public housing)

Running out of room...a mess

Do you think use of semicolons will cause others to think you're smarter than they otherwise would?

Local Business Refuses To Print Shirts For Atheist Group

Antibiotics could cure 40% of chronic back pain patients

Austerity and the Unraveling of European Universal Health Care

Jeff Flake says he could support Manchin-Toomey background checks, if they never applied to anyone

Safe drinking water disappearing fast in Bangladesh

Pacific islands look for model to combat changes due to global warming

Venezuela: the myth of “Eco-socialism of the XXI Century”

Review - The New Religious Intolerance

IN COLD BLOOD question. Which of the perps actually killed the members of the Clutter family?

Enda Kenny, Irish Prime Minister, Rebuffs Catholic Church's Comments On Abortion Legislation

In the Gulf, a long history of oil spills and cover-ups

Beware: Rough wildfire season ahead

Eugenie Scott announces retirement from NCSE.

Nighttime meowing and lots of it

"Sestina: Like" --- by A. E. Stallings

Yuan falls as regulators clamp down on China's banks

House Democrats Seeking Control Eye 17 Split-Ticket Seats

Bacon, bacon, bacon!

At least 15 dead, 36 injured in gas tanker explosion near Mexico City

This will save time.

San Andres police arrest fake nuns smuggling cocaine

What's all this about Chris Christie having a lap dance?

Papantonio: Right Wing Minimum Wage Lies

What does "sling your hook" mean in England?

"Live Free Or Die"

UPDATED In Turnaround, Flake Says He’s Open To Expanding Background Checks

Big Bird Questions The NRA

J.C. Penney Spent $170 Million to Install Johnson Team

Illinois GOP Chairman Resigns After Backing Gay Marriage

And Then There Was One - Imperial Gigantism and the Decline of Planet Earth - By Tom Engelhardt

A cut-off loop in jet stream caused the May-1st snowstorm

Best way to leash train?

I thought we did away with debtor's prison

Healthcare Spending May Be Slowed For Good, Which Changes Everything

Map of North American accents

Baseball Hall-of-Famer Steve Carlton's nutty squirrel-shit interview from 1994:

Delaware to vote on becoming 11th state to allow gay marriage

Venezuela rebuffs Obama, repeats case against U.S. 'spy'

Google Glass Picks Up Early Signal: Keep Out

Belief in the Second Coming is Stifling Climate Progress

People familiar with the Cleveland kidnapping story...

my babysitter's brother-in-law tried to commit suicide last night....

Five myths about Guantánamo Bay

Death toll of Bangladesh building collapse tops 700

Mass. bishop pleads not guilty to DUI charge in RI

Trigger warning at link - does this commercial bother anyone else -

John Sampson, State Senator, Indicted; Brooklyn Relieved He Wasn't Elected DA

Police Seek Four In Possible Bias Attack Near MSG

"If Leni Riefenstahl were alive today, she’d spit on the floor as she walked out of these movies"

NYC Council Preps Vote On Paid Sick Leave Bill

'3 explosions heard in Tehran near missile facility'

That "Bleeding Obama" target from the NRA convention? It should be put to good use.

Crowd-Source Prediction of Minimum Arctic Sea Ice

Lawrence O'Donnell simply shreds Lapierre's pathetic ruse

Syria crisis: UN peacekeepers seized on Golan Heights

After Bumpy Start, Microsoft Rethinks Windows 8

Utah Christian company refuses to print LGBT Pride shirts for atheist group

Oh boy, Nancy Grace is on TV pontificating about the Cleveland abductions......

Fundamentalism Goes The Way of the Macarena

Not For Children Under Three Years Of Age

Ayotte: I Voted to Improve Background Checks

A Scary Look Deep into the Minds of Corbett Supporters on Firearms Forum

Capitalism's 'Sacrifice Zones' - Bill Moyers & Chris Hedges

Hero of the day in his own words Charles Ramsey

Bulgarian Honor Bid in DC Stirs Holocaust Debate

Delaware to vote on becoming 11th state to allow gay marriage

Pic Of The Moment: Scientific Fact: Lamar Smith Is A Moron

Sen. Corker: I Think We’ll Be Arming Syrian Rebels ‘Shortly’

Private health care sector in India is putting women's lives at risk

Cuba to Send 6,000 Doctors to Brazil

Senator Levin: Military Plagued By More Than 70 Sexual Assaults Per Day

I am sooo tired

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 7, 1984

Today in Peace and Justice history on May 7, 1984

This should go well-- Gun Advocate: 'Armed March On Washington Will Be Totally Safe'

Is revolution coming to the U.S.?

Search drags on for burial spot for bomb suspect

Newly Declassified Memo Shows CIA Shaped Zero Dark Thirty's Narrative

5,000 Children’s Products Contain Toxic or Dangerous Ingredients

Alcohol and crime

Va. boy suspended for pretending pencil was gun

Here's a problem to chew over:

H. Edward Flentje: Rural Kansas will pay price

LIVE hummingbird nest cam, with birds!

Rachel Maddow - GOP war on student voting violates clear established law

If you could read his mind....?

Forest Service seeks to silence Smokey the Bear over fracking

PSA: My first tick bite...

Mississippi to Execute Willie Manning Tonight After Rejecting DNA Tests & FBI’s Admission of Error

Mother Forced To Pay Spousal Support To Man Who Raped Daughter

Facebook question

Arizona Secretary Of State On Payroll Of FreedomWorks Bankroller

Old Spock vs. New Spock

Progressives Boycott Facebook Ads In Opposition To Zuckerberg Group

Mired in Poverty: We Let Moms Die

Finally, Cuba Is Harboring a Terrorist!

Syria crisis: UN peacekeepers seized on Golan Heights

tweet from the Top Conservative Cat

Psychiatry’s Guide Is Out of Touch With Science, Experts Say


Snell: Waking the dragon — How Feinstein fiddled while America burned

Thom Hartmann: How about a "well-regulated" economy instead of guns?

West Virginia senator: Women senators ‘are on top of’ military sexual assault reports

Rachel Maddow - Gun rights radicals embrace paranoia over American majority

Need good thoughts for my new 3-week old kitten, Sam

Colombian Police Find Over 2,000 Landmines Belonging to Rebels

A 2-Part Joke:

Paul Ryan Casually Drops This Slur And Shows The GOP's Effort To 'Reach Out' Is B.S.

Whew! Allergy season is upon us!

Do you like Star Trek? Do you like reading Judges' decisions?

Minnesota House To Vote On Gay Marriage Bill Thursday

Thom Hartmann: SCOTUS Loves Corporations...

Knowingly Navigating the Unknown - "The Flamethrowers"

Trumka blasts Obama on Walmart

Kazakhstani Artist With No Arms Denied Entry Into UK Because He Has No Fingerprints

The Compassionate Mind

Bill Clinton: Hillary ‘having a little fun’

Christie is running for president in 2016 and he is the Republican establishment's choice

GM Wins Approval to Build $1.3 Billion Cadillac Plant in China

Honoring Happiness: What Bhutan, a Cowboy Hat, and the Economy Have in Common

Son of accused had written about missing Cleveland teen

Fake Nuns Arrested In Bogota With Large Amounts Of Cocaine

What kind of worship service does your house of worship have?

What's with these "NO Compensation" Jobs?

Psycho Groundhog Terrorizes New Jersey Little League

It Is Now Illegal To Poop On The Subway In San Francisco

How a sentimental British painting thwarted universal healthcare in the United States

Ambassador Thomas Pickering: No Benghazi Cover-Up

RAVITCH: Ed Sec Arne Duncan BOOED by education researchers

Biden Asks Faith Leaders To Help Push Background Checks Bill

TYT: Cenk discusses Obama commencement speech

Cory Booker: Yes I’m (Unofficially) Running for Senate

Way to Think About Internet Sales Tax

Progressives Boycott Facebook Ads In Opposition To Zuckerberg Group (support for Keystone XL)

California Supreme Court deals massive blow to medical marijuana industry

Why the free market can't do nuclear power and our industry is slowly declining (UK)

Has anyone heard any turnout reports from the SC house race?

british study shows false rape claims are complicated matters

Trying To Figure Out GOP "Logic": Guns/Plan B ----->

british study shows false rape claims are complicated matters

Liberal groups strike back at Facebook

Louisiana Supreme Court Rules Jindal’s School Voucher Program Unconstitutional

First Solar Seeks 5.5 Gigawatts of Sales to Fill Pipeline (business article)

R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen

Recently purchased DSLR. Need recommendations/opinions for lenses...

"The Ex" shooting target at NRA convention last week encourages deadly domestic violence

Air Force Brochure Tells Sexual Assault Victims to ‘Submit’

The Oatmeal: How I see my dog VS how my dog sees me

Lost In Angel Haze (interview with female hip-hop artist)

Today Delaware votes...

West Fertilizer Plant was an Easy Mark.....

Eugene Delgaudio: "Federal Communications Commission to become Federal Gay Porn Agency"

There is no point at which those who accumulate money become satisfied.

Intel worker cries after being subjected to ‘Kick Me’ prank, suit says

Hypocrite Glenn Beck rips journalists for questioning govt and calling it evil

Woman who ran black site bypassed for top spy job

South Carolina Voters Confused Because Elizabeth Colbert Busch Is On The Ballot Twice

Why was the Devid Medine confirmation such a close vote

*POTUS w Pres. Park of S. Korea MSNBC now.

Douchekazoo holds up "Toronto Stronger" sign at Leafs game. Boston responds.

Chess (May): Baden-Baden wins 8th straight Bundeslinga Title; Anand-Carlsen Match Set for Chennai

A Better Queue

Mug shots released: Ariel Castro, Onil Castro, and Pedro Castro - MUG SHOTS

Pentagon Study Sees Sharp Rise in Sexual Assaults

Man admits to using toy guns to rob banks of more than $100,000

The Man of Sorrows: A Naval Academy professor visits Guantánamo

B. Clinton: Hillary speculation is waste of time

The Man of Sorrows: A Naval Academy professor visits Guantánamo

republican Mo. House chief defends attempt to access gun list

Group homes won't let disabled couple live together

McConnell Objects To Initiating Budget Conference Negotiations

Louisiana Supreme Court rules voucher funding violates the state constitution

The one big factor Google Glass is missing

Loophole forced mother to pay spousal support to daughter’s convicted rapist

Canadian Prime Minister Responds to Outcry, Reinstates Prevailing Wages for Guest Workers

Voting steady in SC today.

Federal judge asks environmentalists for ideas to punish company over mercury spill

How ‘political intelligence’ can come from Congress itself

What the Zuck? Tell Mark Zuckerberg to pull his dirty ads!

This animation gives you a totally new view on giraffes....Metres 5,80

From the time I was a young man, and continuing throughout my life, I've been attracted to older Remove "The Ex" shooting target = large-breasted woman who bleeds when shot

Rubio Denounces Heritage Immigration Study: ‘The Folks Described In That Report Are My Family’

Thom Hartmann: Skid Row is My Home

An enlightening conversation with a friend who used to be HR director at a local news station...

Debunking the IQ myth

Hockey Reporter fired by Comcast

Messages like this make it all worthwhile

this is a major, major eclipse

Starving Baby Goose Falls in Love with His Rescuer

ALEC's Latest "Transparency" Move: Asserting Immunity From Freedom of Information Laws

Lindsey Graham targets Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

Russian Man Manages To Escape Maximum Security Prison With Spoon

Bush Advises Obama

Some 30,000 People Have Already Signed Up For Mars One Colony

How did the NRA become so powerful? Gore's 2000 defeat in Tennessee.

Assad Gives Palestine-Liberation Group Green Light To Attack Israel, Group Claims

What Really Sank Gun Control: Distrust of Government

Guate: Genocide trial starts then stops; State of Siege near US/Canadian mine continues (Graphics)

Cleveland abductions: fans lash out at Sylvia Browne over false prediction

Diabetic High School Girl Beaten by Police Officer and Arrested -- For Falling Asleep in Class

The Texas Senate approved something called the Tim Tebow Bill, and it’s a big deal

Dead Peasant Insurance and Walmart - Fact?

Peanut butter cover-up costs teachers their jobs

"Armed insurrection against the gubmint"

How Obama’s Nominee for Transportation Secretary Stacks Up on Biking & Walking

Summer is coming. Time to get that base tan. Want to look good for the ladies.

Raw: Bears' Eye-view of Alaska

Another bishop fails to put children first in dealing with abusive priest

Ariel Castro, suspect in Cleveland missing women case, had been accused of attacking his former wife

What one week of groceries looks like around the world

Keiser Report: Suicide Sacrifice to God of Market

Rush Limbaugh Blames Voting For Obama For Cleveland Kidnappings

Responding to Ann Coulter's Insane Interview on the Boston Bombings

Mississippi death row inmate granted stay of execution

Obama: Sexual Assault In Military Is ‘Betraying The Uniform’ (VIDEO)

What if Gays are all part of God's plan....

Homelessness prevention non-profits?

U.S. brings charges in first criminal case for consumer agency

There's no doubt about it....President Obama is the crappiest socialist ever!!

what's the difference between paprika and sweet paprika?

Cleveland police criticised as city asks: why were women not found sooner?

VA Prosecutors Not Handing Over Case Of Air Force Officer To Military Authorities

Cicadas - Forget Winter is Coming ... Brood II is Coming!

WEDC spokesman resigns month after hire (owes $44,000 in back taxes to the State of Wisconsin.)

Cleveland Ohio missing women UPDATE: Women May Have Been Pregnant Multiple Times


NAACP protest at legislature nets 30 arrests; rally planned (NC)

Who was that bald headed Kevin ???? sucker on The Cycle just now?

Missing Ohio Women Found But Bigger Message About Race?

Gina DeJesus Family: Suspected kidnapper attended vigils for missing girls

Ed Markey Runs Against Obama’s Proposed Social Security Cut

‘Does anyone seriously think this is about a broken condom?’

Crow After Roe author Robin Marty discuses her new book on women's health

Why Britain Has Gone Mad About Baking

Michelle Obama goes Kaepernicking with Colin Kaepernick

Irish Pardon Deserters Who Joined Britain in WWII

Really? Mark Sanford?

Can Someone Explain to me The Right Wing's Benghazi Conspiracy Theory?

Cory Booker: Yes I’m (Unofficially) Running for Senate

Repeal of Amendment 64 (recriminalize mj) failed in Colorado

QUICK! Recommendations for online flower delivery, please?

Keep Submitting The Junk Faxes You Receive to the FCC - It Gets Results

Greenland “snow drought” makes big 2013 melt more likely

Cleveland neighbour: 'A naked lady in the backyard' (article with video)

House Judiciary Committee Creates Bi-Partisan Task Force on Over-Criminalization

All on Board in the Greatest Stock Market Rally Ever (Buyer beware)

Ed Markey Runs Against Obama’s Proposed Social Security Cut

Ariel Castro Facebook page

Sanford Won’t Run For Office Again If He Loses S.C. Race

Donald Trump to launch crowdfunding site

If Game of Thrones took place on Facebook - new episode from Happyplace.

San Francisco airport won't be renamed Harvey Milk

"Canucks have tied game, cust cannot leave house to pickup"

practice post for pictures

Obama: North Korea's crisis-for-concession days 'over'

Are you lookin' for: Love, Sex, Companionship, Fun, FWB ...

CNN's Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield Hold Split-Screen Interview in Same Parking Lot

on pins and needles

‘Anti Land Reform Army’ threatens journalists in northern Colombia

An appology with no reply nessesary

Papantonio: The Wealthy Elite’s Disdain For Decency

Did a segment on gun control on my most recent show

Zombie crossing

Did a big segment on workers rights vs wealthy/corporations on my most recent show

Death row inmate Willie Jerome Manning gets reprieve

The flaw in the heritage foundation's immigration "study"

RNC urges Supreme Court to strike campaign-finance limits

Delaware becomes 11th state to pass marriage equality!!

Virgin Rail Buys Bras For Its' Female Staff Members In Response To Skimpy Uniform Claim

Evo Morales calls on G-77 to nationalize natural resources

Sen. Leahy (D-VT) Wants To Add Gay Couple Protections To Immigration Bill

President Obama: "I don't make decisions based on 'perceived' ..."

Vermont Senate Approves Marijuana Decriminalization

Assad: Syrian people, army capable of dealing with Israel

Dow at record high: Conservative Group Floats Impeaching Obama For ‘Wrecking The Stock Market’

105 Year Old Woman's Secret To Longevity? Bacon.

BREAKING: Delaware State Senate Votes to Become the 11th State to Allow Same-Sex Marriage

Sanford: I Won't Run For Office Again If I Lose

Peduto's doing an AMA on reddit right now

Freeper Madness: Forever Planning the Glorious Revolution

Madrid -

George Takei Saying 'Assholes' in Gay Marriage PSA Will Make Your Day

No more pooping on Bart.

Judge gives Orie Melvin slap on wrist, then punishes other justices

Colorado shootings suspect to enter insanity plea

James Holmes will plead not guilty by reason of insanity in the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting

NRA sells ex-girlfriend target that bleeds when shot...

The Abject Failure of Republican Economic Policy Is Driving Millions Into Poverty

Anonymous announces Operation Guantanamo (#OpGTMO)

No military involvement in Syria just yet, John Baird says

Dow Jones industrial average closes above 15,000 points for the first time

Rush speculates that the Cleveland kidnapings are a welfare scam based off of Hawaii 5-0 episode.

Nigerian Islamist raid in northeast town kills 55 - military

This is what a hero looks like.

I hope that one of these is invented and have to be worn by all the politicians...

When Do the South Carolina Election Polls Close?

Why Not Teacher Evaluations by Students?

The Craziest Conservative Ever!

Rate Of U.S. Gun Violence Has Fallen Since 1993, Study Says

Fuck you Chris Christie

Seizure alert!

I am listening to the hit piece CNN

Bohemian Rhapsody

James Holmes to plea insanity

Charles Barkley says 'of course' he was on teams with gay players - Chicago Tribune

Delaware Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Internet Access Cut Off in Syria

Mr. Sanford’s Wild Ride

I want to watch netflix films on my tv. Will my Kindle Fire help, or do I need a Wii. nt

Greetings Bitches!!!

Adobe goes subscription only

Wife and I are camping this week near San Luis Obispo, CA. Okay, RVing.

I think Tweety just said he'd had a problem with alcohol, but quit.

UPDATE: DE GOV signs marriage equality bill into law: “I do not intend to make any of you wait 1 min

Whats your favorite flavor of meat popsicle? Mine is meat...

CenturyLink experiencing nationwide Internet outage

Cops ignored or didn't follow through on calls to the house in Cleveland

Aaron Rodgers to be on 'The Office' this Thursday

NY Group Buys Tesla Property, Plans Science Center

The kidnapped girls were pregnant up to 5 times and were beaten while pregnant

Obama Did It for the Money

Ariel Castro's daughter serving 25 years for attempting to murder her baby

Ray Harryhausen RIP

Tempest in a Teapot (cont.)

House Moves to Gut Derivatives Regulations Again

I'm taking a collection to buy someone a sense of humor!

Sequesterless Airlines

FASCINATING! Petersen Foundation Interview with Bill Gates/Bill Clinton...FUTURE FOR AMERICA!

TWU Condemns Teamsters Union Raid on Machinists Union at US Airways

Atty. throws his tea-bag into Senate race

Don’t Let Republicans Scare You About Obamacare

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another interesting article regading the Castro brothers, with photos of the INSIDE of the house

ABC World News - Cleveland, Cleveland, and.more Cleveland

The 17 yr old boy we know who shot himself today...

I wrote this great post last night about being 'lost' in Rome.

Mike Huckabee Can Bite My Ass. nt

Polls closed in South Carolina.

Syria is not Iraq

Live Results: Sanford vs. Colbert Busch

Being "Anonymous" has good points and bad points (from the standpoint of Anonymous)....

Looking for a good microbrew in the

Female senators grill military brass over arrest of sexual assault prevention officer

Latest project complete..

If you are making a Costco run this week

Gillibrand, McCaskill, Ayote grill military brass over arrest of sexual assault officer (3 videos)

Judge rips Obama’s right-wing Plan B stance "You're disadvantaging young people, African-Americans,

Dr. Steven Hotze to file suit challenging ‘Obamacare’

One of my alcoholic patients is following up on his THIRD recent ER visit for pancreatitis.

Will Congressman Sanford Take His Argentinian Lover To House Social Events?

I feel jaded at 23. I should be scared of a potential Sanford win.

Lawyers: Tenn. nuclear plant break-in was symbolic act featuring 'Biblical graffiti'

Nannies For England's Super Rich Now Trained In Stunt Driving And Tae Kwon Do

Biden Tells Activist He Opposes Pipeline - BUT -said he is "in the minority" inside the Obama Admin

Anonymous Just Ate My Homework....

SEC Charges Traders in Massive Kickback Scheme Involving Venezuelan Official

5 Things That Will Happen at the “Open Carry March on Washington”

Extended Benefits Didn't Keep Unemployed From Taking Jobs: Study

Toon- Leadership

We all know men who think they deserve to own women: This is a horrifying exaggeration of that.

For those that care about the working class-

It's not defensible to release regular folks' personal info which is what appears to have happened

Re: 3 girls "There was compliance...there had to be some willingness..."

Auto Updating Tool to Track Sandford-Colbert-Busch Race

You can bust through a wall to escape a house...

Cumulus CEO hits Limbaugh while reporting $2.4 million revenue loss

Colbert Busch vs. Sanford

Congress must shun a self-imposed downgrade.Delaney