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Latin Patriarchate Urges Israel Police To Act On Christian Cemetery Vandalism

Will New Hampshire crown Bill Clinton the "Come back kid"?

Lord Almighty! Vegans try to hijack atheism.

Expect shortages and price spikes on some fresh produce for 2-3 weeks (update)

SIU (Seafarers International Union) Endorses Hillary Clinton for President!!!

Sanders And O'Malley Rail Against Raids Seeking Central American Immigrants For Deportation

Rapper ‘Blac Youngsta’ violently detained by Atlanta police for withdrawing $200K at bank

IF I get a golden ticket... I get to see Obama this week.

The World's Richest Middle Class, Is In CANADA ~ Check It Out

Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton In New Poll, Tips Elizabeth Warren For Vice President

Beethoven #9, Listen Live NOW!

"If We're Serious About Climate Change..."

Twitter Has Field Day With Oregon Militia “Tarpman”

Voters & Apathy Voted Away The American Dreams Since 1980.

Texans win!!!

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 San Pasqual Stakes

Move on is starting their exit polls for those who have already voted

Joe Romm: Why James Hansen Is Wrong About Nuclear Power

18 And Above: Register To Vote!

O’Malley, Sanders Answer Questions at Family Forum Saturday

this person is a troll.

BREAKING - AP: MORE Armed Men Arrive At Malheur Claiming To Defend Occupants

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-8-16

In 2014 the GED (high school equivalency) got privatized -- and failed 2/3 of students,

What would you do with lottery winnings? Man gives "wrong" answer



90 Doors and 38 Conversations Later... A House Divided.


Bernie Sanders LIVE - Des Moines Town Meeting He's speaking now.

Nationwide food shortage hitting local shoppers in the wallet


Hillary Clinton Says I'm Unelectable

John Ridley Talks About His Secret Marvel Series

Hillary Clinton turns up the heat on Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton is 'tapping into star power'

husband got me a scanner for christmas

This planned parenthood thing has brought up another issue...

I am proud to stand with the SIU in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

The GED privatization of 2014: another example of institutionalized racism

At approximately 10:59 PM EST, I'll become a member of the 1%

I have a squert gun!

Suspect in Southeast jewelry store robberies under arrest - FBI

Suspect in Southeast jewelry store robberies under arrest - FBI

Planned Parenthood Endorsement

"Who Are We Kidding?"

Donald Trump Says Kim Jong-Un Deserves ‘Credit’ for Consolidating Power by Killing Family

Paul Ryan turns the GOP presidential race toward a forgotten issue: Poverty

Former Clinton Intern (no, that one) Speaks Up on Facebook About Why's She's Now "FeelingTheBern."

In humiliation, Argentina says manhunt still on for fugitives

Playboy Mansion up for sale for $200m, comes with Hefner for housemate, US media says

can send but not receive txts?

Question about electric organ.

Photo: Firefighters tackling massive Waroona fire in Western Australia take nap wherever they can -

Nylon Pink - Snap Crackle Pop - ** New Single **

Nylon Pink - Snap Crackle Pop - ** New Single **

Poll: 20% of Dems would defect for Trump

Just BTW FYI and all that - MoveOn is conducting an Exit Poll -

The people who are mad at Bernie not being a Dem in the past are mad because he didn't give up.

Elizabeth Warren: 'Jeb Bush is pinning his Presidential hopes on his brother’s bailout money'

Cat Discovers His Own Ball Pit! He Just Keeps Jumpin’

Japan Keeps This Defunct Train Station Running for Just One Passenger

Japan Keeps This Defunct Train Station Running for Just One Passenger

The Legend of Hugh Glass - Real story behind the Revenant

GREAT suggestion on the death penalty in a letter to the Economist.

You want to support women's health? Support Universal Affordable Health Coverage.

“Attack on democracy”: TransCanada suing U.S. gov’t is chilling sign of dystopian TPP era we live in

Sean Penn Sat for Secret Interview With ‘El Chapo,’ Mexican Drug Lord

Pepper spray attack on refugees 'a troubling incident,' says Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer

Am I the only one who does not understand why none of these idiots are being arrested?

“Poor people lose”: “Making a Murderer,” reality television and our shared mythology of a classless

Maybe Bernie's controversial views on cervical cancer caused Planned Parenthood to endorse Hillary?

TPP public comment period now open

O'Malley draws standing ovation with immigration remarks.

O'Malley draws standing ovation with immigration remarks.

So much for the Chris Christie "surge" in New Hampshire.

Bloomberg commissioned poll to test 2016 waters, source says

Guess I'm going back to work on Monday

@WhiteHouse: "America's Businesses On A 70 Month Streak Of Job Creation."

16-19-32-34-57 powerball 13....

Sean Penn Sat for Secret Interview With ‘El Chapo,’ Mexican Drug Lord

Executive Orders: Obama, Bush, Reagan.

Who gets blamed when the Oregon Teahadists start shooting each other?

Winning Powerball numbers drawn for $900-million jackpot

No one won Powerball. Next Wednesday's drawing... $1.3 BILLION

Here's why the firestorm over Ted Cruz's Canadian birth is nothing like the Obama 'birther' controve

I was pulling for the Bengals. Now? I'm GLAD to see them lose. Fucking GLAD.

This is a kind of warning,

Florida couple arrested for keeping 12-year old daughter locked in a "glorified cage"

Wow! Talk about a complete meltdown...

Just Peeled Off My "No Drones" Sticker From Veterans For Peace.

A "History Making Event" in past several hours, broadcast directly from a computer screen ... LOL

This Sign.


Bloomberg commissioned poll to test 2016 waters, source says

O'Malley takes on guns in Cedar Rapids.

Randy Travis, Josh Turner "King of the Road"

Bernie Sanders Latino Roundtable

How Did Vegas Know Steelers Would Win By 2

Britney Spears "Toxic" (Violin Duet)

BUSTED: Sonny’s waitress fired for reporting sexual harassment caught the illegal firing on tape.

Any Doctor Who Fans?

With some recent endorsements it’s time for a review of Democratic candidate endorsements:

Bernie Sanders Playing The Bongos: "Burn one Down"

BREAKING: Lottery officials say there was NO winner in tonight's Powerball

'As crunch time nears, the reserved Jeb Bush flashes emotions' or, What. A. Crock.

Some GOP'ers so dislike Trump they'd rather see Clinton win

CNN: "A sense of anxiety is cascading through Hillary Clinton's campaign..."

#BundyEroticFanFic (50 Shades of Camo with Ammon and the gang)

Shooting on train at West Oakland BART station causing delays

Sia "Buttons" live on Jooles

Cruz: Voters Should Spank Clinton Like I Spank My Daughter

Debbie Wasserman Just Got A VERY Progressive Primary Opponent For 2016

An email I received, filled with good news.

Angry Bird Sanctuary

Today's Doonesbury tell us why we should believe polls showing HRC ahead of Bernie in some primaries...

Daily Holidays - January 10

US flies B-52 bomber over South Korea amid North tensions

A Passionate Plea From Australia: Dear America, Please Don’t Make Donald Trump Your President

Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsed John Kerry in 2004 before the primaries were over.

IRS withdraws controversial rule after charity backlash

Trump: We're going to tax Wall Street

Video of Ryan Bundy completley misunderstanding the Constitution

Sarah Haider: Ex-Muslim

Noam Chomsky: Electing the President of the Empire

This Global Ruling Is Just Not Cool

Charles Koch Is "Disappointed" With the Line-Up of Republican Candidates, Bemoans Lack of Influence

Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified

Rapist acquitted because penetration occurred after he "tripped"?

Single payer and 2016

Sarah Haider and Dave Rubin Talk Ex-Muslims, Paris Attacks, and Atheism

X-Post from V&M: Sarah Haider and Dave Rubin Talk Ex-Muslims, Paris Attacks, and Atheism

Gen. Dvornikov: Russia’s combined C-in-C and top diplomat in Syria

Sanders Report Finds Skyrocketing Drug Prices Cost Taxpayers $1.4 Billion

Breaking: Venezuela Bans GMOs and Prohibits Seed Patenting

My Assessment of the Major Candidates and Why Sanders is the Most Electable G.E. Candidate

Juan Cole: Why the Saudi-Iranian Cold War Is Heating Up

Steven Avery Juror Had a Son Who Worked for Department

Plan B: The establishment will attempt to "occupy" Bernie

Is "Great Ground Game" the New Unskewed Polling?

Sunday's Non Sequitur-Worst Superhero Ever

A jackpot-rigging scandal is forgotten as Powerball fever sweeps the United States

Juror reveals Steven Avery verdicts were a compromise

R.I.P. Angus "The Tall Man" from "Phantasm" Scrimm. BOYYYYYYYY!

In Ironic Twist, the Bundy Militia Just Got Confronted by a Competing Group of Armed Lunatics

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Laser Cat Edition

In Turkey, the state doesn’t talk—it only shoots

any thots on therapists keeping notes on the patient?

What is this news source It looks left leaning, but is it a trusted source?

Hillary vs. Bernie on Frankenfood

A Who’s-Who of Vermont Democrats Endorsing Hillary

Climb Aboard NASA's Biggest Flying Laboratory

Kudos to PP for their endorsement of Hillary.

‘Girls’ Creator Lena Dunham Visits Iowa on Tour to Support Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton do not get enough Press Coverage on Sunday Talk

Trump on Kim Jong Un: He goes in, he takes over, he’s the boss. It’s incredible.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe campaigns in Iowa for Hillary Clinton

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe campaigns in Iowa for Hillary Clinton

Swedish airport evacuated after suspicious powder found in bag

First arrests in German New Year’s Eve chaos likely to inflame asylum debate

WTF? Bernie's not even listed, and these are career totals!

The Sweeping, Historic Changes Of The Obama Presidency

"My scalp gets tighter every day!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

For Republicans, Mounting Fears of Lasting Split

BUSTED: Sonny’s waitress fired for reporting sexual harassment caught the illegal firing on tape

#VanillaIsis #Y'allQueda become Socialists

Obama Just Slapped Down a GOP Attack on Obamacare and Planned Parenthood

Everett Clifford from St. Johnsbury, VT

***JANUARY CONTEST - Submissions Close at 0900 ET 01/13/2016***


'Look I've found a new attacking point against Bernie'

Cruz, Trump Up In Iowa, But Talk Of 'Takedown' Effort Fades

It's a slogan ... It's a lie ... It's advertising

Mike Bloomberg polled a three way race with him, Hillary, and Trump

Brand Spanking New Ipsos Reid Likely Democratic Voter Poll- HRC 63% - SBS 32% MOM 2%

Not punishing the Bundys for the Nevada standoff led to the occupation in Oregon

How did CNN's Tapper interview Cruz about citizenship and not ask him

NBC IA: Clinton 48, Sanders 45

Mexican official: Sean Penn led us to El Chapo

Bell Hooks

In 2016, let's hope for better trade agreements and the death of TPP Joseph Stiglitz

Fearful Food Industry Jeopardizing Public's Right to Information

Colder in Fosston MN (-33 F) than Kap Morris Jesup Greenland (-23 F)

Bernie Sanders' Popularity Making Hillary Clinton Campaign 'Nervous'

Bernie Sanders in Clinton country

Please don't post OT replies in my threads

New Year, Same Crisis: Prepare for Imperialism's Terror and Carnage in 2016

When it comes to money ...

Prince Mohammed bin Salman: Naive, arrogant Saudi prince is playing with fire

Pardon me a moment.

Hubris takes them all down: This is why every president makes the same dumb mistakes

America's Self-destructive whites

BBC4 - Fascinating talk with Scott Atran about ISIS as revolution - Sobering

Ever notice how ...

Christie defends LePage after racially charged remarks

Bernie Asks: Why Does The Status Quo Candidate OPPOSE The FAMILY Act?

'Nobody reacted' in Bridgton when Paul LePage made 'white girl' comment

None of the Tech in Your iPhone Would Exist Without Socialism

Dominionist Rick Perry Endorsing Macedonian Apostle Rev. Scott Fisher For A Coming Theocracy

msm = all trump all the time

FiveThirtyEight has issued projections for GOP candidates winning Iowa and New Hampshire...

I proudly stand with Transportation Secretary , Anthony Foxx, in his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Even in Early Races, Poll Finds

Best Non Sequitur EVAH

White man pathology: inside the fandom of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Cameron was forced to sit and listen as Squeeze changed their lyrics to openly taunt him on live TV

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

Fact Checker: Just how effective was Bernie Sanders with a Republican Congress?

Gabby Giffords to endorse Hillary Clinton

Only a few HOURS left to help Bernie in the MoveOn endorsement!

This Map Shows The Most Famous Fictional Character From Every U.S. State

Heck, if I won the Powerball, I TOO could run for president!

coffee intoxication

German Justice Minister: Cologne attacks planned in advance

Fourth cabinet secretary to endorse Hillary Clinton

Economic Rescue, Recovery, and Rebuilding on a New Foundation

BUSTED: Guess What The Bundy Militia Was Doing While They Were Not In Gunfights With The FBI

Sanders does better in GE matchups than Clinton in IA and NH according to new WSJ/NBC/Marist poll

I'm mad about Flint's poisoned water

I vowed never to buy a lottery ticket

Chuck Toad is talking out of both sides of his mouth Again !!! Bernie Bashing and ignoring MSM

Poll: (Sanders / Clinton) Neck-And-Neck 2016 Races in Iowa, New Hampshire

Mock Election Predicts Bernie Sanders as Next President

Mock Election Predicts Bernie Sanders as Next President


Here's why some Bernie supporters might cross over to Trump

Does anyone know how the Oregon stand-off is playing to the

Is this the Crash of the Kardashian Economy?

Squirrels Are Getting Seriously Tubby From The Warm Winter Weather

Ok. What songs would you play to torture & drive out Oregon militia?

may I suggest if you are posting an negative post about a candidate you not hide

Single paragraph explanation of the financial crisis by Prof Mark Blyth

Gabby Giffords to endorse Hillary Clinton

Not a Golden Globe nominee

I am proud to stand with American hero, Gabby Giffords, in her endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Where are the democratic candidates on providing safe water to Flint?

Today I'm pissed for no real reason

Hillary Clinton, Snapchat, selfies and the road to wooing millennials

Puffy Planet

If Bernie is the nominee, will the people excited about electing first Woman prez

“Since people love to throw ‘SJW’ around as an insult … we decided to have a little fun with it.”

Atheism is an old boys' club. More women should admit to being Godless 

“You Just Need to Be White to Win”

the powerball billion UPDATE

Thinks of himself as a god, doesn't take criticism, and has very weird hair.

Police Investigating Possible Attempt To Murder Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)

Americans eat way too much sugar — here’s where it comes from

"The cynic is the tyrant's best friend." Ken O'Keefe

We need to make it easier for parents to balance the demands of work and family.

Transcript of ABC's This Weeks George STEPHANOPOULOS

NYTIMES: Bernie Sanders Makes Strong Showing in New Polls

Comments on NYT GOP split article better than article

As Clinton says only she can win, Sanders points to the polls

Trump went after both our leading candidates last week

Joshua Dubois: What the President secretly did at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Anyone on the ground know how the local press is reporting

The Great Clinton-Sanders Tax Divide

Can the DU Community Agree on These Two Things?

I don't understand...why is test score of a 3rd grader nationally significant but

For Republicans, Mounting Fears of Lasting Split

Ben Carson: "I ate the Easter Bunny. Delicious. Pommes frites, haricot verts, and a nice Cab. Yum."

Martin O'Malley Rails Against Deportations At Families First Presidential Forum

I had a dream that I was in prison.

Martin O'Malley Talks Immigration at ICCI Family First Forum.

Dolly Parton and her 'lack of judgment'

Who will/would The Donald pick for VP?

I must have missed this about a year ago - Pastafarian

Black Man Detained By Cops After Withdrawing $200,00 Of HIS OWN Money

The line of Hillary Clinton endorsers

Tried to create a poll but not a star member so

So it is okay to loot and vandalize a USFWS post, if you are the right skin color?

34 years ago today ...

"Sanders Picks Off Some Labor Activists In Iowa"

don trump is confused, he thinks he's running against Bill Clinton

Atheist MK Seeks God’s Help to Save DMK

Iowa Families First Crowd demands to know, "Where is Clinton?"

In Journal editorial board meeting, Bernie Sanders highlights differences with Hillary Clinton

Personell or Human Resources?

Egypt’s President Turns to Religion to Bolster His Authority

Bernie on Hillary:

NYTIMES: Bernie Sanders Makes Strong Showing in New Polls

Need advice re: student loan repayment options

Myth: Hillary is the candidate with the most experience...

A close race is the best thing for our party!

Vandals Desecrate Catholic Cemetery West of Jerusalem

Time For A Good House Cleaning In South Florida? Ready To Say "See Ya" To Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

thank god...

"Kanuha Found Not Guilty Of Obstruction on Mauna Kea"

Maine Democrats To Press For Impeachment Of Gov. LePage

Standoff A No Win For Obama/Dems & The Fed Govt Now The Reinforcements Present

There is one very interesting thing in the NBC Iowa poll, for both candidates

I sent an alert that was ignored

Red Kool-Aid Here

What should I call tomorrow's Top 10 Conservative Idiots list?

Pope Stressed Interfaith Unity: 'We Are All Children of God'

Here you go dickbag...

I'm as proud as can be of my child.

The Pugnacious Relentless Progressive Party That Wants to Remake America

Ben Carson Humiliates 5th Grader In Front Of Class (tyt)

The Bengals bungle big time..........

Just wanted to mention that, evidently, declining to support Hillary when a noted celebrity or

Oregon State Police Department's Outrageous Behavior

McConnell Shuts Down Notion That Obama Will Get War Authorization Against ISIS

Martin O'Malley's #DearNextPresident Response Video

Forbes BEST countries for business???

Oh give me a home, next to land I don't own...

Band Squeeze's 'message' for PM on Marr show

Sean Penn should:

Man with weapons charged in plot to kidnap Obamas’ dog

Pres. Obama Won't Make Dem Primary Endorsement: WH

Can someone please tell me if El Chapo is the great grandson of El Guapo?

Trump lives here....

TARPMAN: On AMAZON - Only by Blood and Suffering: Regaining Lost Freedom

Bernie And Killer Mike Behind The Scenes

AD hominem

It's a Beautiful Planet!

The next President of the United States

O'Malley makes stop at Murph's Tap.

Do Endorsements Matter?

Did you see this?

by Robert Reich

Fusion presents the Iowa Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum.

Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley live from Iowa

Gee...looks like the Sanders campaign is "nervous" as well...

What are you reading this week of January 10, 2016?

Seattle-Minnesota. Love Defense!

Just a wee little anecdote...

I find it shocking that the polls are so close in Iowa and NH

U.S. Flies B-52 Bomber Over South Korea In Show Of Force After North's Nuclear Test

About that moveon poll...

Fire OG-wowie zowie

Hillary Clinton Says Trump's Attacks Against Bill Clinton's Past 'Won’t Work'

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Bernie opens New York office. The line for volunteers is a block long.

Transportation Secretary Foxx to endorse Hillary. 4th Obama Cabinet Member to endorse Clinton!

Clinton or Sanders? Check out Martin O'Malley.

Is Sean Penn a walking dead man?

Squee alert!

Gabby Giffords to endorse Hillary Clinton

Clinton or Sanders? Check out Martin O'Malley.

Hospital Aided by Doctors Without Borders Is Bombed in Yemen

White House ‘Concerned’ About Flint Water Crisis

This has been an awesome week of Clinton endorsements. I am proud to stand with all of them.

Pakistan Says It Will Respond To Any Threat To Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump Hammers Away At Ted Cruz's Citizenship

The Average Age Of The Supreme Court Is Close To A Record High


For the constitutional scholars amongst you...

I think Viking Nation just had a collective heart attack.

Ötzi the Iceman's 5,000-year-old stomach bug sheds light on human migration

Ohio police dog Jethro dies from injuries a day after shootout at grocery store

Ohio police dog Jethro dies from injuries a day after shootout at grocery store

Andy Burnham calls for G4S to be stripped of youth prisons contract

State of the Union seat to be left empty to represent victims of gun violence

29 years ago tomorrow...

Call for Supplies as Oregon Standoff Enters Second Week

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 January 2016

New York homeless people report little sign of mayor's outreach initiative

'El Chapo' Guzman: Sean Penn interview provokes US scorn

Thirteen Movies to Watch when You are in a Bad Mood..Huff Post

Today's good polling in Iowa - Sanders 45%, Clinton 48%, O'Malley 5%

Germany on the Brink

Well, (Whale)..This hologram will blow your mind

Remember that guy who forced his three grandkids to hike the Grand Canyon four years ago?

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 10, 2015

Twitter Slumps to All-Time Low as Product Changes Loom

A study of my wife's geneology had uncovered some disturbing facts.

DU for Bernie has now raised OVER $40,000

Homeland Security Looked Past Antigovernment Movement

Great news

FYI, when PP endorsed Kerry, he was the presumptive nominee. Edwards had dropped out 6 weeks

MoveOn: Deadline TODAY to vote for Bernie at MoveOn

A Busted Clock is Correct Twice a Day...O'Rilley Said Something Sane..Favors Background Checks...TPM

Isis 'ran sophisticated immigration operation' on Turkey-Syria border

A simple guide to why Bundy and his militants are wrong about the Constitution and public land

For those wondering, Ted Cruz released his long form birth certificate in 2013

Heads up, vagina voters! The elections are nearing

Green Bay-Washington

Maine Democrats To Press For Impeachment Of Gov. LePage

ISIS supports the #BundyBunch, urges Americans "to instigate more anti-government demonstrations"

A good thread on the Reddit Bernie group

Bernie Sanders Condemns Mass Deportations of Central Americans

Arab Spring leads to Winter of Discontent

Uff da!

Poll: Neck-and-neck 2016 races in Iowa, New Hampshire



Re: Teh Militia in Ore-I noticed something about one of these guys...

Take Care of Planet Earth!

Playoff Game Against Seahawks Officially The Coldest In Vikings History

Obama to make good on Guantanamo pledge: White House chief of staff

The future 'Where's Hillary Video'

Bernie Sanders Supported Gun Company Immunity But OPPOSED It for Other Industries

One Simple Chart Shows How The Democratic Candidates’ Climate Plans Have Drastically Changed.

Oregon standoff tension mounts as so-called '3%' groups refuse to leave

The Commercial Philosopher

Some History about the Refuge, why the Feds had to protect it

Last pre-Iowa debate: next Sunday, Jan. 17, 9pm ET

Remembering Dale Bumpers: What a wonderful world it was

Saudi Arabia vs Iran: much more than a religious war

As if stiffing Iowa families wasn't enough, now Clinton plans a ritzy fundraiser in Detroit.

Found the "Please send" listof items that the High Plains Grifters are asking for........

No funds for expected influx of Cuban refugees

If Hillary is the nominee, will the people excited about electing the first Jewish prez stay home?

White people are victims of their own privilege – literally.

The very best thing about the NBC Iowa poll.

The White House will campaign for Clinton, but not in the SOTU speech.

Latest News re: Oregon's RW Bundy-Led Armed Insurrection

Iowa volunteers canvassing for Mrs.Clinton in the freezing cold

Sorry, I was under the impression we did not negotiate with terrorists.....

So Bernie Sanders thinks cheeseburgers are more dangerous than guns

Land of the Free -- NOT US

Video of Burns Oregon Town Meeting (sounds like Bundy's group has been extremely intimidating)

Hi guys!

As a Democrat

Sharks Use Their Noses to Find Their Way

This Oregon occupation has to end immediately.


40 years ago (and a couple of weeks)...

Navy Seal and NRA spokesperson Marcus Lutrell backs Obama / universal background checks on guns

Mizrahi, Gay and Proud the Team Behind Israel's Pink Panthers’ Revolution

State Senator Stanley Rosenberg Met with LGBT Leaders in Israel

Our candidates and animal cruelty...

Nobody Complained About The Founding Father's Hair

Bernie Sanders Is a Loud, Stubborn Socialist.

White Hair Who Cares?

Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page filling with outraged supporters