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What the p.o.s. running against Wendy DAVIS thinks is cute, unfortunately for Texas

May be Rand Paul should start to plagiarize again

Iran rejects US claim it baulked at nuclear deal

great teacher

Colombia Conservatives support political participation for FARC

Dairy Industry Pushing To Expand Definition Of ‘Milk’

Clinton: Obama should honor health care pledge

National Review Online Defends Intimidation By Heavily Armed "Open Carry Texas" Group

Ohio boy who came home for early Christmas dies

University of Utah doctor: Say 'yes' to cannabis oil for kids

Fairfax Provisionals Counted as Midnight Deadline Approaches in Virginia AG Race

U.S. Reaches Preliminary Deal in American-US Airways Merger Lawsuit

LAX shooting suspect upgraded to fair condition

Today's "WTF?" from David Barton...

Gohmert isn’t sure if Obamacare’s ‘secret security force’ will use weapons or syringes

Hey, We Progressives Won Something.

Hey Harry Reid, how's that filibuster "agreement" with the GOP working out?

Let's Get Physical

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Richard Cohen airs his hurt fee-fees: 'The word racist is truly hurtful'

US Supreme Court won’t take up Duke lacrosse case

A is for Autumn

"Americans Have Had It with Obama and Congress" --Atlantic Wire

New job title - Sober Coach.

Revealed: Obama's record-breaking effort to tap wealthy donors for cash (The Guardian)

A little surprise perk of Obamacare.

UK pursuing criminal investigation into NSA leaks

Is it really only the REPUBLICANS who are against single payer?

Oldest big cat fossil found in Tibet

U.S. to name Nigeria's Boko Haram as terrorist group: sources

"The Mystery of Michael Hastings: Would he have Reported His Own Death as Accident?/NY MAGAZINE

Louis Freeh demanding Graham Spanier detail defamation claims

Only 12% of current individual health insurance policies cover maternity care.

Enron Revisited as High Court Reviews Whistle-Blower Shield

Texas Homeowner Battles $3 Million Defamation Lawsuit For Exposing Fracking Company’s Pollution

US Massing Largest Ever Pacific Relief Effort

"Keep hope alive! I have not yet begun to fight. Old soldiers never die..."

Cold Case: JFK

Smiling squirrel, happy to find that the bird feeder is not buried in snow

Alt Labor Rising: Organizing Walmart and the Fast Food Industry

'Longing for the Good Old Days (that never were)'

Question for news junkies regarding Chris Christie

Bill Moyers: Spying and Civil Liberties

First lady undertakes new education initiative

Congressional Approval Sinks to Record Low

Billionaire wealth doubles since financial crisis

What does the fox say?

************5TH ANNUAL DU COLLEGE FOOTBALL POOL: WEEK 12************

Who knew that timecube had a flag?

Here's Where Teens Are Going Instead Of Facebook


NFL player cites reading Noam Chomsky among reasons he quit playing pro football

High school football has to be limited to a non contact sport. Kids should not be dying

"We strapped on our self defense tools..."

Bacon’s Study of Freud Sells for $142.4 Million

"Terrifying typhoon, forgetting our troops, uncensoring Zinn’s history"/Good Abby Martin Show

Bad guys and guns. Its not rocket science.

New group now forming in Mid Michigan

Sen.Sanders: A Progressive Budget Blueprint

Is damage from trans fats reversible?

New group now forming in Mid Michigan

If someone asks you to take photos at their family funeral, & younsay yes, please do it

What do you think about Las Cruces?

This Is What McDonald's McRib Actually Looks Like

Celebrate Thanksgiving with an all-American menu (keep kicked)

'Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America' on Chris Hayes in a minute...

"And you said that to President Obama?" "Yes, of course"

99th vote conquered by PSUV in Venezuelan Assembly. Enabling Law will now pass.

Turn on Chris Hayes right fuggin' now - good gun discussion

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Waterworld and Mad Max, Combined & a new

I Regret to Inform You That My Wedding to Captain Von Trapp Has Been Canceled.

PBS JFK, Part 2, starting now. EST. nt

The people who come to your door talking about helping shelters and selling books...

Ken Burns: Bill De Blasio Has Agreed To Settle 10-Year-Old Central Park Five Case

Bipartisan Chimpanzee Retirement Legislation Passes House of Representatives

anybody use a housecleaning service?

Hoffa and Hall Walk Away From UPS Freight Teamsters

One in three police shootings involve unarmed people

Joe Scarborough is guest The Daily Show tonight.

Vast Antarctic iceberg 'could threaten shipping'

Indoctrinate the youth, make their brownshirts appealing, let a nation ignore the obvious.

Want union made USA or slave way around the globe?

Ferocious winds drove Tacloban surge

Stephannie Miller comments on Sarah Palin..

Salon: Elizabeth Warren's Populist Insurgency Marches On

best ways to get rid of dog odors in the house?

Jay Leno nails Ted Cruz!

Jewish Food. How many of these have you had?

Kiwi Mink Oil Contaminated in Stores Across United States

What's the worst thing a psychiatrist has said to you?...

The reason why we have so many Unarmed Citizens being shot by police

Venezuela's Congress paves way for Maduro decree powers

Dr. Strangelove is airing again on cable (TCM). A good piece.

Congress’s approval rating hits new low: 9 percent

Recall on prepackaged salad, sandwich with E. coli

BREAKING: votes are counted and @SenMarkHerring leads by 163 !!! Congrats to AG-Elect Herring! #VAAG

Doctors urged to treat obesity like any other ailment

Hooked on coffee? It could save your life

Have the champions of the NSA/Obama, and the detractors of Snowden apologized yet?

Report: Jordan rebuffs Israeli request for Jewish prayer space on Temple Mount

What's everyone think of the Braves announced move?

The Shadow of Chile Falls on Venezuela

Herring's Va. attorney general edge 163 votes after Fairfax count

Banned TED Talk with Nick Hanauer - The rich dont create jobs

What do you think of tom cruises?

Facebook users outraged as Israel army spokesman posts Fairuz video

Safer form of nuclear energy, and how money stops progress.

More Women = Less Gridlock: How 2014 & 2016 May Reshape Politics

Licensed to Kill: The Growing Phenomenon of Police Shooting Unarmed Citizens

U.N. denounces mortar attacks on schools in the Syrian capital

Grandpa toon

this might be a silly question

How States Rejecting the Medicaid Expansion Sabotaged Their Biggest Cities

Watch An Entire Movie Squeezed Into A .GIF

"Senate Republicans Filibuster Judicial Nominee Who Dared To Talk About Women’s Rights"

how to make abortion rare

Sen. John Cornyn calls for halt to ACA 'navigator' program citing O'Keefe video

"How Is Obamacare Affecting TPM?" - Interesting Small Employer Perspective

Voice of Choice

In Colombia the mask has slipped

Bigelow report calls for use of COTS model for cislunar transportation

Rev. Kenneth Copeland: Soldiers with PTSD should be ‘guiltless’ because they’re ‘esteemed by God’

TX Republican Election Head Blames Wendy Davis for Voters Actually Voting

Florida Man, you SUCK as a superhero!

I need some DU love…I'm trapped with my FOX NEWS parents...

Washington (CNN) -- There's a fight brewing and it could get ugly. CNN - "Tuesday, November 12: Improving the User Experience"

The Daily Show research team should have a field day with that...

It's Not The Website, Stupid: New Research Says RomneyCare Worked, ObamaCare Will

What types of Jewish food have you had?

Can I ask you guys something? Atlanta is all tripped out over this Braves issue

House Dem Leaders To Oppose GOP's 'Keep Your Health Plan' Bill

Feinstein backs bill to allow Americans to keep health plans

JFK Conference: Lisa Pease Discussed the Real Harm of Corrupt Soft Power

Now these people are having fun!

So I think I'm developing an anxiety disorder over TSA & flying

"60 Minutes"

Troubled unlikely to work fully by end of November

Free Food Flop at Chick-Fil-A during Veteran's Day

smithsonianchannel: The Real Story : Jurassic Park (Full Episode)

Medicaid is health overhaul's early success story

I remember when this whole thing began

Wendy's new ad

Six reasons why privatization simply doesn't work

Abercrombie will sign Gay Marriage Bill Wednesday

The new demagoguery: McAuliffe supprts gender based abortion

Troubled Unlikely To Work Fully By End Of November

Today, 11-13-13,

too much?

Michigan school district lifts ban on T-shirts honoring girl who died of leukemia

Obamacare Disapproval Hits New High As Obama Hits New Low

RGJ investigates: Courts failed to send 1,945 guardianship cases to database to prevent gun purchase

cat shaming ...

A day late and a dollar short (my true Veterans Day Story).

1.2 Million Acres Of Prairies Vanish, Undermining Obama's Green Energy Goal

Connecticut woman loses arm in attack by pet pit bull

No shame, no regret. My abortion story.

thought this was good enough to share with the group, thanks for being here -

Gohmert isn’t sure if Obamacare’s ‘secret security force’ will use weapons or syringes

Darrell Issa Accused Of Another Selective Report On Obamacare

Netanyahu halts plans to build 24,000 more settler homes

Wendy has new website

holy shit...I just served on my 500th jury. Time flies and all....

It’s not quite time to freak out over Obamacare’s enrollment number

(UT) University of Utah doctors: Say ‘yes’ to cannabis oil for kids

What does Palin say or mean?

(CO) Marijuana is by far the No. 1 cause of student expulsions from Colorado public schools

(CA) US Attorney Defies White House

Jon Stewart Tears Into Fox News MDs: Less Like Doctors, More Like 'Shady Expert Witnesses'

Jon Stewart Talks Tea Party with Joe Scarborough

Dem Mark Herring Wins VA AG

From 2007: Guy swipes FOX reporter's mic during iPhone live shot

'Obama's approval sinks to new low...'

Is Bolivia the New Afghanistan, or Is O'Grady From The WSJ Delusional?

China Demands ABC ‘Face Mistakes’ for Jimmy Kimmel Comments

These 32 People Are Spending Their Lives In Prison For Nonviolent Crimes

They knew how to make cough syrup back in the day

A call for a more realistic reporting of Christian martyrs

Rise in Italian Catholic Church attendance attributed to ‘Francis effect’

The ACA is healing...Quickly!!

I was addicted..........

10 Facts About Lee Oswald That 70% of Americans Must Not Understand

"What goes up must come down..."

Jon Stewart tore Lara Logan a new one last night

Candidate or Not, Elizabeth Warren Has the Right 2016 Message

Know Anyone Who Thinks Racial Profiling Is Exaggerated? Watch This, And Tell Me When Your Jaw Drops.

Bully Calls News Anchor Fat, News Anchor Destroys Him On Live TV

America’s Real-Life ‘Hunger Games’

Where Will the Children Play? Neoliberal Militarization in Pre-Election Honduras

Excellent graphic explaining why Social Security needs to be expanded

Survey: 81 Percent of Universities Say Sequester Has Directly Affected Research Activities


Another Health Insurer Caught Falsely Cancelling Thousands of Health Plans

What happens now that a socialist is leading a Democrat for Seattle City Council by 41 votes?

What happens now that a socialist is leading a Democrat for Seattle City Council by 41 votes?

Afghan opium crop hits record high ahead of Western withdrawal - U.N.

Does anyone need A LOT of pulverized glass?

Russia Proposes Anti-Nazi Resolution to UN.

Public Banking in Costa Rica: A Remarkable Little-known Model

I'm getting a LOT of Security Certificate alerts on this site.

So despite all the ReTHUG efforts to steal the elections in Virginia

Populist school board candidate beats challenger's $250,000 worth of negative ads

Palestinian stabs, kills Israeli soldier, authorities say

Israel halts plans to explore new settlements

Something Is Really Wrong with the USA

Top Democratic Pollster Says Don't Mess with Social Security Or Else Face the Wrath of Voters in '14

If Only Right-Wing Christians Knew Where Their Ideas Came From

Germans Rejected: US Unlikely to Offer 'No-Spy' Agreement

As America Slides Toward Dickensian Nightmare, Novelist of the 99% Is Trending Big-Time

Former PM Kevin Rudd quits federal politics

Spy-Proofing: Deutsche Telekom Pushes for All-German Internet

Syrian Kurds declare autonomous government

What's for Dinner? ~Wednesday Nov 13th

The Unlikely Alliance That Ended Sunday Mail Delivery ... in 1912

I dont get the whole ultrasound before an abortion thing

Trans-Atlantic Free Trade: US Pushes for Deal Despite NSA Scandal

NSA Scandal Warning: Are US Facilities in Germany at Greater Risk?

Canadian Piglet Jumps from Slaughterhouse Truck to New Life

The Latest GOP Efforts to Gum Up Obamacare

SACHA BARON COHEN Kills Award Presenter at the 2013 Britannia Awards - BBC AMERICA.

prairies vanish in US push for green energy

How shooting an Unarmed 13yr old Boy became legal

Scared Silent: NSA Surveillance has 'Chilling Effect' on American Writers

Solar lasers, ocean power and volcanoes: unusual energy sources of the future

Mistaking Omniscience for Omnipotence

Watch this and weep

Venezuela's Congress paves way for Maduro decree powers

Congratulations Hawaii, Love is Love~

Pope Francis Is Internet's Top Name Of 2013

Jonathan Chait: Bill Clinton Wants You to Keep Your Plan, Won’t Say How

Aquino to CNN: Death toll at least 2,500, not 10,000

Radioactive leak found in reactor at S. Carolina nuclear plant, one of largest in US

Where are the Democrats

Got a little nippy here this morning. 36°

Death of MI6 spy Williams, whose body was in a padlocked sports bag, was probably an accident.

"Smaller Government" is fascist dog whistle...

Supreme Court Enters the Union Battles

Survey: 81 Percent of Universities Say Sequester Has Directly Affected Research Activities

Well ...

"Somewhere over the (merde) rainbow / way up high. . . ." Please come CAPTION Fox's Adam Housley!!!

Tea Party Joins Liberals in Push Against Fast-Track Trade

Waterworld and Mad Max, Combined

Another ignoramus speaks out on gay adoption, this one from N. Ireland

GLBT - check in please!

What's more important: Security or freedom?: The Big Question the National Security State isn't Aski

Ezra Klein: Why did Obama promise people could keep their health insurance? Blame Bill Clinton.

The Shamelessness of Bankers

Terry Francona, Clint Hurdle: MLB Managers of the Year

Violence against Tennessee's women costs $886 million last year

Billy Ireland Cartooning Museum opens Saturday at Ohio State

Occupy Wall Street buys $14.7 million of Americans' debt

Coffee Talk: so, anyone besides me think that the "big dog" stepped on it by

No communion for polluters, says awesome Archbishop of Naples

I am going to clean up my Jury Blacklist today.

California, on track for record dry year, is ready to seed clouds

6.6 Million Children Under the Age of Five Died Last Year from Mostly Easily Treatable Diseases

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: What Price Capitalism? (audio link)

End of a Labor tragedy

A Fiddle with a Broken String (a song commenting on PTSD)

Take a Vocabulary quiz!

I've gone and done it again

New Heart Attack Guidelines Suggest A Third Of All Adults Should Consider Cholesterol Drugs

Adoption is not an alternative to abortion.

Gotta Read: What makes U.S. health care so overpriced? It’s not what you think

CBS and their reaction to dan rather's 60 Minutes reporting on george w. bu$h

Ahh, the joys of our dependence on oil .......

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Idiots

Scott Wanker denies healthcare to 1,700 Wisconsin veterans and their families

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Health Care

Here's What The Swedes Get Right About Parenting That Americans Don't

Putin's eyes

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

What's the opposite of intimidation?

That won't do, CBS. That won't do. - "Dylan Davies may have lied to you, but you lied to us."

Palestinian peace talks delegation resigns: Abbas

6 of 14 new states on U.N. Human Rights Council called abusers

Ukraine Delays Tymoshenko Release Law, EU Deal Under Threat

'If you can't prevent rape, you enjoy it,' says India's top police official

Supreme Court to weigh employer-union organizing deals

Name your vexing first-world problem

Luckovitch Toon on CBS's Benghazi Report

I'm someone who almost never cries, but when I saw the Filipino climate chief.....

My feelings about Sen. Inhofe's son's untimely passing:

issa holding another hearing on

Thom Hartmann on "The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America—and What We Can Do to Stop It"

Blue Dog Bubba should just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!


Dept. of If You Are Going To Lie, Lie Big.

What is CBS Hiding? Who Is CBS Protecting at 60 Minutes?

HEADS UP: Wikileaks Leaks Key TPP Documents

WMO says Typhoon Haiyan is climate 'wake-up call'

Welcome to Venezuela, the kidnap capital of the world

Job posting and amusing response

Smart Wheel Could Change Everything About Commuting

Why are our local tv channel websites comment sections such cesspools?

Let me draw you a diagram ...

Sorry, Nicholas Kristof, There’s Still No Proof Corporate School Reform Helps

Ring of Fire: Congress Complacent On Gun Violence

Prosecuters investigate murders of teachers

GALLUP POLL: congressional approval rating 9%

Well, which is it?

Maleficent trailer | Disney | Angelina Jolie | In Cinemas June 2014

Christie's Real Formula for Success

Endangered ‘Asian Unicorn’ spotted in Vietnam

Between now and 2014 elections this will be fixed or forgotten:

The new name for the New Orleans NBA team is now the Pelicans. This is their new mascot:

Effects from experiences with TSA.

Palestinian peace talks delegation resigns: Abbas

Middle of Nov., and 90 degrees today....

Meet the Former Punk Rocker Who Can Liberate Your FBI File

Chevron ordered on appeal to pay Ecuador $9.51 billion for environmental damage

What do you think of the IRS receiving the penalties for those who choose not to get healthcare?

Don't you hate when your comic switches artists?

JFK: American Experience

Golden Gate Bridge toll could be $8 in 5 years

If not Warren, then whom? If not now, then when?

McConnell: "I prefer the news of that day to be what I’d like for it to be"

After Nixing Plans to Bury CO2 Underground, Rotterdam Shifts Its Climate Gaze Skyward

Hey, Congress: Here’s how to raise your approval ratings by 30 %.

Surplus store owners charged after undercover purchase of illegal military equipment

Rachel Maddow - Deadline nears in Virginia's amazing race

Rachel Maddow - Anti-abortion laws thwarted by Constitution

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday 13, 2013)

How The GOP's 'Keep Your Health Plan' Bill Disrupts Obamacare

ACLU: More Than 3,200 Serving Life Without Parole for Nonviolent Offenses

Bill Nelson for Florida governor? It’s possible

Cassini checking out the 'hood

Saola- The Asian Unicorn Caught on Camera

You used to boil your water after a water main break. No More.

The 40-Year Slump: The State of Work in the Age of Anxiety

Certain former Alaska governor says Pope Francis is pushing a 'liberal' agenda

What charities are good for donating to for the Philippines

Anyone here ever had a post of their's alerted on?

Jeb Bush rumors pick up

I hope the Orlando Sentinel succeeds in keeping the County Expressway Authority free of political

Coffee Talk #2: Bill Clinton style Triangulation.

YouTube and Google +

Public Transit in Chicago has gone to the reptiles......

Rachel Maddow - Minimum wage hike: More popular than sunshine

This is what happens when the Clintons open there BIG MOUTHS trying to suck up to rethugs

Donate to help sweet Breezy girl, labrador who needs medical care (due to asshole owner)?

What's with the newest Fox News line about only 50,000 signing up for the ACA?

Will Boston's new mayor-elect make good on his campaign promise of late-night T service?

It's World Kindness Day 2013

NYC motorists killed three pedestrians Monday -- on the sidewalk

Under current ACA law, insurance companies aren't required to change policies

Under US Occupation, Afghan Opium Industry Surges to Record Levels

US market ICE says completes purchase of NYSE Euronext

Only in America (or Somalia) - Horsey 'toon

KKK group recruits in predominantly black Florida neighborhood

I found this so called Heritage Foundation's healthcare plan its lengthy.Here's my question

Anti-Gay White Guy Wins by Pretending to be Black

Weekly update on Obamacare sign ups Week 6 = 810,000

White Separatist Learns He's 14% Black


Tina Turner to relinquish U.S. citizenship

George Clooney thinks Hillary Clinton will be 'very tough to beat' in 2016

Can Yellowstone's signature mammal and the region's ranchers just get along?

About 600,000 bats killed by wind turbines in 2012, study shows

Passage of PA. Transportation Spending Bill being held up by fight over union wages

For Libertarianism To Work, People Have To Know All The Things All The Time

"Believe in ESU": Students, Professors & Union Activists Rally Against Education Cuts [FULL VIDEO]

Obama Administration Shows Little Interest In NSA Reform - ACLU's Kade Crockford Discusses

Remember the guy who sued Rachel Maddow?

is this a belated april fool's headline: "spy in padlocked bag probably died by accident"

Thanks, Admins

Leaked Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

Why We Are Allowed To Hate Silicon Valley-- (A New Perspective)

NYT Op-ed: Wandering is a major concern for parents of autistic children

Bill Clinton Is Wrong. This Is How Obamacare Works.

OH DAMN!!! Big ED going after big dog and spineless democrats

Boy is Ed pissed at Bill Clinton!

Global Warming Since 1997 Underestimated by Half

Look Ma! I'm on top of the woild!

and on the lunch menu today: spanakopizza!

Man lights other man on fire "down there"

Retrieving Chrome tabs after crash

IEEE Spectrum: "The STEM Crisis Is a Myth"

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to having bought illegal drugs

Gun totin' nutbag Kory Watkins (Open Carry Texas) running for Congress

KU and not UK!

Jobs or addiction? Casino measure still divisive

The San Jose Clinic Is Here to Take Care of Those Left Behind by the Texas Health-Care Debate

A message from the Right..

GAO: $1 billion TSA behavioral screening program 'slightly better than chance'

Green groups thank governor for fracking inaction

So, in Texas you can have two groups gather in public, display your firearms in open carry

Here is the Senate bill on keeping your JUNK healthcare policy

Why did it not surprise me that Incognito went to FOX (sports) to address

Atkins was right?

Cartel Hits Midwest With Heroin Killing Chicago Youth

Igor Volsky: ‘If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It’ Is Easier Said Than Done

Pic Of The Moment: Scam Artists

"Whatever the merits of ACA, it is now something the Dems own"

Corporate America’s new scam: Industry P.R. firm poses as think tank!

Sriracha bacon lollipops are now a thing

Why should we post about abortion?

Jim Stuart: What’s Trying to Emerge?

Costco Will Close for Thanksgiving

White House tech chief tells testy hearing health portal on mend

Rafael Cruz: Atheism leads to child molestation and perversity

Police seek woman who took alligator on Blue Line train, left it at O'Hare

California Land Grab Threatens City Finances Statewide

Throwing-Grandma-Off-Cliff Ads Dim Odds of Medicare Cuts

Genetic portraits

Boehner: No Formal Talks on Immigration Bill

Kerry Urging an Iran Sanctions Pause Amid Negotations

Joe and Mika discuss Joe Scab's current book tour...

Charles Pierce: The Beginning Of What Might Be The End

Is the ACA a bellwether on the current ability of our society to tackle and solve big problems?

Igor Volsky: 6 Reasons Why Obamacare Enrollment Is Going Better Than You Think

SeaWorld Vs OSHA, trial on Nov 12, 2013 whether trainers can be in water with killer whales

Philippine Typhoon Survivors Flee City as Aid Trickles In

U.S. Calls for TPP Trade Deal Progress in Asia Before Year End

Daniel Dennett, Lawrence Krauss and Massimo Pigliucci discuss The Limits of Science

Shhhhhhh!! I hear some scary dems jumping ship because they fear losing their seats

Toon: 60 Minutes and Benghazi

I can't believe it. Rush went there again.

Judge: Workplace lecture was religious harassment

Toon: Rand Paul

Elizabeth Warren Challenges Obama: Break Up Wall Street ‘Behemoths’

Catholic Fringe Disrupts Kristallnacht Ceremony

Pro-Obamacare ads targeting millennials stir controversy in Colorado

Democrats Incensed After GOP Blocks Obama Federal Court Nominee, Say Move Broke Informal Agreement

Neat trick. Death of spy found naked in padlocked gym bag in bathtub was an accident

Senator Warren Urges Action to End Too Big to Fail

Global Warming Since 1997 Underestimated by Half

**Help A DUer: World Kindness Day 2013 Edition** (please K&R -- that's an act of kindness!!!)

Hi all,..looking for a meme...

Idaho lawmaker still allowed to carry concealed weapon despite lying about pleading guilty to rape

TPM: Democratic Lead Erased On Congressional Generic Ballot

[GA Republican State Sen.] Balfour suspended from office, kicked out of caucus

Do the Clintons support TPP?

6 Reasons Why Obamacare Enrollment Is Going Better Than You Think

Another U.S. city mulls bankruptcy due to soaring wages and pensions

Help Obama fight Congress' increased sanctions that hurt diplomatic efforts with Iran - fight AIPAC

Because somedays after dealing with the banal and base, you just need to hear Carl Sagan's voice.

Wisconsin: Public Forum on Citizens United Friday in Madison

Man with Gun Tattoo on Forehead Charged in Uptown Killing

Buffalo Bills Called NFL to Complain Because Their Schedule Is Unfair

White House Warns Lawmakers: More Sanctions Against Iran Would Risk Starting A War

Wal-Mart: An economic cancer on our cities

Anti-mob prosecutor: Pope Francis making the mafia ‘nervous and agitated’

ACA is going to be fixed soon!

Student sells tinned fresh air from French village

House GOPer: Senate 'Keep Your Health Plan' Bill Might Be Better Than Ours

No Sense Of Irony

There's nothing like spending a day in bed on a cold winter's morning.

It's World Kindness Day, ASAHers....

Syrian Government Troops Capture Contested Suburb South Of Damascus In Latest Advance

Error message when trying to open my mailbox.

It's World Kindness Day 2013, DU Lounge peeps...

Morsi: No Stability In Egypt Unless Coup Reversed

Larry Klayman and Alex Jones: Obama is Crony Capitalist who wants to Socialize the US into Communism

Venezuela sends in troops to force electronics chain to charge 'fair' prices, looting ensues

Something weird is going on between Red Bug Lake Road and 417 in Seminole County.

Bizarre telephone goings on

White Supremacist 14% Black finds out on television. Really good!!

Poll: Democratic Lead Erased On Congressional Generic Ballot

Blast In Front Of Oregon DA's Office A "Targeted Attack," Police Say

Todd Christensen dies at 57

Hey Washington Post: FIRE this man!

Elizabeth Warren says she has no interest in presidential run

House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday ruled out any action in the House this year on immigration

Sorry for the delay. I tried to send you a PM but I couldn't ... you know who you are.

Pit bull likely ate owner's hands

Anyone else has problem with accessing Inbox?

Herring declares victory in VA AG race!

"A new approach to women behind bars"

Manila Luzon Proves That Drag Queens Make Better Role Models Than Princesses

Maleficient Trailer (Sleeping Beauty from the wicked witch's POV.

Gladwell on Income Inequality: We're Off the Rails

As a person, my decisions regarding reproduction are mine.

To the strong supporters of abortion rights on DU:

Nationalism is a disease, and these are the symptoms:

Just FYI, THIS was Obama's speech about his 'Secret Civilian Security Force' at the 16:30 mark.

The disinformation surrounding the ACA is astounding. Dealing with FB "friends" all day...

Everyone deserves a holiday!

I am being "double dog dared" to alert on one of your posts to see what happens.

Tonight on PBS' "Nova," a look at the JFK killing.

Just realized that yesterday was "11/12/13"

Sorry, Venezuela haters...


I haven't read "Killing Kennedy", but I'd like to know ...

Joe Scarborough: I Want To Run For Office 'Down The Road'

Erratic behavior from the ex

Awesome restraining order!

More encounters on the Acela

Could re-installing the "gatekeeper" referral save on health care costs in the U.S.?

Stephen Colbert tweet on Ayn Rand's first love poem...

Police: Shooting Reported At Brashear High School

Veteran describes multiple botched VA surgeries and maplractice

Card of the Day: The Empress

120 years late, Glenn Beck finds out the Pledge was written by a socialist, and he is mad

Obama Administration Says More Than 100,000 Have Selected a Health Plan

Police: Shooting Reported At Brashear High School (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

Ted Cruz's Father: Black People ‘Uninformed' And ‘Deceived'

My Andy Rooney moment

5 minutes in the car listening to The World on NPR gave me two sad thoughts....

Anonymous has started OpBarberMiddleSchool. They've posted a video stating their demands:

Obamacare: 106,000 signed up for health coverage so far, officials say

BREAKING: The Official Obamacare Numbers And What They Mean For The Future Of Health Care Reform


Pink Star diamond fetches record $83m at auction

Chris Christie/Susana Martinez: Is This Your 2016 Republican Ticket?

Questions about 60 Minutes Benghazi go beyond Davies interview; CBS conducting 'journalistic review'

Turkey's Cleavage Crackdown Goes to College

Adoption harms women.

BREAKING: Hawaii governor signs marriage equality bill into law

Republicans All-in With James O'Keefe's Attempt To Discredit Enroll America And Battleground Texas

Keeping up with the dire situation in the Philippines

Official Enroll America Response to O'Keefe Video On Navigators

Military drones grounded in Central New York following crash in Lake Ontario

For the Cat Lovers - Purr-fect Prowlers

Question about the ACA.

Former Raiders tight end Todd Christensen dies at 57

Court Authorizes IRS to Issue Summonses for Records Relating to U.S. Taxpayers with Offshore Bank Ac

"Serial Liar, James O’Keefe, Releases Another Deceitfully Edited Video: ObamaCare Edition"

Sebelius: The Obamacare Marketplace Is 'Working'

Cummings to Issa: You owe subpoenaed White House official ‘an apology’

Post Office begins selling Harry Potter stamps Tuesday

I just realized today that I am attracted to men who are blond, attractive, and sulky.

Cool! Stephanie Miller is on my flight home!

Q: Why do Republicans oppose the ACA?

So this alligator walks onto the subway......

OK SF Giant fans--a question

Good news from NYC - Bloomberg's Midtown East Redevelopment plan defeated by City Council!

Said on the TeeVee

Ever see a cat that liked going for rides in the car?

Venezuela: Oil output to remain at 3.1 million barrels in 2014

Anti-kidnapping police commander arrested for attempted kidnapping

Mark your calendars if you dare......Bush to appear on Leno show Tuesday

Somebody finally who understands "Fun Size"

UK police: Spy whose body was found in padlocked gym bag probably died by accident

Despite 50% reduction, Colombia’s homicide rate still highest in South America: UN

A False Choice (Donald Michael Craig)

Va. candidates for attorney general dig in

Obamacare's first month: 106,000 signed up

The Official Obamacare Numbers And What They Mean For The Future Of Health Care Reform

The problems with the ACA are not the ACA itself or even the initial problems with

Earth's earliest life forms found in Western Australia

Larry Summers: Obamacare Is Already Accomplishing More Than Expected

Impunity, poverty blamed for Venezuela's soaring murder rate

75% of U.S. adults(84% in states most affected)say global warming hasbeen happening, is human caused

A desperate trip into the ruins of Turner Field

Rabbi finds $98,000 in Craigslist desk

Where should we be shopping this holiday season?

The Landrieu amendment and the politics of Obamacare

Doctors Are Told To Get Serious About Obesity

Thom Hartmann on "The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America—and What We Can Do to Stop It"

just hanging out

A GREAT strip in Bill Watterson style by Gavin Aung Than (or do what makes you happy.)

Did Mary Landrieu hand us a political win/win?

Military drones grounded in Central New York following crash in Lake Ontario

Will Ohio Medicaid Savings End Up as Tax Cut for the Rich?

These people really are delusional

Boehnor: No to immigration reform. With only 14 legislative days left, what did you expect?

Bumper year for the Bad Sex in Fiction awards

Senate Republicans reject White House plea on Iran

Senator Begich signs up for Obamacare.

Have Heads Begun to Roll Over Obamacare Imbroglio?

Glen Davis breaks motel computer

Pittsburgh Residents Horrified To Learn Ben Roethlisberger Considers City Home

Marvel's newest hero is a Muslim girl. Entertainment industry, take note

Elizabeth Warren is out of touch with the Democratic Party.

In Letters to Obama, 151 House Democrats, Bloc of GOP Announce Opposition to ‘Fast Track’ Trade Auth

Medellin Homicide Rate Tumbles After Mafia Pact

If appreciating and making music are function of the human brain, then what does this

Judge Orders Disclosure of Documents Detailing Publication of Regnerus’ Junk Science

Senate Democrats Unveil Pro-Choice Bill To Prevent States From Chipping Away At Abortion Rights

Three workers burned at Tesla plant

Do you believe we have significant unmet needs and unused human capacity?

Head of Army Warns of Cost of Sexual Assault Plan

JFK Conference: John McAdams, debunks the nonsense

The Big Dick agrees with the Big Dog

Another wrote: “If Sarah Palin's this shocked by Pope Francis, she'll be catatonic when she finally

Sawant running AHEAD of Conlin as of Tuesday in Seattle City Council race, "The Stranger" reports.

Papantonio: Tell Obama To Kill The TPP

Jim Hightower: Peeking Under the Big Top at This Year's Three-Ring Election Circus

My old dog, Boo

Leader Opposed to Colombian Mining Project Murdered

For those who don't bother to vote 'cause it just doesn't matter ....

Samsung Galaxy camera look good to y'all?

Walter Rhett: The Thrum and Chum of Marketplace Speech

Over 3,000 US Prisoners Serving Life Without Parole For Non-Violent Crimes

Check out this T-shirt found on Stephanie Miller's Facebook page

Why The Legacy of Clintonian Economic Destruction Should Destroy A Hillary in 2016 Campaign

BBC Documentary: Neanderthal

Four Marines die in accident at Camp Pendleton in California

Will Democrats and Tea Partiers Derail Obama's Secret Trade Deal?

Venezuela Charges 14 Cops in Attacks on Government Buildings

Does anyone here know what this piece of legislation did in 2012?

Nice article re President Kennedy's last weekend..

Derplicious David Barton: "Bible will ‘get rid of’ PTSD if soldiers are God’s warriors"

Why Does The GOP Have A Problem With These People? (Article with PHOTOS)

Neocons Still Hoping for US-Iran Clash

So, how are the talks on how to fund government going, half way through?

Air force officer who led sexual assault response unit acquitted in groping case

Snowden Effect: Young People Now Care About Privacy

ACA Enrollment Report Reveals The Truth: Millions of Americans Want Obamacare

Four Marines Killed In Accident At California Base (Pendleton)

Canada reveals climate stance with praise for Australian carbon tax repeal

I need my DU fact checkers please

You know how I think the GOP uses Sarah Palin? They use

Deadly Conflict Over Honduran Palm Oil Plantations Puts CEO in the Spotlight

R.D. Wolff November economic update video

I think it might be better to wait to retire Politics2013 until January 1, 2014

San Francisco To Turn Into Gotham City For Five Year Old's Make A Wish Dream

Almost 27,000 selected insurance via

Dumb Criminals: Man Impersonates Cop At A Dunkin' Donuts To Get Discount

New Signs Of Tension Between U.S. And Israel Over Iran Talks

Dumb Criminals: Sacramento Men Splurge On Fast Food, Post Instagram, Get Arrested For Stolen Card

kitty cartoon

Blair's reason for war in Afghanistan collapses as opium production reaches its highest ever levels


State Policy Network: ALEC’s Biggest Ally in the States? 63 RW 'think tanks'

Pentagon ending buys of Russian-made helicopters

Toronto council asks crack mayor to step aside

Losing your car or keys, what's worse ?

Vatican Empire: The Business of the Church Explained

Wally Cox appears as IMF agent Terry Targo, a skilled safe cracker.

WaPo: CBS Ran Misleading Story On Security Issues

World's Largest Tortoise Found In Amazon Basin - 800 LBS!

HRC celebrates National Adoption Month

President Obama signs new law to put EpiPens in more Schools (pic)

EFF: TPP Leak Confirms the Worst: US Negotiators Still Trying to Trade Away Internet Freedoms

UH-OH FSU QB Winston investigated for sexual assault...

France awards Bob Dylan Legion of Honour.

Elizabeth Warren slams GOP attempts to block Obama's nominees and calls for filibuster changes

The phrase of the day is "crack mayor". Replace any word in a thread with "crack mayor".