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Republican Mega-Donor buys stake in Twitter and seeks to oust CEO Jack Dorsey

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BREAKING: CNN, NBC calls South Carolina for Biden...


CNN Biden wins South Carolina

MSNBC just projected Biden as the winner in South Carolina! As soon as the polls closed!

Biden Projected winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Undecided, middle-of-road voters called 'mug wumps' in late 19th century

MSNBC: Biden got 60% of the black vote in SC!

Schools in ++++WHOLE NORTHERN ITALY++++ Quarantined

60% of African American voters

****CNN Calls South Carolina for Joe Biden****

Major loss tonight for Bernie Sanders.

Brief Summary of todays events.

Thinking the unthinkable - planning to treat COVID-19 at home.

South Carolina Exit polls detail

But I read last week Sanders was gaining huge gound in SC.

NPR first numbers: Biden 54.6% in SC, Bernie & Styer tied at 18.6%

Is Joe Biden the new Comeback Kid?

Which of our Democratic candidates

I'm in for Joe.

DU Challenge: Post S. Carolina, Help the Yellow Dog Spot the Russian Divide and Conquer

Imagine how badly Sanders would have done tonight if his youth vote HADN'T come out in force.....

As an old fart I find it sad

Mcauliffe endorses Joe!!!

No, MSNBC, we are not interested in seeing Kornacki

Let me be the first...

The New York Times has a graph up for SC primary results:

Sanders surrogate Shaun King whining about SC being called so early for Biden

Biden is ahead of Sanders among self identified "very liberal" voters in SC exit polls.

Tulsi Gabbard: Presidential candidates must also condemn election interference by US

Chloroquine phosphate has shown apparent efficacy in treatment of COVID-19

Alexandra Rojas, head of Justice Democrats, is on CNN (she's become a regular "pundit"!)....

CNN's Jeff Zeleny, re this Biden victory: Endorsements will be coming fast and furiously.

Congrats to VP Biden! He beat the Russian Mob's smear and their e-vote hacking

Am feeling the Burn....the Biden Burn!

Third Challenge, a Home Run

Look at the cheering from Biden supporters in SC as MSNBC projects Biden winning:

Just some musings about the effects of Coronavirus on universal healthcare:

Teachers Union Leader Is Endorsing Elizabeth Warren For President

donate here!!

Trump supporters bragging about how the cheated at SC Prims

Joe Biden wins South Carolina Democratic primary, NBC News projects

"Biden can win primaries that look like the Democratic Party. Most other candidates cannot."

Congrats Joe!

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 Fountain of Youth Stakes

All the rethugs are complicent in this disaster

Joe Biden Appreciation Thread

Woo Hoo, Biden!

Coronavirus outbreak at Washington LifeCare facility (2 confirmed 50+ with symptoms)

As a Sanders supporter, I want to congratulate Biden on his win.

Former GOP official in SC tells Katy Tur that Biden's the last person they want to run against

Steyer should drop out after tonight.

With 3% in (LOTS more to go):

Biden may have won the popular vote total in the first four states with this victory

Looks like Joe nailed it in SC 😎

How quickly was Nevada called?

Pete and Amy have no path to the nomination. Time to drop out.

Biden wins South Carolina Primary AP Projects

Our Struggle for Civil Rights

SNL tonight is new:

Our Struggle for Civil Rights

CBS: Biden got 48% of SC voters who prioritize electability. Sanders 18%, Steyer 12%,

"Older Voters " like it's a dirty word

CCRAP! When the lame gather to spew their rhetoric and hate!

Is there a cabinet position


53 % to 14 % with the absentee votes.

Looks like Biden's doing well on the electronic voting machines.


Once again, zero evidence of mischievous crossover voting having an impact

Favorable rating - CNN exit poll!

Terry McAuliffe endorsed Biden on CNN a few minutes ago. Will make it formal in the morning.

Terry McAuliffe endorsed Joe Biden

What happened to that RW climate denial girl?

I'm switching to Joe.

South Carolina Democratic Primary Results

*TOOTSIE on TCM now.

I just voted for Joe in the CA primary.

Best choice for the Democratic Party, best choice for the USA!

Please donate to Biden if you have extra. Every dollar helps.nt

One of the scariest things

Leap-Year Babies Fight a Lonely, Quadrennial Fight for Recognition

Question on first round ballot at the convention - related to candidates that drop out

The poll-warping narrative that Biden can't win was just nuked.

I've made my mind up to vote for Joe Biden on Tuesday but...

Poor little Putin. Looks like he might not get his way after all.

I am so so happy... for the amazing win in South Carolina

Guy Brings Tiny Mouse Back To Life

Previously Unreleased Defense Dept. Email Confirms Trump Made 'Final Decision' on Withholding Ukrain

It's Interesting How Biden Did Better in a State Where . . . .

MSNBC currently showing Biden leading Sanders by 35 points, 52% to 17%

Maybe someone ought to set up a coronavirus forum

Wanted Harris, leaned Klobuchar, voted Biden in FL

This Baby Elephant's Not Giving Up

Warren taking the stage in Texas, on MSNBC now

Just because I love it.

Looks Like the Republican Plan Called "Operation Chaos"

At this point, it is apparent that the Democratic nominee will be either Sanders or Biden.

The Galaxy Song - Monty Python's Meaning Of Life

Amazon bans products claiming to cure coronavirus, shuts down price gouging of face masks

Sanders looking grim and tired as he addresses a wildly cheering rally in VA right now

Star Tribune endorsement: Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota's Democratic presidential primary

This little goat shows her mom every day that happiness is a choice

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Trump's environmental rollbacks are deeply unpopular with swing voters

Any guesses? What will the "president" be tweeting tonight?

A slow blues crawl from a few of Great Britain's best at slow blues crawls

The message from South Carolina is this

Age demographic break down via Kornacki, 8:30pm, eastern

Good Fucking going Joe...

Coronavirus is Scary. But The World's First Pandemic Might Have Killed 50 Million People.

This Cat Loves Surfing With His Parents

Even Among White Evangelicals, Women Are Less Likely To Favor Trump

Biden on Barr's corruption in 1991 video

Biden scores a victory in South Carolina, AP projects

Thoughts on who might start dropping out after Super Tuesday?

I'm worried about Bernie's health.

We stand united for snacks

MSNBC: Clyburn addressing Biden supporters in SC, about to introduce Biden

I voted for Biden

Congrats to the DU Biden supporters for SC win!

Thank You Rep. James Clyburn!!! ❤️

Update on tonight's delegate count in SC:

You won't find a better training partner than Tesla!

Biden speech up next. 8:43 PM nt

Joe should go to California

NYT now predicting a win by 130,000 votes for Biden

Add the StarTribune endorsement (Klobuchar's home paper)

At Least Half A Million People Are Infected With Coronavirus In China

Congressman Bobby Scott endorses Biden.

Steyer at around 12%. Imagine if those votes had gone for Joe!

So when Biden went to S.C. before the final NH count was tabulated, a lot of criticism was

Gov. Inslee declares state of emergency in Washington over virus

The View 2/28/20 Full Video - Dr. Jennifer Ashton talks about the coronavirus

The View 2/28/20 Full Video - Dr. Jennifer Ashton talks about the coronavirus

Go Joe!

I am so happy for Joe Biden and his big win.

Joe Biden: "Democrats want a nominee who's a Democrat, a lifelong Democrat!"

Biden: "If the Democrats want a nominee who's a Democrat -- a lifelong Democrat, a

'We're the Base': Black Democrats in South Carolina Want to Send a Message

VOX's case for each candidate

I would feel safer if Coronavirus gave a press conference about how it's going to save us from Trump

Super Tuesday - how many votes are already cast?

"Talk is cheap. False promises are deceptive. And talk of revolution isn't changing anyone's life."

Pence: 'We could have more' coronavirus deaths

UPDATE...Ari on MSNBC just said that money is now pouring into Biden's campaign!!! DU helped!

US Senate seats the Democrats must win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Joe's DU fund raising is on fire!

Washington State Is Investigating Potential Outbreak at Facility

I sent my contribution this year to Joe.

Barn-burner of a speech from Biden tonight!

Education Dept. to Cut Off Federal Funding for Some Rural Schools

Robert Gibbs on MSNBC: Biden hit a home run tonight.

Washington state lab now able to test for coronavirus

Kornacki reviewing the counties in South Carolina:

MSNBC showing SOUTH CAROLINA. MY Gosh...... BIDEN BLUE !!! Whole state is blue

MSNBC now showing

It appears that Biden's overall votes of all contests will exceed Sanders.

Nicolle Wallace just used the L word -- landslide -- for Biden's victory tonight

California's super-dry February raises specter of early fires and low reservoirs

I voted Today. BUT .....

Tom Steyer OUT per CNN

Tom Steyer just ended his candidacy according to MSNBC

Steyer quits the race

MSNBC announced that Steyer is ending campaign.

Tom Steyer just dropped out of the race.

Steyer is out. Nt.

Steyer's out!

Steyer dropping out. Will endorse later. Just now on CNN nt

Steyer is out! Hopefully others will follow.

Will anyone else end their campaign tonite or tomorrow?

Tom Steyer drops out of the 2020 presidential race

Whoa! Another Jon Cooper tweet:

Which Democrat will put the country above ego next?

Princeton University students protest Marshawn Lynch as their Class Day speaker

I read somewhere they Steyer may drop out.

Tom Steyer for Secretary of the Interior.

good argument for Warren and Klobucher to stay in!!!

Bloomberg has seventy two hours to do the right thing, drop out, and endorse Biden

Biden wins SC on Sat. Twitler & Co re-start Hunter propaganda Monday?

WSDOT planning work on I-5 that could impact Whatcom County travelers heading south

Hoarse Whisperer: Biden's margin over Sanders as large as Obama's in 2008 over only two competitors

Super Tuesday voters - will tonight's SC results influence your vote?

Steyer drops out.

Two votes in my family for Liz in CA by mail today.

Inside Trump's frantic attempts to minimize the coronavirus crisis

American Federation of Teachers president to introduce Warren at Houston rally

Oh Hell Ya !! Go Joe !!

There are some polling firms that need to explain how they got SC so wrong

Switching: I will vote Biden Super Tuesday.

Joe Cunningham tweet congratulating Biden, and asking for support:

The Dissonance Between Sanders and His Supporters on Medicare for All

Carville: Biden's victory tonight is "what winning looks like. NOT utopian fantasies."

Warren in 5th place, Klobuchar in 6th in SC

How Prepared Is the U.S. for a Coronavirus Outbreak?

So about that Operation Chaos...

This is still Sanders' race to lose

Erdogan opens Turkey's borders for migrants to cross into Europe

Assuming some of the votes for Sanders were from Republican Trump supporters, just how low

A big hole in the US coronavirus plan:

Bakari Sellers: Biden/Harris would be special.

A Short History of Ships Cats - Floating Felines, Maritime Moggies and Kleptomaniac Kittens

NBC reports Tom Steyer has ended his campaign


Any official guidance on what a suspected infected person should do? Who to call?

I just donated to Joe Biden.

The results from tonight probably mean Sanders will not have a significant plurality..

Overall summary NATIONALLY:

LOL! Biden just responded to the journalists and pundits who'd written him off with a new ad:

Thank you Congressman Clyburn

How will Biden look after Super Tuesdays?

Oh gawd. Another picture of Trump trying to have sex with American flag

Joe Biden's South Carolina acceptance speech

Terry McAuliffe endorses Biden ahead of Super Tuesday

$25 to Joe

On the last day of Black History Month, black voters in SC just upended the race in a historic vote

Billionaire Tom Steyer quits Democratic primary race

Tulsi Gabbard: Presidential candidates must also condemn election interference by US intelligence ag

Ironic that the state where the Civil War started and has itself tried to secede multiple times

Steyer shows leadership and maturity by dropping out

I predict every county

Scene at Sanders' post-election gathering at 8:00 PM when Turner and Glover were to address them:

Pope cancels audiences for 3rd day with apparent cold

Linkin Park - Numb (Throat singing cover)

With 86% counted in SC: Biden 49% Sanders 20% Steyer 11% Buttigieg 8% Warren 7% Klobuchar 3%

Billionaire Tom Steyer quits Democratic primary race

"This is a big f*ing deal"

#BidenHarris trending on Twitter...

Joe Biden Victory Speech

Leap Day wedding!

Give Yes about 12 minutes to blow your mind

Democrats have an easier time regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 with Biden.

Joe's walk on song is trending on Twitter.

Tweet sums up why we need Joe

I've been giving Joe

Trump bemoans 'losing' to Greta Thunberg as Time magazine's 'Person of the Year'

This will make your day and night!

Warren calling Bernie Sanders a massive failure. Fails to get things passed

Biden Sees Surge In Fundraising

Doug Jones has just endorsed Joe.

Meanwhile, at that other progressive site

Retirees' worst nightmare: Federal backing of pension funds at risk

Should the also rans drop out and make it a Biden/Sanders contest?

Senate Democrats avoid calling Sanders front-runner

On the DU "poll", Joe went up TWO points since this morning, from 15% to 17%!!

Just switched back to Joe


COVID-19.... will it impact Super Tuesday voting?

Thank you Tom Steyer for steadfastly supporting impeachment

I forgot how much I love Jill Biden

Not sure if this means anything but Sanders got more votes in SC this time than in 16 even with

Question re: Hillary.

Biden won SC voters who support M4A.

Good presser here in Seattle on Coronavirus.

Chicago Area Resident Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Cook County Department Of Public Health Confir

Biden's picking up donors tonight from Buttigieg and Klobuchar camps

Telling news: Biden leads Sanders in total popular Dem vot...281,164 v 250,948

Greta Thunberg responds to graphic decal bearing Alta. oilfield company logo

New SNL cold open up. Tonight's SNL will be hosted by "SNL" alum John Mulaney

Chaz Bono endorses Joe.

P.S., I have finally moved on from my Al Franken snit

Congrats to Joe Biden... but still a long ways to go

Trump said today that he will meet with the Taliban....

Bill de Blasio is now an internet troll

Mayor Pete in Nashville today

OMG! It just hit me....Let's get Mikey to do it!

Once again, the NEW voters are NOT going to Sanders...

Rosie O'Donnell wants Biden/Harris

Mailed my absentee ballot today.

The Future of America as we know it was saved tonight!!

In 72 hours it will be a Democrat versus Sanders

Agent Orange tweets out for Sanders.

So, trump went down to South Carolina and pleaded for his Magats to ratf*....

1991: Joe Biden calls out Bill Barr for his corruption in Senate hearing.

Where will we be after Super Tuesday?

If the final two candidates were Biden and Sanders, who would you vote for?

Joe Biden South Carolina Victory Speech

The Chinese model of COVID containment cannot be implemented in the US, I'm afraid

With less than 1% of the vote remaining to be reported, popular vote:

Wapo: "a White House scrambling...defined by bureaucratic infighting, confusion and misinformation"

Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?

The Primary Has Failed Them. Hope Is Not A Strategy.

Bernie Sanders Signs Democratic Party Loyalty Pledge For 2020 Run.

Sanders Looks to Topple Warren in Her Home State

A couple of pics and a huge thank you for your input and support with the Owls painting.

California has a larger population than all four states that have voted so far.

Anybody seen the crazy

Effective Biden Ad shown on my NBC channel just now.

This was an interesting SNL for adults

Boring Bernie

I have had

Hasan Minhaj with Jewish Bernie

Can you get coronavirus from drinking Corona beer? No, but the brand still takes a hit

Republicans just bought twitter

Bernie fan:"If Joe Biden didn't have dead children t use to try to win an election he'd invent them"

Pete Buttigieg Speaks to Voters in Raleigh, North Carolina after polls close.

Coronavirus. Community transmission in Washington State may already involve HUNDREDS of cases,


SNL: Coronavirus Cold Open

Pack of wolves visit cabin in cool!

SNL: Weekend Update

Now *that's* what I call a retriever!

Hey, I'm a Sanders supporter checking in to say that I do not support...

A relative was supposed to attend the American Physicists Society convention--just cancelled

China to "resolutely ban and harshly attack the illegal market and trade in wildlife"

I spoke to two sane Republicans today who think the Republican Convention should ditch Trump

PA-HD18: Dems and GOP Fully Commit to Bellwether Bucks Battle

'Thank you, God': Trump revels in reign as absolute king of CPAC

SNL: David Byrne: Once in a Lifetime (Live)

Nate Silver's Super Tuesday win probabilities (Margins not accounted for)

Remember Y2K?

I need an idea for an appalling-sounding recipe that tastes rather good

South Carolina blows up the 2020 primary

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Safe Democratic to Safe Republican

I went too far in my responses to Gravitycollapse.

Heather Cox Richardson - February 29, 2020 - Letters From An American

Slovakia election: seismic shift as public anger ousts dominant Smer-SD party

In like a Lion

Winning South Carolina, Biden Makes Case Against Sanders: 'Win Big or Lose'

Is anyone here a windows 7 admin who is getting the updates?

Eat and walk in Korean Town Tsuruhashi

Sad but it looks like its going to take a deadly virus to end Trump and his #MAGits

SNL: Airport Sushi (ensemble piece)

"The president got a few facts wrong today",

Can we all at least agree about this?

OK, so the humor didn't go over well: let me try again

Afghan conflict: President Ashraf Ghani rejects Taliban prisoner release

Mary Beard blocked by No 10 as British Museum trustee 'for pro-Europe views'

May 2017: Nearly 700 vacancies at CDC because of Trump administration's hiring freeze

Thinking about younger days. I remember a sure sign that the sex was good. REALLY good.


Confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, site updates

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pocket Tiger Edition

US Senate seats Democrats must win in November 2020 to have majority control in January 2021.

(2020 Amercian Physical Society March Meeting in Denver Colorado has been canceled.)

Winter Photo Contest questions/comments UPDATE

*****The WINTER photo contest is now open*****

Winter photo contest is now open!! UPDATE

💰 Bernie Sanders raises $46 million in February

💰 Bernie Sanders raises $46 million in February

Joe Biden will be on all of the Sunday Morning Talk shows

Covid-19 - Daily case increases outside of China

After Joe won last night, DU for Joe raised OVER $20,000!

Will any Super-Tuesday ballots be re-printed without Steyer's name?

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White endorses Joe Biden for president...Go Joe....😎🎨

Recruiter from Oklahoma Christian University told H S students to line up by skin color.

I love this Biden ad

One of the many yuge flaws in right-wing thinking...

How different do you think the narrative would be if SC were the first primary, and not IA / NH?...

FL Endorsement - Rep. Wasserman Schultz endorses Joe Biden

Politico: Biden's surprise ray of hope in California

Coronavirus Live Updates: New Fears in Washington State

My mom is getting cataract surgery on tuesday.

Looks like Tweety's in trouble

Best-Case Scenario: Ensuring That As The Biosphere Declines, It Will Do So More Slowly

Apologies to northern New England DUers.

New Trolling Low: Alberta Oil Firm Passes Out Greta Thunberg Rape Cartoon W. Company Logo

Shocked, Shocked: PBS News Hour Way Ahead Of Network News In Climate Coverage

Tesla's Australian Battery Grid Backup Generated Twice The Consumer Savings In 2019 From 2018

Sicilian pizza today any suggestions Or guidance is appreciated

Breakfast Sunday 1 March 2020

Real Clear Politics Polls This Morning

538: What Biden's Big South Carolina Win Might Mean

Here Comes the Coronavirus Pandemic

Happened to a buddy of mine

Found this NPR article on the Coronavirus and more. Extremely interesting.

Such duplicity can't survive appeal

From Blackhawk to Brain Surgery to Bride

Did anyone hear what Andrew Yang said on CNN last night about...

If We Never Meet Again

The Billionairesn& their money are making him nervous and angry

Could Senator Snowball Be Retiring? We'll Ostensibly Know More After "Announcement" 3/6

Coronavirus: South Korea sect leader to face homicide charges over deaths

Whatever The Manchin/Murkowski Mess Is, It's Certainly Not A Climate Bill

Diver Has Been Friends With Tiger Shark For 20 Years!

Who was the original patient in Washington?

Could you dig up one woman at least? Or would "Mother" not allow it?

Just One Of The Reasons That I Love African Americans

Shitstain Wants To Host A Prime-Time TV Climate Science Denial Show If He's Re-Elected

The overall popular vote, so important to the collective Bernie community over the last few weeks...

In a perfect world I would be supporting Elizabeth or Mayor Pete.

Biden on CNN right now.

Illinois cops show just how stupid they can be...

This CAPTIONer awaits hot link's return.

Watching Pence on MTP talking about corona virus. He's in way over his head.

Huuuge!! Biden has already received over 5 million in donations since yesterday!!

Coronavirus Realtime Map

"Maybe they weren't using the right prayers." . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Pence!!!

Went to Costco yesterday and watched what people were buying

Billionaire Family Behind the Opioid Crisis Needed PR Help, They Turned to Mike Bloomberg

The coronavirus is not what concerns Americans the most

Prayer Warriors - I could use some this week.

It's so funny to me how "christians" think that God is responsible for EVERYTHING in their lives

The biggest loser last night given the turn out

Was appointing Pence to head the task force a win-win for Trump?

*Proper Hand- Washing To Help Keep Viruses & Infections Away

Should Mike Bloomberg, drop out, endorse Biden, and spend his money on attacking Trump?

If one person was even injured by a terrorist who wouldn't be able to get Trump to stop Tweeting

So Biden is winning the popular vote but 2nd in delegates

By March 5, the primary race will be down to

Here's how the end of Drumpf from COVID-19 plays out.

Pence says there could be more deaths due to the coronavirus

Chicago officers are under investigation after video shows police shooting a man at a train station

Here's why Obamacare would likely make any coronavirus vaccine free for patients

This morning, my wife took the Mike Bloomberg yard sign

Glenn Miller was born on this date-

Biden Responds to Trump CPAC Mockery: 'Is That the Stable Genius Saying That?'

Biden Surges on DU!

Guardian Online headlines with my no-so-objective commentary:

Consider this

pics of Californians stocking up

Chopin was born on this date-

How China corralled 1 million people into concentration camps

Fred Guttenberg endorses Joe Biden

Jill Biden tweet last night: A note from my spokesperson. #TeamBiden

Friendly kissing poses European dilemma as virus spreads

handshake post Coronavirus

Biden Sanders ticket should be considered to bring unity to the democrats.

Good news for Joe Biden in California??

US advisory warns Americans not travel to 2 Italian regions

EPA's Latest: Industry Saves $24 Million/Year; We Get GHG Equivalent Of 625,000 More Cars/Year

First positive coronavirus case confirmed in R.I.

Sanders raised stout $46.5M in February; Warren got $29M

for those of you with this fantasy...

Black Violin - Stereotypes.

for those of you with the fantasy...

Fred Guttenberg has endorsed Biden. Read entire series of 11 tweets:

Biden won the Latino vote in SC, too, by a wide margin

Thanks Obama - They should call it Obama Shots -

We deserve to have Elizabeth Warren as our President. She would not draft policies by

Delegate Counts - As of This Morning

President's power to can independent agency heads faces test

Trump's 'People' Just Bought Huge Stake in Twitter: 'Seeks to Oust' CEO to Make More Like Facebook

Bakari Sellers: 1m+ black voters stayed home in 2016. Maybe Biden is the antidote

Trump ripped by teachers union head for 'pretending' the coronavirus outbreak 'wasn't real' and enda

William Barr promotes Christian tyranny in latest speech

Democrats pivoting to new line of attack on Trump after GOP-controlled Senate blocked ouster: report

Huh, despite SC, it seems Sanders is still the frontrunner!

Leap Day has new meaning for Joe!!

Krystal Ball just accused Warren of abandoning economic populism in favor of "gender tokenism"

Leningrad Lindsey seems to be MIA. We need a BOLO so his cannot escape his

WTF! 538's Delegate Projection still shows Sanders in the lead?

Coronavirus: USPS employee in Washington state tests positive for virus

I need some DU love and encouragement, please.

A few images from the Golden's of the Golden Ratio twitter

Sanders says fundraising behemoth means he'll have "more than enough money" to beat Trump

Sanders says fundraising behemoth means he'll have "more than enough money" to beat Trump

interesting read

Pence Says Claim That Dems Are Politicizing Coronavirus Is 'Justified'

The Bra That Doubles as a Gas Mask Is Now For Sale (2010)

Proud of the media for finally seeing that a 6-person field is different than a 2-person field!

Antonin Dvork Symphony #9 in E Minor, Op. 95 "From the New World" edited

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Hat Off To Doug Jones

It's down to Sanders and Biden? (poll)

Joe Coulombe - Founder of Trader Joe's Has Died

First deaths confirmed in US, Australia and Thailand

Which of these old white guys can beat Donald Trump?


Sanders calls himself an 'existential threat to the corporate wing of the Democratic Party'

'In the Mood,' Glenn Miller, Happy Birthday!

How Trump 'sabotaged' this country's ability to respond to a coronavirus pandemic

Couple returns from S. Korea surprised U.S. not more cautious about coronavirus

So, Corona Beer Sales Are Down?

Trump and Pompeo's Taliban 'peace deal' immediately hammered by conservative as a fraud

Tom Steyer Calls Lindsey Graham A Disaster As He Suspends His Campaign

Hillary was a more formidable candidate than Joe Biden.

Sanders holds double-digit lead in Texas, tied with Biden in NC: polls

I feel really bad for all the teachers and all those in the service industries

This morning, I started thinking about the death toll of the coronavirus.


The Powerful Effects of Drawing on Learning

The Powerful Effects of Drawing on Learning

I guess Trump Sycophant is disqualifying for republicans because he has black friends

HHS secretary rebukes Trump plan to close southern border: 'Not one of the highest priorities'

Home health care workers. A perfect vehicle to spread the virus around the country.

Pence makes my skin crawl.

Read this article Historically, rich people have fought to stop politicians like Sanders

Internet jumps on Trump for ignoring coronavirus crisis to plug restaurant he saw on Fox News

I've released some of my brain cells to enjoy the old Al Franken movie Stuart Saves His Family

Why Is Pence Rocking Back And Forth Like On A See Saw?

A Presidential License

Every time the word "Biden" is mentioned by Trump,

Chuck Todd slams Vice-President for gaslighting surrogates

Making a deal with the Taliban:

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that will give Democrats majority control in 2021.

Trump is risking all, hoping the warm weather slows the virus.

Some maps showing why the Dow, S&P and every other stock indices crashed last week.....

Interesting take on Biden's chances going forward:

Why do Liberals think trump supporters are Stupid?

Elizabeth Warren explaining why Bernie is the candidate of the people.

Pope, blaming a cold, skips Lent retreat for first time in his papacy

Bloomberg explaining that Bernie would crush Trump.

Bernie Sanders has the advantage on Super Tuesday

'Hello, hello, hello! Lin Miranda here. When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in the fall of 2017,

Walmart plastic bags that won't separate. (Venting)

Barbara Boxer endorses Biden

Throw out all Super Tuesday polls prior to yesterday

Two Of My Favorite "Sliders"

I support Bernie but I'm fine with Biden's SC win last night

Biden and Bloomberg are in Selma this morning. Any other candidates down there? They....

Bernie Sanders posts a record $46.5 million February fundraising haul

People, just wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, stay away from people who are coughing, sneezing.

Our Campaign Isn't Funded Like Biden's

I have a name for our real problem in the USA

Our Campaign Isn't Funded Like Biden's

Warren campaign manager: we'll take it to convention

Some people are standing in Brown chapel with their back turned on Bloomberg

Article Mike Bloomberg sees the planet as a cash register

Mike Bloomberg sees the planet as a cash register

Typhoid Mary Trump:

"Dirtbag Left" from NYT column aimed at our rabble-rousing selves (clarified below)

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 1, 2020?

When Holyfield beat Tyson the first time, his speech after the fight was nauseating

Parishioners are turning their backs on Bloomberg

OK. Klobuchar will not catch up to Sanders but she will win Minnesota

Have you ever noticed republicans don't make political satire


Positive view on Socialism: Texas 56 (+19) California 57 (+12)

Positive view on Socialism: Texas 56 (+19) California 57 (+12)

Biden's big win in SC pretty much assures a brokered convention.

Side by side

Gary Hart: I knew George McGovern. Bernie Sanders is no George McGovern

Greta Thunberg responds to sexually explicit graphic featuring Alberta oil company logo

Unreal. And people say Bernie's supporters are rude.

The Democratic Trifecta Opportunities in 2020

Trump solution to poverty - Just change the definition of who is "poor". Problem solved.

Virus cases in Italy soar 40% in 24 hrs; US urges Americans not to go

Alabama Senate polls

Trump Says 'The Markets Are Very Strong,' They Are Not

Biden steps up attacks on Sanders as Super Tuesday approaches

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!! (Happy St. David's Day!!) to the Welsh amongst us

Ted Lieu calls out Pence for misleading statement that screening at airports is testing for Covid19

Biden says Sanders would lose to Trump

Joe Biden Triumphs in the South Carolina Primary -- Can He Capitalize On The Momentum?

Louvre Museum in Paris closed over coronavirus fears

Why did Elizabeth Warren's candidacy fizzle out so quickly?

Biden said he would contest nomination even if Sanders leads in delegates

Raw vote totals through the first four states

Biden says Sanders would have 'great trouble' helping Democrats keep House, win Senate

Article Former Co-Worker Corroborates Allegation That Bloomberg Told Pregnant Employee to 'Kill It'

Live updates: Coronavirus was probably spreading for six weeks in Washington state, study says

Tax Policy Center: Where the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Tax Policy

Lindsey Graham opponent drops bombshell about surprise voter turnout in South Carolina's GOP countie

NASA images show dramatic drop in China pollution during production slowdown (coronavirus)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz endorses Joe Biden for President

Bernie Sanders argues Joe Biden and 'establishment' ignored working- and middle-class voters

Chuck Todd Grills Pence, Says It Feels Like Team Trump's 'Gaslighting' on Dems' Coronavirus Rhetoric

Elderberry, Sambucol

Should Joe name a running mate?

What happens if 538's delegate math proves correct?

A U.S. Senator Called Trump a 'Jackass' (Why That Isn't Shocking)

IMHO, COVID-19 is America's Chernobyl

Coronavirus May Have Spread in U.S. for Weeks, Gene Sequencing Suggests

"Saddest Movie" .. ever seen in a movie theater?

HHS Secretary Azar criticizes politicization of novel coronavirus: 'It's unnecessary'

Biden's surprise ray of hope in California

I'm not buying fresh produce that isn't very well wrapped or bagged anymore

Warren comes out swinging after South Carolina drubbing

David Axelrod: Bernie Sanders has a fundraising machine. This is no small advantage.

538 now predicts a 3 in 5 chance that no one wins on the first ballot-- caucus-like convention

'They're chasing me': the journalist who wouldn't stay quiet on Covid-19

Rep. Wexton endorses Joe Biden before Virginia primary...Go Joe.....😎🎨

Peace, but not at our cost: Afghan women fear Taliban return

Trump Averages Two and a Half Conflicts of Interest Per Day, Study From Watchdog Group Says

Barry Goldwater was the angry conservative. Ronald Reagan was the happy conservative.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump revives false claim on wall at CPAC

California university fired 54 grad students who were striking for higher pay

Just heard on MSNBC, John Lewis WILL be at the Selma ceremony this afternoon!!! Starts 3:30

Wet'suwet'en chiefs, ministers reach proposed agreement in pipeline dispute

Briggs-Rauscher Reaction -- MIT Chemistry Behind the Magic

Last Call: NYC will reportedly remove last remaining payphones from the streets

My Florida ballot isn't due until 3/17 so I still have a couple of weeks to decide.

Afghanistan did not commit to release 5,000 Taliban, Ghani says

Climate change is threatening winter sports' very existence

Rep. Steve King of Iowa gets a statue in his honor

Biden's victory recasts the Democratic race with Super Tuesday looming

How might I describe a liberal media or political player who tilts toward "the establishment"?

Trump vows to screen travelers after first American dies of coronavirus

The results of the Democratic Primary in SC for the last 30 yrs, and who got the eventual nom

Aretha Franklin - Take a Look

Jeremy Konyndyk: WA State COVID-19 outbreak "major surveillance failure on par with Italy and Iran"

Vote in OK on Tues. Prefer EWbut see Bernie and Biden v close in OK. Do NOT want Bernie. Sooooo....

Laurie Garrett tweet of genetic analysis of COVID-19.

Think it's all hype? Read this

This is a shitshow

Stars Walk Out Of French Award Show In Protest After Roman Polanski Wins

Alex Jones' Infowars is attempting to profit from the coronavirus outbreak

Warren boxed herself in on Sanders, now she's struggling to take him on

Federal judge rules Ken Cuccinelli unlawfully ran immigration agency

Malcolm Nance...

Nice summary of the primaries and caucuses, number of delegates, and dates here:

Tweet of the Day

Racism and hate is learned....

Most at risk of dying from the Coronavirus are elderly with underlying conditions, like obesity

New Jamie Harrison ad

Time Warp. Kirk emulated pResident Very Good Brain

Have you been surprised by a recent death by pneumonia of someone you know? (Poll)

The other key races to watch on Super Tuesday

Call bullshit on Pence. Said on faux that we have

Latino vote helped elect the 1st democratic AZ senator since 1988.

Okay, I'm pulling the trigger and throwing my support behind Biden

"It's frustrating. They always say listen to black women"

Trump's worst nightmare:

Barry McCaffrey on Pence..."never seen a person who kisses ass like him"

Ok, I totally stole this from someone who stole it from someone else. Because it's so true!!

Afghanistan president rejects Taliban prisoner swap in blow to U.S. deal

Top Economists Study What Happens When You Stop Using Facebook

Drones help police pollution in Alabama. Lawmakers want to make that a crime.

David Byrne on SNL:

In the coming pandemic, lots of people will lose their jobs and health insurance

How Biden and Bloomberg were received at Church service on the 55th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

How US For Profit Healthcare Could Make Coronavirus Go Viral

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

So they are not talking about SC either? ...and Biden is shit talking this morning?

Covid article

This woman just rescued a deer...TWICE.

Is anyone stocking up on extra food and household goods?

Italy reports 50 percent increase in coronavirus cases in just one day

Judge says Ken Cuccinelli unlawfully appointed to lead US immigration agency

ME-SEN: Susan Collins Won't Say If She's Voting For Trump In 2020 Republican Primary

Two more confirmed coronavirus cases in King County

Re-interating Whoever the Nominee Is?

The march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge is starting...

Heroes Cut Huge Sea Turtle Free From Fishing Lines

How does Coronavirus compare to Ebola, SARS, etc?

People Stop Traffic To Save A Family Of Ducks

Re-post from Bernie 2020 - I will no doubt get flamed for this, BUT....

Judge Rules Cuccinelli's Appointment Was Illegal

Animals With Crazy Super Powers

Dem presidential candidates,except for Bernie Sanders, are in Selma for 55th anniv. of Bloody Sunday

this is leny and he absolutely loves sliding down hills

Why Bloomberg Is Staying In the Race

Joe Biden on Fox---for the win:

Judge Rules Ken Cuccinelli Unlawfully Appointed Head O

Why is Bloomberg aiding Bernie Sanders?

DemsAbroad for Bernie Rally singing "Solidarity Forever" with Larry Sanders

For the first time in this century, weekly CO2 readings at Mauna Loa are 25 ppm over 10 years ago.

One of the most iconic events I've ever seen was in Selma, Alabama 5 years ago.

Pence is evil. The Czar of the Coronavirus won't acknowledge that Democrats don't want people to die



Coronavirus rumors and chaos in Alabama point to big problems as U.S. seeks to contain virus

Rep. Katie Porter on the Stress of Surprise Medical Billing

biased poll question

My cat is broken

Does anyone know if pneumonia shots help?Medicare

"Guitar Boogie"

Sanders: I am an existential threat to the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.

Public option where an employee opts for and the employer has to pay most of it. Has anyone

Not sure who came up with these, but great stuff! 😤🤧😷🤢

I think John Lewis just "endorsed" Biden, he said "we have to redeem the soul of America!"

Congressman Lewis speaking to crowd on bridge and no MSM coverage? All clips from phones?

March is coming in like a lamb, in mid-Michigan

The Best Reason to vote for Elizabeth Warren Tuesday

New meme: GO JOE '20!

I really like Elizabeth Warren.

The Calmer-in-Chief ?

WSJ: Grocers, Retailers Prepare for Surge in Demand as Coronavirus Spreads

Article The real global threat to 21st century freedom is authoritarian capitalism

might be a good idea to buy ahead on critical rx if you can

Okay expiration date experts. Should I worry about hand sanitizer if

anybody sell stuff and have a credit card system?

The countdown board at Biden HQ has been updated

*Edited to add*this is the only source I found. Man in Klan Robes at CPAC?

The president finishes his speech at CPAC by hugging and kissing the flag..........

Jane Lynch just endorses Joe.

John Lewis today at the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

DU for Joe sets a one day fund raising record!!!

Who here from the Los Angeles area can provide some guidance

Link to thread about the Chinese using malaria meds to treat COVID-19.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 1, 2020

Coronavirus rumors and chaos in Alabama point to big problems as U.S. seeks to contain virus

The Big Con is the Dark Triad...

FWIW, I have seen zero TV ads in NoVA, except

Did the same folks who had someone acting as Hillary in a cage

Dancing in the Rain (November 27, 1996) by Dick Meister, February 29, 2020

CDC hasn't revealed information to doctors that would help coronavirus patients

College recruiter fired for lining students up by skin color, 'nappiest hair'

Thank you.

A serious question, why is Bloomberg helping Sanders?

Has anyone else seen this insane footage of Roger Stone??

NYC to remove remaining payphones

San Jose came out for Bernie today.

San Jose came out for Bernie today.

Bell's Palseylets talk

Jimmy Carter says Buttigieg "doesn't know what he's going to do" after South Carolina

"I support Bernie because he is fiercely anti-imperialist." -Eve Ensler

"I support Bernie because he is fiercely anti-imperialist." -Eve Ensler

North Korea seems to be ordering foreign diplomats to leave the country

COVID-19 news update for 3/1/2020

Imagine being a Chicken and loving Chicken Nuggets.

Joe Biden: Strongest Against Trump

On Super Tuesday, Don't Expect Quick Election Results From The West

Pluralistic Ignorance?

Breaking poll: A rated Suffolk California. Sanders 35 Bloomberg 16

SNL Behind the Scenes: Jake Gyllenhaal meets Larry David 🤣

"Progressives" Plan to #BernTheDNC If Democrats "Rig" the Nomination

You raised $20,233.00 on February 29, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Bernie Sanders: My running mate will back Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders: My running mate will back Medicare for All

Breaking: PETE OUT

Just a quick primer on Joe's positions:

Pete's out!!!!!

Pete Buttigieg is suspending his campaign.

Sanders Criticizes California for Denying Independent Voters the Right to Vote (??)

Buttigieg will be making his official announcement at 8:30 tonight. An endorsement coming?

DOW futures down again

Pete Buttigieg is suspending his campaign.

I am very proud of Mayor Buttigieg.

Anyone having trouble editing posts?

Anybody watching XFL football?

Interactive World Sick Map - Coronavirus

Breaking on CNN-Pete Buttigieg suppending campaign.

Climate change: Australian summers 'twice as long as winters'

Pete Buttigieg to Quit Democratic Presidential Race

With Pete out I'm bummed as hell

A juggernaut...

This looks like some really, really good cough syrup

Dominican Republic, France (Guadeloupe) report Caribbean virus cases

Here are the top 4 Trump appointees who have no business being on the coronavirus task force

Scoop: Lab for coronavirus test kits may have been contaminated 👀

Virus Spreads To Over 60 Countries; France Closes The Louvre

Pete to make announcement at 830 ET tonight.

Just thinking today.... What if Obama...

U.S. stock futures resume coronavirus rout as trading resumes

Pete out means Warren, Biden, Bloomberg will do better in CA and

CNN's Abby Phillip: "Pete did not want to siphon off any more delegates from Joe Biden"!!!!

I wonder how many of the candidates who dropped out will speak at the democratic convention

American Airlines waives change fees as United braces for new flight cancellations

OMG!! Epic Trump trolling by @VicenteFoxQue !! I love it so hard!!