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Archives: March 11, 2020

CNN: Biden wins MISSISSIPPI (a gremlin at CNN put up Sanders at first!)

****Biden Wins Mississippi***

Too all of the libertarians and the republicans...................see what happens

Did CNN Just Get Hacked

CNN Makes Huge Mistake

Missouri exit poll hands it to Biden too.


Trump Admin Stalling an Intel Report That Warns the U.S. Isn't Ready for a Global Pandemic

AP calls Missouri for Biden

Trump allies got coronavirus tests despite lack of symptoms and shortage

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Need to cut Social Security to help during the pandemic? Sure, here's how:

***Another Early Call***

Bernie getting killed among white, non-college Dems in MO

CNN Exit Poll: Biden won 84% of black vote in MS.


Stateside Puerto Ricans demand answers on unused hurricane aid to Puerto Rico

Missouri looks like 58 to 40 for Biden.

Missouri called by for 5

I have come out for Joe

Harold Raines (NYT) saying Biden has put the Sun Belt in play!

Biden wins Mississippi and Missouri in early blow to Sanders (AP News)

Trump is a fool to keep holding public rallies.

Don Meredith is Getting Ready to Sing...

Since delayed treatment seems to be correlated with the worst outcomes for

Long lines form in Fargo to vote in Democratic presidential caucus

Presumptive nominee Joe Biden

Early, but Biden currently leads in cointies Bernie carries in 2016.

Missouri was the closest primary in 2016. Hillary 49.6 Sanders 49.4

3 Stanwood care home residents test positive for COVID-19

DECISION DESK HQ: Biden ahead 53-48 with 50,000 votes counted

I didn't realize, when you go to and go down to the chart showing all the countrie

Guatemalan journalist Bryan Guerra shot dead in Chiquimula

John King or Steve Kornacki?

Live Michigan Results

Inslee outlines new rules for limiting nursing home visits

"What have you done for us lately?"

GOP candidate pardoned by Trump compares 'LGBTQ movement' to 'pedophilia'

Biden is flipping many Sanders 2016 counties in Michigan.

VPotus Biden @ Wilmington 'Thursday.'

The Media. Young Voters. Sanders Spreads the Blame for His Decline.

Anybody watching TYT?

The Question the CDC Won't Answer About Coronavirus Testing

Clyburn: It's time to shut this primary down and cancel future debates

Claire McCaskill just said Trump will win Missouri in Nov.

I think Biden will win Michigan.

There have been two cases in my county so far...

21% of Michigan is in, Biden is up by 9%.

Wasserman calls it for Biden in Michigan

Wasserman has seen enough! (Re: MI)

The Young Turks: "There goes Michigan again..."

It isn't over until both Ann Arbor and Detroit are called

United States' closest ally is in 'genuine disbelief' about how bad Trump's response to the coronavi

***There is a new candidate in second place at predictit***

COOK POLITICAL projects that Michigan goes to Biden.

Senate Republicans finally release their coronavirus plan: Let Pelosi handle it

Can This America Handle a Public Health Crisis?Our trust in public institutions--and .. each other -

20 leading economists just signed a letter arguing Medicare for All would generate massive savings

Hospital's drive-through coronavirus tests could be a model for Seattle and the world

Robert Gibbs & Nicolle Wallace just said on MSNBC that Biden's reassembling the Obama coalition

It's over, Joe Biden wins Michigan!

Did the Trump administration refuse the COVID-19 from the WHO

Shale gas is natural gas. How is it hurt by the coronavirus?

US and Canadian jets intercept Russian reconnaissance aircraft off Alaska

Biden wins Mississippi!

The important thing tonight isn't who wins the most delegates...

Youth isn't turning out and that's bad for Democrats

Hey ASOIAF fans, we need Lord Quenton Hightower

Michigan: 28% in: BIden +37,000 votes

CNN has the Michigan Poll closing time wrong. They closed at 8, not closing at 9.

A new social and economic privilege

Missouri Exit Poll data: Sanders gets 68% of under 45; Biden gets 71% of 45 and older...

Trump and his selective camera opportunities -- another clue to how Republicans operate.

How to beat back the coronavirus

Sotomayor recuses from one of two Supreme Court cases with consequences for electoral college

Tonight's long distance dedication

3M's tonight M ✅ M ✅ M ❓

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Arrested on DWI Charge

267 Coronavirus Cases In WA, Inslee Says There Likely Are More

267 Coronavirus Cases In WA, Inslee Says There Likely Are More

Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to view coronavirus coverage as exaggerated

Biden is winning Macomb County by 11 points.

If Trump wasn't so stupid, he might be the smartest man alive!

Cenk Uygur's perspective: Biden voters are dumber...

Opinion: Trump's payroll tax cut would hurt Social Security without helping workers

Interesting sidelight on the Michigan results tonight....

Enten: Biden's got a strength in rural areas across the north (MI included) that Clinton never had.

3-10 DU corona virus tracking report.

DNC announces no audience at upcoming primary debate because of coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus will cause a child care crisis in America

Should Bernie end his campaign if he loses Michigan?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Spring is for FUN-raising!

I'm beginning to think there is a huge Coronavirus disinfo campaign working

What I want Joe to do in this moment of crisis: address the nation regarding COVID-19 ...

Biden wins Missouri!

MSNBC: Biden wins Michigan

44% of Michigan reporting: Biden up by double digits

MSNBC and NYT call MI for Biden.

NBC projecting Biden wins Michigan.

Katie Hill: I look forward to 4 yrs of Biden calling someone a horse's ass if they're acting like 1

Bernie meet fork

I'll say this again: Sanders continually does WORSE than he did in 2016...

Why Russia and Vladimir Putin are waging an oil war with America

Seems a bit early, but the NYT just called Michigan for Joe Biden!

Waiting for a statement from Sen. Sanders because--

Biden wins in MI!! On to humiliating Trump!

Amazon Pledges $5 Million to Help Some Small Businesses Impacted by the Coronavirus Crisis

Biden wins Mississippi and Missouri in early blow to Sanders

Let's move to the General Election


Joe Biden is projected winner of Michigan!

China's cases have leveled off but the entire country is still shut down. It can't stay that way

Bernie needs his moment of grace.

Trump Is Unfit for This Crisis. Period.

The results so far tonight are great news for Democrats

Time to move on to beating Trump. The Democratic Party has spoken.

Bernie should concede now, he won't win and it will help contain coronavirus

Sanders biggest mistake was declaring establishment Democrats as the enemy.

Trump Isn't Telling Us Everything About His Deal With the Taliban

Virus cases in at least 10 Seattle area nursing homes

Biden (D) trouncing Sanders (I) in today's Dem Primaries

Mika Brzezinski: Biden tonight #Biden

I was listening to my local ESPN radio affiliate on the way home.

CNN now calls Michigan for Biden

Detroit Free Press and WXYZ call it for Joe.

Guatemala find reveals early Mayan writing

Biden and Sanders cancel election night rallies after coronavirus reported in Ohio

Staying in a race that you cannot win and taking donations is fraud.

Barb McQuade: As goes Macomb County, Michigan, so goes America. Tonight, Macomb went for @JoeBiden

Biden adds Michigan to win total, delivering blow to Sanders

Coronavirus is a serious threat to the life of the President...isn't the Secret Service

Washington Post calls Michigan for Joe. n/t

Guatemala find reveals early Mayan writing

Stores in NYC jacking up prices on masks, disinfectants amid coronavirus outbreak

Sanders to suspend campaign tomorrow.

Sanders says Biden should be Democratic nominee if he wins plurality of delegates


With Biden's strength apparent tonight, Twitler must be filling his piehole with comfort foods and

What does coronavirus mean for the U.S. health care system? Some simple math offers alarming answers

The Big 3ms

CNN is discussing the state of the campaign, stopping short of saying Sanders should suspend.

I am not here to judge Bernie or his followers, but let's come together....

WTF? Bernie bro Nathan Robinson blames Warren for Sanders losing MI, & for harm to the planet

My MIL, two SILs, BIL and Nephew in Washington State all voted for Biden today...

Macy's in Tacoma WA

When will we see North Dakota Caucus results?

CDC Director Condemns Trump's 'China Virus' Tweet

Carville coming up on MSNBC!

Carville coming up on MSNBC (Rachel, laughing: "Buckle up, everybody!")

48 colleges have cancelled in person classes or closed (as of 2 hours ago)

Good night for Biden!

Anyone care to join me in a toast?

Surely Iowa and NH need to stop now as 1st in the nation votes

US commander says Taliban are not keeping 'their part of the bargain'

Let's not forget The Women's March

Would a Sanders supporter care to sketch out his path to the nomination for us?

Isn't Washington State worth something?

Is it possible for a man in his early 60's to get exponentially better looking as the days pass?

Since Biden won't have a victory party

(UK) Government majority cut as almost 40 Tories rebel over Huawei

Whoa! Bernie has only 9800 votes in Mississippi!

Biden's lead in MI keeps growing as more results come in.

Yang endorses Biden live on CNN right now - says its over.

Andrew Yang just endorsed Biden

Sanders could lose viability in Mississippi...

Psst hey Bernie supporters, come on in, we need to have a talk

Andrew Yang just endorsed "the Democratic nominee", Joe Biden, on CNN.

Anybody listening to MSNBC. James Carville is ranting about Bernie should quit NOW!

Sanders in danger of not finishing above 40% in Michigan.

Mark my words. Trump will lose in November.

I expect Warren to endorse Biden by tomorrow.

Now on to November 3rd!

Why did MSNBC announce Poll results early?

Just the way the Biden team planned it, in four easy steps:

Mexico president's response to historic femicide protests: more of the same

Mexico president's response to historic femicide protests: more of the same

MSNBC's Garrett Haake has figured out Team Biden's strategy

# of Tests by Country for coronavirus - US is woefully behind

Schumer says it all in a Tweet

care to predict the outcome of next week's primaries? FL, OH, AZ, IL + more?

Now we know who will be fighting Trump for the White House!

Tonight: Biden wins MS 81-15, MO 60-34, MI 53-40. Double-digits everywhere.

Women don't forget & did not forgive.

I would like Califonia to move their primary to the first Saturday

Cenk Uygur put the 9 PM hour of TYT behind a paywall...

To commemorate 2020.

And now the threats come ...

One thing proven tonight

Briahna Gray is still at it tonight....


Donald Trump sticks the shiv in Jeff Sessions and twists it...

How's Cenk tonight?

How many of you are feeling much more hopeful than you have in a long time?

So who will Trump piss off first?

Andrew Yang is endorsing Biden...

Where things stand at 10 PM

"Hospital police may have to bar Biogen employees from entering the area" 👀

Pope Says Trump 'Is Not Christian'

As Americans take virus precautions, Trump flouts advice

As Americans take virus precautions, Trump flouts advice

Michigan Democrats hold State House seat in special election. Women reach parity.

The Predicament for Many Parents Now-Teach Your Children Well

UK budget: Coronavirus, Brexit are double whammy for economy (DW)

what trump and his cabal are doing is essentially anti-vaxxer behavior

It is now in our state KS. We have 2 school days from Spring Break we won't close

It will be funny if Bernie drops out and Undecided is winning in a blowout over Biden on this page

Sanders: "Very Divisive Moment" If Candidate With Plurality Of Delegates Doesn't Get Nomination

If your supporters are upset, it's up to you to talk them off the ledge.

Its time to fully coalesce.

Trump announces new campaign events after Democrats cancel rallies over public health concerns... Coronavirus Fears Haven't Sunk Sales of Corona Beer in U.S.

Alright, so in the instance this doesn't pan out

Exclusive: U.S. coronavirus testing threatened by shortage of critical lab materials

Just counted the counties in MI where they're ahead: Biden 56, Sanders 4. THAT....

Clyburn told NPR he wants Joe Biden to choose an African American woman as his running mate if he be

Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor) just flipped to Biden

The news is saying we should all be scared of disgruntled Bernie supporters

Organization helping Harvard students with emergency housing after being told to leave by Sunday


Breaking News! With 10% of the votes in, Sanders is ahead in.....North Dakota.

China's aggressive measures have slowed the coronavirus. They may not work in other countries

Third COVID case in MN is in critical condition, only in his 30's.

All dump's best words in one Daily Show video:

If Biden is the nominee I'll back him fully

Abdul El-Sayed is being a TOTAL dick right now, and Terry McAuliffe is putting him in his place.

Respect the voters who decided on Joe.

'It's Just Everywhere Already': How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response

ATTENTION - It was THE VOTERS, not the "establishment" that made this choice.

The Clintons on tonight's results:

MSNBC reporter saying Sanders won't be making any statement tonight

I may have been exposed at work today.

As many have said from the start

Senator Sanders will not be speaking tonight

'It's Just Everywhere Already': How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response

Just got an email from Alan Cohn. FL 15th district runnin against Ross Spano

Keeping my Pledge: Losing Michigan, Sanders should drop Out.

Tulsi Gabbard speaks to her people...

Every state should make it as easy as Washington state

First cases of coronavirus confirmed in Michigan. One each in Oakland and Wayne counties

Party leaders shouldn't be using words like "Shut down this primary"

The Check In: Trump's Family Profits Off Policy Meant to Help Low-Income Communities

Joe, acting like a president. 😍

Jill Biden looks so happy and so Beautiful.

I would like to suggest something helpful

A very sober victory speech by Joe Biden...

Prescription Ray-Bans for all!

Sanders has dropped below Statewide viability in Mississippi

Operation Anti-Chaos?

Loverboy - When It's Over (Official Video) lul

US OutComes from Covid-19 So Far: 11 fully recovered v 28 deaths...this ratio is way out of line

The Tonight Show: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Now THAT'S a leader!

'The power to make hope and history rhyme.'

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

That was a Presidential speech, one that no one else in either party could deliver like him.

Joe spoke with feeling ronight.

Helluva speech by Biden. Maybe one of his best.

Exit poll puts Biden ahead in Washington.....

I'm calling Washington for Biden

What's the skinny on Van JONES? The little I've seen rubs me wrong.

Trump is the enemy

Sanders's California lead drops to 6.7%

As we turn to the Fall campaign, who is Biden's choice for VP?

What's the diff between a caucus & a ballot vote? I don't mean physically, I mean Bernie won almost

Our DU for Biden ActBlue donation link

It's about character and decency now. What will Bernie decide?

The Media. Young Voters. Sanders Spreads the Blame for His Decline.

"We share a common goal and together, we'll defeat Donald Trump."

Voters don't vote for people that voters want to vote for.

Washington State Early vote: Biden and Sanders tied at 32.7%

58% of the Washington State vote reporting: Biden +0.6

Rachel Maddow just said she sees no circumstances in which Democratic National Convention goes on

Just hit 1000 US cases

Bernie campaign has not spoken to Biden campaign

Barbara Boxer to Biden: You are a symbol of strength, resilience and hope. Just what America needs.

Round-trip from Miami to Chicago: $67. Round-trip from Boston to Barcelona: $196

Michael Moore coming up on MSNBC. Time to switch channels for me

Let's hope that Dr. Biden does not have, tonight, to wrestle with a crazy protester

IDAHO leaning to Biden 44-35

Washington governor to ban events in Seattle area of more than 250 people

For some GOOD news from work today:

MM comming up on MSNBC.

Idaho @ 17% Biden 43-33

How I'm dealing with corona

Can someone run the projections on these numbers? (exponentially)

If you are a Bernie supporter and Biden wins the Dem nomination, how will you vote in Nov?

BREAKING: All group events (250+) in Seattle banned by Gov. Inslee...

Gov Inslee just cancelled all events in Seattle area of over 250 people.

Some proud Trump supporters

Biden has the potential to win all the states this evening.

No longer a Warren DUer, I'm in Joe's camp tonight!!!

Borowitz: "It will be jarring having a President without a raging personality disorder."

I don't know who is New Unity Progressive Party.

Brian Williams: "Bloomberg may want to give a speech tonight"

My perfect scenario: Senator Sanders drops out, speaks of unity. Speaks

Your Ohio Primary Election Day polling place may change because of coronavirus

8 new cases of Corona Virus in Florida

Brian Kilmeade wants China to apologize for having "started" coronavirus

Has Nina Turner been on tv tonight? Any other surrogates for Sanders?nt

Andrew Yang just endorsed Joe Biden

U.S. Cases Top 1,000; Containment Efforts Boosted: Virus Update

***Another Early Call***

Clyburn calls for Democrats to 'shut this primary down' if Biden has big night

Sanders just fell to 14.8% in Mississippi.

Bernie Sanders supporters greet early numbers with mixed reactions

These Common Household Products Can Destroy the Novel Coronavirus - Consumrer Reports

US Just broke 1,000 (confirmed) cases of Coronavirus

Do not forget, the goal here is to BEAT DONALD TRUMP INTO THE GROUND!


Michael Moore sounds like a TV gunshot victim doing his death gurgle

***Call Of The Evening***

Gov. Inslee to restrict gatherings of more than 250 people, including sports and concerts

Trump too personally wounded by Pelosi to negotiate with her on coronavirus stimulus deal

Joe ahead by 60 VOTES in WA!

Hey folks, turnout is up again tonight!

Tonight I watched the speech of our next President.

If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link

'Hard to comprehend': Sanders' loss in Michigan crushes staff and supporters


The Daily Show - Trump's Best Word: The Bracket Tournament

With the primary results of tonight, this is appropriate (FDR's unofficial campaign song):

San Jose: 3 TSA officers have tested positive for coronavirus


15% lead for Biden In Michigan (@85% COUNTED)

The Daily Show: PANDUMBIC (Official Trailer)

Does this mean we get an Obama appearance much sooner

The Daily Show: Combatting Coronavirus With "Social Distancing"

My wife was shot yesterday

Leon Panetta: A real American hero

AOC: Tonight's a tough night.

Retired captain brings Navy's worst sub disaster back to the surface

Seth Meyers - Stock Market Experiences Worst Day Since 2008 - Monologue - 3/9/20

Breakthrough: Chloroquine phosphate has shown apparent efficacy in treatment of COVID-19

Moscow comes through for Bernie.

Seth Meyers: Guest Nicolle Wallace

Just saw on FB that Joe has been assigned SS detail


Andrew Yang is so smart - he really does make America think harder!

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Trump's Family Profits Off Policy Meant to Help Low-Income Communities

Who is this Sam Seder on MSNBC?

Hereditary on Prime

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to ban large gatherings in Seattle area, including sporting events

Biden /AOC

pogo spades is over

In late Feb.. the heroic U.W. team went ahead and tested for Covid-19 WITHOUT FEDERAL APPROVAL

Democrat Flips State House Seat In New Hampshire Special Election

Bernie down to leading one Michigan county by two votes

UW Wanted To Test Flu Swabs For Corona Virus Weeks Ago Feds Said No - Rogue Doctor Discovered Virus

Friend lives in the Bay, corporate America...Corona has changed everything


CDC March 10: 8554 specimens tested for COVID-19.

Pre-market (overnight trading) down 2%

Religious Freedom Under Attack!

Let's hope that markets will stabilize but let's also remember that Trump's

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones arrested for driving while intoxicated


if sick, nothing beats having 4 oriental shorthairs

google recommending all 100,000 employees work from home.

American Bridge has a great new Biden Ad that goes after the Real Problem: Trump

Anyone know what is going on in Washington?

It's now 2:46 p.m. Japan time, anniversary of the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan earthquake/tsunami

is kudlow drunk again or got the virus?

Biden wins EVERY county in Michigan

I see that 14% of DUers still support Bernie.

Racist Much? Keven McCarthy...@$$#0[3 Republican!

CDC has just screwed healthcare workers

Italy's coronavirus crisis could be America's (warning: extremely grim)

faux news didn't air Biden's primary victory speech.

WTF, Sonia?

Voting by mail, already on the rise, may get a $500 million federal boost from coronavirus fears

Medal Of Freedom Should Be Given To Doctors At UW Who Ignored CDC And Stopped Outbreak

It's time to say thank you to the many who are the most vulnerable and exposed.

Dear Susan Sarandon, I hope you are happy now.

Republicans Hold Edge In Every Iowa House District

The Moon tonight, March 10, 2020.

TX-02: Democrat suspends campaign after making runoff to challenge U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Australia seems to have some good ideas for limiting coronavirus.

Biden wins Idaho presidential primary

Seamus Heaney Poem "Doubletake" that Vice-President Biden quoted

A Sanders Voter, Weary of Debt at 29: 'I Have Nothing to Lose'

Dumb joke: Q. Do you know why Trump's not peeing his pants over Michigan & Biden?

COVID-19 thoughts - 80% will become infected

Woolworths rules out panic buyer's remorse

Jan Lisiecki plays Chopin's 'Fantasy on Polish Airs'

Australia seems to have some good ideas for limiting coronavirus.

Americans at large are waking up to a grotesque, unavoidable reality: Trump is out of his depth

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/10/20

Shortage of Crucial Medications are Going to Kill Many

Face mask shortage prompts CDC to loosen coronavirus guidance

Steve Bullock is Running for the U.S. Senate from Montana

for those interested in kendo

Grenade Destroys Studio Of Afghan Artist Praised For Trudeau Portrait

Phoenix Debate: No audience. No spin room.

Putin Endorses Brazen Remedy to Extend His Rule, Possibly for Life

I really don't think I'm being hyperbolic; how many will die due to Republicans?

MSNBC just now: Gabby Gifford will be endorsing Biden for his gun position!

And the biggest loser this primary cycle is.......

Coronavirus in Michigan: First 2 cases confirmed in Wayne, Oakland counties

So then the British Minister of Health has tested positive

Early tallies show DIA millage passing in all 3 counties

napkin man!

I cannot say this too many times:

Don the Con has amassed 3000 conflicts of interest since taking office

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Everyone's a Coronavirus Expert

Red Cross urging people to give blood amid coronavirus concerns

Donalds Katrina moment

Red Cross urging people to give blood amid coronavirus concerns

RE: COVID-19 Testing....Why the delay?

that montage Morning Joe is playing now on Trump slurring his words is hysterical

Re: the RW talk of Joe slurring his words, here's Trevor Noah's take of the man with the best words

The #PoorPeoplesCampaign insists primary debates should not end until poverty is addressed

Tax cut? Help me..

Italy suspends all domestic sport competitions in bid to curb coronavirus

Bernie Sanders needs to suspend his campaign now. Here's why

Pennsylvanians now have the option to vote by mail

A glimmer of hope in November.

Speechless since Romney has ownership in Bain Capital

'I won't be canceling those plans': UW-Madison students still plan on traveling during spring break,

Is anyone getting a Promo Ad for Fox News on MSNBC?

A silly, COVID-19 joke for geeks...

At 1:25 AM Ali Velshi and an ardent Sanders supporter have an uncommonly frank revealing discussion

Claire McCaskill just called Ron Johnson a tool

Democratic lawmakers call on Republicans to apologize for 'bigoted' coronavirus language

Joe Biden will never be President...

The Rundown: March 10, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #77: Tapas' New Design is Ugly, Fite Me (3/10/2020 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: Cable, Catwoman, Decorum, and More

MLB looking for venues other than stadiums to play in during covonavirus outbreak

The numbers are what the numbers are

Wednesday TOONs - The Best Deck-Chair Arranger

StatNews: Why 'flattening the curve' may be the world's best bet to slow the coronavirus

Not sure why we need a trust if we have comprehensive wills. Any thoughts?

Espy will face Hyde-Smith in November Senate election

Nature Communications: Collapse Of Large Ecosystems May Come Far More Quickly Than Thought

Q: When should Bernie Sanders concede and suspend his campaign...

Bernie has to suspend.

If Trump can't do it, nobody can

DU Poll: What will Sanders do? It is no longer a choice between Biden and Sanders...

Administration Pressure Building On Local Governments To Use Eminent Domain In Flood Zones

Maybe This Will Inspire Action: Warming World Threatens Global Nutella Supply

Breakfast Wednesday 11March 2020

For the compaliners

Awwww!!!! Diesel Brothers Hit For 400 Federal Air Pollution Violations, Fined $848,000

"All the Bright Places." What a wonderful performance by Elle Fanning!

Foresight Energy Files For Chapter 11, Latest US Coal Company To Go Under

I guess this whiz kid won't be getting a WH invitation anytime soon...

Good Morning, Democrats!!

Gosar is a complete motherf****** asshole.

Composer Astor Piazzola was born on this date.

Good!! 1.0 - Senior Oregon GOP State Senator, Who Led Walkouts, Will Not Run For Office Again

Pelosi has all the power concerning Govt direction to fight the virus and the impact

NBC calls ND for Sanders.

Good!! 2.0: OR Governor Kate Brown Will Use Executive Orders On Climate, Since GOP Keeps Leaving

Two very simple and direct questions for the goddam "task force":

Flaco Jimenez has a birthday today.


Trump endorses Jeff Sessions' opponent, Tommy Tuberville, in Alabama Senate runoff

Jennifer Aniston 'should be killed': Weinstein's rage laid bare in unsealed court documents

RIck Scott you're 67, so no biggie if you get the coronavirus, right?

"Pandumbic" is trending on Twitter. The Daily Show has provided a video....

Harvey Mandel has a birthday today.

Feds say there is community spread of coronavirus in Florida. DeSantis disagrees.

Which Hall of Fame baseball player was also once drafted by the NHL's Los Angeles Kings?

Canceling Political Rallies

Russia passes bill allowing Putin to stay in power past 2024

REVEALED: Trump's HHS broke their email system -which impeded their response to coronavirus epidemic

Trump Tweet From TWO DAYS Ago on COVID-19

Bernie Sanders Goes Silent After Another Night Of Defeats...😥

Picture this and it will make your day.

See this thing right here?

Politico: Michigan Romp Shows Biden Could Rebuild Democrats' 'Blue Wall' vs. Trump

Three TSA Officers at Mineta San Jose International Airport have tested positive.

They were among the fiercest American soldiers in WWI. Here's why they were horribly mistreated when

To not be an embarrassment to himself & to save his legacy Senator Sanders

Pope holds his first ever virtual general audience with Italy on lockdown

DU Poll: What should Joe prioritize in his VP pick?

Trump Administration Likely to Suspend April 15 Income Tax Filing Deadline

Your #1 pick for Biden's VP

watching the futures mkt. yesterday was just a dead drumpf bounce.

Rick Steves of PBS -"The Story of Fascism in Europe"

"Flatten the Curve" in one easy gif:

AZ-SEN: Kelly Leads In Arizona Senate Race

It serves the Party for Sanders to stay in the race.

Novel Coronavirus Cases Top 1,000 in the U.S.

Coronavirus lockdown in Madrid so why are fans allowed to Liverpool?

Futures down -719

Virus Specialist - Joe Rogan Show

Ahem. @JoeNBC.

Coronavirus is "almost a perfect killing machine" for elderly patients

2020 United States presidential primary election results a live link

I would like Bernie Sanders to stay in the race

Ratfucker is back.

Trump Melts Down, Says Press Will Try to Infect Him

Trump MELTS DOWN as Stock Market Collapses

"PANDUMBIC" by the Daily Show & Trevor Noah

If you look at Wikipedia's "Recent Deaths" page frequently, there's 7 instances of COVID-19 on it

Make this demonic fuck pay.


a "joke" from a member of Congress about purposely exposing Justice Ginsburg with coronavirus

Stock market live updates: Dow drops more than 600, oil slides, central banks step in

The real scandal: TESTING!

I wonder what Sanders supporters are going to do now.

It doesn't really matter whether Bernie Sanders drops out now

Andy Slavitt, Obama's CMS Admin: "US is failing to produce even small number of testing kits"👀

The Media. Young Voters. Sanders Spreads the Blame for His Decline.

Will candidates be required to show their tax returns before the general election?

Unfortunately, this sounds very close to the truth.

Kosovo fears U.S. may pull troops out over Serbia tariff dispute

60% to 70% of the German population will be infected by the coronavirus, Merkel says

New York officials traced more than 50 coronavirus cases back to one attorney

Egypt jails prominent political figure for a year over 'false news'

Egypt jails prominent political figure for a year over 'false news'

American Bridge Launches Ad Campaign on Trump & Senate Republicans' Plans to Cut Medicare & SS

A memo to Mike Bloomberg From Me

Tennessee reverses course after backlash over not releasing county-level coronavirus cases

A Federal Judge Condemned the "Roberts Court's Assault on Democracy.'' It's About Time

There is hard data that shows 'Bernie Bros' are a myth

'Janie' will not vote for Trump again. . .

WhatsApp lawsuit: Israeli spyware firm NSO seeks court sanctions against Facebook

College textbook merger raises 'serious concern' among U.S. lawmakers

White washing ----the coronavirus

Dr. Jill Biden

Afghanistan electoral crisis delays naming of negotiating team: U.S.

Ohio: Riot breaks out following university's announcement of temporary closure due to COVID-19

New commandment

German Chancellor: "60 to 70 percent of the population will be infected"

Trump has weaponised covid-19 and he is going to take out a hell of a lot of people as a result...

OMG! The Irony!! It burns like holy water on satan's skin!!

I just saw Noam Bramson the Mayor of New Rochelle, NY on MSNBC can he be POTUS now?

Tuesday's presentation was the clearest evidence so far of the effect of Richard Grenell

NASA watchdog takes aim at Boeing's SLS rocket; Trump's moon mission could cost $50 billion

Trump's Remarks at the Presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to General Jack Keane

Are They Fn Kidding Us? key testing component is in short supply!

Biden is already ahead in the Primary popular vote by about 1.5 million votes.

Google tracked his bike ride past a burglarized home. That made him a suspect.

Michigan State University switching to virtual instruction amid coronavirus fears

Braves playing "I saw the sign" for the Astros while they warm up is legendary

"What We Can Be"

IRS likely to delay April 15 tax filing deadline as part of Trump coronavirus response, WSJ says

It's too late to stop the spread, the virus is everywhere and they are not testing people.

How can a seemingly very intelligent man have such a poor understanding of probability

Schumer, other senators to ask Trump to issue national emergency declaration for coronavirus

Sanders defeats Biden in North Dakota

Joe continues to gain on Sanders in California

Born on this day, March 11, 1945, Dock Ellis, famous for his no-hitter while on LSD

President Donald Trump to make campaign stop in Milwaukee next week

Coronavirus hearing in the House ends early--health officials called to WH for "emergency meeting"


A reminder to those stocking up NOW in response to COVID-19... esp. in areas with community spread

I don't know why so many people think Sanders can take Biden in a 1-on-1 debate

About a month ago I posted this; We are witnessing the results.

If Don should get the virus, would Pence take over immediately

From the Trump administration, after a Seattle teen was found to have coronavirus: "Stop testing."

For those who missed CNN's goof last night

How do I stop Biden becoming the chosen one?

Lunatic Anti-Semite Introduces Bernie at Rally

I watched 2 minutes of Hannity last night ...

Trump; We're at 15 cases, soon it will be down to zero. Do you remember him saying that?

updated infection model

The Rude Pundit: Trump Vs. the Coronavirus: Which One Is the Worse Disease?

Some people say the testing problem arose because of the Drumpf

I've been looking for a song I heard on the radio and came across this

Claire McCaskill: Ron Johnson is an 'embarrassing tool'

Breaking -Weinstein gets 23 years

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison For Rape And Sexual Abuse

Weinstein sentenced to 23 years.

Trump endorses Jeff Sessions' rival in Alabama race

About the Coronavirus and the election

A Man Rode A Horse Through Northeast D.C. During Rush Hour. He Says He Did It For The Kids

The Question the CDC Won't Answer About Coronavirus Testing

MIT tells students not to return after Spring Break

The 0% payroll tax for the rest of the year is a ploy to destroy Social Security and Medicare, and

Austin's SXSW Now A Worse Value Proposition Than Fyre Festival

Greg Sargent: Trump will corrupt everything in sight to beat Biden. Here's what's next.

US recovery rate is horrible

From the Trump administration, after a Seattle teen found to have coronavirus: "Stop Testing"

Good grief, HASSELBECK on The View - yakking non-stop 2-3 minutes

When it looked like the Biden campaign was on its last legs, I didn't hear the pundits saying the

New Bumper Sticker

Do you think Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini would be a good surrogate for the general elections

Slate - How would prisoners vote?

He had me at Seamus Heaney

Warren Buffett on the 'one-two punch' market panic: It took me 89 years to experience something like

Trump is still in denial--he cannot beat COVID19 with his usual crap

Clyburn: Biden Should Pick An African American Woman For VP

Just saw Joe Biden referred to the 'reliable Buick' of this race.

Latest Delegate Counts

Kayleigh McEnany in so many words says

Health officials called to 'emergency meeting' at White House- Rep. Maloney

St. Patrick's Day parade in Dogtown expected to continue despite coronavirus concerns

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #1

Bilateral Interstitial Pneumonia aka CoronaVirus

"But Sean"

Out of all of the Bern's surrogates I like her the best.

CDC: "there could be cases where in the U.S. people die of the flu but in reality it is coronavirus"

MMM -- Whatever Wednesday

St. Louis Polling Place Relocated After Man Goes on 'Rampage'

Pennsylvania Field Office Openings

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Anthony Fauci reassigned as the next Special Envoy to Northern Ireland.

I Am Now Supporting Elizabeth Warren For Mitch McConnell's Job

Coronavirus x-rays show terrifying damage in lungs of Covid-19 victims

Here's an interesting article about why COVID-19 has hit Italy so hard.

EDIT: Officially in Bear Market territory. DJIA down 1,000+ again. 10yr TBill yield ticks up, tho

I must say, the Russian Duma sure does give Congressional Republicans a run for their money.

House hearing just now: Dr. Fauci publicly contradicting talking points from WH and VP's office. !!

Breaking Just on MSNBC

Cost of living is not the same as cost to exist.

The most important thing to notice with the Covid-19 virus is that responsible adults

Fauci: If we are complacent & aggressive mitigation not followed "many, many millions" will get ill

Lordy: Kimmel looks @ American's understanding of COVID-19 prevention (at least first part is funny)

Major customer of mine just cancelled all face to face

Chapel Congregants at Virginia Seminary Possibly Exposed to Coronavirus

Pneumonia Shots?

Walmart may cut store hours to combat coronavirus & says a KY associate has tested positive

Walmart may cut store hours to combat coronavirus & says a KY associate has tested positive

Sen. Bernie Sanders will be making remarks from Burlington VT this afternoon at 1pm.

Bernie Sanders Has Complained about Former Candidates Endorsing Biden

MSNBC: Sanders News Conference at 1pm EDT Today

Stay Home - Be Safer - Be Smarter - It Is Time

GA patient speaking from hospital room CNN.

Chadron resident being tested for coronavirus

Nasdaq picks Philly's Navy Yard as backup if coronavirus empties financial districts

dump wants to rob Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Do you think Donald Trump will fire Dr. Fauci for telling the truth about the Coronavirus?

Tell me again why Biden has to reach out to Sanders voters?

Virginia Governor's COVID-19 press conference

Understanding Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here

The countries building miniature nuclear reactors

Trump Lying - People Dying

Journalists from around the world alerted after conference attendee has coronavirus

This is what "the Chinese coronavirus" really means

Stay away: Missouri lawmakers urge groups to avoid the Capitol during virus outbreak

The Sanders Coalition Is Not Quite What We Thought It Was

I just early voted in the Florida Democratic Primary.

Remember musician Richard Marx from the 80's/90's? Don't eff with him on Twitter.

WHO labels coronavirus now a pandemic

Wow. The V.A. just called me..... re. Coronavirus

Truth telling docs on COVID19

White Washing Coronavirus.

CDC Travel Health Notices

**It is official: COVID-19 is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC**

New Mexico announces first 'presumptive positive' cases of coronavirus


The Biden Coalition is unstoppable!

Coronavirus: COVID-19 Is Now Officially A Pandemic, WHO Says

Michigan Romp Shows Biden Could Rebuild Democrats' 'Blue Wall' vs. Trump

Of all the events/things being cancelled/avoided for COVID-19 containment purposes...

CNN's Ryan Nobles: Source close to Sanders says he's staying in the race, looking forward to debate

A Coronavirus joke that made me LOL!

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is being cancelled

Chicago's popular downtown St. Patrick's Day parade set for Saturday is being called off

BBC: Coronavirus: Up to 70% of Germany could become infected - Merkel

One upside to Sanders staying in the race.

Not me. Us. - What a load of horsecrap

Paul Gosar : A portrait in being a contemptible POS, even his family hate him

this is fucking outrageous: Trump ordered federal officials to classify coronavirus deliberations.

GOP silent as congressman jokes about giving Justice Ginsburg coronavirus

Exclusive: White House told federal health agency to classify coronavirus deliberations - sources

I work in Hollywood and the top two agencies have just cancelled all external meetings


It's a stump speech?

Listening to Bernie-----nothing I can say that would not be hidden! nt

He is losing, but he is winning????

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie......

Congrats, Hallie Jackson!

Bernie Sanders targeting the "Democratic Establishment" again

OMG, he is scolding voters and saying their votes are wrong

Bernie is giving the strangest speech.

If you want to really know Joe,

Melania asks kids to be 'positive' on social media as her husband continues attacks

Bernie's made it clear: He's NEVER going away

UVA classes to go online

There you have it.

All four CNN analysts/pundits are just shaking their heads.

"Joe what are you gonna do?"

Bernie still thinks that if people just give him one more look, one more hearing, he'll win.

Restoration over revolution

There is never going to be a Medicare 4 All bill passed by Congress, Sanders.

University of Wisconsin, Madison just said students should not return to campus after spring break.

Press Conference

Sen Sanders plans on staying in the race

Check me if I got something wrong about Bernie's speech...

The Sexism and Hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders' Campaign

Feel the Burn. N/T

More evidence why Sanders is not the person for the nomination. He cannot unify the party

Do you think it is a good idea to put someone that believes in end times (pence),

And here I thought that "I alone can fix it!" was discredited as a campaign philosophy! nt

Bernie thinks he is head of some revolution

Dow down over 1,100 points as hopes fade for swift U.S. fiscal stimulus response to coronavirus

Sanders to press on against Biden after primary losses

Next Moderators for March 15 debate in Phoenix

What Amtrac e-mailed me ...

I am just going to say it!

This is all about keeping those campaign donations flowing

Richard Marx ... that is all. Just Richard Marx

My mom is against Sanders now.

Party Leader: Shutdown debate/primary - Biden the winner

Daily Kos Reports, Sea, WA: My Bout w/ COVID-19, Man, 66; Seattle Woman, 37 Says She Survived Cvirus

University [UVA] Will Move Classes Online

Here's the deal (March 17 version):

Post catchy slogans, re: coronavirus/COVID-19

Not to worry! Coronavirus is being cured as we speak!

If Bernie Sanders wants to be embarrassed, he will be. What a glutton for punishment!

Two more Biden votes in Georgia!

Bernie is opening 5 new field offices in Pennsylvania Thursday and Friday. LOL

Time To Put Him Out of His Misery

Suggestion for Cruise companies.

Biden's speech last night was great.

Warren needs to come out for Biden now.


What about the homeless and COVID-19?

I'm SELF EMPLOYED. There's no unemployment benefits for me. No "work from home". My job requires

Warren Supporter, just switched from undecided to Biden

Coronavirus...never fear, Marianne is here

Just a reminder of the perfect storm we are in:

First presumptive case of coronavirus in Arkansas, Governor announces

I think it's fine for Sanders to stay in the race....

What are you noticing at your food store?

I'm seeing some comments on Twitter showing an interesting, more positive take on Sanders' speech,

Post your favorite coronavirus-denier stories here! I'll start:

A competent president, when informed in January about the virus in China,

Bernie Sanders response to losing on Big Tuesday

Maybe he's pushing for a VP spot.

'Wanna shake hands?' GOP senator mocks reporter who asked him what precautions

What does tRump have to gain politically from failing to address pandemic Coronavirirus 19?

I'm making cabbage soup today

538's forecast is back, and Biden is still at 99%, Sanders is at 0.1%

Congressional doctor predicts 70-150 million U.S. coronavirus cases

First, since when does a candidate (Bernie) get to ask the questions?

I just got back from an appointment. What did Bernie say?

Six percent of zero is....

Biden Takes Command of Race, Winning Four States Including Michigan

The numbers are not there

How should Joe answer Bernie's questions. I don't have the

Sadly, No Vaccine For The Fux Noise Propaganda Virus...

Sanders wants just one more chance to make sure Biden understands his agenda.

For the sake of America. Party UNITY.

All Dems should be thankful for free air time to slam the orange ass clown.

If they play NBA and MLB games without fans the fear level will hit 10 !!!!

NBA - no fans at Warriors games for foreseeable future

Congressional doctor predicts 70-150 million U.S. coronavirus cases

So, Bernie, how are you going to pay for the free stuff? Details please

BREAKING: NYS will begin developing its own COVID-19 tests

The coronavirus economic 'disaster' scenario: Stagflation

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 in F Major, Op. 68 "Pastoral"

VIETNAMESE: Food, ABG's, History & Stereotypes! Ep.1 Culture Table

Breaking Jay Inslee just announced a ban on gatherings of over 200 people n/t

Biden turned out a new, key group on Tuesday: working-class white voters

Seriously it's a shitty situation

'If you win a race, you win a race': AOC congratulates Biden on primary victories after 'tough night

First three cases of Coronavirus surface in NM

Supreme Court says Trump administration may continue 'Remain in Mexico' policy for asylum seekers

White House points fingers as it plots coronavirus stimulus

You Might Be Buying a Hand Sanitizer That Won't Work for Coronavirus

" I miss my daughter... I cannot die." Just interviewed 1 of the first #COVID19 patients in NJ

The US might already be in a recession

Sessions swats back after Trump endorses his opponent

Dow drops 1,400 points and is now on pace to close in a bear market, down 20% from its record

Media Bias/Fact Check Site

alcohol and hand sanitizer price gouging on eBay

I want Bernie to stay in the race for now; here is why.

How sweeping was the vote in Mississippi last night? Delegates: Biden 31, Sanders 2, 3 TBD.

Vanity Fair, November 2003: Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Excess

Ex-GOP Lawmaker Spots The Coronavirus Moment Donald Trump Will Come To Regret

CV hearing resuming

A Seattle lab uncovered Washington's coronavirus outbreak only after defying federal regulators

You know what?

Why are there so many...

Should Joe move to the left?

Trump pushes back on Vanity Fair report he's 'melting down' over coronavirus

Trump won't meet with Pelosi on a coronavirus bill, or for any reason, because he's mad at her

Southeast Arkansas College closed after three students exposed to presumptive COVID-19 patient

Time for Dem voters to speak loudly 3/17-Mortal Kombat

Costco in the Bay Area this morning.

My doctor said I had to pee in a cup.

DeBlasio on MSNBC... Did he REALLY SAY THIS?

So why are young people (who don't vote) for Bernie while older voters are not for Bernie?

We may be days away from this nightmare.

Just got a prescription filled and I was amazed.

Bill repealing Boeing tax break clears the state Senate

CONFIRMED: The 9th case of the #coronavirus is in the Ashland area - first case in Central Virginia

Trump's Company Paid Bribes to Reduce Property Taxes, Assessors Say

How many people here believe that Biden can win without Bernie supporters?

3 Stanwood care home residents test positive for COVID-19

4th case, 1st known 'Community Spread' here in Ohio

Italy 12,462 cases +2,313 today 827 total deaths +196 today

JEEPERS, What a SURPRISE! Look who gets the fattest checks from Trump's "payroll tax cut."

Ohio has first known case of Community Spread Covid19, in Stark County, Canton area

Cartoons 3/11/2020

30 cruise ships head to US ports this week

Trump's power to declare a national emergency and martial law

The Con is meeting with leaders of the biggest banks while

King County Council approves $28.5M in funding for COVID-19 response

All the way to the convention, Bernie!

Wells Fargo closes Seattle branch after employee tests positive for COVID-19

UK Health Minister tests positive for Covid-19

Senate GOP Blocks Emergency Paid Sick Leave Bill From Moving Forward

Sorry, Bernie. You Can't Win the Democratic Nomination Without Loyal Black Voters

'We need the Wall!': Trump twists coronavirus fears to push his own agenda


EPIC Twitter rant about who "wins" when people threaten to "boycott" the Democratic nominee.

"White privilege in action," starring Krystal Ball

Don't be short term greedy

Joe Biden Has Been Dropping Hints About his VP Pick

"Pandumbic"--Daily Show parody trailer

Bernie lost the three big college counties in Michigan

Coronavirus in New Mexico now

Watch Trump's Coronavirus Response Become a Horror Movie in Fake 'PANDUMBIC' Trailer

Here's how long the coronavirus can live in the air and on packages

Gov. Jay Inslee Tells Maddow What His State Is Doing

Biden's Surge, Afghan Election Dispute & Rubio's Rant The Daily Show

Biden: I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and passion

Governor Jay Inslee Addresses Washington On Everyone Taking Action By Looking Forward

Pulaski Academy closed after student's parent exposed to presumptive COVID-19 patient

Bernie staying the race fuels conspiracy theories and makes unity just that much harder.

If you gotta wear one, get one with style

Rep Michael Cloud (R-TX) goes for a "gotcha" coronavirus moment, resulting in a spectacular fail

Unsolicited advice to the progressive movement and the Sanders campaign, in particular.

You raised $2,200.00 on March 10, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Princess Cruises cancels 10-day cruise due to expected 'shortage of labor' at port

Let us remember two facts: First: We flipped the House with moderates

50,000 cruise passengers may have been in contact with coronavirus-infected workers

When Google fails me, I go to DU (Corona virus question)

This fool has tweeted 6 times in the past hour, this one is particularly

Trump pitched 0% payroll tax rate for the rest of the year, White House official says

So is it up to someone to make the final decision ?

So weird how nobody believes Trump about Coronoa

Joe asks the #khive (Kamala supporters) for their support...

Dear RBG: Please start telecommuting immediately!

Is it time for a 1974 Goldwater/Rhodes/Scott-like intervention? Maybe some Party leaders....

Tejal Rao's 10 Essential Indian Recipes

Officially In a bear market.

new rule. crashing stocks will now be called a trump instead of slump

Trump's proposed payroll tax cut is an attempt to kill Social Security.

Found a 2017 article claiming the pneumonia vaccination would increase in cost

Simple questions for Sanders supporters

Bernie Sanders Admits That He Is Losing, But Will Stay In The Race For Now...😲

What an utterly stupid/ignorant tRump tweet!!!

The expectations for Biden in the debate are so absurdly low.

In 2008, there were two candidates in the Democratic primaries. (EDITED)

Watching Captain Trips going down interstate 40 on The Stand.

St Pat's plans - ruined! No parade, no river dying...

Great comment from a Minnesota Public Radio host, Lynn Warfels:

Rupert Murdoch could save lives by forcing Fox News to tell the truth about coronavirus -- right now

There are 2 confirmed cases of covid-19 in UT

Trump making a statement later tonight.

Yasmin Vossoughian...

"The growing scarcity of these "RNA extraction" kits is the latest trouble for U.S. labs

Filipino Catholics Won't Conduct Ritual Crucifixions Due to Coronavirus

Seattle Public Schools to close for at least 2 weeks

The virus can live in the air for several hours, US gov study has found.

Dow Jones closes in official Bear Market territory (20% off recent peak)

Delaware has its first presumptive positive

Dow's slide pushes index into bear-market territory after WHO declares coronavirus a panemic

So all these Journos

Two congressional allies of trump got coronavirus testing in defiance of federal recommendations

What do you think about "Can just slow the spread" notion? (i.e., will ultimately kill same number)


Type I Teams

Dow enters bear market after coronavirus declared pandemic

From a Italian physician: Their system became overwhelmed. Not enough ventilators support.

NCAA March Madness - No Fans at "First Four" in Dayton Ohio

CBS building in NYC evacuated after 2 employees test positive.

National Review: President Trump Needs to Step Up on the Coronavirus

Mayor Bill de Blasio: The Democratic primary isn't over, and neither is Bernie Sanders' candidacy

Krystal Ball will "leave it blank"

Schumer, other senators to ask Trump to issue national emergency declaration for coronavirus

Hillary Clinton at UN in panel on Afghan women's rights

An argument for Klobuchar as Biden's running mate.

Johannes Brahms Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 77: III. Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo vivace; poco

GOP chairman cancels Hunter Biden-related subpoena vote

If I have a .jpg file on my computer, how do I get it into a Post???

Here is what Bernie Sanders is up to

To help the people from Germany to America...

From Dr. Fauci this morning: Coronavirus is 10 times more deadly than the flu.

Former Italian Prime Minister to "all the American guys, please don't make the same mistakes."

We need to give Trump a bit of credit here.

Shorten the primary process, and let every voter actually cast a meaningful vote.

Is Trumpneeshees a funny slam of Trump's cult worshippers? In Oregon back in the

Ivy League Cancels Spring Sports Amid COVID-19 Concerns

As the Covid Pandemic spreads, could the remaining primaries be cancelled completely?

SCIENCE MAG: do us a favor, Mr President If you want something, start treating science with respect

I predict Trump will resign before October

Joe Biden announces backing from Emilia Sykes, more than half of Cleveland City Council..Yea Joe...😎

Well, Kansas just got its first confirmed case. To me that suggests that there are probably one

I'm proud to have earned the support of @INAaction.

Trump Will Address Nation Tonight (CNN says at about 9PM)

Biden campaign announces a public health advisory committee on the Virus

Trump classifying Coronavirus meetings:

BREAKING: 2 US troops killed 10 wounded in rocket attack Iraq

America's patient zero did everything right, but still wasn't enough...

The DOW is back to its November 24, 2017 value, 2 years and 4 months of gain wiped out.

Trump's Company Paid Bribes to Reduce Taxes

The Quicker Fucker-Upper

Trump's coronavirus response would have to be a lot better to rate as merely a

****March Madness, all games to be played without fans ****

NCAA basketball tournaments will open with no fans

Just returned from getting my pneumonia vaccine.

Denmark just shut down

Is there any normal thinking person out there

Coronavirus update: DC mayor declares state of emergency as cases in DC increase to 10

Italy closing all stores except food markets and pharmacies.

Lucy McBath endorsed Biden earlier today!

The Bernie Bros have a new target for their wrath...Bernie

Male footballers should earn more than women... according to US football (soccer) authorities

Sunday's One-on-One Debate is Essential

Does anyone really care what the ancient fuck wants to say tonight?

A 'New Normal' for Hospitals on the Front Lines Fighting Coronavirus: Inside the Kirkland hosp

Trump is so bad at telemprompter speeches

Trump Administration Presses Cities to Evict Homeowners From Flood Zones

BREAKING: The US is failing to produce even small number of testing kits for COVID-19 extraction

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 11, 2020

Laurie Garrett: It's time to cancel the Presidential Campaign

Colombia's former chief prosecutor embroiled in narco election rigging scandal

SOS!! Is " Heckuva Job Brownie" still working for FEMA?

pokeswoman says it's OK to ignore experts because Trump is "the best authority" on virus

We're totally screwed. Jared--yes, Jared--has been placed in charge of the Coronavirus response.

Yes, Trump said that and we are doomed

Trump: "if we get rid of the problem quickly, everything solves itself, we don't need stimulus"

New: Trump waiting on Jared Kushner's "research" before making an emergency declaration on virus

The Retrumplicans own this shitshow, lock-stock-and two smoking barrels

The City of Dallas Cancels the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Re: Trump's Address Tonite...

I hope I'm not DU's first Coronavirus case.

A Reality Check from the writer of "Chernobyl"And part of the 1% that hate trump...a must read!

Colombia's police chief charged with corruption

Covid 19, Update 5

Oh shit: Trump's coronavirus task force final verdict up to Jared!

Now that popular concerts and games-NCAA are cancelled--it is hitting folks that something

Joe Biden now has the backing of 94 Representatives, 40% of the Democratic caucus.

Uribe and his 'political party' have never won a presidential election in Colombia without narco sup

I've been thinking of how you can talk to people about exponential growth

The Latest: Italy expands shutdown to nearly all stores

Does anyone care about the debate between Biden and Sanders?

Cancel Everything

"Super-Spreaders": What Are They & How Are They Transmitting Coronavirus?

Trump fears emergency declaration would contradict coronavirus message

Trump admin wants hundreds of thousands of federal workers to be ready to telework full time

"Super-Spreaders": What Are They & How Are They Transmitting Coronavirus? h

Is there a Bingo Card for tonight?

Dumpster is not a "brilliant marketer"

Don't Replace Hand Shakes With Elbow Bumps...

The establishment isn't standing in Bernie Sanders' way. Voters are.

Kirkland area schools closing Friday (Bellevue and Lake Washington School Districts)

Shouldn't we all just wear gloves?

March Madness No Fans

Some light laughs - Marianne Williamson has gone full loco.

"Anybody that wants a test can get a test". Mark those words for eternity

Listen to the folks in Italy who are warning us about what's coming if we don't take action.

What happened to the "two strains- one mild one virulent" story?

guess who tweeted: "Vanity Fair Magazine, which will soon be out of business"

If Not Now Endorses Bernie

How Dutch false sense of security helped coronavirus spread

2 Americans and 1 British national killed in rocket attack on base in Iraq

Just got this email from the President!1!!!, good news!

COVID-19 A Fish, A Bat, and A Human Walk Into a Seafood Market...

What movie is closest to what we are going through now? Specs are ...

When you need doctors, nurses, scientists and public health administrators,

With Respect To One Of Trump's Tweets Today .....

Joe Biden is a progressive.

'We need the Wall!': Trump twists coronavirus fears to push his own agenda

A good example to show MAGATs of social distancing is

Arkansas has one 'presumptive' coronavirus class in Pine Bluff.

Biden cites delays, cost when asked about Medicare for All veto

NH couple finds Grandma's urn on the beach.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 12 March 2020

"Put your hands away, you f***ing idiots!"

Just got a responsible email from Amtrak regarding COVID-19

A coronavirus meditation with Marianne Williamson

An odd juxtaposition of humanity. So strange to hear...

I Knew The Front Page Of Seattle Times Would Say Nothing About Hero Doctor Who Saved Outbreak

A man says to his psychiatrist, "help I'm addicted to Twitter!"

Two more cases in Minnesota, total 5.

Talk to me when you have a working vaccine deployed widely

Anyone have a video of Trump saying...

GOP senator drops subpoena of ex-Ukrainian official in Biden probe

Don't shake hands, don't elbow bump after people cough on them... Demolition High Five

On a scale of 1-10, how likely do you think civil unrest will be?

How about "black lights" (far UVC)? Hospitals and quarantine rooms sometimes use it to kill viruses.

Elizabeth Warren Is Unlikely to Endorse Bernie Sanders. Here's Why.

US Representative Jim Clyburn wants Joe Biden to pick a black female as his VP runningmate.

Very disappointed to see this: Univ of WA Medical Center charging the uninsured $1600 for virus test

Stores need to set limits

Rush Limbaugh on coronavirus: "Who cares if it's 10 times more lethal than the flu?"

Really informative interview about the virus

CDC coronavirus test kits.... I smell a rat.

Does anyone know why there haven't been updates to the Washington state vote results?

Here's A Link To A Great Resource Regarding Covid-19....

We should have known back then (Coronavirus)

Trump administration isn't backing off proposed cuts to CDC budget

How the hell is public health not a major component of national security

Wear Gloves -- and here's why, by Laurie Garrett

Arizona declares state of emergency due to coronavirus

Email to Lacy Clay Missouri First District

Mayor Bowser Declares Public Health Emergency

Has anyone even brought up FEMA?

Covid19 update ... 122 of 195 countries on Earth have active cases

One positive thing that occurs to me about spreading the virus

4.28pm trump gets the Good News: 'this is not a financial crisis'

Well, well well ... look at the Democratic Socialist Countries

Wisconsin reports 3 new confirmed cases of coronavirus

"Contagion" Movie (2011)

Anthony Fauci undercuts Trump on the flu and other coronavirus assertions

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020-

Coolest. President. Evah.

WOW! Middle East Peace Czar JARED has joined Trump's Coronavirus Rapid Response Space Force!

CORONAVIRUS Trump to make prime-time address on coronavirus Wednesday night

New York late-night shows drop live audiences

Wear gloves when grocery shopping to reduce viral exposure

Science editor-in-chief: Trump's words on coronavirus are "a matter of life and death"

As events across the country are canceled, Trump rolls the dice and heads to Vegas

Sanders lost *every* county in MS, MO and MI but sure, it's the lady's fault

Some people actually survive into their seventies without ever learning one of the

Sanders's secret is out: He has no movement - The Washington Post

MSNBC is flooding the airwaves with Berners, like Ari Melber, who

Far from my first choice, Joe now must be my Great American Hero.

Breaking: US Embassy in Jamaica has shut down Consular services because an employee has Covid-19

WA State Updated Primary Results as of 3:20 PM PDT

Officials announce 8 new positive Florida COVID-19 cases

"I'm so glad to have a president who isn't politically correct!"

Damn the media.

03/12 Mike Luckovich: What did we forget?

This Article Shows How Republicans Should all Go down

Trump getting all pissy now:

Acosta asks Trump a question--- TRUMP responds:"That's CNN -- fake news!" He is unhinged.

Juventus defender Daniele Rugani tests positive for coronavirus

Trump told his Team he was to do something Bigly tonight at 8pm Oval office presser............

Trump doesn't want to declare a national emergency because he'd be wrong about "the flu."

From Reuters: White House told federal health agency to classify coronavirus deliberation

No COVID 19 reported in Alabama, Mississippi, or West Virginia.

The CDC may not have a handle on coronavirus, but they're on top of a

*My* urgent plea for corporate responsibility. (re Coronavirus)

Afghanistan's hangover from U.S./Russian wars and now coronavirus...

So it has begun.

3 more cases of coronavirus confirmed in Wisconsin

Missing cat rescued from rubble after Tennessee tornado reunited with owner


Bernie is gonna screw up this election................

It took David Wasserman nearly a day to recognize the obvious- calls Washington for Our Very Own Joe

Do you think that Republicans as they spout their shit will ever understand that...

Will Dr. Fauci be fired?


Latest Worldometer shows big jump in US cases and deaths

Now this is some funny shit: Which Pathogen Wore It Better?

This was written by a friend of my 1st Cousin on COVID 19

This Sanders supporter says it is DNC's fault if Sanders voters choose to stay home, and drumpf wins

Washington primary update 3/11 422pm

Turmp sh*t stirs 24 hours a day, then tweets this

Trump pic with Brazilian official who now has symptoms:

Super- Rich Jet To Private Disaster Bunkers Amid Coronavirus Outbreak: Tests Abroad, Personal Medics

Chump's address has been moved to 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

New York Times-Nate Cohn- Our Very Own Joe Predicted To Win Every Remaining Primary

Just saw a disturbing statistic

Joy Reid sounds like she has a cold!

Trump Committed Genocide of the Elderly for Money

DUers: join the fight against coronavirus

Why Colombia Keeps Electing Presidents Tied to Murderers

What's the suggested phrase or word for the

Remember when the US was the "Leader of the Free World"?

How I am feeling about Bernie + I love the song and artist!

Pelosi to unveil coronavirus package as anxiety spreads

NEW: This weekend at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump and Vice President Pence posed for a photo with...

Virus dilemma, need some input

Can't blame Bernie. He is doing what he does best.

White House Mulls Having Staff Work Remotely

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