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David Corn has done it again! Trump was cultivated by Russian spy agencies!!!!

Trump accused of tax fraud in Mexico

So we're handing out giant sized candy bars at the door and one kid reaches in and grabs two bars.

Kasich votes McCain instead of Trump

Master & Puppet

"Dear Director Comey:

This Time I Looked in LBN First! Go There Now!

Geez. Anyone else nervous about the FBI being distracted?

Hillary is running against DJT, Putin, the FBI, & the press.

Listen to MSNBC now.

NBC & PBS reported Comey's letter & criticism but they didn't mention bipartisan letter with ~100

A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump

Great Jon Ralston tweet on Nevada

Creationism in Texas Could Go Extinct on Election Day

A dedication for Donald Trump.


Explosive Audio Surfaces Of GOP Senator "Joking" About Gun Owners Shooting Clinton

Trump campaign tries to keep distance from Paul Manafort after reports of an FBI investigation

in an honest world they would just call this guy crazy....trump vs military leaders

Patient burned when laser ignites fart

Patient burned when laser ignites fart

 Bernie Sanders wants Election Day to be a holiday. That reform would dramatically increase turnout

**Survey Monkey poll of NH - Oct 24-30 - Hillary 46, Oranganus 36 - Hillary +10**

Trump and Russia - four fronts opened today

This Machine Was Built To Give You Nightmares

Any "investigation" by Comey's FBI is tainted from the start.

HAHAHA Ripped a wingnut inlaw a new one.

Losing Trump Tries to Fool Voters with Last Ditch Media Propaganda Scam

So I have been away from any news sources today. Has Chaffitz started impeachment hearings yet?

Like it’s 2008 again: Ohio governor votes for John McCain instead of Trump

FBI’s James Comey Opposed Naming Russia As An Election Meddler, - too close to election -(no really)

Democrats’ early voting still lags in Iowa, but catching up

Washington Post finding black voters angered by Comey letter.

A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump

Tim Allen - What a Jerk!

My Trumpkin tonight:

Is Three the Magic Number: Trump and the Three Bears; spies, servers, and pipelines.

Why Can't We Subpoena for Trump's Tax Returns??!!

If Russia is seeking to subvert US elections how should Obama respond?

Donald Trump used a legally dubious maneuver in the '90s to avoid reporting.

Comey was not defending the justice system

Happy Halloween

Is James Comey a Trump mole?

Weekly Animation of Arctic Sea Ice Age with Graph of Ice Age By Area: 1984 - 2016

Four things you need to know about Trumps secret server connection to russia

Did FBI Director James Comey’s email announcement break the law?

"She has no one to blame but herself" seems to be a new talking point.

Folks all this is too much

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Cheaters Don’t Win!! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

FDR's first Fireside Chat

My Halloween costume that 2 years ago I could not have dreamed of wearing:

Rising scrutiny of James Comey

very important post

Two Cleveland news as anchors dismissed after social media posts concerning the election

I just had my Clinton/Kaine sign stolen. Saw the asshole who did it.

Comparison of things each candidate has done wrong (from

What would it look like if ghosts could prank?

Report: FBI reviewing Manafort’s foreign ties

Reminder: Donald Trump due in court after Election Day on child rape and racketeering charges

For Helping Immigrants, Chobani’s Founder Draws Threats.

*A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump*

Does Trump appear to be getting fat?

paying tax on social security benefits

Donald Trump, Manchurian Candidate?

Gonna take the media DAYS to sort through tonights oppo dump

My Crystal Ball says Comey Resigns!

trick or treat was quite a downer this year

BENGHAZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Russian story is way more important than emails

halloween funnies: post yours

We shouldn't be waiting until the DOJ finishes its inquiry into these emails. We should

My Outlook calendar says tomorrow, Nov 1st, is Election Day in the US

Rachel: fRump violated Kaln law against intimidating voters at polls.Dems file lawsuits

Motorists grudgingly accept N.J.'s higher gas tax

Bundy Verdict Puts a Target on the Backs of Federal Workers

Hillary to rally in Dade City, FL tomorrow - xpost from GD16

Full Frontal

Comey's FEC donations presented without comment:

Mexico: Deforestation for avocados much higher than thought

Mexico: Deforestation for avocados much higher than thought

CNN: Donald Trump, Pentagon differ on Mosul fight's success

U.S. attorney general did not order FBI to withhold Clinton-related emails: source

Latest Huffpo Election2016 Forecast: HRC 98.2%, Trump Trainwreck 1.6%

Mayor calls Atlantic City's battle against state takeover its "Revolutionary War"

KGNU Radio is hiring a Music Director

Rachelblog: Trump supporter votes twice because she fears a 'rigged' process. Busted.

Important info about that pipeline here that caught fire

Judge Rejects Settlement Over Surveillance of Muslims by New York Police Department.

Southern California's deadliest quake may have been caused by oil drilling, study says

Donald Trump -- Case 1:16-CV-04642 US District Court Southern District of New York

White supremacist for Trump targets independent in Utah call

surly there is going to be some bad news for trumpy before election

Is all of these Trump/Russia revelations the drop Rick Wilson was hinting at?

Kansas is still bleeding, thanks to tea party economics

The Real Liar And Criminal In This Election

New Jersey bill would shield patients from 'surprise' costs

FBI speeds up its investigation into possible Clinton-related emails after criticism

Well...... NYT: U.S. Officials Doubt Donald Trump Has Direct Link to Russia

1997: Trump Kicks In Chump Change

Resign, Mr. Comey - WSJ

Hillary has tweeted 5 times regarding the secret Trump server that were communicating with Russia.

Have you noticed Trump sounds like a character from

Dear Republicans: Remember when your 2012 nominee called Russia our biggest threat?

The man who shouted ‘Jew-S-A’ at a Trump rally is now blaming Mexicans for his anti-Semitism

What Comey may really fear, and why he is trying to tip the election to the GOP

Florida man pleads guilty in spamming scheme that generated $1.3M

Tulsa Man Accused Of Knowingly Spreading HIV Pleads No Contest

U.S. Officials Doubt Donald Trump Has Direct Link to Russia

Trump Russia

Service Dog Case Comes Before Supreme Court

Burr: I will keep Supreme Court with 8 justices if HRC becomes president...

Kellyanne Conway snickers, snarks, huffs and puffs her way through Trump child rape remarks

NPR - How The Trump Campaign Weakened The Republican Platform On Aid To Ukraine

The Most Heartbreaking Place In America Is Called ‘Friendship Park’

David Axelrod just said on CNN that there has been an influx of hispanic

Hmmmmm, if there's ANYTHING to the Russia tRump link story that is unlawful ... AND...

Not sure I can handle much more of this

Why IS Election Day on the 8th rather than the 1st this year?

Just to explain, why didn’t Trump use an encrypted VPN solution to communicate with Russia.

I'm done. Until Nov 9 it's sports talk, Lawrence O'D, Joy and DU

Avoiding SEPTA strike has come down to resolving pension issues, source says

Could Obama's breakneck pace on social issues have inadvertently helped Trump? (UPDATE)

Rep. Paul Luebke dies

Interesting information via a thread over at Daily Kos....

Think of Hitler in his bunker, Lol

Pennsylvania Democrats ask judge to bar Trump's polling place observers

It's Halloween and Trump is America's worst nightmare.

FBI fighting back for Trump now

Somerton civic leader charged with stealing 19G in alleged U.S. flag scheme

Comey’s Big Mistake

Cutler and the Bears looking sharp in the Monday nighter

John Kasich follows through on vow not to vote for Donald Trump, writes in John McCain instead

Ex-AGs Alberto Gonzales, Eric Holder, Michael Mukasey rip FBI director

Comey throws a grenade for reasons that remain unclear

To hell with MSNBC. Brian Williams' opening quotes Trump

The honest statement Comey won’t make

My husband wouldn't turn Brian Williams off like I demanded

Lawrence O'D live now.

Trick or treat from 538 (read the whole thing, PARODY)

The Incredibly Sexist Book Once Mysteriously Billed As Trump’s ‘Debut Novel’

Absolutely superb interview of Bill Weld by Don Lemon!

Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen calls on FBI director to resign

*ALERT* Take the NT Times FBI push-back story with a BIG grain of salt.

Pennsylvania Superior Court reverses conviction for man giving ex the middle finger

When I was in grade school in the sixties I learned that the United States was a 'melting pot'

Comey should resign

Giant Eagle will lay off, buy out 350 corporate employees to cut costs

Dems about 100K up in Iowa

Trever Noah on the Daily Show is doing the dystopian world left after

Donald Trump Used Legally Dubious Method to Avoid Paying Taxes

Trump is refusing to pay nearly $767K owed to his campaign pollster

Hillary lets Joe and Mika make her point for her in this new ad.

Legislature's failure gives taxpayers a pension headache

North Dakota protest: Denver woman faces attempted murder charges

Everyone Is Angry at James Comey Now

Calling boss a 'little b***h' costs fired woman her unemployment comp

Breaking News: Emails aren't illegal...Hillary has had more of hers examined than anyone else

Last Word with #BlackLivesMatter activist @deray on hope, Trump’s rhetoric, and the stakes

Chinese man WRESTLES a giant panda bear after leaping into its enclosure to impress some women

Political signs were 'getting out of hand,' PennDOT says

I'm starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise what's needed to convince Peter Thiel to go **** himself.

NYtimes: How Donald Trump Avoided Paying Taxes Using Other People’s Money

Latest Cover of Newsweek: "Trump's Missing E-Mails"

Jill Stein compares John Oliver's piece on her to oppression of minorities in American history

Arlington mayor rips opponents of new Rangers $1 billion stadium in secret audio

Clinton +11 in PA (Franklin & Marshall)

No, ‘Emailgate’ Is Not Worse Than John W. Dean

Trump is refusing to pay his campaign pollster: $767,000

President Obama Broke Out Into a Rendition of “Purple Rain” for This Little Prince Trick-or-Treater

Gov. Abbott on education special session: Nope

Do you remember Lunch Bars? I used to get a lot of them on

Pastoral and bucolic. Plus elks in Carolina.

AZ teacher to Muslim student: 'I can’t wait until Trump is elected. He’s going to deport all you'

All's I'm say'n is I want more post-game interviews with Alshon Jeffery, know'm say'n?

Seats in the huge outdoor theatre in Cherokee NC — for the play “Onto these Hills”

We lost another...

Well kids, that was an exciting evening

Police say Pizza Hut employee shoots, kills attempted robber

Deborah Ross Senate campaign page - Please donate if you can - Burr's opponent

President Obama Broke Out Into a Rendition of “Purple Rain” for This Little Prince Trick-or-Treater

Somewhere in time....

Thanks to Comey, we now know more than we did before.

Why your Facebook friends are checking in at Standing Rock

Here's something to ponder.

Rick Perry encouraged Michael McCaul to take on Ted Cruz

MUST READ Tweet storm from Liz Mair: "Reporters/Dems must investigate Trump NDAs with women"

Former NFL Star Saves Daughter With Kidney

Putin supporting the Alt Right on a Global Scale:

12 arrested in San Francisco in Dakota Access Pipeline protest

Deplorables going to be soooooooo

Donald Trump Supporter Charged With Dumping Manure Outside Ohio Democratic HQ

O.K. Trump's secret server connected to a Russian server and a server in Russia hacked the DNC.

"Fire" -- I am the god of hellfire! (1968) by Arthur Brown

UNHRC official: ‘Israel’s status at UN depends on ending the occupation’

***Breaking F & M poll of Penn. HRC +11***

#NVGOTV in Nevada (NV) 10TH day. Dems lead by > 33,000 EV, 43% to 37%

Samantha Bee interviews President Obama on Halloween.

The Real Liar And Criminal In This Election

Dakota Access pipeline protesters crowdsource for $5,000, get $1 million

Sheriff: Bus dragged Texas State student from DFW for 500 feet

There's a way to prove the Comey story is effectively over. Google Trends

New Alaska Craciun poll HRC +3 (10/21-10/26)

Why our surrogates at CNN, MSNBC are so weak? I mean just heard Paul Begala on AC

Security Firm Running Dakota Access Pipeline Intelligence Has Ties to U.S. Military Work in Iraq and

NC is NOT a lock please stop with these types of threads!

N.C. senator apologizes for Clinton “bullseye” flap

Study: Uber and Lyft have ‘pattern of discrimination’ against black passengers


In 7 days America shows the orange pile of ѕhit the door.

U.S. Rep Joaquín Castro speaks at local Clinton rally in Edinburg

CIA Releases Controversial Bay of Pigs History

Hillary Clinton FULL SPEECH Kent, Ohio Rally Oct,31 2016

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Russian Thinkfluencers

Hillary Clinton FULL SPEECH Kent, Ohio Rally Oct,31 2016

Dispute with insurance bond company and Robstown ISD to go to trial

Meet Trump's (2nd) biggest fan!

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Feelin' Alt-Right (parts 1 & 2); A Totally Real %100 Valid Theory

Guess who?

Clinton needs a closing argument. (ABC shows a tie in unfavorable rating polling.)

Catholic Vote & 2016 Election - C-SPAN

If this article is right it's about to get really crazy.

Samantha Bee nails it again

Creationism in Texas Could Go Extinct on Election Day

El Paso hospital suggests other hospitals for rape kit exams

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: New Email Probe

Could be bad News for Republicans in Indiana

Valley View school board candidate reportedly suffered skull fracture in fight at polls

MALDEF Sues Bexar County Over Outdated Voter ID Signs And Rules At Polling Locations

Clinton camp blasts FBI director Comey over 'jaw-dropping' double standard

You know they're getting ready to lose when this becomes a talking point

Green Party congressional candidate accused of stealing nearly $74,000

Ex-Gregg County DA gets deferred adjudication for cocaine possession

bug sighting: jury ops

Hutchinson backs $10M boost for higher education

RE Huma E-mails early leaks look great for us if true.


Seen in Pennsylvania's Amish country. This is real.

Wells Fargo agrees to $50M home loan settlement

Comey refusing to name russia as hackers shows, imho

Daily Holidays November 1

Stephen Colbert: "And this is where his ideas come out of..."

Election Day concerns complicate Philadelphia transit strike

Black Cosby Accuser Questions Defense Claim of Racial Bias

Stephen Colbert: Anthony Weiner's Penis Might Destroy Two Political Careers

Clinton holds five-point lead as FBI looks at more emails: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Halloween Hayride Crash Kills at Least 3 in Chunky, Mississippi

Some good news - The Latino ‘sleeping giant’ is finally woke in key battlegrounds

am Joe role reversal: On HRC: Joe supported her, Mika accusing HRC

TV ad: "Donald Trump will turn america upside down on day one."

Did Comey revistit the Clinton emails

This is ridiculous. How could Russia possibly entrap and blackmail Trump into becoming their agent?

Bad news: Black turnout in early voting down 40-50 % for Hillary compared to Obama 2012 numbers

ReTHUG Senator Richard Burr Jokes About Shooting Hillary Clinton

Russia says resumption of Syria peace talks delayed indefinitely

How long will it be before we know what Trump has on Joe & Mika

Hopefully the thing Rick Wilson insinuated....

The Only American born female President to date

Election spending limits in Canada - in case you're interested...

Fishmonger's gruesome death sparks protests in Morocco

Cook: Electoral College Math Continues to Favor Clinton

Hillary on Halloween

🐦 NOV 3, 2016 12:15PM - Bernie Sanders Rally Mahoning Valley, Ohio

Dem group reports NC Sen. Richard Burr to Secret Service after quipping about shooting Clinton.

Tim Kaine on Halloween

ABC Tracker Trump leading Hillary with +1: 46 % -Trump, 45 %-Clinton, 3-J, 2-S. Within the MOE

MORNING JOE on Email story: "It makes a difference if it's a 1-point race. It's not a 1-point race."

Clinton leads Trump in Virginia in new Washington Post poll; propelled by voter-rich Northern Va.

Albany pastor, wife understated income by more than $100,000, records show

IG looks, discovers Food Stamp abuse at state facility

Anonymous donor pays $2.5 million

ABC poll?

School leaders seek state aid, labor law changes

I remember Watergate...

Trump foundation and the fbi

"You’re a Terrorist, and I Can’t Wait Until Donald Trump Deports All of You" (X-posted from LBN)


Comey knows a lot about what is going on.

The Alt-Right is Infested with Law Enforcement...Active and Former

The Map Favors Us, Get out the Vote and We'll Win

Reports: Trump's Ties To Russia Are Deep And Ongoing

Did Trump really have a server designed to secretly, exclusively communicate with Russia?

This was on my FB memory that popped up today and is from 2012.

Comey was concerned blaming Russia for hacks of Democrats could appear too political


Brexit just the start. EU new far right to transform political landscape

Trump's associates in Moscow

My first REAL HALLOWEEN as a homeowner! (Costumes inside!)

New ABC Tracking: Romney 49 Obama 48

What if the massive DNS attack was related to the Russian connection?

Mr. Comey’s dangerous October surprise

OMG! The Media is ‘Driving Demonic Activity’

For all Dylan/Byrds fans--sing along with Hey Mister Tangerine Man

Comey’s crazy act, amped by cable hysteria

This is for general information only- Beware of trolls bearing outlier polls. *

Photos: Grand Central Station NYC - NoDapl Demonstration Now

Walking down my street each morning to find my Clinton yard sign has become a ritual.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Surprise (October)

Post-ABC tracking poll: Romney 50 percent, Obama 47

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: More surprises

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

How Does One Access "My Journal".....

China criticises Donald Trump's plan to exit Paris climate deal

Russian Thinkfluencers | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Coverage Turns Against Comey

I broke my record for viewing time this morning on Morning Joe

Keep the perspective, as HC has said, the email thing is already baked in

Did trump vote for Bush or not?

NYT 11/1-- Donald Trump Used Legally Dubious Method to Avoid Paying Taxes

Scary Dogs! Rigged Machines! Votes From the Grave! This Election, Paranoia Reigns

Have you seen your sample ballot?

Has James Comey turned the FBI into a clown car of incompetence and, worse, a threat to the

Venezuelan government frees five opposition politicians

Women in charge...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Philly transit strike has me wound up.

Holocaust-Denying Academic Organized List of Trump Endorsers

Respected F&M poll of Pennsylvania: HRC 49% Trump 38% (Dems lead Senate race by 12)

Here’s The Latest Big News On Russia And The U.S. Election

Don't Forget: LET IT SINK

This is just fucking absurdity.

I came back to DU for sanity

Zhuhai air show: China J-20 fighter jet in public debut

How low has the bar been set for honorable Republicans?

Updated this morning: HuffPo presidency forecast - Clinton - 98.2%

From the people who were screwed by the Republicans the most to the politicians that screwed them -

Here is a link to several poll aggregation and prediction sites

There were thousands of ghost costumes out on the streets tonight. Turns out it

Hillary, Kaine, Obama, Bill, Sanders, Chelsea and Anne Holton all out today GOTV...

New Senate Polls from IL & PA give Dems big leads

About the lower turnout for the early black vote. There are fewer

Photos: Bank of America NYC NoDAPL Demonstration Now

How You Can Fight Donald Trump Right Now

Chin up everyone

In times like these I need NanceGreggs

Nate Silver just added a veritable cornucopia of new polls*

Who is "Emily McMullin"?

New York magazine cover, the maggot will love this one

Woman at center of South Korean presidential crisis is detained

About the black vote in Florida; Souls to the Polls is this weekend

Lol, even Newt Gingrich is calling BS on the ABC tracking poll

Our election moderators are doing a great job. Troll removed in record time. THANK YOU!

Onward, Christian Solder

What's going on with the septa strike in Philly?

Word of the Day: Comie

It's coming down to NC, FL, CO and NV.

Remains of the Day: Twitter to Let You Mute Specific Words

Donald Trump Supporter Tries to Vote Twice, Arrested for Voter Fraud

Video: Woman Claiming Trump Raped Her At Age 13 Tells Story

Raw Story is reporting that there is another witness

BREAKING! Another leaked email found!

Clinton campaign blasts James Comey over 'jaw-dropping' double standards at FBI

Why I’ll Defend Anyone Trump Sues for Speaking Freely

Screaming Jay Hawkins Halloween

How the Brown Rat Conquered New York City (and Every Other One, Too)

It is absolutely chilling that the director of the FBI has intervened

Re-visiting the Trump purchase of the Old Post Office Building on Pennsylvania Ave.

Photos: JP Morgan Chase NYC NoDAPL Demonstration Now

When did Republicans start voting for Russian puppets?


What did the @ABC-WP tracking poll look like 1 week out in past elections?

Who is writing the speeches that Trump gives on the teleprompter?

Trump Leads Clinton by 1 Point in New Poll as Enthusiasm Declines

**Survey Monkey poll of NH - Oct 25-31 - Hillary 48, Putin's Boy 35 - Hillary +13**

Clinton up big in PA, says new F&M College Poll

CNN Has a lead story right now that has nothing to do with emails

IARC Scientists Defend Glyphosate Cancer Link; Surprised by Industry Assault

Some Positive Senate #'s

Judge orders RNC to detail voter fraud pacts with Trump campaign

Pic Of The Moment: Want To Know Why This Election Isn't About Issues?

Crystal Ball says Yes

Republicans are just making weird stuff up now

It Is Going To Be ONE HELL OF A WEEK .

NEW AD: What He Believes | Hillary Clinton

Anonymous Issues Warning to Russian Hackers Targeting US Election

Wash Post ABC track poll actually shows HRC winning safely in electoral college

Dear Election Concern Trolls;

At a gas station yesterday in western PA north of Pittsburgh...

Гражданин Трyмп - Citizen Trump

No political signs in yards this election

What does a $20,000, seven minute self-portrait bought with fraudulent charity funds look like?

Variety Magazine Goes To Bat For Hillary Clinton In First-Ever Presidential Endorsement

HRC with mask as she laughs w/her staff who are wearing Halloween costumes on d plane

Far-right pastor says we don't have to follow the law...

The Daily 202: If these Latinos vote, Hillary Clinton will probably win Florida

Baltimore school bus crash: No children among 6 dead

Lititz firm’s solar-powered farm cart makes for easy pickins’

Soon y'all might be reading about the biggest story ever to hit NC politics

Tweety: If we wake up on Nov 9 without President Trump, "you were too dainty to do it."

"A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump"

Richard Dawkins and Jonathan Sacks on Science And Religion

Back in 2007, Trump was praising Bill and Hillary Clinton on the Don Imus show

This morning, I retweeted an article on the Trump-Russia connections

Witness: Trump also raped 12-year-old — and used her disappearance to threaten another victim

Rachel Dolezal memoir to explore 'discrimination while living as black'

I'm not ready to say good bye to Obama and Biden too

Florida - friend was purged from voter rolls

This professor devotes her life to countering dangerous speech. She can’t ignore Donald Trump’s.

China debuts J-20 stealth jet in show of strength at country's biggest expo

Study: Next U.S. president faces Colorado River problem

David Corn coming up on MSNBC!

Just got a recorded call from the Republican Party of Florida...

"People Are Saying" - Samantha Bee ROCKS!

YMCA helping get out the vote...offers free childcare on election day.

CNN Dumped Donna Brazile

Huma isn't running for president

Comey might want to give this a bit of thought

Washington Examiner - RW rag??

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Vs Joy Reid: What is the point of Brzezinski?

How To Protest The Bundy Way! Advice To #NoDAPL Protesters - TMFS Sketch Comedy

***Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 6 in Virginia***

Concerning rabid conservative talk show hosts

Here is site to donate to the Dakota pipeline protestors:

Brain Damage

***Clinton up big in PA, says new F&M College Poll***

Jeremy Corbyn: Living Wage

Anonymous donor pays $2.5 million to release everyone arrested at the Dakota Access Pipeline

Mexican Peso Slides After U.S. Poll Shows Trump Edging Ahead

Bottom Line: Anyone who votes for Donald Trump is aiding and abetting treason.

Electoral College Math Continues to Favor Clinton

What am I missing from Obama's "To Do List" for the next week?

Sen. McCaskill calls Comey's latest move 'unconscionable'

Election complaint I just sent to CNN - where are the Trump stories?

Anyone have a bucket of bleach? I need to soak my eyes.

Fahrenthold about to tweet 6 mysteries ab Donald Trump giving to charity

Donald Trump makes a play for Wisconsin as Hillary Clinton maintains edge

Reporting on a conversation about emails/election from a hospital

Donald Trump Supporter Charged With Dumping Manure Outside Ohio Democratic HQ

Hillary as we never get to see her. The Favorite Poem Project.

Clinton Camp Responds to Report of Trump Server Secretly Communicating With Russian Bank

I know millions of repubs that were going to vote HRC before this latest FBI kerfuffle...

KO: Trump is Right. This Email Debacle is Worse than Watergate

KO: Trump is Right. This Email Debacle is Worse than Watergate

Elon University Poll North Carolina, HRC 42% tRump 41%

Teabagger WI Sen Johnson Calls Feingold, Clinton 'Swamp Creatures,' Calls For Them To Be 'Flushed'

Herb Kohl Campaigns For Clinton, Feingold In Milwaukee

chaffetz and comey in collusion????

Is trump now competing in Wisconsin

Secret Service is asked to investigate Sen. Richard Burr after he suggests Clinton should be shot

KO: Is Donald Trump a Russian Agent? The truth about the Trump-churian Candidate

Federal judge orders RNC to come clean about minority voter intimidation pact with Trump

James Comey must have seen this Craigslist ad

Paid 10 dollars to get my ass to the polls for Hillary

A relative of mine wrote this :-):

What He Believes | Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Scandals and Vetting.

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Rips Donna Brazile’s ‘Disgusting’ Dealings With Clinton Campaign

~~~ GET OUT THE F...ING VOTE!! ~~~

LIVE Stream: FULL Event - Bernie Sanders GOTV Plymouth NH Rally

Libertarian VP Bill Weld on Morning Joe ...Reads from 1984 ...

some asshole put a trump sign in my yard.

Nate Silver moved Florida (and North Carolina) to Trump...

Obama-Noose Costume At UW-Madison Football Game Sparks Bias Incident Reports

The Manchurian Candidate?

Spy Tells FBI there was a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump

I feel like this is the type of email from Hillary Clinton people like to ignore

Paul Ryan: "I voted for Trump" but won't campaign with him

October’s Surprise May Not Resonate In November

Electoral College Math Still Favors Clinton

Senate Forecast Still Cloudy

Fall back one hour this weekend. Yes, this Election will be another hour longer

Frightening (but not graphic or tragic) CCTV vid of croc attacking couple in swimming pool

Bryan Cranston 1:26 - Trump is a classic tragic Shakespearean character

New Rules (post 2016 election)

I am going in to do phone banking into swing states now instead of reading how its all over


Lets Be Honest, Hillary Is Going to Lose

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 1, 2016

I really love black people

Something else to worry about - Permafrost thawing-ancient zombie diseases

Hillary Clinton's Final Test (stand tall fellow DUers!)

Real News: Alt Right tactics were Road Tested Against Climate Scientists

I really love black people

Capitalism vs Communism

Vote for Pedro

Post Tortoise

Stephen Colbert's Halloween costume was remarkably and terrifyingly accurate

MSM Chooses EMAILS over FEMALES - Wikileaks show intent to "dump" emails

Suppose a newly inaugurated Republican President is revealed as a Russian agent

Good entertainment from Farenthold today by 3 !!!

guillermo's message to trump (the jimmy kimmel show)

Election model predicts big win for Clinton

Unearthed photo of Trump's real campaign management team

New York magazine cover brands Trump a ‘loser’

David Corn on Russia - Trump Connection = MSNBC

Samantha Bee makes a funny and fun effort out of tRumps seeming inability to read. Especially

Papal misogyny is forever, says Pope Francis.

Long, serious discussion in with John Kerry on how Silicon Valley is helping in many ways

Emerson College polls: Clinton Leads in Virginia +4,Maine +4 and Illinois +12

Email: Clinton camp tipped off on Flint debate question

I sure hope the Hillary camp has ads using Bill Weld's words against Trump. It probably would

Please, please, please check your children's Halloween candy!!! In my niece's bag, I found four

Ammon Bundy: 'We will continue to stand'

Khizr Khan to speak at University of Virginia Tonight

Khizr Khan to speak at University of Virginia Tonight

The Ku Klux Klan makes it official, endorses Donald Trump saying 'Make America Great Again'

Ghost Forests Grow From FL To NJ As Rising Oceans Pump Saltwater Into Coastal Zones And Wetlands

Calm Down DUers - Watch this - and send it on

Reminder: If you're voting early or absentee! ~To do so soon! Today! Tomorrow!

Is the Google poll "F"d up or what?

The New York Times’ very fishy article about Trump and Russia

None Of The Clinton Scandals Were Ever Real. All Cooked Up & Fostered By MSM.

Glad this made it on to a Network show

David Corn on Russian Operation to Help Trump - FBI investigation

How are the polls in wisconsin for Hillary

At least we know where Bernie stands

University of Wisconsin-Stout Student From Saudi Arabia Killed

Hillary sent this letter to woman in response to hate attack

Robert Reich was live.

"Your Money or Your Life" (Trailer #2) featuring Bernie Sanders (Plus full video)

Access Hollywood tape was realeased too early

Gary Johnson’s Running Mate Says Donald Trump Is Straight Out Of ‘1984’

FBI chooses today to release documents on early 2000 Bill Clinton Investigation.

Olbermann-- Is Donald Trump a Russian Agent?

Trump and Putin share a frightening worldview

Prominent Economists, Including Eight Nobel Laureates: ‘Do Not Vote for Donald Trump’

You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get ... kneed

CA Prop 60: Shut Up And Listen to the Porn Stars

Ballot counting: Lots of security, many eyes and no internet

What TV Channel will you be watching on Election night?

Hoover poll shows Trump facing historic defeat in California

CNN will have a segment on Trump/Russia coming up...

Scott Walker is BAD at Twitter

We now know James Comey really did apply two different standards to Trump and Clinton

Clinton national lead holds steady-NOLA/Times Piscauyne tracking poll finds

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Rips Donna Brazile’s ‘Disgusting’ Dealings With Clinton Campaign

State of Florida race Nov 1st

The Green Party: left wing or alt-right?

Clinton campaign raised $11.3M online in last 72 hrs

Clinton leads Trump in four-way race: poll

Democratic Voters Are to Blame for Hillary Clinton’s Headaches

Any word on Trump child rape case?

More Than 15 Local Bars Boycott Yuengling After Owner's Trump Endorsement

6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible And Terrifying

The media should start calling Trump and Comey: Putinocchios

We are supposed to believe Russia wants to "disrupt" our election

Variety backs Hillary Clinton in first-ever presidential endorsement

When Soda Makers Fund Studies, Links to Obesity Weaken

Stanford Sexual Assault Case Survivor Emily Doe Speaks Out

Here's one way I believe early voting numbers are not being taken into account.

I'm perfectly calm.

RARE DON TRUMP Baseball card found

Clinton to be introduced by fmr Miss Universe Alicia Machado: Dade City, FL rally 3pm EDT....

For $20,000 of somebody else's money, this self-portrait of Donald Trump can be his!

Portrait Trump bought of himself paid with money earmarked for charity.

Is Rudy involved in The FBI NY field office leaks to the WSJ and the NYT?

130,000 Use Social Media To Get Around The Media Blackout of Standing Rock!

Will The Presidential Election Cause A Market Crash? (w/Guest: Steve Beaman)

LIVE STREAM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Hanover New Hampshire

The Polls are a Lagging Indicator. Don't Worry

We got this Hillary

I have not felt like this since 2000.. and that was pretty cruddy..

One of these Things is not like the Other

A simple description of gridlock

Wall St rattled by U.S. election, rate uncertainty

All surrogates should take lessons from Bill Weld.

Pretend you are running Hillarys campaign

Colonial says main gasoline line could open by Saturday

(Updated) RECORDED Stream: Bernie Sanders Rally in Portland Maine (11/01/16)

Amtrak Preparing For Thanksgiving Rush With Expanded Schedules, More Seats

The ABC poll is an out-liar poll.

Mary called me this morning.

Clinton aide says the campaign raised $11.3M online in the last 72 hours, the most at any point sinc

I'm kicking Mika and Joe to the curb...need a tolerable replacement...

China and Malaysia sign deals on navy vessels

Forget conspiracy theories. This is why Trump’s Russian connection is actually a problem.

I RSVP ed election night official Democratic party in Baltimore MD. How about your city?

Islamic State kills 40 near Mosul, tries to move 25,000 to use as shields, U.N. says


Hillary is still very likely to win - but it's silly to believe things have not tightened.

changeable election map

FBI releases docs from 2001 Rich investigation days before election

The terrifying issue for women in Election 2016

How Bad Could a Trump Presidency Be?

New Clinton campaign ad: "What He Believes"

Shouldn't Comey come out and knock down all this bullshit from Trump

Nov 1 Network morning news show time: Clinton FBI 30 min. Trump NYT taxes story 2 min.

I think that, in the last week, half the Johnson voters and more than half the Stein voters

An "OMG this is great" analysis of Harris County (Houston), Texas to date:

Innocent Computer Forced to Sift Through Anthony Weiner’s Emails

Been asked to repost links for NC efforts for Deborah Ross senate race and Meck County GOTV

Samantha Bee Spreads Her Own Conspiracy Theory About Donald Trump

Will there be an Internet attack on Election Day?

This is the portrait of himself that Donald Trump bought with $20,000 from his charity

Waiting for the H bomb (Hillary bomb) to drop on Trumpland

Jailed anti-Putin activist says he is being tortured in jail

cnn's zucker has shown himself to a raving lunatic and hypocrite

WISCONSIN poll by Remington: Hillary 46 % - Trump 42 % . Survey conducted October 30

What's Trump going to call Hillary on November 9?

Clinton Emails, tRump admitting sexual assault, clinton emails, tRump charity fraud

1 of 8 Washington children with mysterious polio-like illness dies

The Prophet Nate Silver Has A Message

I really don't understand how Trump is even competitive in this race

CA Prop 60: Shut Up And Listen to the Porn Stars

NPR All Things Considered is going to talk about Trump's connections to Kremlin.

Pro-Trump Camp welcomes new sycophant to The Board

The Daily Show - Indecision 2020: Envisioning President Trump's First Term

538: The Early Vote In Nevada Suggests Clinton Might Beat Her Polls There

Am always worrying about Kurt Eichenwald! He's been quiet for a day, unlike him...

When it's all over next week and they announce Hillary Clinton as the 45th President...

Clinton camp internals show substantial national lead

Just got back from call banking into North Carolina. Spent about 3 hours. Very positive

Someone within the FBI has something on Comey. The FBI is out of control.

It is delusional to believe that Trump, ISIL, and the KKK are truth-tellers.

I'm 63 years old and I can't fucking believe

Dead End

From Daily Kos: Early voting is down among black North Carolinians because Republicans designed it

Trump finally gets an official endorsement!

Have we become worse than 1932 Germany?

Pope says he believes ban on female priests is forever

How much do you trust the polls?

WTF: Trumpy is leading the polls??????

Dear DU, please add Heat Street ( to your do not read or link to list.

what a sniveling coward.

The death of the FBI as a respected organization.

Hillary Clinton’s Bad Promise on Debt

Taiwan's KMT party tells China it is pushing for peace

Steve Kornacki is incredibly annoying ... I think the big national EV board arouses him.

Clinton camp on new survey showing Trump ahead: It’s ‘bad polling’

Breakthroughs in Colombia’s stalled peace process

Hillary Clinton held a rally in a Florida gay bar

Marco Rubio - it's bad when he misses work

LIVE Stream: President Obama in Columbus, Ohio

Just Maxed Out Donation To HRC--Because No Man Is An Island

Gore and Kerry would have loved these polls and electoral map

Fired today as a substitute teacher -- for doing my job correctly

Groper Don the Con is not leading shit

F.B.I. Scrapbook

TV anchor with MS leaving Fox 2 to join medical marijuana fight

November 1, in Michigan. It broke 80 degrees and I had to mow the lawn, again

The KKK Is Working To Get Out The Vote — For Donald

**RAND national poll - Hillary +9**

Sid Miller calls Hillary Clinton the "C" Word in a Tweet

**Mitchell (Michigan) Poll: Clinton's lead up to 7 percent over Trump**

The 10 Leves Of Poll Fretting by Micah Cohen

POLLSTER aggregate poll average: C 48.2 T 42

Black Teen Runner With Autism Allegedly Attacked By Man Who Feared Mugging

80 degrees on Nov. 1? Trees just starting to turn? Gardens still growing?

CNN reporting that FBI says "no criminal ties b/n Trump and Russia" on Wolf now. Wtf is the FBI

For those of you who are fretting over the polls..MUST READ

Three steps to President Pence

How US policy in Honduras set the stage for today’s mass migration

How US policy in Honduras set the stage for today’s mass migration

If coffee grounds are good for the garden...are tea bags too?

Hillary is Predicted to Win by EV 332 - Yes, as of 11/1

Kurt Eichenwald: Comey is “acting like he’s trying 2 throw the election,”

Chuck Todd is pimping a "worst case for Clinton scenario" electoral college map

Yes, the "Green" Party has Endorsed Trump Over Clinton

DU'ers - Please donate to Senate Dem candidates. Links here.

I don't think Comey is doing this deliberately. I think he's having a breakdown.

All the States that Gore, Kerry, and Obama all won

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 November 2016

" Vladimir Putin’s Campaign to Seduce, Subvert and Screw Over Western Democracies"...

I was looking at the current electoral map

Fuck you Chuck Todd and MTP Daily! They just had a former DEA guy on spouting reefer madness

Want the ‘Real’ Brooklyn? Go Cheap

Where is a good place to have dinner in Columbus GA

Why Police From 7 Different States Invaded a Standing Rock Camp—and Other Questions

Heckofajob Comey

370 top economists publish scathing letter against 'dangerous, destructive' Trump

CNN is reporting that the FBI just released files from a 2001 Bill Clinton investigation.

Got a Nielson Book!!

seeing all HRC's smiles and laughter, especially during and since the dnc, (and at today's rally

Can't do it anymore. I rarely watch CNN or MSNBC. Stopped watching

Remember folks

US wants Brazil to take back Haitians who left the country

There is a thread about a screen shot going on in the Lounge

Any DEM viewing parties in Detroit, Michigan on Election night?

Is the USDA Silencing Scientists?

Clinton campaign dismisses ABC tracking poll as "bad polling"

US wants Brazil to take back Haitians who left the country

Photo: Mongolian Tribes Stand with Standing Rock!

Texas Agriculture Commissioner: Hillary Clinton’s a ‘C*nt’

Argentine Pianist Martha Argerich To Be Celebrated At 2016 Kennedy Center Honors

The 65 Most Delish Fall Soups

Hillary to campaign in Michigan Friday

PPP on that Survey USA Poll of NC

The bottom line is GOTV.

How Donald Trump's Remarks About Renewed Clinton Email Probe Mirror Birtherism

FBI now releasing documents about Clinton and Mark Rich

So when is the MSM going to switch back to Trump?

New Hampshire activist wants to change plea on Nevada standoff -wife

Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan & Illinois, Texas -- Election day weather warning.

TheHill: Election model predicts big win for Clinton

The KKK Is Working To Get Out The Vote — For Donald Trump, Of Course

Check Rick Wilson's twitter

Three nights in a row now.

U.S. top court skeptical toward State Farm hurricane fraud appeal

Facebook madness - the "Jew-S-A" guy was a Hillary plant ???

Mike Luckovich...

Dixiegrrrrl tell us more about that Alabama pipeline

CNN now all in for grump

This afternoon I sat down and started to write an essay for

Daily Kos: Great News! Florida is now starting to see a surge of African American and Hispanic earl

Donald Trump's claims about Hillary Clinton's tax loophole stance? Wrong

Product key on old computer

Trump will replace ACA with HSAs (Healthcare Savings Accounts).

Ok, people are immune to Trump's sex rap,

Eau Claire WI: attracted the largest group of TRUMP protesters that I have seen in a while:

The KKK’s official newspaper has embraced Donald Trump for president

*Ahem* With All This Talk About Russia, I've Got Just One Word For Comey: CUBA!

GOP Will Just Ignore Court Orders On Voting Because No One Will Arrest Them.

NYPD settlement on Muslim surveillance not 'sufficient', judge rules

NYPD settlement on Muslim surveillance not 'sufficient', judge rules

From the "shit my crazy right-wing grandma emails me" files

One Week To Go! BTRTN's Complete Up-To-The-Minute 50-State Electoral College, Senate, House Snapshot


Sisters, I wasn't prepared for that emotional POP.

Jeff Gauvin on Twitter sums it up....

Jersey City tops list of the 25 most livable US cities.

New Monmouth poll confirms neck-and-neck races for Missouri governor and senate

Wisconsin early vote so far: 51% Dem, 37% Rep. In 2012 it was: 46% Dem, 39% Rep

CFP rankings

BREAKING: @HillaryClinton to campaign in Pittsburgh on Friday, Nov. 4, just days prior to Election

And now, the Irish Halloween weather forecast

Alliance/ESA polls include HRC +6 in Ohio and +4 in Nevada

I Can Now Understand How Hitler Came to Power in Germany...

Samantha Bee Is Convinced Donald Trump Can’t Read

Poker Player Cries as He Admits Massive Debt Collection Scam

No dramatic headline but these FL EV numbers looks pretty good

Let's watch Hillary do her shimmy song!

A More Accurate World Map Wins Prestigious Japanese Design Award.

Court: RNC must detail 'ballot security' efforts

North Dakota Officials Borrow $4M, Slam Feds on Protest Cost

Should Hillary surrogates do what is equivalent to the LBJ daisy ad?

Japan: lucky rooster is the hit of zoo in Osaka

ON 11/8, WE WILL DEFEAT: Asshole tRump, the damn Russians AND the fucking FBI!!!!

Heh! The pre-game panel includes a cheater and a cheater/convict out of the five panelists...

**NH Senate Survey Monkey poll Oct 24-31 Hassan +12**

Pgh Post-Gazette endorses McClelland in PA-12

Just robo-called by Ivanka Trump in North Carolina. Damn! So wish I could have told her off.

President Obama in NC on Wed and Friday (Biden there today)

An anodyne: Totally non-election subject matter (photos)

Pope says women will never be priests

Mexicans Prepare Their Offerings and Calaveras Ahead of Day of the Dead

Mystery writers drawn to English coastline

Anyone checked the internals

CNN: Models point to a Clinton win...or a Trump win...

In NC’s early voting, Democratic turnout down, but leads Republicans

Clinton raises more than $11M in wake of FBI letter

***** Hillary LIVE right now = GOTV

What else can Comey do? Trump is still going to lose, even after all that bull shit.

Just voted in NV

+1 for Hillary Kaine in Michigan today

Angry Trumpers Screwed Themselves.

Susan Sarandon to the rest of us: Screw you. I'm endorsing Stein.

I feel better after reading this...

Is Michael MacDonald (of Univ of Fl) a republican?

Notes from Central Florida and our first day in Virginia

Once a Liberal Darling, Bev Harris Still Thinks the Elections Are Rigged

Here's a question In the polarized electorate we have today

DC City Council passes historic Death with Dignity Act

The hell with it. I'm watching "PT-109" on Dish TCM @ 19:00 CDT