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Archives: February 3, 2014

President Obama calls out Bill O’Reilly and Fox News for promoting conspiracy theories

UPDATE: Brody-- the cat surgery has been moved to Tuesday. The Vet had some work done

Bill Kristol, new ABC contributor,says GOP has solved Christie’s scandal with two words: ‘Jeb Bush'

Someone in pain is much in need of prayers and good vibes.


BREAKING! Christie staffer resigned last Friday (1/31/14)

I note a favorite advertiser here

JK Rowling admits Harry Potter should have ended up with Hermione Granger

Fish Bowl now on National Geographic!

Really need to vent I completely lost my cool just now

I'm thinking the real Broncos got stuck in traffic on the GWB

Mayor Richard Daley remains in intensive care

Who Watches The Superbowl?

Poor Chris Christie...kicked out of his luxury box for the Super Bowl!

So let me get this straight; the nonteabaggers

Why not extend the GOP's "people only work when they're on the edge" idea to other areas?

Denver is getting killed!

Did you just just see the two pistachio ads from Colbert?

Isn't that the silence about the Auto industry bailout deafened?

Letter on behalf of the 99 percent ----Dear Tom Perkins:


Oh Oh Coke will be the right wing's bugaboo this year

Did I just see gay dads in the Super Bowl coke commercial?

Coca Cola just said Fuck you to the Right Wing Tea Baggers...

Executive Action

my sponsor says I need to write it through

Super Bowl . . . really

And the racists come out of the woodwork on Twitter to protest Coke.


Political Corruption and Capitalism

David Simon on America as a Horror Show

Oh yeah, it's beautiful

Rude Pundit Tweet on Christie's Rage/Rant on David Wildstein!

Missouri Executes Man While His Appeal Was Still Pending Before Supreme Court

Who is the best CB in the game?

Canon 70D video shoot.

Hawks' 22 Broncos 0

Is Bruno Mars singing 'Don't Stand So Close to me'

Who the fuck is this group on the half time show, they

so bruno mars is a motown act from the 60s retooled.

Post #500! One year anniversary was last Wednesday.

Hey, Mr. Mars:

Rehire MSNBC Staffer


So much for Whitney Houston's Super Bowl National Anthem

Holy fucking shit Seahawks

29-0 just after halftime.

If any song from the 80's ever applied to the present it's this one

Well now we have that answer to the age-old question - What is Tim Tebow doing...

Manning deserves punishment for looking like Brit Hume

Uh oh. Another commercial with inter-racial romance to make heads explode.

FYI - no team has scored 0 points in the Super Bowl

Hillary Clinton just tweeted this

I think Bruno Mars should come back out for an encore set and these guys can finish the game in the

Hillary with the LOL

Downton Abbey coming right up!

Good news from the Kitten Bowl!

Sorry denver

I'm not sure I liked that Budweiser commercial...Coming home...

God damn Seahawks

Paging El Supremo! Paging El Supremo 36-0!


Denver's defense is about as good as Christie's.

OK it as decided that the instead of the Broncos it's a local PeeWee team from NJ on the field

OMG! Dylan is advertising for Chrysler!

Bob Dylan selling Chryslers

J.C. Penney tweets clumsily during Super Bowl to get our attention

Not today, Pey-Pey

Supe4 Bowl XLVIII

My weekend in Virginia and DC

Anyone who thinks an adult telling about being molested as a child is a liar --

Apparently there is a Rob Ford tape out there. Made by someone. His wife was taped about

Running The Streets, Cussin’, Fightin’, and Lightin’ Fire To Things For A Great Childhood Curriculum

In light of Elway's comments and Manning teaming with PAPA "scrooge" John perhaps

See what Allen West has to say about cokes commercial!

Apparently the "old" John Elway is running this game!!

Jane Fonda: "What do we do about our sons?"

Offensive Superbowl meme on Corpus Christi Caller-Times

"Oh my goodness gracious!"

Kurt Vonnegut Wisdom

What is the correct url language when you're trying to access

Coca-Cola’s multilingual Super Bowl ad is driving Twitter xenophobes crazy.

Feb 3rd in Conservative Fresno, CA. Teachers call for wearing of Black for Solidarity


Feb 3rd, Teacher calls for everyone to wear Black on monday. Solidarity for the Teachers.

Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014)

Coke features first gay family to appear in a Super Bowl ad

can't i buy another member a star anymore

Congratulations, Seahawks.

People upset over the Coke commerical are going to hate the 2016 GOP presidential nominee. (VIDEO)

Oh Noes! Coke is multilingual, Pepsi tests on aborted fetus cells--how about RC Cola and SodaStream?

Seattle Seahawks stop Broncos, now Super Bowl champion

Food flying out the door at pantries that aid poor (NE-IA)

I guess it is time for an avatar change...

Woody Allen calls renewed sex abuse claim 'disgraceful'

Super Bowl?

No team has EVER played that poorly in a Superbowl

Dylan Farrow's Story: An Account of Child Abuse

APNewsBreak: NJ gov.'s staffer resigns amid probe

Why Dutch mayors want to cultivate cannabis

So what happened with that app people were to use for sexist commercials?

Now that the NY-NJ Metro area has successfully hosted a Super Bowl, how about a summer Olympics?

Anti-LGBT Discrimination on Religious Ground to Be Voted On in Oregon

Documents in Bridge Scandal Set to Start Pouring In (NYT)


Missed it by THAT much.....!


Um, “congratulations”?

"Americans' Dissatisfaction With Gun Laws Highest Since 2001"

Coke features first GAY FAMILY in a Super Bowl ad

Winter Contest reminder

Something is missing...

Mars and Orion over Monument Valley Be embraced, Millions! This kiss for all the world!

A few pics from a somewhat impromptu brief vacation at Sanibel (FL)

All people accused of child abuse are Guilty

"Walking Dead" fans: Guess who just turned up on "Law & Order SVU!"

Four bullets to the back of the head

5 things I learned from the Scarlett Johansson/SodaStream affai

Third prominent banker found dead in six days

Rubio Rising in GOP as Christie Falls

President Obama exposes Bill O'Reilly for the conspiracy monger that he is, interrupted 48 times

Peyton's phone call...

Panicking Marshawn Lynch Unable To Deactivate Beast Mode

Adios John Elway

Philip Seymour Hoffman: The Greatest Actor of His Generation (From "The Atlantic")

New Low for Murdoch

I'm old enough to recall going to see Woody Allen's Manhatten

Captain America: The Winter Soldier!!

US auto union close to big win thanks to Germany's VW

Sports and Politics

SuperBowl post game press conference gets 9/11 TRUTHERIZED!

The GOP And The Rich Believe They Are Entitled To ALL The Money And Wealth/ So Everyone STFU.

I now know why the situation at Secaucus station was so bad today....

Apparently, some people got their panties in a bunch over the multi-lingual Coke Commercial

Super Bowl: More train problems as announcer asks fans to stay in MetLife Stadium

Bad Day At Work?

"Hillary Clinton blasts Fox with tweet during Super Bowl"

"Documents in New Jersey Bridge Scandal Set to Start Pouring In"

"U.S. abortion rate in 2011 lowest since 1973, study says"

Chris Christie to speak at CPAC a year after snub

Rob asked President Obama, "How are you?" Watch what the President had to say

The RW is in such a tizzy about the multilingual Coke ad, they seem to have missed something else...

Big Five Personality Test

Canada's Finest

Fresno, CA's Chief of Police said that God made Police the ministers of Justice. said it during MLK

I am most like James Madison. Is that a good thing? I know nothing about him.

Mood Swings

Bob Ross Remixed!

What the...9-11 Truther interrupts news conference after Super Bowl?

Behind that Coke commercial...

Am I the last person on DU to know "shade" ?

Concern grows over possibility of a massive power surge

Christie Ally Prepped Official Before George Washington Bridge Lane Closure Testimony

Sweet! "Coca Cola-It's Beautiful-Behind the Scenes"

Light rain, possible thunderstorms to hit Southland (California) on Monday

Here is a link to a transcript of the Snowden interview on German TV.


What is your favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman role?

You might be a hopeless, hate-filled piece of shit IF...

Need some help on analysis of these editorials that run in our local paper.

So what did we lose by not electing Romney?

Photoshop in real time

Just one of those days . . .

Murder trial opens in Florida shooting over loud music

Miss Kansas 2013 says there was nothing American about the Coke commercial.

Tours changing American views of Cuba, US policy

Tours changing American views of Cuba, US policy

Is it possible to

Oklahoma State Rep. joins xenophobic anti-Coke crusade.

Just a few questions/concerns/ideas

Thread title

Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars

It was a nicely done ad but it's an AD for gods sake!

El Salvador ex-guerrilla in presidential vote runoff

Why the Coke ad matters.

Btw, the woman who wrote American the Beautiful was a lesbian.

Arthur Brown - "I Put A Spell on You"

Super Bowl heckler to Christie: "You made it across the bridge?!"

Anyone seen armed guards at your local movie theaters lately?

Greece Earthquake: Strong Temblor Hits Western Isle Of Kefalonia

Your Super Bowl XLVIII Champions!

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to hear radiation case

a simple statement about this coke ad

Ian McKellen's touching Facebook post on Phillip Seymour Hoffman (RIP)

So I hear the Broncos are looking forward to playing in the Superbowl next weekend

Ukrainian Opposition Ready to Form New Government.

Most favored rapist status

The one verifiable quote by Woodrow Wilson about "Birth of a Nation" can’t handle appeals of enrollment errors

Conservative Bullies: 6 Ways the Christian Right Picks on People

4 Shocking Examples of American Inequality

racists and the coke commercial: 'Have a coke and smile and STFU.'

7 Huge Misconceptions About Communism (and Capitalism)

'Stealth' cameras to enforce 70mph limit on motorways

Bad weather batters Europe

Britain Fumbles Its Attempt to Cleanse the Internet of Porn

Fox’s Tucker Carlson: Poor people get ‘consumed with envy’ of the 1 percent

La. police chief dies of gunshot wound at Miss. casino

Killing unions with 'paycheck protection'

The genius of using ignorance as a weapon...

The State Of The Job Market Job Seeking Process Is Reducing Applicants To Desperate Beggars.

Was there a Pete Seeger tribute in your area?

News Giant in Japan Seen as Being Compromised

Scholar quits NHK over nuclear power hush-up

US abortion rate falls to lowest point in 40 years

Ending the World the Human Way: Climate Change as the Anti-News

Bobby Jindal: New death penalty drug that takes 26 minutes to kill is ‘fair’

55 Years Ago Today: The Day the Music Died

Bill Gates is Still Not Making Nice with Teachers

Chomsky on superbowl

Arms Exports: Berlin Backs Large Defense Deal with Saudi Arabia

Frank Zappa on fossil fuels

Israel said set to accept Kerry’s framework proposals

Who are the Corporate Reformers of Public Ed?

Opinion: Britain Could Lead on European Defense

NHK Falls Prey to Streisand Effect

Religious extremism growing at a rapid pace

Lead singer of Third World, Bunny Rugs, died yesterday afternoon

Abortion rates at there lowest in 40 years

U.N. grilling: The Vatican should step up action against abuse

Israel offers $20 million to Turkey flotilla victims

Kerry, Hagel urge ‘transatlantic renaissance’ to confront political and security challenges

House panel opens probe into Navy bribery and fraud scandal

Abbas suggests NATO force in future state

We NEED a pipeline in America

PSA: "Motorcycle Diaries" is on Flix tonight, 7:10PM. nt

Hillary Clinton argues against additional sanctions on Iran

I will never, ever fucking ever understand supporting everything a president says and does.

Should the NFL Lose Its Tax-Exempt Status?

The Abortion Rate Hits a 30-Year Low

Please tell me no one here supports this: Breastfeeding Is Now Required By Law In The U.A.E.

'Against all enemies, foreign and domestic'...

A VALUABLE REPUTATION After Tyrone Hayes said that a chemical was harmful, its maker pursued him

The more we learn about nuclear past, the more an 'accident' seems likely


Peanuts and Beer at the Superbowl

Papa Johns Drops Peyton Manning From Endorsement Deal

The Guardian: Is Edward Snowden a prisoner in Russia?

I totally called it.

"Escape Fire"

I bow to the Seattle Seahawks.

Saying goodbye to Pete Seeger -- KPFA will broadcast event tonight

How long will it be until George Zimmerman gets hired by Fox News?

Oven baked ribs

A dissection of Nathan Deal's lack of leadership in our recent storm fiasco

"Why does anyone care about this?"

Classmates honor girl by recording bedtime stories for other ailing kids

Senator Weighs Offering Legislation Ending Liability Limits for Nuclear Disasters

The defense ministers of Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany

Let's be honest about what's really happened in the past 5-7 years here...

When Team Christie ‘plays offense’

Most seek more time for answering GWB traffic jam subpoenas

Teacher FAILS Obama on Ed "reform". And honesty.

Monday Toons

...<tap>....<tap> Is this thing on?

After 2-day break, new winter storm slams NYC

Here’s why it will be Jeb Bush vs Hillary in 2016

1,000 barrels of oil spilled at South Korean port

Income Inequality: A Problem No One Wants to Fix

Studs Terkel Interview of Pete Seeger from 1955:

Kick and rec this thread if you think Obama is dreamy and is never wrong.

How Inequality Hollows Out the Soul

The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World.

Kick and Rec this thread if you've never ever said anything positive about Obama

9/11 Truther Invades Malcolm Smith's Super Bowl Postgame Conference

Coca Cola Super Bowl Ad.".America The Beautiful"-Multi Languages that Angered Conservatives.

Name the new Tappan Zee bridge for Pete Seeger

RFK, Jr. and Seder: Remembering Pete Seeger

RFK, Jr. and Seder discuss Mike Huckabee’s Clueless “Libido” Statement

Bill Kristol joins ABC News

Editorial: A bitter pill (Farm bill)

Netanyahu: Abbas' refusal to recognize Israel as Jewish state is 'absurd'

Chris Hedges The Menace of the Military Mind

So ...

Polarized Congress CQ Roll Call

Walton, Benioff Join Billionaires Backing Clinton in 2016

Some more observations - how is the employment situation/economy impacting our lives...

Access To Guns Triples Suicide Risk; Should US Firearm Regulations Be Tighter?

Access To Guns Triples Suicide Risk; Should US Firearm Regulations Be Tighter?

"Well I left you Half''

Letter to Editor

Oh what a tangled web we weave,When first we practise to deceive!

One Nation Under Guns?

'Ghost guns' face rules under California bill

New Poll: Virginians Optimistic About Gov. McAuliffe by a 53%-34% Margin; Favor Medicaid Expansion

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Final Secret - Tom Junod, Esquire

Marriage Ban Under Fire

Juan Cole: Now Peace Talks, John Kerry, are ‘Anti-Semitic’ in Eyes of Israeli Far Right

Danish PM reshuffles Cabinet amid uproar over Goldman Sachs deal

50 Reasons We Should Fear the Worst from Fukushima

Find something to be happy about today (Monday February 3, 2014)

Decades after being, on Nixon's blacklist, Kerry is found to be on Bill and Hillary's.

The deer have been back this morning

National Abortion Rate Sees Huge Drop As More Women Are Using Birth Control

The Ten Largest Arms Producing Companies In The World

Omaha Steve's contract: It's crowded, and pricey, at city's bargaining table

NYT op-ed: A New Way to Rein In Fat Cats - MAXIMUM WAGE for govt officials & govt contractors

X Post from GD: It's crowded, and pricey, at city's bargaining table (Omaha Steve's contract)

When the game passes you by

Sochi City Hall Orders Killing of Stray Dogs

Snack Stadium

Gentle Giant - "I Lost My Head" - Interview - 1976

55 years ago today,

World's worst chat-up lines named and shamed in new study

Gallery Furniture Loses $7 Million in ‘Pigskin Promotion’ Super Bowl Bet

Isn't lousy weather more fun now that they give them names?

Feel Good Time

The Cheapening of American Politics: Why Did Obama Reward O’Reilly with an Interview?

NJ State Trooper assigned to Gov. Christie arrested on theft charges

Bernanke Takes Post at Brookings Institution

Student kills teacher, policeman in Moscow school

Morning Joe Crew Literally Laughs at Reporter Because They Don’t Know Facts of Christie Story

Something that has always puzzled me,

Atheist Superbowl Commercial - Best Commercial on the PLANET

Obama Grade - February 2014

GOP New Plan For The Middle Class (Timely Tole's Toon)

Telecom Trying to Outlaw Local ISPs

Freedom Industries Calling: New Tape Reveals False Statements During Chemical Spill

The Truth about Pet Pharmaceuticals

Study: Foodborne Bacteria Could Trigger Multiple Sclerosis

Abortion rates almost 1/2

Los Angeles: Rally to Oppose Keystone XL This Evening: Locations:

Why The 1% Are Still Such Crybabies

YOU and I and that guy over there -- we are ALL responsible for the mess we find ourselves in

In one of the commercials on the Super Bowl..

Senate to hold cloture vote on food stamp-slashing farm bill

We Have a President, Not a King

Report of Christie As Youthful Non-Goon Actually Sounds Pretty Goonish

Katharine Lee Bates, writer of "America the Beautiful" most likely had a same sex partner

So... Wait. We support Coca-Cola now?

DOJ Special Report: Firearm Violence, 1993-2011

Silicon Valley's last big farm owner dies at 88

Is Rachel and Christ Hayes shows going to be preempted because of the Winter Olympics

Horrible January Weather Led To Cancellation Of Nearly 50,000 US Flights

Pic Of The Moment: Conservatives Shocked And Disgusted By Utterly Inoffensive Coca Cola Ad

All Of The Big Automakers Are Reporting Big Sales Drops

First month without a US drone strike in Pakistan for over two years

Government Wants Cars To Talk To Each Other

Obama accused of placing anti-hydrocarbon ideologues in top regulator jobs.

The EU Has A Secret Plan To Let Police 'Remote Stop' Cars Whenever They Want

In the wake of the Broncos' loss, my girlfriend has vowed to be intolerable for at least two weeks.

Coca-Cola Has Gotten Away With So Much Shit Over The Years That...

Family of missing Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird issues televised plea for his return

New Atheism’s big mistake: Debating creationists solves nothing

America, the Fact-Challenged

Court to review religious law once hailed by Democrats but now used to battle Obamacare

President needs to talk to Yellen

Previously unpublished 1988 Rolling Stone interview: Hoffman Looks Back at 'The Big Lebowski'

An Utter FRAUD of a TeaBagger - thank you CSpan, but at the same time, shame on you Cspan

Catholic Group Wants More Dialogue With Diocese

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ Feb 3rd

What a great, quirky new show ! "Getting On"

Masking corporatism with social progressivism

Shopping Cart Accidents Increase to 66 a Day

Couple die of carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex in car: police

Is Big Ed auditioning for a slot as a sports talk show host

Please explain Heroin's allure to me.

Private pain: Dell layoff bloodbath to hit over 15,000 staffers – insiders

Peyton Manning - Halftime Locker Room (SNL)

Christie campaign seeks to raise money to fight subpoenas

Hatch Laughs: Why Denver REALLY Lost

Something the evangelical right and the progressive left have in common. Not so good.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif Condemns Holocaust as Tragedy

Republicans are for tort reform, right? Unless...

Faux "news" people smear and slam Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Dell layoffs this week: 15,000 to be hit: report

The Surge in Transporting Oil by Train is a Disaster, but a lot could be done

Kerry dismisses Reid on fast-track trade bill

Does NFL stand for "Nonprofit Football League?"

How aspirin turned hero - Heroin, Bayer and Heinrich Dreser

Does have member the rights to attack pother members

The biggest event in all of sports happened this weekend...

Pat Robertson tries, and fails, to "justify" Biblical tribal warfare and genocide.

Governor Cristie staff granted temporary subpoena extension

NFL As Tax Exempt Less Than Meets The Eye?

American CEO's/Rich Do Not Care If American Workers Are Broke & Can't Buy Stuff

UAW to hold vote at Volkswagen plant, union president says, cites sabotage by 'right wing' forces

Not since the O.J. Simpson chase...

What Happens When 85 People Are Worth the Same Amount as 3.5 Billion?

House all but lost for the democrats in 2014

TYT: George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match - Is He Asking For Trouble?

Teacher Suspended For Including Lil Wayne Lyrics In Homework Assignment

Nova Scotia woman terrified of cats in Canadian Tire

Now that this football silliness is finally over

College students studying Beyonce, zombies, history of surfing

The 10 Worst Arguments In Eagle Forum's Anti-Immigrant Plan To Save The GOP

Rupert Murdoch to be inducted into US television academy hall of fame

How aspirin turned hero - Heroin, Bayer and Heinrich Dreser

"Sniveling Apologizers at MSNBC"

Dallas Bears spoof Super Bowl commercial with run to Hunky’s (Graphics Warning)

Renewable Subsidies Fuel Power-Market Crisis, French Study Finds

Can I get some feedback on the Dem senate candidates?

Which party has the coolest presidents?

Microsoft reportedly planning to go back to Windows desktop default

Does anyone have any information if the IRS is backlogged on sending out this years refunds?

Saw this comment

Peak oil? Peek at this Peak

The Tip of the Iceberg: PSH & the Opioid Epidemic

Al Qaeda breaks link with Syrian militant group ISIL

"500 years from now our descendants (if they survive) will regard our tolerance of our present-day

Am I the only one here who liked this ad from the Super Bowl?

‘Goodnight Earth. Goodnight humanity’: China’s Jade Rabbit rover tweets its own death

Fukushima vs Chernobyl vs Three Mile Island

ACLU lawsuit challenges Wisconsin same-sex marriage ban

O'Malley Begins Preparing a Presidential Bid

Libya’s Cache of Toxic Arms All Destroyed

UIL Announces District Realignments

Senator, Outside Group Push Back Against Military Sexual Assault Report

A Canadian, a Texan, and a tea bagger go into a bar....


Jack Lew Urges Congress To Raise Debt Ceiling

We're better than Freepers right? The Coke shows how out of touch (& racist) convervatives are

Paul Krugman- Delusions of Failure

If there's an equal pay day, shouldn't there also be an equal work day?

GOP Takes Debt Limit Hostage But Struggles To Come Up With A Ransom

The Resurrection of Romney Begins in The Mass Media and GOP because, this:

List of cities cut from United's Cleveland service

Recruiting fraud, kickback scandal rocks Army

Idaho Senate suspends rules to arrest ex-member protesting inaction on gay rights


Ham-on-Nye Debate: 'Anti-Science Guy' Automatically Wins

Coca Cola's Super Bowl Ad Draws Misguided Anger From The Right

Oldest and Youngest NFL Teams

A question about seniority and being a college student

The Super Bowl’s Military Fables

Media Relieved They Don’t Have To Deal With Fucking Harbaughs This Year

Termination of subsidies for renewables looming

How much will the government gain in tax revenue for 2014 due to Obamacare?

Toon: Immigation reform principles

When antivaccinationists play on

Immigrants rights protesters arrested at Travis County Jail after blocking entrance

Pals for life:

Russia jails three for murder in homophobia case

Keystone XL pipeline questions I hear nobody asking.

Southwest Airlines lists 15 cities that will get nonstop service out of Dallas Love Field

Southwest Airlines lists 15 cities that will get nonstop service out of Dallas Love Field

Research Finds Steroid Use Much Higher Among Gay And Bisexual Teen Boys

Thom Hartmann: An era of perpetual economic crises?

Scientists reading fewer papers for first time in 35 years

Thom Hartmann: The decline of mainstream activist liberalism...

A Valentine's Day to Remember

Haunting in Indiana leads to family’s exorcism, child’s levitation: Reports

Funny tweet from Rocky Mountain Mike

TYT: Iran Peace Deal Survives Bipartisan Sabotage Effort

The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World.

The Smithsonian/Nature: Karl Marx Is the World’s Most Influential Scholar

Stormy Monday, 2/3/14

Opening from Emily Maguire’s ‘Your Skirt’s Too Short: Sex, Power, Choice’

Coca Cola Ad Featured First Gay Family in Super Bowl Ad History

NYPD hunting for Hoffman’s heroin dealer after 70 bags found

Pete Carroll, his staff & the front office did a great job this year

"Huckabee leads 2016 GOP race. In other words, he'll be available to do Fox News commentary on

CocaCola just lost all my buisness. America SPEAKS ENGLISH

Alex Dang - "What Kind of Asian Are You?"

Connecticut Against Gun Violence group opposes amnesty

The NATO 3 Trial & Chicago Police Targeting Activists - Kevin Gosztola Discusses

Krazy Ken Ham: Why I'm debating the 'Science Guy' about creationism

I don't get the show 'Girls'. Am I alone?

IEA Asks EU to Boost Shale Gas Output

First "pro-life" groups, now this! (CA guy points gun at Girl Scout)

Hitler reacts to the Broncos loss in Super Bowl 48...

Betty Cracker @ Balloon-Juice: Obama’s Subway Ride to Bizarre-O World

9 Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn From These Beloved Classic Children's Books

I think I've seen it all now.

Has anyone seen El Supremo today? He's not going to pull a BossHOG is he??


Evolution is not Easy

Puppy Bowl X was a thousand times better than the Super Bowl!

Apple's 30th anniversary film: "1.24.14"

2/1/14 Gov. Christie is not having any fun (pix)

Anyone heard of the "Convention of States Project?"

'Patrol-bots' eyed as surveillance answer

Senate GOPer Accuses Obama Of 'Outrageous Lie' During Super Bowl Interview

Watch the roof get blown off the metrodome

Philip Seymour Hoffman Had 50 Bags of Heroin, Police Say

ANNOUNCEMENT! Its Babylonsister's Birthday today!!!

To the right-wing bigots freeping out over the Coke commercial ... (updated)

Nordheim: A Texas Town Facing A Toxic Future

non-traditional family

Who will be in Super Bowl 49?

Knox judge faces allegations of impropriety

Somr funny tweets about Coca Cola

Same-sex couples file lawsuit against Wisconsin gay marriage ban!

Check out the poster my kid did for Fox Sports...

Israel repeatedly forbids call to prayer because it 'annoys' settlers

New York City Domino’s Workers Win $1.3 Million In Settlement Over Low Wages

John Kerry labelled 'anti Semite' for warning of possible boycott of Israel

Toon: Help end cruelty to billionaires

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Replacing Payday Lenders With The Post Office

Coke’s Wild Assertion That Other Languages Exist Stirs Controversy - reveals Andy Borowitz

Left-leaning candidates dominated presidential elections in Central America

Indian woman and baby burned alive for dowry, police say

Ariz. inmate dies after confrontation in rec area

Pete Carroll Makes All Seahawks Players Take Yoga And Meditate

Greenland's fastest glacier reaches record speeds

CNN does craven hatchet piece on Hoboken Mayor

Lemme see here, we've got Rinse Penis threatening to boycott MSNBC ....

California man points gun at Girl Scout at his door to sell cookies

New Rule

Man pulls gun on girl selling Girl Scout Cookies..

Marriott hotel hit with major credit card fraud scheme

Self Conscious Muppet and the Passive Aggressive Interns

North Korea's way with extreme insults

Fifty-Five Bodies Found At Reform School For Boys In Florida

Philip Seymour Hoffman Didn't Have to Die

NJ State Trooper assigned to Gov. Christie arrested on theft charges

Ben Shapiro Actually Blames Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death on ‘Broken Leftist Culture’

Christie declares state of emergency

All 32 NFL teams' helmets crossed with Star Wars:

Here's a SuperBowl ad you didn't see...and you didn't miss much.

These are some scary waves from yesterday at

Are you serious, Barack Obama?

Kansas moves to Stop Broadband Internet to residents

Frantic Biden Searching Dog Shelter For Bo Look-Alike

(comment on Coke commercial) - The people going nuts over this

The 1% Need Your Support

Cancer cases 'set to rise by half by 2030': UN

Petition: Remove Marijuana from the drugs schedule

Chris Christie in the buff

French research outlines benefit of going bra-less

Rude Pundit: Chris Christie's Response to David Wildstein ...

My cat pooped on the floor at 3 AM

NJ Republican Says Obama Guilty Of Worse 'Abuse Of Power' Than Christie

Flea, you could have at least plugged in your bass

Isn't it safer to be a subscription pain killer addict if rich?

If Mr. Hoffman had been another unprivileged junkie there would be no outrage.

What's Next in the Snowden Saga: Fred Kaplan vs. Ben Wizner (Snowden's Lawyer)

Sochi is a ridiculous shitshow from a to z.

One of Gov. Christie’s Bodyguards Charged With Shoplifting in Pennsylvania

State: Google must move 'mystery' barge

Are most heroin "overdoses" a myth ? Heroin was more pure before WWII but...

The Janet Yellen era begins

cutest puppy in the world contest.....

GOP Solves Unemployment By Ending The Minimum Wage. It Creates Millions Of Jobs At $1 An Hr.

GOP uses misleading website to trick Dems into donating to Republicans

John Elway Revealed That He Is A Republican Because He Does Not Believe In Safety Nets.

Choosing Comfort Over Truth: What It Means to Defend Woody Allen

CNN/ORC Poll: Christie's loss appears to be Clinton's gain

Do you own any Woody Allen Movies?

Not since the OJ chase...

Breaking the cycle of school shootings

Huff Post - 5 GOPPERS Running Against Hagan In NC Support State Contraceptive Bans.

I'm surrounded by Fox News koolaid-drinkers at work.

German Bishops Say Catholics Reject Rules On Divorce, Birth Control, Premarital And Gay Sex

Best Philosophy Since the Golden Rule

Steep selloff continues weak 2014 for stocks. Dow tumbles more than 300 points

Coca-Cola Writes On The Wall

In 1692 a group of female children claimed to have been ... molested ... if you will ...

What should we do,

Daytonians March on EPA Building To Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

Daytonians March on EPA Building To Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

More Christie Troubles: Aide Resigns As Investigations Turn Focus on NJ Governor

REPORT: Agriculture as a means of land-grab

Russia warns Ukraine opposition as protests continue

Daytonians March on EPA Building To Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

Fun Fact About the Author of "America the Beautiful"

Teslas drive L.A. to N.Y. in three days, guzzle no gas

In 2 hours Crispy Chris is going to take questions on an Ask the Governor radio program.

The NFL is Like Big Tobaaco Companies - Cruel, Ruthless and Dishonest

I got a tough XP problem

GM Joins Ford Posting Sales Drops Blamed on Cold Weather

A Superb Owl ad you may not have seen yet

German auto union puts pressure on Volkwagen US to unionize and adopt "works councils".

2 people dead in shooting at Benjamin Moore in Vancouver [WA]

Tea Party Candidate's Attack Against Spending Backfires

Waitress accused of serving alcohol to underage friends goes on trial (1 dead 1 serious injury))

Obama seeks to hold Dems together in election year

Sugar tycoon Alfonso Fanjul now open to investing in Cuba under ‘right circumstances’

Senators Call for Updated Protections to Combat Data Breaches

Trick Websites Dupe Democrats Into Donating To Republicans | ThinkProgress

Boxing: Very Good News!

Israel Spars With Kerry on Boycotts Ahead of Peace Plan

CNN poll on SOTU: 44 percent "generally positive," 38 percent "negative"

Parents upset over ‘game' at middle school that asked questions like ‘Do your parents drink?’

x-post for exposure: PETITION: Remove marijuana from the drugs schedule

Bruno Mars age 4 - world's youngest Elvis impersonator

Rick Perry's Refusal to Expand Medicaid Could Cost Businesses $400 Million

Michael Pollan: “Our Food Is Dishonestly Priced”

Disney to Lay Off Hundreds of Employees in Interactive Unit

Brian Murphy and Joan Walsh are on Rev Al

What beverage is left for the right wing to drink...(LMAO)

Exorcising the Evil Spirits from the Pentagon (The Fugs)

Injection drug questions halt Sepulvado execution

Former 2nd Lady Joan Mondale Dies at Age 83

Confused conservstives outraged...

R.I.P Joan Mondale

On being certifiably poor yet pro-corporate: Scratching my head and wanting to vent

"Active Shooter"

for the incident occured a few hours ago.

Higher Minimum Wage Hurts Small Businesses?


Ed Pawlowski has dropped out of the governor's race.

Just an observation ...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 4 February 2014

AL Senators: Navy needs full order of 52 Littoral Combat Ships

Geek Time - Cool

Driver courtesy/etiquette rant

"Hug an Atheist"

NYT: Building a Harley Faster

Hillary Vs. the 99%

Lockheed Martin fires most powerful portable LASER weapon it has ever created in hi-tech race to rep

ABC News just reported that Joan Mondale has passed away.

I thought I'd re-post this here ...

Toon: Fox New's Dry Holes.

Just saw an ad for the upcoming movie "Non-Stop."

What to drink?

Religious, mythological films making a huge comeback