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E-cigarettes as good as nicotine patches in helping smokers quit


Math question about poker odds--

Russian Gay Activist's Plea: 'Get Us the Hell Out of Here'

Kerry Cites Broad Backing for Syria Strike

Kerry and French Foreign Minister Appeal Together for Strike Against Syria

Fukushima Daiichi Cs 137 dispersion model from NOAA

Could THE OSU beat Baylor?

Kerry has the unmitigated gall to tell Euopeans that this is their "Munich Moment"

Note to self don't drink till you vomit.

Obama Plans Media Blitz Monday As Syria Vote Looms

General Wesley Clark saying plans to attack Syria were hatched within weeks of 9/11/01

Accounting is difficult.


Pryor to oppose military action against Syria

Best case scenario reguarding Syria...

Sometimes the word Hero.. really does apply

Will there be no +++ NFL Picks +++ this year in the Sports forum?

(Updated) Child dies from gunshot at Yellowstone National Park campground

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Uncounted Costs of Capitalist Crisis (audio link)

I can't express how disappointed I am in my Representative, Keith Ellison

'NYT': Who Used Those Atomic Bombs?

Allright! The Outlaw Josey Wales on AMC right now!

Contempt for religious ideas is not bigotry

Do these pants make my ass look mad?

Have you considered your reaction if Congress votes NO and a strike is launched anyway by POTUS?

Make your predictions here on the Syria vote totals in the House and Senate

I'm watching Mars Attacks! Ask me anything!

Married to a Doll: Why One Man Advocates Synthetic Love

We've done it before.

What are we going to do?

Just curious?

More than 160 anti-Islamist and rival protesters arrested in London

What Minnesotans need to do in MN to stop the bombing of Syria

Obama to give six television news interviews on Monday as Syria vote looms

"Scientists leave GOP due to attitudes toward science"

"16 Major Firms May Have Received Early Data From Thomson Reuters"

Zimbabwe elephants poisoned by poachers in Hwange

"Opinion: Corporations tend to corrupt higher education"

"There are a number of countries, in the double digits, who are prepared to take military action."

War is not healthy...

A short guide to the Middle East.

Tens of thousands in Syria peace vigil at Vatican

Obama Plays Golf... and Lobbies for War

You Can’t Have It All, but You Can Have Cake.

Obama Administration Had Restrictions on NSA Reversed in 2011...

Congress not passing the resolution doesn't change anything, legally

Robert Reich on John Kerry and Syria

NSA decryption revelations 'provide roadmap' to adversaries, US warns

de-constructing the election

President Obama’s Syria problem — through the lens of Michael Grimm

The Daily Show 09/04/13 Changing the Middle East with Sir Archibald Mapsalot III

Rodman has harsh words for Obama, great ones for Kim Jong Un

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights “shocked” by White House count

Remember those "gentle Christians" whose bakery died, 'cuz gays?

Has anyone here ever been treated for post rabies exposure?

On Syria Vote, Trust, but Verify

Counselors say consequences of killing a person could be extensive

We've done it before.

repost of an old OP

U.S. Lawmakers Say Constituents Opposed To Syria Intervention, Cite Record Opposition

So how 'bout that NSA?

French Oppose Syria Action By Two-Thirds Margin, Poll Finds

Why doesn't the Congress want to do its constitutional duty?

New Docs Show NSA Can Access User Data From All Major Cell Phones—Including iPhone, Android

Ted Talk: Chrystia Freeland global super rich

Need a Visual to explain Syria? Kirkuk-Banias Pipeline


Many in Congress voted to give Bush the power to commit war crimes against children

Obama administration had restrictions on NSA reversed in 2011

Francis lobbies for peace

Michael Ventura: "an unprecedented Constitutional shitstorm"

What if the President says, "Fuck it. I'm not authorizing any military action in Syria"

General Wesley Clark's Take on Obama and Syria

The Return of the Golems -- William A. Cook

There are 180 videos so far of the nerve agent release.

Need Help Debunking Latest Obamacare Attack

2 Groups In Syrian Give Figures Of Damascus Casualties As 1000+

"The 1% Played the Tea Party For Suckers"

WA State Progressive Caucus Resolution 2013-3 Against War on Syria

This was my favorite book as a kid

DU a poll: Do you approve or disapprove of labor unions?

Syria chemical attack death toll: "The U.S. figure more closely matches reports by pro-opposition...

So, I do not think that the US will end up

From one Nobel Peace Laureate to another (from Adolfo Pérez Esquivel to Barack Obama)

Is Afghanistan a "just" war?

Japan Fest, Lexington, Ky. 12 images in living black and white.

Are any of your churches having Homecoming Sunday tomorrow or the next few Sundays?

She's Back

European Nations Warn Solution To Syrian Crisis Will Take 'Decades'

President Obama's address on the ongoing debate in Congress on Syria:

A white male mayoral candidate . . .

Letter to MN Congress members

John Kerry Speaks on Syria in Paris: We Can’t Be 'Silent Spectators to Slaughter' - video link

It has been a few days and I stand behind my position that Assad is the problem

Colbert: Every Time I Watch Eric Bolling, I Want to Kill Myself

Ohio man wants Cleveland football players to be his pallbearers

Syria the most intense campaign of Obama’s presidency

Germany Joins U.S. In Blaming Assad For Attack

Auggie has a weird request...

The notion of weakening the Presidency

Fresno 9/9 10:00 a.m. March to Costa's office & 7pm Candlelight Vigil

The March (1963, restored) -- except they gagged King

The Undefeated Since 1950 streak has ended

Because I played the fool for you...

Feeling kinda down

7 Saudis Set to Be Executed by Crucifixion and Firing Squad for Juvenile Jewelry Heist

Obama would be perceived to be strong to respect the vote

Obama's Syria War Is Really About Iran and Israel

US Runs Into Resistance As It Tries To Rally Support For Punishing Syria With Military Strike

Let's get a few thing straight about Syria

Ever get the feeling that...

Kerry Delivers A Love Letter To France, In French

Love you, BOG! Let's support the President during this heart-wrenching time.

Phil Ochs: We're the cops of the world

I still haven't heard the legal basis or the actual objectives of a Syrian strike

Jim Wallis (Sojourners) on Syria


Two-thirds of French oppose Syria action: poll - France24

Afghans say NATO airstrike kills 15, including women and children; NATO says 10 insurgents die

Man owed $134 in property taxes. The District sold the lien to an investor who foreclosed

How many Presidents, since 1900, have been able to supress the urge stroke the Military Penis?

Public Opinion Runs Against Syrian Airstrikes - Pew Doves vs Hawks

The Wit and Wisdom of Tony Abbott

If I had been on Michigan's campus yesterday, I would have unloaded on someone.(about Lizzy Seeberg)

Petraeus: Military action in Syria necessary to deter Iran and N.Korea

WikiLeaks Party will live on: Assange

Intersting, I seem to have adapted to the dorm very well. But I'm still very anxious...

House of Al Saud HATES CATS.

Obama Plays Golf... And HATES CATS.

TV by the Numbers (latest dates & times)

Hug Lindsay Graham... hug him with all your might. He thinks we'll be nuked if we don't bomb Syria.

A Story and a Tribute

Bomb SOMEONE... Please. Just bomb SOMEONE. I'm John Kerry and I endorse this message. In French.

Welcome to the Jungle, the largest homeless camp in the Silicon Valley and continental United States

107-year-old Arkansas man dies in shootout with S.W.A.T.

Town takes on white supremacist

September 8: National Date Nut Bread Day

It took me 5 hours to fly from Seattle to Newark today.....

Could the Syrian National Council have overturned Assad's government nonviolently?

Is this too emotional and "not reality based" to be taken seriously?

Gushers of Campaign Cash are Causing Widespread Inequality

7 Instances of All-Out, Mean-Spirited, Right-Wing Lunacy From This Week Alone

Lingering doubts over Syria gas attack evidence

Let's End the Pledge of Allegiance in Schools

ICYMI:Eminem was on teevee Saturday night.

Meanwhile, back in the Twilight Zone...

Syria Islamist rebels seize Christian town

Sexiest parts of the body revealed by neuroscientists

Give the workers a fair deal

The circle of life:

Can Obama Win by Losing in Congress?

Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir – review

What is the charge? Eating a succulent Chinese meal?

Pentagon adjusts plans for more intense attacks on Syria

NO CATS, everyone. I'm John Kerry and I HATE CATS. In French.

Democratic Party Platform: July 4, 1900

Anatomy Lesson...

NATO airstrike kills insurgents, possibly civilians, in Afghanistan

Super-Earth with Water-rich Atmosphere Identified Around Host Star

Privacy Scandal: NSA Can Spy on Smart Phone Data

It's big and it's black and he couldn't handle it...

Syria's rebels and soldiers agree: military strikes will change nothing

Syria Islamist rebels take control of historic Christian town of Maaloula

"Now the Work of Movements Begins" (Goodman & Moynihan -- November 2012)

In chess, if you have no good options, and still must move, it's called Zugzwang.

WELCOME TO 'THE JUNGLE': The Largest Homeless Camp In Mainland USA Is In The Heart Of Silicon Valley

Britain sent poison gas chemicals to Assad: Proof that the UK delivered Sarin agent to Syrian regime

Four Bangladesh bloggers charged with defaming Islam

How to Fight the 'Biggest Wave of Voter Suppression' Since 1965

'We know he has WMD, we have the receipts', part deux

North Carolina voters fear new ID law will keep them from polls

It's wet on the cat walk

feedback from doctors/health care providers about the PPACA ?

Here's Why John Kerry's Vow Against 'War' In Syria Means Nothing (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Name that War- er, I mean name that military strike!

Here comes the story of no hurricanes

The Repetition Compulsion for War -- and How It Might Fail This Time

Never have so many charged so much to keep tabs on so few: what is the "real" cost of PRISM

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cutest Thing Ever Edition

I own seven Stanley Kubrick DVDs, your task today will be to deduce which seven I own

Corporate and Financial Debt Soar to Pre-crisis Levels

"Americans are no longer interested in policing the world, Mr Obama"

Restaurant Denies Calling Customers Incestuous Rednecks With Low IQs

Survivor of Norway Gun Massacre Running for Parliament

Alzheimer's may be linked to better hygiene, say scientists

S&P raises desperate defense against government lawsuit

THE ROVING EYE: Dogs of war versus the emerging caravan

Afghan MP Fariba Ahmadi Kakar freed by the Taliban

THE ROVING EYE: Dogs of war versus the emerging caravan (xpost from Veterans)

Iran-Contra Redux? Prince Bandar Heads Secret Saudi-CIA Effort to Aid Syrian Rebels, Topple Assad

Obama demonstrates a stunning lack of imagination,

AIPAC to deploy hundreds of lobbyists (250) to push for Syria action

Trading in his stripes for spots. . . . Please come CAPTION Howard Kurtz.

Afghan officials say Nato air strike killed nine civilians

"In short, America should learn humbly to accept its own vulnerability..."

10 killed, 150 injured in suicide bomb attack Afghanistan’s Wardak

Luckovich toon today.

If you are represented by a liberal in the house and he/she votes yes on the AUMF

Who says the American people don't support a military strike?

The War or Nothing Tunnel Vision

Burning Weed

Abu Ghraib Torture Victims Ordered To Pay U.S. Contractor's Legal Fees

Pure joy! A young girl meeting her baby brother for the first time:

LOL---Mormons beat the Longhorns.

Republicans Are Torn Between Their Racist Hatred of Obama and Eternal Love of Bombing the Crap Out o

Why they want to go to Syria It's chemical Warfare alright but not the kind you're thinking of…

Fukushima, Climate Change and War: Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Stimulus Plan (cartoon)

Russia Sends Plane to Evacuate Citizens from Syria

Boundaries, purple and eventually rain (my Saturday)

Seriously if officials local, state and federal sit by and allow

The Startling Size, Scope, and Growth of U.S. Military Operations on the African Continent

Obama, Putin penis painting confiscated by Russian Police

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 10: The Story of Film

Prince Andrew' challenged by armed police in the gardens of Buckingham Palace

Overdrive: How America's Amazing Car Recovery Explains the U.S. Economy

That ridiculous recall election in Colorado all over a gun control bill

Manipulated by power: What is wrong with the New York Times?

Return With Us Now, To The Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear!

Reno Gazette-Journal (Gannett) editorial: Now is not the time for U.S. to launch an attack on Syria

IBM pulls job ad after age questions raised

CP-Why they want to go to Syria It's chemical Warfare alright but not the kind you're thinking of…

a simple proposal

There seems to be a lot of distrust of President Obama

The language of the rut. . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!!

Why Can't They Keep Their Dicks In Their Pants?

Do online petitions really make a difference?

i set up my account for obamacare and trhe healthcare exchanges

Today's Doonesbury, right on topic...

IRS is cracking down on tips – again. Why go after billionaires when you can squeeze more out of ...

Our country is truly Progressive!

From imgur. "My daughter wanted to dress up her hamster..."

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 8, 1965

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 8, 1965

Flashback: Virginia GOP AG Nominee Muses on "Nullification," "Forceful Measures" vs. Federal Gov

My boy Lance, a 14 you arthritic german shepherd

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 11: TCM Guest Programmer: Madeleine Stowe

Re: Quotation marks in subject lines.

Obama to schedule 6 network interviews,a Saturday radio address and a Tuesday speech America.

Puppy vibes needed for my girlfriend

The panel on ABC w/ Steffy all agreed, Prez probably will not act if Congress votes no.

Ex-TVA executive pleads guilty to sending money to Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions

Iraq Sunni leader cautions against Syria strikes

Pope Francis Leads Peace Prayer Vigil For Syria With 100,000 At St. Peter's Square At Vatican

Safe Havens for Pets of Demestic Violence Victims

'Charlie Rose has just interviewed Syrian president Bashar al-Assad,' Bob Schieffer announces

Of all JK's lies, this one is the most disturbing: "The President Is Not Asking You To Go To War"

Majuro declaration on climate change will determine every child's future

Prejudice: The Taboo Song

S.C. Teacher Bullied Student Mercilessly, Called Him "Gay Boy," Until Student Attempted Suicide

Freedom From Religion Foundation Demands Financial Transparency By Churches

Kerry Remarks With French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius at Joint Press Availability

Congressional Black Caucus Pressed To Stay Quiet On Syria

Virginia's AG Mark Obenshain Would Criminalize Miscarriages.

Obama-can't trust him anymore...sigh

AP: Lingering doubts over Syria gas attack evidence (Great Read!!)

Norman Solomon: Is War on Syria Veering Off-Script?

BREAKING:PA Mayor Pawlowski running for Governor

Small California city welcomes doomsday bunkers, city passes ordinance allowing them

CHARLES BLOW: "Using dead children as a mask for America’s militaristic instinct=REPUGNANT"

Song recommendations requested:

Kerry Announces Saudi Support for Syrian Strike

Anne-Marie Slaughter envisions an America where caring is as important as competing

Dear Gawd! Controversial truck decal depicts kidnapped woman

Is it possible there is a power struggle within the Syrian government itself?

Iowa grants gun permits to the blind

Countdown to Health Care Reform~

Moyers & Company: Andrew Bacevich on Taking Action in Syria


Huey Long assassinated this day in 1935

Iowa worker critically hurt falling 23 feet to concrete floor

kibbles and bits

alert time limits and host discussions

A must read, devestating article offered with neither comment nor quote

The wealthy 'make mistakes', the poor go to jail

Newly discovered Chinese mushroom turns out to be an abandoned sex toy

Krause criticizes Findley

Why Marijuana Legalization is Good For You (Even if you won’t use it)

No one remembered Pearl Harbor Day yesterday...

Syrian forces may have used gas without Assad's permission: paper

Sugar Hill Gang documentary.

I just can't wait for all the "Support The Troops" signs to start showing up again

The Dangerous Film Club

''You sorry assed, rednecked sacks of goat sperm''

Watchdog Finds Zero Major Overpayments In Food Stamps, $17 Million Overpayments In Farm Programs

This day in 1974

VOICES: Organize the South or die

Who in the Syrian National Coalition will be seated in Syrian Government after Assad is gone?

A philosophy of life I profoundly share.

The Senate is supposedly voting this week. If they vote to authorize,

Peer-reviewed study proves: Poo stinkier than Woo

IOC votes to keep wrestling in Olympics

Left with Nothing

President Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize because...

Report: NSA Can Access Most Smartphone Data

Every American MUST see this testimony RE: Syria.

Juan Williams shuts down Benghazi hype at Fox News: ‘It’s gone, baby. It’s all in your head’

From out there on the moon...


Rep. Peter King reportedly launches 2016 presidential bid

Report: Turkey scrambles F-16s after ‘blast’ on Syria border

GOP Members Of Congress Hold Surreal Press Conference In Egypt Thanking Military For Overthrowing Mo

Sheldon Adelson and Cheney's oil company will see us as weak if we don't blow up Assad's shit

Anti-violence march in Brooklyn following fatal shooting of 1-year old

Peter King: 'I’m running for president'

How hard will Obama beg to go to war?

Joshua Landis on Syria

If the Senate filibusters the resolution and House doesn't vote at all

Star Trek, Season 1, Ep. 1: The Man Trap. Aired Sept, 8 1966

"You think I want to send my son to die in Kuwait?"

can i- should i- prune my watermelon vines?

Stringer, Spitzer Make Final Push For Votes In Democratic Comptroller Primary

How much hysteria would be going on if Pres. Obama said nothing about the chemical attacks in Syria?

*** Help a DUer *** Sunday, 9/8/13 (9/13 UPDATE)

deleted by me with apologies

My unresearched, no evidence opinion: Assad is not evil, not a madman, just in over his head.

The Affordable Care Act Part V: Mental Health Services

The Affordable Care Act Part V: Mental Health Services

So... no troops, no war. Can someone tell me what the London Blitz was?

The President will not bomb Syria...

My Time With Richard Dawkins (Or, Why You Should Never Meet Your Idols)

today in women's herstory- 8 september

Royal mix-up: UK police order prince to ID himself

a biography of the day-terry tempest williams (author, conservationist, activist)

Alabama Voices: Combining state, religion a folly of man

Are Political Beliefs Dangerous?

Open letter from more than 800 scientists warning about GMO's.

some quotes of the day-terry tempest williams

Our National Fairy Tale No Longer Does The Trick

WaPo Goes Much Further In For Summers

The stupidity of the Hitler-of-the-Month-Club tactic

The Flip Side Of Obama’s Keystone XL Delay

Steve Grand On Catholicism: The Side You Haven't Seen Of 'The First Openly Gay Male Country Star'

We Have No Clue What Side We Should Be On!?!

Israel deploys Iron Dome system near Jerusalem

Something to remember: Report: Saudis sent death-row inmates to fight Syria

If friend promises to jump off bridge-No one says they're worse off when you talk them out of it

Oprah on pause. . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!!

Syria Islamist rebels take control of historic Christian town of Maaloula

Contrary to (popular?) belief, woo does exist.

CODEPINK Activists Stage Encampment Outside of Congress, Call for No War on Syria

Here's an idea: send gas masks to Syria instead of bombs.

One issue voter? Not exactly.

Fearing backlash, California Democrats chart centrist path

Papantonio: Corporate Media Failing The Economy

John Kerry says most Congress members still undecided on Syrian strikes

What could possibly go wrong?

Olympics 2020: Wrestling reinstated to Games

Pop Quiz - this is not a digital effect (bit pic heavy)

Mubarak-era minister Moussa to head Egypt's constitution panel

Rep. Pete King of Long Island: I am running for President

U.S. undecided on seeking new Syria U.N. vote


Stonehenge was built on solstice axis, dig confirms

Assad and Walmart

The Police Are Not Your Friends

The more things change... (photos)

The response from DU and many of our society

TRAGIC FLAW: :We Go To War Repeatedly WITHOUT Serious Efforts To Resolve Conflicts Peacefully"

Charlie Rose Interviews Syria's Bashar Al-Assad In Damascus

Why countries hate chemical warfare?

NSA can reportedly tap smartphone users' data

Company in Texas Fails Hard with Tailgate Decal of Bound Woman

Narcissists are ruining America

Never Forget the other 9/11

So if Congress rejects Obama's request for war on Syria?

Two Men, 58 Years and Counting. A Love Story.

Mike Huckabee (Still) Hasn't Ruled Out 2016 Presidential Bid

I hope Obama loses the war votes in Congress and then acts accordingly.

Shake a Stick in Post-Financial Collapse America, and One Hits Poverty

In interview with Charlie Rose, Assad says he had nothing to do with attack (via Yahoo)

The Beneficiaries of US attack on Syria will be war profiteers, political servants, media & al Queda

Does the medium advantage terms that maximize disagreement?

Credit where it's due: Obama has done more for the causes of peace and democracy than any President

Monsanto's GMO research does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. They won't allow it to.

Sunday Anti-War Toon Roundup

Can baby rabbits bound in a straight line?

I hope Obama wins the Congressional vote and then

We thought we voted for this man...

Sen.Sanders:The Crisis at Home

NASA Curiosity Rover Captures Photos of a Solar Eclipse on Mars

MPs meet to discuss why Britain allowed nerve gas ingredients to be exported to Syria following Sund

W.H. defends Syria strike: "We learned our lesson" in Iraq

Tea Bag party hates the President so much...They have now become the party of peace..

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

New German intercept shows Assad responsible for chemical weapons attack

A Soldier's Wife

FULL Congress and Senate list who is voting no or yes and who is undecided

I want to share Ellis with you…

Libya lurches towards energy crisis as armed groups throttle oil supplies

Dave Marsh: This sun of a bitch Obama needs to be IMPEACHED

107-Year-Old Killed by SWAT team

BFFE ghosts

Pet Service Announcement: Check your cat's dew claws!

Pet Service Announcement: Check your cat's dew claws!

White House: Irrefutable Assad link to gas attack lacking, but passes ‘common-sense test’

Marine Biologists Capture First Footage of Deep-Sea Squid Grimalditeuthis bonplandi

Juan Williams Shuts Down Benghazi Outrage at Fox News: 'It's Gone, Baby. It's All in Your Head'

Maine beats UMass!

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll 9/8/13 - Cocks Crash, 'Cains Climb

Why Quinn Angers Voters

Violent Tea Party Mob Attacks Media.

You realize that Assad considers himself a dead man..

Damn. There are days . . .

Damn. There are days . . .

Syria chemical arms: 'Global red line' crossed - Kerry

U.S. undecided on seeking new Syria U.N. vote

Crazy internet pricing.

U.S. would notify Israel 'hours' before Syria attack...

Church of England has up to £10m invested in arms firm

McGovern urges Obama to withdraw his request for Congressional authorization of US military strikes

Can a 2Wire wireless router from AT&T be configured to work with another provider?

Ugh... The Bills are beating the Patriots.

It's Debatable: Who should elect U.S. senators?

Giving Mobility When Legs Can’t

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Ripplin' Waters

What's up with all these countries voting in teabagger types?

Update on foster kittens

In D.C., small tax debts lead to misery, loss of homes

Demonstrators stage ‘die-in’ at weapons fair in protest against arms dealing

U.S. government spied on Brazil's Petrobras oil firm: Globo TV

U.S. government spied on Brazil's Petrobras oil firm: Globo TV

This is why the Daily Mail is a bad source.

Ed Asner Explains Hollywood Silence on Obama, Syria: They 'Don't Want to Feel Anti-Black'

Tall, thin women at risk for rare lung infection

Remember for the NYC mayor's primary that it may take 2 weeks to determine if there is a runoff.

NAACP chief Ben Jealous to resign, cites family reasons

Ummm I am a little embarressed....

On being self-employed as a career for almost 40 years...

Union chief Richard Trumka deplores Syrian slaughter

Murky allegiances for jihadists in Syria

Anyone know anything about Rep. Tulsi Gabbard?

The jets are gonna be death of me

Weiner: "I’m convinced that I’m gonna be the next mayor of this city.”

The jets are gonna be the death of me

S.E. Cupp: Being a conservative atheist is not a contradiction

WH Chief of Staff admits no military support from any allies yet.

Israel deploys iron dome system near Jerusalem

Ugh, I hate our fucking system of healthcare, or should I say lack of system...


Brussels fears European 'industrial massacre' sparked by energy costs


Higher education is in an expensive muddle with too many useless degrees

Why is the US Open tennis final the only grand slam with

The World Religions Tree Infographic

The Most Interesting Man Redux

Nixon, Kissinger on Allende's overthrow in Chile

FYI. Moyers and Co. on Syria Intervention will air on PBS...

Nixon, Kissinger on Allende's overthrow in Chile

my new swim suit

McCain raises impeachment - if boots hit ground in Syria

YES on 522.

Tokyo, here I come...

How the Chilean coup forever changed Canada's refugee policies

Ohio to limit food stamps for some adults

Britain and Chile 40 Years After Pinochet’s Coup

Half of repub voters want Bohener primary challenger

Uncontrolled CNRL Tar Sands Spill Ongoing, 1.4M Litres Recovered

‘Let’s Not Get Intoxicated About the Polls’: Bill de Blasio Holds a Big Rally

Tea Party Tells ‘Commie’ to Get off the ‘Private Property’ of the AZ State Capitol

I'm starting to understand why some people don't like Windows 8

Bay Area Chilean Diaspora Commemorates The 40th Anniversary Of 9/11

Robin Vos Runs! (cog diss)

Francoise Hardy - Comment te dire adieu?

Diana Nyad's Team Responds to Skeptics Doubting Her Swim

Stores that Provide Real Customer Service

Iraq joins Iran in opposing U.S.-led military strike in Syria

The Administration has announced they will conduct no annoying robocall polls on Syria.

Pres. Obama has already elevated and perpetuated the notion that the Executive decides when to war

Activists, faith leaders rally for background checks on gun buyers

FYI: Join Sec Kerry for a Google+ Hangout on Syria at 2:00 PM ET September 10

Not really a question, but

Nephew had the job, then they said no. story follows.........

One Graph That Sums Up Why We're Going to War With Syria

DU'ers who saw the Latest Batch of Gruesome Videos--Do you think they are totally Authentic??

My countrified friend from deep in the swamps of Florida called and said

Colbert: Every time I watch Eric Bolling, I want to kll myself

Do you think this Syrian mess will bring about any tragic events 3 days from now?

So it all comes down to the fact that Obama 'reckons' Assad did it.

This has to stop! This has to stop! This has to stop!

U.S. Forest Service set to decide on fracking in George Washington National Forest

Did the Saudis close down Chop Chop Square?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday, Sept 8th

And I thought I could juggle...

Teen's hairy run-in with 7-footer probed as Bigfoot encounter

Sir! No Sir! - GI opposition to vietnam

Crazy Right Wing Crazy Motherfucker Charles Krauthammer twists Gen. Dempsey's Words

Kerry says support for action against Syria is growing

Please understand, any U.S. military action in Syria means that we're being dragged into a proxy war

Say NO! to war


49ers are pretty good. So they don't need any breaks from the stripes.

West's wars of choice target the weak

No dog left behind

US Hypocrisy on Syria, Chemical Weapons, as Protests Grow

New ad campaign in India: Abused Goddesses takes on issues of rape, domestic abuse, sex trafficking

Iowa Debates Permitting Blind People To Carry Guns In Public

My Mom's house in Oconto county, Wisconsin, 120 miles NW of Green Bay...

Bush Neocon Dan Senor Worries That Syria Vote Means That Congress Won’t Back Iran Strike

Any stamp collectors care to share how best to convert an inherited collection into tuition $?

Johns Hopkins on cancer hoaxes:

Thousands Of Berliners Join Anti-NSA Protest

For those saying Obama would be a war criminal for attacking Syria and should be impeached

Breaking Bad has moved to ABC!

Man found fatally stabbed in Rock Creek Park identified as from Northwest Washington

Obama Says He Learns What NSA Is Doing From The Press, Then Goes To NSA For Details

Congress Denied Syrian Facts, Too (Robert Parry, Consortiumnews)

ESPN Poll: Who is the best quarterback in the NFL? (i.e. America's Quarterback)

"God, send us" ... "I did, but" ... sign and 20 rebuttals

More Parents Opting Kids out of Standardized Tests

Naomi Klein: Why Big Green Groups Can Be More Damaging Than Right-Wing Climate Deniers

Wonder if US will be as keen to show video of dead innocents from their bombing Syria

American threats widen fault lines among Syria's rebels

Report: Surveillance Court Ruling Allowed NSA Search Of Domestic Email

There is a patriotic solution to NSA surveillance.

White House considers top female Treasury official for post at Federal Reserve, reports say

Why are some non-poor folks so SURE the poor COUlD get jobs "but they just don't WANT to"?

Chris Wallace to Obama Chief of Staff: Where Are the Benghazi Arrests?

Critics Charge That Israeli Labor Bill For Female Settlers Is A Cover For Creeping Annexation

Bill de Blasio Widens Lead in Democratic Primary Race: NBC 4 NY Poll

Another thing to consider...if the Syria strikes measure does pass with GOP votes...

NAACP leader Benjamin Jealous resigns, will leave in December

All we are saying is

In case of Zombies


So, why do YOU guys think Wiener still hasn't, er, withdrawn?


The New Yorker: Crossing the Line

More Mayoral polls after 10 tonight and 8 in the morn.

Aspen fire, ten years after

Papa John's can't afford employee health care, but a free pizza for everyone in the country? Sure!

And I thought I could jungle...

I got a grooming rake for my dog's undercoat

Congratulations are in order!

It’s Official: Financial Terrorist David Trott Is Running For Congress.

can you help ID these pieces?

Serena just won the US Open....

The Flip Side of Obama's Keystone XL Delay - "Obama pulled a fast one"

Hillary Clinton to talk about Syria at White House