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Republicans already split on how to address Syria vote

Who remembers the days when taking your shoes off in line at the airport

WOW! It will cost almost $50 bucks to get a birth certificate!

Georgia insurance commissioner bragged publicly about sabotaging Obamacare

Obama going to Congress might have been the best political move

Congressman Adam Smith:I might vote against this resolution

For all us old farts:

Staten Island's Grimm: President should order air strike on Syria now-my congressman

Rumor has it that Kerry and Rice are the chicken hawks in this hole Syria mess

SD Hagel very okay with decision; Kerry too..

Jim DeMint: Providing Health Care For Seniors and Veterans Is 'Unamerican'..

Not sure if this is a glitch, but is a jury on an OP supposed to be cancelled

lots of good food on my trip

FYI: David Schuster on AJAM at this hour

Beyond the axis of evil 'Syria, Cuba and Libya' by John R. Bolton

'We are fighting for survival,' Pacific islands leader warns

Anti-gay groups mount attacks in Ukraine

So what if the Syrians hit us back

An analysis piece from Workers Power..........

Guess what?

Cute critters: post your cute critter story here. I just got back from

Love girls that can play guitar.

Ahrrgle snargle barf bleeding.

Texas lawmakers hesitant to add new regulations in wake of West explosion; facilities uninsured

Everything You Need to Know About the Syrian Civil War ABC News

My tablet just crashed

My favorite Blondie tune....Rip Her to Shreds.

Woman Killed In Bronx Hit-And-Run; Driver Sought

Boy, the execs at CNN must be rending their clothes by now...

Subsidies for Solar Two Times Higher Than for Nuclear in California

Doctors Without Borders rejects being used for Syria War Propaganda by certain governments

Putin to (Nobel Prize winner) Obama: 'Think about future Syria victims' (FULL VIDEO)

I found a job ad for my boss's job

"Obama's 'Blink' On Syria Is Politically Brilliant"

Prime Minister bends to Parliment, Obama yields to almost seems

Joy to You - Sending this one out to Dystopian, where ever she may be

O good God I am listening to Charles Krauthammer

Crash! Bang! Boom!

Are you against military action in Syria?

Who the fuck is Eastern Wash? And why are they #3?

Watching Faux do a 180 on Syria. President Obama pulled the Ol Jedi on 'em

To bomb or not to bomb, that is the question...

Prosecutors weigh appeal of 30-day rape sentence in Montana

A US bombing attack to "punish" Syria is illegal.

"I didn't join the Navy to . . ."

Since Monday I've seen the % of the public who want action in Syria quoted at

May be 9 Democratic candidates for Governor

Astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how to take a dump in zero-G

Queen of Cups

Running The Field

"RCMP launch investigation after 50 dogs abandoned in B.C."

Skeleton Pirates - somewhat like Plants vs Zombies. Not as good graphics, and I have not played

the whole boatload of sensitive bullshit

Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To The President's Remarks On Syria

Geeze! TCU changes it's uniform more than El Supremo changes his avatar!

I'd like to make an apology to all my fellow duers

Police Chief Suspended (indefinitely) For Pro-Gun, Anti-’Libtard’ YouTube Videos (more added)

House Republicans Refuse to Come Back Early from Vacation to Discuss Syria

Pope Francis and King of Jordan say negotiation is “the only option” for Syria

There is some form of mindless butchery

Stunning. Just stunning.

Color Me Gobsmacked...

If Obama struck Syria without Congressional approval ...

If Obama Had Been President On Dec. 7, 1941 - GOP Would Have Been Against War Declaration

MEMORANDUM FOR: General Martin Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Reid: Senate to hold hearings on Syria next week (votes in both houses week of Sept. 9)

In Texas and beyond, hot spots for vaccine refusers alarm officials

Valley of Death

"Yep, he's still got this"..

when was the last time congress failed to approve military action when given the chance?

MIT: Fossil fuels cause 200K premature deaths in the US every year

I ran out of my water pills Thursday morning and didn't realize it until yesterday.

AUMF Resolution Text: Text Of The Use Of Force Resolution

Presidential Proclamation -- Labor Day, 2013

If you really think it's as simple as "it's the oil", why aren't we bombing Venezuela?

Cantor skips March on Washington to schmooze oil lobby; rebukes Obama for not making it a priority

My life is so boring: nothing like this ever happens to me

Oh the humanity!!!

SNL is repeating the Peyton Manning episode.

It's a hard day to be a Republican. Put on "Symapthy for the Devil."

U2 - first to last

Did DU eliminate the "Star Members Who Are Ignoring You" feature?

Do GD hosts judge whether a site is appropriate for DU?

Precocious Preteen North Carolinian on the Melissa Harris Perry Show 8/31/2013

I see the GD cat has met the Lounge cat.

Don't Let Your Babies Grow To Be Bus Boys

No-one cares about this critter at the pool and a few other shots from today

America's next president had better believe in restoring liberty

170 Years of the World’s Hurricane Tracks on One Dark and Stormy Map

Pancho Lopez

Israelis Warn Decision To Delay Syria Strike Will Be Seen As Weakness

Hey there cthulu

Petition: Protect the voting rights of the citizens of NC... (at

I am going to Johannesburg and Capetown in about 17 months

Two recent ones

Burning man Live!

Chris Hedges on Obama Decision to Attack Syria and "Give Congress a Voice"

Frans de Waal - Is This (religion) Really Needed?

We don't need Obamacare. Watch Breaking Bad. All you need to

Double turkey burger with cheddar, and an ice cream sundae...

Undzer shtetl brennt

The Man Is Burning

Trimdon Grange Explosion

Russia FM: Military Strike on Syria without UNSC Approval Is Act of Aggression

Christian Mingle - Thomas and Mary Kate

Durham Lockout

Today was my birthday.

President Pulls Lawmakers Into Box He Made

Joint Statement from Congresswomen Anna Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren Regarding... Syria

Report: Nuclear Received 4 Times More Subsidies Than Solar in CA

For the BOG~

We need troops on the ground to prevent chemical attacks on civilians in Syria in the future...

So Tim Tebow is a failure. There IS justice in the Universe after all... What should he do?

Longshore Union Quits the AFL-CIO

Concert going question...1.5 hrs --typical time?

Drinking In Public Now Permitted In Most Areas Of Brooklyn

I'm in an odd place and not quite right.

I'm thinking of a song...

Sen. John McCain to Leno: Britain ‘No Longer a World Power’

Great news: New England sees a return of forests and wildlife

Canadian based organizations express solidarity with Colombian rural peasant farmers strike

Egypt Spy Bird: Authorities Detain Migratory Bird Citizen Deemed Suspicious

Radiation Readings Spike at Water Tank at Japan's Ruined Nuclear Plant

Brzezinski: ‘Global Political Awakening’ Making Syrian War Difficult

Mcnugget Rampage: Don't make me assume my ultimate form!

September 1: National Cherry Popover Day

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Sept 1st

"Dragging Down Heaven" a free (partial) book from Dr. Helen Ingram..........

10 years later, ‘tort reform’ has dramatic impact on suits, payouts

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets Ban in School Struck Down by Court, Appealed, Upheld [VIDEO]

Supposedly Unbiased Politics PA Republishes Attacks on PA Dems From PA GOP Email as Fact [VIDEO]

Pro-Fracking Dems Sign Letters Opposing Fracking Moratorium Resolution Passed by PA Dem Party[VIDEO]

Boko Haram 'kills 24 Nigerian vigilantes in ambush'

One good thing about the VMAs

Peru snow state of emergency extended to more regions

U.S. Bombing of Amiriyah Shelter Kills 408 Civilians (Retrospective)

France will not act alone in Syria, PM to meet parliament heads

More than 600 new Texas laws take effect Sunday

Follow-up: Measles cases put Texas megachurch under scrutiny

South Africa's Mandela back home after long hospital stay

Gov. Jindal is wrong to cling to his opposition of the Affordable Care Act

Plenty in Obamacare for Natives

AG won’t defend Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban

Fleeing New Mexico’s small, rural towns

Obama's Syria decision: a walk, a debate, and a new approach

Freeper Hypocrisy on Syria

Even if I generally trust Obama's judgement, I have no reason to trust the intel he is receiving.

There is nothing more unifying for a nation of nationalists than the great prospect of war...

6 Corporations Making Money From U.S. Aid to the Brutal Egyptian Military

The Power to Reshape the Status Quo in America Lies With Amateurs, Dreamers and Rebels

Sir David Frost, broadcaster and writer, dies at 74

Where Have America's Wages Gone?

Boulder nearly crushes car in Taiwan – video

AColombia police release photos of those ‘responsible for violence’ at protests

Want a Job Where You Can Fail and Still Get Paid Lavishly? Try Corporate CEO

Wall Street’s Rental Bet Brings Quandary Housing Poor

Experimenting with a different approach....for me.

Rest in Peace David Frost

Just another day at the office

The 20 big questions in science

One thing that isn't going to happen...

Armadillos as big as cars, crocodiles bigger than buses, six-ton mastodons and sabre-toothed tigers

Pssssst the level of radiation at Fukushima is now 18 times higher

Al Jazeera host David Frost dies

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Knock And Run Edition

I just saw a bear!

The Neuroscience of War

Excuse me, has anybody seen my 30' high fiberglass Ganesh statue? (dial-up warning)

Why Americans Aren't as Willing to Intervene Overseas as They Used to Be

The Military as 'Abusive Parent': The View Toward Syria From an Exhausted Army

A Congressional Stamp of Approval is No Substitute for a UN Security Council Resolution....

Who wins in Syria? Why, the world's arms makers, of course

My Schnoodle hates dogs on TV... or pharmaceutical ads...

Attacks killed 800 Iraqis in August: U.N

France says it cannot act alone on Syria as U.S. hesitates

The Myth of Minimum Wage Killing Jobs

Syria - And today we expect a sensational matchup. But first our global anthem:

Military’s handling of sex assault cases on trial at Naval Academy rape hearing

Farm kills millions of bees with illegal pesticide spraying, gets slap on wrist{large image}

Your morning Python wake up call

kitschy classic: crochet "beer can" hat patterns

Fukushima Daiichi - probable high radiation exposures of workers

Why are some states trying to ban LEED green building standards?{large image}

Antarctic moss a charming but chilling sign of warming{large image}

Watching the Westminster Dog Show...can't help but think of...

Revealed: Britain sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria 10 months after war began

The Wisconsin School Bullies

Nationalists and environmentalists square off at protest against Japanese dolphin hunt

a prestigious school with a sterling academic reputation

I just saw a beer!

More radiation ‘hotspots’ found near Fukushima nuclear plant

How a racist felon ended up with an arsenal of weapons

I agree with Hillary Mann Leverett on Up with Steve Kornacki

OK this is weird: "URGENT -- Nelson Mandela has died, former U.S. President H. W. Bush says"

A Voice For Men: willing to publish libel to “prove” points about fake rape claims (part 2)

Smithsonian Magazine: Frost, Nixon and Me

Never heard this about Bill Clinton before - surely she mispoke?

Vietnam internet restrictions come into effect (no discussing current affairs)

Epic Food Rant: Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito:

Five sustainable - and delicious - fish you should eat (LA Times)

"How dare he change his mind!" . . . Please come CAPTION John McCain!!!

Clashes in Iranian dissidents' camp in Iraq kill 15

Sarin gas used in Syria attack, Kerry says

Bachmann Turncoat Overdrive…

Carlyle Group's Dunkin' Donuts apologizes for blackface advertisement

Fracking: 98 more quakes linked to well (Ohio)

Putting on my pantyhose. I am not a happy camper.

The original flat-line in real time! . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Tucker Carlson!!!

An Open Letter to President Obama:

Keep a bag of flour in your fridge ( I got this via email)....

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 1 every year

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 1 every year

Officials OK rule to force fracking on NC landowners (unbelievable!)

toon gets it just about right...

Dad, What's Labor Day?

How to deal with street harassment?

We live in a society exquisitely dependent ...

david gregory uses 'slam dunk' analogy for assad and gas attack.

here some pictures of tennis players in a different setting.....

Mr. Kerry, Is THAT Really You?

can you imagine being a family member of a soldier at Walter Reed

Only Malaise can talk tv without context (poll) ........

Sir David Frost, Dead, age 73

Who Doesn't Like To Watch Half-Naked Girls Dancing? These Guys...

Pope Announces Day of Fasting for Peace for Syria

Toon: Oh, Man!

Papantonio: BP’s Assault On The Gulf Coast

Toon: It's like Memorial Day....

If you don't want this war call your Senators and Congress people

We Stand Passively Mute

Everything I have learnt, Youtube taught me..

So, how many countries have asked the US to bomb Syria as punishment?

Why do you oppose US intervention in Syria? (for those who do)

If Romney was the POTUS..

Putin: Chemical Attack ‘Utter Nonsense,’ Obama Should Present His Evidence

"He Gassed Hizzown People" "He Tried To Kill Mah Daddy" "No Dictator Can Gas Hundreds of Children"

London's biggest street party..


Why did the MIC instruct Obama to seek Congressional authorization for an attack?

Russia's Putin sees chance to turn tables on Obama at G20.

Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain

Santana & Buddy Miles - Them Changes Live

Homemade canisters and sarin gas without stabilizers??

You know a relationship had issues when this happens

Bush v. Gore is looking better every day because it kept this guy out of power.

Jimi Hendrix - Third Stone From The Sun

Robert Fisk: Iran, not Syria, is the West's real target

Phil Ochs: Cops of the world

Mexican call centers hire U.S. deportees

No hurricanes/tropical storms so far ! *vigorous knocking on wood*

Clashes in Iranian dissidents' camp in Iraq kill 15

John Mclaughlin mahavishnu Orchestra 1974

If you want to see where we are in race relations in Central Florida, read the reader's forum.

IEEE Spectrum: 'The STEM Crisis Is a Myth'

Jan Akkerman - Streetwalker

President Jimmy Carter and the War Power Act.

It was a good thing that I did hand in my two weeks yesterday...

In trying to help Syria, an intervention would destroy it

Downton Abbey Series 4 trailer, ITV (probably minor spoilers)

Pat Buchanan: Obama's Syrian Strike Would Be "Impeachable"

PSA: FBI & NSA web pages to request files they may have on you

Opposition to Syria attack already emerging in Congress

My decision on Syria is easy... (graphic Pic)

Kerry: Obama 'has the right' to strike Syria regardless of Congress vote'

Lieberman: ‘Our enemies are cheering’ after Obama consulted Congress on Syria

NY Daily News Anthony Wiener stages a 'meat" and greet

Stanley Clarke - Schooldays (with Ray Gomez) Montreux 1977

Hayao Miyazaki Announces Retirement

Please proceed, Congress

the Hahavishnu Orchestra-Surfin' Shark.

"Seeing the Invisible: Desperate for dental work, an all-night wait"

Billo Offers Ultimate Compliment, Says He "Would Hire" RFK

CNN video: Kerry on military action

I put myself on ignore and then clicked "my posts"

Chick-Fil-A are giving away free breakfasts Sept 9th- Sept 14th

"NJ Senate frontrunner Cory Booker says he opposes cuts to Social Security -

Pouring water into a cup

How Steve Jobs and Apple turned technology into a religion

Doctors Without Borders confirmed: "mass exposure to a neurotoxic agent"

Howard Dean calls Al Jazeera America 'The Fox of the Muslim world'

Look, We have zero credibility to be talking moral outrage

Rim Fire Time Lapse, August 2013 as viewed from Yosemite National Park

It sounds like Chappelle had a personal crisis on stage last night.

What groups are you subscribed to on DU?.....

Operation Tomahawk with cheese

The House Already Voted on Syria (including regime change) but they won't breathe a word of it now.

Rim Fire: Did illegal marijuana growers start the blaze?

Very cool photo of Venus' transit in front of the Sun (new screen saver?)

What the hell is a "punishment bombing" anyway??

40% Of Americans Now Make Less Than 1968 Minimum Wage

The most brutal ass-kicking in any James Bond movie

Being against military intervention, like Pres. Obama is advocating, is why I came to DU

World-shaking news from one source is usually crap

Assad is a war criminal, but an attack will do nothing for the people of Syria

Mars: War Logs - Demo - PS3 - Review

Secretary of State Kerry and other stuff

Best Political Cartoons of the Week


Do you know more about science and technology than the average American?

Just made a modest contribution to the DCCC that turned out to be not so modest bc of matching funds

What you can do about Syria

Obama's Speech: 'One of the most important Rose Garden addresses in history of modern presidency'

My decision is made.

Let's not forget Labor Day's spirited beginnings as we face pressures from new economy

Israel readies anti-missile defenses for probable Syrian strike

Sent emails to Senators & US Rep yesterday

Gotcha! -

Today's luckiest person in the world.

Looking for a good oatmeal pancake?

Brian STELTER schools Mistah KURTZ on how to do the BLATANT TOOL thing right (OLOOFAH,GREENWALD)

Why did Syria require the UN to agree that the UN chemical inspectors

Should the United States intervene with military force in Syria?

Kerry says Syria used sarin gas in deadly attack

Turkish police block Gezi Park to prevent massive pro-Syria demos

How solar and EVs will kill the last of the industry dinosaurs: game over for traditional utilities

Oh Snap…! The Syrian Opposition Vows to Join Ranks with Assad if US Attacks Syria

Sen. Lindsey Graham wants aggressive U.S. strike in Syria

Bush's Poodle Has Been Called Many Things But Now-The Most Damning Judgement Of All-"HE IS THE PAST"

I'm not in a hurry to have a fixed position on the Congressional war vote

Hey, Putin, Listen Up, Dude

I don't understand the 9 day delay. Please

Pope Announces Day of Fasting for Peace for Syria

I think we should make an exception to the ban on assassination for Assad if he used chemical

The Precedent Has Been Challenged-A Great Move That Throws Hammer Into Gears Of Imperial-Presidency

Isolationism, Policemen for the World, or Something Else?

Second trip to the ER with my son in two days. Vibe me!

Ray Lewis: ‘You cannot tell me’ Super Bowl blackout was an accident

For some blacks, gun control raises echoes of segregated past

Some In Congress Start To Whine About Being Put On The Spot

David Frost dies at 74

and we wonder why we are confused about Syria.....?

Visiting Singapore – 8 Weird Laws You Should Be Aware Of

Why is Obama Letting Congress Vote on Syria?

Billo Reilly: Only Loons Are Against War (TYT)

Visiting Singapore – 8 Weird Laws You Should Be Aware Of

Syrian "gas rockets" appear homemade and incapable of flying 5-10 miles to target.

Big flaw in GOP argument-Obama involving Congress.

Question: If the Security Coucil, the Arab Nations, and China and Russian were ALL on board to...

Farr says no to attacking Syria

Obama Might Still Attack Syria if Congress Votes No -- Daily Beast

Police block Istanbul's Gezi Park as peace protests erupt

Yoko Ono Screaming at Art Show!

Egypt detains 'French spy bird'


If it turns out the administration got it wrong like we did with Iraq

Zeemike posted this video in another thread and I thought it deserved a thread of

Added a time-waster, Words/Friends. What are these and other allowable "words"?!1

Elizabeth Warren - Senate HELP Committee - Minimum Wage

The Long Road To Antietam: How the Civil War Became a Revolution

President Groucho & Going To War On False Pretenses ...

The renewed war on the veteran teacher

New browser to play with/use: Alienforce 3.0

US attorney in Seattle says Wash medical pot system 'not tenable' in light of feds' guidance

Florida to exhume bodies buried at former boys school

Kerry is NOT helping win me over

Why isn't this in our standard history books?

I want an adversarial, well researched hearing on the "Assad" attack....

well, this explains SO much...

Breaking: Egypt's Mursi to Stand Trial Over Violence

Saudi Arabia backs US strike against Syria

Tilapia: Trash fish or treasure fish?

Assad is a desperate leader.


If your government......

GUILTY: Teen convicted in baby shooting

Kerry Interview With George Stephanopoulos of ABC This Week

Quinn To File ‘Unprecedented’ Legal Action To Have Stop-And-Frisk Reforms Implemented

did someone say something about Doves?

Identify this bizarre (fungus? cocoon? something else???) on my strawberries...

Watch "Syria Behind the Lines" = A harrowing, unprecedented look at life on both sides

Kerry: 'FUCK Congress!! POTUS is bombing the shit out of Syria anyway' <-paraphrase

sometimes, when I am feeling low about elections & my vote, I watch this:

I hope this story isn't true because if Obama attacks Syria and this is found true

search engine to help feed world's hungry

Domino's to appeal $32M suit filed in fatal Beaumont crash Human Rights Watch

Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To The President's Remarks On Syria

WTF!!!! I just heard on MSNBC that Nancy Pelosi supports limited strikes on Syria

Electric Zoo festival canceled after two deaths

Senator Sanders Statement on Syria

China: Wife 'Boils Husband In Pressure Cooker'

Is the Nuclear Regulatory Comm. covering up flood concerns at Oconee reactors?

Obama stalls on Syria, upping pressure on Hollande

If Congress votes NO on Syria, should President Obama bomb them anyway??

Why don't super heroes fly feet first?

According to Republicans, we will NOT be able to intervene in any situation ...

Arabs urge UN, world to take 'deterrent' steps on Syria

Has The War Machine Bought Congress? Ten Members Own Raytheon Shares


Hannity and Coulter....well you have to read it

Washington's farewell address - 1796 - "overgrown military establishments" Which Syrian Chemical Attack Account Is More Credible?

Vietnam internet restrictions come into effect

Mandela, 95, discharged from hospital 'to see out his final days' at home

After classified briefing, lawmakers skeptical on Syria attack - WaPo

Gresham, Oregon, bakery that denied same-sex wedding cake closes

Anyone know about the upcoming healthcare (ACA) options here in humanity's Art Pope cesspool?

Egypt names key constitution panel with few Islamists

Putin's notorious riot police, the OMOH, are best viewed standing near mirrors

Watch how the freaking polls change in favor of not consulting Congress....

When is it your responsibility to stop a bully? Would you like to be a vigilante?

9 Urban Dictionary Definitions You Can Use This Weekend: VIDEO

so I watched a couple Brit series...and then Scrubs showed up on my home page

Sat, Sep 7 march from WH to the Capitol at 12 oppose attack on Syria..

Any thoughts on this?

Russian anti-gay law prompts rise in homophobic violence

What's this I hear today..something about McCain killing Mandela????

NOW, I have gone and done it....

There's always money for war

Juan Cole: Assad troops got the mixture wrong

my summer contest rejects

Rand Paul praises....get ready for it.....Obama

Fight LGBTs Like Russia Fought The Nazis, U.S. Anti-Gay Activist Tells Putin

Creationists Portray New Science Standards As "Big Government"

Chicano Park Samba

It is supposed to be the job of the UN, correct?

Prohibition on Pot could be coming to an end VERY SOON

Firsthand look at how voucher legislation is hurting rural school districts.

Does anyone have ITP, immune thrombocytopenic purpura, or low blood platelets?

Enjoying your Labor Day Weekend? Thank a Union.

Peace Through Profits?...

DeMint exposes himself

Melissa Harris-Perry: "Rape is rape. Full stop."

Some Evangelicals See Biblical Prophecy In Syrian Crises

Obama Screwed Up

On the literary trail in Scotland

Why are the Tar Sands the world's dirtiest energy source?

Sierra wildfire now California's fourth-largest

First ever same-sex wedding at New York State Fair

I feel like a genius! I was able to delete channels from my cable favorite list!

I finally put my new sticker on my licence plate !!! The old one expired two months ago

Today is perhaps the best day of my life as an American.

Obama's bid to Congress on Syria part of push for global backing: U.N.

Can we all agree that Juror #5 is a fucking maroon?

A fly on the wall when the Repubs return....

SkyTruth Tracks Fracking from the Edge of Space

Perfect example of a "Holy crap!" moment

Former Cheney aide Mary Matalin demands Syria ‘exit strategy’ from Obama

Senator Harkin Statement on Syria. Evidence circumstantial. Must wait for these results of UN team

Margaret Thatcher entered the House of Commons as result of a well-meaning act of "electoral fraud"

AP (msm): Workers' protests highlight fast-food economics

Exclusive: USS Nimitz carrier group rerouted for possible help with Syria

Center for Constitutional Rights Strongly Opposes U.S. Military Intervention in Syria

Vodafone confirms late-stage talks with Verizon

Drone strike map

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson US Army (Ret) says quite possible gas attack was a false flag op

Assad is trolling Obama

Here’s The One True Way To Heaven

Exclusive: USS Nimitz carrier group rerouted for possible help with Syria

Beyohd a reasonable doubt?

God! I just Love... The Doctor.

It is so hard decide when it is time to let your baby go.

What I like to tell my RW friends regarding their "working HARDER to EARN a better wage" chestnut -

BBC News uses 'Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre'

Our Drones create "Coallateral Damage" but these killings are much more humane than...

4 dead in accident on Sprain Brook Parkway

Wash. Post Publishes Pro-Statutory Rape Op-Ed (REALLY)

Ruh Roh.

Second day without a cigarette

Director Of DIA: Selling Art Tantamount To Closing Museum (Detroit Institute of Arts)


I hate NYC humidity!

In other news, Monsanto Bt Corn is a Fail.