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Exit poll: "In Michigan, only about six in 10 today say she’s honest and trustworthy"

Exit polls: "turnout among Democrats in Michigan down"

"Here's to Flint" Documentary aired on Democracy Now today....

Michigan phone #s if you are having problems voting

North Korea's Kim Says Country Has Miniaturised Nuclear Warhead - KCNA

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Tuesday the 8th of March

NPS Revises its Peak Bloom Forecast!

EE Times: Failed Risk Analysis that Felled Fukushima

Super delegates are not "up for grabs" on primary day, or counted any differently before or after.

3-3-16 Birth of William Green in 2:00

3-3-16 Birth of William Green in 2:00

3-3-16 Birth of William Green in 2:00

More Than Half Of Ted Cruz’s Super PAC Money Comes From Fossil Fuel Sources

5th Day in Row Twitter Posts Negative Story About Bernie As Top News

Bernie just said something about winning half of the delegates.

My bet for the Republican caucus in Hawaii today? Rubio

Why the FUCK is the disgraced The Moustache of Understanding on the PBS News Hour??

Coming to the Democratic Party... The Neocons?

Hillary Clinton's ties to Florida's Sugar Barons is ad-worthy, ahead of FL primary

Tampa Bay Times: A week to go before Fl primary, Sanders shows up to campaign

The Conservative Era Is Over

Russia, West Differ on UN Report on Iran's Nuclear Program

I phone ?

Clinton News Network (CNN) talking up Bernie

U.S. Air Force faces shortage of fighter pilots: officials

Democrats Now Favored to Win Senate

Bernie Rally Now on MSNBC n/t

LIVE NOW: Bernie Sanders Michigan Primary rally.

Not all of the 1%'ers are like the Koch brothers and the fossil fuel executives

Obama in 'excellent' health, still using nicotine gum: doctor

Loretta Lynch bows out of Supreme Court running

Not all of the 1%'ers are like the Koch brothers and fossil fuel executives

"Donald Trump and the Mob," CNN--Plus: "21 Questions for Donald Trump"-- David Kay Johnson

95 Year-Old WWII Vet Voted for Bernie Sanders Today in Mississippi

Hillary knows the trick to dealing with the Trumps of the world the GOP doesn't


Race to the Bottom Part 1 of 3: Texas, Live Free or Die Stupid

Legal marijuana causes Mexican drug cartel revenues to plummet

We've had a YouTube debate, but broadcast on cable via CNN or MSNBC how about...?

3-4-16 A Fighter Wins for Workers in 2:00

3-4-16 A Fighter Wins for Workers in 2:00

Senator Shelby starts to break banking nominee logjam

Senator Shelby starts to break banking nominee logjam

3-4-16 A Fighter Wins for Workers in 2:00

Samantha Bee - R.I.P. GOP

Every time you think they can't possibly sink any lower...

The Guardian: Michigan and Mississippi primaries: test for Trump as Clinton leads – live

On Forgetting Fukushima

Bernie Sanders is tearing it up in Miami.

Democrats Win Crucial House Seat In Kentucky, Thwart GOP Control Of State Government

O.J. Simpson is 'a little worried' knife could affect his parole, friend says

After Jindal, Louisiana reels from corporate tax giveaways

What to Expect, WHEN: Here's a photo timeline of what to expect with the blooming

“The GOP’s final death rattle came that night”: Samantha Bee’s amazing eulogy for the Trump-destroye


Trump will not be the nominee. It will be Cruz. Which is scary as hell!



HRC Projected winner in Mississippi Primary (won women 4-1)

Bill Clinton campaigns in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago IL and in Evanston, for Hillary March 8

Mississippi GOP Primary: Trump and Cruz neck and neck; Kasich and Rubio way behind

MSNBC just called Mississippi for Clinton. No figures yet.

Incredibly close!

Amid high turnout, Michigan primary precincts run out of ballots

Game Of Thrones Season 6 trailer has dropped REDBAND

March 8: These guys & gals are ready for @HillaryClinton here in Cleveland, OH!--will speak SOON

CNN projects Hillary Clinton will win the Mississippi Democratic primary.

How soon will Michigan be called (for either side)?

Hillary has won 89% of the AA vote in Mississippi

The momentum is clearly against her, look how long it took to call Mississippi!

Why are the surrogates always Hillary's?

Margaret Thatcher and her heirs have created a selfish and divided society (David Hare)

Can Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump?

Mississippi Clinton more honest than Sanders 2 to 1

CNN: Bernie ahead in MI with 1% in

CNN: One percent reporting--Michigan Bernie 52, Clinton 47

(I know that this is fox news)Rubio camp accuses Cruz of 'dirty tricks' over Hawaii 'dropout' email

MSNBC: Trump to hold presser at 9ET right as polls close to keep the media

Early results in Michigan look good

Kasich within one point of Donald Trump in Michigan with 3% of the vote in. Oh my.

Imagine if all our politicians in the last 40 years were like Bernie...

If we win tonight

Has Hillary had a huge win in a blue state?

Support builds in Maine for switching back to presidential primaries

Bernie is still tearing it up.

Ouch, Rubio coming in 5th in Mississippi.

Bernie Sanders beating Hillary in Michigan, 50 % to 47%.

The damage that privatized prisons have done

City faces continued controversy over Confederate naval jack on Citadel campus (SC)

When the Miami crowd started chanting Mich-i-gan, Mich-i-gan...

Confederate flag splits Mississippi ahead of primary

For those of you who have Netflix...

Let's not forget Charles Harrell, arrested and lost his job...for Jaywalking !


Democrats keep power after GOP concedes Kentucky House seat

What is the political makeup of the four MI counties in the Central time zone?

Source; Huffington Post

Surprisingly strong showing for Kasich so far

Meanwhile in Mississippi... Bernie below 15% threshold.

Apropos of nothing:

3-5-16 The Worker Uprising that Started the American Revolution in 2:00

Michigan shaping up well for Clinton

What's interesting is that what's saving Clinton isn't women, it's black people

3-5-16 The Worker Uprising that Started the American Revolution in 2:00

From George Takei

Confessions of a Republican

3-5-16 The Worker Uprising that Started the American Revolution in 2:00

NRA, GOP Gun Disinformation Completely Debunked by these Maps, Charts

Tilikum, SeaWorld killer whale that drowned trainer, may be dying

Want an opinion from this group about our pres. primary--

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Changing Channels! Uncensored & Live &

More gravy on the pasties please!

Michigan: AP calls it for Bernie but still lots of Detroit & Flint votes out(edit)

Trump will not be stopped. He has won.

Lord Drumpf has a RED CARPET at his "press conference"

If Sanders pulls out Michigan--is this a game changer?

Democrats denounce GOP 'pinata' comment on Supreme Court

As of right now Sanders is up in Wayne county

SBS 51% HRC 47% - 23% reporting

What is wrong with Trump? He did not slam anyone in 1st sentence of his speech!

Anyone in this group in LD15?

VERY interesting Michigan stats from CNN--Exit Polls

I know it's early

As we speak, Bernie is holding viability in MS and winning MI

45 Years After COINTELPRO FBI Continues to Monitor Activists

For those who want to watch the results on their own.

Wayne County (Detroit)

Trump talking about his holdings is a CNN infomercial.

MSNBC needs to go back to election coverage.

If Sanders becomes the nominee, it'll be due to overwhelming support from non-democrats

Worst case scenario: Split in MI + Big Win in MS = Increased Delegate Lead with 2 less states

Nate Silver on MI:Possible Biggest Polling Error in History

I hope it is becoming clear to everyone. MSNBC and CNN have ceased being news networks

Time to watch NCAA basketball!

Trump keeps saying he beats Hillary EASILY in "all the polls". Can someone point me to ONE

Minnesota man pleads guilty to threatening federal judge, officers

All these years later and it still sounds great! Money$ Too Tight To Mention Live

For Ted Cruz, life is what happens when he's making other plans.

If we can take MI, that is a game-changer.

Trump said he was bringing back Trump U...I forsee re-education camps

Synced Video Of LaVoy Finicum Traffic Stop And Shooting

cnn just figured this out? Donald Trump suits and ties are made in China

Her. nt

Hillary's speaking here

Watching Trump Right Now on CNN and it's making me SICK

Okay, so Michigan is going to be closer than anyone thought, and we may lose.

Taking a deep breath - Hillary started speaking wherever she is BEFORE Mi results are in....

Michigan LOVES to f*** with the rest of the world!

Bernie Sanders Says It's Premature for Clinton to Talk Reconciliation

Does Trump talk about anything other than Himself?

Of the areas still to report in MI, which will be pro-Bernie and which will be pro-HRC?

I can't stand this f***ing gasbag!!

Michigan using alchemy tonight to transform Mr. 538

DONALD TRUMP has been talking about himself for like 45 minutes on national televison.

I think Bernie is going to win Michigan

California may allow partially repaired VW diesels to remain on road

Obama’s Top Guy Thinks Clinton Took A Cheap Shot

My 4th version of this poll, is it still 80% Bernie, 20% Hillary????? Vote Now!

frank rich on the rise of trump.

Emergency Motion – Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) Adopted at the ETUC 13th Congress on 2 October

Trial ends for U.S. Air Force vet charged with Islamic State support

Fusion: The real reason Bernie and Hillary supporters can’t seem to get along

i posted in GD primaries and was told

President Obama Meets With Supreme Court Candidates

Another bad night for Little Marco.

New Repug Plan If Trump Wins The Nomination.....

Finally Windbags Trump stop talking!

3-6-16 Why a Sane SCOTUS Matters in 2:00

3-6-16 Why a Sane SCOTUS Matters in 2:00

Detrot is hers... but not the outskirts...

3-6-16 Why a Sane SCOTUS Matters in 2:00

3-6-16 Why a Sane SCOTUS Matters in 2:00

Trump is the SHAM-WOW pitchman of the Republican Party.

If EVER there was a reason for Democratic unity once the primaries are over, you just saw it

according to CNN exit polls

Missouri professor who sought 'muscle' at protest appeals firing

How the were the Michigan polls THAT FREAKING WRONG?

Every time Bernie does well

Josh Marshall TPM latest - "Sanders in Michigan?" - plus an update

You'll notice that nobody on the Hillary side . . .

Cell phones are Nate Silver's kryptonite.

Flint Polling Places Ran Out Of Ballots, Turned Voters Away

What just happened - the polls tightened to 49-48?

Uh Oh! Numbers Just Jumped Toward Clinton

We just lost by 13000 in one Detroit precinct

Brazil corruption scandal claims scalp as top industrialist jailed for 19 years

Rule 40 and the Shit Storm to Come.

If Sanders can Maintain This Margin in Wayne Co. he Should Have a Narrow Win in MI

You'll notice nobody on the Bernie side is taunting or baiting HRC supporters tonight.

Prosecutors to seek protective order for evidence in Malheur refuge conspiracy case

Bernie is winning 11 of 14 Congressional Districts in Michigan meaning a strong delegate haul.

The Bundy bust-up

Yes Berners, your efforts ARE creating positive change!

On a happy note Mississippi HRC 83-16 and 26-1 delegates

Ohio Planned Parenthood Vandalized with Red Paint and Threatening Bible Verse

For the fans of "Game Of Thrones..."

I think tonight would be a great time for another MONEY BOMB for BERNIE!

A Jewish democratic socialist wins largest Arab-American city. #FeelTheBern

Is there a county precinct link for Michigan?

DA praises sheriff for 'following the evidence wherever it led, without fear or favor' (OR)

Bernie just took over the vote in Flint!!

Vacant homes a haven for homeless on Oregon-Idaho line

CNN points out Hillary rust belt electability issue

U.S. Citizen Killed in Jaffa Terror Attack Identified as Vanderbilt University Student

Michigan has been CALLED.

Democrat Joe Rodriguez will try to unseat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

This Michigan Primary brought to you by Maalox

Axelrod: HRC's attack on auto bailout a "cheap shot"...

Sanders just took lead in Flint/Genessee County!

OMG DWS is a horrible spokesman for the dem party on Fox News just now. n/t

Harney County election races suddenly crowded (OR)

Anyone listening to CNN right now? Woah - Van Jones is predicting Bernie will do better in

Let's Take A Short Break And Enjoy the Complete and Utter Collapse of Karl Rove

Woah! CNN reporter from Flint saying that Hillary Clinton didn't connect with voters!

Sanders doing better among AA in Michigan than he has elsewhere

Pre-election Michigan Polls indicate overwhelming victory for Clinton, huge loss for Bernie. LOL

CNN - 97% of vote in - Bernie Wins!. 25K vote advantage. 2.3% lead

sammy brownback (ass) Kansas is trying to end-run schools

Michigan numbers: When it's this close....


Heads UP Bernie is getting ready to speak!!

CNN reporting from empty Bernie Sanders rally sight

here we go Kansas and brownstain's war on teachers

Oops - meant to post in GDP

Michigan: Sanders just took the lead in Genesee County, where Flint is

African American voters under 35 went H-51% S-49

Bernie is getting ready to speak!!

Sometimes Google Maps creates art

Trump "won" Michigan

My nomination for most likely *100% preventable* global catastrophe

What seems to have happened in MI was the effect of Indies and probably under-polled students.

Huuuge Victory for Bernie in Michigan


The debate tie is back...

#berniesoreal he got out of bed to thank people.

It breaks my heart as a statistical analyst to do this, but the polling. The polling done be

CNN just said 90% of Bernie voters don't regard Hillary as honest and trustworthy


I understand why Bernie didn't vote to Bailout Wall St

I absolutely LOVE how so many of these primaries/caucuses are as exciting

538 has underestimated Sanders in EVERY state outside of the Deep South.

Nothing reported in Detroit or Grand Rapids - MI's two biggest cities, both Democratic.

MSNBC thinks there could be up to 150,000 to 300,000 votes to count in three big MI counties

Bernie should have answered questions in my opinion.

This Bernie press conference isn't staged for "presidential" appearances

Sanders winning the Michigan primary is the biggest upset in decades. It's a political earthquake.

Can I say it is weird, the discussion of MI has been the most civil I've seen GDP in a long time

MSNBC: Last competitive presidential primary in Michigan was 1992

85% of the precincts are in, but up to 300,000 or beyond votes are still not reported.

The Pre-Michigan Polls were right. Those polls were of likely Dem voters.

Is Hillary a weaker candidate than John Kerry?

I'm hearing from other posters


They should have called Michigan for Bernie already

We keep hearing how bad Bernie does with the AA vote, but Hillary does much much

Deep respect to bernie sanders


TYT calls Michigan Primary for Bernie Sanders

It's been 2000 years...

I'm no political genius...

Hillary we have a problem

Revolution in Perception

CNN says Hillary's misunderstanding of the electorate is stunning.

So, red states gonna decide this muthafukka?

Game on. n/t

91% of the vote in. Bernie up by 24,000.

Donald Trump suits and ties are made in China

Still nobody's called it?

MIRS Calls: Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton in Michigan. Now AP calls for Bernie too

No matter what happens, Hillary will have won more delegates tonight.

The reports of the Sanders Campaign's death were greatly exaggerated. nt

Is it time to go negative?

Bernie winning independents 70-28.

New Alabama law would require castration for certain sex offenders

Michigan was an open primary. Open to independants. That may be why

MSNBC talking about Hillary's possible VP selection

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on FoxNews - Calls GOP'ers "Vulgar" LOL!!!!

Bernie Sanders is Sowing Dissent Among Democrats

Who's this little punk for tRump on the CNN panel?????

Cannabis: Israel's next big medical export?

"92% of the known, raw vote"?

Former Sen. Ben Nelson's(D-Neb) daughter passed away.

Biggest political upset in 30 years? WHERES THE HEADLINES?!?!!?

Federal Judge Rules Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Does Not Apply to Puerto Rico

How many robo-call polls have to miss the mark by a mile before people stop posting them?

Report from New Jersey

Oh lordy, this is going down to the wire. Detroit proper finally starting full reporting

Lead now down to 17,000 with 92% in.

So how do tonight's results, mathematically, affect the Democratic nomination contest?

Kick this...

Universities Are Becoming Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds With Schools Attached

Hillary won the night. It's a delegates race, and she came out ahead.

Donna Brazile's comment about northern and southern AA voters on CNN

Bernie! Wooohooo!


ap calls it for bernie via tyt nt


Fox calls it for Bernie

Msnbc Bernie wins!


CBS has called MICHIGAN for BERNIE!

MSNBC Projects Sanders the winner in Michigan!


72 counties for Bernie 10 for Clinton


BREAKING: Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic presidential primary in Michigan.

OK They just called it for Sanders. So Bernie wins by about 2 points. Indies swayed the vote.

MSNBC PROJECT BERNIE AS *WINNER* sniff, sniff... what is that SWEET smell? smells sorta like

Pssst. Hey look! The Empress has no clothes...

Bernie has been projected winner in Michigan.

94% in, Bernie's lead back up to 22,000.


Celebrate the Victory in Michigan with me, fellow Sandernistas


Congrats Berners (And a personal note)


Thank you, Michigan. I can go to sleep now. Sweet dreams all.


CNN calls it too

Is the keeper of the website here? None of the little

I guess it was worth Bernie's time to spend so much time on the ground in Michigan this week!

Flint went for Bernie, according to AP map

UPSET!!!! Predicted HRC by double digits. Woo Hoo!!!

To Sanders Supporters. Congratulations.


Bernie's win is a big deal.

Clinton has a 99% chance of winning Michigan.....

MI Voter Here. Bernie supporter. (Personal Perspective)

Idaho pastor shooting suspect arrested outside White House, wrote warning about ‘Martians’ in Congre

No way to spin this, it is a terrible loss for Hillary!

time for another money bomb (for Bernie)

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words


Associated Press: Delegate count numbers

I sincerely hope tonight means a sharp curtailment of posts quoting the omniscient Mr. 538.

We lost this in Flint

Hillary’s inevitability lie: Why the media and party elites are rushing to nominate the weakest

Don't believe the hype about Hillary's uuuuge delegate lead...

Michigan, Top Quality: Honest & Trustworthy: Sanders 80% Clinton 19%

Wachowski Matrix director has announced she has transitioned

For those who are able to, let's money bomb Bernie overnight and later today!

The gateway to the west is open now

Watch Ohio next week

What we're seeing is that Hillary Clinton is a Regional candidate, Bernie Sanders is a NATIONAL

Lockheed Plans to Cut 1,000 Jobs From Unit That Makes F-35s

So they had to wait until I was in the shower before they called it.

Why did Hillary lose Michigan?

The MSM is STILL counting superdelegates as if they were pledged HRC delegates

Processing Payment?

Hillary does well in the states she will NEVER win in the General Election.

2nd Best thing about Bernie's win:

This calls for some Funk Brothers, Way to go, Winter Water Wonderland.

538's projection for MI was right up there with the Literary Digest poll of the 1936 election:

Bernie: The Force Awakens!

Ted Cruz won Idaho

The GOP race is now down to the two scariest guys they could find:

Is it now a foregone conclusion that Cruz is eligible

It's weird to me I can't celebrate my/our candidate

Networks Didn't Cut From Donald Trump's Speech Once To Air Hillary Clinton

Ted Cruz wins Idaho...are they turning a corner from racism?

From Twitter...

Hot DAMN I can't wait to see the sour look on Chris Cuomo's face tomorrow morning.

Sooooo happy. FYI MSNBC SUCKS!!!!!

Cenk says Bernie should make ads highlighting powerful black supporters (Belafonte, Spike Lee, etc.)

Post if you're feeling the Bern.........................

We won by a LANDSLIDE in Miss and a virtual tie in MI! Why so glum? We Won the day!

Hillary's support

Here's what we do: First, we take it on the chin.

Mysterious extinction of prehistoric marine reptiles explained

But the polls had Custer up by double digits...

President urges ‘soul-searching’ over poll showing support for Arab transfer

Just sent $50 more to Bernie! Nt

So Long As Romney Does Not Make A Speech Attacking Hillary...


BREAKING NEWS: Bernie Sanders Has Now Won 9 of the Last 10 States Outside of the South!

First, let me congratulate Bernie Sanders for his Michigan win...

Ever feel stupid?

The Math!

What do you think of Bernie Sanders V Ted Cruz ?

3rd best thing about Bernie's win in Michigan

Michigan results do not bode well for Hillary

Basic problem: primary polling doesn't work very well.

If MSNBC continues to call Sen. Sanders "Democratic Socialist" then I'm going to have to insist

Lilly Wachowski makes big announcement, good for her!!!

I am so very proud of our candidate tonight.

I'm not a religious man, but THANK YOU, GOD. I needed that.

"Bernie Sanders Wins Michigan Primary in Historic Upset"

Did the polls take into account that it was an open primary? Anyone know?

Relax, it was an open primary...

Some interesting notes on polls

CNN Pundit: Marco Rubio won't pick up a single delegate out of MI, MS and ID

How much of tonite's Michigan vote was about NAFTA ?

George Martin, Legendary Beatles Producer, Reportedly Dies at 90

Nate Silver at 538 said Bernie's chance of winning MI was <1%

I don't believe I will be visiting ever again..n/t

The texts I received from the Sanders campaign in the last 2 days. (please read)

Trump at UIC is Too 'Dangerous' For Campus, Professors Say

It really is time to turn off the MSM forever. They are misleading & corrupt. There's no point

ActBlue's counter is lighting up

Duer's, I would advise IGNORING Nate Silver.

the only math that seems to elude the M$M and the Clinton campaign...

538 poll accuracy breakdown

Dear Hillary Clinton campaign: now you see what a 'virtual tie' feels like...

Delegates Count: Clinton 762 vs Sanders 544

For your reading pleasure!

George Martin, Producer and Arranger for The Beatles, Dies at 90

Prepare for major attack by the 1%

Southern state delegates remaining: 376 (incl. FL); Everywhere else delegates remaining: 2,354.

Things are about to get tougher for Clinton


Berta Cáceres murder: Honduras blocks sole witness from leaving country

538 forecast Hillary to win Michigan by 21.3 points

Sanders Is A Class Act...Beyond Fairness

Resveratrol and joints? Resveratrol vs. back pain? Curcumin Alzheimer

When have super delegates ever been counted like this?

Former Bogota mayor convicted for corruption

Former Bogota mayor convicted for corruption

Bernie Sanders Just Changed the Democratic Presidential Race

Want to know how Bernie Sanders won Michigan?

Source; Huffington Post

Colombia implements emergency measures to prevent imminent blackouts

To all of you saying that delegates count - yes they do - but in the end not as much as this

Congratulations to Sanders and his supporters for winning Michigan.

Forgotten history: Hillary's 2008 Superdelegates "Firewall"

The Hill: Clinton will add to delegate lead after Michigan, Mississippi contests


Running Mate for Bernie: Martin O'Malley

CNN Talks About Trump 'Lying About His Meat Again'

Hillary's a regional candidate who appeals to the Evangelical South. Sanders wins everywhere else!

As An Ohio State Fan, I Never Thought I Would Say This But

OK it's a little corny, but I just had to do it.

Chins up Clinton people!

Keith Olbermann: I can’t stand to live in a Trump building anymore

A quick thought about Bernie's win tonight, before I go to sleep.

Just something to keep in mind as we go forward

Really, what nerve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump victory speech: he Hawks vodka and Trump Steaks

Holy Cow! There is another debate tomorrow. Wed.

How are folks there taking the Michigan results?

Congratulations to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for Winning Great Lakes Blue - Michigan


I think my favorite part of Bernie's win tonite....

Let tonight be motoviation for the next round

It was the debate that did it.

Somebody took a


Rubio was always Overrated

I am so proud of my native Michigan tonight...

The best camera in the world is the one you have with you . . .

Clinton Campaign: We Misunderstood the Electorate

What a night!

Clinton is still a heavy favorite, but...

I expect there will be a lot of threads by Hillary supporters congratulating Bernie on his MI win.

Does this remind anyone of The Tortoise and the Hare?

Privatizing Social Security, I fear—The Easy Mark is Strong in this One


As I (and many others) have been saying: It appears the keys to the kingdom are in the hands

Thank You Michigan!

By definition:

So...Michigan+Mississippi+Democrats abroad (~March 8th)

Sanders Sues in Ohio to Protect Young and Minority Voters

Oh what a day

Sanders Statement on Michigan Primary Victory

Sounds about like him! (Read this in his voice for the full effect):

Major polling of NC

The best part of Bernie's victory for me...

Exit Poll: Voter Resentment Fuels Trump, Sanders Victories

just a note for myself - no need to read

Well this is interesting. Hillary actually expanded her popular vote lead today

What's happening in Flint? Genesee County?

Duck and Cover | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Russia warns North Korea over threats of nuclear strike

Happy Days are Here Again?

Rubio has totally tanked

Imagine how good our Bernie and Jane must feel tonight, or technically this morning.

Feast your Bernie eyes on this!

Breaking: Trump wins Hawaii

I felt so down tonight but then I saw that Hillary has a 217 delegate lead on!

"Coeur d'Alene shooting suspect sent KHQ manifesto detailing mind-controlling Martians"

Michigan felt like this:

Bernie Sanders Is the Only Candidate From Either Party to Win 50 Percent of Michigan's Vote

Billerica [Massachusetts] Chipotle Closed After Employee Diagnosed With Norovirus

What The Stunning Bernie Sanders Win In Michigan Means

I congratulate US progressives and the US liberal/left on your win.

Reports: Iran fires missiles marked with ‘Israel must be wiped out’

I was at a bar tonight (Hillary Group)

It is SOOO nice to see the contented expression of confidence and determination on Bernie's face!

Rachel Maddow actually

If Iowa and Massachusetts were virtual ties...

Michael White, producer of Rocky Horror and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, dies aged 80

Blue Origin planning human test flights to space by 2017

Daily Holidays - March 9

Japanese court orders nuclear reactors offline

Here is one guy we do not want

Canned Heat Mama? I still love you.

Ukraine pilot Savchenko to make final Russia court statement

Fifa probe: French federation searched in Sepp Blatter case

Tim Black Feels the post-Michigan Bern!

Slovenia and Croatia ban transit of refugees to other European countries

White River Junction Man Says He Flies Confederate Flag to Fight Censorship (VT)

Computer draws first blood in clash with Go grandmaster

Fighting over the confederatew flag

Conservative businessman to bankroll Republicans who support clean energy

So you think Pope Francis is a good guy? Read what SA atheists say

Bernie Sanders is a "new flavor" for young people and Indies. Hillary wins big with DEMOCRATS.


Tibet's first KFC opens for business

CNN Frontpage - Big picture of Clinton, no picture of Sanders

The inevitability lie: Why the media and party elites are rushing to nominate the weakest candidate


From now on . . . the polls don't mean diddly squat!!!!

I guess we're not DEMOCRATS

Wind Turbine Shuts Down For Bats

Wynn stops cleanup at casino site

Solar Eclipse March 8/9 seen in S.E. Asia

2016 The Year of Mercy

So The Headline Today Is Not 'Bernie Understands The Electorate' But...

EXPRESS EXCLUSIVE: India Test Fires Nuke Capable SLBM K-4 Secretly

Obama starts interviewing candidates for Supreme Court vacancy

Hill's Group: Why Hillary Clinton is unlikely to be indicted over her private email server

Sanders campaign sues Ohio for not allowing youth votes in primary

Sir George Martin (1926—2016)

Brooklyn Witches Are Doing Their Part to Defeat Donald Trump By Casting Hexes on Him

Oil prices rise as big producers plan to discuss output

Steward, hospital industry titans butt heads on ballot question

President Obama Skipping Nancy Reagan's Funeral to Go to SXSW Festival

Pentagon plan to fight Islamic State in Libya includes barrage of airstrikes

happy International working women's day to you

Democracy won in Michigan

A campaign that makes the political turmoil of 1968 look good

Well, color me SHOCKED. I just woke up to see that Bernie won in Michigan. WOW

Keith Olbermann trashes Trump in op-ed: There is no there there.

Why Republicans hate the Republican Party so much

I Find It Kind Of Humorous That CNN Is Treating David Gregory As A Political Guru...

The Turing Award, Nuclear Risk, and Recapturing True Love

Former attorney general Ken Cuccinelli nominated for Virginia Supreme Court

Chinese funding Trump-branded project

Cryptography Pioneers Win Turing Award: Martin Hellman, Whitfield Diffie

Feel the Fucking Bern Baby!!!! Just woke up to Euphoria.

Bernie Sanders Delivers Remarks Amid Tight Primary Race in Michigan(video)

"Bernie Sanders made folks like me eat a stack of humble pie ..."

'Special relationship' between Britain and US turns normal

"Bernie Sanders Just Changed the Democratic Presidential Race"

“Showdown in Motown.”

Opinion: Inching toward a Fortress Europe

Japanese court orders closure of two nuclear reactors

Trump’s luxury hotels in Indonesia could face backlash over his anti-Muslim remarks

=*=*=Bernie Sanders - HAPPY DAYS - Black Angel Band=*=*=

Clinton's manipulation of the media


Giant metaphor crashes through the ice in Canada’s North

Hillary crushes in new poll! (Hillary Group)

Sanders had a net negative 20 delegate day yesterday

Unbelievable. A Hillary supporter brought an article from Glenn Beck's website.

Obstructionism = frustration with status quo = elite business class hero

so what do we think about trumps great night?

Genesee County does not have 100% votes in

Anita Sarkessian's Greed vs. Your Charity and Compassion

20 Easy Ways -save money on groceries...Huffington Post..3/9/16

Sanders shocks with historic upset in Michigan

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders, his campaign, and his supporters!

Joe Scarborough: GOP in trouble because voters realize trickle-down-economics don't work.

Interactive Delegate Counter - Remaining States

As Groundwater Goes, KSA's #1 Dairy Producer Buys 1,700 Acres In CA To Raise Alfalfa For Its Cattle

Failure to connect the dots...

Hottest March Night On Record In Melbourne - Guardian

Mom could face up to six years in prison in accidental shooting death of toddler

Love Trumps Hate (Thank You Michigan)

Afghanistan: Forced 'virginity tests' leaving scars on Afghan detainees

They used to call it MSRNC....I guess it's time to revive that

Hillary’s inevitability lie: Why the media and party elites are rushing to nominate...

EU defers vote on glyphosate weedkiller over cancer concerns

Nevada Background Check Initiative is just common sense

Bill Clinton says percentage of gun-owning households dropping every year

From a post on the other site I found this comment from ADMIN

"We Can, We Will"

the smell of napalm in the morning...

Clinton wins by losing

Hey look! Someone vandalized this guy's Volkswagon Beetle with insane Ted Cruz graffiti.

Where the Delegate Math Now Stands

<=*=*=Bernie vs Hillary - BATTLE OF THE BANDS=*=*=>

Every time you money bomb Bernie.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 9, 2016

<=*=*=Bernie vs Hillary - BATTLE OF THE BANDS=*=*=>

<=*=*=Bernie vs Hillary - BATTLE OF THE BANDS=*=*=>

March 8" Columbus #Ohio Planned Parenthood Clinic Vandalized, Called ‘Den Of Babykillers’

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood. :)

Surprise! Study Finds Online Harassment of Women Is Becoming an 'Established Norm'

Don't let the Polls Lull you into Complacency! Vote!


What we're REALLY up against! (Hillary Group)

Apriil 5 GOTV

Michigan Front Pages Today:

Just remember this...

I'm Bernin' for You

forget SCOTUS, this election is about climate change

March Photo Contest Theme Announcement

Bernie won last night, and it's a huge upset... but what does it mean?

He won't win one state, he'll only win VT, he'll only win VT and NH....

Bernie's take on pot

"Unfettered free trade a big loser last night..."

Sanders’ Michigan Upset Offers Warning Signs to Clinton

Scott Walker appoints Justice who mocked "queers"

Supporting Women Includes Opposing TPP

Animals at breakfast

Fun thing I spotted.

Sorry Clinton, Sanders is the foreign policy realist

Popular vote last night: 753,231 (HRC) 626,670 (BS) 87-69 delegates (HRC)

Trump’s campaign manager accused of physically assaulting female reporter for asking tough question

False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton

I predict...

Sanders supporters....hold your heads high.

It's another warm winter day today in Maine.

To All Sanders Volunteers Who Worked Michigan

Nice job holding onto your state government!

When will Hillary release the transcripts from....

US to employ bank fraud law in VW emissions probe

Pink-Slipping Hillary (excerpts from "Faux Feminism")

Michigan was not an outlier

OK, what were the actual results?

Like Nevada, Michigan ended up a tie.

Seattle Explosion Levels 2 Buildings and Injures 9 Firefighters

Why didn't we have school plays like this when I was a kid??

Calm down. Tom Friedman says not to worry that much about what Trump would

Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours

Paralipsis: How Donald Trump gets away with saying what he says

If you don't have a plan, someone has a plan for you: A story of Labor Unions Vs. TPP.

George Carlin getting very philosophical

March Photo Contest Announcement

Snowden: FBI's claim it can't unlock the San Bernardino iPhone is 'bullshit'

March Photo Contest Announcement

Clinton is promoting messages like this while the Sanders people do #MississippiBerning. See

Member Of Notorious Westboro Baptist Church Won’t Back Trump Because: He’s Too ‘Fringe’


Hillary Clinton’s State Department Armed Saudi Arabia to the Teeth

Issues fucking matter. (I am cross-posting this from a post of mine in GD-P)

Lots of discussion about Closed vs Open Primary states. Here's a map that shows which is which.

Horsey: "Trump Triumphant"

FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans

Hillary's big debate gamble, redux

Is there a chart/map showing the primary results vs. states Obama won?

March 8 Delegate Count:

Trump University final exam:

Is there anything "democratic" about superdelegates?

NY Times Front Page: Top Story: Sanders Is Victor in Michigan Upset

Open Primaries are a Pain for Clinton a boon for Sanders

The race is tight: H is up 217 PDs; 2,730 PDs in play; 230 Super Ds have not endorsed/committed

I Know Why Young Voters Don't Get It - Time to Flip the Script!

Ken Cuccinelli yes "The Cooch" nominated to Va. Supreme Court

We have to go all out for a win in Ohio

Why Ukraine needs Russia more than ever

Get ready. The winds are about to change, and I'm not talking about Bernie.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: co-founder and first head of the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project

You do realize we can't win the general election without Independents, don't you?

The disparities between the polling numbers and the actual numbers

Bernie got 110,000 more votes than Trump in Michigan-- the revolution is here

Why Bernie Sanders’s win in Michigan matters so much

Why Does "Internal Polling" Differ So Much From Exits?

Half of mine for my brother...

Why last night mattered (Hill's Group)

Advantage: Sanders

Obama's To Speak At South By Southwest Festival 2016 In Austin

Young voters reject Hillary Clinton

The enthusiasm gap, illustrated

Son kills his mother’s attacker in Virginia’s Spotsylvania County, police say

Hillary looking to broaden her appeal

Chris Cillizza Why Bernie Sanders’s win in Michigan matters so much

Can Bernie Sanders recover?

Interesting - from a big Bernie backer tonight.....

I've been waiting

Ever notice in these sleep apnea mask ads it's always a guy who's wearing a mask?

Just posted my election analysis in GD-P

When will Bill Clinton release the transcripts from his visit to the Soviet Union 1969

Just about says it all . . .


The lies and flip flopping is taking a toll

Bernie spokespersons need to push super delegate issue every time they speak, imo!

A Message to Bernie Sanders Supporters About Our Yuge Michigan Win

Even More Clear After Tuesday: No One Gets to the Needed Number For Nomination

FiveThirtyEight Stunned By Michigan Results.

Bernie Sanders’ Stunning Upset Victory in Michigan Means This Race Is Far from Over

Congratulations to Bernie for his Michigan win.

U.S. Special Operations Forces Involved in Somalia Raid: Defense Officials

Where to watch tonight's Democratic Debate

Taking it to Detroit...

Crybaby Capitalism: Greedy Corprats threatening Congress, demanding YUUGE tax breaks — or else!!!

Venezuela opposition pushes case for missing miners

How Does the Campaign Industry Solve a Problem Like Trump?

TYT: Michigan's Muslim Vote Delivers Sanders Big Primary Win

Bernie supporters: We need to go after the Super Delegates

The Clintons and the ticketing time-bombs they left behind for the American People

Germany tells Russia to 'immediately release' Ukraine pilot

Was phone banked last night -

McMuffins more expensive today; The price of eggs is already going up.

Sanders is right on target! Don't buy into the "Hillary's Winning by Losing" Fable

Sanders Claims 'Game-Changing' Win as Revolution Revs Engine in Michigan

I wonder if REALITY will temper the continuous poll and predictive market spamming

'A surprise visit from the First lady Michelle Obama' to Watkins Elementary School Washington, D.C.

Seriously, my hat off to the Sanders campaign.

So where is the court nominee?

Young Arab-American Muslim voters helped fuel Sanders' win

Sander's Harsh Criticism of Bill Clinton's 90s Policies Legitimate

Looks Like The Media Will Try To Win Election For The GOP. We Have A Serious Problem.

Rollingstone: WTF Happened to Hillary Clinton in Michigan, Explained

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Fast Train To Stupidville

Rate Bernies state chances on 3/15

Mitt Romney deserves a special place in Political Hell.

Paul O'Neill endorses Trump

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Little Ricky

A Night In The Democratic Primary From A Bernie Supporter

Now Mitt Romney is attacking Bernie Sanders

538, Nate Silver, and the Literary Digest.

BTRTN March 8 Post-Mortem: Bernie's Dilemma

Canada doubles refugee target to 57,000 by the end of this year

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Dos Equis will replace “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

GOP Logic

538: What the Stunning Sanders Win in Michigan Means

Pentagon admits it has deployed military spy drones over the U.S.

Our local Democratic Service Club is having a kickoff meeting ...

My proudest day yet as a Vermonter

DWS favorability poll?

Democrats Win 3 Kentucky House Races, a Blow to GOP Takeover Attempts

Honesty is hardly ever heard. And mostly what I need from you.

Any Live Streams for Bernie's Rally this morning?

Democrats Win 3 Kentucky House Races, a Blow to GOP Takeover Attempts

Poor Nate Silver...

Bernie's win in MI proves one thing. Hillary can't beat Donald in the GE. Why?

Three Clear Messages From Tuesday's Primaries

The Point about TARP, the Auto Bailout and Sanders

It gives me hope in the American People to see the Rise of Bernie Sanders.

The Donald Trump Channel LIVE

This reality became abundantly clear when I was voting yesterday.......

Just listened to first 15 min of Diane Rehm. Upset! Are you upset? I am not upset!

'Blackfish' Killer Whale Tilikum Dying From Lung Infection

OMG. Some Facebook posts are a riot. Re: Trump

Patton Oswalt Why do I love @BernieSanders?

The nomination by the numbers, and a little perspective:

Mississippi and why Clinton will struggle in the GE

Hillary's Lead Over Trump Expands, Aided By Obama Coalition

SCOTUS nominee

We are not 'Confederates.' We are Democrats.

Ben Jealous is already working it in Chicago!


Chi is right. Say so long to the Primaries forum.

‘The military is not his palace guards,’ retired three-star general says of Donald Trump

Trump on Nancy Reagan: 'She was never very beautiful' In a 2004 interview,

The other big polling miss March 8th!

Speaking of hope

Behind a Trump voter on my way to work today

The Upset Kid!!!!!

Sanders Campaign: Michigan Victory is a Game-Changer

Clinton leads Sanders by more than 2 to 1 in Florida, Post-Univision poll finds

Anyone care to weigh in about which Hillary will show up for tonight's debate?

If Keith were back at MSNTRUMP, they would fire him for not

North Carolina (desperately) needs an LGBT legislator

LePage opposes compromise to rapidly expand solar power

North Carolina (desperately) needs an LGBT legislator

Now that Sanders is a real contender, THIS is why I have objected Clinton's demographic divisiveness

Young Arab-American Muslim voters helped fuel Sanders' win

How 'Occupy Wall Street' turns into 'Occupy White House'

Just want to say hello

Well gee, ATF agent, the dog ate the paperwork . . .

Please donate today

Response to those who say Obama should attend Nancy Reagan and Scalia funerals

Bernie with a couple of real, strong black men.

What does Locked mean? Who can do that?

Whether you support Bernie or Hillary

Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Michigan Muslims — And Political Pundits Can’t Quite Believe It

No Republican endorsements this year...

Pic Of The Moment: A Good Day For Dems: Trump By The Numbers

The message from Clinton supporters

Superdelegates? Even the Founders would approve

Why is my thread locked? My wife volunteers for the lock, unlock jobs. I gained a good uderstanding

Carly Fiorina endorses Cruz!

Resources on Informed Consent to Medical Experimentation

Gun Rights Poster Girl Shot In Back By 4 Year Old Son


Interesting picture on front page...

Rieder: Brutal night for media narrative

Sanders campaign: The best is ahead of us!

Sanders has accomplished ALL THIS with every pundit ignoring him or claiming he can't win.

Canadian Couple Allegedly Tried to Cure Sick Son with Maple Syrup Leading to his Death

Question for Chicagoans: Does a wounded Rahm Emmanuel have the juice to deliver in Illinois?

Republican silly tidbit blast from the past. Barry Goldwater and UFO's

The Reason Bernie Sanders Defied The Polls In Michigan

NC manufacturing was decimated by NAFTA, etc.

Carly Fiorina Endorses Ted Cruz

Will my Debit Card work in Canada?

Cleveland seeking to buy riot gear for Republican National Convention

Snowden: FBI's claim it can't unlock the San Bernardino iPhone is 'bull****'

Finicum forced his fate


Close Primary Elections Don't Affect Much

The primary system should have NO delegates.

The Reason Bernie Sanders Defied The Polls In Michigan: Voters of Color, Youth

Did anyone catch that rightwing twit on CNN

Some will always side with the big power, big money.

Bad Reporter on Trump

Iraqi Officials: US Captured Top IS Chemical Arms Engineer

I love you guys!

Pentagon admits it has deployed military spy drones over the U.S

ABC News Washington-Post Poll HRC: 50% Trump: 41%

All aboard! The Trump Train to stupidville.

Michigan: Does anyone else remember this?

I congratulate Bernie Sanders on his win in Michigan

U.S. special operations forces conduct helicopter raid in Somalia

That Florida Big Sugar Money sure is sweet for Hillary Clinton---hope it makes tonight's debate.

Say what you want about Martha Stewart, but she deserves props for this.

After epic 39-hour filibuster, Missouri Senate passes bill criticized as anti-gay

Does anyone know

Does anyone know

Days of Revolt: The New Mexican Revolution

The Organic Food Industry Is The Pinnacle Of White Privilege

Republicans sue State Department for Clinton emails

Mitt Romney fires back at ‘Mean Tweets’ from Donald Trump supporters

Just donated to Bernie --

Large crowd expected as Bernie Sanders visits UF on Thursday

In the simplest terms: Bernie needs 54% of the remaining 2,739 pledged delegates, Hillary 46%.

YouTube: Black Men For Bernie Educates Black Detroit Voters

Do only minorities support Clinton?

The anti-GMO crowd is not happy about who supports LGBT equality.

Design changes make Maine-built ‘stealth’ destroyer less stealthy

DWS opponent, Tim Canova, rallies with Cuban American Democrats for Bernie Sanders. Wow!

Graduate sues law school for fraud

Tonight's Democratic Debate Is One to Watch

Something to keep in mind....

DWS opponent, Tim Canova, rallies with Cuban American Democrats for Bernie Sanders

Michigan was truly an historic event . . .

Educate, Agitate, Organize

A moving music video...

CNN’s Zakaria Likens Trump’s Rise in GOP to the Rise of Islamic Extremism

Excuse me, I am talking...

Fired UP! Ready to vote! (Hillary GROUP)

One more batshit crazy, off-the-rails, clueless celebrity knob boards the Trump Train

For the good of the party, for the good of the nation, for the good of the world...

A short story of the term invented to replace 'propaganda' in times of peace

Jump Rope Girl - World's Best Jump Roper!!! Adrienn Banhegyi

Very Proud of Hillary supporters last night/today

Trump's lead over Cruz < Hillary's lead over Bernie in pledged delegates only.

Hillary’s inevitability lie

Republican Clowns Are SO Predictable....

What went wrong for Hillary Clinton in Michigan? (CNN)

Miami Phone Bank WITH Congressman Joaquin Castro Friday from 12-1:30pm!!!! RSVP here:

Wikileaks: Should we add Hillary Clinton's secret "Goldman Sachs speech" to our Most Wanted list?


Anyone following the Tim Bosma Trial here?

Leading candidate for Peru presidency barred from election over technical error

"Brutal night for media narrative"

Good Riddance, You Brutalizing Hag (just one more reason to loathe Nancy Reagan)

Visions of the Future (NASA printable "travel posters")

Frackers for Hillary: Fundraiser today 3/10


Donald Trump is coming after Hillary Clinton

Reminder: We Can Still Win Iowa (Reddit repost)

GOP vs. DEM Michigan turnouts

A Message to Bernie Sanders Supporters About Our Yuge Michigan Win

Question about delegates.

George W. Bush Will Not Make Another Primary Endorsement

The Air Force's New $1 Trillion Fighter Jet Has a Software Bug So Stupid It's Amazing

US in talks to base long-range bombers in Australia

Karen Finney, Clinton surrogate, is hitting the cable news to talk about Hillary's coalition.

Ohio & Bernie Back in November!! Can You Imagine Next Week?!!! Nina In The House!

single payer advocates probably have heard of dr quentin young. sad news

Great win for Bernie last night, but it doesn't help him much

Clinton will add to delegate lead after Michigan, Mississippi contests

The Duggars Speak Out on Life After Scandal

Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Michigan Muslims — And Political Pundits Can’t Quite Believe It

Latest woo in some states...

Think there will be another debate scheduled?

I was going to keep this to myself, but Mega Millions just popped, so there's no way I can afford it

School That Honors Virginia Segregationist Could Be Renamed

He's not going away.....

More people dying (literally!) in Maduro's socialist paradise...

Senate Committee Votes to Approve New Education Secretary

Senate Committee Votes to Approve New Education Secretary

Probe of Alleged FBI 'Misconduct' in Oregon Standoff Shooting

ISIS’S Minister of war Omar the Chechen targeted in U.S air strike

Harry Reid: Mitch McConnell forged the path which led to the rise of Donald Trump

US Commander Backs Revised Train and Equip Program in Syria

Dumb Trump supporter on the train...

Beatles producer George Martin dies at 90...

Better Call Saul is getting intense!

So many Republicans having meeting to stop Donald Trump

FBI Agents Investigated Over Shots Fired During Standoff


Joke of the day

HURRY Bernie on Thom Hartmann NOW radio

2 words................

Bernie Sanders On Thom Hartmann Right Now!

Trump mocks NBC reporter. A hint of things to come

Man Suspected of Killing 5 in Missouri, Kansas Captured

 The Nation: Why Bernie Sanders’s Win in Michigan Is Huge

Michigan is the bellwether of how Midwestern states will vote.

Make No Mistake: Hillary Clinton is a Drug Warrior

WV Lawmakers celebrate legalizing raw milk by drinking raw milk -- and getting sick

Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Michigan Muslims — And Political Pundits Can’t Quite Believe It

WV lawmakers legalize drinking raw milk, celebrate by drinking raw milk...

Former Missouri professor Melissa Click fired over role in protests files appeal

Hillary Clinton Pushes Colombia Free Trade Agreement In Latest Email Dump

LET’S DANCE! Yale Bulldogs Clinch NCAA Tournament Berth With Win At Columbia

32.6% percent of all pledged convention delegates have already been awarded to Hillary, 60/40 margin

Corporate Media to Begin Adding Fangs to Images of Bernie Sanders

OMG, Glen Taylor's Star-Tribune actually gave Bernie a headline

Bernie in Michigan!

Trump net +16 Delegates - Hillary net +18 Delegates

Huff Post: Bernie Sanders Won Michigan Because He's Honest. More People Trust Trump Than Clinton

SLOG: "Bernie Sanders Defeats Nate Silver in Michigan Primary"

Lead Fears in Water at 30 Newark Schools

Once a con artist for Jesus, always a con artist for Jesus. (Remember Jim Bakker?)

E-mail from the Bern himself: "One of the greatest upsets"


Mike Ditka say's Obama the worst President ever

As a Bernie supporter I just want to comment on the lawsuit from the RNC to Hillary on emails.

Tonight's debate

Interesting "Authenticity" comment heard on NPR

Interesting Poll: 33% of Bernie Supporters Will Not Vote for Clinton

Looks like another person is heading to Hell

FairVote: Facts about primary voting at 17. Where's it's allowed, and why it should be.

Black Men for Bernie Sanders in Michigan with Mark Ruffalo

Man smashes head of Buddhist monk while screaming about Muslims.

A Big Shout Out to Michael Moore

From GDP: OMG! Old Women Heading To Hell! Support Song For BERNIE!

This may be a bad time to spoil everybody's fun but...

Husted in Ohio blocking 17 year olds voting in primary

Nina Turner is about to be on MSNBC

Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Drumpf. Here's why

Hillary’s cronyism is showing: A closer look at her economic proposals reveals a neoliberal agenda

Macri forces YPF state energy firm CEO Miguel Galuccio out.

Peggy Noonan: GOP 'is ending'

Prosecutors: Drop Charges in Somali Sex Trafficking Case

OK I'm ready.

Nina Turner for Bernie's VP!

Washington Post-Univision Poll: HRC up 68-21 among hispanic voters in Florida

Mitt reads Trump's mean tweets on Kimmel

Robert Reich on the differences between Hillary and Bernie's policy.

That Big Red Arrow Pointing Right (toon)

Help Bernie supporters

With Curry, why wait?

What is #DemocracySpring?

(NH Bundyite) DeLemus denied bail, to remain in custody pending trial

Bernie Supporter explain how Bernie's Healthplan and Education Plan benefits my family?

The pollsters and MSM pundits who follow the polls have a much bigger problem then HRC

A Must-See on State of GOP Rallies - And We Thought 'Bomb, Bomb Iran' w/McCain was Bad

Will Farrell Animal Expert

Guess what. WaPo pointed out that exactly the same thing happened in South Carolina.

I love it when people support and endorse their candidate without ripping the other

OP in this thread sounds SUICIDAL. THIS IS SERIOUS.

Donald Trump Dog Poop Bags Now On Sale! This is for real!

The Economic Implications of Global Broadband is Astronomical- lets Discuss telepresence and Jobs

DN!: Bernie or Hillary? Cornel West & Dolores Huerta Debate After Sanders' Upset Win in Michigan

Koterba toon: The GOP race

I'm sick of the Gish Gallop

I appreciated Michael Moore's tweet last night

As a Sanders supporter who thinks Clinton is the favorite and who will vote for the nominee, please

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Who would Jesus vote for?

A Master Class on Middle East Politics focusing on the Destruction of Libya and Role of Saudi Arabia

The Awesome Young Activists Fighting Anita Alverez In Chicago

Were Naughty Republicans the true key to Sanders Michigan Win?

So I am a bad person for wanitng to keep my healthcare

Indian teenager dies after being raped and set on fire

The Brazilian Earthquake--by Pepe Escobar

When the ReTHUG party give you Palin and Joe the Plumber

The Tarp that Bernie voted against did NOT include any language about an auto bailout.

Everyone sees the world through their own prism

You gave our jobs away, WE GET EVEN!!!

One thing to say for the pollsters. Give up! Polling hasn't worked since the electronic voting

Three "virtual ties" now

ROFL!!! DO THE BERNIE BONGO. America needs to stand up. Bernie doesnt want your fracking dough.

We had the heat on 2 days ago. Now, it's a beautiful 80.4°

NC for Bernie...Early voting effort

Ah ha! Pollsters base models partly on what happened in previous elections...

March 9 CNN/ORC Poll:Clinton leading in Florida,-->Clinton 61, BS 34: & ** Ohio, Clinton 63, BS 33

Did you see Ashleigh Banfield nearly choke this morning?

Drumpf Gets Asked If He's Proud White Students Are Telling Classmates They'll Get Deported

It was bound to happen

Why March 15 will be make or break for the presidential candidates

Sony to Drop Dr. Luke

Sunnyvale blocks homeless shelter at Moffett

GREAT analysis of last night written by a former White House counselor to President Clinton !!

'You tink we easy'!! Jamaican model files suit against Donald Trump-owned model agency

Flight to get my Service Dog

Flight to get my Service Dog

Drumpf Chickened Out Of Fox News Debate With Bernie Sanders

Congressman from Oklahoma attacks San Francisco Mime Troupe!

Bernie Sanders Is Not a One-Issue Candidate

Drumpf's thingy may be tiny, but his rallies are a heck of a lot bigger than Rubio's

Arlington, Virginia: Local Attorney and LGBT Advocate Dies in Crash

Do You Dare to Watch This? FeelTheBern 8 - Bernie Rising

Basic income: New life for an old idea (CBC)

Stars Aligned for Bernie: "Six Pieces of a Real Democracy Movement We've Never Had Before"

Not sure I understand why this thread was locked

Confessions of a Republican

Ain't nobody writing a song for Hillary! "Hey Bernie Sanders" ~ performed by Happytown

Media's Obsession

Stop a Douchebag - You ARE the Problem (Russians can be hilarious)

This will make your day! Guaranteed. "Hey Bernie Sanders"performed by Happytown

The Trump-Cruz ticket has 825 delegates. Need 412 to clinch

Hillary Accepts Money From the Fracking Industry – Fracker in Chief?

Canada Is About To Start Giving Away Free Money (Huffington Post)

HRC supporters argue that we need more than just registered Dems to win

What did Hillary Clinton say in her first post on Reddit? “Thank you.”

I just passed the red nurses for Bernie bus!

If Obama was a cynical S.O.B., this is who he'd pick as his SCOTUS nominee

Now, Democracy Now! Bernie's Michigan Win Last Night with guests Cornel West,

Iran Tests Ballistic Missiles for Second Day in Row

Decoding Hillary: The Truth Vs. What She Claims About Her Wall St. Record

The fucking Chicago Tribune

Clinton: Iran Should Face Sanctions For Ballistic Missile Tests

I'm starting to miss him already.

Biden criticizes Palestinians for not condemning attack

The other math impacting this race.

Lynch Suggests White House 'Stay Silent' On Hillary Clinton Email Probe

Turkish first lady says harem was 'school' for women

More than ever before, social justice and economic justice INTERSECT.

A $15 Minimum Wage Is What We Need - and Here's Why the Attacks on It Are Bogus

I've decided I'm done disparaging Bernie's campaign

“But what do you do, if you have been suckling at the teat of billionaires, telling them that they'r

Trump 2009: "If I Ever Run For President, Then Please Shoot Me"

Republican National Committee Sues for Clinton Aides' E-Mail

$12 ≠ $15

Megyn Kelly Grills Wasserman Schultz on Clinton FBI Investigation: "Let's Not Be Melodramatic"

Two groups of kids refuse to join in school prayer during lunch at Hollister Missouri High School

Video Shows Google Self-Driving Car Hit Bus

Now Canada is trying a basic income, Britain can ignore it no longer (Independent)

Friends in Florida and Illinois

Deputies : Florida Mom Shot In The Back By 4 Year Old Son

Oklahoma City man shot in front of family accused by shooters of belonging to gang

Scientists Harness Stem Cells for 'Grow-Your-Own' Eye Repair Surgery

I'm gonna buy this shirt.

N Korea threats of “preventive nuclear strikes” could be legal basis for the use of military force

Michigan Breakthrough Shows Rust Belt Bern Could Lift Sanders

Top Clinton aide: We're nearing an 'insurmountable' lead

Texans add Brock Osweiler

You Get to Decide Who I Vote for in November!


Heads up; very important news from today re HRC.

Young Americans grateful for the opportunity to study medicine in Cuba

Uh Oh, donald trump had a relationship with gangster LiButti

Gorgeous work of art. Found this on social media. Hope & Change

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 9, 2016

Any Sanders supporters in Ohio who want to help out w/an unconventional promotion for his campaign?

If Trump Becomes POTUS - We Need To Put These Back Up

Poll: 33% of Sanders Supporters Wouldn't Vote for Clinton in November

Hillary Clinton holding narrowing lead over Bernie Sanders in Ohio, new poll finds

Interview with DWS about the Miss win for Hillary and the Michigan returns

Wasserman Schultz Fumbles Opportunity To Slam Fox News Fearmongers

The Latest: Bundy, Others Face New Counts in Oregon Standoff

Mook getting desperate. Deflect Away Sir

"Hillary Clinton holding narrowing lead over Bernie Sanders in Ohio, new poll finds"

Trump ~ Clown Genius ~Dilbert by Scott Adam's blog

Cokie Roberts Skewers Donald Trump and he Squeals like the Pig he is

The Sudden But Well Deserved Fall of Rahm Emanuel

Labour urged to expel Trotskyist Gerry Downing over 9/11 views

No gloom allowed! Hillary increased her delegate lead yesterday! (CLINTON GROUP)

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update fro 3-8-16

Why are both of our candidates lying about outsourced jobs coming back to America??? There will be

My secret debate w/ Sam Harris: A revealing 4-hour dialogue on Islam, racism & free-speech hypocrisy

Nearly 100,000 contributions to Bernie since the polls closed last night

The Clinton Meme of the Day

How do Hillary and Bernie respond when they are personally attacked by Trump?

Second Wachowski comes out as transgendered woman

Email from Bernie...

Tonight's Debate Topics: Immigration, Etc.

A different twist on dieting


WNYC: "It's official: Arab city [Dearborn] feels the Jewish Bern." ??

Toon: He's Not Going Away

The congressional race that could predict the future of the Democratic Party.

who is planning on watching tonights debate? and what do think will happen?

Abortion: Where do you stand? (Please vote, even if it's not a high priority for you.)

Hillary Clinton has earned nearly every newspaper endorsement of the Democratic primary.

Two Clintons. 41 Years. $3 Billion. Inside The Clinton Donor Network (Washington Post 11-19-2015)

Out of the roughly 300 million guns in the US

Only 6 more days before KOS & company stops allowing

Obamacare didn’t pave the way for Donald Drumpf. The GOP’s response to it did.

The Intercept: Bernie Sanders Won America's Largest Arab Community By Being Open to Them

Good Salon article on HRC's "inevitability"

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Ultra Rich

Sanders Secret Weapon in New York: It Helped Win Michigan Yesterday!

Federal Reserve official under fire for donating to Hillary Clinton

So, if the DOJ has to do soul searching in order to plot its course after the FBI reports

IS Registration Forms Identify 22,000 Jihadis

LA Times: Hillary Clinton had a gainful night even with her loss in Michigan

Why Bernie Won Michigan

Trump's QVC special last night reminded me of

Walker Goes Way Back With State Justice Under Fire For Anti-Gay Remarks

The Great Let's-Totally-F*ck-Up-Kansas-Experiment Is Nearly Complete


Another "The sky is falling!" "prophet..."

"Just say NO"

I just want to know what the 20,000+ uncommitted votes are in the final tally.

Auditor of Colombia’s biggest health intermediary found murdered at home

Auditor of Colombia’s biggest health intermediary found murdered at home

Bernie and his supporters don't think it's evil just to be wealthy.

Bernie's Stump Speech is the basis for a new bill of rights

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 10 March 2016

Opposition party president leaves Colombia claiming imminent arrest

Atty Gen Lynch: Ill-Advised to Downplay Seriousness of FBI Investigation & Silence Is Best

How accurate is polling?

“The ‘Humility’ in Ignoring Climate Change”

Will HRC ditch Rahm?

Sestak increases lead over McGinty!

lol. Where will Bernie get all the money for his Free Stuff?

How Santos betrayed Uribe

Canada Fears Photo of Prime Minister with Pandas Could Worsen American Refugee Crisis

Hillary DoubleCrossed Voters:Promised Oppose Colombia Trade Agt, Lobbd for it:Goldman Sachs involved

Watch Donald Drumpf at His Crudest (NSFW)

So Jeb's gonna meet w/ Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich before the Flada Primary

The Senate’s Most Powerful Senator on Climate Change, James Inhofe, Is a Delusional Lunatic.

A Brief History Of Canada’s Stunning About-Face on Climate Change

Colombian activist murders create unease amid Farc peace talks

Colombian activist murders create unease amid Farc peace talks

In tonight's debate, I hope Bernie and the Mods don't let Hillary get away with the tactics she

Joe Scarborough & Bernie Agree on Something Very Important

Pres. Obama's 2008 Ohio Mailer Blasted Hillary on NAFTA, etc:

Cellphone Video of the Levoy Finicum Shooting

Elway Supremo must be shitting a brick about now.

Federal Judge Rules Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage Doesn't Apply to Puerto Rico

So I bought some fresh beets, because I am trying to grow my horizons

Presidential Historian Discussed Hillary Clinton's Place in History

Michigan, the Corporate Media, & the Three Ways Forward, Bernie Sanders, Clinton, Trump

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Activists urge Justin Trudeau to phase out Canada's failing seal industry

RNC Sues for Clinton Records

Nephew of murdered Honduran activist Cáceres: 'The atmosphere is terrifying'

New Tablet$%#$#%....Will not play Flash content streaming

Pundits and major networks ignore Bernie Sanders at risk of their own increasing irrelevance

Just bought Paul McCartney tickets!

Comey’s FBI Makes Waves

Is anyone here a Bernie Staging Location Director or Canvass Chief? Looking to connect if you

4-Year-Old Florida Boy Shoots Mother in the Back

5 Reasons the Clinton-Sanders Race Is Much, Much Closer Than You Think

There are 16 precincts yet to report in Genesee Co, MI as of 11am est

First-of-its-kind cataract surgery using stem cells shows promise

Greeley City Council reverses planning commission's oil and gas denial verdict

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton stumps in Vernon Hills on Thursday

WHO cancer agency publishes Q&A on carcinogenic glyphosate - Gag me with a GMO cocktail

Lobbyist for Coal Company Hosts Katie McGinty Fundraiser

Liz Warren petition for social security

Trump Doesn't Own Most Of The Products He Pitched Last Night

While his parents slept, a 7-year-old boy's life was saved by Jedi, his diabetes-sniffing dog

Could Jeb be cooking up a grand deal w/Kasich, Cruz, & Rubio?

Beloved Dog Shot by Police, Says Family (Petition)

2-16-16 Sanders to UAW crowd in Dearborn: 'We need fair trade' (NEW INFO 4 Bernie fans)

Greeley City Council reverses planning commission's oil and gas denial verdict

I wonder what out of left field not-really-true zingers Clinton has in store for Bernie tonight...

It’s My Business and I’ll Deny if I Want to

NC third grader writes letter to Donald Trump: ‘You have been very rude’

A Bad Effort in Congress to Thwart States on Food Labels

"Why You Should Be Concerned About TTIP and TPP and Access to Medicines"

FEC Finds $23 Million Unitemized Contributions in Bernie2016 PAC

State of Emergency in Louisiana

Jonathan Alter is a bit skeptical about Bernie winning.

Hillary staffer lying about auto bailout AGAIN, on MSNBC

For all the Florida bashing that goes on here, let me just tell you....Florida kicks ass right now!

Why the Media and Party Elites are Rushing to Nominate the Weakest Candidate

Apparently '538' Never Learns... Latest

Bernie - parody to Burning for You - Blue Oyster Cult

Timeline: Labor Wars in the U.S. (PBS)

Predict the Hillary Lie in Tonight's Debate

Exclusive: Obama Committed To Pacific Trade Deal, Even As Opposition Spreads - Rice

Timeline: Labor Wars in the U.S. (PBS)

Video of powerful opponent of DWS at a Cuban American rally for Bernie in Miami

Watch Donald Trump morph

U.S. Air Force veteran convicted of attempting to join Islamic State

Has anyone heard from GoldenThunder? I am worried because of a post earlier today

Florida legislature approves controversial abortion restrictions

Does anyone know where a campaign office is on the west side of Cleveland?

Why the Clinton Camp Isn't Worried After Michigan Primary Loss