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Archives: April 26, 2012

NetFlix Streaming Service Announces Plan to Feature Just One Worthwhile New Release per Year

The Prez, the Moon, and Venus

APWU Reaction to Senate vote on S. 1789

State Job losses worst in the US - Willard Rmoney's favorite governor in America

Romney to Bain: Bail Me Out and Lie About It

Big Ten's Delany says Rose Bowl not blocking BCS change.

Scalia Likens Undocumented Immigrants To ‘Bank Robbers’

Mr. Romney, your America is not

Activists urge Discovery to acknowledge climate change science

Mitch thinks the President is trying to embarrass them

Giants place Aubrey Huff on DL due to anxiety

All of them! All at the same time!

Speaking of embarrassing: Trump

Military Gives to Obama

German satellite on 'berg watch' (Pine Island Glacier)

Donald Trump warns Scotland against putting wind turbines near his golf resort

Where do I find stuff I have bookmarked?

Weapons Expert Who Worked With Dr David Kelly Found Dead In "Apparent Suicide"

THE More Shit About the Rmoneys Visual Cavalcade (Dial up warning)

Vancouver Canucks.........

The ED Show - Post office: War on Workers

Dragons Dogma - Demo - PS3 - Review

Briton accused in Iran missile scheme released from U.S. custody

Schechter: 'Murdoch represents Republicans in UK'

College students protest debt on "Trillion Dollar Day"

Carter wouldn't mind Romney as President...

Plumbing question.... was mentioned on DU2.

Jon Corzine Is the Original George Zimmerman - by Matt Taibbi

wanda rohl made it to big eddie`s radio show today!

Ed nails Gretchen Carlson of Fox

Contributions from U.S. Military in March: Obama ($36,448), Romney ($8,630)

President "Do Nothing"?

Accused drug dealer says paid off fugitive Venezuela judge

I'm not exaggerating here...

Liberals are supposed to demolish the opposition in Court

Rural Montana Religious Colonies Fight Labor Law

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Don't Forget Your Hymnal!

President Obama stops to view the moon and Venus before boarding Marine One - pic

Jury question - Can someone direct me?

The insane drug war isn't going to end anytime soon, apparently....

Scary Obituary

I feel the need... the need for speed!

My LTTE on the coming rightwing fury about the "Obama ending farm chores" nonsense

what is going on with Donald Verilli?

House GOP Would Kick 280,000 Children Off School Lunch Program To Protect Tax Cut For Millionaires

Stephen Colbert Raises More Than PAC Backing Ron Paul

Dr. Seuss’s ‘Yertle the Turtle’ deemed too political for classroom

Dull and Boring towns seek new relationship

Rupert Murdoch: myth, memory and imagination

June 5th, 2012 Transit of Venus----Cinko GoodbyeO

A Dem candidate who is pro-life, against marriage equality and has "A" ratings from the NRA

April 24 Gallup poll Obama 49% Rmoney 42%

Did Anyone Watch The New HBO Comedy Veep?

President Barack Obama: "I think Jon Stewart’s brilliant."

PPP poll shows Obama leads Romney by 14 points in New Mexico

Embattled Del Negro rips Clips

Book rec: Revolution from Within.

Wine. Cork, screw cap, or in a box?

Toons: Goodbye Newt, The Edge Of A Cliff, Treating Depression With Austerity and More. - 4/25/12

PETITION: Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act

NICE job on the new polls. What a difference...BRAVO.

People and the planet report (Earth faces a century of disasters)

Republican House spending bill would cut DOE renewables, boost nuclear

Let me tell you a tale about how comforting a chaplain can be in the setting of death warming over to this petition and sign. If I don't vote for Obama, it'll likely be because

Get Your Hands Dirty: 100 Killer Tutorial DIY Websites

Random bits from my recent trip

Rural Montana religious colonies fight labor law

Stick a fork in him, he's done. What's that smell in the air? It's goose, and it's cooked ('toon)

He is waiting until Tuesday because Callista is packing her bags since she won't be FLOTUS

Send this to your conservative friends swooning over Romney's student loan plan.

Please help us win a wheelchair van

Congress focuses on Violence Against Women Act

Climate Central on the hybrid vs electric car brouhaha:

A reexamination of Capitalism.

Please help us win a wheelchair vehicle

Guns, Carried Openly or Concealed, Threaten Our Safety

All professional and amateur baseball leagues have adopted the DH with the lone exceptions being...

The Illusion of Choice

Is this one self-defense, manslaughter, or murder?

Gun advocate stands by crucifixion email

If you had ANY doubt that Zimmerman's new attorney is one smart MoFo, read THIS.

Taking On Dementia With the Experiences of Normal Life

Calvin Johnson wins Madden vote

Apparently the Bank of Canada is a fan of Star Wars???

Mitt Romney Adopts His Own Unique Version of the 'Dream Act'

Japanese Prime Minister during Fukushima wants to stop nukes by taking it to the people

Anyone know about Mont Blanc pens?

Cat articulates his existence

Washington Capitals eliminate the Boston Bruins from the playoffs.

Bruins lose! Bruins lose! BRUINS LOSE!

Actor Sean Penn receives award for work in Haiti

My bucket list photo from facebook.

What law have illegal aliens broken?

Ever think what music you want playing at your funeral?

Whoo Hooo, Omaha Steve is on the Bob Kerrey commercial played on Lawrence!

Notable 2011-2012 Books by African-American LGBT Authors

"If you don't have health care, freedom is a theory, not a reality" - Bob Kerrey on The Last Word

Caps, Nats, Wizards, and Orioles all win in one day?

Discovery of Indian artifacts complicates Genesis solar project

Just as we figured...

How did Rachel lose so much weight?

Bernie Sanders on The Ed Show re: Postal Reform Bill

BWAHAHAHA! RimJob finally steps up to don the SURRENDER MONKEY crown. SURRENDER MONKEY!

Help a fellow DUer in great need

So what's the funniest thing you've seen on TV lately?

Beach Boys Kick Off 50th Anniversary Tour in Tucson

So - 2012 Angels - epic fail - or utter spectacular epic fail?

Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman

More about a stop at 100 year old Don Pedro's farm - request by Celebration

Who is stupid enough to give Jerome Corsi a mouthpiece?

lamanai mayan ruins

a real wood burning stove :-)

Enter to win a space in my Co-Creating with your Spirit Guides class!

Family Misses Flight After TSA Gives Pat-Down To Girl With Cerebral Palsy

Go west young man! New Poll... Obama by +2 in Arizona

Mitt sets record ...first time a presumptive GOP nominee fails to reach threshhold...

Breaking News: (not really huge)

Obama To Officially Hit The Trail May 5

First newsletter from Lawyers for Justice in Libya is out.

Todays Phrase is "12 Inch Pianist"

Joel Ward shoots winning goal in overtime to beat defending Stanley Cup winners

Father, Puts Wire On Son With Autism, Records Verbal Abuse From Teacher

Not sure if this is the place to post this but never ever have I

Ann Romney realizes she is "out of touch" pulls out the health scare card.

A Survivor Show you'd like to see?

Obama’s 11 Most Badass Moments (Videos) Vote..

tut tut

Odium Theologicum:

Weird Alien Head Rock in a Sea of Dormant Wait-a-Minute Brush

War Room w/ Jennifer Granholm - Rubio can't help Romney with Latinos - Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The USPS Is About To Go Out Like The Pony Express

Life, Interrupted: The Patient in the Mirror

Phil Bryant, Mississippi Governor: Democrats' 'One Mission In Life Is To Abort Children'

I just served on a second jury for the same thread as my last time.

Montana's Dem Gov. Brian Schweitzer on w/Letterman NOW!

Dog the Bounty Hunter, Wife Lobby Against Hawaii Justice Reform Initiative

Something I've noticed about the new iPhone commercials.

Award Winners at the 2012 OAH/NCPH Meeting (Looking for Good Reads?)

OT: Should polls be allowed here?

Evidence of historical tsunami found (Confirms Herodotus!)

Watchdogs question FAA error data

The Rachel Maddow Show - Racism revelation hits close to home for Romney campaign

Lawrence O’Donnell Plays Montage Of Presidents On Late Night To Silence Conservatives

Jon Stewart To Obama On Jimmy Fallon Appearance: ‘You Don’t Have To Do This Sh*t Anymore’

Economic Tyrannical Factionism: The Enemy Exposed

Mitt Romney / Chris Christie 2012

Avaaz: Regime builds giant wall to seal off Baba Amr

Ex-Morgan Stanley banker admits bribing China official

Someone who has never posted can serve on juries?

Bucky Balls Could Double Your Lifespan

Federal Arts Endowment Sharply Cuts PBS Grants.

E.Tarte--Fr.TJ asks, "What if I'm right and you atheists are wrong?"

The ED Show - Romney following Scott Walker's failed blueprint

Scientists at NIH Institute For Personality Studies have decided to rename NPD to better reflect...

Federal Arts Endowment Sharply Cuts PBS Grants

Why are liberal areas always so damn expensive. It always seems if

U.S. to Step Up Drone Strikes Inside Yemen

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, April 25)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, April 25)

"Who needs a gun in a laundrymat" / "My car can be replaced"

In new book, Madeleine Albright describes Holocaust’s great cost to her family

DU polls are cool, but the ads cover them up if there is little text before the bar graph.

Is RTV working for anybody?

On my facebook -- Dear Republicans, we'll stop our alleged War On Religion....

I must have imagined this - Ashley Madison ad

Boner wants to cut health care to pay for avoiding student loan rate hike

Armstrong radiation report cites years of 'large' releases!

Obama beats Romney 51-45 among Catholic voters (Gallup)...

Pakistan says U.S. not listening: drone strikes must stop

Rand Paul

Need Chart: Infrastructure vs Welfare vs Tax cuts ROI

Understanding Particle Physics: What Particle are you? Great Flow Chart

Pakistan says U.S. not listening: drone strikes must stop

We are having a death vigil for my cat Marmalade (Marmie for short), aged approx. 14 years.

Man living alone with MS stuck in hospital due to lack of insurance and pending medicaid application

Assad Forces Shell Hama with SCUDs, Killing 71

If you give people the benefit of the doubt, you will be a happier person.

Reagan era envoy found Pakistan 'lied' on nukes

Cuba complains that guns in luggage checked in at MIA were not stopped

Cuba complains that guns in luggage checked in at MIA were not stopped

Tiny sharks provide glowing clue

Miami considers selling advertising space on public buildings, fire hydrants, rights-of-way

The rules at Falwell's "Liberty" Unversity

Chronicles of my RW friend (Part I)

Pakistani PM Gilani guilty of contempt but spared jail

Syria: Massive explosion in Hama 'kills 70'

Murdoch is a disgustingly rude little scumbag -live hearings day 2

Thursday morning nature break

QandA tonight

Joe Scum has definitely had too much Kooi-Aid

George Noory wrote back to me.

Hockey playoffs: Joel Ward's game-winner for Capitals unleashes racist tweets

Study: Less than a third of political donations come from women

Would I embarrass my friend?

NOW Toronto: No more backtracking on LRT

Le Pen may endorse Sarkozy IF he agrees to help the National Front in June's parliamentary elections

Wall Street Tracks ‘Wolves’ as May 1 Protests Loom

Joe Scum just did a funny "tribute" to Newt.

How a Group of Japanese Mothers Are Saying No to Nuclear Power

Charles Taylor found guilty of 'aiding and abetting' war crimes

Using ALEC Playbook, Bobby Jindal Radically Reshapes Public Education

So lil Rubio lost his last page for his great speech on

Rep. Brad Miller Speaks Out on Why He Wasn't Hired for Mortgage Fraud Task Force

Foodbank handouts double as more families end up on the breadline

Europe Seen Adding Growth to Budget Rules as Focus Shifts

Robert Draper Book

Are you ever silent to regain composure?

Look who was hanging out in front of our house today! (I love foxes. They are so cute!)

Indonesia halts US beef imports amid mad cow case

Exclusive: Catholic school ‘urged pupils as young as 11 to sign anti-gay marriage petition’

Father imprisoned gay teen son in rehab clinic after a witch failed to exorcise his homosexuality

Any thoughts on Anthony Flew?

Assembled in America ... a step toward 'made in America'

CBC: North Korean missiles dismissed as fakes

Hundreds gather outside Supreme Court for colorful, civil, SB 1070 protests

Don't yah love how all the RW haters of Jimmy Carter

Children Of Fallujah - w/o Equipment Or NGO Support, Doctors Try To Understand Wave Of Deformities

CJR - NYT Reporting Obscures $39.5 Million In Wal-Mart Funding For Environmental Defense Fund

Can you spot the fake Democrat Candidates on Ballot for the recall?

Why Postal Reform Will Fail

Illegal Bomb Fishing Rapidly Reducing Pristine Komodo Reefs To Rubble - Mongabay

2nd and 3rd place nominees don't think 1st place nominee can win.

Oops: “Idiot” officer responds to Gov. Kasich’s crash

Senator seeks to allow goose kills near JFK airport

My 70-lb dog ate 3 raisins.

Chrysler reports best quarterly net earnings in 13 years as bankruptcy memory fades

Three Reasons Japan’s Economic Pain Is Getting Worse

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (04/26/2012)

Taxes for union busting

Bobby Jindal, Using ALEC Playbook, Radically Reshapes Public Education

Toon (not video)- Hitler reacts to being compared to Obama

Gotta love Norwegians: Thousands defy Norway mass killer Breivik in song

2 House Democrats Defeated After Opposing Health Law (NY Times)

Supreme Court Skeptical of Striking Down Arizona’s SB 1070

Pat Robertson must be devastated

A Civil Solution to Labor’s Problems

Ryan to be met by Catholic protesters, ‘GOP Jesus’ at Georgetown lecture

'Memba when Republicans mocked Gore as being stiff and Kerry as being too out of touch to be Prez?

Robert Scheer: Halfway Through the Lost Decade

In Japan, a Mothers’ Movement Against Nuclear Power

Confederate Memorial Day - remember their sacrifice

Nominating for best song to describe Romney.

High School Holds ‘Fictional Character Day’; Atheist Student Dresses Up as Jesus

TOM THE DANCING BUG:A Wal-Mart Detective Story

Juan Cole: Rubio Calls for War on Iran, Syria– as Israeli Army Rejects Strike

Dog Law Board and Public Accuse Corbett Admin. of Lax Enforcement of Dog Protection Laws

Obama Campaign Video Hits Romney On Foreign Policy ‘False Attacks’

Scott Brown Busy Shaking That Etch-A-Sketch

I Love The Country But Hate Republicans And The Country They Would Produce

Absolutely see-through bikini bottoms NSFW

Amy Goodman: The NSA Is Watching You

Prospect of 'autism drug' raised after early tests

How about giving Romney and his well-off buddies a hand for being so wealthy?

the east -west and the haves

Thursday Toons- Newt gives up, Mitt Moves On...

Wind pushes plastics deeper into oceans, driving trash estimates up (with video)

More Americans Than Projected Filed Jobless Claims Last Week

Zimmerman's gateway "drug" was a pitbull and bad cop advice.

Thursday Toons- Debt and the rest

Romney runs

Liberal Extremism Defined

US Hegemony in Latin America

New harvesting approach boosts energy output from bacteria (microbial fuel cells)

Bones of early American disappear from underwater cave

More Evidence of U.S. Home Market Crater

US Hegemony in Latin America

FR: JimRob celebrates Romney's win with a Cartoon

Blame Obama again...Chrysler posts best profit in 13 years

Solar Program in India Drives Prices to Impressive Lows

Joe Scarborough vs Bill Press ?

I really like this house in Poland....

Report: Secret Service involved in second prostitution scandal

Arizona solar project reaches 100MW mark

so when does tom delay's appeal of his felony conviction go to court?

Areva Solar Builds Giant Solar Farm In India

Scottish Parliament laughs at Donald Trump

My cats are getting a little too clever.

Governor Patrick Flips The Switch at Westford Solar Park

Sharpton panel discussion on 'Willard's' sudden interest in fairness

The NRA And 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

Gar Alperovitz - America Beyond Capitalism

Idaho man accused of using gun to force 'moonwalk'

6-Year-Old Faces Battery Charge In School

The China pivot and the US 'siege' strategy

The Norwegian people's response to Breivik's claim of "cultural Marxist brainwashing"

Family groups on the left and right support "socialism" (EITC)

Gun sales spark 123 federal investigations in Texas

I saw a couple guys get arrested last night

I'm not a "PaulBot," not welcome on DU

Judge: Fla. worker drug testing unconstitutional

It shouldn't matter how the GOP votes this week on student loans. The history of the GOP

The World Has Little Use For A Suburban American Single Family Home Priced Over $250K

Result of investigation for massive Gainesville Interstate pile up with fatalites: FHP mistake.

Exxon Makes $104 Million In Profit Per Day So Far In 2012 ($1,300 in profits per second)

Tonight is a big night for NY area sports

Debt buyers ignore $10M lawsuit loss against woman who didn't even have a debt with them

GOP Tries To Water Down Violence Against Women Act, Expresses Willingness To Tolerate Some Domestic

So I have to ask this - why didn't Mitt Romney run for a 2nd term as Governor?

The Corruption Law That Scares the Bejesus Out of Corporate America

Ha Ha HA! RUBIO! You SUCK! I ALWAYS remember my last page! ALWAYS! Whatta MAROON, Rubio!

Murdoch blames rogue tabloid for phone-hacking

Romney doesn't just lie, he's delusional (updated)


TSA Screeners Will Stop Your Children, Not Your Meth

OK, seriously. I've seen this Liquid Plumber ad THREE TIMES and it is INCREASINGLY pissing me off.

Republicans have crossed the Rubicon...

all women are whores

Nerd Alert! Post a pic of your favorite nerd from fact or fiction.

Financial crises caused by "stupidity and greed": Geithner

I'm not a teacher but....

Latinos For Romney

The news I hear this morning about a double dip recession in Europe

NFL may have played its last Pro Bowl

Kirsten Dirksen's "We the Tiny House People" documentary

Idea for new forum or group: Jock Culture

TDPS: Pink slime ammonia meat filler has its own lobbyists!

Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Increased 4.1% in March

Wendell Berry, American Hero

Mike Luckovich on Newt (toon)

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Falls by the Most in More Than a Year

Poll: Do you know any Republicans who fit this description?

Expert warns world needs to move ‘rapidly’ toward ‘population shrinkage’

RNC Chair Rinse Peenus KNOWS Newt & Callista want to get on board with Team Romney. HE KNOWS!

UK to give £60m to developing countries to build CCS plants

Obama was not the first President to go on a comedy show.

The ultimate babysitter? iPads for infants stir debate

Expert warns world needs to move ‘rapidly’ toward ‘population shrinkage’

Cut world population and redistribute resources, expert urges

Chaos in the streets: Riot police disperse student protest (in Montreal)

World's glaciers 'out of balance'

Mitt and Ann Romney attend the Yankees / Rangers game (metaphorically speaking)

Obama campaign video exposes seven more Mitt Romney lies in two minutes

Freepers and false assumptions...

Is Romney already a bigger jerk than Dubya was ? (Poll)

Mr. Bean gets it. Do you?


Brazilian Congress adopts controversial land use law

Caring for the US Military's Traumatized Soldiers

Mitt's new campaign poster

Referendum ruling clouds Detroit's financial fix

Maine may harness power of tides

You Are All Suspects Now. What Are You Going To Do About It?

Romney's smugness screams to the world that he does not care

Pew - U.S. becoming more accepting of firearms, and the gay community...

JFK Quote

Chrysler: Best profits in 13 years

WikiLeaks suspect Manning faces ruling on key charge

What is "Consolation," exactly?

Romney Will Kill GM If He Gets The Chance.

Creativity at its finest :)

A Research Strategy to Discover the Environmental Causes of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disabiliti

Pic Of The Moment: Gingrich Quits Presidential Race, Contemplates Life After Politics

LOL: Murdoch STILL Attempting To Shape The "News"

Darwin and Keynes

Raids in 2 states expand corruption probe of L.A. County assessor

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attends the TIME 100 Gala - pics

Have you or has someone you know had experience with Medifast?

Did anybody notice the low the GOP primary turnout on Tuesday?

House Republicans to fund student loan rate cut with Obamacare cuts

Egyptian Islamist parliment to enact law permitting husbands to have sex with dead wives as well as

Legislator seeks investigation of three Supreme Court justices (FL

On the practical faith of Frederick Law Olmstead...

Two peas in a pod: Abortion restrictionists and gun control advocates

17 year old Summer Moody has died. Her assailant is now known, but still not charged.

Ward targeted by racist tweets after OT goal against Bruins.

NYT OpEd: China Slows Down, and Grows Up

DU Album of the Day: "Road Food" The Guess Who

"Just cook some beans and rice and throw in some cheap meat..."

Organic farming, carefully done, can be efficient

Chief Seattle just might have been correct back in 1855

Black Man’s Killing in Georgia Eludes Spotlight

Let's keep this going...

Some 40,000 gather to sing children's song Breivik detests

Environmentalists contest Ameren nuclear renewal

Yanukovych warns on nuclear power on Chernobyl anniversary

How about a Space Exploration Forum?

What did the uninsured American say to the Republican?

Despite Obamacare’s unpopularity, health care may still be winning issue for Dems

Dow Corn, Resistant to a Weed Killer, Runs Into Opposition

Young men in Mexico say the U.S. no longer offers them a better future

Colbert: Global warming caused by immigrants

TYT: CRAZY - People Spending Big $ To Dress Like They Have No $

Excellent facebook post entitled "Dear Republicans":

UK's 41-year old nuclear reactor shuts down early

A Romney Guide to Success (If he was the least bit honest) ...

Police Seize Thousands Of Pot Plants At East Oakland Warehouse

GM Alive and bin Laden is Dead - Would situation be reversed if Romney had been President!

Gov. Scott Walker Is the "False Statement" Champion.

Suspect says he beat teen because he was angry over Trayvon Martin case

Doonesbury on Fox News

I feel the need... the need for speed!!!

Paul Ryan: I Reject Ayn Rand, She's an Atheist!

What sisters mean to me

New polling on recall races for State Senate in Wisconsin

Can anyone here tell us how the story about the Vatican And LCWR is playing outside the US?

Harmony Charter Schools - info?

Obama maintains map edge in latest NBC News battleground map

White House approves broader Yemen drone campaign

$1 Billion In Rebates Coming Under ‘Obamacare’

Freehold DMV question

Puppy on runway delays flights at NYC airport - pics

North Korean crowd images visible from space

It's Time.... LIAR

Lawmakers visit alleged CIA prison in Lithuania

Interesting tidbit....

Premise: Romney's nomination will hurt Republican candidates. Could Lugar be the first casualty?

Christian University Student Expelled for Outing Child Rape Cover-Up

Romney Foreign Policy Adviser Attacks Obama’s ‘Czechoslovakia’ Policy

Czech Parliament maintains the lifelong immunity from prosecution that lawmakers enjoy

Jordan's prime minister quits suddenly

Romney takes beating on immigration as Supreme Court hears Arizona challenge

After Previously Praising Her, Paul Ryan Now Disses Ayn Rand: ‘I Reject Her Philosophy’

Pep is calling it a day- Next

Did Norm Coleman just say "Killing Obama?"

A good starting point

BBC - Antarctic Ice Loss Powered From Below By Warming Ocean Currents


Boehner: White House Wants to Create Cybersecurity 'Monster'

Did Norm Coleman just say "Killing Obama is not a foreign policy"? on Andrea Mitchell.

Transgenders now have job protection thanks to EEOC Opinion

Two Dead In Dust Explosion At BC Sawmill - On Top Of Beetle Kill, Another Blow To Logging Industry

Tor ditches DRM-protection from its e-book library (BBC)

Growth Rate For Central Park Red Oaks 8X Those In Rural Areas; Heat Island Effect May Play Part

'Real' investors eclipsed by fast trading (84% of trades are HFT!)

Gov. Parnell Dumps Push For Tax Cuts For Oil & Gas Industry; GOP Stunned, AK Dems Elated - ADN

The Controversial Graphic That Is Popping Up Everywhere

Romney’s 2007 Bin Laden Gaffe Comes Back To Haunt Him

ACLU, others help Marine who criticized Obama fight dismissal

Garden Grove seeks feds' help to oust pot clinics

Think where?

Alex Pareene, Salon: Tucker Carlson’s downward spiral

“Raggle Taggle Gypsy” by the group Rapalje

Bugs pick up pesticide resistance from pesticide-eating bacteria

Judge bars shooting at Mass. gun club

"The meteor probably weighed about 154,300 pounds" -- meteorites found in N Cal.

A Civil Solution to Labor’s Problems

Joe Biden's Bumper Sticker

Machine gun bullets hit home near mom, girl

So ... I took my car in to have some work done, yesterday ...

Hold cops personally liable for camera arrests? Connecticut bill says yes

George Zimmerman is part white

There is no doubt about it

Rep. Ryan, "Where were you when they crucified the poor?"

(Michigan's) EM referendum won't be on November ballot (due to font size on the petitions)

10 dead dogs found in Savannah home

The Port Huron Statement: Still Radical at 50

Zimmerman...the burglary culprit was already in jail.

Doctors in UK to be investigated over female circumcision claims

The Last Word - Secret meeting to take down Obama exposed

What The GOP Brings To The Table:

Video Of "The Donald" at Scottish Parliament..

Politicians: Do you really care what women voters want?

Federal Prosecutors in Los Angeles Examining Goldman Banker

Thank the Football Gods...Real Madrid is bounced.

John Dingell Learns About Teabagging: 'It's funny and I'm going to keep using it.'

Fox's Monica Crowley Reacts To Fluke's Reported Engagement: "To A Man?"

Thom Hartmann: Professor Richard Wolff - The UK in a double-dip recession

Romney’s 2007 Bin Laden Gaffe Comes Back To Haunt Him

Thom Hartmann: Libertarian Paradise complete w/Mad Cow Disease?

#ScumbagMittRomney meme

Boehner furious over Air Force One being used on campaign trips, forgets President named "Bush"

Israeli Arabs mark 'Nakba' in march

When ads are inter-active, and basically little film clips

Florida judge blocks drug tests for state workers

Mitt didn't say THIS, did he????

Biden: President Obama has a "big stick"

Caption needed for the sad faced Boehner man.

Rush Limbugh is back on his Oxy.

Problem with polls....

Paul Ryan now disowns Ayn Rand...

Just caught up to The Killing.

The Commies Are Coming!!!... Back!!!

Here's a picture for you: If you don't like being called teabaggers...

Who Are the Other Americans Now?

Iraq violence: Eight killed in Baquba suicide blast

Kenichi Ohmae - Lessons Learned From Fukushima Dai-ichi - Report & Movie

Rove's American Crossroads ad attacks Obama for being "cool."

I'm not sure there is a good place to put this, it's more of an ethical question than religious..

Happy "Take Your Child to Work" Day! - 1960s style

First Lady Michelle Obama greets children during a celebration of "Bring Your Children to Work Day"

TYT: Debt Collection Agents At Hospitals

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom holds the record as RiteAid employee with the SHORTEST CAREER EVAH.

Papantonio: Justice Department Has Long Way To Go In BP Investigation

PHOTO: These days, the Silver Surfer is just PHONING IT IN.

When you see it...

Logic Linked to Religious Disbelief, Study Implies

Photo: Who in their RIGHT MIND would order a shot of Jack...when you can have a shot of JOHN'S?

Young Rangers fan cries after oblivious neighbors keep baseball for themselves

New chip tracks smart-phone locations down to the inch, even indoors

Dr. Martha S. Burns - The New Brain Science of Learning

Background on Trayvon Martin

Who’s Playing Politics with the Violence Against Women Act?

US tops among developed countries in death rate for 10-24 year olds.

do not eat the pancakes.... ellen reads '50 shades of grey'

Women and Girls in IT: "Tech Needs Girls" campaign

MO: ‘Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day’ (Video)

George Zimmerman is all-American

Obama’s ‘get Bin Laden’ memo now public

Wyclef Jean- Justice (If You're 17) Tribute for Trayvon Martin

What should I do? I just got a letter from the President. The last time this happened, it was my



Who wants to tell Newt...?

270 To Win

Good-for-Nothing Polluted Land May Be Good for Renewables

Thom Hartmann: Drones...from the Middle east to Main Street USA

Looming Crisis: Officials Close Gulf Waters to Shrimping As Reports of Deformed Seafood Intensify

Witnessing a glacier's race to the sea

Thom Hartmann: Rep. Peter Welch - Another Hostage - Student Debt

White House approves broader Yemen drone campaign

"Warming hole" delayed climate change over eastern United States

AFP Launches $6.1 Million Multi-State, Anti-Obama Ad Campaign

Syrian opposition says Hama hit by rockets / UN still has only 15 monitors on the ground

Does Schadenfreude Lead To Bad Karma?

Manning is in court today. His friend/spokesperson w/be on w/Dylan Ratigan. Coming up. nt

Wyclef Jean Releases One Of The Most Powerful Trayvon Tributes We've Seen

Performance Art: Not something that we always get (or want to)

One Graphic That Big Oil Does Not Want You To See

Good News! Slayer has agreed to perform at our next DU Gathering!! Bad News....

Exxon Makes $104 Million In Profit Per Day So Far In 2012...

NYT: Medvedev Admits Disappointments in His Presidency (and touts his successes)

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 28, 2012 -- The Essentials: Trevor Howard

The DU fires are back! (I mean on long threads.) Yee-haw! nt

What is your opinion of Twitter?

Senate Dem leaders reject House GOP student loan bill

John Edwards... the REST of the story

Religious Groups, Georgetown Faculty Protest Ryan’s Use Of Catholic Social Teaching To Justify Budge

Gallup has Obama up by 35 points among voters 18 to 29

4 killed, 11 wounded in twin bomb blasts in Baghdad

Catholic School bans girl from prom for having no date

I wrote Sean Hannity on his website about the rice and beans.

Official: Afghan soldier kills US service member

#1 Dumbest Thing Republicans Say

Drones to patrol US protests?

Should I create a poll?

3-3 to let it stay....

TYT: Judge Sends Shirtless Pic

First evaluation of the Clean Water Act's effects on coastal waters reveals major successes

Targeted Hacker Jacob Appelbaum on CISPA, Surveillance & the "Militarization of Cyberspace"

DA has just announced she sees no probable cause for prosecuting Summer Moody's shooter.

A financial twist on the 'war on voting'

Are you kidding me? The lawyers are going to sue whom?

Oil palm surging source of greenhouse gas emissions

This is/not funny. CAUTION! May be too violent for some viewers.

Wind Pushes Plastics Deeper Into Oceans, Driving Trash Estimates Up

TCM Schedule for Sunday, April 29, 2012 -- What's On Tonight: Hope Lange

Catholic School Teacher Fired over IVF Treatments

AIDS United - latest news / updates

US drone kills three people in Yemen

Biden Says Romney Would Outsource Foreign Policy

Can anyone link me to that cartoon of Newt with multiple forks.....

Fighting the good fight for immigrant workers in Mississippi ... and winning

Obama to be challenged over human cost of CIA drone strikes

Mexico seized 68,000 guns from US since 2006

Senator Al Franken Breaks Down and Cries on Senate Floor Over Violence Against Women Act

Blair Pathways: A Music CD of the West Virginia Mine Wars

I just got the coolest app for my iPad.

I can see stupid on my phone..

France threatens to pull out of Europe’s borderless travel zone ...

Premiere league cancel Chelski QPR pre match handshake

Senate OKs renewing Violence Against Women Act

US issues alert for its citizens in Pakistan

Sierra Club to fight Maryland Dominion natural gas export hub using 1972 deal

Boehner Doubts Marco Rubio's DREAM Act Alternative Could Pass The House

Students cheer Nazis at Holocaust Remembrance Day play

Forgot to Pay Your Traffic Ticket? There Goes Your Water…

Lesbian Scout leader ousted in Ohio; parents upset

The ad-spending numbers in Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Angers Fla. Election Supervisors (They think he's trying to take over election process)

"The Donald" in Scotland this week.

Climate Change Has Intensified The Global Water Cycle

The Escalating Stupidity of the Drug War

Chesapeake ends executive's controversial loan program!

Senate Passes ‘Violence Against Women Act’ 68-31

Now with Charles Taylor convicted

Panda sets Giants hit streak record...

The Dumbest Show on Fox News Channel Ever

Can we rename this forum Trumad's Complaint Corner?

Student dressed as Jesus earns atheist scholarship

The Republican War on Women Visual Cavalcade (and kids too) - Dial up Warning

Good news: UF drops plans to scrap computer science department

America’s ‘angriest’ theologian faces lynching tree

Obama Stunner: Climate Change Will Be A Campaign Issue, We Need to Do Much More To Combat It

The Younger Vote

Anyone here live in or near the redlands in south florida?

don't you hate it when people ask you a question, and then while you're answering it.........

Federal Magistrate recommends hotel pay quarter million dollars in attorney fees to NLRB, union

93% of all new income between 2009 & 2010 went to the top one percent.

I was awarded 7th place in the Richmond Times-Dispatch 2011 Correspondent of the Day

Androids the prostitutes of the future?

What a great photo

Crowd gathers in Detroit at GE Annual Shareholder Meeting

Obama continues to do well In Gallup polling

Boehner Claims Obama Made Presidency 'Smaller'

Release of bin Laden death photos blocked

Barney Frank Makes a Misdiagnosis on Obamacare

Regardless of its popularity, Trolling is against the rules

Thomas Reece was on CNN bashing the Ryan budget.

These 31 "people" think violence against women is not a problem.

U.S. lawmakers defend slew of corporate tax breaks

Why the U.K. recession matters in U.S. politics

31 GOP men voted AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act. All 5 GOP women voted FOR it

Greg Abbott Exposes Millions of Texans’ Social Security Numbers

Home Owners Across the Nation Sue All Bank Servicers and Their Offshore Havens

I'm gonna say it ...

Does your spouse or S/O finish sentences for you? And they're just guessing?

Cage Match: Neil deGrasse Tyson vs Michio Kaku

DAMN! Just put Buffalo wings in the oven only to discover I'm outta bleu cheese dressing. DAMN!

SO...the Oakland Zoo CLAIMS they do not, and have never had, a "Trouser Snake Exhibit."

Dear Monica Crowley - you're a fucking asshole

Lawyer posts on 'Obama's Fallon appearance violated election law'

Today marks my first ever hidden post.

Bar joke

CISPA bill passes. Lets your email-company give out your password and emails.

Glenn Greenwald: The Drone-Happy President: Obama Escalates in Yemen – Again

Well, now I've gone and done it.

Great photo of President Obama and a very surprised student


Ultimate Fear Mongering? Milw on alert for evacuation of Chicago during NATO conf?

CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Passes House 248 to 168

Syria 'in contravention' of peace plan, says UN chief

Egyptian women protest proposed law allowing a husband to have sex w/dead wife within 6 hrs of death

Evidence, Miracles and the Existence of Jesus

Ben Shapiro wants to adopt Sandra Fluke because birth control coverage is like an allowance

Glacier National Park Webcam Gallery Picture of the Day, April 26, 2012

Someone insulted me (it got hidden), now they want me to post their reply (unedited) under my name

Tensions Flare As Egypt Cuts Off Gas Deal With Israel

CISPA Passes House

Robert Fisk: The Children of Fallujah - Sayef's story

S&P cuts Spain ratings two notches to BBB-plus

Tell me about the co-worker that drives you nuts.

Biden: 'This guy has got a backbone like a ramrod. No, no, for real. For real.'

I wonder what Bob Dylan was thinking about during this photo shoot.

Bradley Manning judge warns military prosecutors in WikiLeaks case

Thank You, 60 Minutes!

Rush Limbaugh On Hillary Clinton: ‘All She Is Is A Secretary’ Who Needs To Wear Spanx

Reich: GOP’s Death Wish: Why Republicans Can’t Stop Pissing Off Hispanics, Women, and Young People

Netanyahu Accused After Legalising Settlements

Hey alerter... I don't mind the hidden post but you didn't need to lie in the text of your alert...

Conservative-leaning group tied to Koch brothers launches $6.5 million anti-Obama TV ad

Paul Ryan major flip flop on Ayn Rand

Egypt 'necrophilia law'? Hooey, utter hooey.

President Obama Names Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients

Statement from Vice President Biden on the Violence Against Women Act

In the news today in Iowa

Data: Firearms in Mexican crime from U.S.

Bradley Manning must face 'aiding the enemy' charge

I have witnessed the next evolution of black metal...

40,000 Norwegians sing Pete Seeger Song to Brevik


The GOP's Death Wish: Why Republicans Can't Stop Pissing Off Hispanics, Women, and Young People

Once, it was customary in much of Europe to give a disgraced or criminal military officer a pistol.

When Woo kills....Woman dies attempting to live on sunlight alone.

Kim Kardashian & Lindsay Lohan will be guests of Fox News at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

It's weird to watch "The Misfits" now. (TCM)

BCS takes big step toward college football playoff

Who's your DU nemesis?

Please Send Protection To Our Building, Someone Tried Kicking In Our Door :={

Posted this in GD but you guys are way better criers.

Donations pour to Trayvon Martin's killer

Ex wants me to keep $125k life insurance policy with her as beneficiary

Romney coming to Omaha

Robert Reich answering questions on Reddit