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Megan Rapinoe (US Women's World Cup soccer star) has 2 books in the works

Thiel: 'Get out' is what Trump told NFL players


Oh, FFS!

A Jeffrey Epstein-Clinton Conspiracy Theory Was Trending -- And That's a Problem

THe most beautiful verdict you'll see anywhere today

Matt Gaetz is a douche

Lacey lets Tim Eyman off with $193 fine for stealing chair

Luckovich-Did trump accept Russian Help to get Elected and then lie about it?

All 50 States Were Targeted by Russia

Stephen King, the mystery woman and the unlocked window: Methodist Church burglarized in Durham

The media can't tell a headline from a footnote

Trump's Racist Attacks May Backfire With Women

Heeeeeeeerrrre's.... Cory! wtaf

Dump makes tons of cash for the mainstream media

Full interview: Andrew Yang meets with the Register's editorial board

Full interview: Andrew Yang meets with the Register's editorial board

FBI shines light on now shut down 'human chop shop' in Phoenix

The NYT's Six Percent Solution for Student Debt

Speaker Pelosi just laid out the roadmap to impeachment.

Russians probably targeted election systems in all 50 states, Senate panel's report says

fascinating article: What People Actually Say When They Die

The best part of the Presidential Seal Debacle...

Biden on Barr's announcement that the federal government will resume capital pumishment

We just experienced the hottest June in at least the last 140 years.

People First - Indigenous Communities

'Dirty' beaches due to fecal bacteria in Alabama and Florida

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Don!

July is Hartford's deadliest month in more than four years

Donald Trump slow walked negotiations regarding sitting down with Mueller's Team. The result...

Bacteria-killing gel heals itself while healing you

There will never be enough evidence to convict Donald Trump in the US Senate...

Hartford families spend weeks in hotels after HUD closes two North End apartment buildings

Chuck Todd Thinks the Defense of American Democracy Needs More Cowbell, Cleavage (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The Millennial Left Is Tired of Waiting - Very interesting article. Will this split the Democrats?

Talking heads are desperate now that the rating$ bonanza impeachment show

Putin's Mitch!

Faye Dunaway fired from Broadway-bound play 'Tea at Five'

Next recession will come in 2020, Zillow survey of economists suggests

2020 US Senate Election- Republican held Senate seats Democrats must win to regain control in 2020.

Looking at a Yahoo message board

IRS turned over Nixon's tax returns the same day that a congressional panel asked for them

Is it just me, or is having a "Straight Pride" parade kinda like conducting an "All Lives Matter"

Red Sox 15, Yankees 3 in the 6th!

QAnon strangely quiet on Camp Pendleton mass arrests for human trafficking, before and after

Iran Test Fires Medium-Range Ballistic Missile, CNN Reports

Antifa vs Alt Right murders

If Democrats had committed these nefarious acts it would be different.....BUT WHY?

Puerto Rico's Next Governor Hasn't Been Sworn In and She's Already Under Investigation

Pompeo Says He Would Go to Tehran to Take Message to Iranians

Worm pheromones protect major crops

Arson investigators want to look at me for suspicious activities

Strange Forest 'Superorganism' Is Keeping This Vampire Tree Alive

Kamala Harris gives moving answer on why we can't wait any longer for reasonable gun safety laws

Today's Climate Change Is Worse Than Anything Earth Has Experienced in the Past 2,000 Years

CNN is telling me that impeachment fizzled...doesn't it have to shine before it can fizzle?

Sen. Harris Stresses Need for Investments in Election Security after Release of Senate Russia Report

Mysterious, Ultrabright Fireball Streaks Across the Sky Over Canada

Why did Mueller feel like he couldn't subpoena because he had to

Argentina tops Bloomberg list of most vulnerable emerging markets

Argentina tops Bloomberg list of most vulnerable emerging markets


Ted Lieu analogy of Mueller's testimony yesterday:

War Requiem.

Lawrence O'Donnell just showed some clips from NAACP convention in Detroit

The Daily Show: Isha Sesay - Highlighting Boko Haram's Victims in "Beneath the Tamarind Tree"

The medium is the message

Kentucky governor signs pension bill as special session ends

10 Ways to Lower the Cancer Risk of Grilling

American Idiocracy

The Daily Show: Student Debt in the U.S. Reaches an All-Time High

Tried to watch Colbert

Seth Meyers - Special Counsel Robert Mueller Testifies Before Congress - Monologue - 7/24/19

Jimmy Kimmel on Mueller Testimony

The "My Pillows" guy is going to run for office in Minnesota...

Jimmy Fallon: Congress Grills Robert Mueller over Trump Report

The List: 96 House Democrats Supporting Impeachment Inquiry

Seth Meyers - Trump Lies About Robert Mueller's Testimony: A Closer Look

ASAP Rocky: President Trump demands Sweden free US rapper

Dem lawmaker to her party: 'Take action' on impeachment by September or 'shut it down'

A Bonus In Record-Crushing EU Heatwave: Could Drive Record-Low Arctic Ice Down Even Faster

Former Chicago Resident Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Participating in $100 Million Money

Granger, Indiana Man Sentenced to Over 5 Yrs. in Prison and Ordered to Pay Over $1.6M in Restitution

Heat Wave Grips Europe: Record Highs Scorch France, UK (CBC News)

As Mont Blanc Cliffs And Spires Collapse, So Do Climbing & Hiking @ One Of EU's Most Popular Spots

I had to turn off MSNBC in the 11th Hour.

Brazilian Man Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Defrauding Manhattan Financial Institutions And

U.S. Government Plan, Dated 23 February 2018, for Coup in Venezuela, Now Leaks Out

Principal Of Cryptocurrency Escrow Company Charged In Manhattan Federal Court With Fraudulent Scheme

Bergen County Man Admits Defrauding Government By Exchanging Over $750,000 In SNAP Benefits For Cash

Wu Tang Collection - Swordswoman In White

Mueller fallout: Highest-ranking House Democrat to date calls for Trump impeachment

Tulsa Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing More than $420,000 from his Employer

Gun-toting frat bros pose in front of bullet riddled Emmett Till memorial, may face federal charges

Federal Contractor Pays $435,000 to Resolve False Claims Act Exposure

If you live in a district where your Rep is not supporting opening impeachment inquiry...

CNN announces climate town hall with 2020 Democrats

I think we are close

CNN: Black Trump backers make his racial hypocrisy even more obvious

Trudy, believed the oldest gorilla in captivity, dies at 63

Wendy Davis blasts Chip Roy for political 'grandstanding'

Eddie Bernice Johnson's courageous stand for '94 crime bill shows she's wiser than her progressive

The Press and TV media unfair to Pelosi

Western Media Losing Enthusiasm for Failing Coup in Venezuela

Think Legroom on Planes is Bad Now? And It's Going to Get Worse

so now trump is insulting Sweden "we do so much for Sweden...."

"I Hope I Scared You": Former NATO Commander Warns Cyberspace

NC woman is a racist pig.

Tweet of the Day

Oregon liquor license cost raised for 1st time in 70 years

Re the Senate's rejection of election security bills -- we're down, but not out

Ted Cruz seeks federal probe of Wheeler's antifa 'sympathy'

It's obvious that congress needs to be pressured to do the right thing

Little Big Burger Workers Vote Down Union Bid

Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'Feastday of the Transfiguration', 06 August

NW Kaiser Permanente Workers Picket As Possible Strike Looms

Angry GOP lawmaker storms out of hearing after getting shamed by Democratic colleague

BRUCE LEE stars in Fist of Fury with Nora Miao English dub

Republican Susan Collins complains she might not seek reelection because her popularity in Maine is

Oregon Students Fight For Excused Mental Health Days

Reporter behind Epstein expos describes harassment by Alan Dershowitz -- followed by 'weird' compute

Watch: Jim Jordan loses it over Ivanka Trump subpoena -- then gets schooled by Rashida Tlaib

Democratic Parties in Seven Oregon Counties Now Asking Senate President Peter Courtney To Step Down

Where lions once ruled, they are now quietly disappearing

This mountaineering mouse is the world's highest-dwelling mammal

Huckabee Sanders, untethered

Youth pastor who broke neck seeks more than $2M in damages in suit alleging faulty 'Bubble Ball'

This is the first fungus known to host complex algae inside its cells

Man who said his dog wanted him to die killed himself after Oregon hospital discharged him, $2.5M

Third of British people want to see Tony Blair tried as a war criminal over Iraq, finds YouGov poll

Non partisan registration and only opt-out

Eastern Orthodox Church: 'Transfiguration Feastday', 06 August

Advanced mobile surveillanceware, made in Russia, found in the wild

Intel confirms $1 billion sale of modem business to Apple; outlook improves

U.S. Congressman/Rep. Dean Phillips-MN. Why? Just because....

Bill Barr's DOJ won't indict Trump while he's in office -- but 27 Democratic AGs can: Ex-Obama lawyer

Donald Trump's state-by-state popularity shows 2020 Electoral College wipeout, but president has

Interesting that Barr just made it harder for us to extradite Assange

These are the 22 most popular vehicles of 2019, according to J.D. Power

Some Oregon Republicans are having regrets about effort to recall Gov. Kate Brown

Joey Gibson says Portland treats him like 'violent racist Nazi' and asks judge to move lawsuit,

Active-duty U.S. troops are now just feet away from migrants in Texas

Democratic activists worry Tulsi Gabbard will launch third-party presidential run 'to help Donald

Jay Inslee on climate change

DHS seeks to hire more than 300 workers to improve child welfare safety, capacity

Climate scientists drive stake through heart of skeptics' argument

Unions representing Oregon state workers negotiate contracts with up to 15% raises

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/25/19

Stephen Colbert Rips Into CNN, MSNBC Hosts for 'Panning' Mueller

71 years Ago Today; President Truman signs Executive Order 9981, desegregating the US Military

California skirts Trump, signs mileage deal with 4 automakers

Jimmy Kimmel: Bernie Sanders is Ready to Defeat Trump

Trump's suit to block Democrats from getting his New York tax returns will be handed off to another

Lawyers for California tech billionaire want Vegas drug case dismissed

Emeryville minimum wage rises to $16.30 for all businesses

Treasury pick Monica Crowley spread Obama smears: 'Can he be both loyal to Islam and loyal to the US

29 Years Ago Today; President (GHW) Bush signs the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

'High risk of insolvency' for troubled Peralta Community College District

Moulton mocks RNC for sending improperly folded American flag

'We've been neglectful, and it's outrageous.' Newsom signs clean water bill in Fresno County

Today is SHOWDAY!

Richmond City Manager Terminated

Dennis donnovans post at 04:17 on military desegregation

Breakfast Friday 26 July 2019

Marlboro College to merge with University of Bridgeport

School for students with autism under state scrutiny after alleged embezzlement

How many Candidates do you want in the September debates?

Trump is cracking down on China. Now UC campuses are paying the price

Joe Scarborough just called McConnell "Moscow Mitch"

Once Upon A Time In Holywood Review - No Spoilers

City of Oakland clears homeless encampment amid concerns with Home Depot

Jimmy Kimmel: Bernie Sanders is Ready to Defeat Trump

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Remember pac money not used is leftover to who gets out of the election.

From Trump to Johnson, nationalists are on the rise-backed by billionaire oligarchs (George Monbiot

Why is Congress going on a 5 week recess?

Bullet train clears hurdle as Trump administration OKs state environmental oversight

If Unrestrained,,,

California utilities agree to pay $10.5 billion into new wildfire fund

Touring oil spill site, Newsom calls for greater oversight of California petroleum industry

Neal Katyal says there's 2 ways to get around the OLC guideline re: indictment of POTUS

Rachel Maddow Says The Media Narrative Following Mueller's Testimony Was All Wrong

The only response Democrats should have when asked about Russian interference

Human smuggling sweep at Camp Pendleton leads to arrest of 16 Marines

Maine anti-immigrant group says gathering isn't a 'white supremacist picnic'

Person who made the fake Presidential Seal fired

Recessing and adjourning Congress, random paranoia

California unions say state law will protect workers, despite Trump's 'anti-union' pick

How Jeffrey Epstein Used the Billionaire Behind Victoria's Secret for Wealth and Women

SNAP Benefits Expand To More Metro East Farmers Markets

For Pregnant Moms With Addiction, Wash U Clinic Offers Drug Treatment and Prenatal Care

Meet Nancy Goodman of Raleigh, NC, another vocal racist:

On Chess: Favorites Steady Their Ships To Win U.S. Junior, Girls' Junior And Senior Championships

Friday TOONs - Now We Know Why Republicans Always Hated A 'Lockbox'

The IRS turned over Nixon's tax returns the same day a congressional panel asked for them

Puerto Rico is WOKE! London is WOKE! What say you America?

Allow me to introduce Daniella Stella, the republican running to unseat Rep. Omar. (OMG!):

The Violent Femmes just dropped an album today

Sanders campaign amendment in the Democratic Party platform, 'We will abolish the death penalty'

Kamala Harris proposes a $60 billion investment in HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges)

For three decades, I have been advocating for tuition-free college.

Democratic super PAC launches 'hyper-local' ads targeting Trump supporters in rural America

Donny Deutsch made a valid point about Trump "possibly" making a "populist pivot"...

'A whole new world': New law lets Pennsylvania foster kids attend college tuition-free

Mike Pence skipped out on the $24k bill after his fundraiser at a gay-owned club

The Rundown: July 25, 2019

Pick Of The Week: "House Of X" #1

The origin of Super Villains: Molten Man

Forced penetration: If a woman forces a man to have sex, is that rape?

I need you to breathe a fact in, savor it, and really accept it

The Choice in 2020 is Simple: It's Trumpism vs. America

Daily AM CO2 Buildup In Coastal Cities Speeds Acidification Of Nearby Oceans As Winds Move It To Sea

Warren Fellowship Applicants: Campaign Program Was a 'Great Scam'

HIS House Almost Burned Down, So Frank Luntz Had A Change Of Heart - And He Wants To HELP!

7/25/19 - Paris 108.7F (Hotter Than Singapore); Likely All-Time German Record @ 108.7F

U.S. Economy Grew by 2.1% in Second Quarter

Trump IMPLODES After Mueller Hearings, Attacks Reporter

Mueller Testimony Confirms Trump is Impeachable

It's not just the Russians anymore. Iranians and others turn up disinformation efforts ahead of 2020

Kevin Drum lays out a case for Franken's innocence

Buttigieg hits big tech over worker rights in new economic proposal


The "New Normal". Are we there yet?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg defends Kavanaugh, Gorsuch as 'very decent and very smart'

Why are DEMS allowing the media to force our hand on Mueller?

"I'm not a climate change guy, but...": Farmers reckon with new reality in the heartland

Have you ever heard of SIDS... sudden income deficit syndrome.

Trump aides cite top threats at White House briefing: Harris, Biden, Warren


'Moscow Mitch'

Country band Confederate Railroad nixed from another fair

There are 235 Dems in the House. It takes 218 to impeach. Only 90 or so have called for it.

When they think they are being insulting, but...

Afghanistan asks for explanation after Trump claims US could wipe it 'off the face of the Earth'

Book describes Mike Pence's evolution into Trump's bootlicking Bobblehead'

trump calls Mueller investigation 'treason' on hannity

Trump apparently takes pride in Russian affiliations!

Rudy Giuliani, Judith Nathan now squabbling over Christmas decorations

They are leaving for six weeks???

Meet the man who created the fake presidential seal -- a former Republican fed up with Trump

Inside Liberty University's 'culture of fear'

Rudy Giuliani, Estranged Wife Argue in Court Over His Free Trump Legal Work

Robert Mueller and the Tyranny of 'Optics'

Band Hears Funny Sound Coming From Tour Bus And Can't Believe Who They Find

De Blasio makes national pitch for Vision Zero

Protesters occupy part of Hong Kong International Airport to rally overseas support against extradit

Adorably Adventurous Manatee Spotted Venturing Ashore For A Snack

Does Pelosi need a majority in the House to start Impeachment hearings?

John Fugelsang: Ever notice that the trolls who call you "cuck" are the ones who want to let Russia

Does the public know what "nationalism", white nationalism, and "white supremacy" actually mean?

The IRS turned over Nixon's tax returns the same day a congressional panel asked for them

Killer of Arkansas family first to be set for execution with U.S. resuming lethal injections

Two of everything, huh?

Don Lemon: Trump's take on Fox News is stunning, (Trump says: "Investigation is treason")

House panel chairman says Mueller court action imminent

We Found Photos of Ole Miss Students Posing With Guns in Front of a Shot-Up Emmett Till Memorial.

The power over power

#MoscowMitch trending on Twitter!

Morning Joe goes after Moscow Mitch

Guatemalan mother begs soldier to let her enter into the US

CBP Official Says HIV-Positive Status Justifies Family Separation

MSNBC: OMG, there are policy differences between Nancy and "The Squad"!

John Tanton, creator of anti-immigrant movement, is dead

US Media Coverage of RW Think Tank Climate Change LIES Increased in the Last 5 Yrs of Global Heat

Ireland says UK's Johnson 'very unhelpful' on Brexit, risks no deal

Why is there a timeline by which they cannot impeach ??

Sen Kamala Harris and VP Joe Biden..

I know it's still early, but here's the tweet of the day.

Team Biden fires back: 'You can't let people say bullshit and not respond to it' (by The Hill)

Foreign interference for Dems?

Wild Crow Moves Into Wawa And Starts Robbing Customers

Wrong on SOOO many levels

I just learned what the red pill and the blue pill mean.

Ebony and Jet magazines' photo archive will go to Smithsonian

American Women of the Far Right

MSNBC tweet; Speaker Pelosi says her meeting with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on Friday went very well

The Randi Rhodes Show Launch on Free Speech TV - July 29th 3-5pm ET

Warren's Campaign Receives 1 Million Donations

This is Daniella Stella, she's a Republican running against Ilhan Omar in 2020.

FutureHAUS takes smart technology to the next level

Alexandria, Virginia: FutureHAUS takes smart technology to the next level

Lawfare blog podcast 7/26/19 - (Russian election) Hack, Dump, Divide - must-listen!

Want impeachment? Do this!

Pelosi downplays divisions with Ocasio-Cortez after meeting

Joyce Vance: The Obstruction Is What Kept Mueller From Charging Conspiracy

MUELLER has been diagnosed!1 Plus, the difference between Tricky Dick and SHITLER

Photo of Mexican National Guard halting crying migrant mother and child goes viral

Watch out, Michael Bennett!

.@RepJerryNadler has announced that he'll hold a press conference at noon. Stay tuned!

things that make you...

Harris slams Trump's "go back where they came from" tweets

Remember when?

Young Conservatives Press GOP On Global Warming; No, Wait, Pressing On "Messaging" & "Engagement"

And this is how democracy dies.

Sprint, T-Mobile receive merger approval from Department of Justice

Cory Booker to hold Detroit event following debates

Is Mitch McConnell blocking efforts to protect our elections,

Everyone Seems So Shocked At GOP Non-Response To Election Security Report

Consultants Push Back On RNC Pressure Over WINRED

Samantha Bee Recaps The Mueller Hearings

"House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler pushed to launch impeachment proceedings

The Go Gos - Vacation

Please for God sakes impeach that turncoat

I'm proud we hit 2 million contributions faster than any campaign in history.

Rep. Ilhan Omar's GOP Challenger Has A Bit Of A Shoplifting Problem

Unhealthy Imbecilic Attachments 101

29 cats mauled by pit bulls at Dothan Animal Shelter

Kellyanne Conway Goes Uncommonly Silent When Asked About Hatch Act Subpoena

And people wonder why I hate pit bulls?

And then the Friday News Dump......................

Ole Miss frat brothers brought guns to an Emmett Till memorial. They're not the first.

McConnell Nixes Two Dem. Election-Security Bills

Senate report: all 50 states were targeted by Russian interference ahead of 2016 elections

Syria war: 'World shrugs' as 103 civilians killed in 10 days

Black, Latino Dems torch DCCC for lack of diversity

115 feared dead after worst Mediterranean shipwreck of the year

Man Put Into Medically-induced Coma After Using 'Street' Vape Containing THC

Woodstock 50: troubled festival relocates to Maryland

Polls are unreliable a year before an election.

'We don't have that many differences': Pelosi minimizes differences with Ocasio-Cortez

Charges dropped for second time against Amtrak 188 engineer involved in 2015 derailment

At the Armed Forces Full Honors Review, Trump discusses the "Combat Infantroopen Badge."

Trump knocks Fox News after poll shows him losing to Biden by 10 points

One day after shooting someone, GOP-candidate muses how he would conduct a terrorist attack.

Morning Joe calls out 'Moscow Mitch' as un-American, aiding and abetting.

LOL! Trump wailing about Fox News poll showing Biden beating him; Team Joe taunts him

I was previously very positive toward Cory Booker. Given his constant Biden attacks, not so much.

The Trump Administration's Revival of Federal Executions Is a Cynical Election-Year Move

More tsunami evacuation towers planned for Washington coastline

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week

Florida state senator receiving threats after calling for Epstein investigation, spokesperson says

29 cats killed when 2 pit bulls escape from cages at Alabama animal shelter

Nadler is moving toward impeachment

2 workers dead after Hoover drainage ditch collapse

TN pastor refuses to host funeral since dying man's son is gay

TN pastor refuses to host funeral since dying man's son is gay

Trump And His Kids Can't Escape Lawsuit For Running Pyramid Scheme

Feuding among Biden, Booker and Harris is unpredictable force in diversifying Democratic Party

CNN still covering Nadler. MSNBC switched away from it.

🐦 JULY 28 - Senator Sanders - CNN State of the Union from @CityofDetroit.

Michael Moore, I thought you were smarter than this.

Stunning photo shows possible 'microburst' during thunderstorm near Doylestown

Stunning photo shows possible 'microburst' during thunderstorm near Doylestown, Pennsylvania

The Mueller Report FOUND a criminal conspiracy between Trump's campaign and the Kremlin but declined

The press conference with Jerry Nadler just ended. It is 12:39.

Gallup: 40% of Americans Are Creationists, but a Record-High 22% Accept Reality

Brexit deadlock as No 10 insists EU must scrap backstop before talks

I've Stayed Silent for Too Long: Opossums Deserve Our Love

Trump: Always terrible Fox News polls show him losing in 2020..."there can be NO WAY!"

Eugene Robinson: If Biden is toast, why's he still so far ahead?

LRT track installed on I-90 floating bridge

Tim Kacena, Iowa lawmaker, former Bernie Sanders supporter endorses Joe Biden

Rep. Henry Cuellar: "The caucus as a whole, we've decided not to move forward on the impeachment."

Following Minneapolis' lead will create more affordable housing in Seattle, economist says

Is There Any Reason That Trump Or Barr Don't Want Assange Here In The U.S.?.....

"Democrats worry window closing for impeachment probe"

The Gambler

Cartoons 7/26/19

we need video of Nadler's conference asap ---- hope someone can find it

Boeing drops out of 'unfair' Pentagon nuclear missile program

Bakery keeps making 'Build the Wall' cookies

Welp! Sanders gets the coveted Michael Moore endorsement. The rest of us can go home now.

I Wish The Talking Heads Would Stop Saying Mitch Isn't Letting Any Election Reform .....

Plan to save truckers' and miners' pensions is running out of time

OINTB Season 7 - no spoilers

pelosi is right. the time is not ripe. what is she waiting for? imho-

My Anti-Trump/Republicans Pinterest Board Was Deleted.

The revival of the Death Penalty

Mitch is right.

Who's a pretty turtle then?

CNN: Equifax will pay up to $700 million to settle investigations over its data breach. Claim Money.

"Putin's Mitch" Billboard Goes Up In Kentucky

Impeachment Inquiry is underway

Small kindnesses....

Dear America: Wake the fuck up.

Mike Pence, Christian right made 'Faustian bargain' with Donald Trump, Joe Biden says

Is bottled water left in a hot car safe to drink?

Their Family Bought Land One Generation After Slavery. They Refused to Leave It.

The Impeachment Story is Developing

'It snuck up on us': Scientists stunned by 'city-killer' asteroid that just missed Earth.

Nadler Cites Impeachment Prospect in Suit for Mueller Evidence

Today we have seen an "escalation" and "crossed a threshold" to an impeachment inquiry.

Tone Deaf Succubus Sanders Says Democrats Should Quit Lying And Do Their Jobs

Aviation Safety Inspectors Wanted

What Voters Really Want Is a Public Option

Okay which of you guys just mentioned DU on John Fugelsang?

Just 0.13 per cent of the population voted for Boris Johnson

Slate: Mueller found a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia but declined to charge it.

Kamala: "Why do we only have to be on the outside on bended knee? We can have a role on the inside."

Just your daily reminder that Russia is *intentionally* targeting civilian areas for airstrike

Raising Prospect of Impeaching Trump, House Seeks Mueller's Grand Jury Secrets.

"No. Goldilocks: It's just right." GOP Tactic: "It's too early for impeachment.....anything"

Jeffrey Epstein's Pilots Are Subpoenaed in Sex-Trafficking Investigation

Since the Trump admin has renewed the death penalty for federal crimes

This Jon Stewart image is making the rounds on Twitter, wanted to share it here.

"They still believed in Santa Claus!"

You cannot serve two masters:

50th marriage anniversary for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis!

07/28 Mike Luckovich: Hammer & trunkle

Oh, my!

Immigration Official: HIV-Positive Status Justifies Family Separations

Mitch McConnell blocks election security legislation

"This is Klan Country. Love It or Leave It."

It's all a fuckin' joke to these sociopaths, isn't it?

Raw chicken breast crawls off restaurant table in horrifying video

Nadler, Judiciary Committee press conference earlier today:

How to Teach Children About Healthy Eating, Without Food Shaming

"We're not going back. We're going to the White House." - Kamala Harris

"Woodstock 50" Festival May Be Reborn Again, In Maryland

Of course he did!

Petition formally announcing in DC federal court the impeachment inquiry:

More bread crumbs from industry rumors.

The US Media is TMZ and we're stuck in a really bad reality show

"Unprecedented" Wildfires Scorch Over 1 Million Acres of Alaskan Forest

You raised $55.00 on July 25, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Kirstie Alley Blasts Bette Midler Over Joke About Black Conservatives: 'We Get It, You Hate Trump'

The pit bull threads are back

Interesting tidbit on the busing thing...

I really like drag racing but those

Are You Regularly Communicating with Your House Rep?

Impeachment is starting.

Tour de France cancels highly-anticipated stage of race

Labor charge alleges Sanders campaign management retaliated against union activities

Trump says he has granted AG Barr the ability to Share Classified Intel with DEVIN NUNES!!....

Remember that crying Nazi, Cantwell?

Colonel Accuses Top Military Nominee of Assault (NYT)

It's fitting, really. The Madman is obsessed with stealth bombers and frequently talks about them...

Picture purrfect: Cats saved from gov't 'kitten slaughterhouse' visit Capitol

Charlottesville - the bridge at 14th and University scores again the biggest danger of the Con presidency....

3·Trending #MoscowMitch

By The Way, the JUDICIARY Has TOTAL Control Over Grand Jury Evidence, NOT DOJ

Diver Finds Shark Trapped In Fishing Lines -- Then Does THIS

GOP Rep. Martha Roby to retire

Dinner tonight: Cheeseburger Pan Pizza!

Check out 538 latest polls-Trump returning to low 40s approval post Mueller testimony

Religious vandals are at it again, 'In God We Trust' to be required on display in SD schools.

This is an attempted overthrow of representative determination. It is an outrage...

While Trump and Kim Talk, North Korea Appears to Expand Its Nuclear Arsenal

I don't know about the rest of du, but I'm doing the

After Investigation, Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Keep His Job

South Dakota to require "In God We Trust" signs in public schools

Judge cuts $2 billion award for couple with cancer to $86.7 million in Roundup lawsuit

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 26, 2019

BOOM! The gears are grinding

When my wife returned from lunch today she found all of the staff standing outside and refusing to

People Over Profits

I think we are missing the point of QAnon. To spread FUD. fear, uncertainty and doubt by meme.

Wow-Analysts say North Korea may have produced 12 nuclear weapons since the first Trump-Kim summit.

Donald Trump's House of Wings - SNL

If you were affected by the Equifax breach, get your $125 here:

Cash, keys and 34 more things that will soon be obsolete

So Cory Booker says it's ok for him to attack Biden, but not ok for Biden to attack him.

Stunning Supercut Compares How Fox Treated Michelle Obama Vs. How They Treat Melania

Moscow Mitch Does it Again, He blocked important legislation.7/26/19 - Parody..

New law requires SD public schools to display 'In God We Trust' on walls

Seth Abramson: Why Trump just gave Barr authority to share classified information with Nunes:

Okay odd question here: Whatever happened to Anonymous?

DOC guards fired

How much further can Mitch McConnell go before he has crossed the line

Top Democratic fundraiser bails on Joe Biden, now working for Kamala Harris.

I wonder what Ronan Farrow is working on?

In the UK, with 97 days until Brexit, this is what the new far right leader of the House of Commons

Donald Trump's House of Wings

Trump on 🍷


The court document requesting G.J records preliminary to a judicial proceeding -- i.e., IMPEACHMENT.

Army colonel comes forward as woman accusing No. 2 general nominee of sexual assault

Julian Castro: People First Indigenous Communities Policy

Should we just assume that Trump is Putin's Puppet?

Mike Levin (D-CA 49th) had moved into the impeachment group

New 2020 candidate interview! Vermont Sen. @BernieSanders sits down with @jonfavs ...


Impeaching Donald Trump: Top Five Arguments For & Against!

Are you freaking kidding me...

Last night on C-SPAN the president addressed all branches of the military with political division.

Got my chest X-ray result today.

Candidate finder at

Fueled by their donations, Mitch McConnell pushes special tax break for bourbon industry

Judiciary Democrats say they have effectively begun an impeachment inquiry already

Processed meats are bad but....

Rep. Joe Kennedy's statement on impeachment.

Let's make sure that Jay Inslee is on the stage for the CNN...

Groper Donald: "Let's look into Obama the way they've looked at me ..."

Top CBP Officer Testifies He's Unsure if 3-Year-Old Is "a Criminal or a National Security Threat"

After all the help...

Check out this chyron

Susan Collins is trying to blame 'dark money groups' for her unpopularity

Can someone please post a pic?

Reuters: Supreme Court allows Trump admin to spend $2.5 billion in Pentagon funds on border wall

Supreme Court says Trump can proceed with plan to spend military funds for border wall construction

Governor Pritzker got two new bills that are great today!

Harris debate watch party

House passed nearly 400 bills this year -- and McConnell is blocking as many as he can

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 28 - An American Tragedy

TCM Schedule for Monday July 29, 2019 - Star of the Month: Glenn Ford

Oh look... his base

You have denied military families increased funding for food and now you take

Say Wha? Trump Floats Investigation Of Obama's Book Deal

GDP slows to 2.1% in second quarter - but beats expectations thanks to strong consumer spending

3 students disrespect Emmett Till's memorial. Suspended, but not expelled.

In Awesome Twist, GoFundMe Border Wall Spills Into Mexico

There's a "Configurator" available for the new, Mid-Engined C-8 Vette. I had a little fun with it;

So WHY is CNN hosting a debate on climate change? We know...

Cartoon: I.C.E.'s expedited paperwork

Supreme Court clears way for Trump admin to use Defense funds for border wall construction

tRump - who says he has never consumed alcohol - says he's always preferred American wine to French

Washington's New HOV Dummy Law Has Very Steep Penalty

37% of Americans believe Earth is Flat. 35% believe Muller exonerated Trump

Chemicals found in weed are 30x more effective at relieving pain than aspirin

Trump blames Obama for the White House air conditioning system, which was renovated in 2017

Trump vows 'substantial reciprocal action' against France over tax targeting tech giants

Because of todays SC decision on wall money the House needs to

Reporter's Lawsuit, Filed Against City Of St. Louis In Wake Of Stockley Protests, Will Proceed

Trump calls for probe of Obama book deal

Holy cow Rob Reiner

The power and value of open hearings is undeniable.

Come as You Are by Peter Wolf

Just on Hardball - Jeff Van Drew from NJ (2)

When Americans fought for Mexico in St Patrick's Battalion.

Do you know what GDP growth was in the second quarter of 2015?

Adopting a dog - some questions

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: What a tangle

50 Years After Apollo, India Is Carrying a NASA Laser Reflector to the Moon (And It's Only the Start

Jen O'Malley Dillon is a star Democratic operative. Can she save Beto O'Rourke's candidacy?

Thank you Supreme Court. President Pete

WTF is wrong with YouTube?

Will Donald Trump have his "Warden Norton moment?"

Funny parody song about current country music

If you're in the northeast, take a look at your evergreens