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Deputy kills family then self, despite colleagues' pleas

Trump's Best Words.

Islamist terrorists suspected in murder of Scandinavian tourists in Morocco

Montana Man Shoots At Guy He Thinks Is Bigfoot.

Compassion. Kindness. Leadership.

Mueller seeks Roger Stone's testimony to House intelligence panel, suggesting special counsel is nea

Fewer Births, More Deaths Result in Lowest U.S. Growth Rate in Generations

2020 US Senate Election- Democratic nominee for Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020.

Halos, tangerines--do I need to refrigerate them? nt

Trump cancels meeting with Bob Corker while he's waiting in the White House...

'TRUMP IS A TRAITOR': Minneapolis man installs political holiday light display, and the locals love

Vanity Fair Chronicles Waning Days Of The Trump Administration

Colorado baker who refused to make gay couple's cake faces second LGBT bias allegation

Rats are everywhere in D.C. Even on the White House lawn--and the biggest one is in the Oval Office

Democrats Drop The Hammer By Sending 51 Letters Demanding Trump Documents

Paul Ryan is a brave man.

Evangelical Christians Helped Elect DT, but Their Time as a Major Political Force Is Coming

'Turns Out,' Says Ocasio-Cortez, 'Everyday People Like It When We Fight for Everyday People'

With extremely important decisions, shouldn't those most affected know ahead of time?

Nashville secular group celebrates faith-free Christmas

Rauner Says He Sought Others To Run For Governor In His Place, Blames Trump For Loss

Fmr Prosecutor: Mueller eyeing foreign bank with mystery subpoena

What's going on with Roger STONE, Tweety sez something's coming

Cannabis and Sagan

US sportswear traced to factory in China's internment camps

i stopped listening to NPR and switched to MSNBC

These fools are dead set against paying higher tax as but

Obama is at it again...making us miss him

In Syria withdrawal, Trump discards advice from allies and officials

WATCH: Malcolm Nance predicts Julian Assange will be indicted the same day as Roger Stone

Stand Your Ground justice, Florida style. Shoot a fleeing thief.

Federal Reserve cuts its outlook for U.S. economy; stocks plunge

Embracing the work of Christmas

Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: Why not indict the Trump Organization?

As Paul Ryan Says Goodbye, Progressives Say 'Good Riddance' to 'Coward Who Sold Our Economy

90% Full ...

Charles M. Blow: It Is So Much Worse Than I Thought

More controversy over Satanic Temple display in Rotunda

Judge Emmet Sullivan is a Howard University grad - law school and undergraduate

Quit the union and use that cash for Christmas shopping!

Al Franken and David Frum

McLean, VA: Claude Moore Colonial Farm To Close Amid Park Service Dispute

The border wall will divide this Texas town, displacing or blocking homes - but where?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Heart of Darkness!

Survivor-- Any bets... Not Angelina... 🤯

This is a Tangerine Terrorist Tantrum!

What is everyone's position on keeping troops in Syria?

Trespassers could face fines up to $1-million as newly discovered cave in B.C. closed off to public

How do you make asparagus taste good. I tried boiling it then frying it

Picture of determination

Rachel: "stay sober and keep your laces tied."

Pioneer Ballerina Raven Wilkinson Has Passed Away At 83

Children as young as 10 fight, kill and die in Yemen's war

Vibra Hospital of Springfield plans to close, cites loss of revenue

Speaker Paul Ryan laments 'broken politics' in farewell address

Giuliani makes new defense of Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal payments

John Boehner is writing a memoir

Proposed southern Illinois wind farm faces opposition

not hearing much repub response from syria today, or anything else. missing something?

Mick Mulvaney as chief of staff: Let Trump be Trump

Bharara: If you were prez & compromised by Russia, what more could you've done today to please Putin

Trump snubs Corker, as critics and allies alike lambaste Syria decision

News to listen to - I gave up NPR for podcasts. Send recs here.

Russia blesses US troop withdrawal from Syria

Senators call on Trump administration to reconsider Syria withdrawal

Dow sinks 350 points to new 2018 low after Fed raises key rate

Coast Guard training in massive surf captured in stunning photos

Shutdown-Averting Deal Quickly Hits Oily Snag

He reported his company for exploiting undocumented workers. His boss paid to kill him, police say

Today I got choked up and cried, reading "The Polar Express" to second graders.

Why is it so hard for the media to admit Trump is taking many of his orders from Putin?

Girl, 8, killed by train after mother forces her to cross under freight car to catch bus, cops say

This year's hottest Christmas gift!

MLB, Cuban Baseball Federation reach agreement that will eliminate need for players to defect

Cold War Civil Rights.

Stephanie Miller Show, Malcolm Nance: Mueller is on a jihad for the constitution.

What a real human president does.

A totally new name for a dog if ever I might have another (doubtful) : Stella

GOFundMe Page For Donald TRump's Border Wall Raises More Than $900k in 3 Days

I passed!

Federal judge orders trial over census citizenship question

Almost 700 Catholic clergy in Illinois accused of sexual abuse: official

Amy Klobuchar is on CNN talking to Don Lemon, she referred to "Speaker Pelosi"!!!

Nuku Nuku:All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl OPENING

It's amazing. No time to watch this circus lately, but when you finally check in.....

The Corruption of the Republican Party

Ann Coulter is a jerkball...

Florida deputy kills wife, daughter, granddaughter, self

Malcolm Nance Says It's Time To Start Calling Trump What He Is: A Russia-Owned t-word

Trump AG pick sent DOJ 20-page memo warning against investigating Trump for obstruction of justice

Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop

Rest In Peace Sir David Austin

Rudolf with your nose so brown, won't you spread my lies around

Robert Mueller Just Dropped A Major Clue That He's Heading Straight For Donald Trump Jr.

The Rachel Maddow Show 12/19/18

It's every single person associated with djTrump....Criminals

Illinois lawmakers to get new top watchdog with 'strong background in sexual harassment'

Putin got his Christmas present early...

Grow a set of balls Lindsey and ask him why he gave Putin 3 Christmas presents...early

Ai No Hoshi

Bill Daley tops $3M raised in Chicago mayoral race, gets backing from a Kennedy

Baking Soda Instead of Toothpaste and Peroxide as a Mouthwash

Denzel, Rickles , and Letterman

If Donald Jr. gets indicted that would be explosive! Seriously, every news program in the world

Parkland parents call for unity as Individual-1 doubles down on arming schools

Arizona inmate sentenced for mailed threats to Obama, Lynch

Have Stone and/or Flynn committed any state crimes

Michigan House plans to kill Republicans' lame duck power grab

Malcolm Nance escalates feud with Fox News' Tucker Carlson:Did Fox News just learn about the Russia

Greatest Board Game in History: "It was Don, Jr., with a Russian Attorney in the Secret Meeting...."

Beaumont ISD to vote on principal who reportedly pepper sprayed students

From WP and reported on Rachel, why would Mueller be requesting the Stone testimony to the House?

NKorea says it won't denuclearize unless US removes threat

Samantha Bee's show donates house to help immigrant families

Bogota vows to guarantee safe return of displaced indigenous after neglect backfires

Staff at a bank in Ohio called police on a black man trying to cash his paycheck

The Daily Show's The Yearly Show 2018: Weird Trump, Things You Forgot Happened, and 911 Calls

DeVos Gives Quiet Nod To Arming Teachers

Music JPop Yoko Ishida - Towa no Hana Eternal Flower - Ai Yori Aoshi OP

Eternal Flower

Aki Maeda - Daijoubu

Follow-up: Fajita case seeks appeal; Man claims he received ineffective counsel

A requiem for Donald Trump: Peering into the Aug. 27, 2026 future at his funeral

Former employees sue health care fraud suspects

Operator of medical equipment company sentenced on fraud charges

Border Patrol Agent Assaulted in Eagle Pass

Seth Meyers - Trump Criticizes Tech Companies, Trump's 2020 Campaign Hotline - Monologue - 12/18/18

Seth Meyers - Trump's Wall and Charity Were Scams: A Closer Look

Mystery Sealed Document In Cohen Case Placed In Vault In Federal Court

The Daily Show's The Yearly Show 2018: Weird Trump, Things You Forgot Happened, and 911 Calls

Had some surgery on Wednesday under general anesthesia.

Dem Senator: 'I Wouldn't Put It Past Mueller To Indict The Trump Campaign.'

Senators Christmas Carol Their Way To Approval Of Stopgap Government Funding

Stumbled across 'The Fix' on Netflix

Romanian woman arrested with credit card skimmers in Portland, Texas

Elon Musk, genius-inventor and visionary, has just invented the car on tracks.

He's nothing special.

Politicians, security officials and media contribute to violence against Colombia's activists: repor

Kansas to pay $1.1M in wrongful conviction look-alike case

Late night thoughts ...

"You can't arrest me, I'm a sheriff".

My prediction, considering the events of today.

University of Central Arkansas suspends Kappa Sigma fraternity chapter

Woman pleads guilty to military insurance kickback scheme

Scientists lobby Mexico president over endangered porpoise

The GoFundMe Funded dump wall by the numbers

Rockets set NBA record with 26 3s in 136-118 win

Ex-Pharr official gets 22 months in fraud case

Scientists lobby Mexico president over endangered porpoise

Brazilian prosecutor files graft charges against outgoing President Michel Temer

Brazil faith healer tried to withdraw millions before arrest

Appeals court sides with Selena's dad Abraham Quintanilla Jr. in suit against Chris Perez

Arctic phenomenon to cause extra-cold January at East-Coast.

El Paso Times: Beto O'Rourke's liberal credentials questioned as he eyes 2020



Jimmy Kimmel Live: God & Satan Visit Jimmy Kimmel

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/19/18

Japan to resume commercial whaling after leaving IWC - report

Brazil judge gives order that could free Lula from prison

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Not a Very Merry Christmas for Donald Trump

New graft charge against Brazil's President Temer

Mueller Zeroes In On Flynn Sanctions Call With Russian, Reports - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Brazil expels loggers in rare operation to protect threatened tribe

What's your turkey name?.. I am Yammy Feather-Bottom

Brazil expels loggers in rare operation to protect threatened tribe

Paul Ryan And The GOP's Hypocrisy On The Debt And Deficit - All In - MSNBC

Ex-Starkey Laboratories president Ruzicka gets 7 years in fraud case

25 45 now

Archaeologists Virtually Recreate Pumapunku

Archaeologists Virtually Recreate Pumapunku

Eight Dallas-Area Pharmacy Owners and Marketers Charged in $9 Million Kickback Scheme

South Dakota bill would allow political apparel at polls

Former Starkey President Sentenced In Massive Fraud Scheme Perpetrated Against Starkey Laboratories

Long Island Man Sentenced to 56 Months' Imprisonment for Defrauding Investors of $62 Million in a Re

2020 CO US Senate Election- Likely Democratic Nominee- US Reps Ed Perlmutter-D or Joe Neguse-D

Court Sentences Former Wilmington Trust Chief Credit Officer and Controller to Imprisonment

Pedophilia charges dropped due to drunken Iowa prosecutor

Despite propaganda, Minnesota's 'high tax' economy is crushing Wisconsin, Iowa

Swalwell: Trump Shows 'Consciousness Of Guilt' In Russia Contact - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Can AOC's Green New Deal idea become a watershed rallying point under our big tent?

Minneapolis boudoir studio reserves the right to deny service to lesbians and sex workers

Syria's Kurds decry Trump's troop withdrawal announcement

Wisconsin taxpayers could pay Foxconn for work done outside of Wisconsin, audit says

Trump 2020 campaign used a shell company to pay ad buyers at the center of alleged illegal.....

Senator "Public Hanging"

Sunday morning shopping ban targeted by North Dakota lawmakers

A Man Who Said He Wanted To "Kill All Of The Jews" Was Convicted Of A Hate Crime

Troubled Dade Medical College shut down abruptly. Was that a crime? Judge will decide

Wisconsin's tax burden drops to 50-year low, study says

Putin Backs Trump's Decision To Pull Troops Out Of Syria, Says "Donald Is right"

Trump's Syria withdrawal a 'stain on the honor of the United States'

Trump Ignored Defense Secretary on Syria

Putin Praises Trump's Decision on Syria

Full moon on Christmas

Thursday TOONs - Michshun Ackcomplished

Why are shell companies legal?

Even more sexual abuse cover up

Trump again played by North Korea:

This man is mentally ill

This is why Trump is pulling the troops out of Syria:

Spouse just said 45 withdrew troops to save money for the wall. That is how he thinks.

Withdrawal -- the angle everyone seems to be missing

Is it treason yet??? Now it might be because of the way 45 did this move. Aiding and abetting...

The lies are corrosive.

Jacob Wohl's Twitter account suspended

Dude. It's a *fence*. Just call it a fence.

Mick Mulvaney as chief of staff: Let Trump be Trump

The signature on the "letter of intent" ?

Even I didn't think he could screw up the whole world this fast.

Border patrol detained 5 mo. old in freezing cell, denied antibiotics, child now hospitalized

Let's Meet With Trump Voters 2.0 - Let's Talk With Southern Fundamentalists About Global Warming

Russia, Turkey, Syria, Putin, Trump, Erdogan, Flynn-A little word association

Why isn't bigmouth Jim Jordan under investigation?

Revisiting Keith Olbermann, Mar 22, 2017, on "I alone can fix it"...He alone will break everything

Obama plays Santa at children's hospital in Washington

"Some Of The Cultivars Did Not Even Form A Tuber" - Potatoes Don't Do Well On Warmer Earth

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: A wild ride

My New Years fear from what will Trump do!

EPA Staffing Lower Than It Was 30 Years Ago, Morale Collapsing, Reorganization Gathering Speed

We have a semi-literate real estate 'mogul' running our global military/politics without input...

Zinke Hearings Warming Up; UT Monument Case Teed Up By House Natural Resources Cmte.

Drones cause holiday chaos at one of London's busiest airports

Hamburger Hill.

Personally, I'd much rather someone say "Merry Christmas" to me than

Facebook tries to explain why companies could erase your messages

Republicans Literally Stuck On 20-Year Old Stupid, As US Opinion Shifts Dramatically Re. Warming

Bobby Darin

Art of the Week: Week of 12/19/18

2018 in Review: Best Single Issue

2018 in Review: Best Limited Series

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/19/2018

Did Donald Trump break his pledge to forgo making new foreign business deals while in office?

Steal Slat Fencing is not a Wall

The countries to benefit from our withdrawal are: Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia,Turkey

Climate Liar Steven Milloy Summits The Everest Of Stupid With A Single Tweet

Trump just unfollowed Ann Coulter on Twitter

Any English teachers out there? Please proof read Trump's tweet.

Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut

This is what passes for art in France...

SEC charges business journalist, 12 others who sold Woodbridge Ponzi

Pierce: Paul Ryan's Career Ends as It Was: As Full of Sh*t as a Christmas Goose

George Conway: "The signs of collapse are here - Question is what pushes everything over the brink"

15 Years Ago, Today

Salt Lake Tribune Editorial: "Chaffetz has made his choice"

Emergency plan for refugees and migrants from Venezuela launched

Joint Chiefs chairman was in the dark about Trump Syria pullout: report

The Who - Who Are You - 1978 HD & HQ

One, of many reasons, modern "country music" sucks

Venezuelan exodus to reach 5.3 million by 2019, UN says

Dear Beto, Andrew, and Stacey--Run Again

Putin: There's a 'Growing' Threat of Nuclear War That Will End Civilization

'Donald's Right': Putin Welcomes U.S. Withdrawal From Syria

All I want for Xmas...

Ringing in a Christian Nationalist 2019 With an Even Larger Legislative Playbook

More than 15% of childhood deaths in America are due to guns, study says

Who advised Trump to withdraw from Syria? Mattis didn't, Bolton didn't,

Luckovich Toon - Trump: "If Convicted, I'll Make Mexico's President Do The Time!..

Led zeppelin moby dick

Trump administration aims to toughen work requirements for food stamp recipients


USDA moves to tighten restrictions on food stamps

Trump Downplays Wall Promise Amid Outrage: The 'Border is Tight'

FSogol's 2018 Advent Calendar Day 20: Wassailing-What's a little Xmas vandalism between friends?

Putin Endorses U.S. Withdrawal From Syria as Trump Claims Russia is 'Not Happy About' It

FOUND: Trump Signed Russia Docs That Supposedly Don't Exist

Trump Foundation Shutting Down Over Rampant Criminality

Category 6 Presidency.

So, Christmas Pie it is...

'The signs of collapse are here': Kellyanne Conway's husband warns GOP is poised to turn on Trump

I know a foolproof way to lower the trade deficit and reduce illegal immigration

If Obama impulsively pulled out troops like trump, repubs would be holding hearings on Christmas day

Trump's helping ISIS prepare a terrorist attack on US with Syria pull-out: Homeland Security GOPer

Putin invades Ukraine, Trump declares a national emergency and makes a giant power grab.

For the First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain

Chaos in the WH?

Mattis, once one of 'my generals,' loses his influence with Trump

We are a broken country. A go fund me campaign for the wall for the assclown is raising lots

The moment when the Senate agreed unanimously to make lynching a federal crime for the first time

Maggie Haberman: 'Reality is catching up with this president'

Trump's leaving Syria to cash in again on real estate deals in Russia and Turkey: Morning Joe

Population boom could remake 2020 map

The story of Dyngo - a war dog brought home from combat

Breaking on M$nbc: AG Whitaker told he doesn't have to recuse himself from Mueller investigation.

Exclusive: Whitaker told he does not need to recuse himself from overseeing Mueller investigation

Paul Ryan's Farewell Address:

Lindsey reacts to Syrian withdrawal

Putin tells May to 'fulfil will of people' on Brexit

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (Official Music Video)

Barr Criticized Mueller Probe In Memo to Justice Dept

If Trump were President during the Cuban Missile Crisis....

The tipping point has been reached. Now it is time for Mattis to resign

Republicans pretend they have no choice but to go along with the criminal in the White House...


Prediction: trump will not sign CR.

Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song (2014 Remaster)

Trump's attorney general pick looks more and more like an anti-Mueller zealot

Eliza Dushku: I worked at CBS. I didn't want to be sexually harassed. I was fired

Don Lemon shows 1999 clip of Trump saying 'nobody knows more about campaign finance' than him

Trump conservation pick Aurelia Skipwith decried for inexperience and conflicts of interest

Poll: Americans can agree that the nation is divided. Beyond that, they don't agree on much.

Yemeni mother arrives in Bay Area to visit dying toddler son

Judge rules Harvey Weinstein sexual-assault case can move forward to trial

SNSD - All I Want For Christmas Is You, 올 아이 원트 포 크리스마스 이즈 유 @ SNSD's Christmas Fairy Tale

SNSD - All I Want For Christmas Is You, 올 아이 원트 포 크리스마스 이즈 유 @ SNSD's Christmas Fairy Tale

Schumer tells Trump to drop attorney general pick over Mueller criticism

A messy multibillion-dollar weapon sale between Turkey, Russia and the US just got more complicated

Oh, the lies we're told! Got this in my natural gas bill this month.

House GOP cancels news conference as potential for Trump veto increases shutdown fears

Mexico to let migrants remain while US asylum claims proceed

This isn't new but it's still relevant

Barack Obama plays Santa at Washington children's hospital

Barack Obama plays Santa at Washington children's hospital

To Speed Up Case, AGs Drop Trump Personally From Emoluments Case

Veteran trial attorney on Trump Foundation scandal: "It is going to become a criminal matter"

Mattis, once one of 'my generals,' loses his influence with Trump

US Syria pullout draws Kurdish condemnation and Putin's praise

Republicans in congress are getting their life boats ready.

Trump Corruption Scandals Begin To Revolve Around His Inauguration

Documents: Florida environmental group tied to voter registration forms with false information

ExxonMobil shelves Canada LNG export project

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Supporters Go Fund Themselves

Trump administration reaches deal that will force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as cases...

Putin tells May to 'fulfil will of people' on Brexit

U.S. indicts hackers working for Chinese spy agency

Kara Eastman says she's seeking a 2020 rematch with Don Bacon for 2nd District House seat

US adults aren't getting taller, but still putting on pounds

Paul Manafort and the 8 count conviction in Virginia - why hasn't he been sentenced?

Preckwinkle drops challenge to Susana Mendoza's mayoral petitions

Egyptian court acquits 40 NGO workers whose case strained ties with U.S.

Yowch: Interesting Rosenstein comment about the Barr memo:

Let's take a breath about the Whitaker "no recusal" opinion

Trump voters do not understand this, but they will soon.

U.S. to end air war against Islamic State in Syria

ACLU sues Texas over law that says government contractors can't boycott Israel

ACLU sues Texas over law that says government contractors can't boycott Israel

If REPUBS are really concerned about RUMP not signing this bill

What it looks and sounds like when a gas driller overruns your land

Ben Smith ✔ @BuzzFeedBen My statement:

I get anti-vaxxers in clinic all the time. But yesterday,

'Spirits Won't Rest': DNA Links Ancient Bones to Living Aboriginal Australians

Kurdish Fighters Discuss Releasing 3,200 ISIS Prisoners

Remember when Trump and his sycophants gloated about the stock market with him as president?

Trump changes course again, now appears to be looking to shut down government per MSNBC.

Deripaska Share Recipients Include His Own Charity, Source Says

A Supreme Court Divided. On the Right. by Linda Greenhouse

House Intel votes to release documents on Roger Stone to Mueller.

Taliban Talks Covered Fate of U.S. Military Presence in Afghanistan, Envoy Says

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi holds news briefing.

Trump stops following Ann Coulter on Twitter after 'joke presidency' comments

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein expected to make announcement regarding Chinese hacking,

Are videogame systems ever getting advanced nowadays!

A letter to the editor from my friend, "Ashamed to be a Badger Now"

452 children died on the job in the U.S. between 2003 and 2016

BREAKING: GOP pitches support for GATEWAY tunnel (NJ-NY) in exchange for Wall funding...

800-Pound Pig Found On Streets Just Wants Someone To Love Him

Zinke was a rising star in Washington. Then he joined the Trump administration.

House Intel votes to release Roger Stone transcript to Mueller

Secret Experiment in Alabama Senate Race Imitated Russian Tactics

Trump to meet with House GOP as frustration builds

Josh Gordon leaving the Pats to focus on mental health

San Francisco mayor seeks early release of brother from prison

#TrumpSlump getting worse, DOW down 400+.

Katherine Johnson, at age 100, is telling her life story

Katherine Johnson, at age 100, is telling her life story

Trump plans to forcefully respond with the harshest possible condemnation of Barack Obama.

Beto vs. Democrats: Texas Lawmaker Frequently Voted to Help Trump and GOP.

Trump killed the Dow

Daily Show - Trump's Got The Best Words 2018 Edition

Spain court grants $1.7 billion compensation for oil spill

Senators Try to Sneak Anti-BDS Measure Into Last-Minute Spending Bill

GOP considering signing off on Gateway Tunnel funding in exchange for Dems agreeing on wall funding

Border Patrol withHeld Medication from 5-month old, now in Hospital with Pneumonia!!

Unpopular GOP governor is in deep trouble with voters -- in Kentucky

Wall Street Guru, Mike Wilson, who predicted downturn says it has 15% more to go *

Milwaukee officer who mocked NBA player Sterling Brown's arrest loses job

Just like Dad.....

Since Trump wants to be the new Baghdad Bob

trump is caving to ann coulter, sean hannity and ru$h limbaugh.....Merry Christmas America!

Judge approves deal to close embattled Trump Foundation

Here's How Trump Can Halt the Decline of the Dow!

Democrats will hold 12 debates for the 2020 presidential contest

Police hunt drone pilots in unprecedented Gatwick Airport disruption

GOP already wants to cancel primaries to protect Trump's re-election

Wow, it seems there are a lot of attacks on Beto lately

Plastic pollution discovered at deepest point of ocean

Since September, nearly 17,000 Arkansas residents have lost Medicaid coverage due to non-compliance

Kurdish Fighters Discuss Releasing Almost 3,200 ISIS Prisoners

After Voters Passed Progressive Ballot Initiatives, GOP Legislatures Are Trying to Kill Future Ones

Schumer posts Senate Dems' video supercut of Trump claiming Mexico would pay for the wall, "100%."

Implantable device aids weight loss

Amazon error allowed Alexa user to eavesdrop on another home

Cupid Was a Roman God. Cupidity Is a Common Christian Attribute.

Schumer- Democrats not budging on the Wall

Bill Barr ALSO sent his memo to top lawyer representing the WH in Mueller probe.

I have a hairball...

Must see Luis Guitierrez' epic takedown of Kirstjen Nielsen at hearing!

Dow sinks below 23,000; Nasdaq flirts with a bear market; Oil in free fall

The 100th Monkey

Heading to Thailand next month. Any Bangkok or Chiang Mai recommendations?

If DT45 was enough to play general; Kroger rolls out driverless cars to deliver groceries.

The Declaration of Dependence

Trump is fucking up the Middle East beyond repair

So Putin Calls Indiviual 1 Donald

Oh, not Shirley..Cindy Williams Looks like she maybe lost to Fox News.

Russian Agents Sought Secret US Treasury Records On Clinton Backers During 2016 Campaign

New York police bill innocent man $4,600 for rectal probe

I have ALWAYS been a true blue Democrat!!

Meanwhile FYI the Dow is down over 400

Fox News panel admits 'Pelosi was right' -- and says Trump is getting 'steamrolled' by Democrats

Third of rare Scotch whiskies tested found to be fake

Our local theater's concession stand was robbed last night. The estimated loss is over $850.00.

The Divine Miss M has a suggestion for us:

A Baked Pasta for Anytime (but Especially Now)

What happens if Trump refuses to sign a bill funding the govt and goes on vacation to Mar-a-Lago?

If the shut downs would

Trump tells GOP he won't sign stopgap, threatening shutdown

Irish president signs bill legalising abortion

Government shutdown all but certain after Trump refuses to sign funding bill

Business mocks Donald Trump by naming a 'blind,' wormlike animal after him

My goodness this cat can play

BREAKING: Ryan says Trump WILL NOT SIGN Senate CR...

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Convictions (Mark Fiore video)

It's always nice to use a link from the ultra-conservative CATO Institute that bashes Trump's wall

Dianne Feinstein: Don't celebrate the Trump administration's bump stock ban too quickly

Kurdish Fighters Discuss Releasing Almost 3,200 ISIS Prisoners

Manafort silence for debt payoff....

Released, 72 years ago today: "It's a Wonderful Life"

The Dark Day When Trump Figured Out How To Tweet


The Rachel Maddow Show 12/19/18 [FULL] MSNBC Breaking News Today December 19, 2018

Acting AG Whitaker overseeing special counsel probe 'appropriately,' deputy AG says

Cell phone service is now available in more Metro tunnels

There are FOURTEEN days left until Democratic Leadership of the House...

At 2PM EST, the Dow dropped another 2% from yesterday.

So, Are We in for a Russian "Bear" Market?

How the recent tax cuts and budget deal jack up the national debt -- in one chart

Chuck Schumer...There will be NO wall....

The Dow is down nearly 700 points.

It's always a good idea to run a plan past your boss first...

Pennsylvania police investigating threatening letters sent to minorities signed 'Donald and his Crew

Ironic that Congressional republicans are calling for bipartisanship before the new congress takes

Turkey says Syrian Kurdish militants will be buried in ditches: Anadolu

Somewhere, this very minute, a young woman is dying from a complication

Today's cluster - The Wall

No wall, no wall....

Paul Ryan prays to Ayn Rand's ghost to forgive him

Twitter meme: Schumer & Pelosi should offer Trump double what Mexico is paying for the wall

Putin: Growing threat of nuclear war which will destroy civilization

ICE Seizes Over 1 Million Websites With No Due Process; Apparently Unaware That Copyright & Trademar

Holiday Optics

Today: Pictures of Matchstick Men

Question about GoFundMe...

Chuck Schumer....on Mueller protection...

Mnuchin says market reaction to Fed is 'completely overblown' (Dow is down 600 points today)

DOW down over 600

tRump Stock Market Crash is occurring now ...

Claire McCaskill bids a fond farewell...

Senator Collins needs her smelling salts!

When the Big Con tells his buddies he will shut down the government...

Meanwhile, over at the Senate.....

Dow Plunges More Than 600 Points on Worries Over Government Shutdown

Nancy Pelosi calls Trump's Syria pull-out "A Christmas present to Vladimir Putin"

My local Target is tearing down Christmas and setting up Valentine's displays.

Trump put himself in a box. Without the wall he has done nothing for the base and will get clobbered

Rising Waters Are Drowning Amtrak's Northeast Corridor

Rising Waters Are Drowning Amtrak's Northeast Corridor

The moving goalpost that is the "middle class"

Trump Named Man of the Year by ISIS

Brexit and MAGA are Putin trademarks....

MaddowBlog - Russian agents sought secret US Treasury docs on Clinton backers!!

Republican slams Trump's refusal to sign funding bill: 'We weren't sent to Washington to burn the

House intelligence panel sending Stone transcript to Mueller

Agriculture secretary: Trump is restoring the 'dignity' of hungry people by taking away food stamps

They voted for a man who wants walls then complain about divisiveness

Chocolate Sauce Recipe

The border wall gofundme will refund every penny.

House backs bipartisan criminal justice overhaul, sends bill to Trump

LAPD Investigating After Trump's Walk of Fame Star Is Vandalized Again

Ron Perlman on Trump

Popeyes at airport selling 'Emotional Support Chicken' meal

Trump will shut down the government and go play golf in Florida for two weeks.

Beto O'Rourke's liberal credentials questioned as he eyes 2020

The last key death cross is poised to engulf the stock market

Stocks tumble again after the Fed's latest rate hike

If only Christians would follow the actual teaching attributed to Jesus,

Kamala Harris provides shutdown stats on how many Federal workers stand to lose Christmas pay.

Two Pedestrians Struck And Killed By Driver Of Tour Bus In Downtown D.C.

U.S. appeals court backs Trump administration bid to deport some Iraqis

U. S. charges Chinese hackers in alleged theft of vast trove of confidential data in 12 countries

Suspects in Scandinavians' murder in Morocco pledged allegiance to Islamic State: general prosecutor

North Carolina political consultant cited in probe of 2016 election: documents

In pull-out from Syria, Trump risks what was gained

Maybe we need a National strike? Boycott America. All of us shut the country down. Stop buying.

DNC announces 12 debates for 2020 presidential campaign

USOC prized winning over athlete safety: congressional report

USOC prized winning over athlete safety: congressional report

Stocks plunge amid shutdown chaos in Washington

weird..."WE NEED WALL". Are we already an absorbed country? Where the hell is the "THE"?

BREAKING: Pelosi using Parliamentary tactics to try and force a clean CR vote

Judge Rejects Harvey Weinstein's Motion to Dismiss Sexual Assault Case

Risks of 'domino effect' of tipping points greater than thought, study says

Trump shutdown moves leave GOP senators in disbelief

Canada spawns its own yellow vest protests - with extra rightwing populism

The un-American fake pres just tweeted this....

Not the Onion: a Tweet from Donald Trump...

Cartoons 12/20/18

Kirstjen Nielsen has a jagged sharp lump of coal for a soul.

Roger Stone's lawyers send letter requesting release of his House testimony

Milbank: Flynn's judge strikes a potent blow for rule of law

Is Trump going to veto it or just not sign it?

WOW - Erdogan bossing potus around - Warned Trump to get out of the way in Syria

Wow - the DOW dropped below 23,000


Trump Agency Takes Major Step Toward Arctic Refuge Oil Drilling

How much are the R's going to swallow before they do something? Do they have any limits?

I am glad Trump is keeping the drama down so we can have a stress free Christmas.

How Likely Are Democrats to Cave

Grijalva calls for 'unvarnished' investigation into death of Guatemalan girl at border

Luckovich: My editor probably won't let me do this cartoon.

There's something strange going on with the GoFundMe wall page

I'm not surprised Dump is refusing to fund the government.

Trump Doubles-Down on Losing Strategy

I didn't know what spanx were. I came accross the word yesterday so I googled it. Now if I go on

For old times sake

Tucker Carlson's show has been hit by an advertiser boycott, and it's having a visible effect

Can 45's pocket veto be overridden?

APNewsBreak: US miscalculated benefit of better train brakes

Donald the Tone-deaf

Chuck and Nancy, keep those Democrats together and do not cave!!

Dow closed down 2%..-464 at 22860

Ethics officials said Whitaker should recuse from the Mueller probe

Alabama police department blames Satan for spike in homicides

28% of Americans...why are we always talking about THE BASE?

Apple confirms some iPad Pros ship slightly bent, but says it's normal

Abortion becomes legal in Ireland for first time after Bill signed by President

'Are you ruining my life?': Republican senators in disbelief over Trump shutdown threat

Dow down nearly 500 points as of writing

Clair McCaskill has a dry sense of humor at times....

Records: JMU allowed former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling to help create $140,000 job for himself

Kansas GOP senator Pat Roberts considering retirement in 2020

A criminal 5 year old (mentally) is holding the government hostage.

Hey Trump! Are you tired of......

Trump Dump: Now that things are all f*cked up, off to Mar a Lago !

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 21 December 2018

There is only one reason he is pulling out of Syria.

Why Do the Deer Cross the Railroad?

LePage repeats discredited claim that most Maine drug dealers are minorities

Jerrold Nadler: "The Time for Accountability Has Arrived"

A Woman's Dragon Display Angered Her Christian Neighbor (So She Added Halos)

Trump Doubles-Down on Losing Strategy

Only in Trump world....The casino loses...

WaPo: Ethics officials actually advised Whitaker to recuse but advisers told him not to- then lied

How the Funding Fight Might Shake Out

Jake Tapper reporting trump mulling

Former Ga. candidate for governor indicted

Gatwick to remain closed for the rest of Thursday, and Friday's situation is "fluid"

Johnstown, PA, pediatrician admits to sexually assaulting dozens of young patients

Dow dives nearly 500 points after White House ups the chance of government shutdown

"I will take the fall for the Government shutdown"?

Dems happily sitting back and watching the GOP turn into a trainwreck: Wall Street Journal reporter

#WomensWave/Women's March 2019

#WOMEN'SWAVE/Women's March. Jan., 19, 2019

Reminder... Congress does not need drumpf to "give in" and sign a CR without money for the wall

Canada spawns its own yellow vest protests - with extra rightwing populism

Nancy Pelosi: Republicans In 'Meltdown' Amid Possible Shutdown...NBC News video

Do You Know Who Could Primary Trump Without Causing Trouble With The GOP Base?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 20, 2018

If Trump shuts down the government, does that shut down Air Force 1 as well?

I accept that the Republicans could do nothing in 2016

"Steel slats" is what he wants as a wall.

are these "gofundMe" wall buckets backed by

Seen on Trump's twitter feed:

William Barr's Memo Makes Compelling Case that Trump Must Be Impeached

Classic iPod with lectures and music that I love has a dead battery. Apple can't help

'Fox & Friends' host rips Trump over border 'chaos' and 'irresponsible' Syria withdrawal

Isn't it fun watching big and little rats jumping ship in every sphere

Trump torches Graham for criticizing his Syria troops plan

GOD: I just tried banging on the side of the planet a few times but it didn't fix anything.

Judge Judy and Samuel L. Jackson are friends. Who knew?

*****BREAKING***** Jim Mattis retiring

Mattis is leaving his post at the end of February. CNN Trump complimentary.

I wonder if the $7M raised for Trump's Beautiful Steel Slats Wall will go the John Barron Foundation

Mattis was FIRED...He isn't retiring.

Gen. Mattis isn't retiring!

Do have a look: Luis Gutierrez addresses Kirstjen Nielsen

Manu Raju offers some sobering food for thought regarding Mad Dog.

Jim Mattis appreciation thread.


Choose your own adventure, if you can.

Soooooo much 'Christian'

The Slow Motion Train Wreck of Trump Is Damaging Repubs... and they are now realizing it

Remember the 'suicide pact' between Mattis, Tillerson, Kelly and Mnuchin?

DISTRACTIONS GALORE for the holidays!

Let's hope that Trump is gone before Mattis leaves in February.

Are we at Defcon Five or whatever yet?

I truly will not ever order from Amazon again. I had the worst possible customer treatment ever

A word to Roger Stone: Your life is about to be completely turned upside down.

He is lighting the Reichstag on fire (Syria, Afghanistan, Gov shut down, Mattis)

Where is the Traitor-in-chief going to find a Secy of Defense whose views match his?

READ IT: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis takes aim at Trump's Syria pullout in resignation letter

Jim Mattis' letter of resignation. A full throated denuniciation of Trumpism

Mattis has set the tone. Isn't it time for some GOP with a patriotic spine to switch parties

Who will Trump name as new Defense Secretary?

D'espairsRay - Hai to ame (THIS IS WHY I love the D'espairsRay!)

2018 Right Wing Watch Holiday Gift Guide

There is no rational reason for the US or the West for that matter

This news of Mattis resigning feels me of foreboding dread.

Next Secretary Of Defense

Congrats to DUer, Sarge43, the latest winner of the Trump Admin Official Career Death Pool

Trump isn't God!

Isn't that major weather heading for Mar a Lago?

The senate rethugs are sitting there

He is self-destructing before the world just in time for Christmas.

Pentagon chief Mattis quits, citing policy differences with Trump

North Carolina NAACP sues to stop Republican-backed voter ID law

Cuba removes support for gay marriage in new constitution after protests

READ IT: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis takes aim at Trump's Syria pullout in resignation letter

A thing of beauty: incredibly rare footage of Moscow in 1896.

China hacked HPE, IBM and then attacked clients - sources

Is the money being raised to pay for a WALL going right into Cheeto's pocket?

Did anyone see the meteor last night?

Trumps end game? To sacrifice national defense and putting DoD money and resourses

WTF, we're pulling out of Afghanistan too?

Is religion the main source of conflict in the world?

Louie Gohmert on child separation policy: Mueller separated Manafort from his children

Defense Secretary James Mattis letter of resignation

Video: MSNBC panel stunned by surprise Mattis resignation

WH reporter- From a senior U.S. official: "Mattis isn't the only one leaving." - Which shoe drops ne

I'm in favor of the wall, Mr. President.

I am pissed! We have a fecking evil idiot at the helm who will do ANYTHING to distract

How epic may tomorrow's Friday news dump be, after today's insanity?

All good people are running for the hills & the servants are being convicted by the government!

So, we have a five time draft dodger who thinks he's an expert military strategist.

Caption Trump photo

Air Force Brigadier General E. John Teichert for Secretary of Defense?

No spray hair today but LOUD & LOUDER are the talking points

MSNBC's current theme song as markets plunge, Mattis run off,

Pic Of The Moment: Treason's Greetings

Mr. Mueller, it is time for you to contact someone in another country who knows the

GOP lawmaker: Risk of work without pay is what government workers signed up for

This is starting to feel like the Summer of 1974.

It's Past Time For The Adults Repugs In D.C. To March Into The WH & Tell Trump It's Over.......

My 2019 prediction. House GOP will be told by their masters IMPEACH THAT SOB

Resilience, hope, and fighting big oil: Amazon fights back

George Conway....the more truthful Conway

I'm sorry but Wolf does not know how to debate Miller's BS.

Resilience and the fight against big oil: Saving the Amazon

FCC fines Swarm $900,000 for unauthorized satellite launch

Methinks there will be some serious conversations over the holidays...

Chilean president removes police chief after shooting controversy

Nancy and Chuck presser on now n/t

If the GOP Senate does not stand up to Trump now, they may as well stay home because

Ex-U.S. Senate security official jailed for two months for leaks

Tonight NBC News is still speculating about Dump's corruption

What a crazy day. We're pulling our soldiers out of Syria and Afghanistan,

Pelosi and Schumer doing a great job of being the adults in Washington

Pelosi: "Government must work, even if you're golfing for two weeks."

Nancy is great...she said tRump can golf more comfortably if

Wells Fargo moves jobs abroad after U.S. layoffs, government says

Wow! Schumer and Pelosi are going ballistic on dotard!

Brokaw tweet:

Why Do The Repugs Keep Circling The Wagons Around Trump And Protecting Him?.....

LOVE the Shumer/Pelosi show. . . . . they were GREAT!

Cuba removes support for gay marriage in new constitution after protests

Cuba removes support for gay marriage in new constitution after protests

Stock Market change from exactly 1 year ago today? Down 8.7%.........

I'm watching Fox. They're really struggling with this.

Judge lets people suing Trump keep their names off lawsuit